Note. Marianne is sick with c o v i d. Prayers appreciated. Thank you God bless you all.

~ by Marianne on March 20, 2021.

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  1. Wishing her strength and a swift, total recovery!!

  2. Covid is nothing more than the regular flue..but I will still pray for her..remember covid has the same 99.9 % recovery rate as the normal flue.because it is.

    • I totally agree you with Arthur re. covid. I hope Marianne does not take the pcr test nor the vax. I pray that she’s not in hospital & hope to hear that she is back to good health.

      • Sabbath Greetings! Marianne wrote to me from the hospital. I am praying for her. I told her not to go on a ventilator. I heard that being on one makes you more ill. Also, that even being in the hospital can put you more at risk. I for one would choose not to go to one.
        PLEASE DON’T TAKE COVID-19 NOSE-JAB TESTING AND VACCINES! Many BAD rumors about them on The Web!
        I am now posting publicly on “MeWe” how to cheaply and naturally prevent all flu and Coronavirus’. It has for me since 2009. I was recently “kicked off” of Facebook and then Twitter. I have posted the same info for years on Facebook. ???
        I was exposed to COVID-19 this past January 12 and did not have any ill effects. TAKING NAC WORKS!
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      • Soldier for Yeshua. I am in the hospital with viral pneumonia. They forced a PCR test on you when they admit you so they can get a positive test result and justify their treatment. The x-rays alone could have proved what I had

      • AGREED!

    • I basically have viral pneumonia.

      • Hi Marianne. I truly sympathize with you. I had viral or bacterial pneumonia in 1957 after the flu. I was put in an oxygen tent and given penicillin. Was in the hospital for a week then home for a week. Total time of being ill was three weeks.
        I hope that you will not go on a ventilator as I have heard that doing
        this is not good for healing.
        Marianne, I pray that you will be well soon and HOME.


    • Hey Arthur this is more than just the flu. I have viral pneumonia. And I am in the hospital. My oxygen is only 90%. So I have trouble breathing. But I will get through this. It’s just an attack from the enemy. And we all know he loses in the end.

      • Marianne I feel lead to tell you to REST

        • Don’t worry about that I’m in bed all day long. They are talking about transferring me from the hospital to a rehab facility before I can go home

          • Things are looking up. God is definitely with you. I sense his presence.

            • Deb amen for some reason I went through this and I will get understanding about it eventually

            • Just looking at these times. I’m in Sydney Australia in the terrible floods you no doubt are hearing about in the US and a few notes just came in – I bet it is just morning over there. Here it is 11.51 pm. I continue to stay with you Marianne before I go to bed-Thinking of you. I will pray for you.

              • Dear Deb I’m sorry to hear about the floods in Australia it seems like there are problems everywhere. I hope and pray God protects you from the floods and keeps you safe throughout all bad weather. In my area in North Carolina in United States we get hurricanes and tornadoes and things like that. So we get weather damage also. We just have to stay prepared for anything. Take care of yourself and thank you

      • Amen!!!!!!

      • Hi Marianne. I am happy to read that you are progressing. Actually 90% oxygen sounds good compared to what I had with pneumonia a long time ago. I had 1/4 or less lung capacity when taken to the hospital. It’s too bad that you did not take the NAC as I mentioned so often. If you had, possibly you would not have contracted COVID-19.
        I tell about this now publicly on MeWe.
        Marianne, I pray for you to be well and being able to return home very soon.

        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

  3. ivermectin plus doxycycline if it really is the CV. in any case vitamin C and D3, plus quercitin with zinc. Me and my mother take this.

  4. 3~20~2021 Happy Sabbath on Yahweh’s Earth! King David in Psalm 24:1
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne, we pray that you are now getting better in the hospital.
    Please try not to be on a ventilator as doing so may make things worse.
    I hope that those attending you will be very helpful for your healing.
    And, that you will soon be well and home!


  5. Hi Marianne,Happy Sabbath! I pray that you are feeling better and getting well.I tried to post on your latest thread but I guess I am still “blocked.”I hope that the nurses and doctors there are helping you to feel better.And Marianne, that you will soon be well again and home! Get Well Blessings ~ Jayna Dinnyes


  6. Many prayers on Marianne’s behalf! May her system be healed and strengthened in Yeshua’s name.
    Hopefully she is treated with vit C iv, the malaria med or the nebulized peroxide. Either way we love you Marianne and may you be healed in Yeshua’s name!
    Nebulized Peroxide — A Simple Remedy for COVID-19

  7. Keep pray for Marianne. God heals her very soon.

  8. Studies in Israel suggest that a low dose of aspirin (Baby aspirin) is supposed to reduce covid-19 symptoms to something manageable. God is able to heal and I am sure there are some things that Marianne can do to make herself more comfortable during this. I will pray as well.

