America is dying

With an Obama win, we will have the first non-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, Jesus professing, sin legalizing, Muslim abortionist, cheered on by a leading terrorist organization, HAMAS.  This man will lower our flag forever. 

I do not even see proof of his American citizenship yet.  The man refuses to produce a legitimate birth certificate to prove he is natural born American.  The one on the internet is a fraud.

Someone named Mohammad just called me, to get support for Obama.  I am sick.  The phone number was listed as “Out of Area.” He wanted $200. To pay over the phone would require my my credit card number. They have phone banks set up in GAZA, home of HAMAS. Even when I said I was not voting for Obama, he still tried to talk me into the $200.  I find this offensive that foreign Muslim thugs are trying to influence the elections in this country.

I want to make it clear that I am not racist. The greatest thrill for me would to see a righteous, God fearing, honorable black man take office- someone like Martin Luther King. It would be like a dream come true, to see this kind of social, and spiritual breakthrough.

But instead, I see an unrighteous man instead, and it grieves me, because this has prostituted true representation, so that a shallow, false imitation can take power away from the sacred cause of civil equality.  Having a fraud represent the black population will set the civil rights movement back 100 years.

I do not care who I offend right now. I hope all the  people finally wake up, who Obama has convinced that:

You do not need experience, wisdom or loyalty to this country to be President. You just need to smile, and lie through your teeth. People will believe anything now. (wrong!)

Homeland security has nothing to do with fighting the war on terror. (wrong!)

The war on terror is just a fantasy made up by Bush…there are no terrorists….just people we do not understand. (wrong!)

The American military should be drastically cut and disabled. (wrong!)

Solving the unemployment crisis involves more education for young children, or creating low paying “green” jobs. What about those already grown, and educated? Do I have to go back to grade school? (wrong!)

It is ok to murder your unborn child. (wrong!)

That godless homosexuals, or illegal immigrants, have more rights than I do. (wrong!)

They can have sex in the streets to celebrate their gayness, but I cannot pray in public. (wrong!)

Will YOU have an “Up Your ALLEY” fair in your city next?   This is Nancy Pelosi’s district, political supervisor, and spiritual guru, for Obama in the Senate.

that women have equal rights, unless their name is Palin.  then they should be slandered off the map. She is just a pig with lipstick. (wrong!)

The approach to terrorists is to chat with them, and give them what they want. (wrong!)

9-11 was an inside job, (wrong!)

Al Queda does not exist, (wrong!)

Osama bin laden does not exist, or he is working with Bush (wrong!)

there are no terror cells in the USA, (wrong!)

there have never been WMDs in Muslim countries that we should worry about (wrong!)

people can suffer from, and be tortured by, dictators in other countries, like Iraq, because we want to spend all our money on ourselves (selfish). (wrong!)

Who believe that Americans, and not the terrorists, are murderers in Iraq (wrong!)

The terrorists are right, and should destroy Israel. (wrong!)

We need to abandon Israel, to honor the GAZA terrorists who want to wipe Israel off the map. (wrong!)

Who believe that God should “damn” America (wrong!)

Who are stupid enough to believe that 95% of Americans will not pay taxes. (wrong!)

That we can be isolationists in a world that is knitted together socially, spiritually, economically, and politically, as we indulge ourselves and ignore the needs of others. (wrong!)

That our “REAL” nation’s allegiance is to Africa, and not America (according to Rev. Wright). (wrong!)

I do not care about money that much. I only care about what God wants. If things turn against Israel, or against Christians, then it is time to jump ship, and leave this country. The government can tax who is left to supply the needs of the greedy.

If people allow America to fall spiritually, then there is no more hope. Where are the righteous? Why do they just sit around, while the unrighteous are having phone banks, and voting drives to bring people in?

Why do the righteous have to be such WIMPS?  There is also much evidence that “poor” Barak was financially supported by Syrians (Rezco) and Iranians (Jarrett) -our enemies for his very expensive education. (Link provided upon request)

Get on your knees, America. And ask for a few more good years.

For you who are his Jewish supporters: wake up, and see your real future! He will side against you in the future.

The loss of faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation – Bishop Amaral—the third Bishop of Fatima. In a speech in Vienna, Austria on September 10, 1984.

I am confused….what is his real name?



Black Muslims call Obama their Messiah !!!

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  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Obama will promise mostly anything to get elected. But one thing he is very clear and concise on is that he is a pro-choice proponent. That is so sad!!! Over two million babies a year are slaughtered in the USA. Lord let this nation repent of this now!!!

  4. Hi Charley,

    It is inconsistent that Obama would worry about 3000 soldiers dying in the Iraq War , but not the millions of innocent babies in the womb.


