Do Not Go To Egypt


clip_image002.jpgPeople ask YHVH God for advice, then reject it


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~ by Marianne on April 26, 2017.

6 Responses to “Do Not Go To Egypt”

  1. I love you 🌹

  2. Hi Marianne. This has been a big part of conversation lately & hearing God clearly can be a challenge at times. Between two places: one of convenience, excess, ease of comfort, strife & the other of complete unfamiliarity, solitude, some promise for better but from where one’s parents were delivered, which would be the Egypt to avoid?

    • sagesse

      your parents’ were delivered from ” complete unfamiliarity, solitude, some promise”? what kind of situation are you talking about?

  3. I was referring to two different physical locations and the social involvement, etc. encouraged therein. One city is full of convenience, excess, ease of comfort and strife due to those things. The other city is a site of past unrest for the couple & they were both delivered from it (one by emergency relocation, the other may have died; I don’t know). The offspring even had to be secretly removed in the process.

    Today, it offers their offspring solitude, far less of the known strife/excess & some promise for peace, better work, etc., but is completely strange/unfamiliar and represents a sort of Egypt experience. Your post arrived in timely resonance with the cvonversation, so i requested guidance of your God-inspired truth in that regard. Thanks for your response thus far.

    • sagesse

      I think we can find a bit of Egypt anywhere. an unfamiliar environment however, the way I am using it here, would not indicate being “in Egypt.”

      as long as we live in a world where Christ is rejected by many, we will have strife and challenges. only when Jesus returns, will we be truly comfortable and 100% free.

      when the Israelites escaped the real physical Egypt, their bondage was behind them, but the Promised Land they entered was “unfamiliar and stressful” to some degree. It had giants, and enemies waiting for them.

      But they were still free, and God was with them, as long as they obeyed.

      the unfamiliar would soon become familiar. it was challenging to begin with, but after a while, they would become comfortable with the new surroundings.

      the new Egypt was inside of them….memories of what they left behind, and this is what they had to overcome.

      I have two friends who escaped from other countries and came to america. one is jewish and escaped the holocaust. the other one is christian, and escaped from a muslim country.

      both would definitely describe where they left as Egypt and america as their promised land. yet, both had to make adjustments.

      yet, the jewish friend will always be Ukranian/ Russian in her soul, and the christian friend will always have pakistani culture as a way of life….the family traditions, the foods, the way to dress, the art, the language etc.

      even on the same soil, moving to a new location can be a challenge. I moved from Virginia to North Carolina, and when I got here, everything was unfamiliar. But I soon adjusted, and now Virginia is the state that seems unfamiliar, as it has changed much since I left it.

      the goal in life is to move from one place that is unsatisfactory to a place that is better. this may be a life mission. to keep moving “up.” the jews consider it “moving up” ( aliyah) when they approach the bimah in synagogue, or when they visit Israel.

      if we go up, then our lives are better. If we go down, then we feel oppressed in some way.

      God is there for us, no matter where we are. He can bring joy and freedom in a prison cell, or a death camp, or in just a new place to live.

      When we draw close to God, HE becomes our new home, and our promised land. then the physical environment becomes secondary, although it will still affect us.

      those who do not have God in their lives will be more affected by their surroundings than those who do…although both, still having physical bodies, will both experience the physical reality.

      we are really all pilgrims, passing through the life experience. our real home is heaven. when we finally arrive home, egypt will be gone from our lives and memories.

  4. *conversation*

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