Family First, not Church


When “church” is more important than family, there is something wrong.

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~ by Marianne on June 21, 2018.

2 Responses to “Family First, not Church”

  1. In today’s modern society people are more under pressure to get their work done and time is very precious to have with your family. Why? Because the average family has to have both parents working to cope with family expenses. Children need quality time with their parents and grandparents. To be a member of a church and do a lot of work in the church and not spend quality time with your children – something has to go. Children will end up hating the church because the parents spend a lot of time working in the church and not spending a lot of time with them as children.

    I know a Minister and his wife who are very sorry for not spending quality time with their 5 children. Their home was an open house to the community and people who had problems came any time day or night.

    The 5 children grew up hating the church and one of the children ended up on drugs.

    Children take a lot of notice of parents on the way they treat them and show a loving concern for them spending quality time.

    My father and mother spent a lot of time feeding and church people on a Sunday and entertaining them. My 2 other sisters and I had to prepare meals, wash up and clean up after them. We had no quality time with our parents on a weekend also, my father never came home only for his dinner at night and watched TV the rest of the night because he spent time with his friends. He use to take his frustrations out on my mother and me by belittleing us. I had to bring up myself and so did my other sisters. We had no parent support.

    I grew up hating him as a father and my mother for not being a loving and caring parent.

    In my father’s and mother’s eyes children should be seen and not heard.

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