616, not 666 ?


The Oxyrhynchus Papyrus is the oldest known copy of the Book of Revelation.

Close examination of this fragment indicates the mark of the beast is 616, not 666.

With all the theories out there about who the Antichrist is, I wonder how this affects those theories.

Is this interpretation of this ancient fragment correct?

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Rather than interpreting the mark of the beast found in Revelation 13:18 as either Greek or Aramaic, consider the possibility that the mark was passed down from an even more remote time in the form of Proto-Sinaitic script, the original Hebrew alphabet.

By interpreting these as ancient Hebrew letters [ie, not Greek] we discover a complete message that gives a clear and unmistakable warning.

Each letter in the ancient Hebrew Proto-Sinaitic alphabet had a distinctive meaning; they not only gave a phonic sound to construct words, but also contained a conceptual meaning found in the symbol itself.

This part of the text has traditionally been interpreted as “666”, but in the original text we see it says “616” in Greek letters.

In the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus the symbols are similar to our letters X, I, and C, and if interpreted as Greek letters they give an ambiguous number, leading to endless speculation.

We need to find out what the symbols X, I, and C mean.

In the ancient Hebrew these letters are Tav, Vav, and Lamed, written with the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet.

This ancient form of Hebrew is the oldest written language, and the origin of all alphabetic languages used in the world today.

Hebrew tradition says that this language was used before the tower of Babel, and was used all the way back to the time of Adam.

The oldest Proto-Sinaitic Inscriptions found so far date to 1900 BC. Here is what the Proto-Sinaitic letters represent:

X – Tav: is a mark or sign, also written as a cross +

I – Vav: means to attach, like a peg or nail, or fixed into like a hook in a fish.

C – Lamed: means to direct, as in giving instructions, like the goad used to herd oxen. The verb form of Lamed means to prick or puncture as in using a sharp object to pierce the skin.

The question at this point is why would there be letters from the ancient Hebrew language embedded in a Greek text.

The following quotes found in the Bible and the ancient mystic book called the Zohar, provide the connection that associates the X and I symbols to the mark of Cain.

Gen 4:15 … ” And the LORD set a mark on Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him.”

Remember X (Tav) means a mark or a sign in ancient Hebrew!

Remember the verb form of C “Lamed” means to puncture or pierce the skin!

This was not part of the mark per say, but the action taken to apply the mark.

The following chart shows the ancient Proto-Sinaitic alphabet in column 2.



Note the little circle at the top of the I and C in the fragment above.


The little circles at the top of the I and the C in the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus are deliberate.

The symbols decipher to mean: A mark, attached like a peg or hook, as a means to direct or control, applied by a piercing of the skin.

The mark that protected Cain was the X (Tau), which is the cross…..so it will be for us as well.

Source # 2:



Papyrus 115 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering designated by clip_image009115, or P. Oxy. 4499) is a New Testament papyrus written in Greek.

It consists of 12 fragments of a papyrus codex which contains parts of the Book of Revelation.

It dates from the mid to late third century, around 225-275 CE.

This particular manuscript was not deciphered and published until the end of the twentieth century and is currently housed at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

The text-type is Alexandrian. clip_image009[1]115 follows the text of Codex Alexandrinus (A) and Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (C).

A curiosity of this text is that it gives “the number of the beast” as 616 (chi, iota, sigma (ΧΙϚ)), rather than the majority text — 666 (chi, xi, sigma (ΧΞϚ)).

If the letters are Hebrew, then the numeric value would be different from that if the numbers were in Greek.

Hebrew count:

Tav – vav – lamed =

lamed – vav- tav ( since it reads from right to left) =

30 + 6 + 400 = 436



We have certain choices here:

1. the mark/number is 666

2. the mark/number is 616

3. if the mark is, cryptically, Hebrew letters, and not Greek, then the numeric value is 436

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  2. What Hebrew letters Lamed-Vav-Tav have to do with it?

    Leviathan is spelled differently and has different numerical value.

    Ancient Tav looks like a cross and is indeed mark of Cain…but what it has to do with 666?

    • If X is the Mark of Cain, what alphebet does the X come from? Not Hebrew; Tav looks nothing like X in the Hebrew alphebet. The Tav written as a cross is written using the ancient (Hebrew) Proto-Sinaitic script. That is where the Lemed-Vav-Tav comes from. In the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus it says XIC is the mark of the Beast. Proto-Sinaitic letters XIC become Tav-Vav-Lamed in the Hebrew alphebet hundreds of years latter. … Oliver Thomas

      • P.S. — The point being: If this is true for the mark of Cain, might it also be true for the mark of the beast? … Oliver

        • He’s not a beast and the Earths Axis Looks like a cross only it doesn’t sit perfectly still it bounces and moves a lil bit

      • Wrong.

        Original Tav looks like cross or X. Check the alphabet:


        • What are you trying to say? The alphabet you show here is the Phoenician alphabet. The Proto-Sinaitic is much older.

          • hi Oliver

            The development of the alphabet may be confusing here, since the same letters take on varied forms.

            The idea here in this post is that instead of a Greek 666, the author may have used a different, more ancient alphabet, to write the number, as it had more meaning in the other language.

            The result is that it appears to be a 616 (to us in English), rather than a 666, but the numeric value is 436.

            If it is the mark of Cain, we have to remember that Cain was forgiven and the mark was used to protect him.

            However, it could also indicate a certain lineage of Cain, in which the Antichrist would come from Cain, rather than from Shem.

            • Hi Marianne,
              I agree, the alphabets did evolve and change in appearance over time, but the conceptual meanings would have remained intact.
              Again I agree, that the ancient alphabet had a deeper meaning, but a number can only convey a piece of information, that being the amount, size etc… it is meaningless unless you know what is counted. Some Hebrew numbers do convey a conceptual meaning. The number 6 for example is said to be the number of man, and the incomplete number because it’s one less than 7 the perfect number. Still, the conceptualization of a number can supply only a shadow of the actual object.
              In Revelation 13, we are looking for a mark, a number, and a name. It makes sense to view the X (Tau) as the mark because it means a mark in Hebrew; I (Vav, 6) as the number because it also is the number of man; and the C (Lamed) because it cryptically reveals the name Leviathan “Levithaw” Lamed Vav Tau, the name of the Beast given in the Old Testament. As far as the number 666 is concerned, I think it will be significant either by way of a new discovery of ancient information, or a future revelation.
              My own feeling about the mark of Cain is that it was not a sign of forgiveness and protection; I don’t think Cain ever really repented for the murder of Abel. The sign and mark appear to indicate that Cain was cursed and the mark was to warn others of his murderous and violent nature. In the New Testament, Jude says many of the lost in the last days have gone the way of Cain.

              Jude 1:11 Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.
              Jude 1:12 These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots;
              Jude 1:13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

              Now, if Cain had repented he would have been no more a sinner than I, but his ways and life are used as an example of the fornicators and idol worshipers of the end times. In The Revelation Jesus gives us a description of what the error of Balaam was:

              Re 2:14 But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.

              You said “However, it could also indicate a certain lineage of Cain, in which the Antichrist would come from Cain, rather than from Shem.”
              I suspect it might be the other way around that Cain was born of the antichrist spiritually as were many at the time of Christ, and as it is today. The genetic line of Cain all perished in the flood. … Oliver

            • Marianne, you wrote here:

              “If it is the mark of Cain, we have to remember that Cain was forgiven and the mark was used to protect him.
              However, it could also indicate a certain lineage of Cain, in which the Antichrist would come from Cain, rather than from Shem.”(end quote)

              Cain was NEVER forgiven Marianne. He was just marked so as no one would kill him or his lineage because yes, his lineage is who the Antichrist would come from and God allowed that lineage to be preserved to fulfill the role of the Beast/Antichrist

              While this does quote extra biblical books as sources, it is
              an interesting passage about Cain’s lineage:

              “1.”The seed of Cain were black” (Moses 7:22);
              2. “There was a blackness came upon all the children of Canaan” (Moses 7:8).
              This refers to the people of Canaan prophesied by Enoch who lived chronologically before the great deluge. They are distinct from the Canaanites who descended from Ham.
              3. The mother of Ham, son of Noah, appears to have been distinct from the mother of Shem and Japheth. The Book of Moses records that Noah “begat Shem of her who was the mother of Japheth, and when he was five hundred years old he begat Ham” (Moses 8:12). The author makes a special point to note that Shem and Japheth had the same mother. If Ham had the same mother, there would have been no need to make such a distinction.
              4. Hebrew tradition as recorded in the Genesis Rabba midrash and the eleventh century Jewish commentator Rashi maintains that Naamah, sister of Tubal-cain (Genesis 4:22), was taken by Noah as a second wife to preserve Cain’s posterity, and that she became the mother of Ham. The Book of Jasher identifies Noah’s wife Naamah as the daughter of Enoch, which would not refer to Noah’s ancestor Enoch (she would have been his great aunt!) but to Enoch the son of Cain identified in the Moses 5:43. Both of these accounts agree that her name was Naamah and that she was a descendent of Cain.”

              (this is a mormon link, but still, interesting information)


              * this does not necessarily mean that the Antichrist is black fyi

              • ALL THE DESCENDANTS OF CAIN DIED IN THE GREAT FLOOD OF NOAH, but not the Great Food of Noah. So, how can Canaan be traced to CAIN?

                • david

                  look again at what “watchthebeast” wrote.

                  there was one descendant of cain that survived, the second wife of Noah, Namah, who was the mother of Ham. Japeth and Shem had a different mother.

                  Ham was the father of Canaan, whom the land of canaan was named after.

      • hpoe people can read this. X is his mark…KINDA along with +…KINDA. and YES 6 is his number.

        The proofs of life and death are in your face ALLWAYS. truth is not kind. Dont seek it out if you dont REALLY REALLY wanna know…red pill blue pill serious.

        here are your tools, its up to you to figure it out. hope people actually see this

    • My dear brothers and sisters — The Mark of the beast is just what it means. Cain had no REVELATION or remorse for his sins. He was a murderer. He like many today did not understand what a Revelation was. Faith is a Revelation of Gods Will. The New Birth today is still a Mystery. Col. 1:27
      From the beginning – Cains CHARACTER was BEASTLY — SERPENTINE
      Apostle Paul, Peter, Jude, Jesus, and more called MEN SATAN, BEAST, Natural Brute beasts – Jesus called them a Generation of Vipers same with John – Rev. 12 calls mankind = means Adam – a Great Red Dragon = snake
      We have all been snake bitten from the fall of Adam – Jesus flesh beoming the serpent on the pole as in Moses day. St. John 3:14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,even so must the Son of man be lifted up. ver. 15 so whosoever believeth in him should not PERISH = 2nd. death twice dead – but have Eternal life- An animal does not have Eternal life.
      It’s hid from the wise and prudent and REVEALED to BABES as such that would or can be taught Spiritual things by The word.
      Rev. 13:16 – the Mark – Means Badge of Servitude -exact copy –
      — ENGRAVING CHARACTER – who is in control-Lord- of a man – The Holy Ghost our a Human Spirit – The Soul is the NATURE = CHARACTER of the Spirit person that is lord in a man or womans life. The anti-christ has been on Earth since Adam = mankind Fell from Eternal life. If your diet is the Tree of Knowledge of this world – you a dead man walking right now – Jesus said so. Whited grave stones and full of dead man bones, Jude said twice dead plucked up by the roots. Beasts – You Character is your MARK OF SERVITUDE, as the Hand does servitude for his master. The mark on FOREHEAD is the Mind of World = Satan = Humanspirit that rules as lord.
      The HOLY GHOST is the Mark of GOD that turns you Mind into the Mind of Christ. And changes your servitude from the god of this world to the God of all – the Lord Jesus Christ – If you love the things of the World the Love of God is not even in you. I know that is Old time religion but that is truth.
      Eze. 9 –tells you exactly what the Mark of the Beast and God is. Its not a mystery anymore – And Judgement begins in the House of God.
      The whole book of Revelation is the Tares and against the Wheat. 2 vines in the Church — Its called the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans which think I hate – Jesus says. Nicolaitan spirit will always bring in false prophets = Balaam’s stumbling block teachings, that lead to Jezebel religion = Mark of the beast.
      Lord bless you all and may God give us understanding in these last days.
      Bro. York

      • Hi Bro. York

        You make a good point. People get too preoccupied with a physical mark, when it is the spiritual aspect that is important. What is in our minds and how we use our hands is more important than what is physically on the surface of them.

      • Reading your comments, I was prompted to look up the comments about Balaam. I always thought Balaam was a Jew living among the Moabites, and thought he’d been treated unfairly in Christian teachings. As far as I can see, God gave him permission to go speak with Balak, and Balaam only said what God told him to say. Obviously, he was a seer who accepted payment for speaking of future things (which to me seems only reasonable — after all, he wasn’t in the priesthood, and didn’t have tithes and offerings to live off of). Plus, he was under duress by a king with an army, who kept repeatedly showing up at his doorstep, intimidating him with “presents.” Perhaps God didn’t like him being a “secular” seer, because even if he listened only to God, it set an example for other seers, who perhaps would NOT listen to God, but other spirits. Also, their seems to be some indication that he was accepting of people who lived together, having unmarried sex; and that was punished severely by Moses, who ordered him killed, when he sent the tribe in to slaughter the peoples in the vicinity, for living in a way we hold as commonplace today. If Moses was alive and did that today, we’d all call him a terrorist, wouldn’t we? I would.

        • Dear Cameowalkin – Balaam was plainly told “NOT TO GO”
          prophecy AGAINST Israel. But like many today. The fame, fortune, popularity he just could not resist the temptation to ASK God AGAIN. Then God said “go on”. But he was out of the “will of God” now. Like so many today go their own way and not the Will of God’s way. They lean to their own understanding instead of Revelation by the “Spirit” of Spoken Word.
          Yet God still speaks through them as He did Balaam. Remember he could not prophecy bad “against Israel”. God got ahold of him and he prophecied one of the most beautiful prophecies about Israel that was exactly the truth. They was Blessed and no False Prophet was gonna change that. Remember dear brother that Judas was sent out with the rest of the desciples yet always had a devil in him. Jesus knew that. Judas ended up selling out his birth right just like Balaam did. Just like Cain did, Just like Esau did on and on.
          Balaam doctrine and Teachings are mentioned in Rev. 2:14 Jesus says that Balaam doctrine is a stumblingblock – caused by eating things sacrificed unto idols and commiting fornication. So when the children of Israel did come and meet them. They joined themselves together with the Pagan Moabites and committed fornication and they ended up serving their pagan gods = plural – Israel had to pay a great price for listening to Balaam doctrine. Remember also that the Moabites where decendants of Abraham by Lot and his 2 daughters. So they was half brothers only – NOT full Brothers and the nation was conceived in fornication by Lot’s own daughters laying with their father. Which came out of Sodom and Gomorrah.
          Today the church is full of Balaam “anti-will = anti-christ false doctrines.
          Revelaion 17- called “Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlots”. The Mother is the Catholic Universal church and the harlots came out of her. The Universal church had political connection and not Holy Ghost connection just like Balaam had. They killed millions of true Christians by torture and yet worse. People still believe and preach Catholic dogma in “Most all denominations”. This is the truth – 1,260 years of dark ages and still the church today is suffering defeat because they still believe in the myths that the false prophets of Baal preach in the Catholic “UNIVERSAL” church taught hundreds of years ago as the truth. The two vines of Christianity still exists today with True Prophets and False Prophets. Did not Jesus warn us of many, many False prophets in the last days. Yet he called the Bride a Little Flock. Few they be that find the true way. There are only 2 gates to go through. Wide and Narrow Matt. 7.
          The Moabite Nation did not want nothing to do with those fanatic Israelites. But they were afraid of them and if you can’t beat them then get some heirling prophets to teach them to join together and work things out. The Israelites joined with their pagan fleshy ways, that brought death to thousands at Baal peor.
          Baal peor means the “Lord of the opening”. Men and women – pagan and true believers mating and destroying their faith by fornication and pagan ways. Just like in Noah’s day. The Sons of God mating with daughters of men. This is all in the bible to read. God bless you all in Jesus Name Bro. Tom

      • Paul of Tarsus is the antichrist. He taught you Mithrism and the worship of Serapis instead of the worship of YHVH. Look these up, re-read the words of Yeshua and accurately compare these to Paul’s teachings…the sheep that hear the voice of Yeshua will understand, unfortunately the rest of you are worshipers of Paul and the Antichrist. With a little bit of effort all of you can understand this easily. You can understand who what the mark is X how it relates to Satan, Cain, Balaam, Jezabel, antiochus epiphanies, the witnesses of Paul, who told you the Word of God was a curse. Check truthseekers out of NZ too if you want to read an unbiased, accurate explaination of the differences between Yashua and Paul of Tarsus. it is time to choose your God. the time is upon us Peace

        • You are very close. Paul was not the antichrist himself but he taught the antichrist that everyone follows today, the antichrist is the false idea of the messiah that everyone follows and some even worship in place of or above our God.

        • Since the 666 relates to EVERY false leader in some way (Paul – 66.6% of the New Testament, man’s DNA has 3 poInts of 6 in it, the star of moloch relates to 666, islam’s basmillah is written the same as the Greek for 666 etc) there may well be more than one MOB too.

          What is 666? (Not 661, 616 or 665 as many sources claim).
          6 = 7-1, or 1 short of 7(the number of perfection), or being short of perfection IE sin, the number of fallen man. we have 3 6’s written into the pattern of DNA. The number of human flesh. The devil’s number is 3, there are always 3 in witchcraft, there were 3 temptations for the messiah, 3 makes a triangle, a pyramid, a trinity. 3 6s, the devil and man in unity.
          The star of Moloch/Hexagram has 666 mathematically within it.
          Paul wrote 66.6% of the new testament and denied the true messiah with his “christ” that everyone follows.
          Muhammed who also denied the father and the son, albeit more directly, begat the religion of the basmillah – “submit to allah” and this in arabic looks just like the greek for 666 (chi zi stigma).
          The cult of the illumnus (“the illuminati”) intentionally put 6s or 666 into things, an irony/mockery but still it identifies them as an “antichrist” or man working in unity with the devil.
          Freemasons, lucifarians and many pagan religions and such use a hand gesture which in common culture means “A-OK” but actually symbolizes 3 6s made with the fingers, this symbolizes them as “anti-christs” – many use it unconsciously and completely unaware.
          Many popes, if not all, have some kind of relation to 666 in their name, as do many world leaders, all historically proven (and not just as a conspiracy, actually proven and are known) to be all related and of one historical family – potentially the tribe of dan, if you look back into bible and are willing to accept some conspiracy theory, they ruled babylon, egypt, rome and carry the strongest dilution of nephilim DNA still existent within humanity (as I say, this part is conjecture and conspiracy theory, unable to be proven – but the fact remains that they are genuinely all related, Obama, the Rothschilds and the queen and every world power). it is possible that Iesous Christos and Jesus Christ (false names for the messiah and his title) seems to relate to 666 too if you use the mathematical systems used to determine the number of a name, as you can google because I don’t fully understand it myself, my maths is not the best in the world.

          There are many images and pieces of information and dates and times uncoverable within Revelation if you keep and understand the laws and festivals that christians say “are just for the jewish” but, if they are only for jews then who would understand the book that wasn’t written for the jews?

          This clearly shows that not a jot has gone from the law and that the one who says it has is “antichrist” or is man working ion conjunction with satan.

          • explain human DNA has 3 points of 6 in it…..give academic reference

            • Sorry, I had explained it wrong, the carbon of which we are made is 666 not DNA, please excuse me…

              666 is a metaphor for carbon 12. 99% of the carbon in the universe is carbon 12. Without it life as we know it couldn’t exist.

              Carbon 12 is composed of 6 electrons, 6 Protons and 6 electrons.


              You want to understand revelation and daniel better? You need to forget all of the ideas that all of it is in the future from now… much of it has discretely happened.

