A dream about December 18, 2009



I have had this note posted on my stove fan for the past few years. All because of a dream.

In the summer of 2007, I had been discouraged because I had been laid off from my job since 2006. I was also feeling sick, and taking medicine, which also made me sick. I went to sleep that night, wondering about my future, and had a dream.

In it, I met a man who told me that I had a wonderful future, and then something about 938 days.

He also told me something personal that I will not reveal. It is something positive. If that comes true, that would be a confirmation.

*** I did not write the dream details down right away as I should. It may have been 968 days.

When I woke up, I laughed. Being told you have a wonderful future when you lose your job seems strange. I had already had another dream telling me that “the job is dead,” indicating, to me, that I would not get another job. So the future was going to be “money free,” I thought.

On top of that, I was having medical problems that were crippling me, and reducing the quality of my life.

Being told the other secret thing I thought was crazy. I laughed at that too.

But anyhow, I got out my calendar and counted 938 days ahead in the future. I ended up on December 15, 2009.

That date meant nothing to me.

Somehow, I decided that meant that whatever I was going through would be over on that date. I wrote the date down, and posted it on the stove fan above my stove.

I kept myself busy, looking for jobs, and realized that was going nowhere. This is still true today, 2 years later. So the one dream was right about the job situation being dead. The dead job situation was enhanced by the recent stock market crash in 2008, where I watched my State Retirement Account, that I can finally have in 2010, drop to my ankles.

So far, the future was not “wonderful” so far.

To use my time in a productive manner, I also revived a dead blog I had ignored, and worked on that. I had been in discussion groups about religion, and found myself answering the same questions over and over.

Since I got tired of typing, I decided to put these answers on my blog, and then just give a link when a question came up.

This is when Heaven Awaits really was “born,” which has been such a blessing to me. Finally, something positive !

So that is wonderful.

In the meantime, I have been successful in identifying, and solving, my own medical problems, since the “health care providers” do not think past 5 minutes when you visit them.

So that is better.

And, God kept providing for me while I was out of work. So that is really neat.

Now, I am on the last 6 month stretch of the 938 days.

I looked up what would be so significant about the date December 18, 2009.

I found general things about this date:

48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
and 28th Chinese Control Conference

European Encounter

General Christmas/ Winter holiday time


But then, I found these facts more interesting:

Esther made Queen (362 BCE) on this date in Jewish history

7th day of Hanukah – time of miracles

Al-Hijra – 1st Muharramn (Islamic New Year) December 18, 2009

When I count back from December 18, 2009, 3 ½ years, I end up on the date I was laid off.

3 ½ years to me is significant. Maybe that man in the dream was trying to tell me something more. He gave me a mystery to solve.

3 ½ years is the time of Jacob’s trouble. It is also predicted in Revelation 12 that the “Woman” flees to the wilderness for 3 ½ years, or 1260 days.

So, looking back, I have been assigned to a 3 ½ year wilderness experience.

I have been hidden from the world, away from most people, and focusing on my relationship with God.

The fruit of this experience is my blog, Heaven Awaits. In the isolation, there is revelation, which I share with others.

Looking forward, what will happen in December, if this pattern is true?

Esther becomes Queen! She comes out of preparation, out of hiding, and saves her people!

*** her Hebrew name “Hadassah,” means hidden

The Bride becomes the Wife during a time of miracles (Hanukkah) !

Esther was called for “such a time as this” when her people were in danger of extinction.

She was in the land of Persia, which is Iran today.

Today, Esther has another “such time” as Iran’s government pushes to destroy her once again.

Islam starts a New Year on this same date. What are the plans against Esther and her people for this New Year?

While this dream may not be prophetic at all, so far, certain things have come to pass for me personally.

But, maybe, if this dream has any spiritual significance, it is to awaken the Esters of the world to prepare herself to come out of hiding, out of the wilderness, and become Queen!

For those who have been in the wilderness of the spirit, away from others, or away from fellowship, wondering if they had any value in this world, but hidden away, and alone with God……

It may be that by the end of this year, if not sooner, it will be time to take your rightful place in the court of the King, and intercede for your people, Israel.

Then Haman’s plot will be stopped. And Israel will live. And Messiah will come.

How Esther acts now will influence not only the safety of the people Israel for the next 3 ½ years, but it will affect Esther herself.

Will she perish, missing her “time,” or will she step up as Queen and intercede to her King?

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  1. […] I have had this note posted on my stove fan for the past few years.  All because of a dream. Click here for […]

  2. Very interesting, Marianne. I have also had 3-1/2 year periods with great life changing outcomes. I don’t think we normally see such importance to specific periods of time, but it was as if I was urged to note these 3-1/2 year periods in my life as significant.

    It has been over a decade since my last 3-1/2 year experience, and i have been sitting isolated since, without knowing why. I only know that anything I try to do to end this lonely waiting fails. The only parable I see to Biblical meaning is that Jesus, after His earthly ministry, waits for his Bride, lonely for her to prepare herself and join Him. So I wait. DavWms

  3. Hi, Marianne…. Few focus on Israel as much as I do. I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but I do it knowing what is about to come upon her. So when I pray for that peace, it is praying for Jesus’ coming to bring that peace. For there will be no peace there until He comes to bring it. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus. DavWms

  4. This sounds in line with a dream I had last year. I just started a blog too, and finally had the “push” to write the dream down and post it. If you have the time, I would like your input on it. It is regarding Rosh Hashanah 2009 (Sept 19, 2009) and the peace deal.
    Thank you- I really enjoy your blog!

    • Hi Assyrian Horn,

      I like your website. I really think we are out of time. This saddens me, because I have unsaved loved ones who are not going to make it, unless a miracle occurs very soon.

      The Fall of 2009 seems as reasonable as any other time for something to being, seeing the signs are there, the corrupt USA government, and the horrible falling away that is taken place in the church.

      I just came from a revival meeting, where I tried to give a warning. No one seemed impressed since I do not look like the professional minister type..

  5. Hi Marianne,

    Maybe following information be helpful

    In the Holy book oz Zohar, that the revelation of Messiah son of Jospeh will begin in year 5766 (2006/7) and end in 5773 (2012/13) lasting 7 years. While revelation of Messiah son of David (Yeshua ha’Mashiach) will begin in 5773 and last until the end of century, that is 5780, namely 23 years.

    Now Messiah son of Joseph can be any suffering servant, many Jewish people who worked on bringing redemption are in the category of Messiah son of Joseph, including Esther. It is said that revelation of Messiah son of Joseph is by natural means (that is years 2006-2012) surrounded by marvellous (yet natural coincidences), God’s intervention this time is indirect. While begining from 5673 (2012/13) happens with open signs and miracles, this time God openely reveals His dominion of the universe.

    My take is that both revelation of Antichrist and Messiah son of David happens somewhere between 5766 and 5780. It is interesting to note that Mayan callendar ends in December 2012, and many say that at that time we will enter another dimension (in September 2012 is Rosh ha’Shana 5673 – the begining of open miracles and revelation of Messiah son of David.

    • Interesting dates Gavriel as I was sent to Israel in 2006 and 2007 on missions for God. You might like to view the last judgement fresco by Michelangelo, At the top is Jonah e.g prophet and fish. You are probably aware that the sign of the Jonah turned up in Israel a few months ago. Joseph-Sophia is certainly a Queen and our heavenly Father as spoken to people directly about her. Christ called her the Queen of the South and it means Queen of the Prophets. She is the one that was promised to Moses for the children of the promise. I would not be surprised at all if the mission with Israel finishes in 2012 as that is the year that we’re meant to go to India. Its also time for New Jerusalem to be built. However, we will always defend Israel’s right to exist.

  6. Mistakes in my previous post: at two place where it is written “5673” supposed to be 5773;

  7. 5773 (2012/3) – 5780 (2035/6) is the timespan Zohar gives when Messiah would appear, namely he can appear anytime during this 23 year span, although his spiritual force comes to action already in 5773, namely His rule begins but in a hidden way culminating by his appearance somewhere in the midpoint (when his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives), thus entering the world into seventh millenium. There is a reason (which I cannot explain here) that sixth millenium will end before year 6000, it will end at most in 5780 (2035/6); BTW, 4th Jewish millenium also ended some century and half earlier, when the Temple was destroyed, maybe I’ll explain sometime why…

  8. Reign of Messiah will continue 1000 years of Seventh Millenium of course and then – FOREVERMORE;

  9. Mariannce

    I will read your other post and will try to elaborate further.

    But I do not think that Hebrew callendar is innacurate, rather Zohar speaks about vacuum in time in the 4th Jewish millenium which occured as a result of Temple’s destruction and cutting off of the Prince (Yeshua ha’Mashiach) and ending of the 7th millenium earlier;

    SO IT’S RATHER CIRCUMSTANCES AFFECTING THE CALLENDAR, not the way round. Talmud speaks of 6000 years divining in 2000 years of Chaos, 2000 years of Torah and 2000 years of Messiah;

    • Gavriel

      I see separate pieces of thoughts but they do not all match up to me. I see:

      year 0 – 2000 chaos
      year 2001- 4000 Torah
      year 4001-6000 Messiah

      If 2000 years of Messiah follow 2000 years of Torah, then why does redemption not begin until 5758(1968). IS 1900 years wasted on the Galut? Then this leaves 100 years, not 72. And we arrive at the year 6000, not 5800.

