Go Back to Where it All Started



I got this Word several years ago, about 2013-2014, and I had no idea what it meant.


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~ by Marianne on August 10, 2017.

9 Responses to “Go Back to Where it All Started”

  1. I hope you got that Message. I would hate to have to bring it up in my mind again. Yea Im getting older young lady. Tom York. PS My old computer is still the same one. but it goes out at times like few days ago. But then it repairs itself and I go on. but I would hat to loose what I wrote. Just for my sake. Lord bless you. If you want to put a different password just do it and let me know ok. I have been beacon737@gmail.com for a long time. But it seems my password is the getter. And also Most of the time it went from Big B to little b. So Yea im messed up need a new computer.

  2. Hi Marianne, I especially appreciate this one about “go back to where it all started”.

    For me, as you know going back to where it all started is almost a daily thing. During the events of the witchcraft, demonic and voodoo attacks during those few years, God kept telling me, each and every day, in discernment, one tool is, if in our journey, weather it’s a single step, day or thought, if the outcome in that single moment does not quite fit the circumstances, or something isn’t working ow even (heaven forbid) a step backwards, don’t panic, don’t get startled, it’s all good.(cause our God’s love and loyalty to his promises to us is so profound, ) we need to stop, praise Him, thank Him for Guidance, then take one step back to the very last thing that worked (was successful, rewarding in spirit, gave us strength for the next step). Start again. If in some circumstances, evil becomes too intense in our current step, go back to where it all began. Reconfirmed our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, believe God raised Him from the dead, repent, ask forgiveness of things known and unknown. To reveal any miss step, any wrong thinking. All he wants is for us to get out of the way of His gifts so freely given. This is what He keeps revealing to me when Strong holds or in my walking I inadvertently open up or come along another open door. It closes up any spiritual doors, shores up protection walls for us and repositions our Suit of Armor. In my circumstances it was the first couple of commandments. If all else fails, go back to the very first step or two, accept, repent, love and honor your mother and father as you love the Lord thy God, want your siblings and neighbors to have the very things you wish for and forgive as being forgiven. This particular step is a doozy for reconnecting even daily until a breakthrough happens. It’s what God has me doing, and presenting as his gift. This is what I’m learning anyway.

    Your friend in Christ, Michael

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    • thank you michael. I think I am very drained from spiritual warfare, and need to refresh myself. sometimes a simple approach is best. god bless you

  3. Just remember He loves you, we love you, and in each days prayers I offer you and all other believers (past present and future), my love, inclusion of hopes and Godly outcomes, especially in weary moments. It’s the Evil ones attempt at keeping us so busy we get weary and it brings out places where he can try to chip away at the very least of things. You know, I don’t fret the big things, it’s the little things that I overlook because of over reaching my step. There is a fine line between walking in faith and stepping on God’s toes. You know that when I went to war against the Evil one, I was dealing with a massive group of demons, at one point it was about 3 or 4 hundred a day. All day all night for two years. God gave me the tools, the words and the faith to fight, but then I overstepped because they killed my partner and I took on little Satan myself. That’s why I’m going through the things I am. I asked God to let me use my walk, my faith and spiritual growth to help others here. I’m no one just Michael. But I forget in the moment where to let go and let God so I get tired, exhausted. Then God reveals, “Michael, do you love me?” Yes Lord I do, then take care of my people. Michael, do you love me? Yes Lord Of course I do. Then why won’t you step aside and rest while I fight the fight that is mine. Do you think I need your hel because I am weak? What?? No Lord. You are so in love with your partner you step out in front of me and attack, I am right here. Rest, relax, you need not prove yourself to me, I know your heart. Now know mine. I gave my only begotten son, of course I will fight. Call on me, as your God warrior, but then step back. Learn to rest even when fighting. It’s where I come in and take protective steps. So Marianne, I’m sharing this with you cause it’s not just God that is why I’m still here, it’s also because of you😀

  4. Well maybe it worked. Cool – ty

  5. Hay Marianne, hope all is well. I learned much about discernment since we last spoke. I am getting vibrations in my fingertips, hands, feet and legs. Different kind of energy for each. The sensation is like balls of cotton buzzing with energy ( like a vibration from a back or muscle vibratory), only they either burrow within me or I cast them out. When I get attacked at night, it does not go any further than buzzing from outside my body until a thought about them going further ( in trying to stop them), seems as if I’m giving them permission. But I am no where near giving anything any permission to enter my body. So as long as I catch it immediately, I can stop it and cast it away. The day time ones feel like other spiritual energy more tied to others who either are dying, or have demonic attachments. It must be God teaching me something gradually getting bigger for something bigger. I find it tries to play a game of keep Mike from going to the Bible to study. Like trying to spiritually block my walk with God. But in the other hand, I ask God for another new couch because kevin and I live in an sssisted care home and his medical chair broke U asked for a new replacement couch, then thought of a cream leather sofa but didn’t ask God for the details. The very next morning (just as before), a gentleman comes up to me with a cream colored leather sofa free because he is uograding his sofa. This all within 12 hours. It’s amazing. I try to not make something out of nothing, but things happen for the betterment of us both. So do you think these attacks are offset by God’s love showing me in all ok???

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