Fire Is Not Quenched

This concept is repeated in both Isaiah and by Jesus/Yahshua.

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~ by Marianne on July 12, 2019.

4 Responses to “Fire Is Not Quenched”

  1. You maybe interested in this:

    Or Google st marys church greenhithe role play marriage

    This is where primary school children are being taken to church buildings and made to role play the marriage ceremony in front of an ordained Priest.

    This also happens in America – under the label of ‘tom thumb’ wedding s.


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    • helen

      I do not trust this either. it seems like they are pushing children to get into adult relationships early. there are already locations where they teach kindergarten and primary school children how to have different forms of sex, which is robbing them of their innocence.

  2. Blessings Beloved Marianne,
    My husband Mark asked me to leave 2 months ago. I’m staying with godly people, and they went and got my daughter till will find a place.
    My husband and his mom are practicing witchcraft against my my family. He has also hooked up other people against us.
    Testimony: the Lord has blessed in the midst of it all and protected my family. My social security was pushed through without a lawyer. I hadn’t even finished my paper work before the money came. To God be all the glory and and praise.
    Praying for wisdom, direction, protection from evil , wicked plans from my husband and his mom Norma, Severian and sherry.

    • shelia

      That is a wonderful testimony. and to get social security without a lawyer grabbing 25% is definitely a miracle. may the Lord continue to provide for you.

      may all curses and witchcraft over you be broken, destroyed, and be as dust in the wind, and those who wish you harm be met with swift justice.

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