      • It can begin anytime in this 2000 years, deadline is year 6000 (however acc. to Zohar’s calculation it is 5780); Galut (“time of the gentiles”) can be seen as preperation for Messiah, just as rule of Armilus (Antichrist) will precede coming of Messiah; BTW, I beleive that the reign of Antichrist falls somewhere in 23 years of Son of David’s revelation (5773-5780), I beleive 7 year tribulation starts right in 5773 and Antichrist declares himself “god” in 5777 (777 is very meaningful number);
        Also, thought about events occuring much earlier than the deadline, isn’t it said that God will in supernatural way shorten (hasten) the tribulation, thus in the very moment when it will seem that universe is under complete control of satan, God will in a myustical way re-arrange the order of the universe (affecting the time as well)…

  10. I have no time now, but here is some info:

    “EREV [AYIN RESH BEIT] ALLUDES TO 272 YEARS BEFORE THE YEAR 6,000, IN WHICH WILL START THE PROCESS OF REDEMPTION [5728 — 1968 This coincides with the conquest of Yerushalaim and the presence of 600,000 males between the ages of 20 and 60 in Eretz Israel, according to the Census figures of 1968]

    The Gaon Rabbi Yudel Rosenberg ZTKL brings in his translation to hebrew of the Zohar ha Kaddosh, that the intention of the Raaya Mehemna is that the Galut can last 1900 years until the time added before Shabbat [Which is the seventh Millenium] in the end of the sixth Millenium. For the seventh Millenium is called Shabbat, and the time added to the Shabbat is 272 years before Shabbat, and given that the Bet ha Mikdash was destroyed 172 years before the fifth Millenium [3828] also following the pattern of addition. And when the 1900 years of the Galut will come to an end, 72 years will remain until the end of the year 5800. ”



    • Hi Nhel

      Thank you for your usual sweet prayer and blessings. I goofed in one spot…it is December 18, not 15….

      All we can do now is sow the seed, which is the Word of God

      Jesus will be the one who reaps…to his glory

      True, what you say about academic degrees….I went to a camp meeting yesterday to see how my book was doing on their book table. I was not as dressed up as others. I was tolerated but no one was that receptive to me.

      I watched and saw pastors buying books on prosperity, canned (pre-written) sermons, buying foolish things like bags and pens with logos, and buying books on how to make the church business successful.

      One book was called “the 5 star church” written by a man who set the standards for 5 star hotels, and you know how fancy they are. Pastors want to have physically attractive churches to bring in and keep members. Nothing about holiness was purchased. I sighed and left.

      The beauty of your words rates you as a PhD in my book. 🙂

      • They should be called ‘the five fallen stars’!
        How dare they ‘imposters and anti-christs’?
        How dare they call themselves by the Holy Name of The Lord?

        They appeal to the flesh!
        They are enemies of The Cross of Christ!

        And if anyone still thinks that I am negative…
        Then it is just too bad.

    • Do not be sad!
      It is not the Holy Body of Christ that ‘ is still not receptive’ ….
      There are wolves ‘in sheeps’ clothing’.
      They are wolves!!
      When will you make a difference between good and evil??

      I hear this all the time….
      And frankly I am sick of it.

      People are lured by appearances.
      Like fishes to the colorful bait.
      But that type of luring is demonic and not Holy.

      And those fishes who are lured in such a way are catched for their own destruction.

      The Lord Himself does the calling
      and He Himself does the choosing.

      We may be all very surprised at the end
      to find who the true servants Of The Lord are!

  12. I am a poor mystic and poorer seer, but God does give us glimpses of the future, I have no doubt. May God grant you the wisdom you need to understand, and the patience to wait for the wisdom!

  13. Excellent points all

  14. Marianne;

    It says in the last days:

    Joel 2:28-29

    And it will come about after this That I will pour out my spirti on all mankind and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions, and even on the male and female servants I will our out My spirit in these days.

    Obviously God had a plan for everything that has been happening to you.

    Jeremiah 29:11-13

    For I kow the plans that I have for you, declared the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to me, and I wil listen to you. And you will seek me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

    Another video to exhort and encourage you during this journey, he has you on.


  15. Okay…since you mentioned those odd numbers.. It just came to me. I had that strangest dream that shown me the numbers also… I was taken into space.. I see lot of stars in screen.. and I saw two men on their knees, bare chest with forms in their hands on left and right side. I look at their faces,..was full of confusion and sorrow and pain. They showed me that numbers.. and I look up.. There was a cruel man in white robe turn around and saw me standing between kneeled men.. and got so furious that he came to attack me with needle.. I woke up and wrote those numbers down.. Never knew what those means at all.. But I feel very strongly that I shall post this to share.. and request if there is any meanings in those ….

    One can be read either backward or forward.. Not sure …
    6804-80-18 ( Would be 8-18-6804 or 8-18-4086 )
    The second one is definately 06-14-4006.

  16. I had that dream about more than three years ago.. forgot all about it but still feel bothered by it though. Until I see here about numbers.. it flows back. 🙂 Bless you all. I still enjoy reading Heaven awaits daily. Sometimes it is heartbreaking but worth it.

    • Hi Tamera

      I do not have any idea what your numbers could mean. It was 2 years before I figured out mine. Maybe, based on your dream, they are numbers given to prisoners.

  17. Hi Marianne: It’s Ani…I love the way you write and put a story together! So well done…and so, thought provoking! God Bless you.

  18. Hi M
    That it very prophetic, my life also happens in 3.5 year cycles and also remember that the 7 year trib period is broken up into two 3.5’s. we are entering into the ” Fourth watch soon” i have written an article on it . It is a few pages long so would you like me to send a link rather than post it up here ?


  19. Dear Marianne, I was reading about the hard time that you have had in the wilderness.

    I thought I might let you know a little bit of what has been happening to me and my family.

    In 1999 I became very ill, and lost my health which was very good up until then.

    I spent ten years of chronic illness, and three major operations. My faith was tested like gold in a furnace.

    Christians and some of my family deserted me in my hour of need, but Jesus stood by me, and whispered in my ear when I lay on my back practically paralyzed only able to move my head in hospital.

    Jesus said,” As you have encouraged other, so I encourage you, I will bring you through”. I am now healthy again,and the Lord has lead me and my wife to start this web site on word press in 2008.

    It has been amazing how He has taken us on a journey these last twelve months, by showing us that His name is YHWH, and that the name of His only begotten Son is Yeshua, and these are the names by which we are now to call Him, and make known to Christians and Jews.

    Billy & Diane

    • Hi Billy and Diane

      I am so happy to hear of your recovery after such a terrible time.

      It also seems a divine coincidence that our blogs, as well as possibly those of many others, were activated in 2008.

      YHVH has called us all to witness the light of God in the final hours, before a great darkness falls in this world.

      To each, YHVH has given a unique Word, and we faithfully present what He gives us.

      May YHVH be praised for his mercy, faithfulness, and healing.

  20. i wrote a song about a dream i had in the summer of 2007. it’s called “scrambled” and you can listen to it at myspace.com/pandawoot
    i fell upon your page by coincidence and find it interesting how much we have in common- reading this here blog entry in specific.

    • hi adna

      Very nice song. You have talent. I could not make out all the words in the song because of the staccato tempo. Could you send me the words? thanks…

  21. sorry ’bout that- i tend to like to rush with my songs. ’tis a bad little habbit i need to kick.
    that blog will be public only for 24 hours, so i hope you can get to it by then. thanks for your compliments.

  22. Dear Marianne,
    The Lord directed me to give you this confirmation on the dream which you had and to let you know that it is in reference to Esther. He showed me first of Queen Vhasti who was found unacceptable and unsubmissive to the King (when the order by law was that she WAS to be submissive) another would be found to take her place. This is in reference to the church of this day also—no longer “business as usual” for the Bride of Christ. The Father is doing a shaking and holding those in leadership accountable as never before for His sheep. Each church will be shaken as the great army of Gideon was reduced to only the true, loyal, faithful and UNFEARFUL soldiers to carry forth the battle in the name of the Lord. Then—-even then, THEY will march forward in obedience as the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD overtakes the enemy and gives marching direction to His army in both words in the Spirit AND using the SWORD of His Spirit—the WRITTEN WORD. Just as His Word says—“No weapon formed against us shall prosper”. His Word is the Truth—all else is illusion and “waves” of deceit and lying delusion to try to create fear and lass to people. God is preparing His Son’s Bride to be prepared to meet Jesus (Yeshua)by putting the enemy (evil)unter His feet as He waits at the right hand of His and our Father!
    May these words bring comfort, edification and a drawing closer yet to our Father as we realize the fullness of how each of us are loved so very, VERY much and how we are all in the palm of His mighty Hand even as the sparrows that look to Him for their every need!
    I have enjoyed the site that He has blessed to you and look forward to hearing more and reading more in times to come, in His Will! You are a blessing!!!!

  23. Thank you for this wouderful message
    I hope I will go 2 heaven but I have faith in you
    jesus christ.

  24. OK, who are all of you? I was “surfing” cable TV, and came across some religious service discussing Revelations. Though the minister wasn’t describing it this way, I had a flash, of what has been described in Revelations, as a spaceship descending on earth. So, I Googled “heaven as spaceship” and found this web site. I am in awe at the level in which all of you are talking. I too had a dream……
    ….. I was in India (literally) and in the dream I was flying through a maze of screens like a bunch of drive in theater movie screens. I could stop in front of one, and it would be the Roman period, another, cowboys & indians, another something Greek. Then I came up to and stopped in front of a blank screen and a scroll began to come up like the credits at the end of a movie, and the words said, “Exactly 24 years from today, life will cease to exist as we know it.” I have never had any sort of such a dream, and it struck me so hard and deep that the dream has stayed with me to this day. “Exactly 24 years” from the date of the dream is October 19, 2012. What the heck have I stepped in?

    • Hi Denise,

      We are believers in Jesus Christ, who worship YHVH, not man made religion. This site discusses ancient prophecies as they are coming true now, as predicted. We are currently in the prophesied end times, or latter days.

