Alien or human-like fetus born from a cow

These are pictures I received in an email. Apparently, this “dead baby” was aborted from a cow in Thailand. What would be the explanation for a human-like torso and head with hoof like legs and a tail? Is this genetic engineering gone wrong, or did something else happen?

This was the description that came with the email. This is all I know:

“This dead alien-like being found in a small town in Thailand was claimed to be born from a cow and seems at first to be a severe case of birth malformation defect. A closer examination however reveal that the alien being resembles too much of a human baby with its front legs looking more like hands than feet.

In the form of a ritual, the local residents pour baby powder onto the dead body and burnt incense in their belief of cleansing the area of evil and hopeful that it will be reincarnated peacefully.”

I am hoping that this is just a malformed aborted calf. But it does have some resemblance to an alien with cow’s feet.

Are abominations possibly going on with mating animals and humans/aliens/demonic beings in the last days?

I show the pictures. You decide.

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    • omg!!! aliens are amazing. dont be mad because ur precious god (whom dont exist) didnt perform this miracle. well, at least we know what the do when they abduct our cows. and who cares if they have intercoarse with them in the process!

      • what the hell r u talking about god doesn’t exsist? Well we know who’s going to hell!

        • I agree god exists n shag masta if u dont believe in him then keep mum at least dont disrespect him

        • everyone who disagrees with you will burn in hell yaya very mature… get real people

      • Your a sick an ignorant weirdo

      • You have no idea what sort of amazing force created our universe. It’s actually more logical to say that God, or some higher power, created the universe than to say it just appeared from nothing. Humans aren’t even close to unlocking the secrets of existence.

        • so then who would’ve created this “higher power” did it just appear from nothing, religion today means nothing.

        • I totally agree with what your views are about how we dont know even close to the bounderies of these things that happen ,and have no explanation for ,other than an experiment on animals from a different species to our selves ,we are not the only ones in exsistence and not the brightest by far !!! we havent even touched the sides of comprehending whats in store for our future and theres

        • you cannot use logic and religion together- they contradict each other.

          • no they compliment each other. science is right, THIS universe was created out of almost nothing, but then so are plants, and us. who ever said that this is the only universe? Black holes are kind of like portals to the other universes. God has a father too.

            as for this – thing, it was a genetic mutation that probably took place very early on in the develepment of the fetus and it just grew to resemble a human being because cows and humans aren’t very different, physically at least, at the beggining.

            • I salute you, many people do not understand how science and religion are pretty much the same. Do not allow others to slander your religious/scientific views.
              As for the mutation, If you look at the first photo after the author says, “you decide”, the head clearly has the form of a calf’s. I believe that this is either a scam, or an odd change in the gene structure.

      • You must have a very strong “faith” to think that something came from nothing. Wow!

        GOD IS, WAS AND WILL BE. You denying Him doesn’t make Him non-existent. What’s more – EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS. . . .and that includes YOU. Strange how atheists only realize that GOD really exists the moment when they die . . . when it’s too little too late . . . .and then they curse GOD. That is “confessing” in an ungodly way, but realization makes them admit that GOD IS for sure.

        It’s just a matter of “to those who believe, it’s not necessary to explain, and to those who don’t believe, it’s IMPOSSIBLE” to explain.

        • same with science d**bag, only one difference, !!!! SCIENCE HAS ACTUALLY PROVEN AND DISPROVEN MANY THEORIES !!!!!
          all religion has proven is that all of its true followers are delusional, annoying.

          • if you know so much about science, then you should know that science is limited to what humans can observe. For example, “our galaxy has a black hole in the center” is NOT because someone has seen it. It means people have recorded several observations, and can make that conclusion. Anyway, my point is: Science is limited to what we can observe. We cannot directly observe God, therefore the two are completely unrelated. And summing up every single faith in the history of mankind as ‘delusional’ is just ignorant. Ever heard of Galileo? Gessner? Charles Darwin? The Vatican has its own observatory. Copernicus? Gregor Mendel, father of genetics? you’re an ignorant a**wipe, don’t even call the religious nonscientific.

            • I am both a christian and a scientist. It is possible to be both.

            • very well said. but ignorance goes both ways. ur last sentence makes no sense as most religion has little to do with science of course like u also said they are unrelated. i’m sure most of us knows those great names. what can i tell u of charles darwin is that although his wife was religious he further distanced himself from religion. the more knowledge he had the more he was his own man. so he’s perhaps not the person u want to refer to if u want to support ur thought of scientists also being religious. and if u study the lives of greatest scientists u’ll find church has caused nothing but trouble for them trying to prove their theories. for example galileo remained a man of god, yet church at that time made sure to have him put in home-arrest for rest of his life after only publishing what he observed. one can draw some conclusions from all this.

              • hi don

                to be both a christian and a scientist, one has to be an educated christian, and an educated scientist.

                the christian has to understand science, and the scientist has to understand religion and God. and what the bible says and does not say.

            • The Vatican has the most powerful Telescope here in the States, I believe in Arizona. They named it..wait for it…of all things….LUCIFER! Noone can say Catholicism is Christian. Because IT IS NOT. IT IS the church of the devil. The false prophet, Petreus Romanus,Peter the Roman, is about to take his seat, along with the antichrist Obama in Jerusalem.

              • Love it

              • Anyone who doesn’t believe in God the Creater of All things…. Will find out what’s waiting for them… Bible is proof of God.. That’s not fiction! Keep on hating God and not believe ppl! In time you will find out and by then will be way too late!

                Preach it Jennifer !

                • hatred is insufficient and self destructive i would prefer justified anger for killing thousands of innocent people and dividing humanity. how can you preach his destructive and fear mongering will and thinking you are working for the light?

          • I agree on both aspects u know God is there but the religions we are following only create war the only religion that we should follow is that of humanity which God himself follows god dosent live in heaven he resides aming us in the form of nature there is brilliant quote quoted “man is so stupid he worships an invisible god and destroys a visible nature but he dosent realize that the god he is worshipping is the nature he is destroying”

        • lol u retarded. you actually believe in the bullshit you parents fed you from the bible? have you actually had any spiritual experiences? i thought not. mindless bandwagon sheep.

          • yes we have

            • Well…. I am a miracle myself. I remember, when I was 3 days old, my stomach was in a knot. Then, when my aunt heard, she sent word to all her friends and family to pray for me, and guess what? I’m still alive today. And also. That aunt of mine. She just happens to be a Christian!
              And Don Mega. In case you hadn’t heard, when Charles Darwin was on his deathbed, he renounced all his claims about science, and his theory of evolution, and even told people that God was real. So shut up.

          • Those who know God do not doubt his existence, Much as you do not doubt that you exist (I think therefore i am). For Christians it is we believe (faith) Then God is revealed. You should try it, you are missing out on the whole meaning of life thing, not to mention you might miss out on that very real God’s wrath, which is coming shortly.
            You won’t be Laughing out loud then!!

            • The true nature of God is the WORD. And you that says God does not exist, where did you get those words from? If you say God does not exist then you are saying there is no Word in the world. Yet you use words to express your opinion. Lets imagine a world without words. We shall all be reduced to animals. In the Book of the Genesis God said, man has become as one of Us knowing good and evil. Meaning God is made of Good and Evil Words. He calls the Good Word Jesus and the Evil Word Satan or Devil. In 2000 years ago, he destroyed the evil or bad words call Satan leaving only Jesus the Good Word to reign in eternity. You say you are a scientist. Where did you get your scientific words to do your research? We must stop all these vague argument that God does not exist. If He does not exist then there should be no Words in the world. Once you can speak words and write words you see God all the time. Do you recall the story in the Bible about the tower of Babel? The people were one with one language speaking words. The Lord God said; These people are one, and the only thing to stop them is to break their words and they all scattered.

              • must be a very loving god who is about scattering humanity instead of uniting right? A real GOD has nothing to do with deceiving words and languages, he/she/it is way above this and uses other tools for communication. But go ahead and pray to your murdering and dividing god of the bible just because you are feared of afterlife….

          • I see on the Internet a lot of people who write like you do are moon god worshipers following a mad man named Muhammad.

            Do you get your butt in the air five times a day for a pagan shrine called the kaaba?

            • Show Some Respect.
              When The Time Comes You’ll Be Sorry.
              Thats All I Have To Say, I Will Also Pray For You
              Cause You Dont Know What You Are Saying.

          • well u have choice to believe or not we will all know the truth someday when He get tired of people whom he created not to do there purpose peace

        • such hatred…who knows what is really out there. Be it God, some other intelligent life form or nothing at all. And on the subject of God, you Christians think your religion is so high and mighty and when God comes to call on his people what of the people of other religions??? Are they just shit out of luck??? All religion is, is what the majority of a people believe it to be. (Jews, Muslims, Budaism, Greek and Roman Gods) How many times has the Bible be re-vised and rewritten by man?? God is man’s interpretation. Are the Gods of other religions non-existent purely because Christians believe there is only ‘one true God’? Are the people of these other religions ignorant because their faith in their God is different than yours?

          • hi kate.

            god is real. he gave his name as YHVH, or yahweh. he has made himself known to many. he sent his son, Yeshua to help man come close to God. If there was more than one God, then no god would be god at all, because he would not have all the power.

          • No we do not think our “religion” is so high and mighty. It is not about religion anyways. It is about Jesus Christ. The one true God. There is one way, one true way, and that is through him. Biblical prophecy is happening all over right now. SO much so it is hard to even keep up with. If you don’t want to believe and repent now, whatever you do, during the tribulation, DO NOT RECEIVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! THE BIO/ASCENSION/RFID CHIP. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN HAVE FREE WILL. BELIEVE ME, OBAMA IS GETITNG READY TO GO TO ISRAEL TO CONFIRM THE TREATY SPOKEN OF IN REVELATION. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET EVEN MORE CRAZY. JUST PLEASE DO NOT, EVEN UNTO DEATH, TAKE THAT MARK. MY WORDS WILL RING BACK TO YOU. HEED MY WARNING!!!

          • Like i said earlier religion only creates hate rivalry and war no religion is superior yes there is one that is superior n that is humanity we the hell we r debating and making ourselves enemies.look we cannot force our opinion on others everybody has different choices n we shud respect each choice god has much bigger heart then we people do so even if u dont believe in him n u respect others help others be nice and on top of that u help urself he wont mind he wud still luv u. I dont care whether a person is a believer ornon believer of god i respect all

        • Praise Jesus !

