Go Back to Where it All Started



I got this Word several years ago, about 2013-2014, and I had no idea what it meant.


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~ by Marianne on August 10, 2017.

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  1. I hope you got that Message. I would hate to have to bring it up in my mind again. Yea Im getting older young lady. Tom York. PS My old computer is still the same one. but it goes out at times like few days ago. But then it repairs itself and I go on. but I would hat to loose what I wrote. Just for my sake. Lord bless you. If you want to put a different password just do it and let me know ok. I have been beacon737@gmail.com for a long time. But it seems my password is the getter. And also Most of the time it went from Big B to little b. So Yea im messed up need a new computer.

  2. Hi Marianne, I especially appreciate this one about “go back to where it all started”.

    For me, as you know going back to where it all started is almost a daily thing. During the events of the witchcraft, demonic and voodoo attacks during those few years, God kept telling me, each and every day, in discernment, one tool is, if in our journey, weather it’s a single step, day or thought, if the outcome in that single moment does not quite fit the circumstances, or something isn’t working ow even (heaven forbid) a step backwards, don’t panic, don’t get startled, it’s all good.(cause our God’s love and loyalty to his promises to us is so profound, ) we need to stop, praise Him, thank Him for Guidance, then take one step back to the very last thing that worked (was successful, rewarding in spirit, gave us strength for the next step). Start again. If in some circumstances, evil becomes too intense in our current step, go back to where it all began. Reconfirmed our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, believe God raised Him from the dead, repent, ask forgiveness of things known and unknown. To reveal any miss step, any wrong thinking. All he wants is for us to get out of the way of His gifts so freely given. This is what He keeps revealing to me when Strong holds or in my walking I inadvertently open up or come along another open door. It closes up any spiritual doors, shores up protection walls for us and repositions our Suit of Armor. In my circumstances it was the first couple of commandments. If all else fails, go back to the very first step or two, accept, repent, love and honor your mother and father as you love the Lord thy God, want your siblings and neighbors to have the very things you wish for and forgive as being forgiven. This particular step is a doozy for reconnecting even daily until a breakthrough happens. It’s what God has me doing, and presenting as his gift. This is what I’m learning anyway.

    Your friend in Christ, Michael

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    • thank you michael. I think I am very drained from spiritual warfare, and need to refresh myself. sometimes a simple approach is best. god bless you

  3. Just remember He loves you, we love you, and in each days prayers I offer you and all other believers (past present and future), my love, inclusion of hopes and Godly outcomes, especially in weary moments. It’s the Evil ones attempt at keeping us so busy we get weary and it brings out places where he can try to chip away at the very least of things. You know, I don’t fret the big things, it’s the little things that I overlook because of over reaching my step. There is a fine line between walking in faith and stepping on God’s toes. You know that when I went to war against the Evil one, I was dealing with a massive group of demons, at one point it was about 3 or 4 hundred a day. All day all night for two years. God gave me the tools, the words and the faith to fight, but then I overstepped because they killed my partner and I took on little Satan myself. That’s why I’m going through the things I am. I asked God to let me use my walk, my faith and spiritual growth to help others here. I’m no one just Michael. But I forget in the moment where to let go and let God so I get tired, exhausted. Then God reveals, “Michael, do you love me?” Yes Lord I do, then take care of my people. Michael, do you love me? Yes Lord Of course I do. Then why won’t you step aside and rest while I fight the fight that is mine. Do you think I need your hel because I am weak? What?? No Lord. You are so in love with your partner you step out in front of me and attack, I am right here. Rest, relax, you need not prove yourself to me, I know your heart. Now know mine. I gave my only begotten son, of course I will fight. Call on me, as your God warrior, but then step back. Learn to rest even when fighting. It’s where I come in and take protective steps. So Marianne, I’m sharing this with you cause it’s not just God that is why I’m still here, it’s also because of you😀

  4. Well maybe it worked. Cool – ty

  5. Hay Marianne, hope all is well. I learned much about discernment since we last spoke. I am getting vibrations in my fingertips, hands, feet and legs. Different kind of energy for each. The sensation is like balls of cotton buzzing with energy ( like a vibration from a back or muscle vibratory), only they either burrow within me or I cast them out. When I get attacked at night, it does not go any further than buzzing from outside my body until a thought about them going further ( in trying to stop them), seems as if I’m giving them permission. But I am no where near giving anything any permission to enter my body. So as long as I catch it immediately, I can stop it and cast it away. The day time ones feel like other spiritual energy more tied to others who either are dying, or have demonic attachments. It must be God teaching me something gradually getting bigger for something bigger. I find it tries to play a game of keep Mike from going to the Bible to study. Like trying to spiritually block my walk with God. But in the other hand, I ask God for another new couch because kevin and I live in an sssisted care home and his medical chair broke U asked for a new replacement couch, then thought of a cream leather sofa but didn’t ask God for the details. The very next morning (just as before), a gentleman comes up to me with a cream colored leather sofa free because he is uograding his sofa. This all within 12 hours. It’s amazing. I try to not make something out of nothing, but things happen for the betterment of us both. So do you think these attacks are offset by God’s love showing me in all ok???