      There are predictions from all cultures that point to the next 4 years as being earth changing. It seems to climax in 2012, the year you dreamed about.

      October 19, 2012 is the first day of the new month after the High Holy Days are over. Most people expect something global to occur by the end of December, 2012. If you just pay attention to the news, you can see that this world is getting very dangerous, with nuclear weapons threats, and other violence and terrorism. This was all predicted in the bible.

      Satanists and other occult people have in their traditions that Satan will return to earth at this time, with his demons, to take over earth. So, those who are believers in YHVH, and Jesus, expect a lot of persecution of good people at this time. at some point, within 3 1/2 years, Jesus will return to defeat Satan, and restore the earth from all the destruction that will take place.

  25. Thank you for the response, Marianne. October 19 is definitely the date (not the 12th) I dreamed of and I am aware of different cultures speaking of the year 2012, now, I wasn’t when I had the dream. Perhaps it is personal, the 19th specifically. I didn’t see it as a “bad” thing in the dream, just the world “as we know it” would cease – a way of living? Anyway, with all due respect, what is YHVH or can you send me to a page that explains more. Your readers / participators seem to be “up” on background, and dates, names and timelines. I have never found a religion or church that seemed to have the right fit for me. I have always believed in a power greater than myself, have always felt more comfortable in “service” and I know “somethng’s” up! 🙂 Just thirsty for information. I don’t know of the “Holy Days” you speak of – the thousand years of reign of peace? It seemed that many or most people visiting here are of Jewish faith – but I don’t know that, just a lot being discussed that I don’t quite get (specific references) but which draws me.

    • Hi Denise,

      YHVH is the Hebrew name for God in the bible. The vowels are missing, because that is the way they wrote, and still do. Some people pronounce it Yahweh, or Jehovah. (There is no J in Hebrew). YHVH is the Creator of the Universe, including us, giver of Life, and “Father” of Jesus (hebrew name is Yeshua).

      Jesus pre-existed in heaven before he came to earth, in a son-father relationship with the Father. This gave him a special divine nature, to do the Father’s will on earth. He said, however, that he was not his Father, and not equal to him. Instead, he submitted himself, out of love, to his heavenly father, to help mankind.

      Interpretations of ancient texts see Jesus (before earth) as the Angel of the Lord, commander over all the other angels. When he returned to heaven, he was, and is, in a more exalted position than he was before. This is because of the self-sacrifice he made for all men’s sins. Giving one’s life for others is the greatest act of love there is.

      YHVH established a Hebrew calendar. Jesus followed this, and we see a pattern of YHVH doing special things on Jewish holidays, and following the calendar he established. Jesus was born during the Fall feasts, during Sukkot, he died on Passover, and sent the holy spirit on Shavuot (Pentecost).

      The time in October you dreamed about immediately follows this fall feast time period. It signifies a new year ahead, as the Jewish new year occurs in the Fall, and in October that year. My dream also involves a Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, and the day the Jewish Ester became queen over Persia.

      As far as 2012, there are both gloomy and happy interpretations of it. But we all agree that it appears to be a time of radical change. The question is – is this a good change?

      Bible predictions say yes, but there is a time of evil beforehand. It is Satan’s last chance for a long time to influence the affairs of men. He will have 3 1/2 years to do this in a last time block of 7 years.

      the bible says it is a time of great deception, and many will be deceived. Many will fall away and follow Satan, new age leaders, Illuminati, etc. They will not follow YHVH, the Creator.

      So here, we discuss all these sorts of things, to make ourselves aware of the events around us. Hopefully, then, we will be alert, and not be deceived.

      ps.. anything that says “heaven awaits” is from me. I send to people I have grouped together, to avoid being labeled as spam. Unfortunately, it looks like the system thinks I am spam anyhow, at least to some email folders. you can click “not spam” and that will help.

  26. OH – something else was accidentally “dumped” in my spam folder (when I first got up this morning) and I wasn’t able to retrieve it – any chance it was from you, Marianne? It only referenced “Heaven Awaits” from what I remember, and not from this thread specifically. A new thread?

  27. Just found this blogg sight when searching about “shifting plates.” Anyway, this particular string elicits a response from me because I tend to have dreams, although, my comment will not be about any dream I had but about your dream, Marianne. I’m only throwing an experience out there that has synchronicity to your dates. Before I explain the experience, I think you can tell I am also interested in numbers. I think God is the perfect mathmetician. Okay. I am a person born in 1958. The numbers 58 and 85 fascinate me and are always noticable to me. I was born again on 5-5-1988. Moving ahead many years, my teenage daughter lost her boyfriend, due to a motorcycle accident, whom we had as a part of our family for almaost but not quite 3-1/2 years. His name was Jason – Greek for Jesus – he was born in 1985. My son almost died at birth, his name is Joshua – Hebrew for Jesus. Jason’s sister saw the whole accident – she was born in 1988. Jason died on June 15, 2006, at approximately 9:38 a.m., the number in your dream. The clock at his Mom’s home stopped at that same time about a week later. If I hold to your timeframe, I’m thinking myself, my daughter, my family and Jason’s family will be coming out of the worst 3-1/2-year period in our lives by your date of Dec. 15 or 18. Did you lose your job around the middle of June 2006? Anyway, to end the story, Jason’s birthday is 12-12, the same date as the Mayan calandar. My brother tells me that the number 85 signifies Jesus Christ or The Messiah to the Jews. I’ve heard in Christian circles that 5 means “grace” and 8 means “a new beginning.” You may want to explore some Bible number references to the numbers in your dream. I take these intersections of people’s life experiences, synchronicity, to be ways of flagging us, if we take notice, to the salavation and return of our Savior. Some people say it’s schizophrenic, but I think schizophrenics may have something to offer if that’s the case. Oh, and my daughter is now a mathmetician. God bless. Thanks for the blog. Patricia

    • Hi Patricia

      You might have something there. Yes, I was notified of lay off in June, 2006, and my last day was July 5, 2006.

      3 1/2 years of trouble seems to come up a lot for me as well. Sometimes, it converts into a 7 years period. I was born on October 7. My 3 1/2 years from lay off will end in December 2009.

      Maybe the 3 1/2 year experience is meant for all believers, so they will know what to expect during the time of trouble, and be able to prepare mentally.

      • The Lord has taught me and taken me through this time already so perhaps it is to help another. I asked the same question—I was told the same thing—“Leave him with the Lord—let the Lord work it out”. The key I realized (finally and much against my motherly flesh and mind)was that he is an ADULT and he is GOD’S child–He was given to me on loan and I did the best I knew with all that I had—so now God was showing me to TRUST Him and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! The servants of the Living God win battles by PRAYER AND FASTING–not by physical means (I learned this includes pestering and pleading with the child…lol) God was teaching me through it and taking me up a level in trust and obedience to Him instead of doing things in my OWN strength and in “helping” to “fix it” (isn’t that what Sarah tried to do in the Bible?!!!!) I learned that if and when I do things “MY” way and God has shown me His way—-then “MY” was is then called REBELLION which is the same as WITCHCRAFT in God’s eyes (this is what His Word calls it, it is not my opinion). Anyway—I learned to TRUST God and give Him that chunck of my heart that had to do with my son–and then HE turned the situation completely around and the relationship stopped abruptly, later my son met and married and now I am blessed with a beautiful little granddaughter who will soon be two!!!! God sure does a GREAT job of fixin’ when I LET Him!!!!!!
        Also, the blue moon is December 31st of this year and that was GREAT how we learned about it–Thank you, Heaven Awaits!!!! We are SO blessed to have accesss to this site!!!! Continue to be blessed friends in Christ!!!!

  28. Marianne, I left a reply about my daughter Heather and the man Kenneth who stalked her. I have not had any contact with her except once where he hid upstairs and she acted hateful and beligerant. I thought she was born again – can born again believers be caught up in adultry (sin of any kind to this extent) and believe they are ok. I have been trying to intercede for her but of course my emotions are involved – everyone says to just turn her over to God. What happens if she goes on in her deception?
    Do you know anything about the blue moon in December 2009?

    • Hi Sue,

      I realize now that I had flagged your last email, so I could write back again. Somehow, in the deluge of emails, yours did not get a reply. I apologize. If that ever happens again, write back. I usually respond within 24 hours, if not sooner.

      Yes, I know about your prayer needs. You are on my prayer list.

      This evil man has apparently appealed to some need she has, in order to win her over like this. Not sure what that could be. Unless, secretly she did not feel loved, for some reason, and this does not have to be rational thinking.

      If she does have low self esteem, then he is warping her mind, because she does not have faith in her own opinion. You may have to go back to social services, and go to a higher authority.

      Go to the director, and tell him that you are not satisfied with the performance of the worker who dismissed the case. Somehow, you have to get them to interview the children, and have them admit to abuse, so they can be removed from the house. You need evidence now to protect the kids. If you have witnesses, like the one who tipped you off, the former wife, then get her involved.

      When will their real father be available?


      A typical month will have a new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter moon. But every now and then, a month will have two of the same phases. When a month has two full moons, the second one is called a “blue moon”. The moon is not really blue, unless there is something in the atmosphere to discolor the view, like pollution.

  29. I have very vivid dreams that usually come true in about 3 months. Sept 14,2009 I had a dream that gave me a date of Dec. 15,and I think 2009. It showed me people in a big tall building trying to get out and a shabby looking man like he was in a trance telling people to take the stairs. I said no it only leads to the roof. I said can the stairs. people were not sure what to do. before this I think I was somewhere else and felt like a rummble under my feet. I’m not convinced it was a earthquake, maybe something else. My friend also had a dream of a earthquake but no date. I dont know if it was here in San Diego, but it was sunny and nice not hot. In my dream I was trying to determine if the shabby man was really trying to help or deceive people. I first thought he was evil, but than wasn’t sure. Has anyone else had any dreams or visions similar to this.