      • “omg!!! aliens are amazing. dont be mad because ur precious god (whom dont exist) didnt perform this miracle. well, at least we know what the do when they abduct our cows. and who cares if they have intercoarse with them in the process!”

        What are you talking about you ranting idiot? So because you see a picture of a weird cow that that mean God doesn’t? What a nonsensical illogical retard. Super idiot: notice the design around you dummy? Dur? Designs don’t come from unintelligent beings moron. God made your precious aliens possible, which your idiot self assumes made this deformed cow. What a dumb evidence ignorerer and assumer you are. And super dummy: notice all the flood stories from ancient tribes yet? Duuuuur? Such a dumb stupid dumb idiot you are. And idiot: try using a search engine, here’s some help for your lazy dummy biased self: bible evidence. DUR. THOSE TWO WORDS DIDN’T OCCUR TO YOUR GENIUS SELF TO TYPE IN A SEARCH ENGINE DUMMY ATHEIST? GOD, ATHEISTS ARE SO DUMB. BYE MORON WHO WORSHIPS, LOL, ALIENS HE CAN’T SEE, AND WHAT A DUMB EVIL DOOR STOP: A DEAD MALFORMED COW, NOT EVEN A HEALTHY ONE: THAT SAYS IT ALL ABOUT YOU IDIOT. BYE IDOLATER WHO WORSHIPS IMAGINARY GODS THAT WON’T TALK TO HIM, AND ARE MALFORMED AND DEAD BABY ANIMALS. DUUUUUUUR. ME IS DUMB BLIND ATHEIST, ME IS DUMB HYPOCRITE ATHEIST DUUUUR. IDIOT.

        • you are also ridiculously mentally challenged

        • hahahahaha “bible ‘evidence'”

          Haha, and you say god loves everyone. What about Jews and Atheists? Does that mean Hitler was right? If god created everyone, why Atheists? Who the nonexistent hell created god? Time flows you know, in a good linear fashion. Why can’t you look at the evidence? Tell me some proof of god. Go on.

          • he has mercy on you because he knows if u dont get it, u will be looking from hell, and realize psalms 14 was right about people living like fools. you have done a blasemphous thing to deny Abba, and his Son. THE PROOF of GOD is the breath u breath, and the Beating Heart in Your CHEST! When
            you die, he will allow demons to

        • God still loves you in your ignorance , your choice to believe ! I’ ll pray for you 😉

        • Idiot who worships aliens he cant see? Wow. You worship a god you can’t see. At least rockets and satellites have proven that there are billions of planets out their capable of sustaining life. Where’s the evidence of your god? He lives in the sky? Well I guess next time I’m on a plane ill say hey to him!

        • U r right, knight he dosent know the value of god but not all atheist are bad the simple thing is they dont know the value of god they dont know that when we leave this world he is the only one that remains beside us god is the only one who will always remember us and moreover he is the only one who helps us we may betray him cuz thats human nature but he will never betray us u know what god cannot take care of all of us so he created a mother filling her with his love so that we will never feel alone n so that he is able to ensure that he is always there for us

        • just look at what a rediciously offending douchebag religion has made out of you….

      • well this is what i have to say….god gave people the choice to worship whatever they like. I, myself, choose the correct path in worshiping in our lord god jesus crist. people arguing about whether god is real or not is nonsense… i believe we should try and help people understand god but not screaming and calling atheist stupid. i have experienced god in my life so far (im 13 years old) and I know god is real. I dont question that. i pray for all you people out there who criticize believes like me and i pray you find help in the lord. i love everybody and my heart wishes to sooth even my enemies worries. many Christians claim to love the lord by yelling and accusing different believers of wrong doing. is that what god says we should do? all you atheists out there, i would just LOVE to pray with you one-on-one and give you a godly hug. i try everyday of my life turn non believers into believers but not everyone is like me. many children at my school make fun of me because i believe in god and they plot to hurt me. i pray for them. i pray for all of you. just because of my age, many adults think of me as a normal horrible teenager. i am quite different. my determination in god makes me unique. people think that just because we have problems god isnt there. well god gave us problems to see whether or not we believe and follow through with him. i have had so many problems in my life so far and i stand firm with my belief. ive had many deaths at a young age. i know what pain feels like. but i also know what gods love feels like. so my point is, believers claim to be engulfed in the lord but they yell at people who dont believe like them. that isnt the love god wanted. and if you believe in something else, that is YOUR choice. god gave us choices. i love all of you and hope you make your life devoted to god. but if not, i have pity for you. have a blessed day 🙂

        • dear taylor

          You sound very mature for your age. If you were mine, I would be very proud of you. God bless you and keep you safe.

        • Taylor i agree with u completely its true religion,how the person looks how he or she dresses up what they like or do does not give a right to us to judge them. Even me i sometimes get angry on god i cry i scream on him but after sometime i too realize that i did wrong n the i say sorry to him u know we only talk to him so that we can solve our problems but has anyone ever tried to ask him how his day went he may not speak anything but u will surely feel him smile when u talk to him. Always forgive ur enemies that is what tortures them the most the more u forgive them the less they will start to hinder ur work i have faced a lot of betrayals from my frnds n i left them cuz i knew they were bad but i never complained not even once in front of them as to why they were doing this but yea i used to be quiet angry with god n then now i thank him for giving me very good frnds which are still sticking with me

      • If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. you are very intelligent being, believing more to aliens than ur creator

      • I agree haha god doesn’t exist or he would stop these wars between people who believe in different gods!!

        • Excuse me mister erin god didnt made religion we made it. God made us in a hope we will do good n follow in his footsteps but he trusted us too much he trusted people like u too much we made religion we made war we made hate and we made small and big standards he created us equal but we people delibrately got divided why shud god stop war when he gave us the power of speech n strenght to control. We are the ones who created war n we shud be the ones to finish it as well why shud god who didnt create war finish it if u say god shud finish war then u are saying u are given the homework n u want someone else to do it. God did a brilliant invention of creating us but he forgot to take out stupidity from the minds of people

      • Of course that he doesn’t exist. If he somehow does exist, then he is a real sadist and torturer!!


        • Dear vukovile i want to make clear that problems and challenges are not only faced by u it is also faced by people like me and all others on this planet do u even know why we face problems so that we can move one step ahead so that our level can rise if u convert ur pain into challenge and challenge into power n u know what everything in this world is temporary if happiness lasts for less time so does sadness u know what happiness too gets tired when it comes it gives us the most memorable moments but it goes away for a short time and sadness knocks on ur door if happiness keeps on coming to u then u wont be able to enjoy it n loose its meaning sadness ,failure,pain these r the things that teach us how to learn. God cries when he sees his children in pain but as he is our father he has to make sure u learn u move ahead n that is only possible if u face challenges everything u do requires
          Effort n i respect u and ur opinion look god took away my dad i cried but i knew what he did may have a reason i have faced heavy tragedies in my life but i didnt let them put pressure upon my back cuz i am not a donkey, no matter how much wait u put on a donkey it keeps moving but if u put that weight on a horse it runs soo fast the weight ultimately falls off on its own so be a horse and shake off all ur problems dont be a donkey

      • Dude this has nothing to do with Aliens! This is a creation by the bought scientists working for the NWO whom wants to make humans un-fertile with their GMO’s and vaccines and big Pharma to then make parents “Create their babies” of buy them through science/government/corporate ties and get it delivered from a cow’s Womb! This might not be God’s work but it sure sounds pretty Satanic to me!

      • You’ll be in hell

      • You’re an idiot! There are numerous genome tests and hybrid studies on record at MIT for a humanoid hybrid for organ harvesting… when science tries to play God, this is what you end up with…..
        God didn’t do this, men with evil desires did…..

      • You believe in aliens but not God? I didn’t know there were such things as selective nuts

    • Hello!! Have you heard of photoshop? I find your site very interesting. You are obviously a student of the word, and then you go and throw this in?
      We all get altered pictures in our email almost on a daily basis.
      You loose credibility when you give something like this more than a second glance.

      • Everthing that does not agree with your logic must be photo-shopped! What on Earth did we ever do and how did we ever explain strange phenomea without photoshop.

  2. This looks like a possible case of beastiality, which God strongly forbids and condemns. Right before the flood, the deeds of men were exceedingly wicked and this more than likely is an outcome of such behavior in our time. May we pray without ceasing.

    • its impossible for a human and cow to have a child because the genus and species are different, so the sperm of one would not fertilize the egg of another. same reason why mules can’t reproduce. a similar fetus was found in New Mexico which they believe had to do with government testing.

      5:30 of this video.

    • you’re dumb.

  3. It is really bizarre, isn’t it? In one picture, it looks like they are praying.

  4. I think the chances of human bodies and the bodies of animals aborting are high when there is a mixture of seed. At least they are showing respect for the human/animal, but I hope they’re not believing this is a reincarnated relative.

    • its impossible for anything to form between animal and man. our DNA just isnt similar enough, unlike horses and donkeys (mules).

      • Oh how limited is this mind… You can’t live till you 300 years of Age can you? Well men lived upon the earth three times this 900 years… you live 70 how can this be. If you knew the answer to this then you would make such foolish statements. Modern man a Uniformatarian in logic dead in unbelief and perishes.

  5. Hi Diane,

    I think people in Thailand believe in reincarnation, as part of Buddhism. At least, for the animal’s sake, I am glad it was not “born.”


  6. Amen

  7. But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Matthew 24:37

    • The book of Daniel has a statement to make the blood freeze over thus proving the coming of the Giants once more. The feet of iron and clay were thus made because their seed (genetics) would mingle but not cleave. Iron is the mighty (the fallen angles) men clay is man (humans). The mighty men of old were genetics mingled the great fall out… These days are once again coming… He that has an ear let him hear.

  8. Lynn,

    True. Very true.

  9. A man was convicted in southern Manitoba for sexually assaulting a goat until it died. This happened almost 5 years ago. It is an actual legal case and well publicized. Human beings can commit all sorts of depravity when they do not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

  10. In 2006 the United Kingdom began research on injecting human DNA into cow eggs. The intent was to do stem cell research in hopes of finding a cure to diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s. The product of this union was a human/animal hybrid. For more info see the link below.


  11. Sarah,

    Interesting. Much of what we see and think is alien related might just be human depravity or witchcraft in some form.


