75 cents

beggar angel

Sometimes, a small test reveals a large unresolved issue in us.

This is a personal story. It happened to me Friday, May 8, 2009.

I went to Walmart to get a few things. I did not feel too well, and wanted to make it quick, so I could go back home. My back hurt me a lot that day, and I was very fatigued.

When I was finished, I pushed my cart to my car in the parking lot.

A weary looking man approached me, and asked me for 75 cents for a bus back home. As a typical American shopper, I responded that I only use credit cards now, but I might have some loose change in my ash tray in the car.

He said ok. I asked how he managed to be in the middle of the parking lot with no money. He replied that he had traveled down to here to get money owed him from a friend, but the friend did not have it, so he was stuck.

I said ok, and proceeded to try to unlock my car.

At first, the key would not unlock the door, and I was there for what seemed like at least a minute or two, trying to unlock the door. The man seemed to disappear on me while I was doing this. I did not see him.

The man then came back, and watched me struggle with the key. He said, “it was so hot today. I think it was 90 F.” I replied, maybe it was, I had not heard the weather report. He asked me the time, and I told him about 5 pm. He made comment about when the next bus might come.

I continued to struggle with the door.

I looked around again, and did not see the man. I thought maybe I was taking too long, and he had found someone else to help him, and had left.

I finally got the door open, and slowly put my items in the car. My back was hurting, so my focus was on that, and getting finished.

I stood up for a moment, to relieve the stress on my back from bending forward, then I went back in to see what kind of change I had for the man.

I saw some change. I took that.

Then I saw 2 x 1 dollar bills. I took them.

I also saw a $10 bill a friend had just given me for gas for taking her somewhere. I left that, thinking the next stop was the gas station.

I went to the lane to look for the man. He was a few cars down, waiting for me. I gave him the 75 cents and the 2 dollars, and told him to buy himself a drink, since it was hot. He looked grateful.

I went back to my car and got inside.

Suddenly, I felt a cringe in my spirit.

“Why didn’t you give him the $10? He looked like he needed it,” the Lord said.

I felt a sudden rush of regret and guilt. I realized that I had been stingy with the money that I should have shared.

As I slowly pulled out of the parking space, I looked around for the man, but did not see him. I continued to look as I left the parking lot. He was not there.  It was like he had vanished.

I left, went about a mile down the road, starting crying in remorse, and then turned back, and went back to the bus stop. I wanted to give the $10 to him.

He was not there.

From there, I went home, knowing that I had lost him, as well as the opportunity to do the right thing, and show mercy to someone with generosity, not stinginess.

I cried and repented all the way home. I asked God to send the man someone who would help him the right way, and not be like me.

Today, it is 24 hours later, and I still feel remorse.

What I learned is that deep in me, there is still some idolatry, and greed, that I put a $10 bill between myself and blessing someone.

Idolaters and greedy people do not inherit the kingdom of God. Even though I have given much to the poor, and helped people directly on my own, there was still some iniquity deep inside of me that I was not aware of.

What I, and others need to also realize, is that angels are among us as strangers. We never know when we are entertaining one.

This man seemed to appear and disappear in front of me, and then he was gone, without a trace.

I pray for forgiveness even now, and another opportunity to help someone with the generosity of God, not with the limits of my own flesh.

I learned my lesson, I hope, and look now for an opportunity to bless another angel that might cross my path.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Marianne. It is a sincere reminder to us all to teshuvah–repent. Righteousness begins with repentance. We often look to the “big” things, like adultery or murder or stealing or lying, but most often it is the “small” things that YHVH is calling us to repent from. We are certainly at a time in history that it would behoove us all to search within ourselves, honestly and without fear, and be willing for YHVH to create in us a clean heart. Blessings!

    • Thanks for this great story. I too had a similiar experience and I did go back and God allowed me complete the assingment he had given me. I bypassed a lady he told me to pick up and I felt so bad that I got back on the parkway and found the lady and took her to her designated stop. I understand your regret full well. The truth shall make you free.

      Many blessings I leave with you.

