Dream – Power Poles Cut


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~ by Marianne on July 30, 2018.

16 Responses to “Dream – Power Poles Cut”

  1. Weird’ any info on this

  2. long years of trials :
    What is happening in Japan? (Natural disasters)


    4665 – Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Mercogliano / Avellino / Italy, July 16, 2018

    This is the time of the Great Spiritual Battle. ……
    The day will come when the Tabernacles will be removed from the House of God and in many places men will seek the precious food and will not find it. ………………..
    4667 – Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Marigliano / Napoli / Italy, July 18, 2018

    Dear children, I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer for what comes to you. You are heading for a future of great trials. The Church of My Jesus will be small and its faithful will be persecuted. The enemies will invade the Catholic Churches and expel the faithful. This will be a time of great pain for My poor children. I ask you to keep the flame of your faith alight. ………….

  3. http://afterthewarning.com/messages-from-heaven/light-of-mary/2018/07/07-20-msg-from-our-lady.aspx

    ……………………….. ……. Pray children, pray for the United States, the unexpected comes to the power causing great concern. This country suffers through Nature to a great extent. ………………..

  4. Don’t know, could be both. However those gargantuan concrete electric poles they are erecting all over the place are scary looking. Remind me too much of the horrible 5G technology being implemented…

  5. marianne,
    you know these messages that Sunimal Fernando posted are not real, they are false, Pedro Regis and the other one are not to be trusted, they simply cheat people, they are full of pride, everything is about them, Mother Mary is not appearing to them, she is not speaking like that, it is the same false people like this lady cheater Mary Divine Mercy from Ireland

  6. i understand, i know Sunimal is good and sincere, much better Catholic than me here, he believes that he is helping Mother Mary and people to hear this messages, but i only wanted to say that we should be carefull because nowadays there are a lot false people who cheat good naive Catholics, they offend Mother Mary like that, i don t like them but i feel for them

  7. Miryana and Mariannne,

    Sorry for disturbing to Miryana, her mind and thoughts. I also have the same idea as you, who says the correct one . Earlier days God has sent prophets. But People do not believe them and killed them. Then John the Baptist and Jesus (Son of God) came. People killed them. After that Peter and Paul also the same. Now what is the communication method of God to this world? As a Roman Catholic, I listen to Christian Pastors also. I believe Mother Mary and her intervention to this world to save souls by apparition to St.Bernedette in Lourdes-France, 3 seers in Fatima -Portugal and now also continue but we do not know who are correct. Thanks to Marianne, I see this Marianne’s site for nearly 10 years. I thought Jesus 2nd coming was in 2017 or 2018. But it is sometimes not in our generation. However we see some differences before 2000 and now. Heat, Cool, Snow, Wind, Temperature then people’s behavior of corruption, lie, Angry mood, as said in 2 Timothy 3.

    • sunimal

      I believe everyone has some truth to contribute, so we all contribute and find truth together.

      only the Father knows when Jesus is coming, but we do believe that this is the season….the signs are there….so we are close

  8. Marianne, awhile back I also had a dream that I was working on something electronically connected and a messianic friend came to me in the dream and said “we have to leave this area the power is going out” I was then brought to a central messianic group where people were celebrating and playing games-they were very happy. The light was glowing in the center of the group and everyone had a pure, clean, clear glass of water.

    I asked a messianic rabbi about the dream and he told me that there is a Jewish celebration called the water pouring celebration that happens during Sukkot. That would put the timing to be about September??

  9. 8~4~6000 (out of 6000) Sabbath in this Last August
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
    Will it be on or before the true Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement,
    10-20-2018? PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
    Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Scripture defines our dreams. The lamps of the ten foolish virgins started to go out because their oil was running out. That oil was the Savior’s Name of Yahshua. Song of Solomon 1:3
    Sadly, it does NOT matter if you are Roman Catholic or any other “Christian”. They ALL have “The Mark of the Beast” when they reject the TRUE Names of the Father and Son, Yahweh and Yahshua.

    An EMP attack can take out all chipped items including newer telephones, cars, and many other (or most!) modern conveniences. This happens when satellites are destroyed in the sky.


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