  5. Are that in the last video black Muslims or Christians?
    I thought, Muslims aren’t waiting for a messiah.

  6. Hi Silvamus,

    The last video is of black Muslims. That is Farrakan talking, the black muslim leader. Islam does have a Messiah expectation like we do. They are waiting for Jesus and the Imam Mahdi to come back and establish Islam as the true religion. So, apparently, they consider Obama as Jesus in the flesh, that has returned as the black Jesus they think he is.


  7. Hi Marianne, thank you very much for that instant answer 🙂
    Besides, I feel you have a very warm heart to all.

    It appears to me through much researching the bible, and the internet etc., that we are really in the last times — the signs are overwhelming!
    Few possible thoughts for next months:
    Obama installs in times of financial crisis in cooperation with the Bilderberg group (and the FED, which is under control of them) the cashless society (…no one will be able to sell or buy…Rev. 13)
    The beast could be the Islam (the man/founder is Mohammed at 666 AD, who else should be the “false prophet”), because they are denying the resurrected SON, our saviour…
    The rider of the withe horse -as the koran self says- is imam mahdi.
    and so on..
    just a few thoughts.. could be wrong!
    but hold your eyes open.

  8. Hi Silvanus

    I happen to be here at the moment, so my answer is “instant.”

    I believe as you do, that Islam is the beast. Daniel described it as a kingdom, not a person, although there would be a king of fierce countenance that would arise.

    I think the white horse is Islam – peace but with a sword.

    the red horse is already upon us – we had WWI,WWII, Korean War, Vietnam war, other national wars, and now the war on terrorism, which will NOT go away until Armageddon.

    the black horse is famine….about to begin…wars, natural disasters – from floods, droughts, hurricanes, economy, and even the bees are leaving that pollinate crops……all contribute to a loss of food supply, and therefore famine.

    look here. wierd event:

    the pale death will come soon too.

    so we need to just stay alert, and keep the faith.


  9. Join the Revolution! Help get America back!

  10. I think God has blessed America so much already and see what we have become! an immoral greedy,country, and now we are going to see his Wrath come down on us…. what is it going to take for America to REPENT!

    • Remember when Jesus hung on the cross at Calvary he prayed for all “saying Father or Abba forgive them for they know not what they do” even when they’re aware of wrongdoing-Jesus said pray for them. Most People even politicians are phony & insecure but still need prayer to bring them to repentance. Everyone is pious/righteous in their own eyes. Urge every church in America to repent including the Papacy. Maybe God will tell his angels of destruction to relent.

  11. I do not care who I offend right now. I hope all the stupid, ignorant people go to h*ll, who Obama has convinced that:

    Do you think it is very “christian” to wish people to go to Hell?????? Jesus said to love and pray for your enemys…

  12. Hi Deb,

    I guess I was speaking too strong there, about hell. Unfortunately, those who turn their back on God are going there, without any help from me. You are right. We should pray that they repent. I hope they do, because they are destroying the moral fabric of this country. But sadly, so far, there is no sign that they will.


    • If you want to discuss what destroys the moral fiber/character of a society or person it is the penchant for war & strife, unethical laws, social stratification or divisions, exclusion, and privilege by birthright like the Bushes, Hiltons, Rockerfellas, old money that built America off the backs of slaves & immigrants. These facts are in the history books but the true builders of this nation have either been omitted or the records have been skewed in a spin machine. These people start a foundation or give to charities & think their sins against humanity, human & civil rights & the environment are forgiven.

    • Another truth on why America is dying is b/c of the leaders back door deals made with the devil-what do you think Freemasony is. Lodges, etc, Its sad that America might elect Sarah Palin b/c of end time witchcraft mind control. and Greek fraternities, sororites, fraternal orders of police, Territorial demons are assigned to form strongholds over politicians, regions, esp. D.C. Rich families like the Sam Walton & Walmart has a high ranking demons, witchcraft is everywhere Tampa has the Pirate stronghold. Can’t you see Leviathon & Jezebel in D.C. & around the globe but the church coporately esp. keeps listening to Jezebel/Python and selling the gospel and they don’t have clean hands so their prayers go nowhere. Who do you think controls Hollywood.

    • Family values in America declined when they made technology a priority above what was best in Gods eyes. SunMicrosystems & their Goliath i believe is the platform responsible for making it possible for auto apps to help commit highway robbery by banks, merchants, Internet, hacks and overall system breaches like the wikileaks. People need to plead the blood over the hackers, their equipment, servers, networks, etc. If they can hack secure government sites they can hack virtually anything. Share this. Bill Gates Microsoft & Apple are just as guilty.

