Dreams of Pastor Dana Coverstone

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~ by Marianne on September 11, 2020.

21 Responses to “Dreams of Pastor Dana Coverstone”

  1. I believe that Pastor Coverstone’s dreams are from God. We have heard the warnings for decades coming from different prophets . The warnings were similar to these for sure. We kept declining as a nation – me included. Russia always seem to be involved in these prophetic dreams of the past – dumitru dudaman, chuck youngbrandt, Henry gruver etc. I think that what makes these prophecies different is that the white figure in the dream who I believe is Jesus is actually giving him Dates.

  2. I think that the pastor is right .  The USA is in for a civil war the way things are going,  In Australia, we have just recently got protestors in the State of Victoria about CORVID 19 virus lockdown.  Also, we had protestors in the State of Victoria and New South Wales about black rights the last few months.  We could be in a civil war soon also.

    Lynnette Pratt

  3. One says, “I believe that Pastor Coverstone’s dreams are from God.” The other says, “I think the pastor is right.” There are three ways to approach these dreams—same as with Martin’s dream of the Presidents—One: dismiss them entirely (be cold) Two: Say they are from God and do nothing about it (lukewarm); Three: Say they are from God and realize that we are days away from what God is telling us is about to happen! (Certainly HOT!). Regardless of specific date, November is the focus of the dream. Pivotal events happen in underlined months, but the focus is November. With it being underlined, it could refer to November 3, Election Day. But regardless, what happens when the fist hits the calendar is sudden and beyond our present comprehension of catastrophe. And this is at most 6 weeks away, but very likely something that happens on Election Day. Now, how can I say this?

    If we go on the premise that the dream is of God, and we accept Pastor Coverstone’s testimony as true, that he had the earlier dream back in December, before COVID, then we have a prophetic dream coming true, but we have more than that. We have a way of deciphering the dreams that cover the immediate future. The events of the first dream took place as dreamed. It was pretty literal. So how the dreams came true up to mid October, is how they would unfold in the immmediate future—as dreamed.

    So, this is not a time to speculate, if you believe that the dreams are from God, but to tell yourself that the tribulation is upon you, and that you must get ready. What does getting ready mean? Well, one of the dreams shows the dollar being lowered like a flag for the last time, all the while burning. This means that the dollar is going to be replaced by a new currency, and that everyone will be given only 33 cents on the dollar.

    All the dollars flee the banks because dollars have no value anymore, It is this new currency or nothing, This is the precursor to the mark of the beast. In a cashless society with a new currency, completely controlled by the one who is going to be in power, is the final step before enforcing the mark. No access to this new currency, which is electronic, except through a mark, an RFID.

    So getting ready might involve getting rid of all consumer debt. What if this new regime calls all debt? Or what if it taxes debt? Revelation talks about a time of scarcity with the releasing of the black horse. I believe I’ve said in an earlier post that the seals have been released, and if you look at what has happened this year, it’s evident that the year has been catastrophic on a level that has never been seen before.

    So, while in the midst of a pandemic, with unprecedented unemployment, with partisan tension ripping the fabric of America apart, an upcoming election being contested before it has been begun, and with all that has happened it is not implausible to believe that something catastrophic is going to happen on Election Day or in its aftermath,

    • woody

      if that is God’s fist hitting the calendar, then I am at peace. his aim is to wake up the believers, not destroy them, God will take aim at the wicked. between the evidence against HRC, BHO and Biden in the deaths of Seal Team 6 and Benghazi soldiers, and the china / Ukraine money scandal with BIden, justice may finally arrive for America, if Trump wins, and I think he will.

      • I agree with you , Marianne

      • Marianne, let us suppose that in the very last days before the tribulation, the Lord started giving dreams to young men and women. Why? As a warning. As oil for the lamp. For knowledge of what is to come to help navigate to make to the time of Mochiach’s return. Now there are some who are going to look at these dreams through the lens of their politics, of their bias’, of their own preconceived notions of how the end time events will unfold. Once one tells prophecy what it must mean, it is no longer interpretable by that person. The politics of 2020 were not a part of the equation when Daniel and Jesus talked about us, the people of this time. They just reported future events, journalism into the future.

        We got a taste of that in the short term from Pastor Dana Coverstone. He had a dream in December that exactly highlighted the unimaginable events of the following 6 months. This was to validate the more important dreams that were to follow. To me, every word of Mr Martin’s dreams and Pastor Coverstone’s dreams are as clear as day. It shows me how in present time events the prophecies of the Bible describing this time, are going to play out in the next few weeks.

        We are at a point in the course of events where weeks matter. The birth pangs are constant, and delivery is at hand.

        • woody

          I think we are in for a wild ride. I asked the Lord years ago w hat to do, and he said, go home, lock the door and stay there! so that is what I am doing.

          • Marianne,

            I believe that we are going to be faced with a choice, and I think that Pastor Coverstone’s dream touches on it: we are going to be faced with a choice of complete financial ruin or taking on the mark. The mark and its nature may end up causing a great falling away, as told of in the Bible. It is going to be a time very reminiscent of the rise of the Third Reich, but here, on American soil. Those political leanings we have can be stumbling blocks at this point of time and can blind us to what is currently unfolding, but the dreams are unfolding as told in the narrative.