              If the beast is false religion and the whore is the vatican, then all the daughters of the vatican were born into the mouth of the dragon (protestant churches created remained consumed by satan), then nothing born of Christianity is good, therefore we must look to what came before the vatican, not after.
              Which people did the romans kill? Jews that kept the sabbath holy and that followed our Messiah.
              What did the messiah follow and teach? Judaism.
              What did Peter and James teach the gentiles? Judaism and the gospel of the messiah.
              They taught NOTHING of christianity (christian was an instulting word back then, and the word derives from the word krestos, the pagan saviour demigod rather than Mashiach the anointed king) and the term was only used by the people who followed paul, who I believe to be the founder of the christian churches that belong to the beast system. Maybe he intended that or maybe his words got twisted, either way I decided that he is the right eye and right hand that christians use as an excuse to sin, and therefore I cut him away… I dont deny that his writings do contain sound doctrine but there are too many things that seem wrong to me… I personally believe that he listened to peter and james and taught what they said as his own teaching and then pretended it was his own revelations… But many messianics have been able to harminise him with torah keeping and OT scripture and I think even though he can be used as a loophole, he actually did teach to keep the law through most of his writings regardless of whether I accept his apostleship or not…

              Dont forget that antichrist is not a man coming in the future pretending to be a great messiah, but it actually means “counterfeit messiah” who is worshiped as a god, a trinity and is there to replace our sins so we dont have to keep law, making us lawless rebels like satan… And the false prophet sitting in his counterfeit temple showing himself to be as god, actually showing himself to be an authority above God, changing the times and laws just as propheciesed, they even stated that changing the sabbath day was a MARK of his authority.

              7 is the number of completion and perfection
              6 is one less, just short of perfection
              sin means to fall short of perfection, therefore 6 is the number of sin
              satan does things in threes (three temptations of the messiah in the wilderness, 3 parts to a trinity, pyramid and to pagan myths such as three witches and such, bad things happen in threes, etc).

              6 three times, 666.
              The mark of satan, and the mark of his “name”(his reputation). You keep our God’s name (reputation) sanctified by keeping HIS commandments, therefore receiving the seal oh His name on your forehead, golden of oil, anointed with wisdom of torah, you keep satan’s name when you reject the commandments, forget the sabbath, worship idols or the abomination without repentance etc and therefore you are marked in your mind (forehead) and in action (right hand).

              The sabbath is a day you cannot buy and sell, and so those with the mark, those that dont keep the true sabbath buy and sell on a saturday.

              What is NOT to understand about all of this?

              “depart from me lawless one, i never knew you” – there must be a law in order to be lawless, they must believe if they shout “lord lord!” yet they dont keep the commandments.
              “doctrine of demons” should be obvious by now.
              “a good tree does not bare bad fruit” how many pastors, priests and elders turn to corruption and paedophilia?
              “if the world hates you, know that it hates me first” – jews hate law keeping messiah followers, christians do too when we teach them to keep the law.
              the witnesses that shoot purifying fire from their mouths, one of them must be the messianic jews – we are rejected although we try to bring the people back to the law, out of babylon but most people reject the message. Not sure who the other is, unless it is that we bring both the messiah and the torah law, the law to the christians, the messiah to jews, and yet they all hate us for it… tell us we are under the curse of law, legalists or whatever…

              since the 7 prophetic years were up and the catholic church’s lies were exposed and the lutherans, the methodists, the 7th day adventists etc came about, the messianic jews are the 7th group to break through the deception, the adventists were the 6th and they taught to keep the sabbath,
              the 7th, therefore completing the number of completion, are the MJs that realise that the entire law must be kept, have come for this generation to spread the truth and bring people out of babylon, the remnant that keep the laws mentioned in revelation.

              The romans are the iron of the statue and religion is moldable like clay, the roman empire was held together through shaping the truth about our God into whatever the romans wanted to in order to hold it together… The collaboration of the romans and the pharisees make up the synagogue of satan (the papacy, the rothschilds, etc), they are the ones that ended the daily sacrifice by putting our messiah to death unjustly for no sin.

              I genuinely think that this is the meaning behind all of the prophecy of Revelation and Daniel, and explains my view to your question, although I still dont see HOW ON EARTH they just dont get it…

              • your carbon 12 theory does not fit….

              • Jesus did not follow judaism. Judaism is a religion that developed through the teachings of the rabbis, which superceded the Torah, the Old Covenant books. Judaism and islamism are both under condemnation for they reject salvation in Christ Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus followed the Father God only. He is the God of the Old Covenant Torah.



      • Zac, sweetheart, you cannot use profanity on my site, I have to edit your words. use better language. thanks

    • The ‘X’ mark (cross on it’s side) was also a mark used by the Knights Templar and Knights of the Rose Cross (Robert de Brus was of Belguim descent, his people coming from Brussels, now Illuminati HQ); he knighted all 13 signers of the Arboath Declaration into the Order of the Rose Cross, after his killing of John Cromyn on the alter of the sanctuary (a ritual “green” killing, often used in Druid power takeovers, symbolic of religious and worldly power assimilation of the conquered — like the Kennedy killings). This Order opposed England, and the Papal powers, because of genocide, burnings, tortures and betrayals of every kind; and the Order was determined to bring them down. Of course, there’s much more to this story, and things aren’t nearly so clear these days. But notice things didn’t fare well for the signers and their decendants, and the Scottish empire was lost to the English. Now, Palestine’s asking for mediation (and Israel would do well to steer clear of all ‘helpers’; will she learn from other nation’s mistakes?) For that matter, will America learn to inquire of God, and forsake other ‘helpers’? It’s our life and freedom at stake.

      The point is, the ‘X’ mark shows the Illuminati, Masons, and Lightworkers are the people who are pushing the ‘mark’ to control the populace. It might be a chip, but could very well be skincodes (tatoos with nano ink and hidden watermark banding.) All who take it will get sick.

      This was a very thoughtful article and I think you are right, Marianne, that the revelatory remarks about the mark pointed to Hebrew letters. You’ve given me much to think about, and I appreciate your work.

  3. gavirel

    you are right. I should have looked up Leviathan first.


    Lamed-Vav-Tav is not leviathan. Leviathan is
    Lamed – vav – yud -tav- nun

    But this shows the speculation out there. I will correct this part.

    The point here is that the original text indicated 616, not 666.

    • Marianne, Leviathan is not a purely Hebrew word by origin; it is composite word assimilated from Ugaritic and borrowed into the Hebrew language. The root of the word is from Hebrew “Levi” meaning coiled serpent, piercing serpent, the additional syllable lotan is the Ugaritic sea monster with 7 heads. Leviathan was the blending of these two words Levi-Lotan. So, the meaning as the Mark of the Beast would be “The Piercing Serpent’s, The Sea Monster’s, Mark.”

      • hi oliver

        I am looking at ugaritic
        and it does not look like the ancient text in discussion.

        But what you say is interesting, and would add additional relevant meaning, if true, and applied. it fits well.

        it would take the mark from being just a passive acceptance of satan to being bit by a piercing serpent, making the person more of a victim.

        since the beast at one point is described as one with 7 heads, it fits with the lotan interpretation.

  4. If you write down the name of the letter Vav, it spells Vav-Aleph-Vav, which literally is 6-1-6, but I don’t know what to make out of it.

    Laviathan, represents Malchut (material of created universe) and its egoistical nature – as opposed to altruistic nature of God, it can also be see as our milky way, which has a for of Serpent eating its own tail lying amidst of the sea (cosmos);

    • gavirel

      the fragment reads XIC….not I……..in ancient Proto-Sinaitic alphabet, this is Tav – vav – lamed

      • You are correct and as a Greek this was a copying of pictures to be precise literaly and not a Greek translation of what they were reading. The number is interesting something used for tracking obviously and similar to the tattooed numbers the nazis put on the Jews in world war 2 my husbands grandmother had one from auswitz.

    • Malkuth represents the ten world divisions (to our frame of reference) and alchemically, refers to creation and destruction of matter (a Masonic aim), pointing to the Hadron colliders, experimentation with dark matter, the desire to master teleportation, and the Illuminati’s desire to open a portal for dimensional travel (to let the devils in, whom they call ascended masters). At the top levels of world power are Luciferians, cloaked in the green movement — and Malkuth represents their intent to slaughter most of mankind to restore the natural balance to Earth (their intentional sacrifices to their devils), and usher in a New Age, free of Christianity.

      That’s the point of setting up the terrorists to begin with — to turn people against them in hatred; and later, to classify Christians as terrorists when they refuse their mark. It’s the fascist process of relabeling people to make genocide acceptable. Hitler made people wear a mark; and the Antichrist regime will condemn them for refusing a mark.

      How did Malkuth (Leviathan) tie into the numbers? What number does Leviathan turn out to be?

  5. Read Rev 13:16-18 as a block. Verse 16 is about the mark of the beast. Verse 17 tells us how to understand the mark — the mark is the number or name. Verse 18 actually reveals the identity of the mark. The identity of the beast is not in question — he who forces everyone to take it. He will also be known by what the mark IS. But *when* will we be able to recognize his name? What if it’s the mark that announces the beast instead of the beast announcing the mark? It may be more important that we know what the mark is rather than the beast’s name, since the mark may be implemented by a proxy or deceptive means. How many times have you heard that something is a PROCESS not a GOAL? Though that concept is often incorrectly applied, it forces one to think about steps and increments rather than the final state. What if the mark of the beast is a PROCESS that needs to be guarded against rather than merely the end state? Then verse 18 is extremely important since it protects against the FIRST PROCESS STEP and more thoroughly blocks the final goal.

    That said, reference this sentence: “The symbols decipher to mean: A mark, attached like a peg or hook, as a means to direct or control, applied by a piercing of the skin.” To me, this is a subcutaneous RFID chip/tag. If the symbols are indeed as stated, this is a direct confirmation of Christian speculation on the subject for years. RFID tagging has being done with animals already:


    Chipping/tagging/marking might easily begin by forcing everyone to have their medical records stored on the chip as part of universal health care. This could be mandated by individual governments before the super-government structure is revealed. Then buying/selling/banking functions can be made mandatory through later legislation. That’s my educated speculation, anyway.

    • hi Fred,

      It may be a chip. We have the technology for it, and the NWO is planning on it. People do tend to show their loyalty in support of people and causes. They wear things on their body – T shirts, tatoos, bracelets, hats, for political parties, sports, colleges…a chip is just the next logical step. I guess we will see soon, if this concept plays out as true.

      • Dear Fred and Marianne – When we stop judging the book of Revelation by What’s happening in the WORLD and how to IDENTIFY a True Christian – It is not going to come from the worlds thinking. Remember the World crucified Christ. He had the “Mark of God. We need the Identification from the bible that you DO NOT have the MARK of the Beast but of God. You can find yourself in the bible and what Mark you have by people’s “Engraving Character” which is HONED out to a Point that points to Gods Character. We need to start JUDGING what God is saying not the world. The bible says – Judgment starts at the House of God – This is the correct way. Most all people look more at whats going on in the world than whats going on in the Church which is just backward from the way God wants you to look at the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The “engraving Character” of the world is in complete darkness. It’s 666 perfect manmade politics and denominations taking over all things by darkness. Is there enough evidence in your life to prove you have the “Engraving Character” of Jesus Christ. From the Beginning of Genesis to right now. Its the same “Character” that Marked Cain and Marked Abel. It has never changed. Look at Noah’s day – who would your “Character” be after Noah or the world. The SOUL is the Mark of Your Spirit that lives in you. Passion shows who’s got the mark and who dont. If you love the World and the things of the world you have the Mark of the Beast. You need to cry out for Jesus to come quickly and He will save you and deliever from the Mark of the Beast man. We must get rid of the tradtions of the denominations before you can see the simple truth that God put in Mystery form. If people have the ‘Mark of the Beast” they MUST all have a 2nd. Coming to free them from sin. The 2nd. coming as in Acts 2 set the Apostles free indeed. The Bible is a Supernatural Spiritual Book – that is the only way you will ever understand it by and through the Holy Spirit possessing your fallen human spirit and annihilating it by “Itching, being an Exact Copy, And then your “Badge of servitude” will HAVE TO SHOW UP ON YOUR OUTSIDE to prove what you got on the inside. Your “Palisade” fortress will be like David’s. God is my fortress, and my streangtn. The World will hate it. When they SEE your Humble, Devoted, Loving, truth abiding, Passionate Soul walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling all the lust of the world. Cannot be no simpler than that to me.

      • How much time and money would it cost to chip 7bn+ people, and how hard would it be to force 3bn+ christians that think a chip is MOB and a further (est) 1-2bn conspiracy freethinkers / anti-illuminatusists that reject and rebel against it, and to literally put them to death for not taking it?

    • M.A.R.C. also stands for multi-automated reader card, which is the magnetic strip on our ID cards, which we swipe. The RFID chips (now on our bank cards, passports, and state IDs) are the update of the magnetic strips; and the skincodes, tatood in nano ink (developed from solar inks) will be the update of the chips (because people can cut the chips out, or squash chips in cards, but they’ll have a real aversion to skinning themselves.)

      You’re right; marking the people is done gradually, like cooking frogs, lest they jump out and save themselves. It’s easier to get everyone onto this system, unable to go back to any other, and THEN introduce the Antichrist into the mix. Plus, since there’s been no danger all along, it makes those who resist changes look like unreasonable nut jobs — later, it will make it easier to turn people’s hatred against them, by classifying them as terrorists, and blaming them for all the ills of the world — just because they refuse the mark.

      And people who’ve become used to this way of living will say, Certainly God won’t punish us for buying food, renting an apartment, giving to others … after all, what have we done that’s so wrong? And their reasoning isn’t wrong … it’s just that they’re now allied with the Lord of Destruction, through their participation in that system of payment, and God must honor their choice. Jesus said it would be a hard, narrow path, devoid of people, and He meant it.

      Don’t think they’ll make it easy to live off the grid. Everything will be made a crime, from catching a fish, sipping water from a stream, picking a leaf from a tree … certainly making a fire will be criminal (in Australia, it already is in many places). They’ll set those who resist up for destruction and feel justified.

    • Well this is just dumb. Evolution aside (I’m not a believer), this simply ignores history, geology, archaeology and just plain common sense. Do you think people 500 years from now will assume that everything Hollywood has put out was based on fact?
      Give me a break.

      • hi James,

        Which part of the content is “dumb?” What do you mean by the analogy with Hollywood? I am not following you.

        • I come from a science and engineering background and I know that the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. There is no evidence that they existed in recorded history other than these fanciful drawings that are no more based on reality than the star wars movies of Hollywood. If there were real dragons during the days of the Knights we would expect to find recent remains and not fossils. Just ask any science teacher or history teacher about this. If Plato knew about dinosaurs he would have written about them. Dinosaurs and dragons are not found in history books, only comic books and vivid imaginations. Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.

          • james

            what about the leviathan mentioned by Job?

            how can you tell that the fossils of dinosaurs are not from the time of the knights?

            There can be rapid fossilization.

            • Sorry but nothing can turn to stone in a few hundred years. Noahs ark, found in 1982 i think is around 5000 years old and has only begun the process. Believe me, if there were dinosaurs alive during recorded history it would be easily proven. The fossil record shows that there were no dinosaurs on earth from the end of the Cretaceous period through the pleistocene. So where did they come from and where did they go? After all , unlike bigfoot, a dinosaur can’t hide out in the woods. If all the dinosaurs depicted in the video were real, they would have quickly multiplied and returned to being the dominant species on earth just as they were before. Remember, it took an asteroid hit to wipe them out or else they would still be here today.
              I’m afraid the whole idea just doesn’t make sense when you analyze it thoroughly.
              It does make for a fanciful story though, like alien beings building the pyramids and such.
              As I said before, I’m just not buying it.

              • james,

                I am tyring to determine the actual issue here – what you believe about pre-history, vs what you think of the presentation in the video.

                time issue – Cretaceous period through the pleistocene – only times that can be verified by direct observation and measurement give accurate results. this is why we us standard curves in science. if it goes off the curve, it is not valid data. we cannot prove these time periods are real, because no one was there to record it. carbon dating is “off the curve” and does not provide valid data.

                if drawings from all over the world show the same animal, I do not think it is fanciful…the drawings appear to be something they have seen and copied.

                for fossilization to occur:
                1. the formation of a biofilm of bacteria on the leaf surface

                2. the deposition metallic ions on the leaf surface which preserves the leaf’s form for a long enough time for the rest of fossilization to occur.

                some opponents and proponents of this: if this is accompanied by a rapid burial, and the object can be coated with the biofilm within weeks. A rapid burial may have occurred during the time of noah’s flood.

                • If you believe the earth is only 6000 years old then you have no chance at understanding earths true history. Do you remember when the church imprisoned Galileo for claiming the earth was not the center of the universe? They tried to refute the science as long as they could but after a while it was obvious that science was correct and they had to chance their tune.
                  Well, history is repeating itself. There is real science and BS science. I have studied both including the so-called collapsing of geologic time. I have over 100 units of geology and have spent countless weeks in the field from the grand canyon, San Andreas fault, Cascade volcanoes, Bryce & Zion, Niagara Falls, Carlsbad caverns (among many others) and a thousand other formations that could never have been created in just 6000 years without changing the laws of nature. If God created natural laws then he must expect us to believe in them when we study the universe. And speaking of the universe, how is it we can see stars billions of light-years away whose light has been travelling for as many years if they were created only 6000 years ago along with the earth? The night sky should be completely devoid of stars! Sorry but strict bible science simply does not add up. The cute theories sound plausible but I can easily find a million holes in them. They twist chemistry and physics into knots to try to get them to fit their theories, using yet unexplained anomalies as if they were the norm.
                  Also, dinosaur fossils are only found in three rock layers dating from the Mesozoic Era. None have been found in recent deposits, fossilized or otherwise.
                  As or the images having to be real, don’t forget the four headed leopard of Daniel and the wild beasts of revelation. Obviously they are not to be taken literally. I’m sure ancient humans were capable of vivid imaginations so I don’t believe everything they describe or draw was real. Do you believe in centaurs too? How about mermaids? Just because someone draws them doesn’t make them true.

                  • I think you are wrong about Galileo, please read this:

                  • The Earth is Eon’s and Eon’s old. The Creation of Heaven and Earth
                    The three Earth ages One thing we need to realize is that God does a lot of things in threes. For example Father, Son and Holy Spirit Spirit, Soul and Body. The three heavens, our sky or atmosphere that we can see, the solar system that we can see at night and then the heaven that God and his holy angels live in.

                    The old earth age with dinosaurs and cavemen, the modern earth’s age from Adam until Jesus returns and the thousand years are finished, then the new heaven and earth age.

                    First Earth Age

                    1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

                    This verse contains the three heavens and the earth for the first earth age. God filled it with strange creatures knowing that this age would produce things for mankind by making fossil fuels, oil, coal etc. This age lasted a long time. Peter told us that a day with the Lord was as a thousand years in other words it can be timeless until God brings it to an end. All of this was created by his word the same as our present earth.

                    The Adamic Race is only 6,017 years old and Noah’s Flood was 4,361 years ago. Science agrees the oldest tree’s, reef’s etc. are 4200 to 4300 years old, the great barrier reef 4200 and the Bristol Cone Pine’s 4300 years old.

                    We are currently in the 2nd earth age. End of the 1st Earth Age was a sudden catastrophic event or events when God chose to give the world a makeover in preparation for human inhabitants. This wasn’t Noah’s 150 Day Flood where a Dove was able to return with an Olive Branch. All life forms where completely destroyed at the end of this age. The reason has to do with the downfall of Satan. The first earth age of dinosaurs and the current second earth age of our existence.

                    You will find documentation in Jeremiah 4.18 – 31, 2nd Peter 3 and
                    after Genesis 1.1 but before Genesis 1.2 when the earth became void and without form after God’s perfect creation.

                • yes – hats, cassette tapes and even according to Uberfacts (have been unable to find this since, but I had seen it a few times on there with a photo) a USB stick still with data on it has been fossilised.
                  Fossilization doesn’t take millions of years.

              • Printer-friendly versionSend by email

                “Behold, they are like stubble; the fire consumes them; they cannot deliver themselves from the power of the flame. No coal for warming oneself is this, no fire to sit before!” Is 47:14 (ESV)

                Coal and oil are commonly called fossil fuels. Coal, like limestone, contains a great number of fossils, although plant fossils tend to dominate coal deposits. Coal is the product of a great mass of organic material being crushed until most of the hydrogen and oxygen (free or combined as liquid water) is pressed out. After the hydrogen and oxygen are gone organic material is almost entirely carbon, the principle element found in coal. Oil is chemically similar to coal, but in liquid form.