  13. Why do you hate so much ? Where does this incredible amount of hatred come from ? Your hatred really is scary … I hope I never have to meet you in person …

  14. Dear Eelco,

    I have no hatred. This post is a wake up call to those who have abandoned God, and have celebrated evil in this country. I wake people up because I love them, and I am concerned about their futures, if they do not change.

    I am addressing the horrifying decline in moral values – including quoting hateful people – in America. People are blind and foolish, choosing evil, instead of good. Leaders are choosing evil ways. Godlessness is everywhere.

    If we do not repent and change, God will destroy this country soon. It is like watching people stand in the middle of a busy highway, knowing they are going to get hit by an oncoming vehicle.

    I hope this help clarify things. This post is more of a shock technique to startle people into seeing what is wrong, so they can fix their lives.

  15. Your explanation is not very convincing … I’m afraid I just see hatred in your post, and not much else. Unless you actually did not really mean anything you were saying ? Most people would not interpret it that way … did you hire an advertising agency to come up with this shock tactic ?

  16. Dear Eelco,

    What part is hateful?

    The complaint about the lax attitude on terrorism?

    the complaint about immorality?

    the complaint that HAMAS terrorists were campaigning for Obama?

    The complaint that people think it is ok to kill an unborn baby, which is something obama supports?

    The complaint that black Muslims call Obama the messiah (which is sacrilege)?

    The complaint that gays have sex in the streets of san francisco now?

    the complaint that Obama’s pastor screams “God damn america” in church?

    The complaint that americans are being falsely accused of murdering innocent people in Iraq, when it is the terrorists doing it?

    Which part is hateful?


  17. Well, most of your post, really, not any of these specifically. That’s why I am curious why you hate so much ? What happened to you ? And it is not a shock tactic then ?

  18. Dear Eelco,

    You are putting an emotion on me that is not appropriate. Just because you think something, does not make it true.

    This country has turned stupid, godless and evil. That is what happened. I would like to see it return to God, but it does not look like that will happen. I reject the godlessness, and I refuse to be a part of it. Apparently, you do not “see” any of this as a problem.

    Those sensitive to God’s way do care about what happens. Right now, the only ones who feel “shocked” are those faithful to God.

    The godless will never care, or do anything to correct this. They are insensitive, and only a shock, like a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack, will wake them up. Mere words will bounce off them.

    When a country turns godless, the wrath of God comes upon it. I prefer not to be punished for the mistakes of others.

    I see America being much worse economically, socially, spiritually , etc in 4 years. I will not even be safe in my own home. I may even be arrested for my faith in God by then.

    Then, there will be nothing left to live for.

    If you do not have God in your life, please seek Him now. What is coming is so bad, you will either perish, or barely make it.


  19. Wow. I guess my attempts were futile.
    But I do hope you’ll be happier in the future. All the best, goodbye!

  20. Hi Eelco,

    Thank you for your concern. You are not from America, so maybe it is not easy to understand. There is no hate here, just great disappointment. We started as a very idealistic country, and devoted to God. Now all that is over.

    If America fails, so will other countries. I do not want to see anyone suffer. These are problems that Obama will only make worse, not better, because of his stated policies. For example, he just signed a bill to pay for abortions in other countries. Why? He just closed a prison, and released terrorists back to their countries. Why? He favors martial law, like in Nazi Germany, to control the population.


  21. I do understand quite a bit, as I visit the US about once a year, and have many friends and colleagues there. Always interesting to visit America.
    But I see no point in replying to your statements. That would be futile.

  22. WoW! do you two need a boxing ring.. perfect example my why we are at war. My God is better than your God.. my county is better, you are different..

  23. HI mynooch,

    It is just a case of different values. I dislike purple, and like blue. Someone else sees nothing wrong with purple, and does not care about blue. So there is no common ground for discussion.


  24. Hi Eelco,

    I guess we just see things differently. Thank you for visiting. I changed the wording just a little to clarify what are my views vs someone else’s. Maybe you thought the attitudes I was just quoting were mine, instead of theirs. I tried to reduce the strength of some comments.

    I consider everything that people say who come, even if we do not agree. Have a good day.


  25. Dear mynooch,

    I don’t think I’m at war with anyone – I haven’t declared any. And I have no better God than anyone else either … where did I say that ?
    I also don’t think my particular home country (Holland), is any better than any other one. At this blog I was trying to ask questions, not discuss things, as I was genuinely surprised at the large amount of hatred on display. But it seems the blogger has cleared this up (haven’t checked yet).