    • Witchcraft? Really?? -_- so we still live in an age where people are said to be Witches and burned? Thanks. Nice to know pagans and Wiccan people are so well thought of. FYI: witchcraft isn’t able to create new life or deform beings. You read too many books… Or bibles. Pathetic.

  12. Marisa,

    Thank you for providing the link. I had read about that.


  13. This is pretty hokey! Where are the eye witnesses or any other validation?

  14. Hi Alice,

    I can understand your questions and skepticism, but looking at the article above, the pictures came from an email and the eyewitnesses would be the people we see in the picture. To some, what we’re seeing may seem unbelievable, but to others, the pictures themselves are credible and speak for themselves. But either way the picture shows the depths of human depravity. My prayer is that mankind would become contrite and repentant for sins and that the Lord Jesus would pour out His Spirit so that these incidents do not become common.


  16. Um, wow.

    Just like I don’t believe demons can breed/reproduce offspring, (they are fallen angels, in a SPIRIT, not physical body! & the Bible’s clear there’ll be no marriage in Heaven, in our spirit bodies…) I also don’t believe that the seed of humans can mingle with anamals naturally & produce offspring…but who knows what wicked people can come up with in a lab!
    These are very bizarre pictures…

    …God knows what really happened…

    …I’m not sure I want to know, to tell you the truth.

    “Whatever is good, right, pure, think on these things…”

    In Christ,

    • Well, actually, if the bible is correct, the demons who came to earth took human form, and then reproduced with the women, creating Nephilim. It further stated that they had no choice but to leave their bodies at the flood, killing off the hybrid children…

  17. Hi Anatazia,

    Actually, scientists can do this in the lab. We can even make our own DNA now.

    breeding between species can occur….this is a cute video…but the puppy is a mix between a panda bear and a dog…normally thought not possible.


  18. I agree that it looks like a case of beastility.

  19. Hi kt,

    I keep hoping that it is just a deformed calf. But maybe it is what it looks like…..


  20. Logic, please!!!

  21. I am quite certain that this is a case of animal deformity. Any one who has taken biology knows that even a human fetus in early stages does not look human. It is also biologically impossible for the two species to mix. There are many known causes for fetal deformation especially in third word countries where they still use DDT and other chemicals known to cause these types of deformation. As to those poor lost souls in Thailand, be careful in your judgment and think not of yourself too lofty, these people need Christ and cannot come to the saving knowledge of Him without evangelism. Have you supported any missionaries lately?

  22. Dear Karmen,

    I appreciate your comments. I also appreciate your sensitivity toward others. Do not worry. This is just a description of what happened. It is not a judgment against a simple people. Obviously, this is a mystery to them, so they did what they thought would be a good thing.

    I also have between 100-1000 followers in Thailand. 🙂

    The interesting thing about this advanced stage fetus is that it has no snout. A calf should have one by that stage of development. Because it doesn’t, it has a humanoid appearance.

    I do belong to a group of missionaries, but I am not overseas right now. I also send frequent support for special needs overseas.


  23. Please see the Genesis(6:4) account of Nephilim. These are the offspring of women(Noah’s daughters) and the Sons of God(fallen angels). Mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

    • That’s not talking about malformed cow fetuses idiot. Please stop using stupid cliche reasoning, especially with the Bible and making the verses absurdly attached to things like this.

  24. Hi Mark,

    It is possible that this is nephilim related activity. the dead body is a strange creature.


  25. Regarding the “panda dog”, come on guys, it’s plain to see that it’s a dog with fur like a poodle, and someone has either dyed the fur or it happened to be born with that coloring.

  26. can it be determined if the fetus is male or female? From the pic.. the sex of the anomaly does not seem to be decipherable. Spirit beings(fallen angels) are ‘sex-less’… (just looking for a nephilim link)

  27. hi Clinton,

    Not sure. I only know what I posted here. I agree about the sexless nature of nephilim. Even in general, when you mate across species in general, the offspring is sterile…


  28. Sea Cows are coming for youuuuuuuuuuu

  29. Hi Vanny,



  30. There is too much nonsense regarding bestiality. The number of Chromosomes do not match between animals of different species. Therefore the process of bestiality can’t produce offspring. I really question some of the ways Christians think. Here is the BEST explanation of how genetic manipulation can occur. This is either a freak genetic anomaly OR this is what we commonly refer to Alien experiments upon animals. However, if it is the later we need not to think that this disproves God. In fact its the contrary. What you need to do is read Genesis and the Apocrypha book, “The Book of Enoch”. Satan is a deceiver and liar.


  31. Sons of God were not the sons of Seth. Also, the angels fallen or otherwise were present before and during the creation of man. They understood the genetic make up of man seeing that they themselves were superior in their matter compared to man. What do I mean. It is obvious by the Biblical accounts that Angels can appear at anytime, they can go through walls, and they can move at speeds not physically explainable. In essence the spirit realm is NOT restrained by the physical realm and can even break and defy physical laws like speed of light, matter, and gravity. Why then is it so far fetched that a group of beings who are not bound by the physical laws could not manipulate these same physical laws. The fact remains that these Aliens are deceptions of the Devil and his fallen angels. We should not therefore be surprised that they have the ability to manipulate physical entities like us or other animals.


  32. HI Kyle,

    Good observations. If it is a genetic anomaly, it certainly is a strange one. The offspring has no snout, which would be normal for a calf. In fact, it does not seem to have much of a face at all, which would be normal for any fetus, that far along in gestation.

    If it is manipulation by fallen angels, then this is a severe situation. If this is going on with animals, what is going on with human beings as well? We need to pray, and keep watch on the world around us.


  33. I should know from a medical perspective that there is no way that a human cell will fuse with an animal cell so there is no way that a cow and a human could’ve had a child/calf together. Need I also mention that man has been sick for along time and not once has there been an outcome of some form of being that was half animal half human. Its just impossible.

  34. Hi Denise,

    You do not need whole cells to mix DNA. That can be done in vitro. With directed splicing, you can do about anything now. Cells can be injected with material.


  35. Like I stated in an emai that I had sent you Marianne, never before has a human crossbred with an animal. I have lots of articles to support what I am saying. Our Chromosomes need to match and well with animals it just isn’t possible. And to be honest the whole religious aspect of it just makes people seem crazy. I am a Christian and no where in the bible does it state that there will be an animal/human species that will come into existence. I take what the bible says (word of Jesus himself) into consideration and will not assume anything.

  36. Hi Denise,

    Like I tried to explain in an email, this can be done without breeding. I was trying to explain the science to you, but this must be out of your technical area.

    I will repeat what I said again:

    You do not need whole cells to mix DNA. That can be done in vitro. With directed splicing, you can do about anything now. Cells can be injected with material.

    Whole cells can be altered by the injection, or transfection of foreign DNA. That is how viral DNA gets into cells and causes cancer. The foreign DNA/RNA then takes over the cell machinery and reproduces what it wants.

    I am not talking about mixing entire chromosomes through breeding. I am talking about changing the DNA sequences of what is already there. It is also possible to silence one gene and express another (that was naturally silent) on the same DNA, thus altering the phenotype (what you see). By changing the DNA sequences, or inserting foreign DNA into a cell, you can alter the organism. For example, scientists can grow a human liver in a cow. This is because they changed the genes for the liver.

    People can do in the lab what nature, by itself, cannot do. It is a little scary, which is why there are laws restricting what scientists are allowed to do.

    Why normal cells from different distant species usually do not combine is because of the cell surface antigens not being recognized. That can be overcome with chemical modification of the cell surface.


    • Marriane,

      This is in my area of expertise, and while what some of what you said is more or less correct, you can transform parts of a genome using foreign DNA to cause the organism to express the traits of another organism, you cannot get any organism to express any trait. For starters you have to first isolate the entire gene that causes the trait in the foreign animal (the number of genes and their actual affects that have been isolated so far is infinitesimal compared to the number of genes that exist). Also, it is not as simple as changing human ‘nose’ DNA into cow ‘snout’ DNA, any major cross species genetic changes would result in a very early term miscarriage. The preganancy would not proceed as far as what you seem to think happened in these images.

      Also Scientists cannot yet grow a fully ‘human’ liver in a cow (the closest I have heard about was the human ear on a mouse, which was an entirely different process, using a graft), nor can a human produce offspring with a cow. And viral DNA doesn’t cause cancer, it causes a viral infection. Cancer is caused by mutations in DNA caused by any of several mutanagenic processes from chemical to radiation to defects in constant DNA replication.

      And the cow foetus in these images just looks like a half decomposed early term cow foetus.

      • hi kaflooey

        I tend to think it is a developmental issue, but it might be a failed attempt to change something also.. I really do not know. I understand some molecular biology (ie genetics, gene slicing, gene manipulations), but that is not my area (nucleic acid biophysics, proteins).

        I will let you call this one. I just thought the fetus was strange looking, and would generate some interesting comments. It lays there flat on its back like a human. Its snout is missing.

        I wonder what really happened.

  37. Actually, I believe that no two species can be mated together. Proof of that is Africa where beastialism is common and there are no half-black half-horses walking. Maybe on the cellular level it is temporarily possible, but creatures genetic structure, (I believe) are balanced very perfectly and mixes of them would not work even theoretically. And yet….Cow/Alien here… Probably a hoax. I’ll look it up, though.

  38. I think that a lot of the creatures that are mentioned in what Historians call “Mythology” actually existed.
    Cyclops,Unicorns,Dragons ect ect.

  39. Hi Glenn & Stephen,

    I picked a weird subject, didn’t I?

    Whatever it is, it happened. Very strange looking.


  40. imo, this is a cow. a bovine. 100%. what makes this cow look so weird and abnormal? my theories, this cow, as it grew as a fetus, developed/contracted (not very good at english here) 1- bovine dwarfism (achondroplasia) (does exist! you can even get yourself a mini cow!) and 2- bovine ‘water brain’ (hydrocephalus). go to

    and you’ll see at the bottom two pics, one of human, one of bovine.

  41. hi nobody

    I thought about the hydrocephalus. But I do not see the nose and mouth. Cows have a snout. long nose that sticks out from face. It is missing in this fetus. This fetus has a flat face, like a person.

    strange, isn’t it?



    1. is there any proof this is real and isn’t just a hoax – answer NO.
    if we choose to continue anyway…

    2. is it really a cross between a human and a cow, possibly the result of bestiality – answer NO, because this is scientifically impossible.

