257 Foreign Trade Zones across America


Are we giving up land to pay our debt to China?  

Or does this benefit the USA?



Each and every one of our state governors has approved and allocated a certain amount of acres of their U.S. state land to be inhabited by Chinese.

They are to set up little towns and live here, supposedly for the purpose of producing Chinese products for sale in the U.S.A.

The land the states are giving them for their little towns will be considered "foreign territory."

These territories will use Chinese labor only?

Is the American land in these FTZ’s is being given as collateral for the huge debt we owe to China?

There are 257 of these little communist towns to be built all over the United States.

Go to this website and see the list of the states, and how many FTZ’s are to be erected in each and every state:


33 Responses to “257 Foreign Trade Zones across America”

  1. Marianne,

    My husband and I both have been auditors for ISO 9000, most of our auditing business over the past APPROX. 15 YEARS has been for the big three and the foreign auto mfgs.

    The empowerment and free trade zones have been going on with foreign automotive industries for years. They build in those zones and when the product is finished and ready to be released for sale at a dealership then does the foreign mfg. pay the duty taxes.

    So to me the question is will they be required to pay duties and tax to the USA and can they mfg. here and then export it to some other place.

    If it is the same as all of the others it has worked really well.

    No different than Ford Motor or Gm have plants in So America or Cuba. When Cuba went down we couldn’t take the land with us.

    Although I don’t wish to make lite of what is going on with the President because many things I hear in his speeches sound like window dressing. Sounds really good but when you roll it around in your head it, just bounces off the wall like ball barrings. If you try to walk out on it depending on it to be a solid base or place of a sure foot, a slip is about a what 99 percent chance of going down?

    How did the greatest nation ever born, who made its moto and covenant by the 100 who came and invested “IN God We TRust” get into such a position?

    Can anyone tell me why the Lion with the wings in the old testament has no wings in Revelations?

    God Bless Pattie

    • hi Pattie

      I am glad you weighed in on this. I was not sure what to think.

    • Thanks for that expertise.

      We are going to have to learn to coexist with China…Christianity is afire over there. People are made to be happy with God and find peace that way and no other. I have faith the Chinese people have much to share…humor, survival skills, earthy common sense.

      Their regime must change. Already they are responding to the scandal of eating cats and dogs, which offends Westerners so much. That’s just one thing.

      I feel America and China both must keep the international banks from running the whole planet. To ‘hate’ China is ridiculous…2 000,000,000 souls for whom Christ died? That isn’t God’s way.

  2. If we do not fight back America is gone…. history…. Te devil in the white house is seeing to it…

    • That ‘devil’ is America’s President…no matter how you disagree with him. I personally loathe his pro-choice efforts. As a Catholic that issue defines an election for me, period.

      But to call our President a devil is disrespectful to the office he holds…the office held by Lincoln, Washington, and many decent men. I agree with Harry Truman…it’s fine to insult the man, but to insult the office is unpatriotic. He would not tolerate that or let it go. Please think about what you said!

  3. White House Says Chinese Folk Song Played During State Dinner Was Not An Insult; Experts Divided

    Ivories that were tickled last Wednesday night at the White House are, to some conservative media, no laughing matter.

    At the White House State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao, pianist Lang Lang played, among other ditties, the song “My Motherland.”

    My Motherland was written for the 1956 Chinese war film “Battle on Shangganling Mountain,” about the Korean War, in which the People’s Republic of China soldiers are the heroes and the bad guys are Americans.

    The U.S. lost this fight, known here as the Battle of Triangle Hill.

    Though there was no lyrical accompaniment when Lang Lang performed the song last week, one lyric translates as “When friends are here, there is fine wine /But if the wolves (or jackals) come /What greets it is the hunting rifle.”

    A writer for the conservative website Human Events says: “Playing this song at a White House state dinner is the rough equivalent of an American president providing music from Rambo II during a state visit to Vietnam.”

    And conservative U.S. media are joined in their interpretation of the music selection by their Communist Chinese equivalents.