            But going back to that choice. At some point, our currency, our savings, our financial foothold will be shaken. I believe that this will happen through the creation of a new currency. I believe at first that we will be able to use a credit card to access our funds. But at some point, our only way to access anything: our money, social security, va benefits, anything will be through this RFID implant. Whoever is holding the White House will the leader of the politicians seen meeting in one room.

            Now to the choice: we will risk losing our lives or being taken captive into labor camps if we do not take this mark. We will have the choice Jesus always spoke of our generation Matt 24:9 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.” There is going to be a great persecution of those that do not take the mark. This great persecution comes with the Fifth Seal of Revelation. I would say that the first four seals have been released and are taking their toll.

            So the message is: be prepared to give up your life rather than take the mark. Be prepared to go into a concentration camp and suffer rather than take the mark. The Mark is coming.

  4. Brace yourself ? Solution to shake or vibration. E.g.: in Disneyland. Then for Earthquake ?
    Said in Isaiah 24.

    • We hear news (Sri Lanka) China economy is higher or better than USA. Now world control power by US. How history change world power? Can it happen without a world war ?
      Mother Mary (apperation- Jesus mother from heaven) said in 1961 in Garbandal, Spain , ” when communism comes again , this will happen”.
      China & Russia ? Final anti-Christ not yet.
      Nortradamus ” mabus” ? “666” ?
      St.Malachi pope list final pope is Francis ?
      Jesus told to check what Daniel said? Abomination of desolation. Daniel 11:31

    • “Brace yourself”. Civil war predicated. I am in other side of the world, Sri Lanka. I saw after the warning.com site owner asking everyone to pray.

      Pray, pray, pray. Repentance.
      Don’t divide.
      Otherwise , one country, One road will come.
      ” when communism comes again, everything will happen” said to Conchita ,in 1965.
      This is the time.

  5. I feel very sorry for the good genuine people in the US at the moment. By the looks of it from the news in Australia that the US could be in a civil war either before or after the election. I would not like to live in the US because of what is going on at the moment and it is shocking to see how people behave during the election.

    In Australia if the Prime Minister does not do the right thing he/she is booted out either before or during election and people who protest badly against the law either gets fined heavily or sent to jail.

    In Australia we have strong discrimination laws because most of the Australians are from other countries besides the UK. The US President should be looking in the ways of making the US safe at the moment not causing civil problems and this applies to any US President at the election or during their 4 year term.

    People in Australia are not impressed the way the US is behaving . Over the years Australia has looked up to the US as a moral and ethical figure. Wake up US and do something about your behavior the world is looking.

    —– Forwarded message —– From: Heaven Awaits To: “lynnette.pratt@yahoo.com.au” Sent: Thursday, 10 September 2020, 09:29:36 pm AESTSubject: [New post] Dreams and Visions of Possible Suitcase Nukes. Nuclear Explosions | Marianne posted: “Just a list and summaryClick here for more” | |

    • Desalina,

      I am terrified. I have been living in a growing dread that strengthens as the day of decision grows closer. The Dread is palpable, you could spread it like Vegemite.

      I am terrified because this country is so divided, because each side sees the other as evil, because truth has been twisted so much that it has become elusive, wary of being bruised again.

      I am terrified because each side is acting in good faith to their values, they are all good people, but have become so polarized that they now see the opposing party as evil and the enemy.

      So, as you so astutely observed, we are very much on the brink of that civil war. The only thing that can save us from it is pure civility. As Americans, we need to go back to seeing ourselves as Americans, not ____-American, but American. No adjectives, no parties, no religion, just American. And as Americans, we help each other, and we help those in the world in need. Because America’s original value was to be the bringer of democracy and freedom to the world. The idea that “All men are created equal”.

      Not, “Some are more equal than others” as Orwell wrote, and as we are seeing today, every day—some are treated as better and worth more than others. This is not an American value. An American value is a barn raising when your neighbor’s burned down. It’s bringing food to the homebound. It is all the things we do for others because in our core, we are good people. Good people do good things for others. The key is WHO ARE THE OTHERS that people do good for? It is everyone. It has to be. Who is your neighbor? Everyone that is not you.

      So to me, the only way to safety we have as a country is that those who call themselves Christians to live as Chist lived, and to live as Chist taught us to live. The Sermon on the Mount. How to behave when we are mistreated. It’s an instruction manual on how to behave at the beginning of a persecution. Those that fight their oppressors, or hate them are not following Christ. He taught us to submit.

      He also spoke of a Narrow Way. Nothing could be more narrow, and more comprehensive in what it covers than the two greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might; and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

      Jesus said all the Law and the Prophets is contained in those two commandments.

      I believe that persecution is coming, but before that there will be a time great civil unrest leading to a full economic collapse. This will pave the way for the Mark. If you live a life bound by the two greatest commandments, and treat everyone with neighborly love, you are walking a path that will guide your feet, even when you are confused and shocked by the events around you.

    • god vs evil

      battle of the ages.

      God will prevail

  6. I forgot before. Just turned on comments on main page

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