    3. if it is even real, is it a deformed aborted cow fetus- very likely. weird stuff happens, birth defects like extra limbs happen even in humans.

    the fact that you tried to prove that species crossing can happen between vastly different animals by linking to a video of a dog WHICH HAS BEEN DYED TO LOOK LIKE A PANDA is the most rediculous and frankly FUCKING STUPID thing i have ever seen a person do.

    PLEASE, if you have enough brain function to even attempt it, USE DEDUCTIVE THINKING.

    if you see a video of a dog that looks a bit like a panda for instance, ask yourself whether it is more likely that someone has worked out how to cross breed them and then announced this with a video on youtube completely bypassing the worlds media. OR if it is more likely that they have DYED THE DOGS FURR.

    i’m afraid this unbelievable level of gullibility is symptomatic of your faith.

    maybe you should stop choosing something to beleive ‘a priori’ and then looking for evidence later. and deduct reasonable conclusions from the evidence given.

    • I have grown to love you, zarathustra. You are really funny….and intense!

    • zarathustra, don’t be so rude. Marianne was just expressing her views. I think each and everyone of us are entitled to that, including you. Now you gave your stand regarding this creature, SO fine, finished, no need to hurl foul languages. Talk clean ok?


  43. it’s not me thats funny. it’s you that’s hilarious!

    its just a shame you don’t seem to realise how much of a joke this blog is!

    is this even real!? please tell me this is some kind of post-ironic work of art acting as satire?

    have i finally guessed it? are you pretending to be the most stereotypical idiotic christian ever to lure people like me into a response?

    i hope so.

  44. that isn’t even a response to what i wrote!!

    do you have any ability for logical argument at all!??

    • zarathustra

      I am quite capable of logical argument. All that has been covered in the comments and post above. I see no reason to repeat myself. See the conversation between myself and Denise above. She is a medical doctor.

  45. Oh, come on folks.It’s just a malformed calf. It has four legs with hoofs, a tail, an underformed shoulder area compared to the lower or hip area. It has ears, and a head on which the snout has not yet migrated. With all the chemicals and things which can mutate genetics, it’s a wonder we don’t see these things more often. I expect they happen and we humans are not with the herd to know and see these oddities. We have cattle and we’ve never been present when one miscarried. The miscarried fetuses are eaten by pasture and woodland critters pretty quickly.


  46. yup, most logical explanation would be a mutated cattle fetus. nothing to see here.

    • that would be the most natural conclusion – aborted malformed fetus. but also, judging by the size of it, the snout should have “migrated” by now, and the creature lays there flat like a human. a cow would lay on its side.

  47. shut up mariane, your credibility has been ruined by the panda-dog. no-one believes you know what you’re talking about anymore.

  48. “Hi Anatazia,

    Actually, scientists can do this in the lab. We can even make our own DNA now.

    breeding between species can occur….this is a cute video…but the puppy is a mix between a panda bear and a dog…normally thought not possible.


    • z

      it is possible to do this…..that was just a visual…….just for discussion……it does not matter if this actually occurred with this particular dog….we can cross the DNA of the bear and the dog, if we bypass the cells.

      • This is true… that is how genetic engineering is possible. Like GMO food. Just look up Monsanto… you can educate yourself in this area.

        • I’m not going to go into specifics and convey what i learnt in an entire a 3 year moleular biology degree, but there are some things that are possib;e and some that aren’t. A human cow: not possible; ‘Tomacco’ plant from the Simpsons, a la what Monsanto and other GM crops are kind of about are possible. Also, a panda/dog cross is also highly unlikey to turn into something other than a mangled lump of unviable genetic mess.


  50. Hi
    You must check out Chuck Missler books or mp3’s about UFO’s. Yes as you mentiond demonic beings but also called the aliens. Not from outer space but from earth it self. The second comming not of our Lord Jesus but satan himself as the antichrist. The second comming will be stage using UFO’s and Aliens. Mr Missler give a good explanation of what all this alien upductions is about. Salvaging human and animal fetuses and babies. As the end of days will be like in the times of Noah.

  51. Fell just about this:

    First British human-animal hybrid embryos created by scientists

    · Breakthrough could pave way for stem cell supply
    · Move will aid research into untreatable conditions

    * Digg it (2)

    * Alok Jha, science correspondent
    * The Guardian, Wednesday 2 April 2008
    * Article history

    Britain’s first human-animal hybrid embryos have been created, forming a crucial first step, scientists believe, towards a supply of stem cells that could be used to investigate debilitating and so far untreatable conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease.

    Lyle Armstrong, who led the work, gained permission in January from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to create the embryos, known as “cytoplasmic hybrids”.

    His team at Newcastle University produced the embryos by inserting human DNA from a skin cell into a hollowed-out cow egg. An electric shock then induced the hybrid embryo to grow. The embryo, 99.9% human and 0.1% other animal, grew for three days, until it had 32 cells.

    Eventually, scientists hope to grow such embryos for six days, and then extract stem cells from them. The researchers insisted the embryos would never be implanted into a woman and that the only reason they used cow eggs was due to the scarcity of human eggs. …..

  52. The result of bestiality? Is this a joke? How many of you went to high school?

  53. Hi Marianne,

    Here is another photo to look at. Don’t know if this one was born of a cow.
    Apparently it was seen standing 1 meter tall and drinking out of a toilet before it died.
    Hope this link works.

    There is a story with this photo as well.
    If you want I’ll find it.

  54. Hi Marianne,

    I may be silly but I feel pity for the creature in this post.

    Humans fear what they don’t understand and despises what they fear.

    Well I’ve found the story related to the photo I’ve posted. I think that as a biologist
    you will appreciate it. I’ve copied and pasted a rough copy.

    This strange animal was found drinking water from one of the toilets of the Santo Domingo Autonomous University (UASD, its spanish acronym), around the Faculty of Economic Sciences; as soon as she saw it, the female janitor started screaming, and luckily some men went in with clubs and sticks and managed to kill the “strange thing”… Now, the question is, what IS that?
    It’s not strange seeing stray dogs within the UASD, but this is “something else”. The beast has a dog-like face, a tail that looks like the one a cow would have, strange limbs that look like those of a fetus, shiny skin and other features that make it look like a very weird creature.
    One can only ask themselves, how exactly is it possible for such a peculiar animal to go inside the campus, and not be noticed by any of the thousands of students that go in and out of the place on a daily basis? How did it get inside the Economic Sciences restrooms? Is it someone’s alibi for something? Is it the results of some macabre experiment performed in the university laboratories? Is it a malformed fetus, aborted inside WC?
    But please, for the love of God! Why did it have to be killed? Wouldn’t it have been better to save the life of this strange animal? Where was it buried? Is it still feasible to do an autopsy on it? What if it is some new species for Natural Sciences to take account of? Did it escape from a circus or some private zoo? If this is a Photoshop trick, someone please prove it with facts. Whoever knows something, step forward and state it.
    Biologists and veterinaries have the final word.

  55. P.S.

    In case you wish to research this further with your scientific mind …
    What I have posted above is a rough translation of the original newsclip, which by the way cannot be found anymore on the web.
    The event in question was dated March 15/08 and of course the news release was
    dated March 16/08

  56. clearly not a case of a product of beastiality. that would be impossible. however, this is part of the reason why so many people fear GMOs (genetically modified organisms). there are vegetables with animal genes now, and plans in the works to put unlabeled cloned animal meat in grocery store shelves.
    genetics have come a LONG way; scientists can do more now than people 50 years ago would’ve dreamed up for a sci-fi novel.

    i would not say that it’s naturally occuring, it’s physical structure is far too different from that of a normal cow, or most quadripeds for that matter. they dont lay out flat like that; their backs tend to be too narrow, and you would see some sign of a rib cage. if i had to wager a guess i would say that it might be related to the hybrization experiements being done in the UK.

    not naturally occuring, not from “everyday activities” of perverts, this has more to do with humans expressing their insanity via science.

    • Hi doesn’t understand the world these days,

      Interesting isn’t it? I wish there was a follow up to this story, to see what scientists or veterinarians would have said about it.

  57. Has anybody noticed that the creature found at UASD (from the comment by Abigail) has appendages that look like hands or claws, and also a long neck and a VERY long tail? (It looks like the wings are missing although they could be underneath the body since it is belly up). I Googled for images of dragons, because that was what I immediately thought of when I saw it. It seems entirely possible to me that if the “mythical” creature, the dragon, ever really existed, it may somehow be genetically related to the bovine species, but with a spiritual component (fire-breathing and causing terror – “men’s hearts to fail them for fear”). Got me to wondering if fallen angels (aliens) were trying to genetically alter this bovine fetus and create a dragon (a cow with reptilian genes?) The Bible mentions some of these “mythical” creatures as well, so I’m thinking maybe this is not so impossible after all.

  58. Forgive me for relating this picture with the one of the deformed calf. I realized they are two different stories, and that nobody knows where this creature came from. I implied that this creature could be part bovine, when nobody really knows its origin.

  59. You have a point, Shagg… This case, however absurd it may seem, can probably be a case of extreme coincidence, which possibly can happen as the number malformations in so many cows is more than one’d think… Blaming the non-existant god for this bestiality is not suggestible as humans are already trapped in various superstitions like worship, regular church visits and all… Not saying that I’m against it, one should have his faith, after all. Back to what I was saying… From all of those malformations, one CAN be such an extreme case.. Even still, I still am amazed, awestruck and a little bit spooked by this..

    Kunal Dubey
    [Text Prohibited from Public View]

  60. Hey Marianne,

    What’s up with all the alien adds??
    Or is it dragons’ adds??
    What are they preparing us for ??
    I really want out of here!
    May The Lord come soon.

  61. These seem to be popping up everywhere in advertisements.
    And in music and technology adds etc.

    • hi abgail,

      Not sure. But there are HULU ads on TV that say they are aliens that have come to suck out our brains. I think they are trying to desensitize us to demons.

  62. hi Marianne, yes I’ve seen the ads of HULU. Sick! and ugly and disturbing.
    And I personally think that we are already invaded.
    I’m at the point where the scripture says:
    ‘And they did not love their lives …’
    The future does not look good from my perspective.

