True or False Apostles?

What does Paul say about this?

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~ by Marianne on October 14, 2018.

2 Responses to “True or False Apostles?”

  1. Marianne,
    Good post! Recently an aquaintance told me he met someone “preaching” in the historic town square where people often gather for speaking events, concerts, walking their dogs, etc. The town square is a tourist attraction, so this produced an audience for this “preacher”. He wasn’t at a podium as such but just talking to people & claimed to be a prophet. My aquaintance asked me how do we know if someone is a false prophet? I directed him to the bible as you have done in your post. Apparently this preacher was very convincing . I say we must quard our hearts with Godly knowledge! Often times these false prophets are very charismatic & know how to captivate their audience. Thanks for the post!

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