  2. Why are we always being tested? Can’t these spirits look into our heart and see/know our intentions? I cannot explain this constant testing. I’ve heard similar stories from friends of mine throughout the years. I’ve also seen this “testing” depicted in many films. One story I am reminded of is that years ago, a friend of mine stopped to help a stranger in a snow storm. To make a long story short, the stranger disappeared and left no foot prints in the snow. My friend felt he was being “tested”.

    • Hi Phil

      Testing is not a bad thing. We test our tires to see if they have enough air in them. Testing is not meant to be a judgment that causes difficulty. It is God’s way of letting us know there is something deficient in us, so we can correct it. Once we correct it, we can be closer to Him.

      If we let small things creep into our spirits, they do not stay small, but grow into bigger things. If we catch these small deficiencies while they are still small, we will be better off. It is like putting antibiotic ointment on a small, but infected, scratch, so it will not become a bigger infection.

    • God is always giving us the chance to grow. This is a part of His great mercy and His love for us.

  3. As I learned from my wife being a Police Officer I will not give people on the street money!
    If someone asks me for money to buy gas, I take them to a gas station, if some one tells me they need money for a bus ticket I will take them to the Bus Station. I have offered more than once to help people on the streets with a specific request only to be rejected! Too many times they want the money to buy drugs or cheap booze.
    I will provide anyone with a meal if he is hungry, I will not give them my hard earned money to be misappropriated.

    • I agree with your opinion.

      I always give money to the poor who are on the streets begging, but I think you’re very right to know what these people are going to do with the money and how they give us the trust, not like if they ask us for something, we need to give them immediately. In fact, I cannot trust too much people nowadays, they are insincere just like hypocrites. Still, I would offer help to anyone who are in need if appropriate.

  4. Chris, I understand where you are coming from, but cynicism is a hard row to hoe. Believe me, I am cynical about many things, much to my detriment. I always regret later the cynicism that I allow to rule my actions. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize it in the moment. You sound like a kind and generous man, who wants to help people so the right thing. But we are judged on what we do, not what they do. Just a thought…

  5. Koren thank you for your reply! And yes I am very cynical! 🙂
    Let me reply from a biblical prospective as I should have done in my 1st post. Of course this is just one example.
    Mark Chapter 8 feeding of the 5000.
    When Jesus saw that the crowd was hungry he fed them! Since I cannot turn but a few crumbs into a full meal, I offer to take the hungry to a place to eat and feed them. Why would the Lord bless me for giving someone money when I know it could possibly be used on drugs or alcohol? If I feed them as Jesus has directed us to do then how can I be misjudged?
    Cynical or not I will make sure my money goes for what it is intended.
    Our church adopts one or two families every year at Christmas. There are people who attempt to take advantage of our generosity.
    If we did not ask questions and properly discern who does and who does not need help, our efforts would be in vain.
    I believe whole heartedly that the Holy Spirit gives Christians logic and understanding of his word to help properly take care of those who are really in need.
    Maybe the way I was raised? 😉
    kind regards,

  6. Of course I could have also posted 2Th 3:10,11,12!
    But for now I’ll keep things in their proper perspective! 🙂

    • Hi Chris

      I think it is good to mix charity, with a little wisdom and discernment.

      As long as the true need is met, then all is well.

  7. Marianne, Question? Do u ever sleep? 😉
    I see all of the different topics that u have posted and I ask myself, when do you have time for all of this?
    So I figured out that you must be extremely fast at typing! 🙂
    Did I sound as though I was preaching on my second post? I tend to do that at times!

    • Hi Chris,

      about all the posts :
      I just think all day, and the Lord keeps putting little thoughts in my head……. 🙂

      Comments people make also give me ideas.

      Sleep issue: right now, it is 3:22 am, and I got up, so I decided to check the computer before I went back to sleep.

      Preaching is good for the soul 🙂

  8. I understand where you are coming from, but … There are so many scam artists out there and their stories all have a certain ring to them.

    I worked at a church where we started a food bank and clothing closet. When people came we were happy to give them whatever they needed. But when people ask for cash we learned the hard way to check with other churches first.