  63. Whether any of this is true or not, it does not take a scientist to observe how evil and sinful this world is getting. And man will do whatever they can that is contrary to the laws of the Lord for they are continually evil. Look at each command of YHWH the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and compare it with what is going on in our world. Almost every command, judgement, statute, and law are broken. The sad thing is that most hypochristians agree with and participate and have pleasure in many of those sins and/or other reprobates. Yahowshuwa the Christ is the “WORD” of God and to pervert the “WORD” is to pervert Christ. Read the Bible; Christ does not love sin, nor does He love a “practicing” sinner. He loves a “repentant” and changed former sinner of which is “called” and chosen. I am sick of being in this world myself, there is no peace. I see hypochristians and the world (of which I expect) condoning and practising many many “MANY” sins that the Lord abhores. The false teachers preach mercy and grace, but that is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans of which perverts mercy and grace and embraces laciviousness and licentiousness of which satan has been decieving people to accept from the beginning. That is not what Christ preached for He taught people to “REPENT” or else. I loath summer for I cannot drive down the street and not be assaulted with might as well be naked women. The politicians have all gone mad. The shedding of innocent blood is practiced legally within doctors offices. Most people would sell their souls to be taken care of by the government. The CREATOR has to do something soon for it is almost not possible for a “REAL” child of God to inhabit this place any longer. Please FATHER in heaven; let Your kingdom come; soon please. I would ask those who think that they are “called”, chosen, foreordained, predestinated to read the “WORD” of God for yourself and forget all that you have been taught before. Beg the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to teach you the truth. When you read; keep these three passages that Yahowshuwa the Christ said in your mind at “ALL” times:

    1. Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

    2. Matthew 4:3 And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. 4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    3. Luke 8:20 And it was told him by certain which said, Thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to see thee. 21 And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.

    By the testimony of two or three witnesses let every word be established. Here’s your three.

    Praying for you.

    • HI Michael

      I agree with you. Only in a fallen world, do we see pictures like this anyhow.

      The corruption in the church has made me weary. I pray that God sends a wake up call soon, that even the densest mind can comprehend.

    • Oh my god just shut up!! The bible was written a very long time after all this ‘Jesus’ stuff occurred! Mary was just a slut who didn’t want to get stoned to death so she claimed it to be gods child. Jesus was a man whore and people were too stupid and believed he was the son of god. Way after all of this the bible was written. By an ordinary person. Possibly insane since they claimed to think god was speaking through them. Believe what the fuck you want but don’t bring poor deformed animals into this!! Humans are born with extra heads, arms, tails, even have skin like tree bark due to deformities in the womb! This calf is just deformed and religious people just take it and worship it as work of god! It’s no better than Asian people worshiping a baby born with 6 arms because its conjoined twins are inside it!!! This is just pathetic

  64. aliegns – a sign of “end of days?”

  65. Hi, i’m very close to Thai cult, they are PRAYING TO THAT DEAD FETUS. I know they believe something like SPIRIT or GUARDIAN of their nearby forest or something like that.

    The Dark Cleric

  66. The girl in the blue top (1st pic) action is priceless. LOL That would of been my first response…. Looks like another case of spring heeled jack making out with the cows again. Aliens must find them holey as well 🙂

  67. Hi Marianne,

    Don’t know if this will work … but here is an interesting link.


  68. nice photoshop work

  69. humans cannot successfully mate with other animals,
    other animals cannot mate successfully with different species successfully,

    stop blaming beastiality(which is terrible),
    it can’t be the cause,
    either birth defect, government gene splicing, or aliens.

    i put them in order of likeliness

    • Hi krill

      I agree. Humans cannot mate with other animals, although scientists do all sorts of strange things in test tubes.

      I do not think this article has anything to do with human mating. It could have been a failed genetic experiment using animals, or it was just a bizarre birth defect.

  70. Errr… This has nothing to do the aliens or bestiality or demons. This is just a case of the fetus dying in a state of underdevelopment and as such is hardly recognizable as that of a cow.

    And on the note of the prayers, they are not praying TO the fetus…. they are praying for the being to have, better luck next time it reincarnates as it were… its not some crazy satanic thing, just a genetical error. And I wouldn’t be so quick to call it a Thai cult with absolutely no basis… many religions had started out as cults, including many monotheistic religions (christianity was originally a mystery cult during its early years in the Roman Empire), this is simply just another set of religious beliefs.

  71. thats sick who in the right mind would boink a cow thats beastgeality may God have mercy on that soul

  72. We all know how this really happened, this is what happens when human DNA and cow DNA collide the “Backyard” kinda way. This is why the Bible says death to Beastalists. No need for aliens or UFOs or secret genetic experiment theories, this is caused by the classic, but tragically disgusting case of one man and his cow.

    • sherman

      Actually, mixing human and cow DNA is possible. The British are doing it right now in the lab. I saw a news report about it on TV this past week.

  73. hi Marianne,

    i hope ur always fine and well.


  74. Did Jacob genetically alter his herd as Laban was so envious of him?

    • Hi

      Since Jacob’s resources for genetic manipulation were highly limited, I could not say, for sure, he did anything of that nature.

      He may have understood some things by observation. There was something about a rod put in water that affected the herd. I do not understand that aspect.

      It was mainly God’s blessing on him which either made him smart enough to do something, or just lucky enough to have things go his way.

  75. Looks like a hoax to me, reminiscent of “psychic surgery”

  76. hi marianne, be careful with blind faith that can boost your ego, and dont confuse your lack of harsh words with humility when in reality you’re waisting people’s time convincing them of a claim that lacks credibility and at most is supported by overzealous christians, individuals sitting behind a desk and computer claiming they are doctors (or clowns, who knows), and worst of all those lacking common sense.You do not need to be a doctor or veterinarian or be extensively informed to DEDUCE that this is not and cannot be an offspring of ‘beastiality’.do not be easily swayed by your delusion that a doctor or partial report or internet news convinced you that this is some crossbreed between human and animal.I believe you are smart enough Marianne to use your own not be afraid to question, ask scholars, people of different faiths, travel different parts of the world if you can, don’t confine yourself in front of the desk trivializing over a ‘cow-human’ or whatever it is.In the past, people had very twisted ideas of religion, and this isnt just about cutting eyes out or burning witches, it is the root of these acts that you must focus on, and that is blind faith.You may not be the type to kill people, but this type of faith more than often takes into effect radicalism and you may not know it because it works in euphemism, in is very difficult i can imagine for children of indoctrination, like yourself, to break free from that because they are born to christian parents just as muslim children are born to muslim must think at some point too that logic is an evil thing, ‘tempting’ you, but this is the exact reason why terrorists (of any religious background) do what they do:sensless acts.and if you side with logic, please dont try to fit a triangle into a square and call it ‘logic’, many people of different rreligious faiths do this so many times to the point of ridiculous.and next time, start a more meaningful debate.i can start with a premise saying ‘i am smellier than you’ and people can start presenting their case even with scientific evidence of the amount of deodorant i wear or how much i sweat to back it up.this would be a logical debate right?may be, but it doesn’t make it any more meaningful.same with this cow thing you presented, what an enormous waste of our time!beastiality, yeah i wouldn’t fuck a cow, but really marianne, you should make a case about animal cruelty rather than inject your god delusion in all your claims.don’t confuse the ‘holy spirit’ with a translucent white smoke that lives and inspires inside you just to feel right that a man fucking a cow is disgusting or that the alien is an ‘abomination’.it ought to be disgusting, but it shouldnt just stop there.the holy spirit ought to be your common sense to do something about it (or nothing when the story is not real!), to have sound evidence of what is true and what is a lie.hoax or not, this is a senseless debate.jeeez, put some sense to your brain marianne, your skull is as thick as your religious the way, im not the devil talking, just someone like zarathustra trying to break your ego.there are 2 types of ego, the passive and the agressive.yours is obviously passive, but obviously still as distasteful.i can’t believe i just responded to this board, craap..

  77. and by the way, i noticed your other blog about whether china will be cursed in the end of times.someone commented on your blog that arabs will be saved too cos china might send missionaries to the mideast and god loves arabs too when they commit themselves to the lord.what patronizing comment that is!see what you are doing?this is cause for concern because people who think like this are very divisive as opposed to the christian pretense that god is loving to all.why do you have to bribe a nation in order for them to be saved?i am not muslim and was born to a protestant family but it is really sick for the majority of christians to think that buddhists, muslims, and people of other faiths are any less because they do not pray to jesus as their god.they are not to ‘be saved’, they are to be RESPECTED, not tolerated but RESPECTED.what kind of faith do you have to condemn a muslim child,elderly,a brother, a mother, a sister, or muslim father to hell solely because they belive in allah, or a jewish cousin or neighbor because he believes in his loving almighty are so driven in fear that you turn to blind faith to the point where you are offensive and numb to other people as if they are your sheep to herd! what an insult to people of other races and faith.urgh!i wish i was a televangelist faking out miracles so i could make enough mmoney to shut this blog down!dammit i stumbled into this blog cos i was searching the net for a pic of a dead baby i saw on tv,placed on the board ‘the true face of globalisation’.it was heartwrenching and wanted to learn more about it.then the stupid pic marianne placed which i saw looked like a baby who died in war turned out to be some cow turned into the half-human drama marianne made.fucking repulsive.if your not enraged by this, your just not the ‘God Delusion’, don’t be thrown aback by the title, dont be scared, i mean even i read the bible.

    • dear fromphilly

      Sorry to hear my blog upsets you.

      The alien baby cow came from the news. I did not initiate it. I usually have more serious topics, and I thought this would be on the lighter side – just something peculiar to speculate about.

      However, bestiality and cross mating do exist, and government projects have been involved for year victimizing people and animals. I am not sure what caused the fetal abnormality above. I had noted that it could be just a developmental issue.

      Christianity should respect other religions, and I think it does for the most part. Islam cannot say this truthfully. It persecutes Christians and others around the world.

      Jesus expressed the desire for all to trust in him for salvation. He is the only way to the Father. If we care about others, we will want them to have this advantage, and will tell them about Jesus. The choice is ultimately theirs.