  30. Marianne;

    Jr. Church makes some very good points as to symbolim and terrorist attacks. Did you ever think they could be false flag attacks?


  31. Marianne;

    I also like it when someone points out false prophets and why they are false prophets! It very serious when you start making predictions and you lose your credibility when they don’t come true. Watch this You Tube:


    • hi kitti,

      I think it is premature to call someone a false prophet until the predicted event fails to come true.

      We will find out next Sunday.

      To me the “heart” of America is NOT Washington, DC. It is the Heartland of America, which is the mid-west.

      People should just take a watch and see approach. We should be prepared for anything ….anyhow.

  32. Marianne, please research about December 21 2012, that date may or may not have any connection with this, but I think you should have a look anyway

    Also, please read my message below:

    To all readers:
    I used to be on a salary of £120,000 P.A.
    1 month ago, I lost my job
    On the same day, I was handed a bible from one of my colleagues
    On the same day, I returned home and I discovered my child had a fight with another in school, and he had lost his left eye
    On the same day, my wife left me

    I thought to myself that all of those things must have happened for a reason
    I opened the bible and started reading
    The next day, I stopped at Benjamin (the man who gave me the bible) house, I told him everything that happened to me
    He was shocked and he said I can stay at his house for as long as I tried to find another house to move into
    I would read sections of the bible every night for 2 weeks, with the thought that I would like to convert to christianity the following day
    On 8th october 2009 I read about marriage and the punishments of divorce
    On 9th october 2009 I read about how parents react when their children convert to christinaity
    And so on… everything was relevant to my life, everything I was reading
    I told Ben about it, and he believed me
    He told me to convert
    The next day, I opened the bible, and immediately read something along the lines of: If someone is ready to convert to christianity, they should convert immediately, because they dont know if they’ll be living the next day
    Since that moment, I have been a christian
    Ben is teaching me, and I am trying to get back with my wife, but she won’t listen, I am trying to find a new home for myself

    I need some advice, should I tell my parents?
    If they accept me, I can move in with them
    But I want to be with Ben for as long as I can, because he has taught me so much, I really need some help, please help me


  33. Marianne;

    It’s October 25th and no nuclear attack, but that’s not to say I don’t believe one is possible. I just think date setters have made us look so stupid in the past and people stop listening. So here’s a web site for anyone interested on the possibility;


    and here’s a video:


  34. Hi Everyone,

    The Month of December 2009 could be the Month in which this Present Church Age will End.

    The sliver crescent of the New Moon for the Month of Kislev appears on the Eve of the 19th of November 2009.

    This means the correct Day for the 1st of Kislev is on the 20th of November 2009.

    Check Moon phases for the Month of November 2009 at:


    In the Book of Haggai, the Lord promises to bless us, starting from the 24th of Kislev.

    For we read,

    “Consider now from this Day forward, from the twenty-fourth Day of the ninth Month, from the Day that the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid – consider it…from this Day I will bless you.” (Hag.2:18,19)

    The 24th of Kislev for this Year falls on the 13th of December 2009.

    The Hanukkah Feast is an 8-Day Feast, and it’s from the 25th of Kislev to the 2nd of Tevet.

    For this Year, this will be from the 14th to the 21st of December 2009.

    Could it be that the rapture will occur on the 21st of December 2009?

    I will be watching events very closely from the 13th to the 21st December 2009.

    There could be massive earthquakes world-wide on any of those Days!

    For we read,

    “And again the Word of the Lord came to Haggai on the twenty-fourth day of the month saying, Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying: I will shake heaven and earth. I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms; I will destroy the strength of Gentile kingdoms…” (Hag.2:20-22)

    We know the above verse is prophetic and as to do with the Lord’s Coming for Paul speaks of it in Hebrews,

    “…For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven…” (12:25)

    The Lord speaks to us through His Holy Spirit as we confess His Word and live our lives according to it.

    As long a we yield ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit we will escape the imminent Judgement that is about to befall the earth in the rapture.

    What many don’t realise is that the Lord is speaking to the hearts of everyone in the human race. It’s just that nobody is paying attention.

    There hearts are filled with only what they can get out of life. There minds, day and night, dwell on thoughts about there their jobs, there houses and there cars. They cannot hear the voice of God. They do not know that judgement is imminent.

    Paul then goes on to say:

    “…Whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but heaven. Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that things which cannot be shaken may remain.” (Hebrews 12:26,27)

    All the things we say and do by the Spirit of God in us cannot be shaken, they cannot be destroyed, for they are eternal. They are the Lord’s gifts to us.

    It’s important that we understand that this shaking will commence in the spirit realm and then manifest in the physical.

    The Lord is going to take out principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places to bring about the resurrection and translation of saints..(Eph.6:12)

    This event simply cannot happen without causing mega upheavals in both the spiritual and natural realms!

    Also we should expect to literally feel this shaking in our flesh and bones!

    sickness and disease is going to be shaken off, giving way to the manifestation of perfect health!

    Ultimately our natural bodies are going to be shaken off and dissolved allowing for the manifestation of our glorified bodies.

    This is not death.

    It is being transformed by the very breath of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    The very same breath that is holding the entire Universe together!

    This is what we have been waiting for, for so long.

    Another thing I discovered is that the Winter Solstice falls on the 21st of December this Year!


    I understand that the Winter Solstice in December has been shrouded in mystery down through the ages.


    Could this be because the Devil knows something we don’t?

    That the rapture will occur on the Day that begins the Winter Solstice, The Year itself being hidden by the Lord.

    Let’s continue to watch no matter what happens.

    We will be going Home soon,


    • hi Ola,

      I guess from now on, anything is possible and can happen. I look forward to the Lord’s return. I do believe that what is hidden will be made manifest, for those who can “see.”

  35. I am not sure if this has anything to do with my dream, but I am recording it here. (submitted by both Abigail and Silvan)


    • Hi Marianne,
      In the above film UFO …
      At 1:51 photo, in your left side of the screen there appears a form of a right hand with the index pointing up. It appears certainly as a pointer.
      You can’t miss it.
      I hope you have a wide screen.
      What do you think?

      • abigail

        that is interesting. I am starting to think that God did this, and not a Russian missile loaded with nuclear warheads that failed.

        People shoot missiles all the time, and we do not see all this.

        If the missile was aimed at the USA_Canada area, the hand of God may have stopped it, and God left his signature.

        After all, the final judgment of any nation is in God’s hands, not man’s. If it is not God’s time for America to be judged, then God is not going to let man interfere.

        Something, or someone, messed up the missile that was launched. I do not see how one missile would cause all these colors and multiple lights, and sudden dark spots.

        But I CAN see how God would have made a dramatic, visual issue of it.

        He tends to get dramatic sometimes: world wide floods, splitting of whole seas, fire on mountain tops, predicted locusts coming out of the Euphrates to torment the wicked, etc. I am really quite proud of Him.

        • You always make me laugh.
          That hand looks a bit like my pointer on my computer.
          The pointer is upward … towards Heaven.
          Look up … your redemption draws near. 🙂

          • In the above video …more questions:

            Why would a light from a missile be bigger than the moon itself? and the blue that came out of the white light? and how did the black round spot that blacked out the round white light get so perfectly round, if it was a missile that exploded?

            also the white spiral goes to the right…the blue spiral goes to the left….how can one missile do that?

            look also at point 1:14. and 1:36….what is that object below the white light? it is giving off a second white light of its ow

            • Okay … I’ll speculate answers to your brilliant questions, in numerical order.
              I’m tired but I’ll try my best …
              1 -No idea! I don’t see a moon anyways and if there were it would certainly not have been a full moon.
              Maybe 2/3?
              Norway is at high latitude, maybe objects would appear differently.

              2 – Speculation only … maybe because of 3 factors …
              A- The sun was just rising N.E.
              B – Reflection off ice?
              C.- The fisherman needed a lighthouse.

              3- Spiral action 🙂
              There was no explosion.

              4 – There was no missile. The President was coming to Norway to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize.
              The Russians would not have fired a testing missile that very day.
              That would have been A- insulting to say the least.
              B – The Russians are NOT stupid!
              C – The Norwegian military would have been alerted ETC. etc …

              4 – Two Spirals … I noticed that too. Like joining hands at some point.

              5- Marianne maybe it was a contest. Maybe it was
              a projection upon the some ice fog.

              6 – That my friend is a lamp post with a light bulb.

              I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.
              But I don’t know how much sense I’ve made here.
              I am tired.
              But I have been amused.

              No Marianne this was not a missile.
              Although I know nothing on the subject of weapons
              Logically it makes no sense that it was a missile.
              Especially on the eve or morning or the day that the Nobel Peace Price was to be received by the president of AMERICA.
              Think … that would have made no sense? right?

              Maybe it was something to honor him.
              People say that it was seen far and wide.
              Well … what do you think?

              • Just thought of something else…
                # 6 ‘reminds me of what the Lord told me …
                ‘A cloud by day and a fire by night.’
                The same promised The Lord God gave to Moses … I heard Him say to me a little while back.
                Maybe it is a message to America.
                ‘I’ll be a cloud cover to you by day and a fire by night.’
                The Lord keeps His Promises of protection
                and guidance. When He Speaks He Speaks the Truth.
                I think The Lord God is proud of His Children Marianne as we are totally depended upon Him.

  36. Well maybe we are in for quite a surprise.
    I have only today now seen 2 videos similar to this.
    Last thursday early afternoon I might have seen this in the sky?