  9. Praying

  10. Prayers to you against this darkness of Covid, a bio- weapon to cull the human race, made by man. By his stripes we are healed. Walk in perfect love.

    • Thank you Ken. I read the end of the story. The Enemy loses. Thank you for your prayers. I will get through this for some reason I went through it and I will eventually get understanding.

  11. I have been switched to a rehab facility. The care is adequate

  12. Late prayers from me to Marianne. Heaven knows about you and I think, not necessary to pray. But I think, we all have to suffer, that is purification.we are sinners .Are we living in the end times? At the very end ? I think, you can pray more now and you can contact heaven to get more information.

  13. When I had COVID, God told me to take hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin, and He said I would be fine. He was right. 🙂

  14. Shalom Marianne, where are you now? Still in the hospital? How is your health now? I pray you are home and well. I’ve not been able to be in touch with you bcoz of the Passover. I sincerely hope you are out of that situation. Will continue praying. Be well, and be Blessed!! Much Love!!

    • Soldier for Yeshua
      I am better now but I am still in rehab I hope to go home by Friday. Passover was a complete miss for me because I was in a facility not home. I can celebrate Passover when pesach sheni comes

      • O, I’m so glad for you Marianne, 1. Going home on Friday – 2.Thinking the way you do about Passover. It is so important and most of the things that are happening and will happen relates to that and of course other Biblical history until now. Take care of yourself and get strong. My prayers with you. I pray for the world & all creation seeing so much suffering in the world. Blessings, Be well !!!

      • Been praying for you Marianne and trust you are back home by now.

        Actually, if one follows the observance of Passover based on the way it was done long ago you really haven’t missed Passover. Today (started last night) is the first day of Yah’s calendar as the new moon was seen in Israel last night. As Yah put in my heart to share, we cant declare the actual birth of a child till the child is born.
        The vernal equinox cycle was not completed when last month’s moon was declared the new year. It technically was still part of last year. Fourteen days from now, April 27th, should be Passover.

        • Shoshana
          Thank you for that. Yes I am home now I’m trying to get stronger now. Thank you for your thoughts and information

        • Hi Shoshana. Yes. I am now back. I just want you to know that you are right about Passover. It’s today (Monday April 26th at Sunset.)
          The Feast of Unleavened Bread Sunset April 27 – May 4.) I wish you very blessed days! Shalom!
          Happy Passover!
          HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

  15. I too have been thinking of you Marianne.

    • Thank you Deb. I appreciate your thoughts.

      • Marianne
        So pleased to hear you are recovered. What you say above tells me you are recovered. I am so pleased but knew you would be so – why -because of what Christ achieved for our redemption. Thank you God for you are good. And righteous. Marianne I have a long story to tell you and God has allowed me to walk in miracles and to overcome. Maybe one day I can tell you. Deb

  16. Shoshana, RIGHT ON! I, too, am believing this. I have for decades.
    Abib begins on the first New Moon AFTER equinox. Abib should not begin in winter or Trumpets in summer!

    Welcome Back Marianne! Please stay well.
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

  17. Hi Marianne, just read this post to know you was sick

    i did not come here for one month more.

    So pleased to hear you are recovered. thank God ,

    will pray for you , God Bless

    by Jesus’s stripe , you are healed

  18. Enoch – after the warning. Com

    …. My flock, Enoch and Elijah are already in your midst, but your lack of faith has not allowed you to recognize and accept them. My two witnesses will not appear publicly until after the Warning. They have the spirit of Enoch and Elijah of the Old Testament. The mission of one is to evangelize and the other has as his mission to fight with the Antichrist in the time of his last reign. Rejoice then because very soon you will meet my two witnesses……

    • How do we know how do we know these are the two witnesses? I’ve also heard that it might be Moses and Aaron.

      • Moses and Elijah they never experience death


        Moses and Enoch they never experience death

        i listen to pastor Sadhu , he think 2 witness are Moses and Elijah

        • I think moses died on a mountain before israel went into promised land

          • ok.