    “Chinese web users are acclaiming pianist Lang Lang’s choice of tune for a White House state dinner given in honour of President Hu Jintao – a patriotic theme song from an anti-US war film,” writes China One News, quoting one anonymous commenter on the website sina.com writing: “It’s deeply meaningful to play this in the United States, but I don’t know if the Americans can understand? Ha ha.”

    White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told ABC News that “any suggestion that this was an insult to the United States is just flat wrong. As Lang Lang has stated before, he plays this song regularly because it is one of his favorite Chinese melodies, which is very widely known and popular in China for its melody. Lang Lang played the song without lyrics or reference to any political themes during the entertainment portion of the State Dinner. He simply stated the song’s title and noted it was well known in China.”

    Lang has issued a statement saying that he “selected this song because it has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. It was selected for no other reason but for the beauty of its melody.” His goal is to “bridge cultures together through the beauty and inspiration of music.”

    Asked what he thought of the controversy, Kenneth Lieberthal — director of the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution and a former special assistant to President Clinton for national security affairs and senior director for Asia on the National Security Council – said “I have enough confidence to be easily able to accept Lang lang’s assertion that this is simply a favorite melody of his, that is obviously a Chinese melody, and that he used it without any thought that it might have a political resonance for some that simply never occurred to him.”

    Lieberthal added that “It did occur to me that had the situation been reversed I can easily imagine many Chinese bloggers weighing in along the same way some of our more conservative media have weighed in, but frankly it’s ridiculous. If a musician had no such intent I don’t feel compelled to assign intent to him. The US is confident enough, secure enough and open enough to easily accept his assurance that he didn’t mean anything by it.”

    But Nick Eberstadt, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, tells ABC News that the song is “classic Mao-era anti-American invective and it’s astonishing that none of the China experts on the American side called it out before it was put into the program for the banquet.”

    Said Eberstadt, a senior adviser to the National Board of Asian Research and a member of the Global Leadership Council at the World Economic Forum. “we have quite a few people who are considered China hands who were at the banquet themselves and the idea that this wouldn’t have rung any alarm bells seems quite astonishing. It’s not quite as familiar to Chinese ears as ‘the Halls of Montezuma and the shores of Tripoli’ but it’s kind of along the same lines.”

    -Jake Tapper

    • The movie, “Glory” was filmed here in south Georgia. There is a touching scene with Union soldiers around a campfire praying and singing before a battle. The extras picked the song and it escaped the editing…”Bonnie Blue Flag”…as incendiary a Rebel song as was ever written.

      That always makes people smile here when they see that movie…but does it mean we want slavery back? Or secession? Of course not. It’s a great tune and a cute prank in a good movie. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

      Large stuff? The Chinese treated our prisoners much better than the North Koreans. Do some digging about the actual war and the conduct of the fighters.

  4. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/01/white-house-says-chinese-folk-song-played-during-state-dinner-was-not-an-insult-experts-divided.html
    I love my Motherland

  5. I agree with Patty. I have been working tens of years in international trade and tax fre zones are standard thinking and in themself there is nothing bad.
    Daily Paul Liberty Forum given as a source seems to feel a very strong antipaty against anybody who comes from a communistic country. However, America chose a communistic President, Rotchild elected him and NWO organized $750 million for his promotion. Main media was instructed to talk only nice things about him. Very few cared about his 20 years backgound with his “church” or other friends teaching him Marxism. Obama is at least as much communist as leaders of China.
    NWO’s purpose is to create one world government with communistic system. Obama is doing his job in this goal making all the time new laws into that direction. FED takes care about destroying US economy.
    In the following link are told some of the laws which recent US Presidents have made, many without Cngress knowing anything.
    among other things
    The Constitution of the United States of America, the supreme law of the lad,will be intepreted to be SUBORDINATE to the United Nations Charter. (Completed)
    Laws will be passed to put Americans into Labor camps. (Completed)
    Laws will be passed to Relocate Americans geographically. (Completed)
    So any kind of laws can be made like a recent law of food security. Based on the law FDA can deny food production from any farmer based on BELIEF of neglisence, no evidence needed.
    Everything in America happens now in the name of security based on homemade 9/11. Story tells that airliner hit Pentagon but no residuals of airliner were found, not even any so big hole thru which airliner could fit in.