  6. Thanks, I also include re-energizing spiritual strength for you too. It’s nice to read all the links you so busily have. Like we have said, I know the evil one is trying to keep me worn out. You think that by now 4 years later I’m still here and so is God. FYI, when all this happens, God is after my heart to go study and read. When I do I get refilled with Gods motor speedway petroleum which really envigorates me, but I watch Joyce Meyers most mornings, listen to It’s spiritual from another so studying daily sometimes becomes some what of a block. I don’t mean to I’m just exhausted at times.

    • being tired means you did something…..most people do not do anything……….you are putting out a lot of resistance to the devil….you deserve a big rest

      • Hi Marianne, I really want to tell you what’s been happening with and around me by God. Since we moved into this assisted care facility, Kevin and I (Michael), I have been being blessed by God very specifically and in order of requests. Even or especially though the evil one’s nightly attacks. God has put it on my heart to ask about performing communion during one volunteer’s church services each Sunday evening. I asked God what he wanted me to do. He said help her in any way you can, rejoice in the Lord, and they will come. And, I would end up having a spiritual place. Ok, if that’s what you want me to do Lord. As I began to help we noticed more and more began to show up. Now from 6 to over 20. All saying because I’m there they also wanted to see what was up. God kept asking me to perform communion. I was very concerned I was not the right person for that awesome responsibility. He continued and then said, (in my heart), I thought you said you would be obedient to me Michael, yes I am, do you love me? Yes Lord I do. Then feed my people.(???what?? What does that mean??). Do you trust me Michael?? Yes I do, especially when it seems that I don’t. Then be obedient and feed my people. I still didn’t quite get it but I said yes. Then I got this. I was led by the spirit to ask..Lord, I will study all I can in chapter and verse about communion and see if I qualify as I do not want to make any error. So I set up two bibles (old and New Testament ), and went online to church protocol and laws. I asked God I want three things, you to lead me scriptural you for it’s history, origin, methods, legality spiritually and religiously, and most importantly, why someone like me would be qualified. These people here have been through enough already as people due here weekly. Secondly, I will speak with three clergy and spiritual advisors. Then I will need three signs from you directly. (With all these attacks I thought it might be a game by the evil one). So I sat, religious laws pertaining to communion came up and their congress wanted only the highest ranking official to perform. And, then I flipped open the Bible without looking and there was a book I’ve never seen before, the book of Titus and behold the entire story from old to New Testament was in front of me. I studied it all afternoon long. Thirdly the signs directly from God to me. I went for a walk with an Asian woman dying of cancer here a very spiritual loving cheerful woman. We went for a long walk and I spoke of what was on my mind. She said God was telling her yes to do it. That I was here like an angel on a mission. I’m, ok I said. Then someone came up to me with a freshly baked sour dough bread bowl as a gift for no reason, then when I got back home, the church leader who is being transferred handed me supplies to hold communions. Including set up and juices someone just left her. Finally (and your thoughts here are appreciated), I spoke for over an hour about My thinking God wants me to do communion and healing a and last rights, and while praising God and inside a medical room with a sick woman, we all saw a single large pure rain drop drop from out of no where in front of me. One of them said her church just spoke of that last Sunday and said it is a sign directly from God of approval of something about to happen that breaks the bounds of normal expectations. This is true, I promise deeply. Do you have any thoughts??? Michael

        • michael

          Requiring a “high up official” is a man made law….it is not of god.

          every true believer is part of a priestly nation, where we are ALL priests and ministers.

          you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ Exodus 19:6

          in addition, we are MORE than servants of God.

          we are sons and daughters who sit in high places with Christ, as he died to give us that privilege.

          And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6

          if we rule in the heavenly realms with Christ, isn’t that “high up” enough to offer communion to others?


          communion is a celebration of our unity in the body of Christ, that we love and care for one another. it is not a ritual controlled by an elite group.

          Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ? 1 Cor 10:16

          • Thank you very much for that incredible insight and scripture. I asked God to let me know what the pastor (retired 77 year old delightful gentleman), said to me that confused me. You know, I’ve been asking God to please give me discernment in people, spirit and demonic situations only to the extent that it helps my education, understanding and help to others and mostly, glorifies God. I’m new at that part. So, God directed me to a website where church laws are scripted and it knocked me for a loop. My heart said, “God????, and the first thing I got was exactly what you said, that those are representative of Okd Testament beliefs which have become religion today. He further said, if you want to know why you are not affiliating yourself with any church group is that God is directing me outside of this, so I’m not bogged down with laws. Meaning, religion represents a congress of legal structure, of which is mostly to secure position of a church including for marketability in the eyes of a congregation, position to have authority over the ability for us (as you well put), to act and reform in the likeness of Christ, in sitting along with him in Heaven. I never really grasped that until now. For example, I asked God about how to respond to those who claim their religion is the only one or closest to God church over all others enabling them to judge over others which seems to be encouraged by that very congress. Well God gave me this to say…If your home were on fire, your family caught up inside, would you care which route the responders took? As long as you get there get there any route that suits you. It really surprised me. God is giving me answers quickly, even in the midst of these attacks. I asked about authority because with the attacks, I might not be the best to do these things. Again, God said in my heart. Do you love me? (I never understood why this particular question?? ), but when I say yes, of course, I get then feed my people. Just doesn’t quite make sense until the communion discussion with you. He was saying, don’t question my spiritual heart, rather dig in, let it root, trust it like a tree of life with fruit for my nourishment. The communion is the offering and intake of the body and blood of Christ. Feed my people. It is from Him after all. I may have to live with the attacks cause He may be allowing it to some degree and using it in stabilizing my attention to the things I’m doing spiritually. I just don’t totally know. I do know he is working with me daily. People are getting blessings, some healing is taking place. I’m understanding some things as they are happening. Then this big rain drop that fell right before me while speaking about what God is doing through me, and people saw it. No water on the ceiling and no rain for four months. I thought u was going crazy, but in actually quite in the moment. Marianne, is this descernment?? Am I getting it right??

          • There’s one more question if I may, 1 Corinthians 11:29 says “He that eatery and drinkers unworthily Waterhouse and drinkers damnation to his soul. The only thing I found around this was about it being quite maddening to God to keep people outside the church or gathering during a meal around communion, then only letting the hungry members in for communion leaving them still hungry while their own bellies are full. God refers to this as an unholy communion. Is this (from Hebrews and Titus), possibly what it’s referring to?? Again because of my spiritual attacks, I was concerned or better out, the evil one was suggesting that what they were doing to me precluded my participation in performing communion. God said No!!! Darn, I feel silly when the answer is so obvious. I just want every step to count. Just relax Michael, breath and enjoy the moment. ( I crack myself up), I’m trying to know a little more of Gods heart. I actually miss Him like a person when I don’t get to study. Isn’t that nice.

        • When scripture says do not take communion unworthily it is referring to any sin not just the sin of ignoring the poor. the scripture says the soul who sins shall die . so what use is communion to someone that is dead? Communion is for the living alive in spirit and in body. so before you take or offer communion to others make sure you have confessed all sins in your life before you do it. the Bible says we sin daily so daily confession is always necessary.