                When organic material dies, it generally decays or is consumed by living things. It is extremely unusual for animals or plants to be buried in nature. The only time we observe any substantial natural burial of organic material is as a result of flood deposits or volcanic eruption.

                The explosive eruption of Mount St. Helen provides an excellent example of ash burial of a large area. Near the eruption trees were blown over and a layer of ash and debris many inches thick covered the ground. A few miles away the ash coating was severe, but trees remained standing far above the surface. Farther out most plants survived. Two decades later trees and all of the normal flora are growing again above the ash. In the course of time it is possible that organic material buried by Mt. St. Helen will decay and under compression form a small amount of oil or coal. This was one of the most powerful volcanic explosions with one of the largest organic burials in recorded history. To create the vast oil and coal deposits on the planet it would take tens or hundreds of millions of such explosions. Even given 250 million years of lush plant life—a generous span of time even by evolutionary count—there is simply no way volcanism can account for the world’s supply of oil and coal. The only known alternative to burial by volcanism is burial by flood deposits.

                Local flooding occurs periodically throughout the temperate and tropical zones of Earth. Even relatively minor floods display nature’s awesome power to rip soil, organic material, and anything else from one place and deposit those things elsewhere. Local floods are still limited in size and scope to specific regions. Flood prone regions like the Ohio River and Mississippi River valleys typically experience great floods once or twice per century. In 1937 a great flood submerged downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Even at its worst, with its many tributaries pouring out of their banks, the hills of New Albany, Indiana (which overlook Louisville) remained far above the flood waters. Tens of millions of years do not begin to offer enough time or the right type of sediment to cover the entire floor of the Ohio River valley with a thick layer of hard, fossil rich limestone. It seems extremely unlikely that a span of 250,000,000 years (since the start of the Cambrian period) would be enough time for the correct type of sediment to collect with intact submerged marine creatures becoming fossilized.

                The combination of fossils within the cement-like limestone creates the most challenging puzzle for Evolutionists. Most of North America would have had to be under the sea. Almost the entire continent would have had experience sudden tumultuous deposition of sediment. The biblical flood model predicts exactly what we observe—fossil rich sedimentary deposits covering vast regions in great sheets. The biblical flood predicts variability in thickness and fossil content from place to place due to the violent nature of water movement. The rapid runoff of water as the flood subsided would likewise have created gulches where water running off would cut through thinner sediments. Thicker sediment would be left behind to dry and harden.

                In time plant life would return. Some seeds, spores, bulbs, and so forth would be at or near the surface after the waters receded. From the soggy organic debris the plants sprang up, soon covering the ground. Over centuries compost resulting from the cycle of plant life along with periodic local floods created rich topsoil. The distribution and thickness of the topsoil over the thick limestone bedrock is much more consistent with a sudden, violent, flood large enough to cover the continent a few thousand years ago.

                If great sheets of limestone, sandstone, and similar sedimentary rock deposits suggest one relatively recent great flood, the coal and oil deposits in North America and the world in general demand it. Unlike limestone, which contains a great deal of silicon, coal is mostly carbon. Like limestone, coal is often rich with fossils. In limestone the fossils we find tend to be from animals. In coal, the majority of fossils are from plants. Organic material is mostly carbon combined with water. It is generally believed that coal is created in nature when organic material is buried and crushed until most of the water and other elements leak out. The nearly pure organic compost eventually hardens into rock form. Oil is produced in essentially the same way, but remains liquid because less of the hydrogen and oxygen are able to escape.

                As described earlier, plant life tends to remain on the surface of the ground when it dies. Some of it becomes compost, some is eaten, and some provide habitats for other new life. Without sudden and substantial burial, there is no known way for organic material to find its way far enough into the ground to become even fine coal particulate, let alone the great deposits mined today to create electricity for much of the United States. The only reasonable explanation for Earth’s great coal and oil supplies is the sudden burial of lush jungles with immense sediments under the force of a great, violent, crushing flood as is described in Genesis.

                The Genesis flood would have provided an ample mechanism to create the coal beds and oil deposits found all around the world. It should also be noted that no process is being observed in nature today to create new coal or oil, even in the rare but active peat bogs of Scotland or tar pits in California. Genesis provides a much better explanation for coal and oil than any version of Uniformitarian or Evolutionary theory.

          • “I come from a science and engineering background and I KNOW that the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago”

            You don’t believe the bible but you believe all these thoeries about dinosaurs and evolution…..Interesting. Scientist cannot know what they don’t know, that’s why they base their studies in theories. No matter how smart a man can be, next to God, he’s absolutely nothing…..

          • THREE WORLD AGES
            The dinosaurs were destroyed in the katabole after the first earth age…

            First Earth Age:

            The first earth age was the time spoken of in Genesis 1:1, II Peter 3, and Jeremiah 4:18 to the end of the chapter.

            Mankind did not exist in the flesh but the animal world did.

            All souls were created in the first earth age and lived in their spirit bodies. The rebellion of Satan brought about the katabole…destruction of the first earth age (and the dinosaurs with other flesh animals) 1/3 of all spirit bodies created in the first earth age followed Satan and fell with him.

            This brought about the end of the first age. It is because of that fall, or “toho va boho” the destruction, where by all animals and living forms on earth came to an end.

            8414 tohuw (to’-hoo); from an unused root meaning to lie waste; a desolation (of surface), i.e. desert; figuratively, a worthless thing; adverbially, in vain: KJV– confusion, empty place, without form, nothing, (thing of) naught, vain, vanity, waste, wilderness.

            922 bohuw (bo’-hoo); from an unused root (meaning to be empty); a vacuity, i.e. (superficially) an undistinguishable ruin: KJV– emptiness, void.

            Second Earth Age:

            The second earth age started with Genesis 1:2, – God’s plan of reconstruction of this earth. This is the age of the flesh where all souls were required to be born from above through woman’s womb of water to be tried and tested as to whether they would follow God or Satan.

            However there are some that fought against Satan’s rebellion and were judged and set aside in that first earth age as the “elect”.

            Periods of the second earth age:

            First period: from Adam to the flood of Noah… ten generations.

            Second period: from Noah’s flood, to the Abraham covenant.. . approximately 400 years,

            Third period: from the Abrahamic covenant to the time Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. This period included the birth of Isaac and his son Jacob who’s name was changed to Israel by God. Israel had twelve sons and those twelve sons bred from twelve families into a nation of twelve tribes.

            Forth period: from Moses leading the children out of Israel to entering into promised land. Time; forty years. This was the time in the wilderness when God gave the laws, statutes and ordinances.

            Fifth period: The time of the judges to the monarchy… about 450 years. During this time Israel was ruled by Judges that God appointed.

            Sixth period: The time of the Monarchy to the split of the kingdom… about 120 years. During this time Israel was ruled by King Saul for 40 years… King David for 40 years… King Solomon 40 years…then the kingdom was split into two houses “the House of Israel” and “the House of Judah”.

            Seventh period is split

            The rule of the House of Israel was about 200 years to the time of captivity by Assyria.

            The rule of the House of Judah was about 320 years when Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon brought Judah into captivity.

            The House of Israel comprised the ten tribes to the north. The House of Israel was captured and scattered in 722 B.C.. The Tribes became so scattered that they lost the identity and became known as the 10 Lost Tribes. They went over the Caucausus Mountains and are called Caucasians.

            The House of Judah is comprised the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with part of the tribe of Levi.

            Judah spends 70 years in captivity in Babylon and returned to Judah in 1948 to become a nation.

            The good figs and the bad figs returned to Judah – fig tree generation.

            Eighth period: Israel never returns as a nation until the Millennium age.

            Ninth period: Close of the Old Testament to the Birth of Christ. This period starts with the Jews coming out of Babylon, released by Cyrus the Great, and led by Ezra and Nehemiah back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and city of Jerusalem. It was at this time that the scribes (Kenites) started changing scripture

            Ninth period: the Grecian [Hellenists] came to power and the world was split into four parts called the king of the north, south, east and west. The King of the north was Salucid Leggit, who ruled from Syria to India. The king of the South was Ptolomy Soto, who ruled Egypt, all Africa and the Arabian area of today. The king of the east was Lysandrius, who later died and the kingdom shattered into small nations in what we call Eastern Europe today and the king of the west was Casandrus, who also died without a legacy, and this kingdom was later built into the Roman empire.

            Tenth period: will be about 2000 years, up to the time of the coming of the Antichrist…age of grace

            Eleventh period: This is the time of the Antichrist

            Third Earth Age:

            Man returns to spirit body as Paul explains in I Corinthians 15:50-54.

            Twelfth period: The Millennium age, 1,000 years, after which Satan will be realeased and many will continue to worship him… those not saved during the millennium will be judged by their works…not by grace.

            The elect will be the joint teachers, priests and judges with Jesus Christ during this period and they will have received their incorruptible bodies.

            Thirteenth period: the Great white throne of judgment where all men are judged by their works. The evil and sinful souls with go with Satan into the lake of fire and become ashes. Even the memory of those will be taken from the minds of the souls with eternal life. The saved Elect will not be judged here but receive rewards

            Fourteenth period: Eternal kingdom. New heaven and a new earth… the new Jerusalem comes down from heaven and all rewards will be eternal.

        • Evolution is a joke, howcome Crocodiles and Sharks never change and monkeys are still monkeys. Man come form God. The center of the Bible says “It is better to have faith in the Lord than to put one’s hope in man. Salm 118 – 8 it’s the center of the Bible, who can explain this to me. Evolution is a theory that nobody, no even scientiits can prove. I guess the day will come when we all will know who God is.

          • hi Martin

            I agree with you, and I’m a scientist.

            • Just a thought…If scientists are correct and the different layers of earth represent time periods covering millions of years, somebody explain to me how petrified tree trunks have been found standing erect through several layers that scientists “claim” are different eras, etc. representing hundreds of millions of years? Also, if carbon dating is so “accurate”, explain to me how a living mollusk’s shell tested by carbon dating showed the age of the mullusk to be several million years old? Every so called “ancestor” of modern homosapien man has also either been proven to be a hoax or was found to be skull fragments, teeth, etc of other animals. Face it, Evolution is a lie of the devil. It has turned mans eyes away from the creator and put their faith in science rather than God.

          • Please read my reply below. Heres a good one for you…The Coelacanth fish was “supposed” to be extinct some 326 million years ago. But…They are alive and well, living off the coast of Africa. Fisherman have been catching them and evolutionists that have been “professing themselves wise” are starting to look pretty foolish.

          • Their brains only get so big crocodiles and ur example you can’t see evolution hitting a plateau after that to bring mental evolution physical must come first change starts somewhere right? So first would be signs of evolution physical features and s* like that besides sharks and crocodiles were ment to survive and dominate u can’t take a fish out of water and you can’t take a crocidile from it’s environment they weren’t wired to over reach like us


      • Didnt get to watch the video, its been removed. But i know X=10 or the word “io” = apollion the destroyer zues son.

  6. Has anyone read the book “Why I Left Jihad” by Walid Shoebat? In it he has an interesting portion that deals with this very portion of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri and his comparison to the Codex Vaticanus AD 350 on pages 319- 325 of his book. In summary his take is that it is possible that this portion of the Apostle John’s revelation may have appeared as Arabic text and John faithfully recorded what he saw, as what is written (albeit sideways), perhaps as the scholars who copied the manuscript may have changed it to their understanding of the Greek letter digamma (which no longer exists) …what you have if you turn it back are the words Bism Allah or “in the name of Allah” or “bismillah” …it is explained in great detail and clearly with examples and photos and I found it to be quite interesting and would be interested in hearing any comments from anyone else who might have read his book. Besides this portion the book is an interesting read on how he came to be a believer in Messiah and his fight against Islamic terror today.

  7. Here is part 9 of the history ‘Proto- Siniatic’ alphabet or symbols.
    A very interesting study if one wishes to learn.
    A good channel to visit.

  8. Trish, I’m familiar with the example you mention and Mr. Shoebat makes a very compelling argument. I’ve said often that any eschatology that doesnt take into the account the role of Islam is incomplete. There’ve been many associations made with the mark of the beast and the Jewish phylactery. The phylactery was at it’s core symbolic of relationship with God and allegiance to his word. With this in mind, the “mark” may be little more than allegiance in the same sense that you can walk down any street and see a woman in otherwise western clothing wearing a Hijab (Islamic headscarf) and automatically know her religion and thus her allegiance. Likewise and much more insidious, the early church encountered the random demand to make obeisance to the name of Caesar and were identified by their unwillingness to relent. While the idea of technology as it pertains to much of the endtimes events is interesting, a lot of it is simply applying western thinking rather than using the Hebrew mind in which it was written. I’ve always been a little sketchy about the idea of implantation as the mark. John may not have had a word for Radio Frequency ID but certainly he would have recognized that people were being injected with something. Or that the “deadly wound” suffered by the beast in one of his heads (could easily be a nation within his confederacy) being a gunshot to the head. I think the less we try to sexy up scripture the better off we’ll be. Maranatha.

  9. It does not make sense why we are fighting with each other, if it were not for our brothers, the jewish people, we so called christians would not exist. I believe that Jesus is the promised messiah, but i also believe that christianity is over run with pagan images and symbols that Christ warned the early brothers not to get involved with. All of the painting depicting Jesus are misleading and false. I agree whole heartedly that we in the west, especially in america have become lost and have forgotten our jewish roots, after all the very first church were all jews. No matter what color their skin was, they were all brothers in the faith and somewhere in the corridors of time we have forgotten that we belong to each other and need each other. We are not loving our brothers and that is what Jesus was all about, you may not agree that he was the messiah, but you cannot deny he lived, history has proven this over and over, and i can provide those facts if you need them. So here we are back to the age old question, who was the man Jesus of nazareth. That debate has separated us for too long, listen there should be no division between the brothers of the faith, one GOD, one faith, one baptism, one people lets stop this fighting .

    • Christians cannot be friends with the Kenites. They killed Jesus. They claim to be our brother Judah…but crept in Jerusalem with Ezra and Nehemiah and took over the priestly duties. Today they change scripture and teach false doctrine. Jesus put enmity between Christians and Kenites when Satan beguiled (wholly seduced) Eve in the garden.
      Please do research on the Kenites.
      Carolyn Jackson

      • hi Carolyn

        It might be hard after 2000 years to identify Kenites, unless there is a genetic test.

        Not just in Judaism, but in Christianity also, we find false doctrine.

      • Kenites are just sinners like dad Cain. They can believe in God, and even talk to him, and do sacrifice but their hearts are far from God. Like Cain and Baal, Esau, Judas, etc. etc. – They were sinners and sold out to satan’s mark of Character . They loved sin more than God. Their “Character” proved it. All Kenites walk after the flesh not the Spirit. Their is enmity between them and God. As Righteousness is a progression so is Sinfulness

  10. A science and engineering background doesnt preclude you from accepting the obvious. Nevermind that ALL cultures have prevalent dragon myths; let’s also throw out the fact that while you could possibly (but shouldnt) ask a history teacher about paleontology. We can even ignore the supposition that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

    Instead of looking for a dinosaur from the dark ages (there are numerous accounts, but we’ll ignore those too); try instead to find HUMAN remains from that period. We have no more proof other than…um…arcane records on canvas and word of mouth. Why is the life of Da Vinci having been passed down through transcribed history more credible than dinosaurs from the same?

    We can say with some hubris that we “know” humans existed 600 years ago. We are given more certainty because of the care we take to bury humans. But those who die and rot outside human care meet the same fate that almost all living things do-decomposition into nothingness. The surprise isn’t that there aren’t more dinosaur skeletons, but that theyre are any at all.

    The process of fossilization is immensely unlikely. The rare specimen that is found had to meet an astronomically precise and unlikely set of circumstances to survive.

    There are lots of things that Plato didn’t write about because he didn’t know about them. Plato is a woefully inept source for alot of information; many of his ideas in the theories of forms contradicts scriptural understandings. Better thought is applied in the Ship of Theseus or in Baudrillard Simulation and Simulacra.

    And if by history you mean recoreded history, you’re looking in the wrong sources. The Bible need be all you could ask for yet there are a number of secular sources that describe creatures that cannot be anything but dinosaurs-sources as recent as the 13th century.

    Forget youtube videos if you want to be truly objective. But as Marianne cited, the Bible spends a considerable amount of time on the description of the Leviathan. This alone ought to be enough to amend ones thinking. Maranatha

  11. James, again, it would seem to me that the evidence of dinosaurs and man co-existing is overwhelming. Whether or not you choose to accept that evidence is really a moot point. The larger issue is do you believe the Gospel; that Christ, the eternally existent Son of God came in the form of a man to die so that he could satisfy the penalty of sin; that he arose from the dead and lives forever and that we now have the ability to escape our rightful punishment. We can argue about our interpretation of science or any number of issues, but none of these have any bearing on our salvation. If you do, I don’t want to seem that I’m calling your faith into question; I don’t believe we’ve ever spoken on issues of salvation. But if not, will you consider Christ?

  12. THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS was also found at Oxyrhynchus….The gospel of Thomas is not a legitimate book so I serious doubt this book of revelation is legitimate…The gospel of thomas is a gnostic gospel.The gnostics doctrines are doctrines of demons… The gnostics were probably part of the antichrist John said was among them then…

    Jesus said his words will stand forever.. I believe him.. I do not believe gnocism… It is mind ripping doctrines of demons…

    • Hi Ruth,

      How do we know that this is gnostic? I noticed that it is different from the other codex vaticanus 666 symbols. I have looked carefully and it is. But how do I find out for sure that this is not legitimate? Also, where is the oldest copy of the correct codex vaticanus 666 symbols that are popularly displayed? Thank you VERY much.


  13. Mariann, Are you saying the taw is a bad mark? or a good one?

  14. Thank you! and here I tell you why my question. It is concerning Eze 9:3-5, 1 Pet 4:17 and Rev 7…what is your take on those, as
    related to marks? Two of my study bibles support the taw/mark as a cross too and as a mark on the godly. ???

    • erikah..

      it has been used as a mark of protection by God.

      Even Cain was repentant, and God put that mark on him, so others would not hunt him down and kill him. The mark of Cain protected Cain. It did not condemn him.

  15. Hi Marianne, I find your site very interesting. I love it. Do you have any way to sign in it or I have to just reply to those discussions if I wish to make some contributions.

    Thanks Regards…
    Ashok Xess

    • hi Ashok

      You do not have to sign in, or be a member.

      This is for everyone, with different opinions. The idea is to get people to think. So there will be agreement sometimes, and debates other times.

      Sometimes I might respond, and you will get an email from me, if that happens. I am the only one who can email you.

      You would have to check back to the site if you were waiting for a response from someone else.

  16. O’ I got it….

  17. Maybe we should try to decipher 616 as this guy deciphered 666.
    Every thought has value.

  18. Name “Maitreya” in hebrew has value of 666 no matter how you write it…

  19. What I don’t understand about this article is this: If the first letter/number is translated as a six, and the last of the three is likewise, shouldn’t they be the SAME (i.e., XIX)?


    • hi Karen

      You have to think in units….ones, tens, hundreds

      666 = 600 + 60 + 6

      616 = 600 + 10 + 6

      the letter abbreviation for 600 will not be the same as the letter for 6.

  20. Sadly, as I read some of the articles(to the right on your webpage) I encountered information which was not in agreeent with God’s word, The Holy Bible; therefore your writings and beliefs are unscripturial and you are a heretic. I pray you will study and read The Holy Bible and ask God to interepret his word, not tradition or earthly teachers. The Holy Bible is never wrong. If man’s teachings do not agree with the word of God then the error is with man not God. “The just shall live by faith.”, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”, and “If we confesss our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. Regarding, the speaking of tongues: I used to attend churches which spoke in tongues and they were always out of order when they spoke in tongues(according to God’s word, The Holy Bible) and there is not a singular mention of falling down under the influence of The Holy Spirit as is taught and practiced in these false movements (of which catholics now are involved and accepted as fellow Christians; since catholics pray to Mary and other so called saints and bow and worship idols they definitely are not saved and therefore could not being speaking in tongue). All persons who have been saved are filled with The Holy Spirit (this is taught in the New Testament–The Holy Bible).

    • Hi Dee,

      If you think I am wrong about something, you are welcome to make a comment with your correction. Everything here is my best opinion, based on what I can find in scripture. If I find I am wrong, I can change it. Any opinion can change with better information.

