Dream – Tunnel Under Deep Water

Confirmed by the “nail,” the “cut,” and the “gold.”

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~ by Marianne on August 21, 2020.

2 Responses to “Dream – Tunnel Under Deep Water”

  1. I know that the USA is going through a lot of hardship with the COVID virus, tornados, wild fire, riots etc. It must be very hard for everyone. In Australia we have had hardship with drought, fires, COVID virus, unemployment. I had a dream that there is going to be a war around the corner and we should be prepared by being self sufficient in the food and industry resources and not rely on other countries. I sent an e-mail message to our Prime Minister as well as a message (to other leaders) when we had severe drought by using Israel technology using desalination water. We as Christians should inform our leaders of our country on ways to help our country to get over the problems which it is facing. Pray to God that he will give you the wisdom to tell your leaders and sow a seed of wisdom in their brain. Lynnette Pratt

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