          • Yes indeed, that’s what I did. I spent most of the days before and right up to Sunday in prayer and quietly speaking in tongues. It truly feels peaceful in my heart in doing all that I’m doing including teaching and communion. Within my heart, God said you are where you left off so many years ago. I’ve been waiting and you are back where I placed you, welcome home Michael. He also instructed me that he was touched by my doings lately, but to know Satan was about to strike at me and not to fret, that I would be much more confident spiritually now, and I can begin to use the power and authority of Christ. That the key to successfully cutting him off to where he and his clan flee is in many menus where they attack be strong as you are now be firm. That I was not to let him steal any Joy from my moment. That next morning three people cross my path that one became violent when she verbally assaulted me out of no where, one gentleman and his wife who have mental health issues took a pole about my teachings and nobody liked my sermon. Then told me of the religious laws I broke without ever saying what they were. Then said to everybody that I’m taking over by stepping on toes. Then compliments on how much he loved the sermon. Got home and someone went off on me for another few minutes. I remained peaceful and in joy for my day. Found out today they didn’t take a pole, only dispensed their crazy games and people just looked at them. Wow, I didn’t get upset. God placed in my heart that he allowed this for two reasons. First, I said to him previously when studying this week for it that I didn’t want the attacks to stop if it wasn’t His will (because of training me in something important. If that’s why and He is with me always, then if His will is to allow it, I surrender to Him. I pledged to obedience. Secondly, He said in my heart that I was right when I said, I believe that when He said He can bring all things to good, that it meant not just good to great, but includes even bad things into great. Satan is defeated, no matter what he is spouting off. I agreed that I would not bend to satans scheemes, that I would praise God even while be attacked even unto my death if so done. He finished in my heart with this. Isn’t My grace sufficient for me? For my strength is made perfect in weakness. I actually began to get it deep within me. We all know that it’s God in Christ and in us. That a piece of God (the person on God), is within each of us. That knowing our position with Christ, and also knowing Jesus’s place with in us is where, as we become knowledgeable in this, begin walking in that truth each day, is where we begin to live in peace. More than human peace, but with growing confidence, we become stronger in our position. At that point people begin to notice something has changed about us. And others begin to become curious as to why. That is when they are noticing they see us enjoying each hour, day and week growing pleasantly joyful more and more because we have learned to trust in God, and live within our own skin. This is what I’m learning even in the midst of these attacks. Do not believe in his lies, refuse to give one ounce of your joy. He will flee. Whew, I hope I expressed this clearly.

            • michael

              you are getting stronger each day. i can tell from your writings. 🙂

              • Marianne, I read a couple of scriptures that speak of the possibility of someone becoming Christian, and accepting of Christ, but then if they return to sin or spend a lifetime trying to change (a work in progress), is no longer saved. Sinful behavior, especially willfully, rejects Christ therefore releases that covenant between God an formerly saved man. I will give scripture as soon as I get to it. But this disturbed me deeply. It’s suggestive that eternal life is to all that believe. But two verses I read suggested that it is available to those who continually live in Christ, have truly changed and work hard at it. The rest are rebellious against God and light and dark can no co exist. Then explain the sun and stars amongst the darkness.

                • salvation and eternal life is not just for perfect people who never sin 🙂

                  we are all a work in progress.

                  it is our heart that god looks at, not our level of success, in our daily battles

                  • Thank you that’s where I come from too. However the scripture is there and it does suggest it is pulled from you if changes don’t get implemented. It says (scripture today cause I sespect God gave this to me because the devil chased me saying look at you, nothing little man of God, he wants you not not now nor ever) so I knew this was probably the strong hold lie on everyone who is struggling. I think most people saved or not have this foundational lie at satans first wall of destruction then the over killers of religion “God damns all of you”, seals it which I personally believe is also from Satan one way or another.) it has been my personal achelies heal, I believe God is presenting this dilemma directly to me and to you because most of those who come here are in direct attack and this is the lie (seal) that presents freedom

        • When dealing with church use the general rule that what the Bible says comes first. Then look at each denomination or church see where they are correct and where they are not correct then take the good and just leave the rest to God

  7. Hello Marianne.
    This is refering to the endtimes. People don’t understand what’s coming because they don’t know how to read their Bibles. God is clear. History is cyclical, not linear prophetically speaking.

    Ecc 1:9 That which has been is that which will be,
    And that which has been done is that which will be done.
    So there is nothing new under the sun.

    Isaiah 46:10King James Version (KJV)
    10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

    Go back to Genesis and look at the exodus. There is going to be another one and it’s not the “rapture” like many think. The bride will go into the wilderness, an Exodus so to speak, and the rest of the apostate church is going into outer darkness with the rest of mankind to be purified. It was first by flood, next by fire. It started with the angels, it will end with the angels.

    Look back to the Torah to see what is to come. Shalom.

  8. Here is my least worded response…..Amen!!

  9. Hi, so here are two scriptures which suggest the possibility of permanent salvation is only to the ones who don’t go left or right of perfect obedience. I’m only providing this because my source will only be from scripture. God has been slowly explaining this to me since we spoke. Remembering, that Satan is a cheap injury accident lawyer, a legalistic who constantly challenges both God and us (only with God’s permission). But his whispers and we’ll chiseled bull, oozes slugs of evil variations of truth so to slow us down. This one topic might want to be a bullet on your web site. I truly believe God will lead the people where their place in salvation is secured. Sorry if I seemed a little excited about this. I read dialogs between you and readers, there is one hell of a battle ensued. In the middle of standing up against these wicked people, witches and demons God put in my heart and I stared out loud to them that the last battle had begun, wasn’t going to be here for another three years but so it’s begun. That’s when the attacks began. Now I’m reading and hearing that was correct. Not my kind of thinking but was given to me to speak. God has been teaching me for some reason