    • also the mark of the beast is MONEY you cannot buy or sell w/o as the whole world worships it,and on the bill it says “in god we trust” hmm god of this world ?

  21. On the number 616 and 616 – some Bible Scholars believe those are the numbers that corresponded with the name Nero Caesar – and that they stand for his name. This is something you can also look up on the internet.

  22. I am deeply confused about the Codex Vaticanus. I pray that you can help me to find the truth that I am looking for. I have looked online and have viewed several different copies of the codex vaticanus. It has left me deeply perplexed because they do not match. Most of them match. However, the partial parchment, which I believe to be the oldest copy, is shown many times online. There is often a red arrow, pointing to the symbols on it, what is left of it. When you compare it to the symbols that are on other copies, they simply do not match. Why is this? A symbol is either changed to another symbol or it remains the same. Has the codex vaticanus “666 symbols” been changed to something different than what is on the oldest parchment? Or is the red arrow not pointing to the correct symbols? Thank you very much for your time.

    God Bless,


    • hi amanda

      I am not sure, since i cannot see what you are talking about. Do you have images of these mismatched copies? They could be from different portions of a page, and not copies of identical text.

    • Amanda, you are mixing different notions, because “666” does not appear in the Codex Vaticanus as such, since this Codex (written in Uncials) does not originally have the Book of Revelation, which has been added to it in minuscules during the Middle Ages. You can find a photographic version of the NT part of the Codex Vaticanus on the following site: http://www.csntm.org/Manuscript/View/GA_03
      If you find another manuscript claiming to be this Codex and not matching this photographic image of it, you can be sure it is not the original.
      As to “666”, it is not a sequel of three distinct symbols, but the modern manner of representing the number six hundred and sixty-six, i.e., six times one hundred plus six times ten plus six.
      The “616” form for this number (six times one hundred plus ten plus six) comes from only one source, which is one of the Oxyrhynchi Papyri, a collection of false NT texts, such as the Gospel of Thomas or the Gospel of Bartholomew, so this indication alone proves the falsehood of 616. However, this falsehood has not been perpetrated in purpose, but rather because of incompetence. Indeed, in ancient Greek, the number “six hundred” is represented by the letter “chi”, the number “sixty” by the letter “hex” (an “x” in fact), and the number six by the letters “digamma” or “stigma”. And the number “ten” is represnted by the letter “iota” (an “i” in fact). Now the scribe who falsified the number (and not the three cyphers) 666 simply mistook a slimly written “hex” (often encountered) for an “iota”, and wrote the sequel “chi” “iota” “stigma” instead of “chi” “hex” “stigma”, i.e. “six hundred” “ten” “six” instead of “six hundred” “sixty” “six”.
      And this is why there is only one correct reading of this number, which you find in all Bibles: 666 is nothing else than the number six hundred and sixty-six.

      This being said, this number indeed can be drawn from the name of the head of a large organisation persecuting the Christian Church throughout the ages, this man being “the man of sin” and the “anti-christ”, meaning one who opposes Christ. And people who don’t want to know who that man is of course congratulate each other for not wanting to know what the number represents because they don’t think it is important to know, in which case I wonder why Jesus put it in the Revelation. Would it be possible He would have given us unimportant information we should not try to understand ?

      I don’t think so.

      Hope to have helped you.



  23. “The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is the devil still.” A.W. Tozer

  24. Let us be not wise in our own conceits. May I offer an opinion that it appears to me (a man who realizes wisdom is a gift from GOD) that the unwise and wise alike should clearly see that Marianne is quite correct in her analysis of 616 and 666. I think that perhaps the number and name are actually irrevelent to a point, however, in that an “antichrist” (or better “anti-christ”) should be easily identified as an imposter for satan proposing to be greater than the real Christ Jesus and promoting satan himself as the ultimate image to worship, thereby, speaking and teaching against the athority of Christ and especially omitting GOD as the one and only ALMIGHTY GOD. It follows that one’s choice is to decide which (whose) mark you want, and whom to worship and serve. In that regard, if one chooses satan, the mark most likely will be a mark representing satan and his image. I would like to see if Marianne can figure numbers related to satan and his Hebrew name(s), if she thinks this is a relevent idea. I am an engineer and I think this web site is productive.
    Also, with regards to Dinasaurs, I read that the term was coined in 1955, and the greatest dinasaur find ever discovered was in China at a site named “DRAGON BONES”. Another interesting thing reported about this site was that the dinasaur bones were found to be mostly uncovered- above ground! How many dragons read about before 1955, were actually dinasaurs?

    • hi John,

      I am not good at Gematria, the numbering associated with Hebrew words, but I can ask someone who can, and get back to you.

      Satan in Hebrew is actually Satan.
      It is Sin (300?)- Tet (9)- Nun (50)

      616 (chi, iota, sigma (ΧΙϚ) if Hebrew loosely looks like (?)
      in hebrew letters…. Tau – vav – no real match (lamed?)

      I think if we just look for anti-christ BEHAVIOR, and not just the name or number, we will find what we need.

      Maybe this theory is correct on this page:

      We need to remember that the Antichrist person, will be using the language, script, and alphabet of his own country for his own name and number.

      Unless he is Greek or Hebrew, then we can use those alphabets to decipher the code.

      Suppose what John saw was Arabic, for example? He just copied what he saw.

      Walid Shoebat is a former terrorist muslim who converted, and who says he immediately recognized the “666” in the Greek text.

      see you tube video

    • WOW! This makes perfect sense!

      The name of the beast is of course “in the name of Allah”

      What is so strange is that earlier today I almost bought the movie “kingdom of heaven”-the movie just “jumped out at me” but I didn’t. Then I come to this page and view the video and this guy mentions that we should watch it…I will be watching it now for sure.

      And regarding the badge as the mark, this would make sense as well.

      I have always felt there was more behind the words on the pages in the scriptures and have wanted to get my hands on the original and get someone to translate to me what the original writings were.

      Thank you Marianne! This was a definite eye opener.

  25. Long time reader / 1st time poster. Really enjoying reading the blog, keep up the good work. Will definitely start posting more in the near future.

  26. Here 5602 is 2076 wisdom 4678. Let him that hath 2192 understanding 3563 count 5585 the number 706 of the beast 2342: for 1063 it is 2076 the number 706 of a man 444; and 2532 his 846 number 706 [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six 5516.

    This is the way we usually see Rev. 13:18 translated. However, in light of Walid Whoebat’s understanding, we can also read it like this:

    Here is wisdom, Let him that has understanding “cast your vote” concerning the “multitude” of the beast, for it is a “multitude” of “Adamic man”; and the beast’s multitude is prodded, or goes by the crossed swords of Allah.

    If you look up the words “number”, “he”, and “a man” in your concordance, “number” can mean an indefinite number, or multitude. And the prounoun “he” used for the beast, is a pronoun that can likewise be an “it” as well as a “he”, “they”, or even a “she”. Assuming the pronoun is an “it”, that would make the number of the beast: a multitude of Adamic members of an organization whose multitude uses the symbol of the X, or crossed swords. Also the word for “a man” in Rev. 13:18 can be used generically to mean “mankind” or “unregenerated man”, making the article “a”, in “a man” unnecessary. And lastly, the word “count” can also mean: to vote, decide, like throwing a pebble into a jar for casting your vote.

    Therefore Rev. 13:18 could read:
    Let him that has understanding VOTE concerning the MULTITUDE of the beast: for it is the MULTITUDE of ADAMIC MAN; and ITS MULTITUDE goes in the name of Allah with X — crossed swords.

    As an aside, did you know the overspreading of abominations in Daniel 9:27 also means “at the edge of a foundation”, skirting the edge? The Islamic Dome of the Rock stands at the edge of Solomon’s temple in the courtyard of the gentiles, it stands like a wing at the edge of the foundation, and it will stand there, according to Daniel, until the very end, or consummation.

    • hi Chris

      I agree. Good points. Islam is too big NOT to play a part in the end times. Traditional interpretations should make room for more accurate ones.

  27. Chris said “it stands like a wing at the edge of the foundation, ”


    Is this what you were talking about regarding https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/wings-and-sacrifices-of-the-temple/

  28. And if what Walid Shoebat states is correct, being that he was muslim and recognized the language as arabic and therefore translated it for us, then IF “the multitude of Islam is the Beast” then who is the false prophet?

    What role does the Catholic church play (they changed dates, times and laws)?

    And what role does Obama play being that he is indeed Muslim?

    Among many things, he has done away with the national day of prayer within the White House so as not to offend non-christians but replaced it with celebrating the Muslim Holy Days such as Ramadan-evidently he didn’t care that this would be offensive to christians in a christian nation no less.

    As Chris wrote, I am Just curious if this applies to VOTING Obama into office,

    “Therefore Rev. 13:18 could read:
    Let him that has understanding VOTE concerning the MULTITUDE of the beast:..”

    Did we “VOTE” this multitude into our country via Trojan Horse-Obama?!

  29. I have my moments…then they leave…LOL

  30. To the blog owner: I was looking for an interpretation of locusts in the bible and found this site. I believe you are correct – this agrees with what Ellis Skolfield and Walid Shoebat have written.
    I have been reading about end times for many years now on and off but I could never quite see proof for the 7 years tribulation (what about christians in the Roman empire and in Islamic times, wasn’t this tribulation?), and the beast being a revived Roman empire (would European rulers take the time from enjoying and increasing their wealth and power and finding time between mistresses and prostitutes to start a new religion to enslave the whole earth – when one already exists?). Some 18 months ago I started thinking that Islam must be mentioned in the Bible somewhere. After reading the first 2 sites below, it all fell into place, it’s a plain as day. I was shocked. Most people on this blog seem to realise a lot of this as Islam is not just a religion, its a total religious, economic, legal, social and political system (Shariah law) which they intend to force on us all. The following web sites should be compulsory reading for the whole western world. Jihadists are simply emulating their founder and are supported at least silently by 99% of Islam regardless of what is said in English (this is just part of jihad).
    Ellis Skolfield’s online book “The False Prophet” demonstrates detailed to the year fulfilment of historical and present islam in the Bible which is difficult to refute. You will see what the abomination of desolation is, also the beast and the false prophet. I have purchased some 20 copies to share amongst my blue collar colleagues and most are simply amazed. It will prove that the God who is able to predict history in this way is the only true God.

    • dear Henry,

      You are 100% correct. Prepare for a 90 day shortage of food and water. I think we will be at war very soon with Iran or another Terrorist country.

    • By posting the above, I want to say that I am not fully committed to the veri chip being the “mark”. I think it will play a part but the best explanation I have heard thus far is the one from Walid Shoebat in that the “mark” also referred to as a “badge of servitude” related to Islam is highly probable as well.

  31. consider this – 15 years ago, computers were for rich people – the super elite – now there’s one in every house – sometimes 2 – in my case 4… what if your computer is the mark?

  32. hi JD

    The mark is to be placed on the forehead or hand. So you see the computer might be a part of it, and play a role, but not be the mark itself.

  33. however, we spend the majority of our days with our right hands on some form of technology – not just the computer, but cell phones, ipods, etc, etc – it could be a mark cleverly disguised – and its only us who chooses to pick it up on a daily basis

  34. wow, you really are great – I definitely expected to come back here with more arguments, but you actually considered it (because seriously it can’t be discounted) – the more I think about it the more it makes me nervous – currently in society its nearly impossible to get by without these things – “THEY” have made it so. I can’t think of anything else that so readily reaches the masses – and no one can argue that the internet has helped to perpetuate evil more than good (search for pretty much anything and you get half a dozen porn pages) – lets consider for a moment we’re being tested, as I said, on a daily basis – don’t answer the phone – don’t type an email – don’t go near your favorite pogo game… what if the “true” mark is something just as permeating as the internet/technology has been – how would we know it – and how exactly would we get around it? How many of you are willing to turn in all of your gadgets?

    I guess my real question is … if we’re tricked into accepting the mark, is there forgiveness? is there salvation? if we live all our lives in the way God intended, but we are fallible humans.. can he really punish us for something we didn’t … realize?

  35. my thinking goes along the lines of ok… God doesn’t really use trickery and metaphors – he tries to be straightforward – But Satan is tricky, and isn’t ignorant to the book of Revelations – he’s going to try to disguise his mark as best as he can

    • JD
      If I might chime in here, I have had this discussion many times with people on the mark. alot of people seem to think the mark is some work that we do, which there clearly is some physical marking, but it is firstly a denial of the divinity of Jesus, therefore a belief and not a work. Denying Christ’s divinity is akin to not being a christian. therefore there is no forgiveness. This is also why I do not believe the mark will be the seventh vs. first day sabbath. whether that mark we accept is a chip implant, cellphone, etc. I do not know.

      • correctly translated “in” the forehead – your brain or what you believe
        in your right hand – euphemism for doing the work for…as in with child giving suck is a euphemism for doing the work for antichrist.


        It does not matter after Jesus died on the cross whether we have Kenite or Adamic blood. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in hom should not perish, but have everlasting life.” All the races have mixed and all are invited to have “everlasting life” …..IF…..they “believe.”

        The word “count” as it is used to count his number is only used in this place in the entire Bible. It is the Greek word #5585, psephizo, meaning, “to use pebbles in enumeration”. It comes from the base word #5586, psephos, meaning, “a pebble as worn smooth by handling while counting for a long period of time”. This is the “white stone” which is hidden manna, or hidden truth that only the elect can understand. Satan is called “Tyrus” in Ezekiel 28:2. Tyrus in Hebrew means “Rock”. Deuteronomy 32:31 states, “For their rock is not as our Rock”. Verse four of this chapter states, God is our Rock”. It leaves no doubt that the Kenites’ rock is Satan…our Rock is YHVH. Satan is their rock. His children are the stones or pebbles. We see now why the word “count with pebbles” is used. Where the children (pebbles) are, their father shall appear. You are told to count the number “666”…but this is only part of his number. His full number is the Greek word #5516, XES (chi xi stigma). The twenty second, fourteenth and an “obsolete” letter #4742, (as a cross) of the Greek alphabet, used as numbers, denote respectively 600, 60 and 6, or 666 as a numeral. You are not told about the so-called obsolete letter #4742, stigma, which means a “mark’ incised for recognition of ownership, a scar of service”. This information is withheld from you because it would identify the mark of Cain and his children the Kenites. Without this knowledge you would not be aware of the message contained in Revelation 2:9 ‘which says, “…them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”. They claim to be God’s chosen people and that their Messiah (rock), wil1 soon return. If you listen to them, you will worship the antichrist. Remember, the stones were worn smooth from counting a long period of time…from Genesis to Revelation. Who is “666 stigma”? 11 Thessalonians 2:3-4 says, That man of sin. The son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God”. That temple is at Jerusalem and that man who will sit in the temple saying he is YHVH is the antichrist.

    • Hey JD,

      It is my understanding that Revelations was “coded” per se so as to confuse not only the Roman government in John’s time but also satan.

  36. Great reading.

    My only concern about the Islamic ‘headband’ video with the mark is the original context of these words seem to infer to engraved/punctured markings in the forehead and/or right hand, similar to the cruxifiction of Christ. Headbands aren’t really inscribed into the skin. Using the computer with the right hand doesn’t inscribe anything into the skin either.

    Not only that, marks and tattoos have been used to identify criminals all the way through history.

    Here’s something:

    In Acts 28, Paul has the hanging viper from his hand, and the Islanders immediately think he is a criminal …. but he shakes the viper/serpent from his hand and the people thereafter think he is a God. I wonder if the thing hanging off of Paul’s hand also confers to the mark in some way? If so, it suggests to me that we have no worries of receiving this mark, we can shake it off and other scriptures state we will overcome the antichrist/serpent etc in the last days. I also think this reflects the good news of the gospel. Cheers

    • hi J

      There is a mark on the forehead of devout Muslims, from bending down in prayer until their forehead makes contact with the floor. It puts a scar on the forehead. It is called a zabiba.

      there is also a practice of cutting the fore head to make it bleed to show allegiance.

  37. This discussion makes me want to learn ancient Hebrew and Greek.

    Over the past few days I have been thinking about when The image of the best was given power to kill people who would not worship the image.

    rev 13:15

    And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

    an image, figure, likeness

    I wonder if this could be referring to robots/computer’s …could be even clones but the technology is close to doing just that. we are really close to the technology…

    • hi Byron

      Maybe it’s a hologram.

      • How can a hologram kill people?

        • the hologram , or image, is not the one that causes people to be killed, it is the false prophet, who promotes the beast and his image.

          • KINGDOMS THAT CONTROLLED JERUSALEM are the ones that kill people…they killed Jesus and the prophets. Antichrist will be the SEVENTH and the EIGHTH who will control Jerusalem.

            Verse 10. Listen carefully. “And there are seven kings, five are fallen; and one is, and the other is not yet come. And when he cometh, he must continue a short space.” You were given a great clue of wisdom through the book of Daniel because its an overlay of Revelation. And these beast nations, you had the head of gold, the brass, the iron and the clay and the ten toes of mingled iron and clay.
            NUMBER ONE Nebuchanezzar of Babylon was the golden head.
            NUMBER TWO Medio/Persia.
            NUMBER THREE Greece.
            NUMBER FOUR Rome – controlled Jerusalem during the time of Jesus – killed Jesus and the apostles
            NUMBER FIVE From the year 636 AD all the way up to the year of our Lord 1948 or 1967 the Mohamadans (Palestinians) occupied it
            NUMBER SIX “one is” This kingdom of the fig tree; both the good (Christians) figs and the evil (Kenites) figs conquered the Mohamadans. This is the Generation of the Fig Tree (today)

            NUMBER SEVEN “and the other is not yet come” Antichrist before the pit

            NUMBER EIGHT Verse eleven. “And the beast that was and is not” “even he is the eighth” “and goeth into perdition” “was” – Antichrist ruling Jerusalem
            “is not” – in the pit during millennium “even he is the eighth” – released from pit after millennium “and goeth into perdition”

          • unforgivable sin: If God’s elect do not allow the Holy spirit to speak through them when they are delivered up to the synagogues of Satan, it is UNFORGIVABLE.

            Pentecost according to the Strong’s Concordance means “the fiftieth day” the second of the three great Jewish feasts, celebrated at Jerusalem yearly, the seventh week after the Passover, in grateful recognition of the completed harvest.

            In the book of Acts, on Pentecost day in Jerusalem, Peter repeats the words from the Old Testament book of Joel concerning the last days when God says he is going to pour out his spirit on men and women, young and old. The elect will prophesy, see visions and dream dreams. On Pentecost day those present heard a rushing wind and saw tongues of fire ascended on the believers. Everyone present, who was from all nations of the world, understood clearly what was being said in their own language.

            God’s elect will allowing Holy Spirit to speak through them and that even the gainsayers will not be able to deny what they say. Those who are delivered up to speak are warned not to premeditate what they will say, but to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them.

            And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: (Acts 2:17-18)

            And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language. And they were all amazed and marveled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galileans? And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born? (Acts 2:3-8)

            But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost. (Mark 13:11)

            But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake. And it shall turn to you for a testimony. Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer: For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. (Luke 21:12-15)

            And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say: For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say. (Luke 12:11-12)

  38. The mark is to be sealed in your mind with the 6 seals so that you know antichrist comes before Jesus…do not be taken out of season. Remember the man with the ink horn sealed the “believers”. Satan was in the first earth age when he rebelled against YHVH, in this earth age when he beguiled or wholly seduced Eve in the garden, and will come again as antichrist at the 6th seal, 6th trump, and 6th vile. ..thus 666. God’s word is so simple that even a first grader can understand it.