    Certain people would hit a town, hit every church with the same story, get money from ALL of them, then leave and hit the next town. After a while I grew an internal radar, just like ER doctors do when a drug seeker comes into the ER, you can spot the fakes a mile away.

  9. Hi Marianne! It’s Ani…I am just like you…i will give one money and it’s up to he or she to use it as they wish..whereas my husband an Officer as well he will Buy them food, buy them gas, etc………but not give them just the money…

    i am sure you will run into him again!

  10. My friend, you gave the man what he asked for,+2. many would have given him nothing even if they had it. You past the test if that’s what you call it. It is not God’s purpose to make us feel guilty but Satans! I hope your feeling better, get well soon.


    • Hi Don,

      I am thinking of the good Samaritan. He not only helped the man on the road, he brought him somewhere where he could receive continued help until he healed. What I did was ok, but I could have done more, by giving him a little extra. I just want to do God’s will to the fullest, and not hold back, if there is a legitimate opportunity. I am feeling better.

  11. Hi Marianne,

    The Lord says:,
    Mat 6:3
    But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

    Why do you think?

  12. It is an excellent piece. You discuss a very sad subject, and make a very important point. I wonder why you still drive your car to Walmart your own. To learn a lesson is rather important. I’m very interested and surprised of how you heard Lord’s voice speaking in your mind and spirit telling you why not to give the man $10 dollars. It could be right to give the man a little extra but I think you did not did wrong, you rather has been very compassionate. There’s no way to contact the man in future to give him the extra money, but I’m sure that Jesus will bless him because of your truthfulness and kindness towards this matter. You are such a loving person. You cried for the man. You even pray for forgiveness even now. The way you have done I feel the empathy and generosity you have within you, although if you have a chance to tell how you were feeling not giving the man extra money, I think the man would be very happy you felt that way…also it can be unexpected to the man.

  13. An excellent reminder to our duty to serve God. Don’t beat yourself up too much but you are right. Too often we all give out of our abundance and rationalize we are being godly yet god had so much more in mind. I recall this passage from Mark.

    Mark 10:21 One thing you lack; go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross and follow me. Sadly, this young man walked away as his possessions were more important to him than Obeying God. God doesn’t want us to make ourselves poor and in need of a handout ourselves, but He demands we use what He has given us to help others. We can’t obey God if we have idols before Him.

    One of the signs of the end is that the love of most will wax cold. I just wrote about that as I see donations to missions and charities drying up at the very times their needs are skyrocketing. We want to be counted as sheep and not as the goats of matthew 25, who did not help the people that Jesus will tell the goats was the same as not helping Him.

    The widow that gave her only penny gave out of her heart. To much that has been given, much will be expected. Thank you for the reminder by sharing your story that we all have been tested with and will continue to be tested.

    • Hi Pete,

      You made a very good point. I want to be a sheep, not a goat.


      A goat might give 75 cents. A sheep will give more, and try to help restore the afflicted, so he will not be needy any more.

    • Pete, good point! However this very passage is being used by liberals to help to push their Socialist agenda, Redistribution of wealth!” I do not believe that Jesus was a socialist nor do I believe he intended us all to become dependent on the state of others to help us. I believe this is a total misrepresentation of Jesus’ words.
      “As you pointed out!”
      Some of us have been blessed more than others with better jobs, willingness to work harder, willingness to achieve higher educational levels, the ability to better manage our investments, etc. I personally give accordingly, so as to better help where I feel the Lord is directing me!
      As I stated before I will not give money to anyone on the street. I will feed them I will give them clothes. My question is, “How can I be a good steward of what the Lord has entrusted me with if I just hand out money to everyone who asks?”
      I would personally like to make a challenge to everyone who gives money to those on the streets to ask a couple of questions first, offer to buy them lunch at a fast food place. Ask them if they are willing to do some chores around your house to work for their meal. You will find some very willing to accept your offer, but I will venture to say that a vast majority will make some kind of excuse to reject and want the money instead! In my opinion this takes away from those whom really need help!
      Last comment; We have seen giving decline in our own congregation, but I believe that it is directly related to 28 million Americans being unemployed and not a willingness to give!
      btw, I am definitely among the sheep!
      Chris 🙂