  37. What do you think of this craft?
    A freemasonic pyramid delivered on their doorsteps.

  38. Here is another video on the peace prize phenomenon.

  39. Hi Marianne,
    I am posting a link here which I find interesting,

    • thanks.

      you know, behind (hidden) every successful man (jesus) there is a woman (bride) !


    • extra thought –

      Esther became the bride in the 7th year of the reign of the Persian king.

      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became President of Iran in 2005. He will be in his 7th year of presidency in 2012.

      Funny how that date keeps coming up.

  40. Beside (hidden) Him is the woman God gave unto Him.
    The gospels cannot be preached in truth without mention …
    of the woman who anointed Him King and who washed His feet with Her Tears.
    She is found at the foot of the cross in a poignant gesture of despair.
    And we also find Her the first at the Tomb on the day of Resurrection.
    She was the Apostle of the Apostles.
    She was despised and envied by man because of the favor The Lord Gives Her.
    You may disagree with me if you wish to but you may not disagree
    with The Love God bestows upon Her.

  41. This series is presented by ‘National Geography’.

    • the gnostic gospels are heretical. the gospel of thomas portrays Jesus as sexually immoral, drawn to women, when this would have made him impure. the gospel of judas indicates that jesus and conspired with judas to betray him on purpose, so he could rise from the dead. This meant jesus was a deceiver, and had given judas permission to betray him.

      just because something is old just not make it accurate.

      people of that time wrote scandal magazines, just like they do today.

      Jesus was kind and fair to everyone, and elevated women to a position of respect. he did not get intimate and cavort with them and kiss them in private.

      • hi marianne,

        Gospels of Thomas and Judas could be really authentic and written by them. Thomas was a sceptic and a doubter, willingness to portray everything Jesus said metaphorically and philosophically is evident in his gospel…
        Demonic nature of Judas is also evident in his gospel, he throughoutly considers himself priveleged, both as a Jew and as apostle, having “special” place among stars. He thinks that everything Jesus’ said is exclusively applied to him and for his benefit, he mistakes good for evil and evil for good – typical syndrome of person possesed by devil.

        • BTW, I don’t remember gospel of Thomas to portray Jesus as sexually immoral, maybe you confused it with something else.

        • gavriel

          I was going by what was claimed in the video.

          Judas killed himself. He did not have time to write a gospel. So I do not believe it is the real Judas that authored the text.

          • Didn’t apostles write gospels while Jesus was preaching and they also preached to other people during that time? Also there is mention of churches in Asia Minor infiltrated by satanic doctrines of nicolaitans, jezebel and balaam in Book of Revelation (could they be following tradition of Judas?)…

            One way or another, gospel of Judas is satanic and dangerous, whether it was written by Judas himself or gnostics later on.

  42. What would be so wrong if Jesus ‘often kissed Mary Magdala on the mouth.??
    How in God’s green earth would that make Jesus immoral or ‘sexually immoral’??
    That is how people of this century think?
    Everything has to be ‘sexually’ related. I am appalled at this response!

    • No respectable Jewish man, especially Jesus, would spend time privately on a couch with a single woman, kissing her. that is a sexual situation….the video continues by saying Thomas claimed they were intimate. That meaning is obvious.

      His mission was salvation, not romance.

      there would be A LOT wrong with Jesus kissing ANYONE on the mouth.

      • Jesus was a rabbi and rabbi are supposed to be married.
        His mission was and is Salvation.
        Have you read the gospel of mary magdala?
        Rabbi are not like the catholic bishops and priests who instead like to play with children.

  43. Jhn 1:49 Nathanael answered and saith unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God; thou art the King of Israel.
    Jhn 3:2 The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.
    Jhn 6:25 And when they had found him on the other side of the sea, they said unto him, Rabbi, when camest thou hither?

    • hi abigail,

      Rabbi comes from “Rav” meaning “great one”…any Jewish man who knows Written and Oral Torah can become a Rabbi;
      When apostles called Jesus a Rabbi they didn’t simpy mean “Jewish man who studied Jewish law and teaches it to others”, rather acknowledgment of His greatness…unlike other “Rabbis”, Jesus was not only a Torah Scholar, but Messiah, Son of God and Lord of Israel.

      • Dear Gavriel,
        I know that Jesus is not only the Great Teacher but is The Torah itself.
        So what is the point here?? … He is the Messiah and The Son of God.
        He came to fulfill The Law. And what does The Law say?
        Does it say that a man is supposed to be celibate?
        And if it does then tell me since when.

        • Sgs 1:2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love [is] better than wine.
          The first line of the Songs.

          • that passage is about a relationship between King Solomon and a woman in his court.

            I think your carnal view of Jesus reflects distorted thinking.

            Jesus was not here to kiss women, or marry them.

            Jesus was holy, pure, untouched….he was not “just a man.”…he was the Son of God.

            he was also NOT irresponsible…to get into a physical relationship, when he knew he was going to die and leave, thus leaving a family behind.

            Jesus was the spotless lamb of God….to be tainted with woman would have made his self sacrifice unacceptable.

            If Jesus had been married, it would have been predicted in the prophecies, and noted in the accepted gospels, and admitted by Jesus himself. Not once, did he ever refer to a wife.

            • He came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets.
              Why would he have been tainted and impure and unholy if He would have a wife??
              ‘to be tainted with woman’ ?????
              Why did God chose a woman for Jesus to be born from???
              ‘would have made His Sacrifice unacceptable’???
              How so??
              His Blood flowed to the earth.
              Was not His blood also mixed with The blood of His Mother??
              Was she not the one who carried Him for nine months??
              And was not this the will of God??
              What if God had chosen for Him this woman??
              The one you all despise??

              • Jesus was born of a virgin, and remained one himself.

                His blood did not mix with his mothers’…although there was nutrient exchange across the placenta

                “tainted with woman”…is NOT referring to the virgin mary…..this discussion is about mary magdalene.

              • And besides I never insulted you so please refrain from insulting me.
                ‘your carnal view of Jesus reflects distorted thinking.’
                My view of My King is the view He allows me to see.

                • I am not insulting you. I am disagreeing with you.

                  Jesus was never married. That was not his purpose, mission, or desire.

                  If he was married, he would have mentioned it himself, but he didn’t.

                  The relationships he had were spiritual.

        • Jesus was Nazarene (Jewish man who vowed to abstain from women) and was also associated with essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls speak of Jesus a lot)…if it was OK for Nazarenes and Essenes to abstain from women, how much more for Son of God, who’s BRIDE is Israel;

          • Rubbish.
            Jesus had physical contact with people.
            He broke bread, He washed feet, He touched people.
            He was not a spirit walking on the shores.
            He was flesh and blood.
            Rabbis marry. It is the Law.
            Also in the law Mary madeleine would not have been going to the tomb with perfume if Jesus was not her spouse.

            • Jesus was a Rabbi, a Nazarene Rabbi, like Samson and Samuel; Samson failed his Nazarene vow, thus was weakened by Delilah; Jesus, as the Son of God, could never fail such test!

              • Samson AND his parents went to seek a wife for Samson.
                So they all failed?
                Samson fulfilled the will of God and that was to destroy the philistine.
                And that was accomplished.
                So Samson never failed.
                And Jesus was and is the Lamb of God not the Lamb of man.

  44. Jesus was a direct descendant of King David.
    That is usually done by blood.
    He was the son of God and also the son of Israel.
    Thus the son of man in physical body.
    And The son of God through The Spirit of God.
    Why is everyone speaking of the bride of Christ if there is no such??
    What is a bridal chamber for if there is no bride?
    What of the Law of God which says the two shall be one?
    Why do you all hate woman?
    Through out centuries women have been mis- treated.
    And that is putting things mildly.
    The accepted scriptures and the rejected scriptures to fit an agenda.
    A man made agenda!
    But that is not the way God intended man to be.
    Two shall be one.
    A man and a woman.
    Male and female.

  45. Jesus taught in the synagogues.
    Jesus was a Rabbi.
    He could not have been teaching in the synagogues if he wasn’t a Rabbi.
    Rabbi by law marry.

  46. And yes there is evidence of the marriage of Jesus in the gospel.
    ‘ the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,’

    And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: [but] thou hast kept the good wine until now.

    • abigail

      Jesus was not married. He never admitted to being married. His only intended bride throughout history has been Israel and the Church. He did not come for a single, individual woman.

      Jesus was sinless. Mary M. was a sinner. If they married, they would have been unequally yoked.

      Another video you presented indicated Mary Magdalene was a goddess as well. This is all crap. Heresy. and romantic fantasy.

      The gnostic gospels are meant to destroy the divinity of Christ by making him a mere man, with flaws, weaknesses for women, and a conspirator with Judas.

      Scripture promotes singleness as ideal. Those devoted to a spouse will focus on the spouse, but those who remain unmarried give their full attention to God.

      1Cr 7:32 But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord:

      1Cr 7:33 But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please [his] wife.

      1Cr 7:34 There is difference [also] between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please [her] husband.

      Jesus was not married. There is no proof. All his followers were like family, including Mary and Martha- the sisters. They may have been fond of him, but none of them were married to him.

      The bride of Christ is a body of believers.

      Jesus and his mother were guests at the wedding feast of Cana. It was clear that Jesus was not the bridegroom there.

      • I can’t believe what I am reading …
        The gospel of Philip calls Mary Magdala ‘His companion.’
        How is it clear to you Marianne that Jesus was not the bridegroom at the wedding?
        Who then is the one who has kept the good wine till the end?
        Who is it that changed the water into wine?? If not the bridegroom.
        Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them?
        So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine
        The Bride of Christ cannot be the believers because the believers are the body of Christ.
        Philip was asked to follow Jesus.