  39. The word “count” as it is used to count his number is only used in this place in the entire Bible. It is the Greek word #5585, psephizo, meaning, “to use pebbles in enumeration”. It comes from the base word #5586, psephos, meaning, “a pebble as worn smooth by handling while counting for a long period of time”. This is the “white stone” which is hidden manna, or hidden truth that only the elect can understand. Satan is called “Tyrus” in Ezekiel 28:2. Tyrus in Hebrew means “Rock”. Deuteronomy 32:31 states, “For their rock is not as our Rock”. Verse four of this chapter states, God is our Rock”. It leaves no doubt that the Kenites’ rock is Satan…our Rock is YHVH. Satan is their rock. His children are the stones or pebbles. We see now why the word “count with pebbles” is used. Where the children (pebbles) are, their father shall appear. You are told to count the number “666”…but this is only part of his number. His full number is the Greek word #5516, XES (chi xi stigma). The twenty second, fourteenth and an “obsolete” letter #4742, (as a cross) of the Greek alphabet, used as numbers, denote respectively 600, 60 and 6, or 666 as a numeral. You are not told about the so-called obsolete letter #4742, stigma, which means a “mark’ incised for recognition of ownership, a scar of service”. This information is withheld from you because it would identify the mark of Cain and his children the Kenites. Without this knowledge you would not be aware of the message contained in Revelation 2:9 ‘which says, “…them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”. They claim to be God’s chosen people and that their Messiah (rock), wil1 soon return. If you listen to them, you will worship the antichrist. Remember, the stones were worn smooth from counting a long period of time…from Genesis to Revelation. Who is “666 stigma”? 11 Thessalonians 2:3-4 says, That man of sin. The son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God”. That temple is at Jerusalem and that man who will sit in the temple saying he is YHVH is the antichrist.

    • Carolyn
      How are people to know if they are descendents of Cain? What about those who are both, they have the blood of cain and seth?

      • dru2:

        It does not matter after Jesus died on the cross whether we have Kenite or Adamic blood. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in hom should not perish, but have everlasting life.” All the races have mixed and all are invited to have “everlasting life” …..IF…..they “believe.”

        The word “count” as it is used to count his number is only used in this place in the entire Bible. It is the Greek word #5585, psephizo, meaning, “to use pebbles in enumeration”. It comes from the base word #5586, psephos, meaning, “a pebble as worn smooth by handling while counting for a long period of time”. This is the “white stone” which is hidden manna, or hidden truth that only the elect can understand. Satan is called “Tyrus” in Ezekiel 28:2. Tyrus in Hebrew means “Rock”. Deuteronomy 32:31 states, “For their rock is not as our Rock”. Verse four of this chapter states, God is our Rock”. It leaves no doubt that the Kenites’ rock is Satan…our Rock is YHVH. Satan is their rock. His children are the stones or pebbles. We see now why the word “count with pebbles” is used. Where the children (pebbles) are, their father shall appear. You are told to count the number “666”…but this is only part of his number. His full number is the Greek word #5516, XES (chi xi stigma). The twenty second, fourteenth and an “obsolete” letter #4742, (as a cross) of the Greek alphabet, used as numbers, denote respectively 600, 60 and 6, or 666 as a numeral. You are not told about the so-called obsolete letter #4742, stigma, which means a “mark’ incised for recognition of ownership, a scar of service”. This information is withheld from you because it would identify the mark of Cain and his children the Kenites. Without this knowledge you would not be aware of the message contained in Revelation 2:9 ‘which says, “…them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”. They claim to be God’s chosen people and that their Messiah (rock), wil1 soon return. If you listen to them, you will worship the antichrist. Remember, the stones were worn smooth from counting a long period of time…from Genesis to Revelation. Who is “666 stigma”? 11 Thessalonians 2:3-4 says, That man of sin. The son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God”. That temple is at Jerusalem and that man who will sit in the temple saying he is YHVH is the antichrist.

        • Go read Genesis again , Noah came from cains line . Noah’s Son Shem is also the line that Jesus came thru –
          So that blows that theory . God gave his only begotten Son , for who so ever will believe . Why would you exclude anyone . Our enemy is not flesh in blood . But the true enemy wants us to hate each other , for any and every reason . Love conquers All !!
          Just read it , I did not know this , and it seems , many skip right over the begat so in so ,begat so in so ,and on and on .

  40. The original text did *not* indicate 616. The 616 was either a copyist error or it was done on purpose. How do we *know* that 666 is the correct number and and that 616 is incorrect? Church history.

    John, who wrote the Revelation, had a direct disciple named Polycarp (he was the bishop of the church of Smyrna at the time the book of Revelation was written). Polycarp’s direct disciple was Irenaeus who warned the church not to deviate *at all* from what the apostles handed down.

    Irenaeus wrote about this heresy in his writings “Against Heresies”. Again, this is coming from an extremely reliable source in a direct line from the apostles:

    John the Apostle who wrote down the Revelation> to Polycarp>to Irenaeus.

    Also, Irenaeus gave examples of how to calculate the name…which added up to 666, not 616. Ireanaeus said many names would add up to this number but this was given to us so that when the actual time of the anti-christ came and everything was pointing to this man, this calculation of the name to 666 was another way to be sure.

    616 was a known heresy in the very earliest church history. We see just how early this heresy came about…Polycarp was appointed bishop of the church of Smyrna before the Revelation was written and was Bishop there when it was written. Smyrna was one of the only two churches of Revelation not to receive a rebuke. The Revelation and the number 666 was written while Polycarp was still pastoring the church of Smyrna. This is EARLY. Ireanaeus was taught BY Polycarp who received no rebuke. Polycarpbs church at Smyrna receiving no rebuke from the Lord Jesus is HIGH qualification for Polycarp…who was martyred…as was his disciple Irenaeus who wrote against 616.


  41. In Jeremiah the prophet’s day, God told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 35:1 to “go unto the house of the Rechabites, and speak unto them, and bring them into the house of the Lord, into one of the chambers, and give them wine to drink.” Two things to notice here; one is that these Kenites are called Rechabites, the same name that they called themselves, in I Chronicles 2:55 , as being “Kenites of the house of Rechab”. They are not of Abraham in any manner, except for the fact that they had taken over the duties of the Levitical priests and scribes. These Kenites had been instructed by their father Rechab as to what they could do, and what they could not do, and it is interesting that they obeyed their father’s instructions to the letter.

    Note also that in verse three (3) there is another “Jeremiah” given, only this Jeremiah is not the prophet, but a Kenite, of the house of Rechab. We know this by his father’s name, just as later in the chapter we see the name Zedekiah also that was a Kenite. However remember that these Kenites had been living for the past four hundred years prior to this time in the land of the Israelites, since they had entered into Judah to build the Temple under Solomon. When Solomon died, the kingdom of Israel was split into two separate nations, The House of Judah, and the House of Israel. Then through the marriage between the King Earbaal of Hameth, and King Omri of Israel , the nations were bound together through marriage. Queen Jezebel, the wife of Ahab brought in her four hundred priests of Baal, and all the troubles of Israel continued downhill, until the time that this nation Israel was scattered around the world.

    These Kenite men were the sons of Jonadab, the son of Rechab, and these Kenites had received a separate set of instructions, dos and don’t that they must
    follow. Today we know those set of instructions as the Talmud, for this set of their laws are not the Torah or the Bible as we know it today. When you go to the law library and see the size of the number of books comprising this set of instruction, it becomes obvious that it is quite vast with its many books.

    However God told Jeremiah that because these Rechabites had followed the letter of their law that their father gave them, they would receive a promise from God. Jeremiah 35:18, 19 “Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; `Because ye have obeyed the commandment of Jonadab your father, and kept all his precepts, and done according unto all that he hath commanded you:” [18] “Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts the God of Israel; Jonadab the son of Rechab shall not want a man to stand before Me for ever.” [19]

    Today they rule God’s children through the four hidden dynasties of religion, politics, economy, and education. No blood test needed…The blood of Jesus will save whosoever will come…even Kenites.

  42. Chronicles 2:55 “And the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez; the Tirathites, the Shimeathites, and Schuathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hamath, the father of the house of Rechab.”

  43. Christians who are deceived by the false teachings of the Kenites through the four hidden dynasties will receive the mark of the beast. The Kenites are teaching false doctrine and preparing the world for a one world religious beast system and a one world political beast system. These beast systems are offices held by Satan himself . He was in the first earth age before he fell…he was in the garden in this earth age…he will come as antichrist, go into the pit, come out for a little season and then go inito perdition. Watch who controlls Jerusalem…we are watchmen.

  44. No, they are their own race from the house of Rechab. Please note that Cain is not listed in Adam’s geneology in Genesis 5. The only genealogies listed here are those of Jesus Christ Himself. Cain’s genealogy is in Genesis 4:16-24.

    The disciples are asking Christ to explain the Parable of the Tares; Matthew 13:36 KJV reads:

    “Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, ‘Declare unto us the parAbel of the tares of the field.'”

    Jesus responds in Matthew 13:37 KJV:

    “He answered and said unto them, ‘He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man.'”

    Jesus tells them that He is responsible for sowing the good seed. Matthew 13:38 KJV says that with the exception of the tares, His seed produces all the children of the world:

    “The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one.”

    Satan’s seed brought forth the Tares…the Kenites. The devil being Satan, Matthew 13:39 KJV teaches you that they began with his seed:

    “The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.”

    Teaching in parables, Christ, Himself, explains the origin of the bad seed to His disciples. Satan’s seed produced Cain, the beginning of the Kenite family tree. The Kenite Priests were Jews by residence only, and they are responsible for the death of Christ. He is speaking to them in John 8:43 KJV:

    “Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear my word.”

    Throughout this chapter, the priests attempt to convince others that Christ is not the Son of God. He puts them in their place in John 8:44 KJV:

    “Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    In a “straight forward” manner, Jesus tells them who they are. Sternly and directly, He tells them that they are the offspring of Satan; “The lust of your father you will do,” says Christ. Reminding them that Cain was the first murderer, you see that their bloodline is spoiled by the one who started it — Satan!

    The Kenites remain hidden from the world by passing themselves off as Jews; you observe Christ driving this point home in Rev. 2:9 KJV:

    “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

    Judah gets blamed for most everything the Kenites do, and here Christ tells them straight-out: “You do not speak the truth when you claim to be Jews.” Christ reinforces this point in Rev. 3:9 KJV:

    “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

    The Kenites are liars and Christ wants you to know that Satan’s bloodline is not to be accommodated. When Jesus returns, they will kneel before your feet as they find you kneeling before the feet of Christ. As certain as Satan’s children began in the Garden of Eden, they are amongst you today. As Satan attempts to take the place of Christ, his children remain hidden by passing themselves off as Jews. You are to leave them alone; knowing whom they are will suffice because the Angels are instructed to take care of them when Christ returns for the harvest. Cain not being included in Adam’s genealogy makes perfect sense because the bible makes it clear that Adam is not his father. Cain is the Serpent’s seed and the Kenites are his followers who will prepare the world for the antichrist and will receive the mark of the beast..

  45. Dear Brothers and Sisters — we need to quit trying to figure out who Anti-christ is. It is so simple it goes completely over our head. Anybody – any person – that does not have a “Born again Experience” and filled with GOD= the Holy Spirit are living in a anti-christ lifestyle. They are serving the Beast within the carnal flesh and their own Human spirit and not God neither do they know the “Will of God” and they live in darkness. That is an anti-christ. If you die without Jesus Christ living in you – you going to a place where all people have the “Mark of the Beast”.
    The Church’s of today has got everybody looking into the future for a satan man to come on the planet and decieve everyone by force. That is not it. Mankind freely serves the “Tree of Life or the “Tree of Death”.
    Satan the Serpent is within every sinner and eating from the Tree of death — Jesus Christ and everyone that has the HOLY SPIRIT is a Christ child eating from the Tree of Eternal Life. So please look within yourself and say — am I serving the Word or the World — Serving the Holy Spirit and will of God. or Serving Sin and doubt and serving the World.
    Love you all – Lord bless you – Bro. York

  46. The “born again experience” is not baptised with water…it is to be born from above through the water bag of woman…not to come to earth as the fallen angels did…they left their heavenly estate and came to earth to seduce women and caused hybrids to be born. The are held in chains…see Jude…and will be destroyed with Satan at the second advent. WE are born from above…which some confuse and call it the “born again experience” which the think is what Tom was talking about in the above post. Tom you are born again but you were born again through the water bag of your mother. You did not leave your first estate, which is heaven, like the fallen angels. Born again in the Hebrew is really BORN FROM ABOVE.

    • hi Carolyn

      I do not understand what you mean about the bag of a woman.

      Being born again is not a physical experience.

      It is a spiritual one, AFTER we are born the first time, in a natural way.

      Hence, the use of the word ” born again.”

      We are not born two times (or multiple times) through the bag of a woman.

  47. http://www.americanwisdomseries.com is a great website. Check it out.

  48. You were created in heaven and lived with God who created you. At that time you had your spirit body. There were other creations there with you. You chose to be “born from above” through the bag of water that breaks at birth in order to enter this flesh age. The fallen angels did not chose to be “born from above” through the woman’s bag of water that breaks at birth. The left their first estate called heaven and came to earth without being born of woman. In order to enter heaven again when we die, Jesus said we have to be “born from above” into this earth age. The fallen angels are held in chains until their time of destruction…see Jude. We are sent to earth to offer those who followed Satan at the Katabole a chance to choose YHVH in this earth age. If they choose YHVH they can be saved. Please listen to
    http://youtu.be/aBRW1FLL2K0 … this will explain all about the fallen angels who were not “born from above”. Their sin was fornication with flesh women. The produced hybrids…this is why God wanted all the Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Jebusites, Hivites, Perizzites and Girgashites killed…they were hybrids. God wants kind after kind.

    • carolyn

      We seem to have different definitions.

      To me, there is a difference between being created and being born, and being born again.

      To create means make out of nothing…which is the case of heavenly beings like angels.

      To b born means to be formed out of human egg and sperm, out of natural materials.

      So if an angel has been created in heaven, then he just exists. he is not born.

      The exception to this was Jesus, who already pre-existed in heaven but became flesh later, being born as a human baby.

      When Jesus was born as a human, he was “born”, not born “again,” or an extra time. He was born for the first time.

      To be “born again” does not refer to this human birth. It is a spiritual change in a human’s life.

      “Born” for the first time means taking on a human form through conception in a woman’s body.

      “Born again” is a spiritual change that occurs in a person’s heart and spirit, where they reject and repent of their sins, and take on the character of God, made possible by Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

  49. mark of the bease tape 1 http://youtu.be/aBRW1FLL2K0
    mark of the beast tape 2 http://youtu.be/m_0PqtP-wUc
    mark of the bease tape 3 http://youtu.be/qZb-zNZuuuA
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    mark of the beast tape 6 http://youtu.be/sHvnMRzMQ0Y
    mark of the beast tape 7 http://youtu.be/6skj8H9VEVE
    mark of the beast tape 8 http://youtu.be/zdV3oo3eFiE

  50. Three world ages tape 1 http://youtu.be/uGCkjdDimlk
    Three world ages tape 2 http://youtu.be/UIJywMSW19Q
    Three world ages tape 3 http://youtu.be/AWNy9rgUWas
    Three world ages tape 4 http://youtu.be/QJPRbWAMDok
    Three world ages tape 5 http://youtu.be/RtcDYLjgjFs
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    Three world ages tape 7 http://youtu.be/3ktlwRuI8Ys
    Three world ages tape 8 http://youtu.be/SOclBQC_krA

  51. Identifying antichrist part 1 http://youtu.be/QD1FzUxVpZY
    Identifying antichrist part 2 http://youtu.be/k_TlhfxPskg
    Identifying antichrist part 3 http://youtu.be/NJfT66EwwGk
    Identifying antichrist part 4 http://youtu.be/KAnfsUcRPdg
    Identifying antichrist part 5 http://youtu.be/6fuP27yaOsg

  52. http://youtu.be/keRAiALuCuU We will be delivered up to the antichrist during the tribulation for the Holy Spirit to speak through us to preach the gospel to the nations…not to allow the Holy spirit to speak through you is the unforgivable siin. Please Listen to this…it proves there is no repture.

  53. Noticed a Carolyn and a Carolyn Laney Jackson commented here. Wanted to say neither are Internet Elias (Carolyn).

  54. havent read all the comments buut………the only religion i know that uses a cross is certain groups of christianity stemming from early catholicism,they baptise babies with a cross of water on the forehead, (water- fish-hook?) the bishops also wear the hats of dagon (fish god)…just one more unrelated point….i watched a programme about the antichrist the other day stating the ‘trinity’ of thedevil/antichrist/false prophet….. is that not what the catholic church preaches a holy trinity…they are the only ones i know to wear out the saints (halos of jupiter behind saintly figures) think the bible also says they will bring signs/miracles…..again they tend to have alot of people who ‘manifest’ the marks of christ,(punctures pierces to the skin?) saints etc….
    harlot??? the holy mary possibly?
    and yes i agree there is no rapture……another catholic myth!

    • hi Jay

      it is possible that the T- I – C has something to do with christianity as well, as you say. The beast may be associated with a false church, symbolized by the cross.

    • Can’t see the forest through the trees. When I was young, both in the body as well as in the spirit, I was blown about by every wind of doctrine. I have found that to understand anything take not only years of study and discipline but also real life experience. The matter being discussed here is meat, red meat no less, that simply cannot be ingested by babes in the faith. As I read through these posts, the mental image that emerges in my mine is of a room full of school children. Full of pride and smiles having received their little stars for successfully leaning to add single digit numbers, they gather around an important looking stack of papers. As the children pour over the strange writings they each create stories and fantasies to explain the unusual symbols and what they must mean. As entertaining as it may be, the imaginations of these children will never accurately decipher this physicist’s thesis on quantum mechanics. I have learned through experience that there is little I could say that will help you on your road to discover, many things you must learn will only manifest themselves through trial and adversity. In time you learn discernment and with that discernment you will be able to weed through the flood of garbage that is ever present where the minds of men gather. If you have ears to hear what this old man would say, then speak at length on these matters I would. But recognizing the impatience of youth I will only ask this. That you would step back for a moment and look with your eyes. See the Catholic Church. Look I say, and see with the eyes that God has given you. See the saints feeding the homeless. See the hospitals, the orphanages, the missions all around the world whose WORKS show forth the love and testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Under great persecution they shrink back not, though in many nations even today it cost them their lives. See who is it that stands in the face of this world’s leader to defend the family, who will not bow down to homosexuality and abortion. So again I ask once more, see with your own eyes, now tell me do you really see the priest the nuns the missionaries the doctors the nurses and the laymen of the Church putting a sword to your throat and demanding that you bow and worship or die at their hands? It is said that the Beast makes war with, wears out and overcomes the saints. Seriously who best represents the saints in our world today?
      A house divided cannot stand.
      Cursed is he that sows discord among the brethren.

      May God keep you and bless you.

      FYI Catholics don’t believe in or promote the “rapture” doctrine, most don’t even have a clue to what it is.

      • dear Edward

        I want to assure you that this blog is devoted to the Word of God, and the heart of Jesus, and I make efforts to keep extreme viewpoints from taking over.

        While I get an occasional person who might blame the ills of the world on the catholic church, there are other who are here who are Catholic and defend their ways, as you have.

        There are also entire posts on the ills unique to the Protestant churches, and this is for teaching and illumination, not condemnation.

        There have been problems in all churches, and all denominations. What Jesus is looking for is a pure and spotless bride that he can take to heaven.

        I agree with you that we should all love each other, and unite together in faith, because the enemy is out there to devour all of us.

      • To Edward

        A house divided cannot stand


        … satan don’t even bother dividing the ishmaelites (Sons of Hagar).

        A letter from James
        ” Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor? ”

        A letter from jude
        “But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”. Yet these people slander whatever they do not understand, and the very things they do understand by instinct—as irrational animals do—will destroy them”

        A letter from John
        “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.”

        A letter from peter
        “It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.”

        It is more fruitful for satan to divide the church founded by Christ.

        • Yes homo2fistulam — Let us remember that if you Love someone. Love is Corrective – Love is the right justice. Love is the “Hidden” mystery of what the 10 commandments taught us. How can you love people when you see their pain is caused by some sin or attitude problem and then not tell them their attidote is doing the will of God.
          If we would all Love like Jesus – lay down our life for our friends. Jesus alwasys corrected the errors. Cause He was Truth. And truth sets you free indeed.
          Lord bless you dear brother – Good post – Shalom

          • Ah yes love … would you be willing to give up your graces and go to hell, so that a muslim may enter heaven?

            Yes or No?

            • homo2fistulam –
              Yea I think that all True believers would want to die for others. No matter what the nationality of a person would be. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak also. No Greater Love hath a man than He would lay down his life for a FRIEND . So lets get a little more deeper on the subject.
              When Jesus died He died for the Whole world amen. But God being God HE Knows ALL things. He knew that all men would not “Come to Him” or He isn’t God the Alpha and Omega. Amen
              He Died for His BRIDE and all that HE KNEW would come to him. He said you are my friend if you keep my commandments. Yes He died for all. But He knew who would love him and who would not.
              So we have to have the same kind of love. By dying for someone that is a heathen. The Righteous will pick that up and give their hearts to Jesus Christ for HIM Loving them. The unbelievers dont even care.
              But its a Great, Great humbling act of Gods mercy – That Jesus thought us to be worthy to die for. Then we should think the same way about all men. Not just muslim or american amen. God bless you brother.

