Dream – Angel, Holy Spirit, and the 3 Boats

One of about a dozen dreams where the Holy Spirit helped me and I bonded with him

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~ by Marianne on May 27, 2020.

2 Responses to “Dream – Angel, Holy Spirit, and the 3 Boats”

  1. Sometimes there is a reason for the way God allows things to happen. My daughter had a job and had to travel 45 minutes to work at night and like doing the job but did not like the people who she worked with. They gave her a hard time and she resigned a year and a half ago thinking that she would find it hard to get another job she would like and was so upset. I told her that one door shuts another door opens and it did she got a better and easier job with more pay, holiday pay and superannuation and nicer people. Also, with the CORVID 19 virus situation she would have been put off at the other job.

    God allows things to happen to us for a reason and we should put our trust in him all the time even though terrible things might happen.

    Lynnette Pratt

    e-mail:  lynnette.pratt@yahoo.com.au

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