        He that hath the bride is the bridegroom.
        Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy
        Friend, how did you get in here without proper wedding clothes?
        And you know what happened to him don’t you?

        Jesus was not some alien. He entered the world through a woman.
        The Law specifically says that a man is to marry.
        Marriage is not some ‘evil’ thing.
        Marriage is holy.
        Jesus followed the law and fulfilled the law.
        Jesus was a Rabbi.
        Rabbi marries.
        Mary of Magdala was at the foot of the cross and also at the tomb.
        A wife and a loving wife to the Savior.
        And Jesus a loving husband to His wife.
        What on God’s green earth is wrong with that??
        God created us for this purpose.
        And the two shall be 1.
        A man is to leave his family and cling to one wife.
        And that is why the bridegroom asks ‘ Woman what have I to do with you?’

        Today is a different story.
        Usually it is the bride who leaves her family and follows her husband.
        But the law specifically says otherwise.
        It is the groom which leaves his family and clings to his wife.
        This world is an upside down world and ‘the evil one’ twists everything around.
        For Jesus to have been married does not take away from His divinity …
        rather it adds to His divinity.
        But if you do not believe what can I do?
        Beware that you enter not the kingdom without your garments fit for a wedding.

        • abigail

          Jesus was not the one getting married at Cana.

          His mother was a guest there, and when they started to run out of wine, she sent for him. He was not even going to go to the wedding, until she sent for him and his disciples.

          Jhn 2:1 And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there:

          Jhn 2:2 And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage.

          Jhn 2:3 And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.

          Notice, also, she said “THEY” have no wine….not YOU have run out of wine.

          Grooms are out front with their bride and guests, not working in the back room, coming up with more wine.

          • Jesus was not in the backroom Marianne,
            Notice the word ‘Both’
            ‘And both Jesus was called’
            Who is both being called?
            Someone and Jesus.
            The bridegroom is Jesus and was addressed by the governor
            ‘ the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,’
            And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: [but] thou hast kept the good wine until now.’

            The governor was not speaking to someone else.
            The governor was speaking to Jesus because he says…
            ‘thou hast kept the good wine until now.’
            The mother of the groom is always beside the groom.
            She says ‘whatever he tells you, do.’
            Jesus was not in some backroom.

            Anyways Marianne you are free to believe what you have been TAUGHT.
            And I am free to understand what The Spirit teaches me.
            On this note …
            Merry Christmas to you and to your family. 🙂

            • abigail

              You are reading into the story passages that are not there.

              Both = clearly stated = Jesus and his disciples

              It never says that the governor talked to Jesus,

              It only says he talked to the bridegroom…..who was NOT Jesus.

              Jesus was there with his buddies, after his mother called him there.

              If Jesus was the bridegroom, he would have already been there, and known the situation.

              His mother would not have had to call him and his disciples to the marriage, if he had already been there.

  47. Are there Neon lights flashing their warnings today?

  48. things are strange, but predictable by now.

    “channeled message” to earth about the “ascension” time

    full message can be read:

    video is below

    date : December 18, 2009

  49. Oral Roberts, evangelist, dies at 91 years old.

    December 15, 2009


  50. This is part of what is written in the description box
    Vancouver, BC – Companion video for Jon Kelly’s interview on James Gilliland’s “Contact Has Begun” radio show to air Tuesday, January 12th at 2pm PST on http://www.worldpuja.org.
    Jon Kelly is a world-famous speech analyst who released key Iraq war military intelligence 2 years before the war began. His work has been covered internationally in talk radio, television, magazines, newspapers and journals.

    As Jon continued his research he started discovering secret UFO messages in the speech of major newsmakers and as a consequence of these discoveries began to release his catalogs of UFO and paranormal images to international media.

  51. hi marianne,
    I just don’t know where I could paste this link but since it is a dream(vision) I thought I could paste this little message here. Hope it’s ok.?

    • that is fine….but it is what I consider an old copy cat dream/prophecy….

      first, all this can be found in the bible

      man sins, god says repent, or the sword (punishment) will come…a message that is 4000 years old.

      individuals then want to get in on the drama by acting like this is new to all of us, and they came up with something profound, new and unique, so they can tell everyone they “flow in the prophetic.”

      • I see.
        By now you must know that I am new at this, Since I have never been part of any circle until 2009 when I came to this site.
        And maybe a couple of months prior to coming here i visited the doves site.

        I am new to what people do and say …
        Maybe I was dropped off here on earth from another world.
        Actually I was. 🙂

        • hi abigail

          The 5 doves sites is fine in general. It is a blog environment, just like here. People can post what they want, just like we do. I think the people are sincere there.

          There is just a tendency in the weak human condition to want attention. Everyone wants to be accepted as a person, and one way is to be a prophet of god now, and have special powerful revelations….so others will admire them, or think they are profound. Deep down, they mean well.

          Their problem is that they listen and read what others say, and then decide God told them that too. Not original at all.

          I have one person who emails me, and takes credit for every news event that is negative, trying to claim he predicted it. He said the same “america sinned, god will bring the sword to punish it”……vague, vague, vague, vague, vague!!! WE don’t already know this? nothing new….

          These predictions remain vague so they can claim any event that comes along fits with what they say.

          A true Word is quite specific, and I admit, if someone has a dream it can be anything. Some dreams are prophetic, and other dreams reflect what we put in our brains.

          I would continue to visit any site you like, and see what they are saying. They are believers, just like us.

  52. There is very pragmatic prophesy of the rapture taking place on May 21, 2011 on Family Radio:

    Online Literature: ‘We’re Almost There!’

    I heard in May 2011 Nibiru will become visible with naked eye – does anyone have source for that?

  53. Marianne…couldn’t help but think concerning your 3 1/2 year ‘experience’ ….that God is strengthening you…pulling you away from dependence on the temporal things…and bringing you to a ‘trust’ experience with Him. We are fast approaching a time in the ‘materialistic’ world…where life as we know it is changing rapidly. The ‘materialism’ will remain (the whore atop the dragon in Revelations) and will take the world eventually under the final rule under the Father of ‘fleshly’ desire…the incarnate son of Satan (Anti-Christ) …until the hour God says ‘Stop!’ After all…God RULES! As for you, Marianne, I truly believe you are sincerely reaching for the things of God. As a result, He has reached downward to you and is gathering you into His domain (in this world but not OF this world). You have learned over the past two years that…job or no job…you are safe in the loving watchcare of the Heavenly Father. And for those who are truly destitute… He still feeds with manna. He still gives warmth where there are no blankets. He still gives a feeling of fulness to starving bellies. And most glorious of all…He still gathers the raped and all murdered innocents….into His safe and loving Paradise where they will never again know pain, tears, cold, nor hunger. He still topples the Goliaths. He still walks in the fiery furnaces. He still stops the mouths of lions. He still …..by His wonderful power….when He deems necessary and right…allows the persecuted saints to be here one moment…and with Him the next moment….escaped out of the enemy’s hand (‘fear not he that can kill the body’). As with your experiences….he is teaching the same lessons to many of His children…across the globe. It is the ‘valley of decision’…so to speak. Once we understand the nature and authority of God…in this realm….we understand more clearly why Paul said..’to die is gain..but to live is
    Christ.’ Also, ‘whether I live or die…I am the Lord’s.’ Children of God belong to a supernatural Father who provides in supernatural ways…manna, unseen guardian angels, healing, joy in the midst of trouble, moving from Death to Life (salvation/santification), and even ‘deliverance from evil’ by way of physical death….as has been the case for thousands and thousands of Christian martyrs..throughout centuries.

    In this day and time, to speak of visions from God/of supernatural manifestations from God/of gifts of the Spirit….is to cast ones pearls before swine…who will…most likely…turn and rend you. AND I HAVE BEEN ‘RENDED’ MORE THAN ONCE. So I seldom do it. But the wonderful Heavenly Father continues to reveal Himself to those who desire Him. He continues to remind us that He alone is our rock, shield, deliverer, fortress, and strength….that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. Whether employed or unemployed…whether whole or broken….we are His.

    • dear internet elias,

      Thank you for your beautiful words…….they are very inspiring, and reassuring…I hope everyone who comes to this pages reads them.

  54. Lot of folks being deceived with the current ‘Magdalene’ books and tales. God in the person of the Son didn’t come to earth for a procreative experience with an earthling. He created both the procreative experience and the earthlings. He came, as purposed before He created any of it, to pour His pure soul out to spiritual death to demonstrate His immense love for His creation. There is no ‘greater love’ than one who will lay down his very LIFE…which is within his soul…for another. God is fair, just, and merciful. He will deal justly with those who deceive ….and call it TRUTH.

  55. Today many Christians are trying to turn Jesus into a celebrity and are gossipping about His private life, which I find quite sad. Jesus’s private life is nothing to do with us, all we need to know about Mary Magdalene is that she was very close to Jesus. Let us concentrate solely on Jesus’s public ministry which concerns us, that He is our Saviour, and a good Saviour He is. It is time to leave this subject and concentrate on His message that He is the way the truth and the life, and no-one comes to the Father except through Yeshua( Jesus).

  56. AS Purim approaches, I wonder if there is a “5 year preparation” for anyone to be called as an “Esther” in her life. Here is a text from the local synagogue about Purim thoughts for this weekend:

    In the midst of all the preparation and celebration, it is possible to lose sight of the depth and meaning of Purim. The Talmud writes that if you read the megilla, l’mafrea, backwards, even though you heard every word, you have not fulfilled your obligation. The Baal Shem Tov finds a deeper message in this thought. If you read the megilla, l’mafrea, as though it were in the past, you missed the entire message. Esther Hamalka communicated to us through the Megilla and it is up to us to hear her message.

