Isaiah 59 and the Fate of America


clip_image002.jpgThe Word was true then, and the Word is still true now, no matter what nation it is.


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~ by Marianne on August 5, 2017.

2 Responses to “Isaiah 59 and the Fate of America”

  1. Hay Marianne, hope your summer is cool, literally.

    There is a tiny (really sweet), Asian woman who I went to the coast with this past week, who informed me she got a diagnosis of cancer. But still smiles genuinely. God started putting it in my heart just as he did for a disabled woman who’s only request of Gods power was to lower her blood sugar level from 400 down to 145, and did so the morning after my being obedient to Gods request to do so. I have put this one off two days cause I don’t want to make any mistakes with her. God put in my heart that Christ gave us authority and power to present healing from God through us. I argued a little bit not to but once again He reminded me that I didn’t need to worry, that just as before, when I’m sent to someone, I remove myself (ego, worry, fleshly human things that get in the way of Gods grace and mercy), I step back and He gives me the God inspired words, prayers, praise to complete His will). I asked Him if he would give me a sign it’s from Him, and I opened a bible to this. Power: Ability to do something even in intense circumstances Authority: The legal right to do that something with the skills, knowledge, inspiration and full faith of the requested and expected outcome planned Luke 9:1-2 Jesus gathered his 12,,,,,gave authority but also power Then God immediately showed me this verse “Trust Me and don’t be afraid, for I am your strength” He was speaking directly to the Holy Spirit in me.

    I began by reading His Word, again, what levels of authority we have and when we do and when we don’t have them and how to tell the difference.

    (For me, it’s more likely then not there in each instance God speaks within my heart to go and speak to, cry and more importantly laugh with someone, listen, reflect, He even tells me what to say, not say, when to say it.)

    For example: kevin came out of a coma two years ago, but had two types of pneumonia which dissolved the lining in his lungs. This is where the ICU dry told me to pull the plug, I said no!! They said to remove my head from my butt. I said no thanks cause apparently I see things clearly from there.(got them to laugh and step back a little bit). They woke him up to die. I spoke to him while in the coma (God gave that to me), I asked him what he wanted, he said, well then let’s go home so I die with all of my family. The drs asked what I was smirking about and when I told them they called me delusional. Ok, but I know his heart. He awoke and repeated my conversation with him while in that coma. So much for delusional.

    They gave him 4 hours to live. I asked them to hold off. I went for a walk in the hallway asking God what to do. Kevin was hit by a car at 21 years old. Everything went downhill from there. So, praised God for his life, that there were a great many things ahead for him and us. I promised to care for him always, and would lead him back to God. I asked God for new lining of his lungs and 10 additional years. God gave me peace and said to get I I would have to claim it. In the presence of 12 or more drs and ICU staff. I said, I’ll shout it off the tallest building, mountain until everyone hears that story. I said but God, I’m just me, standing up against a Goliath of drs. He said in my heart, I will give you the words to say. So I stepped back into this tiny room. I thanked God for these specific drs, proclaimed his lungs healed. Gave a silk on his cheek. Then when the drs said you are delusional there’s nothing more they could do. Then I believe God drew my next breath for this….”Dr, you have kept him alive to the fullest understanding and effect of your bible, thank you, now please step back and let a God use His Bible. You did everything in your bible, now let God use His.

    With that, kevin awoke, a little raspy in voice but good. He said his chest felt nice and warm, and could breath better. His says came back to normal, I found these words coming from my own mouth. Glory to God our most highest authority over all things in all circumstances. It is done”

    They took X-rays, MRI, cat scan he had and still as brand new set of lungs. No further dr needs to this date relating to his lungs. No pneumonias at all.

    So, God has led me to Gaye, she is something special. I can feel Gods love for her I cry a little (tears I mean), when I prayed with her today. Next is prayer with her of Authority and power over legal matters of disease and evil. I feel your prayers I’d ancestral forgiveness of sins and any curses, hexes, vexes, evil from anywhere.

    Final note, I’m getting this also, we all come fully loaded (new vehicle term)..with power and authority. But God seems to grant higher levels of authority as circumstances require them. I promise you, I’m no one, don’t want my name remembered, just a story about this guy who…..(stories of journey that encourages others, builds love, forgiveness and strength. I still struggle with night attacks, but somehow when I’m about to be encouraged by God to do something like all of this. I seem to go somewhere else within my spirit,(provided by God), that shuts all that down when and where I need it. Then as it comes back, it’s like a puppy humping your leg, not as intense, but wouldn’t want it to be seen while at the mall😇

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