    • We must not overlook that China has millions of Christians who are not NWO and are more true to Jesus than Obama and many Americans.

      We are children of the Beatitudes, and our country is Heaven. The Father is at the steering wheel of history.

      • good comment!

      • Your statement is sad ..America is not the kingdom of heaven nor will it be part of Israel when Christ is on the throne. Too much fairy dust for you. Americans are primarily foolish virgins and you don’t even know what that means…It is a sin to try and please God with the images and icons of other gods but you do it every year….In America you are at the steering wheel. You wanted the authority to rule yourselves so now you have it and guess what? you’re all going down the rabbit

  6. May 26, 2008
    Barack Obama’s communist connections

    China Bank Moves to Buy U.S. Branches

  7. The Paradigm Shift: BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China

  8. Come on people. God rules! Ron Paul is making false reports concerning these ‘zones’ and their Chinese workers. He is politcally and personally motivated. Mercedes-Benz is listed as one of these ‘zones.’ Overall contractor was German. My husband was an American union job superintendant for an American contractor out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma…working through a Birmingham union hall….only one of many American contractors involved. Many…many…many local workers are there today. Same with Hyundai. Come on folks. Don’t believe anything u hear and only half of what u see.

    • Ron Paul is a devoted mason and adherent of Ayn Rand…not a Christian but a Libertarian.

      There are others…look them up.

    • God rules, but He gave you the authority. All authority is vested in Me, saith Jesus, But I give it you. This country belongs to the people and the people have elected satan to run it….every four years another satanist gets up there and runs the country…..But you must be a christian because you actually believe that God is running your country…you are…and you’ve botched it. You don’t read the Bible. You have given that over to someone else……

  9. Carolyn;
    I didn’t follow your post at all. Where’ Ron Paul speaking?

    The Fed’s About to Run Into a BRIC Wall

    Over the last few months, I’ve noted repeatedly that THE key issue for the financial markets is the ongoing tension building between the Fed’s pro-inflation policy and China’s anti-inflation policy.

    That tension just kicked it up a notch.

    Over the weekend, China hiked interest rates 0.25%. This was the second interest rate hike in three months (the first was on October 19, 2010). And it sends a clear message that China is taking action to cool its monetary system after consumer prices rose 5.1% in November.

    China’s not the only one. Both Russia and Brazil have recently entered into the “anti-inflation fray” as the below stories attest:

    Russia, worried by inflation, hikes deposit rates

    Russia’s central bank raised interest rates on its deposit operations on Friday to contain surging inflation, its first step away from the loose policy implemented after the financial crisis hammered the Russian economy.

    The bank lifted its deposit rates by 25 basis points but left the cost of lending operations — including the benchmark refinancing rate — unchanged, saying a narrower corridor between the cost of various instruments would increase the effectiveness of its interest rate policy.

    Brazil Bank Signals Rate Rise Is Near

    Brazil’s central bank caught markets somewhat by surprise Wednesday with an unusually clear commitment to raise interest rates soon, as the outlook for inflation has become “far less favorable” than it had previously thought.

    Brazil joins other emerging countries, including China, that are taking steps to cool their economies, for fear of overheating. Earlier this
    month, China said it will shift to a “prudent” monetary policy next year, amid growing concern in Beijing about inflation and excessive liquidity fueled partly by loose monetary policies in other countries.

    In plain terms, our esteemed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is about to find his policies running face first into a BRIC wall. He’s been exporting inflation abroad to the emerging markets, all the while claiming it doesn’t exist. With growing civil unrest due to soaring food and energy prices, the emerging markets are now fighting back.

    On that note, China and Russia have already cut their US Treasury holdings by 3% and 9%, respectively, year over year.