    When Mordechai asks Esther to go to the king unannounced, he tells her, “and who knows, perhaps that is why you became queen.” This might be the reason why you had to endure the past 5 years as a queen of Persia, living in a palace filled with immorality and perversion. The palace was no place for a Jewish girl and Esther must have wondered what Hashem had in store for her. Suddenly 5 years later, Esther has the opportunity to save the Jewish people, and Purim is born.

    We sometimes may wonder how we ended up in Raleigh. Was it coincidence? Esther would answer, “No!” There is a reason we are where we are. Our purpose is, as Mordechai says, “To bring salvation…to the Jewish people.” Every one of us plays a crucial role by participating, contributing and schlepping others to the shul, Hebrew school, day school, preschool, camp, classes and activities. When we realize that this is our purpose, then like Esther, we do our part. It may be on a smaller scale then Esther but it is not insignificant.

    The result of our activities on behalf of Yiddishkeit will bring the same results described in the megilla, “And the Jewish People had light, joy, gladness and honor.” May this be a blessing for all us as we enjoy the celebration of Purim throughout the year!

    Ch’laim-oops- L’chaim!

  57. wow

  58. i dont understand this what is this suposed to be

    • hi katie

      it is a call for the bride of christ to become like Esther in the bible….to come out of hiding…and intercede for the nation of Israel.

      If we do not stand up for her, god will not stand up for us in the coming time of trouble.

      God will bless those who bless Israel, and punish those who curse Israel.

      So, it is time to take a stand, and pray.

  59. well what does that mean

  60. hello

  61. i need your help i dont kno

  62. i kno now so

  63. I believe in Destiny, Do you?

  64. Purim is coming up. It’s February 18, 2011


    The official story is simple: On Purim 1994, a mad Kahanist took his rifle, went into a mosque, and shot the worshipers. Never mind that the place should not be a mosque in the first place. Never mind the Arabs were shot from a different rifle than Dr. Goldstein’s. And certainly never mind that he allegedly shot 154 Arabs with 140 bullets.

    Have you heard of Barry Chamish?


    Did you know the supposed murder of Arabs/moslims by Baruch Goldstein happened on Purim?

    Among the many articles that appeared are those offering fascinating insights into the diplomacy that followed the massacre, which resulted in Hebron being put on the Oslo chopping block and foreign troops inserted into the city.

    Rabbi Dr. Simons reviews the events leading up to Goldstein’s attack. He raises the issue of Goldstein’s prior knowledge of intelligence warnings, that Arabs planned a massacre of Jews — Goldstein was an emergency doctor for the Kiryat Arba Terrorist Attack Response Team — to take place that Purim morning in the Cave of Machpela. He Discusses whether Goldstein “planned” an attack on Arabs or “responded” to what he saw as the Israeli Army’s indifference to an impending attack on Jews. He questions, “What if a Government Fails to Act?” and then analyzes the legal status of “Killings Sanctioned By Law,” discussing “killing as an act of self-defense,” “killing due to necessity,” and “killing during a war.”

    Have you heard of Sabbatains?
    Sabbatai Zevi, (Hebrew: שַׁבְּתַי צְבִי, Shabbetai Tzvi, other spellings include Sabbatai Ẓevi, Shabbetai Ẓevi, Sabbatai Sevi, and Sabetay Sevi in Turkish), (August 1, 1626 – c. September 17, 1676[1] in Dulcigno (present day Ulcinj), Montenegro) was a Sephardic Rabbi[2] and kabbalist who claimed to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. He was the founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement. At the age of forty, he was forced by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV to convert to Islam. Some of his followers also converted to Islam, about 300 families who were known as the Dönmeh (aka Dönme) (converts).[3]

    Satanistic, because Rabbi Antelman charges that Shabbetai Tzvi promoted an anti-Judaism, an image in reverse of G-d’s intended religion. So, while, true Judaism’s aim is the survival of His people, Sabbatianism’s goal is the elimination of Judaism. This explanation does much to increase our understanding of a characteristic unique to one people, Jewish self-hatred, or the desire to destroy your own flesh and blood.


  65. This is Day One out of Session Two of Beth Moore’s Bible Study on Esther: It’s Tough being a Woman.

    It’s amazing how many applications She pulls from these 5 verses alone.

    Esther 3:1-5

    A Raging Passion for Honor

    It’s tough being a woman in a MEAN world.
    Mean always has a history.
    Consider the history of two rivals:
    Mordecai: A Jew tribe of Benjamin, Son of Kish
    Haman: a presumed Amalekite and descendent of Agag, their king during Saul’s reign

    I Samuel 9:1-2
    There was a man of Benjamin whose name was Kish the son of Abiel, the Son Zeror, the son of Bechorath, the son Aphiah, a Benjamite, a mighty man of power.
    And he had a choice and handsome son whose name was Saul

    I Samuel 15:10-23, 30
    Deuteronomy 25:17-19
    (referring to Exodus 17:8-16
    Remember what Amalek did to you on the way as you were coming out of Egypt, how he met you on the way and attacked your rear ranks, all the Stragglers (women
    And children and old people) at your rear, when you were tired and weary, and he did not fear God. Therefore it shall be, when the Lord your god has given you rest
    From your enemies all around, in the land wheich the Lord your god is giving you to possess as an inheritance, the you will blot out the remembrance of Amalek from
    Under heaven. You shall not forget.

    Judges 6:3
    Amalekites: Wilderness enemies
    So it was, whenever Israel had sown, Midianites would come up; also Amalekites and the people of the East would come up against them.

    I Samuel 30:1-4
    Now it happened, when David and his men came to Ziklag, on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the South and Ziklag, attacked Zilag and burned it with
    Fire and taken captive the women and those who were there, from samll to great; they did not kill anyone but carried them away and went their way. So David and his
    men came to the city, and there it was, burned with fire; and their wives, their sons, and their daughters had been taken captive. Then David and the people who were
    with him lifted up their voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep.

    Exodus 17:16
    The Lord will be a war againsT the Amalekites from generation to generation.

    II Corinthians 10:12
    Mean perceives a threat
    Mean catches like a virus

    The word Agag is believed to be related to an Assyrian term (agagu) that means to be powerful, vehement, angry.

    The name “Haman” sound similar to the Hebrew word for wrath (Hebrew,heman).

    Proverbs 22:24-25
    Do not remove the ancient landmark
    Which your fathers have set.

    Do you see a man who excels in his work?
    He will stand before kings.
    He will not stand before unknown men.

    Surely as Christians we must recognize the spirit of Haman no only in our world but in ourselves.

    Mean is curable.

    Romans 12:17-21
    Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men. If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. Beloved, do not avenge
    Yourselves, but rather give place to wrath, for it is written “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. Therefore “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty give him a
    drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    According to Esther 3;1-2
    Two actions King Xerxes taken took:
    Gave Haman the highest seat of honor among the nobles
    Commanded all royal officials to kneel and pay honor to Haman.

    What drew attention to Mordecai?
    He wouldn’t bow.

    God is as purposeful in what He doesn’t reveal His Word as in what he does.

    Many scholars lean more heavily toward the persisting generational rivalry as the cause for Mordecai refusal to bow. His office at the city gate made him an insider to all sorts of
    Information. Mordecai knew Haman’s heritage. I think Mordecai saw through Haman’s cleaver exterior into the malice rumbling below the surface.

    I’m not sure we’re ever in a more uncomfortable predicament than when we discern evil in someone who other people esteem. At no time should we be more prayerful or careful to
    Search our own sin-driven souls.

    The ramifications of a wrong or overblown judgment are enormous. We could find ourselves in a serious chastisement of God. Also imagine the terrible guilt of a retraction proving
    Insufficient. Surely we have all strongly misjudged someone.

    One reason why we must take care not to slander is because we can’t control where our words will go. Humans eat gossip like frogs eat flies.

    Proverbs 18:7-8
    Gossip finds an easy ear because our human nature, left to itself, finds sick satisfaction in the deluded discovery that someone who seemed superior was inferior. We who have trusted
    Christ are partakers of a different nature (Peter 1:4) If we discern something evil or suspicious, God call us to take our concerns to Him with deepest humility, interceded earnestly, and
    Ask Him what -if anything-we should do. Yes, Scripture tells us to expose “fruitless deeds of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11), but all is conjecture until we’re certain we’re seeing darkness
    through eyes of light.

    Often the matter involved is not urgent and time simply tells, If our judgment proves right, our internal reation is the best indicator of whether or not our hearts were equallly right. If we
    Were smug, our hearts were wrong. If we were humbled and driven to our faces, our hearts were probably pure.

    We see no evidence that Mordecai slandered Haman. In fact, his being the only pair of knees not to bow indicates that this man of considerable position didn’t persuade others to join him in a public protest. Mordecai did not slander, but he also did not knee. To Mordecai, Haman was a seed of evil buried in the soil of a hatred that heaped with every passing generation. Every pair of knees that hit the ground tilled the soil. With the least provocation, the seed would germinate… Yet Mordecai stayed on his feet. And not just once.

    The language of the royal officials about Mordecai not bowing to Haman is strikingly close to the language of only one othe verse in the Hebrew Bible.

    Genesis 39:2-10
    Like Mordecai, Joseph also refused to what someone in a powerful position insisted upon.

    The Hebrew wording describing how Potiphar’s wife “”spoke to Joseph day after day” but “he refused” is strikingly similar to Esther 3:4 “Day after day they spoke to him but he refused to comply.”

    Consider the two scenarios for a moment. In these references, we find two titanic temptations giving over to illicit sexual gratification and bowing to a big ego to save our own skin. Each temptation is difficult enough to resist the first time it knocks, but keep in mind that for Joseph and Mordecai, the opportunity pounded at the fleshy gates of their sould like battering rams.