            The Last Days’ Moses and Elijah Company (ePUB & PDF Download)
            free download
            The Return – Prophet Moses and Elijah

            They first returned to earth on the Mount of Transfiguration to talk with the Lord of the Whole Earth about the sufferings which He was going to go through. Now, are they coming back again?

            On August 7, 2013 the author was in Lancaster, California to speak at a Prophetic Conference. That morning, an Angel of the Lord brought word to the author about the coming of the Moses & Elijah Company. He was then supernaturally inspired to speak with prophetic unction on the subject.

            In this book you will learn the answers to the following questions:

            • What is the ministry of the prophets Moses & Elijah?
            • What is the significance of their ministries to this end-times generation?
            • Do you have a part in this last days’ company?
            • Who are the end-times Two Witnesses mentioned in book of Revelation?

            God is going to send His last Two Witnesses to confront the works of darkness – the Antichrist and the false prophet. Their testimony will be the last saving grace message to the whole world before the wrath of God is poured out all over the world in judgment.

            Together with the Two Witnesses, God will raise up in the last days the Moses and Elijah Company – a group of people who will work alongside the Two Witnesses. This book, like the prophet John the Baptist, seeks to make ready a people prepared for God.


          • 4~26~2021 Happy Yahweh’s Passover! It’s Sunset Tonight.
            The Feast of Unleavened Bread Sunset April 27 – Sunset May 4.
            Yahshua the Messiah The Only Son of Yahweh The Creator of
            EVERYTHING returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
            HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

            Marianne, yes he did. He died when he was 120 years old in perfect health. Yahweh buried him in Moab. In a valley opposite Beth Peor. But no one knows where his grave is. Deuteronomy 34.


            • 4~19~ 2021 This day in history the first shot in The Revolutionary War was fired. Tomorrow was the day Adolf Hitler was born and also the Columbine massacre. On a happier note. April 22 is Earth Day. But I celebrate it every day.
              WOW! Sorry. I was one week ahead of time! My brain had a glitch. I saw the calendar this p.m. and saw that I was wrong about the timing. But my dates are right. We have a whole week more to be ready!


  19. Enoch- Genesis 5:21 “GOD took him away”
    He didn’t die.
    Elijah- 2 Kings 11
    GOD has taken him to heaven.
    Then his spirit came as John the Baptist.
    Matthew 17:11-13 Jesus told ” Elijah certainly will come…”
    Malachi 4:5 “I will send you the prophet Elijah…”

    Who is with the name of Enoch in after the warning.Com site ? Any ideas please.
    I think, two witnesses will come in different names in future.
    Revelation 11:12 they will be taken to heaven.

    Most of you are from USA. How the politics of New government under Biden? Is it democratic or communist ? Relation with Israel ?
    I am from Sri Lanka (Government supports China)

    • The government under Biden is communist socialist Nazi fascist. They call themselves Democrats but democracy is not what they are. Joe Biden the President by fraud is what we call in bed with China. He has had many corrupt dealings with communist countries and Muslim countries and China. He gets money from them so he does what they want. We call the Democrat Party in America the communist Democrat Party because they are just like the Communists in China. He does not care that there are human rights abuses there. He calls them cultural differences. It is very evil thing that he is in this office

    • I am suspicious of that website. THe messages are too long-winded and generalized

  21. Thanks Marianne for the information. I think, we all are under the communist regimes. That is China & Russia. Gradually we have to observe and suffer from this. Sometimes they might control not only Facebook, what’s app but sites like this.
    However, we should face with +’ve thinking & by players to God. GOD BLESS YOU ALL to have wisdom from God.

  22. Prayers

  23. I think, Grace period (Repent time) from God has given to us is finished. Then ?
    Our faith will be tested? What is going to happen to our churches?
    “When communism comes again, everything will happen ” . Remember the warning, Garbandal message.

    • I am getting mixed information right now. One that is going to get terribly worse. And others is going to get better for a while before it gets worse. So we wait and see?

      • 4~22~2021 Earth Day. It is still Yahweh’s! King David in Psalm 24:1.
        Yahshua The Lion of Judah and The Lamb of Yahweh Returns
        Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Believing that we are now in the last of days, I do not believe that
        it will get better on Planet Earth. I now personally believe that Yahshua will return on a Yom Kippur between the years of 2023 – 2027.
        However, even though the SAVED and SEALED in Yahweh will have trials and persecution. They will be saved at the end. Rescued by Yahshua the Messiah, our Redeemer. It’s been called “The Blessed Hope” down through the ages!