      • Chris, I agree with you here. Paul said if a man will not work he shall not eat. I have given money to people I know were just going to go buy beer, but I at least tried to tell them about God. They all claim they know God and most have the God Bless Homeless signs, but they know not God. While Jesus wants nobody to perish, he came to call sinners to repentance. Without a willingness to turn away from sin, these people will not be healed or come to really know Christ. So handing them money and saying Jesus loves you isn’t really working by my experience. The ranks of the homeless and people ensnared by drugs and alcohol only grows. People must reach a point of brokenness where there realize they are hopelesss and in need of a savior. The love of God must be balanced with the fear of God and preaching repentance is needed. Sorry for my digression. If we sow seeds of Christ and His righteousness hopefully God will make them sprout into a new life. We may plant the seed and someone else can water it later. It is indeed in God’s hands to save. I continue to give some money to some to befriend them and earn their trust in hopes I might see them again. Rarely do I but God did get one man off the streets and converted and it all started with me giving him $20 and praying with him. I wrote a blog post about that story on my site if anyone wants to read it.


        • Pete,
          I digress all the time with my posts, but mostly I preach?!?!
          As long as we continue to spread God’s word, how can we be wrong? :-}

  14. Marianne
    Whilst I see the point that most are making here, I would have a question. Do you think God accuses us? The Word says that accusation comes from the one who has set himself up as the accuser of the brethren. I only ask because the way the story is narrated it comes across as you being accused of say, miserliness, and responding to accusation with guilt. I don’t purport to be an expert in these matters where they pertain to others so I just pose the question.

    • HI Paul

      I did not really feel “accused.” Rather, my conscience was touched, as to how much more we can always do for those in need.

      It is the job of the holy spirit to let us know when we have missed the mark somehow, and should have done better.

      It is not to condemn, but to teach.

      If the person’s heart is right, they will respond with regret, and try to fix the mistake.

      I feel closer to God from this experience. I know he cares enough about me to let me know how I can do more for him, if I just listen, and respond properly.

      This was a story about the struggle between flesh and spirit. In the beginning, the flesh responded, but in the end, the spirit acted.

  15. Marianne
    in response to your comment about the Obamantion vis a vis the New Repressors, I fully agree. I was told a story by a non Christian friend tonight that was very disturbing.He saw on the news, a clip of Obama talking about his first 100 days. Then he said “My plans for the second 100 will be done in 72, and on the 73rd day I will rest”. This is a clear mocking shot at God who we know worked for 6 and rested on the 7th.
    Even the secular person narrating this to me thought that it was out of line.

    • He also said in one of his campaign speeches that he had visited 57 states?
      Hmmmmm, which 57 states was he referring to???
      Obamanation?!?!?! nail, head, Hit!!!

  16. Marianne,

    This is interesting since there are 72 virgins …
    And the OIC( organisation of Islamic conference) has 57 nations …

    King Abdullahs’ own words
    f you consider that a third of the world does not recognise Israel — 57 nations of the United Nations do not recognise Israel, a third of the world — their international relationships can’t be all that good. More countries recognise North Korea than Israel. That is a very strong statement when we are offering a third of the world to meet them with open arms. The future is not the Jordan river or the Golan Heights or Sinai, the future is Morocco in the Atlantic to Indonesia in the Pacific. I think that’s the prize.

    But I wish to speak of a most urgent topic!!
    One that will not only affect 1/3 of mankind …
    But one that will affect ALL of the earth …
    Here is a link to a most pressing matter.
    View this page to the bottom …
    Then look out ….

    • Surviving 2012 and Planet X!
      Worm Wood, or more Y2K hysteria?
      I do however agree that it is very interesting reading.
      Chris 🙂

      • Chris,

        This is not Y2K! Y2K was manmade! The Heavens are created by God. A small distinction at least … And the Heavens are sustained and upheld by God.

