Hurricane Irma 2017



It looks like the entire southeast coast is in its path.


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~ by Marianne on September 3, 2017.

9 Responses to “Hurricane Irma 2017”

  1. Marianne
    Do you think Irma could trigger a tsunami for the east coast?

    • kasey

      I am not a geological expert, but with wind forces high I can imagine large waves of water coming to flood areas, and it might have the same effect as a tsunami

  2. S.O.S. call! It’s Open Season for Atlantic Salmon!

    Did you wonder that much of the natural disasters over the last few years, at least in America, has mostly been in the”Bible Belt”? I have asked about this myself. Understandably many Christians point the finger to the west coast Soddam and Gommorah cities, saying “God’s judgement will surely be upon them for their debotchery”.

    The Bible says God’s judgement comes to the house of the Lord (the church) first. I have felt that the Lord has been saying that His judgement is beginning to be poured out, but first to the church.

    True, the west coast is overdue for the big one, and it can come anytime.

    On another but related note, in the days before the eclipse, there was an oceanic fish farm in the north Puget Sound which housed Atlantic Salmon. Because of the rising tide due to the lunar activity, the “farm” collapsed, letting loose possibly 305,000 Atlantic Salmon. Of course the regional tribal communities, in fear of these “foreigners” harming the natural order of native Pacific Salmon, immediately went into action, resulting in the prompt call for “Open Season” on the Atlantic Salmon!

    While reading about the Salmon issue, the Lord impressed upon me the following prophetic message.

    There is now an Open Season for reaping a spiritual harvest, of souls, and its catalist is in part, natural disasters. Just as Believers in Christ are not of this world but of the kingdom of God, they are deemed by the word to be aliens of this world, like the Atlantic Salmon is to the Pacific Northwest.

    Jesus said no one can come to the Father except through Him. Also, no one can come to Jesus except the Father GAVE them to Him. Furthermore, Jesus also said He hasn’t lost any that come to Him except the son of perdition (Judas), and that was to fulfill scriptual prophecy.

    In short, in this season the Lord will cause those whom the Father has given Him to come to Him. Calling things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17), these Atlantic Salmon ARE our Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

    Now after having written all this, I am believing that Jesus is now calling on all the “Atlantic Salmon” to come to Himself.

    The world calls it Hurricane Irma. Any way you look at this, there is now a spiritual harvest brewing in the winds, the rains, and the floods that are fast approaching Florida and the Atlantic coast lines…in the Bible Belt. It truly is now Open Season for the Atlantic Salmon!

    Praise the Lord, and in all things give thanks. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, that He send laborers to harvest this ripe field. In ALL things give thanks and rejoice in the Lord!

    Be sure to read the section below, and see the video in the link.

    To all in the path of Irma:. Stay safe in the arms of the Lord. God bless you.

    September Of Sorrows= S.O.S. call!

    I just stumbled upon this video, published August 30th, 2017. In it Benjamin Faircloth, a pastor in Lavonia, Georgia, speaks of great sorrow that’s directly upon us, all over the place. Here’s the YouTube link:

    • mdsmitty

      interesting analogy. the bible does compare potential believers as fish

      the last time a hurricane came my way was september of a different year.

      people need to get closer to the Lord, for sure

  3. Hello dear servant of Christ:I am a pastor in Calfornia, I really appreciate your ministry, I saw some images you have used that interest me, and I would like to communicate with you about it.

    Thank You.
    You could even call me if you prefer; 9182083533

    • dear pastor sisney

      most of my images come from the public domain. I check to see if they are copyrighted first, then use them, if there seems to be no issue using them. (however now I find “all” images are considered copyrighted ). so most of the images are not mine. there are a few that I drew or edited for myself and they would be considered mine. I do not mind people using the images for educational purposes only, so no for profit, which is what I do as well. tell me which images interest you

  4. Texas carpet bombs its own hurricane-traumatized victims with neurological poisons sprayed from military planes?

    • This is the most ridiculous post. Spraying for mosquitoes had been done for decades. The amount of contaminated water in Texas from Hurricane Harvey can’t be quantitated its so large. Anyone who has lived in climates like Texas knows this is a strong breeding ground for mosquitoes to breed.

      If they don’t spray, West Nile Virus will be an out break in epidemic proportions. The poisons used for the size of a mosquito has virtually no effect on the size of any human being.

      This crazy mania thinking that any State or our Country is actively trying to kill off its citizens in this way is ignorant.

      When and if that time were to come, it will happen starting with legalizing Euthanasia state wide of the terminally ill , then it will be legal for the elderly to choose to end their lives, then those in mental institutions will be “humanely” put down, next will be the prisoners in for a Life time sentence with no parole. Once this has been established and actually accepted by the public at large, the government start “mandatory” Euthanasia for the elderly, disabled and those with mental disorders NOT in mental facilities. THIS is where mass extermination will start, it has happened with Stalin, Hitler and others. Countries across the world like China, Bulgaria, Romania, North Korea, Mongolia, Africa.

      What I am saying is that this will be a form of Genocide, except it will have nothing to do with your DNA. It will have EVERYTHING to do with your worth to society. If you can work, contribute to society in a positive way, you will be spared, all those on welfare and disability and social security will not be spared. Kasey Streichert Burt

  5. RR

    it might be considered reasonable to spay for mosquitoes after such a disaster. but they should confine their spraying to affected areas, and avoid where people are living or staying for shelter. if they spay there too, the people should stay inside until it is clear to come out.

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