              • I admire your courage and your faith … He who cling to his life loses it; but if he give up his life for “HIM”, will find it. … a wise decision indeed. :- o

                Why was the question raised? … it is like this … we christian was delivered to Christ because of the Father… only we are near to the Father through Christ, it is through Christ that we have been delivered to the Father

                … it is meaningful enough that “they” be delivered to Christ through us.

                This is to express our love for them that they may not perish from the lack of knowledge of Christ.

  55. Isn’t the year 666 AD Muhammad’s gift to the world called moon god worship, or Islam? It could be Islam is the forth horse as it’s color is green, and it’s rider is death. Notice Islam loves death more than life.

    The world system is giving power to an Islamic economic block. See how Egypt, Lybia, and now Syria is going? That which rules the world system is giving power a different group. America is part of this world system, and Carrier groups are on both side of Syria now. Air cover soon?

  56. ic xc

    the letters above christs head in inconography, an icon or mark.

    the letters i,c,x the first three have marks above them signifying divinity or holiness.

    There you have it iota = 10 sigma = 6 and chi = 600

  57. forest for the trees??? really?
    i am not a ‘school child’, your comments are insulting, i am a fully grown adult and have studied ALL religions, i am well educated having studied at undergraduate and post graduate level, i am well versed and well educated in education AND in life and have faced many adversities which i wnt discuss here! as for you comment on quantum mechanics, i wrote a paper on it in college looooong before it even came to public attention!
    see the homes, hospitals etc??? yes the world now sees the child abuse that went on all those years and yes the catholic church did put the sword to peoples throats during the crusades and during the times it invaded countries all over the world and converted them all or havent you studied history?
    your comments are rather hypocritical edward and homo2fistulam about judging considering your judging my opinions? they are my opinions and im entitled to them, only god knows the truth or have you forgotten that? maybe you should search your heart for the truth as i have!
    you also have priests called ‘father’ there is only 1 father… that which is in heaven!…whats the saying…”take the plank of wood out your own eye before attempting to take the splinter out of anothers!”
    oh and another thing no where in my previous post did i mention ‘hate’ of the catholic church, i simply put across a view point, something to consider, but it is clear you think any view against the catholic church is hate, how sad!
    let us not forget true christianity was corrupted when constantine decided to adopt it and mix it with romes pagan religion…would you like me to discuss that in depth? cos i sure can!
    you mention homosexuality, doesnt the catholic church host most of them?
    you all mention love… all i see is hate for muslims, hate for homosexuals..i could go on… heres a question…… if homosexuality is such a sin, why did god create them? are you going to tell me the devil did? if so why are they all in your church hmm?
    ill tell you why god created such diversity in religion, sexuality, colour…. because hes trying to teach us to love all!!!! love thy neighbour, love thine enemy….love love love….clearly by your posts you dont love anyone who expresses a view against the catholic church!
    ill tell you what life has taught me since i have friends who are all colours, religions and sexualities…. none of these things make a person evil, what is in their heart does! no doubt this will fall on deaf ears… there is good and bad in every colour, religion, sexuality, profession including the church!
    stop psychologically projecting your own inadequacies onto others and you might actually grow in life and love.
    i also want to ask the catholic church… jesus was put on the cross, given god intended it, but it was an awful reflection of the world… why would any church glorify the cruxifiction by putting symbols of it all over the place????

    sorry marianne but i felt this post needed expressing considering im being told i cant see the forest for the trees when others appear to not have gotten past the grass before the forest!
    lots of love! x

    • To jay, (post May 24)

      Your opinion is yours alone … granted :- )

      Criticism is a sign of good conversation … but you have to be ready that they too; also want to have a “good conversation” with you.

      When you are asked, its not to find fault from you; but to find answers through you. Let yourself go and be a medium of the Holy Spirit.

      The Cross … is a symbol of the greatest love; “to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (and take note .. it is plural … lolz)

      It is an invitation to “follow Him”, least we forget

      It is through the Cross that the Father Glorifies the Son.

      Will you then prefer the ichthus? it symbolizes the “fish” which are still to be evangelized by the apostles. But that also makes a notion that the fish need still to be caught first by the fisher’s of men … which, in my opinion, is pre-christianic.

  58. oh and another thing edward…. for all your hypocritical comments on school children…. didnt god love all children… werent they his world… didnt he becon them all to him???
    yet you sit here and condescend all the children of god?…. making out they are stupid, unversed and only an old mind has wisdom…..maybe you should listen more to the ‘children of god’ and read the bible more deeply, learn a bit more about history… in fact in a word…learn more about the forest before you comment on the trees!!!!!!

  59. Ah yes love … would you be willing to give up your graces and go to hell, so that a muslim may enter heaven?

    Yes or No?

    Like Jesus would use a question to answer a question – I ask you would a muslim go to hell and give up his graces for a Christian –

    • we have to ask a muslim about that … our tenents of faith is to die for others, their tenents of faith is to die with others

    • That doesn’t make sense to me as I have met some Muslims who are more righteous than some Christians I know… There is a verse in the bible stating when the time comes n we see others entering heaven in front of us and ask why, I don’t think it mentions religious belief, it seems more around our life’s actions. I think it’s a silly question considering god decides who enters his kingdom, if god decides they’re to die they will regardless of our intervention n if in doing so he decides it’s our time so be it.
      Jesus always spoke in parables, the hidden lesson, bit like the ‘as one door closes another opens’ lesson, the message is hidden til u open the other door then u get it!

      • If I gave up my life for a Muslim n he wouldn’t do the same, isn’t that more a reflection of them than me?which god will judge when the time comes. My answer would be the same whatever religion, creed, sexuality etc they happened to be… As long as I know and god knows my heart is pure that’s all that matters surely

      • Righteousness – it is measured by GOD’s measuring stick, not man’s … GOD’s see all things hidden and sums it all up. On that final day … some will see their weight of righteousness not even able to lift a mustard seed on the other side of the scale.

      • Isaiah 58

        “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
        to loose the chains of injustice
        and untie the cords of the yoke,
        to set the oppressed free
        and break every yoke?
        Is it not to share your food with the hungry
        and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter —
        when you see the naked, to clothe them,
        and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?
        Then your light will break forth like the dawn,
        and your healing will quickly appear;
        then your righteousness will go before you,
        and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.
        Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;
        you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I

  60. Jay commented to Tom York – Here is my reply Jay
    Jay said –That doesn’t make sense to me as I have met some Muslims who are more righteous than some Christians I know…
    ANSWER -WELL GOD DON’T BASE HOLINESS ON DOING JUST GOOD THINGS. HE BASES IT ON “HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS NOT OURS. That’s why He Died and Rose again – to give us the Holy Spirit – that will make you Holy and without it you will just be a good man AT BEST – And God is not looking for good men but Born Again Men and Women. Sons and Daughters.

    Jay said — There is a verse in the bible stating when the time comes we see others entering heaven in front of us and ask why,
    ANSWER = MATT 23:13,15 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
    MATT. 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, YE MAKE HIM TWOFOLD MORE THE CHILD OF HELL THAN YOURSELFS – God is not looking for a religion but for “Born Again” children of God – brand NEW CREATION’S –
    Religion is the problem today with Christianity, and all the rest of them. If you not Born Again you still lost in your sins whether you do -right things or not. Jesus would not of had to die if “Salvation” came by our own righteousness. Then HE NEED NOT DIE –

    Jay Said — I don’t think it mentions religious belief, it seems more around our life’s actions.
    ANSWER- Jesus said you have to believe HIS GOSPEL. That is a BELIEF. That’s true if you have the “HOLY SPIRIT” It changes your Character, and your Soul = passions – Your crossover into the “Spirit’ That will guide you to ALL TRUTH = Belief – nothing else on this planet can show you ALL TRUTH but the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is your “Lie detector” built right into your Heart

    Jay Said –I think it’s a silly question considering god decides who enters his kingdom, if god decides they’re to die they will regardless of our intervention n if in doing so he decides it’s our time so be it.
    ANSWER – Its called Gods Foreknowledge of what “you Jay” are going to do with your life. But you still have to have faith to do it. Faith is a Revealing of Truth. By the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit should be the very first thing you seek for with all your heart.
    God wants you to serve HIM with your Free Will. Satan was created by mankinds free will. Even if you are predestinated – you have to have “faith” that you are a predestinated Seed of God to begin with. Cause Satan will try and tell you that you are not predestinated. But that is a lie if you will only believe God. They ask Jesus what “shall we do to inherit eternal life” Jesus said “Believe in whom HE sent” That’s it. He sent the Holy Spirit for you. Knowing that you was worth dying for my brother.

    Jay said – Jesus always spoke in parables, the hidden lesson, bit like the ‘as one door closes another opens’ lesson, the message is hidden til u open the other door then u get it!
    ANSWER – AMEN DEAR JAY – God is at the door in Revelation 3:20 asking you to come in unto him. Then Rev. 4:1-2 John was “caught up” into the Heavenlies. By going through the Door. That most ignore today. The replace it with religion. NOT GOOD –
    Last but not lest – The Lord just gave you some “Hidden Manna” Rev. 2:17. Eat and live dear friend. Get into the “Spirit” while you have time left to do it. Lord bless you Jay.

  61. homo2fistulam said … He who cling to his life loses it; but if he give up his life for “HIM”, will find it. … a wise decision indeed. :- o Why was the question raised? … it is like this … we christian was delivered to Christ because of the Father… only we are near to the Father through Christ, it is through Christ that we have been delivered to the Father … it is meaningful enough that “they” be delivered to Christ through us. This is to express our love for them that they may not perish from the lack of knowledge of Christ.

    Thank you Brother homo2 for you kind words to me — and I can say amen to the above post you wrote. Lord bless you

    • you’re welcome brother tom … anytime … faith is really amazing, the variation from person to person, is just mind boggling …

      btw … what is the name of your ministry?

  62. Praise God “homo 2” you are right on the above – very interesting to get to know more brothers and sisters. My Ministry name is “Where Eagles Fly” My church is named – Messiah’s house – Only got a few people. And been on a break for the last few weeks. After teaching for about a year and half. I needed a little vacation to change some things around my property. But getting ready to start up again soon.
    But I’ve always like forums as well. – hope to talk to you soon again. Shalom

  63. I see … may the Holy Spirit guide your ministry … for me, my Faith to GOD is through the O.H.C.A. Church of the Latin Rite.

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation, there’s lot’s of work ahead for you … :- )

    … Pax Christi

  64. Yea Jay and Homo2 – Isaiah 58 found me a few years ago. I got into it and put in on my Desk top for years to just go to it when I wanted. Lord bless you all and lets let this week be a victorious week. May we all get refreshed by the Word of God —- Shalom

  65. I am concerned. Most of the people that have commented seem to be missing the point. The “Mark of the beast” no matter what the number is will go either on the right hand or the forehead, correct. Well if I am doing and follow what God tells me to do, then why should I be worried about it. Its this going to happen AFTER the rapture happens? If so then I pray I am taken up with the Lord and not left behind. BUT to teach others that may be left behind, why not just tell them to never take the mark no matter what the number is. If it is 666,616 or 436 or even if it is 313 no matter what the number is, do not take it. Plain and simple I think.

  66. brother Homo 2 – This is the best I have heard on the subject of debat. I got to commend you on this one. It’s great – Most People take you like wrong if you speak plain to them. But that is the way Jesus spoke to them. Even His parables made for a good discussion. Lord bless you my friend.

    Criticism is a sign of good conversation … but you have to be ready that they too; also want to have a “good conversation” with you. When you are asked, its not to find fault from you; but to find answers through you. Let yourself go and be a medium of the Holy Spirit. The Cross … is a symbol of the greatest love; “to

  67. Dear Tonya – Please let me try to explain a few things about the “Mark of the Beast” as most today do not understand the Mark at all.
    You said – A number will go either on the right hand or the forehead
    This is not a Literal number dear sister – The forehead is speaking of the way you think about your faith – You either think Carnal minded or Spiritual Minded. To be Spiritual minded is to ”

    PHIL. 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: also
    ROM. 12:2 And BE NOT CONFORMED to this WORLD: but be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of YOUR MIND, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
    ROM. 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?
    ROM. 6:17- But God be thanked, that ye WERE the SERVANTS OF SIN, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.
    ROM 6:18 – Being then made free from sin, ye became the SERVANTS of righteousness.

    Now dear sister lets go to Rev. 13:16-17 where it talks about the “Mark of the Beast” Here is the Scripture

    REV. 13:16-18 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their RIGHT HAND , or in their FOREHEADS :
    17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the MARK, or the NAME of the beast, or the number of his NAME
    18. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the BEAST: for IT IS the NUMBER of a MAN; and his NUMBER is Six hundred threescore and six.

    Meaning of the word “MARK” –
    The Greek meaning is – #5480 -5481-5482 – etching, i.e. “Stamp as a badge of servitude” sculptured figure – graven mark – #5481 a graver (the tool or the Person) figure stamped as an exact copy – representation – express Image – # 5482 to sharpen to a point – a stake – implying a palisade or rampart(military mound or trench)for protection in a siege

    Meaning of the word -“BEAST” – 2342 therion { 2339;
    AV — beast — wild beast — venomous beast
    1) an animal, a wild animal, wild beast, beast; metaphorically, a BRUTAL,BESTIAL MAN, savage, ferocious — the bestial man is the one that has the “MARK of the BEAST” This should be so simple but the church world has made it so confusing that people every where are not looking for “ Engraving Character” as the mark – They looking out somewhere to find a “Man of Sin” that is going to deceive the World. And it is right in front of us all – it’s the World that hated Jesus Christ – Beastly, savage men, brutal that killed Christ – it was Mankind that killed Jesus. Not Just Caiphas. You see it TO SIMPLE for the great theologians of our day. Just like in Jesus day. Rev. 12 The Great Red Dragon is MANKIND wanting to kill Jesus and His followers. Same today.

    Meaning of the word “NUMBER” – from 142 airo
    1) to raise up, elevate, lift up – take up — take away
    2) to take upon one’s self and carry what has been raised up
    3) to bear away what has been raised, carry off

    So a MARK is a – stamp as a badge of servitude – we just read that to you above. Who are you serving – Jesus Christ Image – Or Satan’s the serpents Image. Who are you in an intimate relationship with – Jesus or the World – Whatever and whoever you love the most is what YOUR IMAGE WILL BECOME – Buying is desire to have – You are either buying into the Worlds Image or into the Heavenly World of Jesus Christ. You CANNOT buy in both at the same time. Isa. 55:1-3 say come unto me and buy freely.
    So the mark is “transforming your Mind into the Mind of Christ” turning your whole man into a “representation” of one or the other. Jesus or Satan – Love for Jesus or Love for the world

    The Word “BEAST” – is talking about “MANKIND” Carnal means “animal appetites. Which produces Death – Cause that is the tree the fallen man and world are eating from.

    The word “NUMBER” – Is a RISING UP into one of the TWO fortresses for protection = Mans Palisade – or God’s Palisade. Sooner or later every person has to grow up and make a choice who you gonna serve. Be a taskmaster for. And you will willingly take one of the two roads. Satan has a elevating and so does Christ. Or I could say a Condition of the heart and mind – airo – is two atmospheric realm’s you live in right here on Earth.
    Your heart, mind, soul will either live in a EDEN – a heavenly atmosphere – eating from the Tree of Life – This means a Holy Ghost led life.
    Or you will raise up and become a child of Hell – cause you let Satan transform your mind by loving the tree of death and sin. Other words you transform into a “Express Image of the World or Of the Kingdom Of God. That is the Rapture and it happens on earth as you “experience” which one you choose to live. A man of God or a man of Sin. So do not worry about some other man of sin conquering you – Take care of the one you living in. That man is you. The man with 666 is the Man of Sin.

  68. what a beautiful well thought out reply tom really enjoyed reading it….
    given that jesus spoke in parables, what is your opinion on philosphy and epistomology?

  69. Bro. Jay I will be replying to your question. Don’t give up on me. God bless

  70. philosphy and epistomology?a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge.
    Dear Brother Jay
    Human knowledge is not enough to understand the Revelation of God – It is to limited. God is infinite but the Human Spirit has a “fallen” nature by the “knowledge of Evil” the tree of death and is finite. Means it limited, and has measures. Even though mankind is a little god in himself and can create his own atmosphere and or World around him. He is still limited in his pursuit when it comes to Spiritual Knowledge unless he starts eating from the Tree of the knowledge of life.
    Gods Spirit will take you into the eternal knowledge of God=Faith=Spiritual Revelation and understandings. Mankind never needed to understand Evil – But the human nature could not help it. That’s why we all had to have a NEW BIRTH
    Infinite is boundless regions of space and dimensions. When Paul talks about the infinite being of God he uses words like the Heavenlies, and caught up in the Air = atmosphere of the 6th. And 7th. dimensions of Gods.
    The “WORD of God” is the 6 dimension and God Himself is the 7th. dimension – The 6th. Dimension will take you right on in to the 7th. If you do not believe the Word you will never taste of God that is in the 7th. Dimension of Eternity and not time and space.
    Another way to say this is: Revelation = faith cometh my hearing and hearing by the Word of God Heb. 11:1 – What everyone of us have to have is a Regeneration or New Birth that starts with The WORD of God coming into you and then becoming a real REVELATION of TRUTH which you will respond to if you called of God to know the mystery of Gods Will. Now also another way of saying this is.
    The 6th. SEAL if you let it will take you right into the Bosom of God Himself and you will become the Fullness of God right here on Earth as Jesus was the IMAGE of God so are WE suppose to be that same IMAGE. Jesus Christ LOOSED the Seal of Death off of us. = that OLD NARTURE> And will give you a brand new Nature and Image of Himself that is the Mark of God and if you will not receive that you still under the Mark of the Beast.
    Sadly most human’s end up in the 5th. Dimension of Death, Hell, and the Grave and suffer and never get out because they do not believe in the WORD=Jesus Christ. And never make it to know the Salvation that is in God through His Son Jesus Christ the Word. Just “mans philosophy” will never take you past the 5th. Dimension CAUSE IT IS HUMAN SPIRIT AND NOT HOLY SPIRIT. God is the Holy Spirit that came INTO the
    120 on Pentecost in Acts 2. Got into the 6 and 7th. Dimensions –

    7th dimension – God alone – The Intelligence – The Mind of God
    6th dimension – God’s Expressions – Word Form – Christ – Theophany – Melchisedec
    5th dimension – Satan’s kingdom – Perverted, Temporal Forms – Unrest – Hell
    4th dimension – Channels of Communication, Voice, Science, Radio, Television, Books
    3rd dimension – Time – Eternal Jn. 1:1 Beginnings, Temporal Genesis 3 Fallen Time
    2nd dimension – Matter, Earth, the 16 Elements that make up our bodies
    1st dimension – Space – A dimension giving all matter (16 elements) occupancy
    Understanding the dimensions and their functions will help you every day of your Christian life. Knowing what dimensions you are using or working in is a great help. Knowing the spirits from the dimensions that are dealing with you can help you defeat the devil and have victory in your life. The scripture says, “Resist the devil (5th dimensional life forms causing unrest) and he will flee from you!” Then the scripture says, “Draw nigh unto God (6th & 7th dimensional functions of God’s intelligence and expressions) and He will draw nigh unto you!” Do you see the importance of knowing your dimensions and how God and satan deal with you every day?