  78. Bizarre creature born with features of man and goat

    * From: The Daily Telegraph
    * September 28, 2009 12:56PM

  79. christians have waged war against muslims, and muslims have waged war against christians, period.what makes you say islam is not truthful?it must be the nature of religion telling you yours is right and theirs is wrong, respect has no place in religion, and you already expressed that about say christianity respects other religions for the MOST part, what about the rest?and how does it respect?by looking down on other religions?i imagine many muslims do this too, looking down on christianity.your all the same, nothing distincts you from them.your views SHOULD be upsetting.and your casual calm and uninformed attitude towards topics is the most idiotic ive seen.but i guess your feeling high and mighty because of your jesus and all you can say is march on!i care about other people without bribing them with a jesus dont need deals to care for other people only do that because you think your heaven and your god is the only true thing and that everyone else must go to hell.fortunately, not everyone is as shallow and vengeful as you and your racist god.i have to be vocal.i was once like you.

  80. this is stupid

  81. I have to completely agree with fromphilly with everything that, that person said. Christ is just like any other religion that anyone can believe in now myself I believe in an African god called Isis and if anyone has a problem with that I don’t give a crap because I don’t understand people anymore when it comes to chistianity. If you ask me I think that chistians should just shut up when it comes to religion because that act like they’re right and that if no one believes the way they do then they’ll go to hell or someplace.

  82. Ban religions.

  83. Marianne,

    Isn’t there a verse in the Bible that says something about the Antichrist being born to a Jekel?

  84. can you explain something for me?… Magnets how they * work?

  85. Beauty and the Beast was and always should remain a faiytale. where love conquerors all. and goodness finds a way. the fact that genes are being mixed is so scary. what do they hope to achieve – a person destined to live a life that is truly terrifying. who could love a child like that. they are part human. can you imagine the questions – mummy where did i come from?. part vhuman part animal. why would anyone even consider this. i have no answers. well, that’s all from Pebscorner.

    • dear Pebscorner

      I wish this were an ideal world, but it isn’t. Scientists are mixing genes in plants and animals. They put in human genes now in animals, to grow organs and parts for replacement in human surgery.

      A former government engineer working on (then) top secret underground military bases saw humans in cages for experimentation. It is really sick. He was killed for disclosing information.

      There is already a dark presence on this earth, and it is working with the American government, and most likely other governments as well.

      • Hi Marianne,
        Few months ago I had watched the videos on same gov. engineer and how he mysteriously died. There’s lots going on in Area 51, Nevada Desert. It’s interesting and scary about the half-human, half-animal beings. Here’s a video about a Sheep in Turkey that gave birth to a humanlike lamb – Warning: to those watching,the following info is real gross: And again click on this newsletter and scroll down till you see the 3-in-1-thing – looks like a mixture of Mouse+Pig+Human click and read the rest. Yikes!! I stopped eating meat.
        While there is lot of evil going on with hybridization, there are also sickos who are involved in beastiality all this is in direct rebellion against the WORD of God. Is it any surprise why Katrina hit New Orleans? Besides other sins, beastiality was thriving there. However, The fallen angels (Nephillim) had not spared any living creature not even the creatures of the ocean. By the way Adam and Eve weren’t punished for crunching on an apple, infact satan was involved in producing Cain and then his evil angels followed suit and produced the Rephaims through human women. Read the “Book of Enoch” people should know this, as everyone has been kept in the dark for almost 7000 years. The very DNA in all of God’s creation was destroyed and though God always preserves His remnant, He still had to clean up the earth with the flood (Baptize the earth). Though the Nephillims were bound in the abyss, the Rephaims (half-human-half whatever) died in the flood but their spirits weren’t destroyed. They came back after the flood and renewed their cohabitation with humans thus producing giants which the Israelites had a hard time destroying. We know David killed one with his sling. Though we don’t see tall giants anymore, I believe there are two types of people in this world; God’s people and satan’s seedline – maybe I’m wrong but Jesus did call the pharisees: {{Matthew:12:34 O generation of vipers, how can ye , being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh}} and there are more scriptures on serpent’s seed. These are strong words indeed. Besides, scientists have found a DNA in humans which is an extraterrestrial DNA.

        The book of Revelation 9: tells us that the GATE-OF-HELL will be opened by God’s angel, (Rev.9:11-weird #)Satan will emerge from the abyss, and the vicious Nephillims along with other demons also will be released from the earth’s pit during the tribulation time and these entities will torment those who do not have the MARK-OF-GOD on their foreheads.

        I’ve read many comments of people on this blog and on other websites who mock and Blaspheme GOD, and worship other demon-gods. Be warned; that the BIBLE is the infallible WORD(TORAH) of God, and what HE has said, HE has done, and HE will do.

        Statues of Hindu & Egyptian gods half-human/half whatever, and all other religions including Catholicism are the replicas of the real offsprings of the Nephillim. This is an extremely serious issue and something to ponder. I hope people reading this, will think seriously and research accordingly and give their lives to YESHUA(JESUS). May the good Lord enlighten them all… Amen.

        • makes sense…well written and explained lone eagle-is it in the book of Enoch that clarifies Eve, Apple, Satan and Cain?

      • What does God think about cloning… sermons from

  86. i think someone had sex with a cow and that why it looks like that

  87. “The technological, cultural, and metaphysical shift now underway unapologetically forecasts a future dominated by this new species of unrecognizably superior humans, and applications under study now to make this dream a reality are being funded by thousands of government and private research facilities around the world. As the reader will learn, this includes, among other things, rewriting human dna and combining humans with beasts, a fact that some university studies and transhumanists believe will not only alter our bodies and souls but ultimately could open a door to contact with unseen intelligence.”

  88. looks fake..but technology is here to do stuff like that..possibly

  89. its a f**king demon.I think it true about the the gov is doing up at dulce. Making a cow thing demon what ever you want to call it

  90. The fetus in the picture is most likely a case of Neuropathic Hydrocephalus, also known as “water head”. A known birth defect in cattle.

  91. Marianne.
    I can’t believe you got 128, now 129 comments on this!!!

  92. UM i know that you are all riligiuos and stuff but . come on!!! IS IT REALY THAT HARD TO BELIVE THAT some one tried some kind of FUCKED up science expirement ? you really rather belive that its the work of the devil? SOME thing we dont even know if that pice of shit exist’s. imagin this it could have been some kind of expirement to create a organ factory where you can splice a certan human persons dna into a animal and create countles spare organs it would be the greatest thing ever !!!!(ps im christian ) we could be almost immortal ! no more dieing no more disease !!! NO MORE DIABETIES no more any of that shit that makes us suffer ! 🙂 sounds like a great future to me . and before you try to say some stuff about god bless my soul . think about it …..

    • dear Elmar

      Yes it is wrong, even if it is a science experiment. BTW, scientists are already splicing genes and inserting them into animals to clone tissues.

      If you look in scripture you will see that God forbid the mixing of species, and commanded that each should remain pure genetically. Each should reproduce after its own kind, and not be tampered with.

      God should understand better than us, what the long term consequences are for mixing genes. We think we have created some miracle, when it could be a bigger disaster than the one we are trying to cure.

      How about the opposite? Putting animal genes in humans to create freak organ producing “monsters.” Maybe these hybrid humans would produce more “cures” for diseases. In the meantime, what about the human lives that are destroyed because someone forced animal DNA into them?

      WE should trust in God for our healing, not the organ factories created by unbelieving scientists.


      “omg!!! aliens are amazing. dont be mad because ur precious god (whom dont exist) didnt perform this miracle. well, at least we know what the do when they abduct our cows. and who cares if they have intercoarse with them in the process!”

      What are you talking about you ranting idiot? So because you see a picture of a weird cow that that mean God doesn’t? What a nonsensical illogical retard. Super idiot: notice the design around you dummy? Dur? Designs don’t come from unintelligent beings moron. God made your precious aliens possible, which your idiot self assumes made this deformed cow. What a dumb evidence ignorerer and assumer you are. And super dummy: notice all the flood stories from ancient tribes yet? Duuuuur? Such a dumb stupid dumb idiot you are. And idiot: try using a search engine, here’s some help for your lazy dummy biased self: bible evidence. DUR. THOSE TWO WORDS DIDN’T OCCUR TO YOUR GENIUS SELF TO TYPE IN A SEARCH ENGINE DUMMY ATHEIST? GOD, ATHEISTS ARE SO DUMB. BYE MORON WHO WORSHIPS, LOL, ALIENS HE CAN’T SEE, AND WHAT A DUMB EVIL DOOR STOP: A DEAD MALFORMED COW, NOT EVEN A HEALTHY ONE: THAT SAYS IT ALL ABOUT YOU IDIOT. BYE IDOLATER WHO WORSHIPS IMAGINARY GODS THAT WON’T TALK TO HIM, AND ARE MALFORMED AND DEAD BABY ANIMALS. DUUUUUUUR. ME IS DUMB BLIND ATHEIST, ME IS DUMB HYPOCRITE ATHEIST DUUUUR. IDIOT.

  93. ok you have a point about the creating monsters part . 1 more question what do you think about us being on the verg of creating creatures just like us ? and where in the bible does god forbid cloning? you never said that but others have .i just want to know

    • hi Elmar

      God is the Creator, not us. He made that clear.

      He instructed in Genesis that each species should reproduce after its own kind. No hybrids.

      In the animal kingdom, a hybrid is actually genetically weaker than the pure species, even though it might have one “strong” quality that is appealing. Many times, the lifespan is shorter as well.

      Also in Genesis, there is a record of fallen angels, rebelling against God, and mating with human women, producing giant hybrids on the earth. God showed his anger at this by flooding the earth and killing them all.

  94. I think its fake or deformed. Not sure but really don’t care. Also really surprised by how much effort people put into these things.

  95. I agree with Lori, this is most likely a birth defect (or then just a plain Photoshopped fake).

    You people make me laugh for thinking it’s a demon or an alien. Neither of them even exist. You think a birth defect like this is something new? Hell, there’s a TWO-HEADED calf in Finland’s Museum of Natural History.

  96. hmm its mr tumnas.

  97. ????? alien baby kill

  98. as I and every body else can see that this is a real freak of nature and that it is a real deformed calf

  99. Its funny how people can find something like this to be true. Is everyone becoming delusional, because I see this as an illusion. There are many ways to fool the human mind and the photo that I’ve seen looks like someone created it on there computers. Just think were you there? did you actually see this with your own eyes? Stop believing in things that you see or read of on the internet because not everything is true!!!

  100. This website is why the world is going to sh*t, 5 minutes of reading some of this sh*t you realize all of you are so f*kin ignorant its rediculous, facts on here are not real, with people debating them like they are, you people are dumb if you have any self respect, for the love of god you’ll click the X and never come to this place again

    • Not all pages need to be taken seriously. this was just something very curious, and interesting, whatever it was.