    Best wishes from the Alps (yes, I don’t live in my own country anymore, that’s how much I like it …),

  26. Hatred is ridiculous and shouldn’t be welcome by anyone..
    The Alps huh .. that is awesome. My family is from Dublin!
    check us out at for a good time

    • To say that hatred is ridiculous is assured. God hates sin, but not the sinner,is that ridiculous?
      We can hate what people do with out hating the person.
      I hate what the current administration is doing to America, I hate the idea of Socialism being introduced to our society, but I do not hate the people of the administration, I do not know them personally I only know what they stand for, that is what I hate.
      btw, If one does not worship Yahweh, then I will say with conviction May God is better than your God!!

  27. Hello Marianne,

    I had a look at your changes: there are just a lot of “(wrong!)” bits added all over. I did get that already, though. I still see a lot of hatred, especially against muslims and homosexuals (neither of which I am), and your own president, Obama. I fail to interpret your text in any other way. The first sentence is probably the most obvious one.

    In any case, I still hope for happier times for you, as I said already. Farewell, and goodbye!


  28. Hello Eelco,

    I do not hate muslims or homosexuals.

    I disagree with muslims on theology. I hate terrorists. THere is a difference. Not every muslim is a terrorist. For muslims to declare Obama as Messiah, is to say he is god. I find this offensive.

    I do not approve of Homosexuality. It is a sin. I do not approve of them doing sex in the streets. That is offensive. Since Christians support the bible view that homosexuality is a sin, homosexuals falsely accuse us of hate. That is a very popular behavior with them here. We do not hate them, just the sin.

    no, I do not approve of Obama. He votes against much I believe in, that is good. It is a great disappointment that he is President now. He has not yet proven that he is a citizen, and that he is qualified to be president, according to our rules. His decisions has already been hurtful to many people, if you knew the details of his decisions.


    • Marianne, It is almost impossible to reason with Liberal Socialist.
      Continue to post the way you post and apologize to no one for the truth.
      When everyone starts to agree with everything that you post then and only then will you be in trouble.

      • Thank you Chris.

        Controversy seems to be a pattern in my life I cannot avoid. maybe it is because I still live in a fallen world, and the controversy comes looking for me. But many of us can say that, so I am in good company.

  29. America will only die if we let it.and give in….
    We had it easy far to long and in order for us to grow and advance we must be challenged
    . Pray and be stedfast….Do not give up
    God will expose the evil of the Obama administration soon

    But be prepared for the hate and racism that will follow after his fall
    We are being Challenged in our faith and we will win Amen

  30. hi noz

    Do not worry. There is no hate here. Sometimes people perceive things as being a certain way, when that is not the original intent. People can have strong feelings without actually hating anyone.

    The ALPS sound cool, and so does Dublin. My grandparents were from Leitrim, Ireland. Erin go Brah!


  31. Wow, i’m shock marianne.
    I don’t know what’s happens in USA now, i also know Obama little bit.
    People here really love Obama because his stepfather from Ina, now i confuse….
    Does Obama a nice man?? And you don’t like your own President, do you??

    But i think Obama has good personality, i can say that because i don’t know the truth about him, can you describe more details??
    God Bless

    • hi Esther

      Obama appears to be popular with people. My concern is his policies are not in line with God’s will, and so I would expect trouble.

  32. To day is the day before Easter tomorrow is the day Christ rose
    tomorrow is going to be the worse day the homeless people will always remember

    The ones that are now in tent cites because thy lost there jobs,there homes,some there family’s.

    To the ones that are on there last legs,that are about to lose there belongings, the ones that can’t afford to buy but one meal a day.

    That are trying to keep there head above the water to hang on to what little signs of life there is. To give a Easter basket to there child.

    To worrier about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here.

    To those that has want through a lot of presidents and not one time lost there world.

    As soon as Obama started running things started to turn.

    To those that bowed down to him, that shielded there tears,that followed him that voted for him the changed he kepted calling for

    Were you living in tents? were you hunger? did you lose your jobs?
    your homes? your family’s?

    Did you even know what changes he was reforging to?

    Due you even know today what changes he is talking about before thy are done?

    Heres a article to read might shine the light a little .

    http://news. s/ap/20090411/ ap_on_go_ pr_wh/obama_ challenges

  33. want to get out there what I believe in I want no question what I believe in or were I sand

    I will get right to the point. I have fillings that I can’t explain, but I can fill there are problems coming are way that people can’t or don’t want to see. I believe in god, the rapture, the tribulation, and the mark of the beast. I am not sure on the times, like per- mid or post rapture. Theirs a lot to say about all.

    I beleaved from the vary first time, I ever heard him with out seeing him he was the anti-Christ.

    I felt strange in side, a chill up my back, and at the time I felt fear.
    I tried to tell ever one else in my family, but thy felt I lost it.

    I started beleaving I did. Then I saw all them people, worshiping him, falling on there knees, then I new I wasn’t wrong.

    Thy were even crying for change, that thy didn’t even. Know what change?