  10. I know those little cotton ball demons are all over me even during the day. I rebuke them, I pull them out from and off of my entire body about a dozen or so each day. They come off but some ooze back down my arm or drop on my eye lids and feel like cob webs. When someone is dying here I get spirits trying to come to me and any demons attached to them try to roll up on me and jump onto and attach to my lower legs and feet. The try to burrow inside of me biting and scratching all the time. But what I picture for whatever reason are little scared spirits trying to get away from the big boys. I stood to God one time and asked if I offered myself up to you in love and protection would you let me offer these demons who have been also being tormented by their own a private way to speak to you about their own repentance would you allow it. He said yes. So knowing I could die I offered all who showed up (in the thousands), a way home. I asked did not one of you ever conceive of asking for forgiveness?? God would grant you a private space one on one to speak to him without any others or human or angel to know about it. That in this much time someone must have wanted to just go home. That’s why I’m being attacked. He showed up himself to witness what was going on it was truly the beginning of change. I have no idea how that will go but I did get that there was at least consideration and that confused him. This was what was going on when I faced off with witches warlocks, wizards and sorcerers all of which I claimed bound in Jesus name and calls in Angels, of every fashion including some created for that moment. I found that God will create angels suited for specific battles if you so ask. This was all I was called to do and argued with God that I did not want to do over 25 times that I’m no one. But it’s what actually happened in real life. I’m now seeing and reading the timeline was correct, the war change was correct and my stand was correct (by only Gods grace). It’s. It ego nor delusion it’s what came to my door step without my invite. Hope you can understand. I’ve been in my own. Except of course for God, Christ and several thousand Angels. Truly I owe my survival to God but to you as well. Any thoughts are deeply welcome. Been holding that one to myself.

    • It sounds like your own environment has demons in it coming from other people and they just gravitate toward you

      • Yeah, but I don’t think that I brought them over. I think they are around here due to the end of life issues, the dementia, and emotional intensity. I think they are trying to transfer. Not truly sure why they come to me??
        When I wrote earlier, in the midst of all that, I woke up to an intense urge to God out onto our first floor patio at about 1am in the morning. I did, and was met by this intense bright light (seemed to me like a small star). I began to make out the sillouette of a black dress which resembled a quiches garment. The light was all around it and I began to see demonic figures forming around her. I never heard a voice or received any inner thoughts except for an order to stand upright in defiance, to not show any fear, and to rebuke this in prayer. I did and got the thought that God was presenting me in some way as if to warn them He was working through me. The light eventually faded out to nothing being there. My life changed right after that. The thought for me was that was strange, and to convey in my thoughts that I was standing against them and placed all the warlocks, sorcerers, and others in being bound inside and out in Christ’s name. I think it was some kind of major gathering against my stand against them. Not sure.

        • mike

          maybe to the witches and demons, you represent an obstacle to them

          • Thanks, have a really great new day in Christ,, happy Saturday

          • Marianne, I don’t know why but it seems God has been working with me with these assaults an attempted molestations. It’s going away when I speak to it with full authority when I place my mind above my body and rebuke my physical body for a moment then I begin telling God just why I love Him and truly do and I find myself greatful, almost to tears and I also feel my love for my partner of 18 years who gave himself over to sex demons when dying of cancer ( not in right mind), I also felt healing in this area for him and my self. I felt and could see in my spirits eye them being rebuked being pushed back and fleeing. I’ve slept well for the last three nights, for the first time in five years. I also got my next teaching for next Sunday from God through the Holy Spirit within me. Even that is new. It’s called it all comes back to Hod. That nothing God sends our comes back bad. Even if he plants the seed in us on a specific thing, even if we toss it as garbage in the dirt, just as a seedling, it will still grow. The positive energy can not be killed. It still grows. We miss out though. So it’s about how to begin seeing Him through answers, hearing Hum through inspiration, in our hearts, in our thoughts and then begin a two way conversation with him and how to grow with Him as a life partner, then iltimately begin trusting it, living with it and how peace begins to percolate, and eventually begin to live within our own skins then experience true joy. It just downloaded directly to me in a moment of clarity. Is this any kind of normal.? I asked for descernment and I’m even knowing in the moment before what the intentions are in those who Satan sends to disturb my peace so I know to step aside to let God inspire me inwhat to say. This is exploding my little mind😝😝😇

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