Dream – 2 Snakes Die

1 – 2 branches at a time.

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~ by Marianne on June 11, 2019.

6 Responses to “Dream – 2 Snakes Die”

  1. What if the green tree is symbol of the tree of life, and the dead two snakes refer to two branches of the wisdom pertaining to this tree as having been lost?

    Appreciate your interpretation though. Just adding what crossed my mind.

    • Actually, the tree of life, the vocations of existence are ten in count. In Plato’s philosophy of the charioteer allegory, he accounts for nine vocations based on how close one attained to manouvre their souls to the true forms and the extent of truth they beheld. These vocations are;

      1. Philosophers, lovers of beauty, men of culture, or those dedicated to love;
      2. Law-abiding kings or civic leaders;
      3. Poiticians, estate-managers or businessmen;
      4. Ones who specialize in bodily health;
      5. Prophets or mystery cult participants;
      6. Poets or imitative artists;
      7. Craftsmen. or farmers;
      8. Sophists or demagogues; and
      9. Tyrants.

      What Plato missed out was the tithe vocation, the ones who behold the truth in its magnanimity and remain within it.

      Within the culture of my people, these vocations are known as the nine-full (ten) clans of existence. It was such prophesied that in the fulfillment of time, the two trouble maker clans, the Sophist and the Tyrants would be cleansed from the tribe so as to strengthen the nation.

      Hence in your dream, regarding a great green tree, it may refer to this eventuality that the two clans of troubling people on earth, (the snakes) are to get dried out from the structure of life, and we all know what use dried wood branches are good for, the fire.

      The culture I refer to here is literally known as the great fig tree- Gīkūyū. http://www.maumau.info/pages/gikuyu clans.html

      • John

        impressive analysis. I had not thought of all this.

        • The spirit grants a message through one vessel and empowers a different vessel to interpret, so as to glorify God and multiply our faith. It is all God’s doing.

  2. In the Bible, trees can represent groups of people – for instance, the fig tree for the Jews, the almond tree for the sons of Aaron, the cedar for Lebanon, and the olive tree for Israel (including both Jews and Christians). In this dream, if the tree represents America, it suggests that the country will be losing population and land area in the future because of the sins of the people who were successfully tempted by the snakes. Among a number of interpretations, the two snakes may also represent atheism and materialism.

    • kenneth

      interesting sociological viewpoint. this is why I share my dreams. others can see additional interpretations that I might not see to begin with.

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