        After the time of the gentiles is fulfilled The Lord says:
        ‘Luk 21:25
        And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring
        Luk 21:26
        Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.’

        And this is happening now! Just before the Great and Terrible day of The Lord!

        I think it deserves acknowledgment NOW!
        And not as entertainment of which this sleeping generation is so used to!

        And for surviving this …?? Who would even think of that?

    • Abigail, sorry but I’m still trying to figure out how the second url will affect 1/3 of mankind?


    • Chris,

      Here is a video from SOHO ( solar and Heliospheric Obsevatory) dated 2009/03/27
      If you google the above site you will also find all info from NASA.

      • Abigail,
        I am not denying that Planet X is real. After discovery it took almost 1 1/2 years to detect it’s movement, because it was still 97au further than the Sun.
        The idea that it is being controlled by Aliens and or satan to bring about the destruction of earth is absolutely absurd! (my opinion!)
        However, as I stated in an earlier post it is possibly Worm Wood? But I believe that it is just more hysteria created by bogus conspiracies!

        From a 2005 article; he planet was discovered by, in addition to Brown, Chad Trujillo, of the Gemini Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and David Rabinowitz, of Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. They first photographed the new planet with the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope on October 31, 2003. The object was so far away, however, that its motion was not detected until they reanalyzed the data in January of this year. In the last seven months, the scientists have been studying the planet to better estimate its size and its motions.

        • Chris,
          you are entitled to your belief.
          The U.N. and the vatican have known about the dark dwarf forever.
          And they have prepared underground places of shelter for the elite.
          I personally don’t care, since I know that wickedness according to scriptures have no shelter.
          And for myself my place of refuge is in The Lord.

          Same goes for UfO.
          They have known this as well for ever.
          And they introduce their knowledge a bit at a time, as not to ’cause panic’.

          And dear Chris if you wish to continue discussion on Nibiru why not go another page with another title on Marianne’s Website.
          As for me here this discussion is close.
          Thank you.

          • Dear Abigail,
            Thank you for telling me to go to another post on this site to discuss planet x. Since you made the first post on this thread about the subject, I assume you will follow your own advise.

  17. Tell me why both the Vatican and the U.N among other very auspious location display this symbols???

  18. Why a broken sphere??
    Even the date of (9/11/08) is surely a sign of disaster, is it not ???
    Don’t look like a basketball to me.

    • HI ABigail

      I think it is ugly. I wonder how much money they wasted on it. They could have given this to the poor of the world.

    • The sphere is broken to display the artwork inside.
      9/11/08 is surely a sign of disaster??????
      I think I missed that one???
      A run on the banks, but that was caused be the economic situation?

  19. Chris
    Abigail posted a link with the 57 States …Muslim states aka nations http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article6260385.ece
    when I read that interview with King Abdullah it all fell into place because the Prez was educated in Indonesian Muslim school

  20. You’re lucky you did not get hit in the back of the head as you put stuff in your car. I do not think an Angel would have done this to you, as it puts a women in a bad situation.

    That may have been why your key did not work. G-d knew you were to nice, and believe everyone is good. You gave him money. You did a good thing.

    Perhaps, it is time the young man mowed a lawn, or two. Did you work?

    Stop beating yourself up, and be very careful.


  21. Hi Marianne,

    The suffering in this world is oftentimes the result of abuse. From one generation to another and it is perpetuated.
    Unfortunately we see the results standing on the corner streets, either waiting for a handout or waiting for another client.
    It screams at the seams, the pain endured in childhood.
    So many children abused cruelly, neglected, cold and hungry their whole life.
    How can any of us not claim some responsibility for the graves that are dug??
    We have become as hard as the headstones that decorate the churches back yard.

    Here is another story that has been protected, protecting the culprits.