    I believe that theres a n.w.o. here, or is very close to be in placed soon.

    I believe that obama will be asked to join the E.U.

    I believe obama will make to order the one world government, the one world religion, and one world money, one world mark, and will demand in time to be called god.

    He carves for be leavers, thats why he keeps expressing change.

    I believe he is moving so fast, to get things gone, so there no time to think about them.

    He knows his time is short.

    If its in the bible it will happen, we are to watch, and listen, and not be cought a sleep.

    We can’t stop it, but can be ready for it, prepare and watch, and wait on are lord.

  34. * whistling low * Wow.. Love thy neighbors as you love thyself.
    Obama is someone not to be trusted at all. I knew as soon as I laid my eyes on him.. however, I waited to double check by listening to his speech before he became ” president “… as soon as he opened his mouth about ” One world “.. that’s where I steered clear. I thank God for one smallest thing is… God created me not to love money or political or government and trust none of those lying lips they speaks.
    Sadly, I watched million people bowed down to Obama cross this world and will discover too late. * sigh *
    We all do have different views but remember not to haste your judgement so quickly or you will be judged.. leave the judgements to God since it is HIS alone to deal. 🙂 Don’t trust government nor congress nor president for any reasons or their promises.. it is unfulfilled and their promises only to lurk everyone in to seal us all their markings … Just want to give a reminder 🙂 I do not want to see ANYONE fall into their traps.. nor do I want ANYONE go to hell at all.. it would break my heart and tears my soul to watch others suffer.
    May God guide you all and protect you through trialution. Blessed be.
    Love you all.


  35. Excatly 🙂

  36. I don’t know if this belongs here but was email to me and I thought it stands true would like to share it please let me know if I was out of place.

    Letter to Uncle Sam

    We saluted the flag
    We sang the song
    We pledged the pledge
    How did it all go wrong?

    They took our rights
    How can this be?
    Now even God is gone…
    Can nobody can see?

    A court without justice
    Now tell me please this…
    For if she is now blind
    The truth’s been dismissed?

    She takes nether side
    Partial they say
    Liberty and justice…they
    Were great in their day!

    We had our laws
    The truth was set down.
    The Constitution was formed
    Our rights they were bound.

    Now they are gone
    So too
    Our freedom it would seem
    It wasn’t so long ago
    It was the American dream.

    They have taken it all
    Calling it, The Patriot Act
    We were once given our freedom
    But it has been now taken back.

    The States are corrupt
    Stealing children and all.
    You can tell them the truth
    But they won’t take your call.

    So please tell me this
    I send out my plea
    Without justice for all
    How can we call ourselves free?

    I don’t have a flag
    Any more on my land
    The people that love it
    They don’t understand

    It brings tears to my eyes
    When I see it fly high
    Men fought so hard for it
    So many of them died

    It was the symbol of freedom
    It use to fly proud
    There is not much to look up to
    Now that God’s not allowed

    So I stand here before you
    And ask you this day
    How was it so easy to
    Take our freedom away?

  37. Most of the posts here are wrong. you are giving people false information, and the Bible that you love so much says not to lie. Here are some of the lies.
    -Obama does not believe in Al-Qaeda
    -Obama wants Israel dead
    -There are WMD’s in dangerous Muslim countries
    There are many, many more. If you are going to lie, don’t pretend you are so righteous. If God came down today, he would be dissappointed in you for lying about things that are so important. You should not be so quick to judge a man; for if you judge people, God will judge you.

    • Hmmmmm, Obviously some one has not done their home work on OBama!
      1.Obama will not allow War on Terror to be used! Therefore there are no Terrorist!
      2.Obama will in the very near future turn his back on Israel. Obama is telling Israel not to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities without consulting him!
      3. WMD!!! The Clinton Administration announced in 1998 that Iraq had WMD!
      Iran now has WMD, nuclear weapons!
      BTW, WMD’s can be chemical weapons, which were found in Iraq! How many mass graves have been uncovered in Iraq?
      Why do Liberal Americans blame Bush for this war when Muslims started attacking American ships as far back as the Barbary Wars??


      • Hi Chris

        Good points. Most liberal democrats do not know much about even recent American history. They know nothing about early American history, except for the fact that the south had slavery. Actually, they know nothing about what is going on now.

        I have been told by an Obama supporter that there is no terrorism. It is all a USA conspiracy to take over the world, and it is a mind game of the Republicans. THis kind of stupidity shows the reason Obama got into office. Look at who was voting for him.