    • Oh dear poor Mike… It seems like you will have to see it to believe it. What naivety, what unbelief the fool has said “no God” and so perishes. In a universe so vast so infinite. Mike who has not travelled to every corner of it assumes he and his species are the sum of the total… Oh foolish man who hath bewitched you ?

  101. Knight… a piece of Gorilla sh’t fell out of the arse of a gorilla a million years ago… a worthless piece of matter no meaning and no point why should we give a rats what you think… a dead man on two feet whose end is the grave… How can you be an atheist fool you need the word God to define yourself… what a waste…

  102. They say trhat there is a nother world out there but all i know that is not gods creation he creat nice people and beautiful world what every that is it didnt come from god it came from a creature from, out of this world

    • hi jm

      Yes there is many other worlds out there, and God created all of them. They are either good or evil, depending on their own free will.

      But none of them are gods, even if they are more advanced than we are. Only the Creator YHVH God in heaven is God.

  103. What a bunch of jokes! Belive it or not, we are nothing more than bactaria squiggling around on a rock spinning in the the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to belive that something exists in the cosmos that is listining to our prayers. REALITY CHECK! Do something productive, because you probably have less than 50 years to acomplish your feeble goals.

  104. Wow!! Its amazing how people can waste there time. All I can say is that you are a bunch of foolish b*tards selling us lies. And bigger fools you believe and follow like sheep to the slaughter. Hahaha There is no difference beyond that you fools can not use your minds to see the lies being perpetuated. Oh! For wisdom to awaken the fools before it is to late and you must answer for your foolishness. The lies that are imprinted in your shollow ‘liberal’ brains. If we continue we are no better than the b*tard selling us lies. All our empty words are meaningless USELESS if our actions continue!!!
    Waving fingers and preaching of the wrongs, arrogant FOOLS we who pretend to car. How can I or any other foolish native know what is best for another whose shoes we have never walked in, Sure we will meet debate, talk but always on our terms! Arrogance indoctrinated into our simple minds. Thinking we know what the oppressed want desire. Assuming our values our culture is what they should embrace. Where have we taken this misconception from. ARROGANT B*TARDS WHO BY THEIR VERY DISSENT SUPPORT THE EVIL THEY SO GLIBLY CONDEMN. WE CAN NOT WRITE CREATE THE SOLUTION IF WE ARE OUTSIDERS!! Playing games with something you have no knowledge off!

    Still you all remain cowards. You do become party to the perpetuating evil. This can not be understood by those who have no life who are made to be less than human by the evil which is supported by the very cowards who do not stand up. Wake up! you all live in cottonwool worlds to afraid to open your eyes and face reality. I pray that your eyes will open and your ways will change, someday you must answer for your foolishness and what will you say?

  105. Exactly just that!! WHAT IS THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Curiosity killed the cat” why ask a question that can not be answered. Why answer something when its not a question. Why ‘debate’ over something that has nothing to do with the subject. “Is there a POINT to anything” personally I don’t think so. This is about a cow creature a dead thing…. mmmmmm AWESOME, no I don’t think so! But because its about a dead cow let’s discuss God and evils and maybe throw in some science and DNA talk about foolish people. If you can follow me this is about what exactly? There is no question and there will never be an answer why, because no one knows what this is so they throw comments in hear that has nothing to do with the subject, the small minds of humans can never understand comprehend the extent of horror so they prefer to stay in their ‘cottonwool worlds’. Just as I did in my previous comment. Why try to understand something that can not be understood, its like walking in to a fire believing it cold. If people are such believers and scientists why waste time on something like this if time is so precious why not use the time and pray or do some scientific work but they will rather waste time on something they know nothing of.

    • hi tammy

      because if it is true, then this indicates something very wrong in this world,

      genetic engineering of animals, and the same could be done to humans, and is already being done, based on other reports ..

  106. Its a sham really! I will rather concentrate on now instead of the what if’s. Its something that will be sorted out by what ever or whom ever. If it comes your way or is put on your path deal with it but if not let be! If a cup brakes are you going to let your mind run over and over it and wonder about the ‘IF’S’ or are you going to leave it at that, a broken cup. Just like this cow, wonder about the ‘if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ when you have nothing to do with it. Did you create this thing? If not why then bother or worry about it. Leave it as it is. If your not doing the genetic engineering then your not the one that has to answer for it the ones that do it is the ones that is going to answer these questions what ever they may be. But any case you are you and I am I!

  107. I knew something was up about the cows and aliens. It was going on in the 70’s. Check my fb web on UFO “There it was”

  108. the panda dogs are so cute

  109. cross breeding between human and cow

  110. Really, for all those haters of Christians do not doubt us we are sure in everything we believe in. our religion is one of the oldest. when I was born, I inhaled fluid from my mothers stomach when I came out, they said I would not make it, but I am the youngest of three and the first died of a heart problem before birth, so my dad said NO! My son will not die I will not let go of another one! So he prayed all night for the disease to go to him not me, and the next morning he woke up sick and I was perfectly fine and my dad had the exact same thing I did! I know god exists and human kind will never know what happend in the beggining until we go to heaven.

  111. Dear Marianne,
    Thank you god bless you for being such a sweet person 😊. It just makes me so mad when people doubt god because, without him, I would not be here, without my dad as well.

  112. Honestly there has to be an explanation for this aborted cow thing. Maybe it had been deformed from something the cow ate or even maybe had some traumatic event happen to it. Just think humans have babies with deformities all the time who’s to say its from beastiality honestly its not possible genetic mutation is a possibility but come on really there more signs to that than just one occurance with a cow. I honestly think that the cow who birthed this baby had to have a genetic mutation just like some humans do maybe the dna of the mother didn’t combine right with the father it is possible for it to happen rare but possible. Maybe that’s why its dead now because there was no way that it could have survived being so badly deformed.

  113. The same thing happened in Karnataka (India)…The news is spreading in the district of tumkur,chitradurga that a cow has given birth to a human baby having 3 eyes…most of the families in that city did not sleep whole night…they said that they got a call about the info…but no one knows where exactly the cow has given birth…I am in a doubt…whether its a true,false or rumour,myth…….!!!

  114. this the cause of bestiality. not evolution.

  115. do you guys think it is possible to cross a human with a animal. like a dog cat or horse…


  117. Allow me to explain. The cow fetus has Cyclopia, meaning it only has one eye. In cases like this, the snout usually fails to form. Look at the picture and see the black area on the head. There is only one, which means Cyclopia. I see deformities in the shoulders and hips which allows it to lay flat on its back.

    The other picture is of a giant rat. No dragon, just a giant rat. They do get that big in that area.

    For the christians out there, ask yourself this. What if it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not exist? The church claimed everything revolved around the Earth, and that the Earth was only several thousand years old. Science disproved that. Also, Obama is not the antichrist. Another thing, what if the bible is proven beyond a shdow of a doubt that it is an ancient epic?

    • Hi Sunstar, When I was a teenager I was so sad. I wanted to die. I was made to feel that I was ugly, (Once at school a girl said “Look at l***. She looks like a movie star.” I was made to feel lazy, But I did all the work. I washed (scrubbing clothes on a wash board until my knuckles bled)., cooked, (I burned more than we were able to eat. She never taught me to cook. Just said cook this or that). ironed (ended up fainting at the ironing board), gave the kids their bath, got them ready for school….everything. But I was unappreciated. I was beaten..lied on, talked about. I didn’t understand why. I found out why my mother didn’t love me. At 15 she got pregnant with me and had to marry. She blamed me for altering her life. I was wise enough to know that I was not to blame but she herself only. I loved my mother and when I stopped loving her I cried because I thought my days would be shortened. But then I read if I hated my mother and didn’t let her know then I wouldn’t be held accountable. That saved me …and what that girl had said at school. She’s 82 now and uses me up..still says mean things to me. I know Jesus now..I didn’t know Him back then, I mean I went to church but I guess it wasn’t as meaningful as it got to be. I thank God everyday that I sought Him…and He was right there. I was feeling really bad the day I first picked up that Bible and found out someone loved me just the way I am. I thank Him everyday for dying for me before I was even born.

  118. hmmm something strange is going on…Genetic Cloning?? or was it all about the repetation of the things written in Genesis 6?? God only knows…THE END can’t be that far…oh by the way God exist…HE EXIST..

  119. I have seen the arguement between whether God exists or doesn’t exist, usually starting off with the one person who doesnt believe. To have somebody understand the meaning of God and why there are so many people still following is to explain it without him being a creator. I see that has another ball game. Nobody has reached the beginning of time and all we can do is theorize that. There are people who believe that aliens created all of our planet and what lives on it to create a new species of life forms. As long as the beginning of our creation is still open there are going to be theories. As for God, there is nothing like it. The great feeling of security in having a purpose and having faith that you aren’t alone gives you lifting power in yourself. People try to explain what God is all about, but people who go against religion see only delusion because theyre not looking at the bigger picture, only understanding the part of God is a magical being. God can be whatever you want him to be. Some people even believe he could be an alien. Religion was much more different than when it first originated. It changes from time to time. With every belief, doesnt have to be religion there are different views. Our beliefs are broader than what we think. I see people who believe in God to be much more open minded. I never believed in God until I understood the meaning. Nobody did that for me, I sat down and thought about possibilities with religion and going over how religion is explained in other peoples views. If I dont understand something, I dont push it to being non-existent, I look for answers to understand.

  120. This is the work of some man having sex with a cow. Aliens had no part in this. It’s just how sick people are these days. I just read where a sicko was having sex with a dolphin. Humans with dogs, horses, and pigs. The Bible says that when Jesus comes back the world will be like it was in Noah’s days. Now we see just what was happening back then. A man was running a Beastiality farm. In Burma, I beleive, men were having sex with an Orangutan. In Nevada prostitution brothels are legal in some cities. You don’t have to believe in God. But if you read the Bible the very things it says will happen has happened and is happening. He doesn’t force anyone to believe…you have free will just as the 200 fallen angels who mated with the earth women in Genesis 6. Moses told the Hebrews in Duet. 28 C. they will be captured and taken all the way across the world in ships to Egypt again. This new place of bondage is America and Europe. Egypt means place of bondage. The Negroes that you enslaved are,in fact God’s chosen. There were symbols in that passage ‘Eagle’..’Ships’..and ‘other side of the world’. Some parts of the Bible were edited because the Samaritans didn’t want you to know certain things. I’ll say this in closing.. …”I would rather believe there is a God and He not be than to not believe and He be. When it’s over there will be no chance ‘ever’ to repent.

