Dream – Leaving the Trailer Park


clip_image002.jpgI am going somewhere.


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~ by Marianne on February 1, 2018.

18 Responses to “Dream – Leaving the Trailer Park”

  1. Marianne??? Is all ok??

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  2. Marianne, you mean so much, is all ok please answer I don’t understand your last post

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    • myke

      yes so far. I hope rapture is getting closer. dream may reflect that.

      • Was that you saying you were leaving? I probably panicked

        • mike

          I assumed I was leaving. my trailer was “gone” and I was cleaning up the lot behind me. where I am going I do not know….time is short for all of us….

          • If you ever need to chat or need someone you do have me😇😜

            • okey dokey

              • Hay sister in Christ!! It’s 2/18/18, I just finished teaching church here for the assisted care residents. I still feel like I’m wearing two left shoes but I do show up. With the recent shootings I asked God to help me give a message to address how we can change the world. What His answer was became my teaching. We start by changing ourselves one light in Christ at a time. He put in my heart that in this world gone dark, Satan is the king and as he slowly and methodically removes God from the entire equation, the world continues to grow darker. That now more than ever, he has placed in us everything needed to be the only true lights in the world. And not until the world had finally had enough to look elsewhere, will they ever see the light. He has set His seal in each of us. We must Pursue Gods peace he has given us, we must go after the happiness He has for us, and we must chase joy even when events like this happen. He shared with me the only words I could adequately express. I can not begin to feel what you are feeling, but Christ is weeping. I can’t change the world all at once, but for your loved one, I can change me, and then another me as we begin to change so will others change. Because greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. And, that if that is adequate enough for your sad moment, I would like to pray with you. That your child’s spirit is with God, now and forever as they are blessed by Him, and in all things I change, I will also do it for them.
                I hope this expresses to you how I am changing Marianne.

      • You know, I’m having dreams like that. In full live color but for some reason I’m aware I’m in a dream and I’m changing directions and outcomes. Not in big ways but in momentary ones. Some are like Disaster movies, with demons and maybe angels, but I’m face to face with I don’t know what and battling it out but only by using my Holy Spirit. I leave and refuse my own mind and body and access the full mind of Christ and hear “ don’t marvel in what I can do, through me you can do even more” just as He said to His disciples. I find I can manipulate what I can do but I’m not moving it’s all happening around me and I refuse acceptance or even thought of actions I see happening. I’m not starring in a dorky superhuman movie. I’m nobody. So if you have any idea why I’m able to challenge dreams within the dreams is odd but a little cool also

        • no clue…my book is about dreams and visions…did you ever finish reading it?

          • Not yet almost I’d say 2/3 but can’t figure why you haven’t written more you express in ways that work for me after struggling with dyslexia

          • Marianne, I wish you filled with grace, gratitude and love from everyone you touch in life. From everyone on this side of you love ya in spirit, can’t wait to see you in heaven. Now from God to you and I. Our most appreciated surprise when we enter heaven will be all of those who you helped find their way back home (including me), we may get blessed with a crown for all of those saved because of you and through you. We may hear thank you!! , from those who are now entering the kingdom of heaven. Even those who were saved by others because of your walk. And from me, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be, because of your part, I’m starting my life at 60. There’s a whole host of people I want to tell about God. Happy Valentines Day❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I had a fight (spiritual), against a strong demon possessing a woman here with pancreatic cancer. We are trying to start a residential council meeting to help with residents needs. She lives next to me and sells drugs, crushes her pain meds and snorts them. She then bonds grinds and snake dances (what I call it) while shes tweeting. She demands everyone step aside so she can control the council. I stepped up and commanded angels to come and for her to back down. I interrupted her smirking as she insulted me and confronted her behavior. She insulted again and I shared to her what she does and this is demonic and she can not and will not interfere any more. Then she brought on the tests and instantly went from predator to crying little girl

    • mike

      that crying routine is typical manipulation. you are doing a good job exposing her. keep it up. and point all this out to others as well. you are the teacher there.

  4. I have felt bad at doing that. Why?? Today I began to feel attacks again was this wrong or did God step in through me.

  5. She’s not done, I already know that. It feels like God but I feel bad

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