7 Lessons for the Pit experience



There are seven things you need to remember when you are in the pit.


First, intolerance of your present condition creates your future.

Second, when you are in the pit Satan always attacks those next in line for promotion.

Third, losers focus on what they are going through, champions focus on what they are going to.

Fourth, as a Christian, how do you react to people in the pit?

Fifth, when you are in the pit, remember this: “Those who created the pain of the present do not control the pleasure of tomorrow.”

Sixth, remember that Satan’s favorite weapon of attack is to use those closest to you.

Seventh, it is important to remember while you are in the pit that you will never win a spiritual battle logically.


12 Responses to “7 Lessons for the Pit experience”

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  2. so true

  3. A lot of people in general have fallen some time in their life in a pit. We have to be strong spiritually when Satan attacks us and ask for God to send guardian angles to protect us.

  4. Hi Marianne! Seems to me if I am literally (meaning physical) in a pit, I will have to think logically on HOW to get out of it. Personally, I believe ALOT in logic especially in terms of faith. Your third lesson has the most impact with me. In my case it’s focusing on “where I am going to.”
    Events are getting more bizarre by the day. While driving I heard on the radio a Christian pastor say, “I am not a Christian. I am a believer in Jesus Christ.” Just HOW can he separate his belief in that deity FROM Christianity? Others are basing entire sermons on Hebrew words and holy days. (Perry Stone) WHY? Their Christian beliefs and practice don’t leave any room for the true Hebraic Bible faith.
    We are approaching “Memorial Day Weekend”. This day may have been started by a large number of freed black slaves who celebrated their new found freedom while giving a large number of dead union soldiers who had died in prison a decent burial. This day came to mean a day to remember all American soldiers who died in war.
    Trump is being harassed and threatened with impeachment and other punishments while he rattles the saber with Iran (Persia in the Bible). In my opinion he is being punished for helping Israel and will not have peace while in office. Sadly, like other presidents, he may be impeached or assassinated. And, then the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, Psalm 91 seems to loom over us. In fact, the next New Moon is June 4.. It will be 52 years since The Six Day War began June 5, 1967. It’s also Eid al Fitr, the last day of Ramadan, the long Islamic fast. Possibly, what was started way back then they with Russia will try to finish with this last attack. If it does happen, Yahshua could come this next Yom Kippur. HalleluYah!


    • jayna

      I think people are trying to distinguish themselves from historical, traditional Christianity where wrong was done in the name of religion. so the just say they are a believer in christ / messiah.

      unfortunately, trump’s job is to handle threats from foreign governments.

      there have been several times, or more maybe, where arabs attacked after ramadan was over. they consider it a preparation time for war.

  5. Joseph was in a pit too.

  6. Pit and the tunnel . Some people have seen ,When we die, will go through a tunnel ? (our soul). and they have seen a beautiful land and came back to his body during operations.(Kidney patient who was my wife’s brother died 2 years back)

  7. Marianne’s Site viewers ? no comments .Why ?
    Discussion on end times in zero level, why ?

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