Facebook and Cell Phones Have Replaced the Bible

Do you agree?

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~ by Marianne on December 3, 2019.

2 Responses to “Facebook and Cell Phones Have Replaced the Bible”

  1. heard George Noory Radio Program- he’s expert in Magic etc-yet lets the Gospel Message on His Program- he spoke about the Formation of ROME-as Luciferian Society-it’s about a Magic War trying to st6op man from cheating us from entering the 4th Dimension-the NEW AGE I believe that ROME is the 3rd Kingdom of Magic fighting to enter the 3th Dimension of New Age-which is why they are vs Christians-the 3h Kingdom may be referring to the Luciferian Kingdom of the New Age 3th Dimension-There is a Huge Stronghold over Israel of Magic
    Also I do not trust Johnathan Kahn- his doctrine is OFF-His Cong -‘ve benn there- does NOT feel like it’s of the Spirit- he intermingles Messianic Judaism with pagan gentile traditions-On MV Island- a woman who I think was an Agent was really into him & she wanted to talk to me about him secretly- I trusted no one there
    They are drenched in witchcraft & advanced secret technologies-which they used vs me
    REad Book of Enoch- new Agers think it has secret to their winning battle vs G-d & His People- it gives Design Plan for the CelestiAL bODIES & cORRECT TIMES ^ & sEASONS

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