Prayer Taking Authority



Believers have YHVH God’s authority, and should use it on this earth.


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~ by Marianne on May 1, 2017.

10 Responses to “Prayer Taking Authority”

  1. Hi Marianne, I hope you might have some insight into the following. I’m doing good, but this morning shortly after I awoke, I laid in bed for a few minutes. Immediately after awaking, I. Oils feel this buzzing small ball at different places outside my body and intense tickling or itching in same places king of crawling around. But then I felt a buzzing ball from within my bed buzz itself up to my stomachs then burrow its way up just to my heart and tried to create an intense overload at my heart (to disrupt my heart into an attack). I knew as it immediately dissolved something stopped it in its track. Something told me God stopped it. I really have no idea what’s up. Do you have any input.? Thanks,, Mike

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    • no idea, except there are different demons, and they may act differently

      • Thanks, I’ll fill you in when I learn. Want to know what God is saying, stop imagining what evil lurks, they are mine to tend,,, what joy you should focus on is this. You have a place in Heaven, but Mike, how many rewards do you choose, you are not to be judged because you are saved, but the riches in Heaven are to those who seek to produce fruit. Choose me, choose where your heart lies. For where your hearts focus is, so are your rewards. Our judgement is how many rewards we could have had, but also to the ones we have. I suddenly felt how much time we waste till we are older. But now, how my heart longs to have been so much more fruitful. I see it now. So, I’ll see the joyous journey I have outside of that.

      • Hi Marianne, I have a nice blessing which God gave me to help in my exhaustive fights against these attacks. First, I trust you are doing well!! Now you have to come from a place of some experience in these battles where by engagement in battle one has gained tactics, revelation from God, now needing some encouragement. So, if what you said is accurate about the soft sexual intimidating blows or puffs of smoke into your nervous system being a demon entering. Then I’ve been averaging (at times), up to 2 or 300 per attack (nightly). I settle down and get into battle gear and position and dig deep and cast them out through my mouth. And you know, they leave leaving within in those really nasty ones who fight to the end. They are the ones who buzz around your heart or try to mimic a mild stroke (not real but feels like it). So exhausted I pleaded with God, reveal to me what am I not doing. Either you are stronger (and I know God is), or they have permission from somewhere deep within me. But that is why you are God and I am nothing more than Michael. But God, hay, isn’t it in the name??? He said this. Yes it is, Michael, now verily I say to you,,, Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world,,,,know, Michael, that you are mine as you so Love, so shall you also be victorious in battle because I so loved you that I sent Christ four you, then and now in your battle. I am with you and remember, when you are exhausted, you wonder if you will survive and where did they get all these skills and power compared to your own weakness. I give you this prayer thought,,,,”now I declar this

      • By God’s covenant to us, greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world,,,remember no matter how many we face in our battles, it is they who are defeated, cast out, no longer having ability to harm you because I promised, no harm will come to us, that also, it is they who tremble because within you, they see me and know it is their end. It is they who tremble at you, so be with no fear and know in your strikes, they are terrified. Declare victory in Christ’s name, declare protection through the precious blood of the Lamb. They will depart. Know you are victorious for I am the Lord thy God, no one gets to you but by through me”. God changed my perspective and I find I can change circumstances as I declare these things and can also turn the page so I change what I see just as reading a book and turn the page. I hope I make sense here as it is very clear to me.

        • yes you make perfect sense. even paul had a thorn in his side to bear. myself, i have health issues I pray to go away, but for now, I have to bear them also. we are being tested in fire. but we wiil have victory

          • I am honored when you chime in. God truly speaks through you. I find even when I’m flustered, he fills me with what to say. There are secret names, God has a secret name (what I am getting), to be used only when critical. There are some commands that are (what I’m getting), are considered secret commands. I don’t know what they are yet, but I think it’s coming.??? And, foremost, my prayers always include your well being and good health. It’s kind of silly, but I have transitioned from afraid of not knowing if God has a place in Heaven for me, to, I hope I recognize you when we meet, do I can give a hug and warm thanks for the Christ you so deeply love from.❤️❤️

  2. Hi Marianne, it’s so strange, I’m really happy, I love my life and I am seeingGod in everything I see or do. Comforting, but the attacks are those small round buzzing demons. I feel these slithering things like snakes or rent I also. But the buzzing ones crawl around me in very un appreciated places. I always thank God for his love and graciousness. I know he is there, and I continue to tell the evil ones, that all they are doing is if they exist, then they simply prove that God is present. If they exist, then how much more God is , just by the fact they are doing everything that God said they would do. There is no way that they will ever win. But I’m finding out that the flashes I see in my eyes and the nightmares (or so they think), they are presenting me just make me realize how joyous and beautiful my days are with God in them. I hope this just makes sense.

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