clip_image001.jpgMarriage is not an excuse for abuse.


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~ by Marianne on June 12, 2017.

32 Responses to “Undefiled”

  1. Lord Jesus, restore marriage to its original creation design. Teach the world Your will. Thank You, Amen.

  2. Hay Marianne, can you explain this softtickling tingling cob web touching my nose,and lightly around my lips and itches or tickles worse than anything ever before, sometimes even touching my eye lids and tear ducts. It’s usually followed by tingling like something attached to my finger tips buzzing from there on to my whole hand then down my arms. This is how things start. Since not responding to casting out, could this be some kind of energy, like with your last statement, we may not be here long. Something is feeling like moor sooner than later but I refuse to be a prophet not ordained by God. Is it possible a human spirit or earth or wired energy about what’s happening globally? I’m getting news reports exactly right when I ask God to show me these 4 things in the news so I know I’m not crazy and within in minutes each and everyone of them come up on the screen exactly in the order I asked. That’s just out there for me. Can you give me some light in what you think I may be going through?? Mike

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    • your body may be gettng ready to leave this earth, I was just on the dream page where someone described being out of his body in a dream, as if he had died, but he could feel strange sensations in his legs etc. he was then “sent back” by jesus

      • I don’t ever want to seem all that cause I’m just Michael, and I truly wish that in whatever way aGod decides to use me, my hope is that I’m not even a foot note, I’m no one outside of Gods grace and love. But strangely I’m seeing things around people like energy, I’m saying ok God, if Trump is truly evil and we are in trouble, I want him to say on the news, I’m in charge because all you christians use up all the money of poor stupid people, so I’ll decide. Some one to ask him, do you submit to God, and I want to hear “stairway to Heaven” music. Then him to say I answer to no one I’ll buy heaven and kick every one out. Then another announcement that Flint Muchigans water is because they too kickbacks now the people are after those who pulled it off. I thought maybe in a day or week, it was five minutes afterwards. It was last year during the water crisis. I was shown three in the USA watersheds empty, that came up in the news segment. One story right after the other on that news cast. That shook me to the core. God would have taken care of the spirits so the fact they are not leaving says something else is at play. It’s possibly some energy field. Nothing when I command it to leave, but changes when I speak to energy. I also had a dream that I travelled to every part of every place in space universe after universe and every life source was watching us in earth because this experience is the last training school for those spirits who will guide peace in everywhere else. Every eye is on us from everywhere. In so sorry if this feels like I’m crazy, the thing is I’m really peaceful. And why would I need to know this. Finally, I saw Trump speaking where he paraded bottles of water. Here is what I was told that meant. You can run but you can’t hide. Go ahead, pick on me about failed real estate deals, bankruptcy, in Trump, I will take Heaven and build my stairway to Heaven owned by Trump. The bottle water was a stand in for God, you have to go through him to get the water. Then I was shown that he had pipes hooked up to the downstream of these reservoirs and was draining them dry just outside of the protected land and put distilleries there. Then again I saw news casts saying each thing that I saw. Didn’t make any sense to me until tiday

      • Which dream page?

    • another one where the demon won’t leave


      • Hi Marianne, well my eyes were opened to something I just never saw until God showed me while studying. Why Adam & and Eve were set up to fail, to show them and us all subsequently we can not do it on our own, we must rely on Him, that the 10 commandments were a tool to show us we couldn’t hold up that we could never be perfect, because (as scholars say ), were only human. It wasn’t to qualify man, but to encourage coming back through Hod. It would have probably become EGO, or I’m more saved than you are. I never saw that before. Albeit explained through my minimal understanding.


        • ok

          did you see this comment? another person w a demon that won’t leave


          read above and below this comment to see discussion…..demon with tentacles

          • Wow, thank you. I have one with long tentacles that comes up from within my bed ;or so it portrayes, I feel cobwebs touch my face usually on crevices of nose, tip of nose, tear ducts, across eye lids. Something runs around my lips, I think it’s an incubus or other. Not totally sure but always there waiting for me to fall asleep. Also, if I have any thought of anything remotely as sexual, it tries to act up. I knows with by reading my thoughts or by my heart beat breathing or what have you. That’s the peace stealer with me. I always have to claim “there is therefore no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus”, and adjust my suit of armor. I’ve got to tell you though, I’ve brought anything and everything to God about repentance, and giving my will over to Him, that I want only to do his will. So the war is between who I’ve been and who I am in Christ. And let me tell you, that war is both on the outside and inside. Like two seperate wars at the same time. What I get from God is simply,!”now that you have done all these things, put on the belt of truth, and stand firm. I am working these things out. I feel happiness from God as I’ve never felt before. I feel missing me from him, as I now feel I’ve missed him. My body may be dead from sin, but what a living energy my spirit is giving me in the newness in spirit afterlife. My body vibrates most of the time as an electrical current runs through it. Something big is happening and I don’t know what.

  3. Marianne, your strength, name him

  4. I proclaim protection here by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I would never challenge anyone like that. Good answer though 😇😁

  5. My birthday is 0318 my email is mykeldude0318 with gmail and yahoo

  6. I don’t see the rest just that part. I had an issue where someone hacked into that email acct and began playing as me. I tried closing it down. I have the real name around somewhere. From there they hacked into my credit and banking info. Sending me inappropriate child sex things asking me questions just like the one to you. If by chance this one is wrong, then ask, what are the odds if that chancing out?? If I’m wrong of course my deepest apologies. I come to you at times through mykeldude0318 or was Mwhipple26 or MichaelBradfordW which is my writing name (scripts for tv and stories I write). Sorry for any confusion

  7. Oh thanks

  8. Hi Marianne, Michael W here, just wanted to say hello and happy 4th of July holiday to you and your family

  9. 102 with a chance of fireworks

  10. ….if I have anything to do with it…😝😝🤡🤑😇🤣

  11. And thanks for helping me keep the insanity a little more down to earth.

  12. Oh, something God gave me today, nothing can or ever will separate us from His love. It became very real when I realized in what Christ said to his deciles, don’t marvel in my doings, because I’m here for only a short while. I call all of you to go out, teach, love, forgive, be strong for those who are week, have faith for those who are new to it, and heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons in my name, and You Shall Do More. Wow!!! Independence Day!!

    • yes freedom from the devil….who is by the way, trying to destroy this country with hate and lies right now

      • Marianne, like someone I admire as much as I do you (Joyce Meyer), I really appreciate your writings especially the one “Claim your place in Christ (Take your Authority). You have a self (God based book) in that one.

  13. I know, the other part was, well those who applause on tv shows while proclaiming freedom from God, the only blessing they get is the bad ones from the God impersonator. They are (by default), giving God heck, and the devil glory. What a schemer, blame God for his stuff and get the glory for the God stuff. That’s why I don’t get so upset with the attacks because my course is clear, the outcome is set so what small price do I pay for Gods eternity

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