    $938 billion
    $906 billion

    $145 billion
    $131 billion

    These may not seem like a HUGE drop, but when you consider that both countries are aggressively loading up on Gold and other natural resources at the same time, we may be at the beginning of a potential seismic shift away from US debt for foreign central banks.

  10. Carolyn;
    Here’s the link I forgot above:

    I remember when Obama was running for President and eveyone was trying to make him out to be a Muslim including me. LOL


    Is Obama a Communist, Fascist or Something Else?
    Written By: Peter R. Breggin, M.D. International Center for the Study of Psychiatry24-8-09Categorized in: Political EducationNewsIs Obama a Communist, Fascist or Something Else?

    Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

    Lately there’s been debate about President Obama’s underlying political ideology. Is he a Communist, Fascist or something else? Obama rose to power like a typical Marxist by organizing the urban poor. His original support was probably strongest among unemployed recipients of government handouts, and those elitists and intellectuals who claim to advocate for them. Typical of Marxists, he also continues to express both Ameriphobia and fervent internationalism.

    So Obama’s sympathies and origins are Marxist, but so far he’s mostly redistributing wealth to big corporations. So he’s clearly not behaving like a conventional Marxist.

    It may help to consider the similarities and the differences between a Communist and a Fascist. Let me start with the similarities. Both Marxists and Fascists are Statists who favor big government. Both begin with powerful, charismatic leaders who want to run all-powerful central governments.

    As another similarity, both Marxists and Fascists want to destroy the middle class: the owners of small businesses, middle management, professionals, and skilled technicians and workers. Middle class folks are independent and responsible. They resent the burden of government regulations and taxes. They want the freedom to work hard to improve their own lives and the lives of their children. At least in America, those who see themselves as middle class usually don’t believe in big government and the welfare state.

    In short, both Marxists and Fascists want charismatic leaders to take over the government and to strengthen its power; and in order to accomplish these ends, both Marxists and Fascists try to suppress a vigorous middle class.

    Where the Marxists and the Fascists differ is in their publicly declared constituencies or power bases. Fascists tend to locate their power in the wealthy classes, especially in the leaders of large companies and industries. Their goal is to manage the existing economic structure from the top down. This is the surprising and shocking direction that Obama has taken since becoming president.

    Obama built his original power base from a Marxist, internationalist viewpoint. But those who claim to advocate for the poor are now safely in his political corner. They helped get him into power and they have no alternative leaders—none whatsoever. From now on, Obama can turn his attention elsewhere—exactly as he has done.

    Immediately after his election, Obama began to focus on taking control over the political establishment and especially corporate America. He made corporate America his new constituency and doled out billions to it. Even when some companies did not want the money, he forced it on them. In that way, Obama seized control of the economic engine from the top down, and made the CEOs and their Boards afraid of him and dependent upon him.

    So is Obama going to turn out to be a Marxist or a Fascist—or something else? It all depends on what Obama has to do to maintain power. His long-term goal is that of all Statists—to use the government to gain as much power and as much control over the nation’s citizenry as possible.

    We often talk of entitlements in regard to government handouts. There’s another kind of entitlement that is key to understanding Obama. Obama is not driven by ideology as much as by his self-righteous sense of personal entitlement to run the country. Like so many Statists, he is less a Fascist or a Marxist than a power-seeking opportunist. Like most people who feel entitled to bend and break the rules to their own advantage, opportunism is Obama’s ideology.

    When we examine Obama’s pronouncements about the need for national health care, we find a shifting series of justifications: insuring the uninsured, then saving money, then undermining the greedy insurance companies, then the even more greedy and dangerous doctors, and now a morality of caring. Beneath this political pragmatism lies something much more ominous. Obama wants to build a permanent healthcare bureaucracy as the cutting edge of socialism. Once national healthcare is set in the political stone of bureaucracy, America will be transformed forever. Our great bastion of freedom will begin to crumble beneath the burden.