  121. When I left my home town and went to LA I asked God to protect me. One night when I got off work my girl friend had a friend pick us up. We didn’t realize he was drunk. Neither of us could drive. We finally made it to his place and as we entered the building a guy had his apt. door opened. My friend, as she strained to hold up her drunk friend, began talking to him. Then the guy engaged me in conversation. Finally he says how are you getting home? I turned and my friend was gone. It was after midnight. I was alarmed. How did she get away so quietly. The guy says I’ll take you home. The Holy Spirit said “If you get close enough for him to touch you you won’t be able to get away.” I turned and walked out the big double doors. At the bottom of the steps was a man in a long hooded cloak. He held his hand out to me and I took it. The Lord had taken my fear away. I stood beside Him trying to figure the best a safest way home. I thought of walking on the lighted street but, I think He was my guardian angel, He said “No, this way.” He pointed to a side street. It was dark. As we walked we talked, not out loud..but with our minds’. I don’t remember what we talked about. The street led to the park right beside my Apt. I walked on across without a backward glance..I forgot to thank Him. I have always been polite,,and it bothered me that I didn’t thank Him…..and that I didn’t ask His name. Would you like to know more about my encounters?

    • dear mai

      Yes, it sounds like your guardian angel is watching over you. If you want to share more experiences, I would like to read them.

      • Hi Marianne, I am happy you are interested. The first occurrence that I can remember happened in the 7th grade. A retarded looking chap sat behind me and he kept pulling my ponytail. I turned around asking him to stop. He gave me a silly grin. He continued to tug on my hair. I called out to the teacher to make Horace stop pulling my hair. She told Horace to stop and added “You know she thinks she’s better than everyone else.” (not true) I felt hurt. She had never liked me. Suddenly I found myself rising to the ceiling of the room. I looked down at me. My long black hair was in a ponytail held by a hot pink ribbon. and just as sudden I was back in my body. I never said a word to anyone about it. Another time, I was 23, a guy I had only seen in passing walked up to my work station and started telling me how stuck up I was. You don’t speak..on and on he went. I asked the Lord why I wasn’t getting angry..and to my surprise I saw a globe surrounding me, like a moonbeam coming thru your blinds and all the swirly things in it. I looked up at him wondering if he saw it. He had never looked directly at me. Even now he was staring straight ahead. His lips were moving but I could no longer hear him. I saw his words come out like a mist and travel toward the moon bean. When the mist reached the moon bean it bounced off with streaks or sparks. It was a shield God had put around me. I was in LA when this happened. When I left my hometown I had asked God to protect me. He hears your every prayer. I wish I could be a better person. I try. The Holy Spirit chastises me sometimes. I said to some girls at work one day “You know, You girls grieve the Holy Spirit.” They laughed and walked away. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say “You grieve me, too. I was shocked..I mean I knew I wasn’t perfect but I hadn’t expected that. There are so many times I’ve had these encounters. I love the Lord and I know He loves me.

        • the lord is guiding you and protecting you…..keep following his guidance. you will be ok…you cannot do much about the haters. that is their sin, not yours.

  122. Scientists who have the Nephilim genetic code are already doing what happened in the days if Noah I.e mixing species of humans with beasts and demons, so those are the results:YahushuA sAys, as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the last days

  123. As many before me, I stumbled across this post by mistake. I have to say it has left me with such a sense of deep mourning for humanity I am not sure I will be able to express my point of view through the tears.
    The only evidence I have that there is a divine being/sentience beyond myself, is the extension of the cogito ergo sum argument – I think, therefore I am…so if I have an intrinsic consciousness of a state beyond myself, perhaps it might exist? Self-conscious life is very mysterious and no mistake.
    Otherwise I want to open my heart and channel all my empathy and love to those who believe the ‘only truth’ to be a set of myths written out by power hungry Italian religious zealots centuries after Christ lived.
    I think another commentator earlier wrote in dismay ‘such hatred between you’? Oh my goodness, how people hate each other in this blog, as they yowl their fears at each other! This childish belief that ‘my religion is better than yours’ is the root of so much true evil in the world. Christ himself sounded like quite a sensible chap. He said ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ Its a simple rule. But do we follow? No chance.
    How about we take one simple rule from the old testament and one shiny one from the new and just try to follow them?. ‘Though shalt not kill’ and ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’ May all religions fade and dissolve in the critical gaze of the new web generation, but let them, just for a little while, follow these two rules.
    Basically, love the people you dont understand, like you love youself. Oh and dont kill people. Stop worrying about mutants, genetic scientists, bestiality and just stop your government killing people in your name. Oh yes and be nice to the guy next to you. Amen.

    • Gordon

      You have some good points about relinquishing discord, and loving each other.

      There is no need to argue, like you said, about this post.

      Normally, I do not post such stories, but I thought it interesting, and hoped it would make people think a little about what is going on around us.

      Scientists have been doing genetic experiments and changing the natural order of things. And in other cases, if mutant animals are being produced in a “natural” way, then something is wrong with our environment to produce such harmful results…pollution, chemicals, etc. then finally, if “aliens” are involved, then that makes one concerned as well.

      The correct approach to God is a personal one, a personal relationship with God where we honor him with our lives, and obey his commandments, which are wisdom in written form. the first commandments involve our relationship with him, and the last ones involve our relationship with others. If we observe these, we will have peace in our lives. If we disobey, then we we strife in our lives, and harm as well.

      There is more than one way to kill someone. Hatred, slander, gossip, irrational arguments inflicting harm on others, etc. We can harm someone without ever touching their body with a knife. this is what Jesus taught….how to interpret the Word of God correctly, and live in peace with God and others.

      So I wish you peace, love, mercy and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ, hebrew name Yeshua, meaning salvation. May you find protection and provision from God in the days, months and years ahead, but most of all his presence.

  124. Freaky dead cow. To believe anything else makes you a neandertol.

  125. some evil spirit

  126. This is just nasty the only logical explanation for the cow-human baby thingy would be that someone screwed a cow and used the excuse that it was an alien… I think that someone was just very desperate to get some and the only available thing around was a cow so he screwed it.

  127. cloning human parts into sheep

  128. As it was in the days of Noah…
    There were fallen angels before and after Noah’s flood which explains the Giants, it also explains the chimeras mentioned by Enoch in the book of Enoch. According to some studies done scientists have been experimenting with mixing seed, something Yah told us not to do.
    While the angels can not ‘marry’ in heaven they can do so in their fallen state on earth. We are being told these angels are aliens, well they are in the sense they are alienated to man kind and continue to want to change Yah’s creation and particularly even make man into THEIR image if they could. This they can accomplish insidiously through vaccinations that can mutate human DNA. Has anyone wandered why today children receive four times the amount of vaccinations that they used to? What about the climate engineering and all the chemical added to our food and water, the GMO? Think is just to fatten the wallets of Monsato, major food conglomerates and big pharmaceutical companies? I don’t think so.
    There are two very good you videos on this subject that shed much info for those who want to know the nuances written in the word about this.

    Nephilim, Jim Staley:

    Nephilim, Chuck Misler:

  129. […] Alien or human-like fetus born from a cow […]

  130. frog human hyrbrid at end of video

  131. This is turning up more and more on the net these days, it is the result of bestiality. Conditions such as Treacher Collins, Hypertelorism, Down Syndrome are from compromisation from animal genes, i.e. dog and cat ‘n’ goat (look carefully @ the eyes of “Cameron Spurback”). That many women do animal porno, especially in South America where the genetic deformity is very high is no shame anymore. Fundamentals spent the 80s&90s shooting abortion doctors when they should have been shooting plastic surgeons (trust me). Christian pity and fear of the truth forbids them to accept it (and probably you) America is living under an Olmec curse. Their women had sex with jaguars (probably domesticated). This was very High Magic to the Olmec people, to make half human Jaguars. Why did they make statues to commemorate their own retarded children, the natural byproduct of such attempted converse with the gods? Because their whole culture was getting sick from jaguar dna. Why did they make negro heads? The same reason their women had dildo’s, because the young males of the civilization were becoming to unfit to perform their duty as a result of the diseases that I mentioned further above. Do a google search for “hair lip” or “cleft lip” you will see puppies with the identical malady as the children. To the adept Satanist of today doing this to people i.e. scarring or scratching the unborn with beastiality is like for us to “root” our mobile handset, it is truly your phone now, it is truly satan’s person now.

  132. Izonto sezmane ukwenzekak kuleskhat samanj angyaz into enje kut kunomunt onga dlwengula isilwan bakhe imiphefumulo engaqondakali ke ,manj kut nununi le “nkosi buya ezwen lakho baba syazehlisa usathane usesenza abakheqq

  133. Jesus is coming!

  134. That’s real????

  135. actually its only malformed dead body of cow,.., which means a baby cow die already at womb of cow,.,,.and also genes of human and cow are not compatible, even though they commit sex

  136. You are right about GMO, polluted water, and air (like flouride and contrails) and the vaccinations. Just got an email from Dr Mercola about the government’s eminent plans to force adults to be vaccinated and label and quarantine those who wont.

    • GMO food is not only dead but damaging i realized. Had my first GMO corncob some months ago. Eventhough i was very hungry my body refused it and i instantly spit it out, it tastet so awefull and unnatural not eatable at all. (and if you do due to damaged taste buds who knows what happens…)

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  138. anmol what is chag masta?

  139. Anmol, I read more of your postings, seems you are into animism of some sort. Man was given authority over all things about 6000 years ago. I don’t even call the Almighty god as that is the name of a Babylonian deity. The many religions of men are just that, manmade religions. Yah gave His teachings to the people He made a covenant with and we are to follow His way and none other. There are fallen angels that would appear as aliens or whatever at various times but we are not to be dissuaded or confused by them. These fallen angels are dead set into destroying Yah’s creation but physically and spiritually. Of course Yeshua will soon return and put an end to their plans but on the meanwhile we must follow Him and remain vigilant.

  140. i can’t see the picture’s

  141. IAM interested in donating by body for animal human studies and science research email me IAM very interested

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