Lap Like a Dog



And YHVH God will choose you…..


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~ by Marianne on May 23, 2017.

4 Responses to “Lap Like a Dog”

  1. I have a question… I know I wrote you a while back about this family who daughter has been missing for 5 years. The mother says she persistently prays everyday but has never got an answer and still can not find her child. Do you know why a person’s prayers can go unanswered?

    • michelle

      Some things only God understands. it is a test to trust God when all seems bleak.

      While I cannot say about the mother”s situation what i going on, I can tell you that I prayed for my brother’s salvation for over 20 years. a different prayer request from the one you describe, but still no answer for so long…

      last year he died…just a few months before, my son described a conversation with his uncle that discouraged me a lot, he did not sound saved yet after 20 years….did I waste my time?

      on the day of his funeral, the presence of the Lord swept over me, and I could smell the most wonderful fragrance of lavender and spices….he was reassuring me that all was well.

      do not ever give up praying for someone……….no matter how long it takes.

      sometimes God answers quickly, other times, it takes a lifetime

      keep praying for the girl…..agree with the mom in prayer…joint prayer may be what she needs

  2. The Scofield Bible—The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians? 🙄

    • You act like Zionism is a bad thing it is not it supports the existence of Israel and supports his people what do you think of Zionism and the Jewish people is a personal conviction and Schofield and many others are right and their support of Israel God loves Israel and Israel will be here till the end of the Earth scoffers and Slanders and anti-semites will be eradicated

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