    1. Epistemology – The scientific knowledge ( as opposed to philosophical study of the roots
    2. There is a “theory of knowledge” to understand, to stand Gk. “know how to do”
    Epistemology — the theory of knowledge, esp the critical study of its validity, methods, and scope – epistēmē knowledge
    3. The branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and origin of knowledge. Epistemology asks the question “How do we know what we know?” VERY,VERY GOOD QUESTION TO SAY THE LEAST
    I believe science sometimes can help you understand a thing or two. As in the cases of the Magi using stars to find Jesus with. Just seeing a sunset tells you there is a God. Trees in the forest Die in the winter yet resurrect in the spring time of life. Animal life and instincts show that there is a God. Nature as we call it. Guides them. Many animals only kill for food. Yet mankind kills for about anything. God calls mankind a Serpent. Rev. 12 and all through the Old testaments man is compared to wild animals and creeping things and snakes in the grass because we have a CON-SCIENCE. So we should recognized God in our thinking but we do not. And that gives us a MIND this is VOID of TRUE JUDGEMENT=Reprobate in mind. Void of God and natural desires and we create our own beast within by rejecting Gods CONSCIENCE word – Rom. 1
    How long can American think it can stand in our present situation today. Judgment could come on us at anytime. But most Christians do not believe that. They are still waiting on something to happen in the future. A GREAT ANTI-CHRIST to deceive them. And they already deceived by loving the pleasures of Sin more than Gods Word. Causing the CON-SCIENCE to be dulled to a point of no return. Then you are living with the “IMAGE” of the Beast upon you. VISIBLE MARK – I once preached a Message at church – titled – “Would you know it if you had the “Mark of the Beast” right now. Well I lost a couple on that message.
    THIS “MAN OF SIN” that most every preacher is telling their people to watch out for. Sits in GOD’s Temple if you let him. And you will be a “son of Perdition” cause you “Missed the Mark of God”. The “Mystery of iniquity” Means LAWLESSNESS When does this start. From the natural birth till you die. Paul said its already at work in HIS day. It was already at work in Noahs day as well. Its was already at work in Cains day. Etc. Etc. The whole world is anti-christ. If they die today they going to hell. Becaue their Beast within has never been tamed – their Lion had never laid down with the Lamb.
    They never cured their thirst for evil. The stay Living under a strong delusion and want to believe a lie. 2 Thess. 2: whole chapter –
    To me science proves there is a God. But if science says there is no God and everything started by the big bang theory and God had nothing to do with it. Then I do not believe in science. They are fallible. They are limited in their research for God.
    Today we can explore our minds by the Word of God. And If we receive Gods Holy Spirit we have access to the most powerful Wisdom and Knowledge and Faith that is from Heaven.
    1 Cor.12 – there are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit and the 1st. 3 are – by the Spirit the Word of Wisdom, then the Word of knowledge, and then Faith. These are communication gifts of the One spirit to those that seek TRUE wisdom and KNOWLEDGE to Produce their FAITH which is a REVELATION by God that it is Truth. If ever man kind needed an ABSOLUTE it is in our Day. And every age of history that came to their end. Look at the ignorance of the people. Caught up in the 5th. Dimension of hell and do not even know it.
    the elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals, or rivers.
    Your soul is the nature of your Spirit — your soul – passions tells tell on you
    Now all that that happens in the natural is only a type that’s going on in the spiritual. We also, the Christian Church Itself, which is of no denomination, but of a Nature. It is the mystical Body of Christ, and It’s identified, also. It bears identifications. Jesus identified Himself.
    Lord bless you brother Jay – I did the best I could on this. Let me know what you think ok. Negative or Positive ok.

  71. hi tom, long reply…okay response 🙂
    i agree human knowledge will never understand gods knowledge, im sure he warns us of this in job that we will never has his knowledge. i agree our spirits have fallen ‘from him’ to the earth that satan rules and i have wondered at times if earth is hell, but i think we have to have experienced ‘the dark’ in order to understand the light if that makes sense. you say man is a ‘little god unto himself’ therein lies the problem!! we should try to be like him, but we will never be him there is only one. give some people a little power it goes to their heads!(check out hitler for example) but yes it is obviously void of spiritual knowledge. maybe it is seeing and experiencing the dark/understanding evil that we have a new birth of understanding hence we are sent to earth for god to see if we understand…he has let satan walk among us and test us and report back to him..which brings me to another question,it was as it was in the beginning and god knew who would be in the book of life and who would be saved..so if we take for example a murderer, what if that is what god ordained for them (his will)? many of them do have an awakening afterwards if we believe the media.if i take myself for example i have been to the edge of the abyss and come back, had things happen in my life that would exclude me from that book but these werent things i planned..i wouldnt say they were of my will,so if it was god will, how can i be condemned? if i am then that is what was written from the beginning so i cant prevent it? what if its the journey and the message thats important? i dont know cos im not god but it makes me question alot of things in life.and i will always try to do the right thing and be honest with yself and others. i had a terrible thign happen in my life and people around me kept saying why dont you do this, why dont you do that and get back at this person… i didnt understand… i said why? that would make me just like them and im not…. it took many many years but believe me gods justice was done, some people call it ‘karma’, i belive in letting god do the judging,letting things unfold as theyre supposed to, i hope that makes sense…. i personally do not believe in revenge at all!

    i agree with the dimension thing,i believe that is where the saying ‘7th heaven’ came from. i do wonder if earth is a living hell, if not then it is perhaps the 4th the closest to earth. i wonder if that is where the spirits who ‘cling to earth are’ those who seem to be contactable by ‘mediums’ as they are closest or those who have been murdered who havent yet left till their issue is resolved, im sure the catholics have a name for this place ‘perdition? but im not sure dont quote me on it the name escapes me at the moment. i wonder if that is part of the lesson, learning to love unconditionally for example murderers because they are doing gods will but at the same time the things we come to covet in the world such as family, a job, a house, possessions keep us attached so the lesson is to never be too attached also, i also wonder if jesus being the christ and having ‘gods knowledge’ and used it wisely if the antichrist will be someone who has the same knowledge of this 7th dimension like jesus but uses it for ill.
    i have experienced the ‘dimensions’ had some ‘weird experiences’ as a child, i will share a personal experience here….1 night when my daughter was 2 or 3 she got up in the middle of the night and came into my bed as kids do… i had been told by a neighbour that a man had died in my house many years previous before i even moved there or my daughter was born, let me tell you it was SCARY when my daughter snuggled down then sat bolt upright and asked me who was the man standing at the bedroom door!! i was terrified!! just one of the many strange unexplained experiences i had in that house, even weirder was im not a catholic but thought i should get a priest to bless the house which i did, he told me he didnt believe in spirits???? he blessed my house anyway and the result was the weird happenings just got worse!!!! very strange! moved out soon afterwards!!!

    on the epistomolgy point, yes good point how do we know what we know other than what we are taught? most of what we are taught is by man, mans knowledge or the fallen angels knowledge depending how you look at it.. you say god calls mankind a serpent that would explain ‘ouroboros’ then the serpent eating itself, man destroying himself. it is quite strange that science has named part of the brain the ‘reptilian’ brain!! you go on to say this gives us a mind void of judgement but isnt it the exact opposite? that is exactly what god tells us not to do- judge, isnt that his role? yes judgement can come upon us at anytime it kinda makes me laugh a little that us humans while we sit and contemplate or worry or put out spurious theories of when the world will end, truly none of us know, only god knows and i doubt he will do it when we are all expecting it!
    you mention the ‘beast within’ not being tamed isnt that what we nowadays would call ‘self control?’
    i agree science is fallible cos its man made, i studied it at under graduate, i see patients that dont fit the ‘textbooks’,(i dont believe there is such a thing as perfect although in textbook terms there is, and i am certainly not perfect) all this media hype like smoking and drinking cause high blood pressure, i know a lady who has never smoked or drank in her life but got high blood pressure, she asked her doctor why, he shrugged his shoulders and said ‘genetics’, i see 90 yr olds in nursing homes puffing away on a cigarette having done so all their life and dont have cancer…and for years the army will only take men who are perfectly healthy, free from all genetic and bodily defect (perfect eyesight, physical fitness, free of bodily deformity or otherwise) and send them out to war to die?? isnt that then reducing the good gene pool if we take a scientific prespective…why?????

    i am troubled by the psychological projections that go on in the world today, i see people everywhere like you say being ignorant, i try to correct with a word , but sometimes feel they are lost as they dont search within the ‘self’ first.. i think this is where poor judgement comes from… if you do not know thyself or are honest with thyself, how can you possibly know others and dare criticize? this is where we go wrong cos if we did we would also be more likely to forgive the sins of others and love them anyway…(and learn to love unconditionally like god did) what is within is shown on the outside…empty vessels make the most noise…we can see this every waking moment, on every tv screen, newspaper and we do it more so now given the rise of’reality tv programmes’
    so i guess i agree with some of what you said but not all and hopefully i have been able to clearly put across my own perspective…cos that is all it is, a perspective based on my life, what ive seen, heard, felt, touched, tasted, been taught and experienced physically, psychologically and spiritually and that is all we all have, a perspective on life 🙂

  72. p.s god bless, love , keep you safe and continually strong in faith, hope and truth 🙂

  73. Hey Bro. Jay – Lord bless you for your honesty. I can really appreciate that in any man or woman in this generation. I enjoyed your post. And would like to talk you some more. Believe me I understand where you coming from. David the King of Israel wondered why others got blessed so good being evil beings and Good righteous men had it bad. I will try and get back with you tomorrow or monday. Hey I think you are the first one I’ve talked to that had a longer Post than I did. We must have something in common amen. I try and keep it short but I am a Preacher/teacher and a lot of thoughts come to my mind. good knowing you – later Bro. Tom

  74. Dear Bro. Jay — get every scripture in your Old testament where it says the Word God – You will find that it means.
    Dear Bro. Jay

    GOD defined in Hebrew # 430 ‘elohiym {el-o-heem’} plural of # 433 also 410

    #430 ==1a) rulers, judges1b) divine ones1c) angels1d) gods2) (plural intensive — singular meaning)
    2a) god, goddess – 2b) godlike one – 2c) works or special possessions of God
    2d) the (true) God
    2e) God

    #433 — 1) false god — 2) God from Base of #410

    #410 ‘el
    1) god, god-like one, mighty one
    1a) mighty men, men of rank, mighty heroes
    1b) angels
    1c) god, false god, (demons, imaginations)
    1d) God, the one true God, Jehovah
    2) mighty things in nature
    3) strength, power

    Now God in the New Testament means Greek –

    2316 theos {theh’-os} a deity, especially (with 3588) the supreme Divinity; TDNT — 3:65,322; n m

    AV — God (1320)
    — god (13)
    — godly (3)
    — God-ward + 4214 (2)
    — misc. (5) [1343]
    1) a god or goddess, a general name of deities or divinities
    2) Christ is called God in John 1:1, 20:28, 1 John v:20, Rom. 9:5, Titus 2:13, Heb 1:8 etc.
    3) spoken of the only and true God; refers to the things of God; i.e. his counsels, interests, things due to him
    4) whatever can in any respect be likened unto God, or resemble him in any way: God’s representative or viceregent, of magistrates and judges

    Man was made in the “Image” of God – To be a ruler, Magistrate, judges – But Mankind fell by the first Morning Son = Adam
    Then the 2nd. Morning Son was Jesus – He gave us back the right to Rule with HIM in HIS Kingdom. As Kings and Priest with him. To Rule with Him. To be the Word of God manifested like Him.

    Yet Jesus was the ONLY BEGOTTON of God – Means ONLY UNIQUE = Why – Cause He NEVER EVER SINNED proving He was GOD. Mankind was born in sin. But as believers we all have the desire to become Just like Daddy. Amen.

    Remember that in Noah’s day. It was NOT fallen spirits producing and having sex relations with Women. That would have made Satan a Creator and being Equal with GOD HIMSELF – It was the Fallen Mankind Spirit in flesh Bodies that sinned with the women etc. etc.

    Jesus called us gods in the bible. We are able to create in the sense of how we conduct our life in this world. You have a choice in it. You REAP WHAT YOU SOW – You can create a condition of “Hell” for you and your family — or — Choose to Create righteousness in your Life and or family. Createing Blessed Children instead of Cursed Children for them that live around you. – Bottom Line HOW TO CREATE EVIL AND DEATH – Letting Satan do a Work in you – Rapture you into his domain

    GALATIANS 5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
    20. Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
    21. Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.


    GALATIANS 5:22-26 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    23. Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
    24. And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.
    25. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.
    26. Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.

    The gods of the RENOWN that GOD Created – used one or the other sins or blessings – Love or Hate — to create Righteousness or Evil — Noahs day they all chose evil over Good except for Noah. Not No DEVIL coming down in a Spirit to pregnate women. It was Spirits in MEN that were hooked on Galations 5:19-21 – Children of God got HOOKED on Gal. 5:22-26

    Today it is like Noah’s day. Going completely for Evil in all nations. Including Israel as well. Each individual chooses their way to create. Lord bless you Jay and all others.

  75. well i wrote out one of my usual long responses to your post last night, but for some strange reason it didnt post?? may be god has a reason for this and am left with feeling that all i should /can say is:
    ‘let he who has ears let him hear’ and that that sentence alone says everything that needs to be said. 🙂

    • jay

      When that happens send me an email, and let me know.

      If you added links in your comment, it might end up in the spam folder.

      Unfortunately, the spam has been emptied, and your comment is not there now.

  76. hey marianne,
    not to worry at the end of the day its gods will right? no matter what i say we all have to find him of our own accord.. can lead a horse to water n all that…:)

  77. Dear Bro. Jay — Draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to you.
    He is a very present help in time of need. He will never leave you nor forsake you.
    Its takes faith to believe you are the Foreknowledge of God. By Faith I believe I am a Predestinated Child of the King.
    Lord bless you and remember ” He loved you so much that He thought you was worth dying for”. amen. He surrended and so do we got to surrender all. Yield it all to Him, and see if He don’t come to you. He said ” I will COME QUICKLY — that means anybody that will call on him with a sincere heart. We walk it out by FAITH —
    Lord bless you Bro. Jay —

  78. Psalm 52:8 – “I am like a green olive tree in the house of God, I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.”

    Then notice Zechariah 4:11, and Revelation 11:4

    Then check this cool math out!!!
    11 * 8 = 88.


    616 / 7 = 88 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way this is coincedence

    Romans 1:18 — Pretty much to the effect that – God is evident in all creation. (even mathematics 🙂 )

    The number IS 616.

    Health care bill # 3200 that was Not passed (3500 was passed), look it up, mandatory RFID chips are already in that bill.

  79. walid shoebat explains the mark

    • Marianne
      He doesn´t know the truth. Some rich Jews pays him for talking bullshit.
      666 doesn´t have to do with a muslim. I hate muslims but I have to be honest. 666 in old aramaic or 616 in latin means Nero and he will come back as a leader for Italy/Rom and in this life his name is Silvio B. People from italy are not muslims.
      The antichrist is muslim = Muhammed

  80. ive watched the videos and see valid points made, but didn’t Hitler also have an armband and a right arm salute? what religion did he profess to follow? also the Romans took a valid religion of Christianity and perverted it. nowadays we have the west choosing a religion of the masses(money/ beauty) and following it relentlessly….no offence but look at some of the mutibillionaire companies/banks lying to us, they own insurance companies and everything, telling us food that is healthly while realistically filling us with saturated fat, sugars etc…turning us into the romans of the day and also the muslim religion although they dont like it are closer to jews than others…fasting, blood free meat etc..cant help but feeling we all psychologically project our shadow selves onto others as ‘the bad ones’. no offense intended but when we look at the statistics for child abuse those that do are those closest to the victim (family etc). thus the media projection that our children arent safe with strangers is hype, the truth is most victims know their abuser well, shouldnt be looking for our antichrist closer to home? deciding for ourselves rather than listening to hearsay and rumours especially those man made ie media based? shouldnt we searching our heart for the answer, surely god put the true answer there. as i person im willing to look at every side of an argument and every opinion. also doesnt it say in the bible the antichrist will come declaring peace? muslims come declaring jihad..hardly peaceful, im also reminded of a year or two ago when the antichrist was apparently new world order?? its all quite confusing but i guess thats the antichrists weapon of choice, confusion ,hate of fellow man all so we destroy each other, hate ourselves and he cant be recognised until its too late……just a thought x

    • hi jay

      I agree with what you are saying. the anchrist spirit can be in any one, and in any group of people.

      with that being true, the antichrist is identified with the beast, whose number is XIC, which is written in greek to best represent what john saw as the number of a man, which is the XIC.

      the man here is proposed to be muhammed, and the beast is islam.

      the XIC is actually arabic, which was not recognized by the translators, and is translated as bismallah, which means, in the name of allah.

      the mark is a badge of servitude, and has bismallah on it.

      whil hitler had an armband, it did not have XIC on it, but a swastika on it. so maybe the X fit, but not the IC part.

      truly, hitler was an antichrist figure in his own right, but he was defeated and jesus never came.

      so it also has to be a global situation, not just in europe.

      anyhow, the beast has certain characteristics, and only certain candidates are possible at this time. ISlam fits the best. but maybe it is something else.

      • Hi marianne bullshit
        Here i strike again
        Only one thing to tell you
        Islam compared to you christian guys is the best religion
        So stop your fake lecture

  81. but isnt ‘hate’ a global situation? the NT was written in greek? was john greek? also jesus spoke aramaic not arabic, is there a difference? who translated them? catholic priests? can you see where i get lost in translation and wonder should we take it literally or have a more purposive view? in my last post what i was trying to get across is if jesus is a figure of the beliefs,morals values and actions we have in life then isnt the antichrist the opposite of all those values, hence the money, those that damage children etc…so dont we all have a ‘potential’ antichrist if the antichrist is our psychological shadow selves if that makes sense? basically im willing to keep my eyes, heart and mind open, listen to every opinion and hope that god shows me the right path and not make quick judgments on things i dont know or understand fully, and unless john walked through my front door right now and told me exactly what he meant, i think we can only surmise, debate and express opinions….. ignorance to me is not bliss but a disease in itself, id rather ask questions and learn than be thought a fool 🙂

    • jay

      Like i said, the antichrist spirit could live in anyone.

      But there is also a specific personality who has been predicted to come on the world scene, and be possessed by satan.

      and john referred to the beast, and the man…..and more detail can be found in the book of daniel.

      read both books of revelation and daniel, and you will find your answers.

  82. The 666 thing is done, it was all to do with Nero, lets move to the current issues.

  83. The amount of gold Melech Shlomo received was 666 talents. Did the NT writers use this particular number for a specific reason or does it have another meaning?

  84. Marianne its been a few yrs. since we talked.I read the part on when we see a fallen star which is out dated meaning our parents taugh us the wrong meaning they didn’t no any better.So look up the Bibical reasoning for seeing a fallen star.YOU DO NOt MAKE A WiSH THIS IS WRONG.Thanks,GP

  85. […] https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/616-not-666/ […]

  86. We in our Church know that Jesus is king Salomo. And 666 is mentioned in 1 kings 10:14, the amount of gold that salomo got every year. we in our Church alsi knows that there is a oath in the Bible were Jesus gets crazy. His father has changed this path so he will not fullfill this path. maybe the beast in rev is Jesus when he returns and forces everyone to fullfill Deter 6:4-9. If people don’t wear this stuff then they can not buy or sell. I heard from Nibiru that he wears the Shma (Det 6:4-5) on his forehead and left hand now because he doesn’t want fullfill Rev 13 so he had put the Shma on his left hand instead of the right hand.

    Jesus = 666 ?

  87. 666 ? 616 ? revelations uses a very important word in relation to the mark number of the beast, that word is wisdom. wisdom is not easily obtained. who exactly is trying to make everyone believe that the number is 666? it states; six hundred three score and six. a score is 20. if you use the deception of adding up this to 666 you are not using wisdom. has anyone wondered why all movies reguarding the antichrist all use 666/ all the tv end days shows also use 666/ and almost all preachers also come up with this 666 thing. is this wisdom? the entity that is pressing this 666 is lucifer. try binary code; 11111100110110110111111 this is the mark of the beast. or do people underestimate the prince of darkness? this 666 thing is being drummed into everyone christian or lost soul alike. use common sense, who is going to take the mark 666 when all they have heard all there lives is that if you take this mark you are dammed period. the answer is no one would take this 666 thing. remember lucifer is the master of deception and wisdom in the word of god does not come so cheap.

  88. X – Tav: is a mark or sign, also written as a cross +

    I – Vav: means to attach, like a peg or nail, or fixed into like a hook in a fish.

    C – Lamed: means to direct, as in giving instructions, like the goad used to herd oxen. The verb form of Lamed means to prick or puncture as in using a sharp object to pierce the skin

    Everything written above ….the cross…..the nail….the pierced…..remind you of anyone……Reminds me of Christ……isn’t the antichrist suppose to emulate him and I think that’s the point, Anything or anyone antichrist tries to replace Christ and emulate Him.