  38. America repent?? Never!!
    People of America repent! Hopefully!
    1. God has a plan!
    a. That plan does include the destruction of America as a Republic, that is already happening!
    b. Prophecy is being fulfilled at this very moment. The false religion (Islam) is sweeping the world. The muslim religion is sweeping Europe faster than any other religion and with out opposition!
    2. PBho (President Barack Hussein Obama) is only the precursor, sent to desensitize, to brain wash the people of America,the world and it is working!
    I was greatly distressed to see how many people in America who began embracing Islam after 9/11!
    I was appalled as to how many conspiracy theories came out against our own American Government!
    Liberals denounced the war on terrorism, blamed the USA, they have played into the hand of the evil ones!
    Satan knows that he can not defeat a Christian Nation (America)!
    So we have to be destroyed morally! Ask almost any younger person and they will tell you that America was not founded on Christian principles, that we are a Secular nation!
    PBho and the Democrats are pushing Socialism on America, just look how much America has changed in a mere 120 days!
    However, for me this is the happiest time of our Christian lives! We may be alive to witness the greatest historical event in Christianity! The return of Christ!
    Imagine if you will, the blast of music! The sky rolling back as a scroll! The Lord appearing in the Heavens! Christian being caught up to meet him in the clouds! What a truly amazing event!
    Or perhaps the Muslims will take over America before Christ returns. Christians will be beheaded if they do not denounce Christ and embrace the muslim faith!
    Either way, we will be with the Lord! For that reason alone I say “GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!”
    My point; “keep plenty of oil for your lamp!!”

  39. Obama will take us by the hand….. lead us to greatness… and then leave us to die in shame and cold…. then laugh at us as we die in the dark..
    Jesus was right…….”the blind leading the blind”

    • Dan, Unfortunately there are million of morally and spiritually blind people who will follow PBho down the path of destruction!
      However, I certainly will not be one of them!
      When I joined the US Army in 1970 I took an oath to protect the United States of America, the people of the United States of America and the constitution of the United States of America! I took that oath very seriously and I took that oath to last as a lifetime!
      PBho and the liberals have chosen to flush the Constitution and create change in America! I personally choose to distance myself from their change!

  40. Marianne;

    Everyone seems to be so focused on Islam, Barak Obama, and the Democratic Party now that they are in power. I just hope Evangelical Christians will wake up before it’s too late. Reagan’s Conservative’s want to take America back in 2010, but where’s is the leadership to do it? Is Politics the answer?

    According to USA TODAY the GOP is having an “IDENITY CRISIS”

    I’m never going to be fooled by a so called “Christian President” like George Bush ever again.

    Bush Men have been Skull and Bones men for generations:

    I just want to say that we are living in the last days and not to put your trust in politicians. Keep your eyes on Jesus, pray,and
    Stay in the word. Trust in God.

    A Quote:

    The Deep truth is that the Elites in the Repulblican Party have pure contempt for the Evangelicals who put their party in power”.

    Karl Rove’s office referred to Evanglical leaders as “The Nuts” who speak for the GOP.

    This is the transcript from the YOU TUBE VIDEO.

    What would we do without YOU TUBE? It’s a God send for those of us who want a voice!


    • hi Kitti

      Faith in evil is wrong. Faith in God is not contemptible. Suddenly, those that are willing to risk their lives for this country are ridiculed, yet those that do not care are the intellectuals?

    • Hi Kittii,
      I really hope you do not put much faith in what MSNBC reports, since they have lost 60% of their viewing base in the last year!
      I wonder what could cause a news station to lose so much of it viewing base in such a short time? Could it possibly be reporting lies, political views instead of the truth, what ever happened to news being “just the facts?”
      We report, you decide. Fox news, the number one news station!
      Wow I sound like a commercial!

  41. Chris;

    I turned off my cable recently including the news. Thanks for the heads up. No one was a bigger George W. Bush fan than me. I’ve lost faith in the political process. Watch the video on the first web page of this web site: 2008-the final administration of in America? entitled: Malpractive Media; How Obama got elected and Palin was targeted. Scroll down to find the video I remembed when the religious right didn’t like John McCain and John McCain didn’t like them. No one seems to remember that! Why do you think he brought Sarah Palin on board? She came out of no where. She was an unknown. He was appeasing the Religous Right for their votes.


    • Some put there trust in politicians, some in pastors, others in priests, others in bankers, others in evangelists, others in media, others in doctors … etc. etc.
      Yet the Scriptures says trust no man.
      They are not Shepherds, they are all hirelings.
      Trust in The Lord and Him only serve.

      Many ,many, many, will be deceived.
      And many more are already.