    • Abigail,
      The video and the story both are heart breaking! Unfortunately this happens all too often around the world!
      My question is? How or why should we accept responsibility for the action of others? Catholic Priests have been abusing little boys for years and the church has covered up their trash! Are we responsible for the actions of the preists or the church? NO!
      The ACLU is blaming innocent Americans for the actions of criminals! Is it my fault that these people are criminals? NO!
      I raised my 2 sons in the most moral, responsible, parental fashion with the knowledge that I had at the time. I am responsible for my sons until they are adults, I am at that time no longer responsible for their actions!
      We need to place the blame where the blame is due. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions!
      I have a friend who is a prison counselor, one think that all criminals have in common; it is never their fault that they are in prison! They always blame someone else!!!
      We need to hold people to a higher standard and teach them to be responsible for their own actions!
      I realize this may seem a little harsh, but this is God’s standard, not mine!

      • Dear Chris,

        I didn’t post this to break anyone’s heart … Enough hearts are broken and lives lived like leprosy with wounds that just won’t heal and deforms the fragile makeup of man.
        Beasts leave their offsprings early and not all of the beasts do this.
        In the Scriptures Jacob was 40 yrs. old when he took Rachel for a wife.
        I know in todays’ society children are encouraged to leave home early, as dictated by the rules that says you are mature at 18yrs. old.
        We accept this as the norm but I don’t think it was so from the beginning.

        The Roman Catholic Church separated families and indoctrinated the children of many cultures. So did Hitler.

        To teach the youth law and truth is fundamental for a successful and healthy.
        Yes we need to blame where the blame is due!! I agree with that!!!
        To teach someone responsibility you must yourself be responsible.
        To teach anything at all one must teach by example.
        It is not do as I say but it is do as I do.
        That is how the Lord taught as well.
        Turn the other cheek was taught by example.

        Yes we are responsible and we will be accounted responsible for our actions, before the Judge, our Lord.
        If only man would understand and turn their ways to God.
        You know as well as I do that many countries teach war to children.
        And you also know that many countries teach crime to their children,
        Hollywood is good at this.
        The only way to teach is to uphold the ten Commandments of The Lord.


        • Abigal, I understand that you didn’t post this to be mean or to hurt anyone!
          We all need a little more education on certain matters of this world. It was an eye opener for me, thank you!
          kind regards,

          • Peace,

            We all need as well to do the works of the Son of God as we follow Him.
            We need to stand in Him and be a father to the fatherless.
            We need to remember that He died for these people.
            He loved the loveless.
            What is my life which He redeemed ?
            Is it not to also have mercy on the merciless?
            My life is not mine, it belongs to my Brother.
            No one will enter Heaven … alone.

            • Abigail,
              Could you please clairify 2 comments for me?
              1. No one will enter Heaven…..alone.
              2. But I wish to speak of a most urgent topic!!
              One that will not only affect 1/3 of mankind …
              But one that will affect ALL of the earth …
              Here is a link to a most pressing matter.
              View this page to the bottom …
              Then look out ….
              How will this affect 1/3 of mankind?


              • Chris,

                1. We are our brothers’ keeper.
                2. 1/3 of ‘mankind’ referring to king Abdullah’s
                words and the arab nations (57 states)
                3. Look out (side) because the southern hemisphere can already view the malefic

                • Here is a post from Southern Sky Watch which identifies all planets. Sorry no planet X!

                  1 January 2009; Jupiter and Mercury close

                  26 January 2009; Partial Solar Eclipse

                  30 January 2009; Venus and Crescent Moon close

                  9-10 February 2009, weak Partial eclipse of the Moon

                  18 February 2009, Mars and Jupiter very close

                  23 February 2009, Crescent Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter very close

                  25 February 2009, Mercury and Jupiter close

                  2 March 2009, Mars and Mercury very close

                  9 March 2009, Saturn at opposition

                  2-5 April 2009, 100 Hours of Astronomy

                  13 April 2009, Moon and Antares very close

                  23 April 2009, Crescent Moon, Mars and Venus very close

                  6 May 2009 Eta Aquarid meter shower.

                  21-22 May 2009, Mars, Venus and Crescent Moon form Triangle.

