Meaning of Life?


The meaning of life, or the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?”, pertains to the significance of living or existence in general.


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~ by Marianne on March 26, 2017.

7 Responses to “Meaning of Life?”

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  2. We are here to chose between having God in us to be honest loving others or be dishonest hating others. We are here to hopefully live with God where he is forever. People need to be peacefully minded now to be with him then. Muslims are all mixed up thinking they can fool God being sneaky thinking they are obeying God at the same time.

  3. It’s all about ‘whos your daddy ?’ in another words who do you obey, to whom do your give thanks to ,where are your tears of greatfulness go to, and who collects them, I tell to whom it should be God the Father creator of heaven and earth after all we were created in his image, for now Satan slick foot may have you in web of pleasure but let’s face unless your hard core about serving him you will soon now your knee in gratitude and say thank you for not allowing me to die that horrible. You should try talking to those of the true body of Christ we are whips some of us have faced death on do many levels and seriously saw the hand of God deliver us whrsyhet we knew it or not at that time I alone can write a book of testimonies on the God has kept me that’s right I said kept me but know would not want to know my God if I could promise you there is no one who cares for more then he, it’s in his word the bible it’s a book of testimonies of real people who found true love in a God that loved us so much he put his only son to die in our stead John 3:16 baby no one loves like God. Just some truth injoy

  4. the meaning of LIFE is to know TORAH to be saved from the SECOND DEATH

    • That is what I have been saying. The saved have God’s peacful law in their inward parts. They don’t steal one from another. They don’t covet anything that is their neighbors. They don’t work ill to another. They will not be unequally yoked with people who think those laws are corrupt. Muslims think those laws are corrupt laws in a sly way. Those people must not be your neighbour as in the Trans Jordan thing. Those people will be burned up in God’s light looking like a lake of fire in God’s glory. God takes no pleasure the death of the wicked.

  5. 20 Reasons Why Modern Women Are So Unstable And Miserable! 🙄

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