    • Kittii, I applaud you for turning off your cable, the news stations have become propaganda for political gains. I too was a GWB supporter until about 1 year into his second term, when he threw the American people under the bus!
      John McCain ran a very poor campaign, going through the motion has never gotten anyone elected. And yes Sarah Palin was brought in for certain political gains! As for her coming out of nowhere? Governor Palin has been in the news for quite sometime as a very strong conservative, Top Security Clearance, as first line defense with Homeland security. Who better to be a running mate?
      Governor Palin is still being trashed, recently by David Letterman! Disgusting comments about her and her daughter!
      Of course Obama is now destroying America and we are virtually helpless as citizen to stop his Socialist Agenda. Conservative Republicans are outnumbered by Liberals who are mindlessly following the so called Anointed one!
      Hold fast, trust in the Lord and Christians will be fine.

      • Chris,

        Do you remember when Obama was inaugurated?
        Did he not swear ‘to execute’ the office of the presidency?
        Well that is what he is doing, is it not?

  42. Ok, you are serious. Every day is history in the making, so what was your point?
    From my perspective! Past comments; you are always so negative!

  43. There was an apparent mistake in the oath which Obama swore, and so there is a difference between the official oath and the one he swore infront millions
    of viewers in wording …
    I was just reviewing Jan. 20

    • Hi Abigail

      The judge administered the oath again to him privately later.

      • Maybe … my comment should have been for another page entitled …
        ‘presidential office is dying’ instead of ‘america is dying’ ???

        Whichever … change is in the air.

  44. Dear Marrianne,
    Really saddens me to read something abt this. Obama’s credibility is really at stake here. OMG, could he be the third Anti C prophecied by Nostradamus?


    • Hi miranda

      He definitely is an antichrist type personality. I would expect the antichrist to come from the middle east regions, and he still refuses to prove his american citizenship, so he very well might be from over there. He already thinks he is god. He does not yet fit other descriptions, like “regarding not the desire of women,” but keep watching. If he isn’t, pray for him. Because he is rushing down the wrong path.

  45. Hi Marianne. My husband and I have really appreciated your blog. We are from Canada. I haven’t heard such ‘scathing’ critism of Obama before, not that I entirely diagree with your statements. I hadn’t thought of things like this before.

    The main thing that concerned me about him was his ‘nomination’ by Oprah; from all that I know and have seen about her, I am concerned to support someone she supports. The secondary thing was how he was abale to ‘wow’ a crowd, and have people ‘swooning’ over his words. He knew all the things to say to touch the people’s hearts; appearing to apply balm to their deepest wounds. (In the way only Jesus can. It reminds me of Jesus having compassion on the multitudes because they were weary and without a shepherd.

    Neverthless, after watching Obama speak I also came to think that he might do a better job than McCain. I thought He might bring the necessary reforms to health care and education, the political system, and even sort of peace internationally. I knew about his stance on abortion, but isn’t McCain the same? I didn’t think at this point that any politician would touch that issue, to reverse it.

    Anyway, my main thought was would McCain do any better? I can’t see it. He may have done different things, but I don’t know that he is any more righteous than Obama. The banks would have still gone under, and the US would still be in the predicament they are in, and the moral decline.


    • hi J

      I can see how, from outside the USA, the candidates seemed about the same, or that maybe Obama was better. On a political level, this may seem true. I personally was worried when McCain picked Sarah Palin. I knew then that it was a weak choice, and his side would lose. WE had an old man with a young woman. IT was a strange picture, and not convincing.

      My post is more concerned with the overall spirit of each political party and the overall spirit in America. The Democrat party is definitely atheistic and anti-God. The Republican party is more conservative, and fights more for godly values. However, within it, as you pointed out, there are those who do not completely fit into this platform either.

      We should not see either party in the shape they are in. Democrats are totally against God, and the Republicans are compromised. This lack of moral fiber to stand up for what is right, and the general corruption that results when selfishness and greed replace honorable service, is what will make this country fail.

      Actually, the failing has already started. Our economy is a joke. Millions have lost their jobs. We have illegal immigrants here, which should not be, making demands for services and rights they should not have, and they are draining our country of money. We have lax rules that allow terrorists to come in, and even they seem to have more rights than we do. We have children in school that are being taught ungodly things, and any parent that objects is suppressed.

      We became a great nation because we served God in a good way for a long time, showed charity, and helped shelter the Jews from persecution. Now all that has changed for the worst.

      We have become an ungodly nation that is willing to pick a fraud for President, someone who lies about his citizenship, has no wisdom to rule well, associates with and is supported by terrorists, and will betray Israel to its enemies.

      I do not think America will last another 4-5 years now. We will destroy ourselves, because we have lost our integrity.