    Satan has a theory that he’s banked his entire accuser’s career on: Even the strong grow weak. True, enough, but this, Beloved One, is also true: Even the weak grow strong if they set their minds to it. Take Joseph and Mordecai for instance. How did they retain their stand so effectively that temptation’s battering ram could not crsh through the gates of their souls? I’ll tell you what I think. Each responded our of their mind-set rather than his mood.

    Joseph was a young handsome single man. I don’t think he wasn’t in the mood every time Potiphar’s wife made advances. After all, he didn’t just walk away that last time. He ran. How did he succeed day after day?

    Joseph’s made-up mind was stronger that his mood. Likewise th sight of Haman didn’t just hit Mordecai the wrong way one day when he was feeling so contentious that he bucked the system and refused to bow. Even on the days when buckling his knees would have seemed easier than being harrassed, Mordecai’s made-up mind was stronger than his mood.

    Colossians 3:2
    Set your mind on things above and not on things on the Earth.

    We can’t just depend on a good mood to get us through. After all, no one can have great hair, the right outfit, and a raised every day. But I’ll tell you what we can have; a battering ram of relentless temptation. Yes, day after day. We need more than a mood. We need a mind-set.

    Deuteronomy 33:25
    The bolts of your gates will be irn and bronze, and your strength will equal your days.

  66. I’m posting this because Marianne’s dream and Picture is about “Queeen Esther” and my Women’s group is studying the book of “Esther”.

    I ran across another movie version of “The Book of Esther”. I was wondering what the other denominiations do with this book? “Esther”.

    Basically this is what the denomination I identify with believes;


    We are to interpret the Bible literally and accept the meaning of scripture as what it actually states. Allegory is used in the Bible but rarely and when it is, it is clearly stated. (See Galatians 4:24 for an example) So to correctly interpret God’s word we must accept what God actually stated or literally interpret God’s word in is grammatical, historical, and cultural context.

    I guess there’s other people who have the same questions so I googled it? Here was an interesing question/answer:


    What does it mean to be grafted into Israel?
    I thought we were grafted into Jesus! Is there a difference? It is my understanding that Jesus is the true vine. Israel is a natural branch of this vine. Gentiles are grafted into this vine and not into the natural branch of Israel sprouting out of this same vine. In a manner of speaking I can understand Gentiles being grafted into Israel since Jesus is the physical seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But far more importantly my spiritual root comes from my being grafted into Christ. In contrast, I place little or no value on being grafted into Israel. I need a better understanding of this grafting issue.

    Can you please explain to me Adar and because this year is a leap-year what is meant by double Adar or Feasts of Purim?

    I am a christian but I have struggled with this question for a while. Jesus often said that he came to save the lost sheep of isreal. He also said he did not come for the gentiles but for Isreal (I think he said that). Anyway, I really want to know if his grace is for everyone or just the Jews.

    Luke 1:33 says that Christ will rule the House of Jacob forever. Isn’t the House of Jacob a physical and human nation or tribe? How is it that Christ will be ruling this forever? Thank you.

    I want some clarification on Jewish people/Israel. I understand that Jews are God’s chosen people and Israel will always be protected from its enemies. How do Jews benefit today from being God’s chosen people? As, if they don’t accept Christ, they will not spend eternal life with God. Regarding Israel, why does God protect it when they don’t believe in His son (are blasphemers)? I have always supported Israel because I knew they were under God’s protection (or maybe I’m wrong on that!), I’m just not sure why. Thank you for any clarification!

    If Christians are grafted into Israel are we not supposed to keep the law and the Sabbath?

    If God chose the Jew has his chosen people, why would He choose a people who he knew would not except His Son as the Son of God? How could the Jews be the chosen people and not except Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

    What do you think was the sin that Peter told them to repented of in Acts 2:38?

    The Link is too long to copy, so click on it to read all the answers.


    Answer: Many people today are confused about the position of Israel in God’s plans. Reformed and Replacement Theology have grossly distorted what the Bible plain states. Reformed and Replacement theology falsely teach that God has rejected Israel because they rejected Jesus as the Messiah and that God has now given the promises to Israel to the “church”. They conclude that the many prophecies that God made to Israel, as God’s Chosen people, are to be allegorized and given a spiritual interpretation, rather than accepting literally what God has said in the Bible. That is a serious mistake and gives an erroneous picture of Israel in God’s plans.

    Can you please explain to me Adar and because this year is a leap-year what is meant by double Adar or Feasts of Purim?

    Answer: Double Adar is are reference to Hebrew leap year. The Hebrew calendar is based on the lunar cycle and consists of 354 days (in contrast to the solar year, which has 365 days). Therefore, if they did not occasionally have leap months, Passover could occur in a completely different season. The Jews, as opposed to simply adding a day, as we do with the Gregorian calendar, they add an entire month. This means that seven times every 19 years, there are two months of Adar.
    Adar is the happiest month of the year….thus a double Adar means having double happiness and double fun. The devout Jews see this as having twice the opportunity to exercise the joy of the Lord and His blessings. It also is a time the Jews give and help each other. In other words they seek to make others happy by giving to them. A double Adar, (two months) then is seen as having twice the opportunity for giving.

    Jews celebrate the Feast of Purim which commemorates God delivering the Hebrews from the plan of Haman, the Babylonian to destroy all the Jews. This is recorded in the Book of Esther. This was to happen on the 13th day of Adar (Esther 3:13). Queen Esther, a Jew discovered the plot and exposed Haman’s evil plan to her husband King Ahasuerus. Ahasuerus intervened and the plot was folded. Haman and his family were hanged on the gallows he had planned for Mordechai a high ranking Jew in the king’s governement. Thus the Hebrews were saved from extinction in Babylon. Mordechai and Esther then institutionalized the celebration of the Purim miracle, they ordained not only the Purim observances of Adar 14 and 15, but also the commemoration of “the month that was transformed for them from sorrow to joy, from mourning to festivity” (Esther 9:22).

    Here’s a Jewish link that explains her question:

  67. Marianne,
    Seeing as today is december 18th, I thought I would read your dream. Very nice. I hope you have not given up on what you wrote above…About Esther.

    • dear hello all

      No, I would never give up on the Esther assignment. We are all called to do that as His Bride.

      The second 3 1/2 years will be up in 6 months. Possibly the time for intercession will be past by then.

      The post about
      A year and a few days

      indicates a major change in the spring – summer of next year.

      I will try to keep Israel and the church in prayer as we approach that time.

      I sense it will be a time of famine for many.

      Maybe I have crazy dreams, but they do serve a purpose in motivating me to keep going, and stay focused on others.

  68. Hi Marianne,

    I thought that I’d have a peek at this page as well today and noticed some inconsistences.
    The first time that you say that you counted 938 days, you note that you arrived at December 15th. 2009.
    However the title and the second date that you mention is December 18th.?

    (If you have addressed this already within the body of the posts as it being simply a typo, I’m sorry for perhaps pointing it out again.)

    My real interest lies in one of the things that you say above though……

    “He also told me something personal that I will not reveal. It is something positive. If that comes true, that would be a confirmation.”

    Did what He told you ever materialize? Is it “still too personal” to reveal?
    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Be Blessed in Yeshua our Most Holy and Gracious Savior.

    • accepted

      Math is not my forte. I also could not remember if it was 938 or 968 days.

      In the post, I looked back 3 1/2 years, which is 42 months, yet 938/968 days is 32 months, not 42.

      I actually do not remember what the personal thing was now. My brain has been on overload since I started this website…..also from june 06 to dec 09 I was quite sick, and so not able to retain things well in my memory.

      I am trying to find my notebook with the dream, but apparently I have misplaced my written notes (notebook) from 11/03/06 to 6/18/08. I will have to find the notebook and look it up.

      Right now, my house is in a mess so it won’t be soon, unless a cleaning angel comes in here and helps me find it.

  69. LOL 🙂

    Ain’t age wonderful?
    No biggy.
    If it is meant to be found it will be.
    Thanks any way’s.
    Love A.

    • maybe I meet a rich, good looking guy and he take me off this planet to his mansion in the sky

      • Yep I’m hoping for the same thing too.
        Hey….. why does that seem to sound weird from a guy?

        • guy or not…..you’re still a bride

          • Well that is my hope.

            I may open up a can of worms here, but it is my interpretation that Salvation and being accounted worthy for this Resurrection may perhaps distinguish those that are simply Saved and those that will be chosen for the Bride. Paul knew that he was saved by Grace, yet he still strove to be accounted worthy for the prize of this Resurrection as he discusses in Philippians 3.

            I have always liked wearing white though, and would welcome being a Bride.

  70. Marianne I found your blog just recently. I am a new follower. Know nothing about you but you seem connected to the Holy Spirit. Please answer this. Is it possible that the dream I had was truly the Holy Spirit talking to me? I

    am dazed andnot confused but h
    umbled at the thought that He could
    He told me there would be no more suffering. Yes I have suffered but so have so many others. Why me? I know it was Him. It was an experience that changed the core of who I am, from a reluctant believer to a true believer. All that is written, all that has been prophesied, it is real. He is real.

    • joanne

      from what you described on the website, it was the holy spirit speaking to you.

      like I said, you have been through your own tribulation, so god sees no reason for you to continue to suffer.

      cherish this moment.

      • Thank you for responding. Have always felt not worthy that He would speak to. And now I am born again.i have a renewed spirit. I have always been connected, have always tried to be a kind, caring person but am a sinner clean through to the core. So it is hard for me to accept that He would speak to me and speak to me He did. As clear as a warm summer morning. There was no mistake no misinterpretation no hallucination.

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