Dream – Airplane Departure


clip_image002_thumb.jpgAre we ready to board the plane?


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~ by Marianne on March 14, 2018.

3 Responses to “Dream – Airplane Departure”

  1. I was brought back to give this a 2nd read thru.
    After the “2” was mentioned and then you wrote about the suitcases I was given the words, “Revelation 2.”

    “Time to board getting close” corresponds to your “Redemption drawing nigh” and the Day of the Lord. Each suitcase is representative. The Godly are represented by the one on the plane. You’ve tried to help The Lost (the other bag) find God/Jesus and HS but they have waxed cold.
    The airport staff is missing because an Event has happened (that I shared about on a recent podcast) and everyone has left (their 1st Love – represented by the airplane) to find their own pathway through the surrounding rubble of a world that is now entering The Revelation 6 Seals.

    Plz pray over this for wisdom and understanding.

    • kenzelsfire

      that is a plausible interpretation. thanks

      I am holding onto the promises of god for my 2 children. I cried out to him once, and he showed me two rainbows, one for each child. it was his covenant with me that he will take care of them.

      I am hoping the bags are more general in meaning, like you said, saved vs lost people.

      we have a lot of disasters that are coming. may god give us all strength.

  2. Indeed, Amen.

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