                  20 June 2009, Moon close to Mars and Venus.

                  26 June 2009, Mars and Venus close.

                  4 July 2009, Moon close to Antares.

                  13 July 2009, Venus forms second “eye” of constellation of Taurus.

                  19 July 2009, Good line up of Moon, Venus, Mars and Alderbaran.

                  9-11 July 2009, Mars and Saturn close.

                  1 August 2009, Anatres close to Moon.

                  15 August 2009, Jupiter at Opposition.

                  17 August 2009, Mercury and Saturn close.

                  18 August 2009, Crescent Moon and Venus close.

                  17 September 2009, Crescent Moon, Venus and Regulus close together.

                  21 September 2009, Venus and Regulus very close together.

                  9 October 2009, Mercury and Saturn very close, Venus nearby.

                  14 October 2009, Venus and Saturn very close.

  22. The story speaks for itself.

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  29. Marianne- AWESOME testimony- Thank you for sharing!

    Can I share a testimony with you now?

    This happened to me on 5/7/09…. It was INCREDIBLE & I’ve never experienced anything like it!

  30. catrina, thanks for sharing.

    Marianne, it is intersting to see your page. I am a Bibletranslator (OT). After finishing the project, I do now lectures on Bible in schools all around the country. I find your page in the search for picture of a begger into my presentation to the topic Money and property in Bible (thanks for sharing).

    being a priest myself earlier, I understand you what you are speaking about and I agree with what you shared earlier.
    Similar situation is in CR. I have a hard experience some 24 years ago, when I trusted a real deceiver and gave him some 10times of my month salary – as a loan, which I never saw back. Believe me…. You are right, I was naive …(He finished before the judge, this was my only case I was as a witness in justice court.)
    I am still atracted to the poor and homeless people, but now I too just offer to buy them some food or what they need….

    By the way I have 5 kids (21-5 years old).

    Let us be generous (in hebrew idiom: having a good – not bad – eye!), but also wise as the serpent….


  31. Marriane – it is such a gift when we can “see” ahead of times our own faults (when usually we don’t). I had an experience on an Amtrak train recently — a man (I’ll call him a gentlemanly hobo)was sitting across the aisle from me commenting on my burrito (I had just purchased in the food car.) He looked like he hadn’t had much to eat in awhile and I asked him if he would like some dinner. Of course he would, and I looked in my wallet – I had a ten and three ones and I went to give him the ones thinking if I gave him more he would just buy booze with it. Then I thought to myself, who am I to say he couldn’t have that if he chose that for dinner. So, I pulled out the ten and gave him that. He came back with a burrito, chips, a soda and offered me my change back (which totally caught me off guard.) I smiled and told him I didn’t want any change, it was a gift. He smiled putting the change in his pocket and proceeded to eat his meal. I just thought to myself how often I judge others, or assume what they think or what they will do. I’m given so many reminders every day of how preconditioned I am to feel toward hobos, a race, a status of this or that. If I am clear and clean and at peace with me, I have no need to worry of others, especially if something rom me is truly a gift. And you know what? People such as this young gentlemanly hobo are a gift to me. Now and then I get a chance to “check” myself. That keeps me busy enough I don’t have time to worry about other’s motives!

  32. i also have had times when i get busy and dont stop to help someone in need. God will use us if we are willing to be obediant. true, money can stall the Holy Spirit from working in a situation like this but i would also give strong caution though. Never give much more than a dollar to a homeless person b/c most of the time they are in that situation for a reason like drugs or drinking and other bad decisions. if we give them AlOT of money they will take that money and go feed their habit. i learned that i can listen to the LORD and not feed their habbit at the same time. if one comes up to me and says they are hungry, “i say no problem, let me take you to the store or a fast food place and BUY you some food.” i don’t want to see that replayed on Judgement Day and the LORD having to tell me my money went towards the kingdome of darkness that day–this is the wisdom God has given me.

  33. I remember the eyes of a homeless girl on the streets of london when I was there for a study abroad program. This was over 18 years ago and I still see her. I have prayed for her when I am reminded of her, such as when reading this post.

  34. starving children in north korea

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