Dream – Dana Coverstone December 2020

Seems a little dark, no celebration?

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~ by Marianne on November 18, 2020.

2 Responses to “Dream – Dana Coverstone December 2020”

  1. Check out UN Olympics in 2012?- all about Occultic background & ends wi9th fREEMASONRY- iLLUMINATI- aNNOUNCING uk IS nEW throne OF g-D- THEY ALSO WORKED WITH vATICAN ON aLIEN fILM/aGENDA- bbc nEWS ON rADIO ENDS WITH THE Israeli NaTIONAL aNTHEM- hATIKVA????? no one is talking about Haim Eshed’s Bk- that says Israel % USA have relationship with Aliens etc????? Say T anted to announce it but UFO’s said NOT YET??? WEHat is going on- Had brief recollection from my sleep- image of an Alien-they have mind reading technology- mind control- can put voices & visions in your head-all using Technology-they used it on me in MASS where it is invented-MK ltra I believe ois also at Hravrad Edu Dept etc

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