  24. WOW! Today I learned that Biden has stated that ALL Americans should receive the COVID-19 vaccine by July 4, 2021 if (IF!) they wish to celebrate.
    Well, this must mean that I am no longer an American. Even though some of my ancestors were here in the 1600’s long before July 4, 1776!


  25. I am Australian living in Sydney. I have concern about AstraZenica which is the vaccine I have to take atm. Im over 50. Dont want to take it but seems like our country is opening its borders in months to come and those not vaccinated will be exposed. can you comment about the American experience.

    • I can answer you in two parts.

      AstraZeneca should not be trusted. It is now 15 years now since I had an adverse reaction to one of their medicines. They never did the original safety testing on the medicine and I’m sure they have not done any safety testing on there vaccine. I am still disabled from the initial medicine.

      It was a recent lawsuit at the Supreme Court in America against several drug companies. It was found that they had not done any safety testing in 30 years that was even close to being adequate.

      Right now people coming across the border are contaminated with the virus. The government is suppressing the information and not giving true facts about how much these individuals are contaminating people in America. Children with virus are held in close quarters with well children. So the virus will spread to them as well. These are not the only diseases. They have tuberculosis and other things as well. Since the government will not give us the information about the immigrants because they want the illegals to stay here there was a big question mark as to how much they are contributing to the overall virus situation in the country.

      So the vaccineWill in the long run hurt you. And so will the immigrants. the immigrants are coming for free benefits not to contribute to the country. that means free medical care for all their diseases.I suggest you focus on building up your immune system.NAC,Vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and have a supply of quinine water or tonic water you should be able to get from your store.

      I know how the virus affects each person may be different but I can tell how it affected me. I was mainly having trouble breathing. I had shallow breathing and my oxygen was low around 90%. Well I was in the hospital I was told to take deep breaths to get air down in my lungs which would keep the lungs filled with oxygen and help counteract the effects of the virus until it passed. You can ask a doctor for doxycycline which is one of the medicines that I got and also for a steroid which will help reduce the inflammation due to the virus. I think what we have to do is fight the virus because we may not be able to avoid it. Also the vaccines do not guarantee that you won’t get the virus anyhow. So there’s no sense in taking them if I’m not really going to help. Plus each time the virus changes then they need another vaccine. So the vaccine that you get today will not help you with a virus that may happen in the fall. Then you have to start the whole process over again

    • Deb, I wrote you one comment but it disappeared and did not show up here. It has to do with a response to your husband. Tell him I am in a nucleic acid biochemist. And I understand what is going on. The MRNA vaccine is immortalized so it will take over the protein making Machinery in the cell. This means other proteins cannot be made for our good health. An excess of one foreign protein in our body as opposed to good proteins for our good health. The excess foreign protein will cause an antibody cytokine storm and there will be tremendous information. I have been told by some people that have had the vaccine that they feel fine. But it will take time for this to show up. So beware and watch out for loved ones who have taken the vaccine.

  26. thank you Marianne. Have there been many related blood clots over there with AZ? What do you think of Pfizer and Moderna.? I will work on immunity and hold off AZ. Keep in touch. Hope you are fully recovered-we’ll believe for this as a joint prayer.
    This has been a lovely conversation since you asked for prayers. People are agitating and wanting to talk and share and cry out. Lovely.

    • My oxygen was back to normal in seven days. So I survived it without taking a vaccine. While I went to the hospital for treatment there are actually little oxygen concentrators that you can carry around that are portable and you can get one for yourself in case you need one.

    • I have a friend whose sister took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and got blood clots in her lungs and brain. I’m not sure about AZ. But there are many reported blood clots now for the vaccine and the government is trying to keep it quiet saying that may not be related to the vaccine.