    Meanwhile, the hope for America remains with the middle class—with those hardworking, responsible people who want a chance to earn a decent living and to take care of their families and community. Starting with the middle class, Americans must vote Obama and his supporters out of office before it’s too late.

    • You have traced this very well…good read.

      The reason the urban poor are susceptible is that so-called Christians stopped caring centuries ago.

      Imagine Victorian London or St. Petersburg…homeless families, abandoned children, drooling elderly fill the river bank benches, huddle around the statues. Ladies with pretty little gold crosses avert their eyes…

  11. Kittii..concerning Obamacare..how it effects me. Because of healthcare reform…as of 2014 my type 1 diabetic daughter will be assured the right to insurance…like those who are not chronically ill…since reform has struck the ‘pre-existing’ illness clause. It was effective immediatly for 19 and below…above 19 will be included in 2014. My daughter is 25. In order to remain on our insurance, before health care reform, she was required to take a full load each semester. Major colleges now sequence many courses (offered only at specific times rather than each semester). Like most intelligent/Christian-thinking your persons…she attempted to follow door opened by Christ as to what her future career should be…resulting in a change of Major. The change ‘change’ put her off sequence for needed courses. On academic scholarship at a major univeristy, participating as a Student Assistant Coach to the university’s Women’s Basketball Team for three years, serving in a position of ‘youth ministry’ at her church, working part time, eating and sleeping/ along with her constant service to others…plus taking classes she did not need…could not use as credit towards her degree in English….she burned out …one class short of her degree. She came home a temporarily broken and defeated young diabetic. AFter six months of rest, prayer, ministry as a Youth Director involved in jail ministry-Celebrate Recovery..plus working at a Christian Day School….she returned and is now getting the final course …willl graduate in May. New healthcare reform will prevent others from experiencing her stress and struggle..all because of ‘insurance’ issues which had to be considered since she has a chronic illness. New reform allows the student to stay on their parents insurance until age 26…whatever the course load. I don’t even think they have to be in ‘college’. Preparing for a career takes longer than it did in the horse n buggy days. To help their revenue needs…most major universities have included more requirements (courses) and offer needed courses at specific semesters or intervals rather than all the time. And I understand and even approve their reasoning and their requirements. Thus..a college education now takes more than four years..usually five..and more depending on the degree. Common sense demands that we look at BOTH sides of each and every issue. Everything has TWO sides…both with merit.

    • God bless your daughter and her loving Mother for standing up for her.

      She needs to slow down…remember the wonderful motto of the Navy from the days of sailing ships…ONE HAND FOR THE SHIP, AND ONE FOR YOURSELF.

  12. I was looking up something else and ran across this. This is why I don’t care for Walid Shoebat.

    Read what Dr. Regan says about him and Joel Richardson:


    Obama is not and I repeat not a Muslim. He’s New World Order Puppet, Communist.


    Walid Shoebat on Obama & IsraelI received this email today from Walid Shoebat. His perspective is quite interesting considering the fact that he was raised Muslim in Israel, was a terrorist, and is now a Born Again believer who supports Israel.


    The Fox is in the Hen House

    Even the fawning mainstream media are starting to crack open the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. On an ABC web site the question of Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim background was a taboo subject in the campaign and its contrast of the President’s now willingness to openly be proud of that background.

    This should automatically be seen as a red flag, especially if you are a supporter of Israel as an ally, and its right to live in its own land free from threat. Do you honestly know any Muslim that is “pro Israel”? You can count on your hand how many Muslims are pro Israel, so the fact that President Obama is now proud of his Muslim heritage should be a major wake up call to all who voted for him; who also believe in the safety of America and Israel. The evidence of his anti Israel position was hidden by the mainstream media and the twenty years of attendance at Rev Wright’s church as well as being the Presidents spiritual mentor should suggest this position. Further, Obama stated that his friendship with Rashid Khalidi the PLO operative helped in molding his views regarding Israel. The LA Times withheld a video tape a few days prior to the election that exposed Presidents Obama’s true virulent anti Israel position.