  89. it is 666….don’t let anyone fool you……

    It symbolises man being “added to” and changing his DNA, thus defiling man’s temple.

  90. Great observation lions, I am going to study this connection because Jesus was hung on a cross “a sign” and many of the Jews who saw him crucified took notice of this meaning. ,,, GB …. Oliver

  91. the mark of the beast does not come into play untill after the rapture. this is when the holy spirit of god is removed from the world. that removal leaves the devil unchecked power for seven years. i am not planning on being one of those “left behind” after the rapture. searching the scriptures for things not related to salvation is ok but unless you are planing being here after the rapture the mark of the beast is not crucial for us. it will be extreamly hard to withstand not believing in the beast after the rapture seeing there will be no holy spirit to guide those left, however as the scriptures tell us some will not take the mark and they will be beheaded. that is the price of salviation in the reign of the antichrist.

  92. In the Aramaic, Jesus is recorded to have said, “I Am the Alap and the Tau – the Head and the Consummation, the beginning and the end.” He is the Tau or Mark of our high calling and also the Creative Genesis of God whereby we get there. The implications of “Goad” and hook are interesting contrasting the beast being goaded with being drawn by the Lord, and with Leviathan being drawn out with a hook.

    Leviathan is the religious spirit – Levi means to join, twist and lend, and athan means salvation. It is part of the trinity of Behemoth (Commerce) Ziz (Government) and Leviathan (Religion).

    Note that Cain had a conversation with God and that God, by His mercy, marked him. There is much more to this than meets the eye and God will have mercy before sacrifice. If the “mark” or end or consummation of the Beast is the same Tau as is the Mark of the believer, then the primary difference is that the Believer is drawn by and to the mercy of God while the”beast” is “marked” by goading and hooking, but the end, the Mark, is still the same – we all face the same Judge and King and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess.

    To the believer, He is the Alap and Tau, to the beastly He is the goad.

    There is only ONE foundation and ONE consummation, and ONE sacrifice made such that ALL MEN MIGHT BE SAVED. Broad is the way which leads to the destruction of the beastly, and MANY are they who enter in thereby – but they still enter in – like Cain. Few Xians get this, which is why they don’t really “get” the Almighty and His Manifestation and hence why they are so divisive as they are divided against themselves, still trying to work out who is or gets saved and who does not. Once you realize that the INTENTION of the Father is that ALL should come to KNOW Him, and that His “gold standard” is INTENTION = CONSUMMATION, for He is the INTENTION and the CONSUMMATION, then how mercy triumphs over judgment makes sense and is no more a mystery.

    Just out of interest, 616 and 436 both add to 13.

  93. Hi Marriane, your email went to my junk folder hence my tardy reply – the symbol for Tau is indeed a T cross and also an X cross. Tau literally means MARK – as in He is our MARK – or hope, or image, and goal. Omega means “great” so to be the Alpha and Omega means literally “The first and the great.” Now which religion says “Allah is great”? For any serious student of the scriptures, the Aramaic texts are a must read and very efficacious to compare the Hell-in-ized versions with. I suggest Vic Alexander and his Aramaic Bible translation, while while it is yet incomplete, offers some amazing insights into the scriptures which have been obscured and or obfuscated by the efforts of translators who had or have prejudices and traditional inclinations. Even Vic falls foul of tradition at times but for the most part his trans is a breath of fresh air.

    I like the overall thematic direction of your work – you seem to be a woman after God’s own heart.

    As for Walid Shoebat, part way through his discourse he makes the sign of L for Lucifer with his right hand and the devil horn salute with his left. And for the record, 666 in Greek looks like SEX written backwards.

    Lions – brilliant observation – yes it is as Jesus – the Tau, the nails, the goads. The Mark(s) made by the goads in the Ox/beast (Alap means Ox in Aramaic or Hebrew) as it is driven toward the Mark contrasts the drawing or leading of the Lord and may well be the “Mark of the beast” in that sense.

    Irrespective of whether you are a sheep or goat you will all stand before the judgment podium of Christ – some to His right and some to His left, but all will call Him Lord. The right hand signifies authority and the left healing – go figure – you mean maybe Jesus is going to heal the goats with some fire and sulfur therapy? Remember that Jesus was also the serpent on the pole – you know, like your dollar sign…there is so much more to this…

  94. Walid emphasizes “Badge of servitude” as he makes the sign of L for Lucifer and the horns – at 4:24 on the video. If you do not know what to look for you will totally miss it…

    I have an Israeli friend who passed himself off as an Arab when he was a serving officer in the IDF like many others who infiltrated the PLO and Hamas – he has an Arabic name and speaks fluent Arabic – he jokes that he flies Emirates as he gets better service than El Al.

    American Christians are for the most part delightfully deluded and so easily deceived. Most do not even have a clue what Romans 13 (Hitler’s favorite scripture) is really about. It is the reliance on the KJV, the Mason’s Bible, which is a big part of the problem. It is riddled with error and deception, much of which is very subtle.

  95. 11111100110110110111111 once again; here is wisdom, wisdom is not easily obtained, lucifer is the master of deception, how easy is it for people to see; 666 /// to easy, that is the deception.

  96. Don’t waste your time looking for who the antichrist is, we will not know until the time is right, by guessing that this one or that one is the evil one, we are just deceiving ourselves and falling in his trap.

    Look at: 2Thessalonians 2:3 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”.

    In other words, the MAN OF SIN will be revealed by God at the right time, no before. Be alert and look for the signs but first, trust the Lord is with you.

  97. one thing is sure; the scriptures state; whosoever will not take the mark must die by execution which is beheading. we all know what group of people use this form as the main form of execution. so we have a small key as to this persons belief.

  98. Like all the hard work here. Please visit my blog and tab under End of Days, it’s free. I have put on part one and two of ten. My husband researched it and recently passed. He said the Lord impressed upon him to publish it and so I am doing on my blog. He was a scholar in Ancient Semitic Languages. There will be a section on the 666 and I think you may find it interesting. I will give you a hint, John wrote pictoral symbols…no need for interpretation..the symbols are present today. He does cover the blood moons and black hair eclipses also (he used to work for NASA but was a bit of an astronomer for fun. Really just want to put it in the hands of those who are seeking. Give me your opinion.

  99. […] 616 is the number of the Anti-Christ  […]

  100. […] 616 is the number of the Anti-Christ  […]

  101. […] 616 is the number of the Anti-Christ  […]

  102. It is a carbon 7 reference. Carbon-7 will emit light. This is the cause for there being a halo around these ascended masters vs carbon 12 in us.666.

  103. People who believe this crap are the same who believe the illuminati and the “evil freemasons”. You’d all be put in a nuthouse strapped in an electric chair if this were back in the day.
    for Pete’s sake. Please get with the times. Theres no magical war going on and theres sure as hell no “evil mark” to see on anti-christians.
    this had been a much needed laugh.

  104. Young’s Literal Translation
    And He calleth unto the man who is clothed with linen, who hath the scribe’s inkhorn at his loins, and Jehovah saith unto him, ‘Pass on into the midst of the city, into the midst of Jerusalem, and thou hast made a mark on the foreheads of the men who are sighing and who are groaning for all the abominations that are done in its midst.’
    Parallel Commentaries
    Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

    9:1-4 It is a great comfort to believers, that in the midst of destroyers and destructions, there is a Mediator, a great High Priest, who has an interest in heaven, and in whom saints on earth have an interest. The representation of the Divine glory from above the ark, removed to the threshold, denoted that the Lord was about to leave his mercy-seat, and to pronounce judgment on the people. The distinguishing character of this remnant that is to be saved, is such as sigh and cry to God in prayer, because of the abominations in Jerusalem. Those who keep pure in times of general wickedness, God will keep safe in times of general trouble and distress.

    Pulpit Commentary

    Verse 4. – Set a mark upon the foreheads, etc. The command reminds us of that given to the destroying angel in Exodus 12:13, and has its earlier and later analogues in the mark set upon Cain (Genesis 4:15), and in the “sealing” of the servants of God in Revelation 7:3. Here, as in the last example, the mark is set, not on the lintels of the doorposts, but upon the “foreheads” of the men. And the mark is the letter tau, in old Hebrew, that of a cross + , and like the “mark” of mediaeval and (in the case of the illiterate) of modern usage, seems to have been used as a signature, and is rightly so translated in the Revised Version of Job 31:35. Jewish writers have accounted for its being thus used, either

    (1) from its being the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and thus denoting completeness, or

    (2) from its being the first letter of the word thorah (Law); or

    (3) from its standing in the same position in the Hebrew word for “thou shalt live.” Christian writers (Origen, in loc.; Tertullian, ‘Adv. Marcion,’ 3:22) have not unnaturally seen in it a quasi-prophetic reference to the sign of the cross as used by Christians, and it is possible that the use of that sign in baptism may have originated in this passage. That was to be the sign of the elect of God in the midst of a world lying in wickedness. Possibly in older as in later forms of idolatry (as eg. in the cultus of Mithras, Vishnu, Sehiva), the votaries of this or that deity may have been distinguished by some outward note of this kind; but of this, though suggested by Currey, I do not find any evidence. It is clear, however, that there could be no anticipation of the Christian symbolism in the minds of Ezeldel or of his hearers. The “mark” was to be placed on all who were still faithful to the worship of their fathers, though they could show their faithfulness only by lamentation of the national apostasy. Such, of course, were Jeremiah, and Baruch, and Ahikam, and Shaphan, and Gedaliah, and others, and such as these Ezekiel may have had present in his thoughts. Against all others (ver. 5) they were sent forth with unsparing severity.

  105. I still believe the mark of the beast is 666.

  106. I believe the mark of the beast 666 is something seen spiritually mark on the soul not physically on the body. Though the placement of the mark is really on either the forehead or the hand, it is spiritually. Mark of the beast is not exactly the same as the mark of cain because cain’s mark was physical but mark of the beast is something spiritual. Remember in Revelations how Yahweh will ‘mark’ people who belong to Lord Jesus Christ? Not all profess born again Christian can see the mark Yahweh has placed on them coz it is the Holy Spirit. Same thing but opposite, mark of the beast is something indeed spiritually marked.

  107. And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
    Mark 10:18 KJV

  108. And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
    Revelation 22:19 KJV

  109. But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?
    Matthew 3:7 KJV

  110. For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
    1 Corinthians 1:22-27 KJV

  111. i know it’s been a long time since i posted on this site (forgive me mariann) we have spoken about the mark of the beast many times. anyone looking into revelations that has been given wisdom from the holy spirit should already know that using the term ; his number is a number of a man, and his number is six hundred three score and six. prior to this is specifically states; here is wisdom, let him that has wisdom count the number of the beast. as christians we know that comming up with a simple 666 is no wisdom at all, it is what every television movie, movie, and most preachers use. it is to easy, to deceptive. so again i will give what wisdom God gave me long ago reguarding this. it states six hundred three score and six. using wisdom not the simple you come up with the following; 11111100110110110111111 this is the coding used in all computers one’s and zero’s binary code. God be with all my friends on heaven awaits.

  112. Hello Marianne, and all. I noted in some recent posts that John and Rina indicated the mark of the beast was either 666 or III… in random order with 0’s interspersed. Let me show you something interesting! The marks found on Otzi the Iceman, found in Europe in 1991, are III which is 666 in Hebrew. These are the letters vav, vav, vav in ancient Proto-Sinainatic Hebrew. The other marks found on Otzi’s body are X – tav, and C – lamed. This is the XIC found in the oldest book of Revelation found to date. The implications are mind boggling! Add to this the fact the body is pre-flood and that seven people who closely worked with the body have died tragic or untimely deaths, including the four people who removed the body from the glacier, and you have a intriguing mystery.

    • oliver

      interesting. i wonder who this otzi man is…..

    • oliver; the one’s and zero’s are not random. we all should know (christians) that the anti-christ comes in the age of computers not before(at least taking power) does 666 seem just a little to easy ? or even 616 ? the devil is the master of deception. i have posted this once or twice; who would take the number 666 on their hand or forehead (unsaved or not) because since television every movie depicts the same exact thing ; 666, so everyone taking that mark would already know they would be damned forever. ergo no one would take that mark. why do you think revelations state just prior to the number of the beast; “here is wisdom” we are not talking about earthly wisdom here. ask any person or almost any what the mark of the beast is and they will tell you 666 why; it has been drummed into them by radio, television,movies, and most preachers, so the ones and zero’s are not random they are the code of all computers. six hundred in binary = 11111100 three score is not 60 it is three separate bundles of 20, binary= 110110110 and the last is six, binary=111111

  113. Hi John, I see what you are saying and you’re right in this respect; the beast system will have to use digital systems to control the population, but that, in my opinion, is only the tip of the iceberg. I see your observation as a clue toward a much more elaborate revelation of what the mark of the beast is. Good deduction about the number 666 being a simplistic smokescreen.

  114. Marianne, this body of the iceman is like a human time capsule; it could be a far more important discovery than anyone imagines!

  115. don’t know why but I feel there is a connection here:

  116. 666 – The measure of a man. Carbon based.
    6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons (carbon)
    The seat of the Soul is the mind (mindset/believe).
    The hand represents action (work/what you do).
    The mark of the beast shows up in your thoughts and actions that have not reflected godly. See Matthew chapter 6 are you about self or God. If you are about self then you are nothing but dirt which is carbon and that’s pretty much what you add up to. Anyone ever say to you, “I’ve got your number”? Well they are simply implying that they have taken your measure and you have come up short. Which is all of man because we have fallen short of God’s glory, the only perfect one that there is.
    This 666 speaks of a beastly mentality not a spiritual one which is what God is. He says pray in the spirit, seek his face (no man can see god’s face and live so what is this face?) it is Spirit. A spiritual man judges all and is judged by none. Spiritual things are not for carnal because to them it’s is foolishness. They have no understanding and desire none. Cain was a carnal man, his brother Abel was a Spiritual man. Cain was marked. His was the mark of a man with mental issues. Anyone who kills out of rage is suffering from imbalances due to issues of mentality. You can observe this in people that you look upon or converse with unless they are capable of hiding it. It also runs in families as well. It ran clean down to Lamech. Lamec even boasted about it saying, “if the ( seven fold– which was a14 generational curse of Cain’s line was so, then his own was seventy-seven times because a man had wounded him (this served as his justification for his actions). In other words he was ok if his line was to suffer a generational curse up to its eleventh generation. When lot’s children became incestuous they were not cleared of it until it’s tenth generation, which was Ruth (King David’s grandmother). So Lamech was crazy to have killed out of vengeance which belongs to God alone. He has claimed it. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” So the mindset that Cain refused to master when God warned him, mastered him and it ran through his line on past Lemech until it took its toll on creation when after God had had enough cleaned house by bringing in the flood. Christ said, the earth and all that dwell in are his. He says, For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods. Usually when someone creates something that they don’t like they will scrap it and start over from scratch. Next thing we know Noe is getting off the boat with seven others in tow.
    Anyway, it’s all about souls. “And man became a living soul”. The mind aka the intellect aka the Soul. “My soul does magnify the Lord”, which is what the fight is about. Joshua put it best, “Choose this day whom you will serve, the gods from across the waters (Jordan/Reed Sea), as for me and my house, we will serve God. So what mark do you carry? Are you sealed by the Spirit. Do you carry the Lord’s Word sealed in your forehead and on your right arm (with all you power and strength) or is the sum sealed, you lack nothing, you need nothing, you desire nothing cause you’ve got you? Well if that’s the case then I’ve got your number, and it’s Six Hundred Three Score & Six. Enough said.

    • amen

      • Rev13:18 IS VERY CLEAR.
        You need WISDOM to get this number.

        You need to COUNT this number not ADD like most people do to get their customized 666.

        It is the number of A MAN (any man,remember that any man can be identified with a DNA code sequence of alphabets)

        Now ask yourselves, if you need wisdom (advance thinking and revealed knowledge from God) would you end up using a childish operation like ADDING that does not require wisdom to get 600+60+6=666 when the bible told you to COUNT and NOT ADD????

        If you are COUNTING a number, it simply means you are identifying separated DIGITS,of that number.

        That is Six of hundreds, six of tens, AND six(ending with a six) which gives you a .31 digit genetic code based on your DNA which is in every man(A MAN)
        This is it 1001001001001001001010101010106.
        Your DNA identifier will be used by the the Antichrist for all forms of trading during the great tribulation .

  117. Old story, New names

    Kids love Revelation Children story’s Particle Physics.

    Rev. 4

    1 god is 1 rock.

    4 beasts are 4 charges.
    father charge .333… e (spin)
    son charge .666… e (spin)
    ghost charge .999… e (spin)
    spirit charge .000…1 e (spin)

    24 elders are 24 fermions.
    father charge .333… e quarks
    (1st gen) down quark – down antiquark (spin 1/2)
    (2nd gen) strange quark – strange antiquark (spin 1/2)
    (3rd gen) bottom quark – bottom antiquark (spin 1/2)
    son charge .666… e quarks
    (1st gen) up quark – up antiquark (spin 1/2)
    (2nd gen) charm quark – charm antiquark (spin 1/2)
    (3rd gen) top quark – top antiquark (spin 1/2)
    ghost charge .999… e leptons
    (1st gen) electron – positron (spin 1/2)
    (2nd gen) muon – positive muon (spin 1/2)
    (3rd gen) tau – positive tau (spin 1/2)
    spirit charge .000…1 e leptons
    (1st gen) electron-neutrino – electron-antineutrino (spin 1/2)
    (2nd gen) muon-neutrino – muon-antineutrino (spin 1/2)
    (3rd gen) tau-neutrino – tau-antineutrino (spin 1/2)

    Rev. 6-8

    4 horses are 4 forces.
    white charge .999… e higgs force
    red charge .999… e strong force
    black charge .999… e electro .000…1 e weak force
    pale charge .999… e gravitation force

    144,000 seals are 144,000 particles.

    7 spirits are 7 bosons.
    white charge .000…1 e higgs (spin 0/1)
    red charge .000…1 e gluon (spin 1/1)
    black charge .000…1 e photon .999… e WWZ bosons (spin 1/1)
    pale charge .000…1 e graviton (spin 2/1)

    Rev. 21

    1 great city is 1 standard model.
    12 gates are 12 particles
    12 foundations are 12 antiparticles

    Rev. 22

    1 rock is 1.

    They like the rock too.

    Seven stars (7 stars*)
    1) dark temperature: [(hbar*c^5/G)^1/2]/k = 4.2903353(04) x 10^31 K
    2) electric current: e/[(hbar*G/c^5)^1/2] = 9.8137286(29) x 10^24 A
    3) dark matter: (hbar*c/G)^1/2 = 6.5907305(98) x 10^-9 kg
    4) amount of substance: [(hbar*c/G)^1/2]/M = 1.6605387(82) x 10^-24 mol
    5) dark length: (hbar*G/c^3)^1/2 = 4.8943724(18) x 10^-36 m
    6) luminous intensity: [(hbar*G/c^5)^1/2]/alpha = 2.2372317(89) x 10^-42 cd
    7) dark time: (hbar*G/c^5)^1/2 = 1.6325869(07) x 10^-44 s


    I STAND BY THAT ANALYSIS OF THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST AS 1001001001001001001010101010106.

  119. This bit of knowledge needs to be studied more, too many numbers like 111, 616, 436, & 666 are being thrown around, children on youtube are saying those inscriptions are Roman. More searching needs to be done.

  120. Thank you for your post.
    This is a very important discovery.
    We are now convinced 616 is indeed the correct number, and 666 is an unfortunate error in the Bible. Strange how 666 had been mysteriously slipped into the Bible, in place of number 616.
    We found that 616 would indeed point straight at an Antichrist because that counts the number of years from Jesus birth to founding of Islam as a religion, whereas 666 is quite meaningless for linking to any such Antichrist.
    Here is our presentation :-

    May God bless the truth revealed.

  121. […] (1) 616, not 666 ? https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/616-not-666/ (2) 616 is the Number of the Beast, not 666. – THOR’s Sunday School […]

  122. Oh! I just saw the chart someone posted showing the two Lamechs….

  123. […] 那也不奇怪。 因為這是一個新的發現。 (1) 616, not 666 ? https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/616-not-666/ (2) […]

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