      • Hi Marianne. Your post to Deb with info for her doctor husband did not publish here. It was in my e-mail. My answer did not publish either. ??? So I will try to repeat it. Your information about the COVID-19 vaccines is very helpful.
        There are other rumored bad ingredients. The COVID-19 nose-jab testing may implant a very minute 5G chip near the brain stem. I wonder. If so? Will it help the corp making the vaccine to have mind control over the vaccined victim?
        I just saw a movie about that cruise ship in Japan with COVID-19 on board. It it was shown passengers being nose-jab tested. I wonder. Did this happen to everyone on board?
        The vaccines are rumored to still contain Mercury (a poison), squalene (shark liver oil), and worst of all, aborted human fetal tissue.
        Anyone taking any of these vaccines may die soon after or be damaged for life. NO ONE will be able to get legal compensation from any of these DRUG companies! Just say, “NO!” to them. And keep saying it! I WILL!

        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        • Thank you for telling me about the email. My husband or ex-husband just called and told me that he got all the vaccines plus the booster and flu shots and everything else. Too late to warn him if he’s already done it

        • Keep a copy of your comments in a Word document just in case they don’t publish I don’t know what happened this time. I don’t feel well today so I won’t get to it until a different day

          • Marianne, I hope that you feel better very soon! This “not publishing” is happening more and more. My posts on some sites publish. Then when I check back. They are “GONE BABY GONE!” ???
            Gee. One of these days? Maybe no more Web. It CAN happen!
            WOW! Sad to hear about your ex taking all of those vaccines! I would NOT wish any of them on anyone.
            HAPPY SABBATH!

            Get and Stay Well Blessings!

  27. GOD BLESS YOU Marianne(Mary + Anne).
    As a Catholic, I experienced the power of mother Mary. Anne was mother of Mary.
    Last few days, your site was inactive. I think you are ok now.
    Where is Jayna?
    Pray for us(Sri Lanka)is under purification by God now. covid19, heavy rains, floods, earth slips, China support government we have and weak decisions taken by them about lockdowns, considering food distribution ..

    Also we must pray for India and Brazil.

    • sunimal

      you and your country has my prayers

      also India and Brazil

      I am still in recovery so I am too tired to write posts

      I hope to be better soon and write again

      true, jayna is silent. maybe I should write to her

      • Marianne can u get onto a consultant in Market America. I got over months of Influenza A a few years ago. I took several doses a day of what I called red drink and minced garlic. Was completely over it in a month. Red drink is OPC3, ORAC, VITAMIN C mostly in powder form mixed in water. I took strong doses above the normal. And a large garlic clove minced and swallowed in milk in my mouth followed by a shot of milk. Don’t
        let garlic touch skin – will slide down and you should not have an odour.
        I knew it was working when the mobile muscular pains started lifting. I use this whenever I need to. Contact the company and they will send a consultant. Products all from natural sources. My Dr husband takes red drink every day-it works for him he says. He just made his daily red drink – heard him stirring it. These are products as strong as you need depending on quantity taken. When you first take you feel just a little warm after 20 mins-that soon goes but is a good sign you are into fighting the virus. Ask me more if you need to. My pharmacist friend takes red drink as well-a real sceptic.

  28. The company is called ‘Market America’. You should be able to find them under that name-so google ‘Market America’.

  29. My consultant is calling me soon.

  30. Marianne my consultant said the products should NOT be on Amazon. Wait till I get back to you.

  31. Marianne I sent the webs and the message vanished – like you said. My contact is on this web I put under web-hope it works. if this works I will do the same on my consultants web next email

  32. I tried to send her websites again and didn’t work. Contact me through above email. you can call. I run a holiday house.

  33. hi Marianne

    i also take opc3 , bit i have taken a much cheaper version

    oprocyn – by advanced functional nutrition

    3 months supply -half price of opc3

    • you need to compare the price , at amazon or manufacturer ‘ website

    • need to compare the price – amazon or manufacturer web site

    • Amazon was the only place I could find it

      • Hi Marianne
        Try to email me privately on the email I provide and my phone number is on My consultant is ready to speak to you – she can supply the legitimate products to you at the company price – not Amazon which will be inflated. It is against company rules to sell on Amazon. She helped a lady with the products get over a bad vax reaction in Connecticut. I am going to try to put her company web on details below. I only know how good Market America products are – they are top quality.

      • Marianne
        Click on My web comes up. Contact me directly. Email or mobile. Also on last message I put my friends web with products in section below email where you supply contact details and the email sent. It has sent ok. has her contact details. Her name is Carol. She is aware of your situation and ready to help. She is knowledgeable and can get products to you or provide contacts. Please call me. I know these products will help you recover quickly.