    Many might argue that the appointment of many Jews to President Obama’s administration including Rahm Emanuel would preclude him from being anti Israel. History shows that many Jews have acted against the interests of their own people. An example of this was Sir Herbert Samuel, a British secular Jew, appointed to be the first High Commissioner of the Palestine Mandate. Sir Herbert Samuel himself appointed the known Islamist, Haj Amin Husseini, who later became an ally of Hitler in the Holocaust and was the root cause of the Arab Israeli conflict.

    Pressuring Israel not to expand existing settlements at the same time trying to tie Israel’s actions to America’s actions on stopping Iran from getting the bomb is criminal both to the safety of Israel and America. He has bowed to the Saudi King and twisted Europe’s arm to allow another Islamist fox (Turkey) into the E.U, especially since Europeans have made their views clear – statistics show that 70% of Europeans do not want Turkey’s entry into the EU.

    The fox has entered the henhouse working diligently to free chicken-killers. Obama wants the closure of Gitmo or bringing Muslim terrorists into the American prison system to help recruit American born inmates. Obama stopped the trials of terrorists that attacked the USS Cole. Obama initiated a policy of appeasement with Muslim nations including the now acceptance that “Iran has legitimate energy concerns regarding nuclear power.” Obama proved what I have been saying for years, that American liberal mediocre minds are no match to fourteen centuries of Islamic deception. Obama knows well how to have Americans major on the minors (Water Boarding) while ignoring the majors — Iran’s nuclear buildup and the nuclear arms race in the Middle East. He has alienated the CIA, undermining their morale as well as their ability to defend America. The water boarding PR campaign was initiated not because it might be undermining American values as anybody with common sense who knows the facts is
    aware that water boarding was only used three times on terrorists who we knew had information we needed in order to save thousands of lives. Even the media and the American people did not buy the Presidents arguments, so Nancy Pelosi became Obama’s sacrificial lamb and was set up to take the bate and she conveniently took the fall while Obama the fox got off the hook.

    His spiritual actions are also striking as he ignores the tradition of all previous Presidents by not attending the National Day of Prayer breakfast. He specifically requests a picture of Jesus on the cross be removed from the wall that would be behind him when speaking at an event in Georgetown University.

    The President found time to condemn the murder of the abortionist doctor but not a word on the murder by an Islamist who opened fire and killed a soldier in Arkansas. Both murders happened within hours of each other. ‘America in not a Christian nation’ says Obama, but ‘the largest Muslim country.’ We are actually number 38 on the list.

    Anyone who dared to expose prior to his inauguration was instantly labeled a nut case or racist bigot, but outlined above are the policies, words and the actions of a President that could be argued is an accurate description of a President doing as much as he can to do the bidding for the Islamist agenda. We will see the future with more of Obama’s lunatic policies when it comes to our defense but when his stardom wanes, enough Americans will finally get it and the danger this man poses to the safety of this nation and the free world will limit him to one term and maybe in 2010 if the Republicans can get their act together retake control the House of Representative to blunt some of this insanity.

    Walid Shoebat


  13. Dont worry, everything is planed well. If military can “kill” Lybia, they can do the same with China, so here must be some agreement. China byuing half a Europe, so they spread to USA as well.

    Your companies will be closed, cos they come with quarter prices of goods.

    People will be tested well, hungry people without jobs will go to streets and chaos will be break on. The global revolution is coming, China helps to it.

  14. All this speculation about Obama is quite Grand! How about a good guess that he’s just another Chicago Cook County machine power guy…nothing so grand at all.

    He’s probably going to get sacked, so we need to pray somebody honest and unbought comes in! That would be a miracle.

    • Dear, deanna

      Looks like you have been DUPED. You are correct in the fact that “O” is GOTHAM CITY political THUG, but he is so much more.

  15. please review link, it appears dead
    not surprising that our govt want to quietly give away soventry to prc chicom via walmart aka chinamart

  16. […] 257 Foreign Trade Zones across America […]

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