        • yes, market America opc 3 is top quality

          oprocyn – by advanced functional nutrition ( manufacturer )
          oprocyn has similar ingredient , i guess . but not top one.
          i choose it cause it is much cheaper.

    • ok

  34. Happy Shavuot/Pentecost/

    • Happy Pentecost!

      • 5~24~2021 Still Yahweh’s Earth, King David in Psalm 24:1
        Yahshua the Messiah the Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
        PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Greetings Marianne and Everyone! Thank You for remembering me.
        HA! Even I cannot keep up with what is happening to me!
        On April 16 almost Sabbath I was in a terrible auto accident that destroyed my car (which only had about 41,000 miles on it.) I was blessed to only have a few bruises.
        The following Sunday I met the man I am now married to. (Yes. MARRIED to.) He was the contractor in charge of repairing my driveway pavers. Another contractor left me with a mess. Tony is also an electrical engineer among other achievements like a former paratrooper and a marksman. He seems to be a man you want with you at the end of time. Yeah. And, I never laughed so much in my life!
        Much of the following time we have been together. We committed ourselves to each other before Yahweh on May 5. (I do not wish to be married before a Christian minister or a government that so willingly kills it’s people.)
        My husband of 30 years went to sleep peacefully on Sabbath, October 27, 2018 in the middle of Succoth. In a way it seems to me that his harvest time had come. He never felt that Yahshua would return in his lifetime. I really thought that Iwould go through final Armageddon alone.
        I feel bad that my Tony has had both COVID-19 vaccinations. We have prayed for him about this. Yahweh can protect against poisonous bites. Surely He can nullify man’s poisons!
        In getting and staying well? I can only recommend Swanson Vitamins. They are always working for me. They have a Vitamin C, ascorbic acid with Rosehips 1000 mg. capsule. Very reasonable. Up to 2000 mg. at a time can be absorbed. I have read that our bodies readily accept all forms of C with little difference. There is also their NAC which is a life saver at less than $10.00 a bottle. They have excellent pro-biotics which I take. Also, Garden of Eden’s Primal Defense Ultra really works. It is more pricey.
        Shavuot (Pentecost) is actually June 20 (Father’s Day) this year.
        Hamas is troubling Israel again now with possible fake peace. With Memorial Day Weekend there may be The Northern Attack or financial collapse on Tuesday. What’s next?
        I believe Yahshua will return on a Yom Kippur between 2023 and 2027. This is because of a footnote date in the Holy Name Bible for Luke 2:2.The date given for that ruler’s first term was 11 B.C – 7 B.C.
        A. B. Traina passed away long ago. He was one who did much
        research. Possibly, he though dead still speaks.
        I really pray that we all meet soon at the finish line!


        • Well it sounds like you had a whirlwind Romance! I did not realize that your husband died 2 years ago. Or 3 years ago. But I’m so happy for you in your new relationship. I wish you all the blessings of Hashem. I hope his health continues and get stronger every day

          • Hi Marianne. Yes. My husband was 89 and one month when he went to sleep. He was only in the hospital for two days then hospice for two days. However, he was bed ridden at home for more than a year with Parkinson’s Disease (which he had for more than 15 years.) I diagnosed and treated him with only natural meds. He functioned very well until the last two years. At one point, doctors wanted to drill a hole in his head. No, NOT today or ever.
            Eating eggs and dark chocolate may prevent this disorder. He did not like either.
            I was determined not to be involved with a man older than me (73). However, love can SURPRISE us!.
            “Once in awhile, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” I read this on a sign a few months ago. lol
            Have a wonderful week!


            • I think I will do well in old age. I love chocolate and eggs.

              • Me, too. I love eggs every way and dark chocolate. Especially with nuts like almonds , walnuts, and cashews.

                • Yum yum I have a whole container of cashews right here beside me!

                  • I buy a plastic box of roasted unsalted cashews at the Aldi Store.
                    I have found that they are better than the others. Sometimes they are
                    on sale for several dollars less. I like to crunch them into salads and
                    other dishes. Also their boxes of prunes are the best ever. My twin
                    grand daughters liked them better than the chocolate I sent. lol

  35. Marianne
    You will find the products on http:// This is a Market America site. You can order the products yourself. There is one called Isotonix ORAC to get as well as Vit C and Isotonix OPC3. The 3 go in one drink. There is contact details as well.

  36. the above web should be

  37. Sending prayers hoping all is well god bless

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