  46. i read some of the thing u people wrote about Islam it is unfortunate that this site is promoting hatred against people, tribe and religion and it is full of racism. Well as a muslim i believe u have right to ur opinion but all ur messages is prejudice and untruth, Starting with ur information on the coming of Imam Mahdi u need to know more about Islam before u start to argue.
    Ur condemnation of Barack Obama is a clear racist i believe u ar hurt with his becoming a president of America u fight colour not ideal if Barack Obama is an anti christ then what is Bush America woo was not started by Obama but by Bush senior who lead a war in gulf for no reason kill over 500,000 innocent muslim Christain ar happy when muslim are been killed but they become sad when a single Jew or American is been killed.Killing Muslim is holy to you but killing Americans or Jew in revenge it is terrorism. Do u forget Bush junior lead another anti Islam crusade in the name of Jesus to Iraq for the second time and deceived the world that Saddam have weapon of mass destruction to destroyed the world both in Afghanistan and Iran over 2Million Muslim has been killed i think u ar happy that Bush is justified by killing Muslim for Christ that is allow after all Muslim were been kill they are anti Christ of course! Killing innocent Muslim in Gaza by Israel bomb molter shed is justified but suicide bombing to retaliate the killing is Terrorism though i do not justified suicide bombing as it is condemned Islam but the west are courses of the greatest crime committed against humanity but they pretend to do justice. Your write up represent the western bias against Islam. You need to be sincere with urself and read ur bible very well Islam as been predicted in the bible to rule the world and Jesus is coming to preach Islam, Mahdi is not Jesus is only an Imam is work is to purified Islam and anti Christ is also coming the reason for calling him ant Christ is that he will come before the real Christ and claimed to be Christ perform many miracles, many christian and Jew will accept him, 70000 of his solider will be Jew and 2\3 of the world population would follow him mostly Christian and Jew this time would be turbulent for Muslim then the real Jesus will come landed in Syria pray in Jerusalem and Muslim will be the first to recognized him they will follow him and help them against anti Christ whom Christian and Jew would have been accepted as the real Christ. Anti Christ will be defeated in gate of Lut in Iraq after this every one would realized who the Christ is and People will accept Islam willingly and this will mark the beginning of new peace in the world and beginning of the end of the world.
    My sis, there are lot of thing u need to now about the world and the religion prophecy most of the thing u published are one sided and misleading u just need to be sincere and open minded.Thank

    • oladimeji

      Thank you for your comments. A review of Islam is not racism. It is presenting the facts as they occur in the world. There is no hatred here. I got the information about Mahdi from Muslim websites.

      Obama condemns himself. He lied in the elections about his religion, politics and citizenship. He votes against godly values and principles. He was funded by terrorists. It has nothing to do with his race or color.

      It is the history and current situation that Muslims kill each other. They are doing it in Pakistan, and there are no American soldiers there. The deaths in Iraq are due to Muslims killing other Muslims.

      It is clear to see on TV. They hate each other. They also hate Jews and Israel, and Sadaam and other Gaza terrorists have also attacked and tried to destroy Israel and the innocent people there. Israel has the right to defend itself against such murderers.

      America has only tired to STOP the killing. It was not an attack on Islam. However, Islam has declared war on America, so we have to defend ourselves. Islam has also declared the destruction of Israel, so Israel has to defend itself as well.

      Islam was predicted in the bible as one of many anti-christ religions that would arise. It denies who Jesus really is, and reduces him to just a prophet. He is more than a prophet. He is the son of God, and Jesus said this himself. To deny this, is to call Jesus a liar, and be antichrist.

      Islam does not understand the theology of Jesus, and I do understand that the Christians have done a bad job explaining it to Muslims. There is only one God, and that is the Father God. Jesus is his spirit son, and the holy spirit is his helper. They have divine qualities like the Father, so they can do his work on earth. There are not 3 gods.

      Jesus will return to defend Israel against its enemies. He will not go to Syria. All nations that has tried to destroy Israel will be destroyed.

      I appreciate that you have been taught certain things, but they are not all true. Go to the bible, which is pure, and NOT corrupt. This is a false claim, so you will not read the bible, and find out the truth. Read about Jesus for yourself in the bible, not the Quran, if you want to know who Jesus really is.

  47. My personal opinion? I think this site is not anti islam. This site do not promote racism. This site promotes freedom of speech , of free will. This site wants the truth to prevail. Musiliu, i am not happy when a muslim/s get killed neither jews or any other race for they were all creations of God. But what hurts me is that killings done by these extremists got justified in the name of your allah. The Qu’ran for me is the culprit of all the wrong doings done by its people submitting to its will. The man who wrote it supposedly claiming that were dictated to him by God to suit his purpose of spreading his religion, is the one to be blamed. The arab-israeli conflict is not about land, for it is about race. The cnflict dates back to the time of ur prophet. He himself is a witnes either direct or indirectly to the murder and beheadings of about 600-900 jewish captives captured and unarmed. How wold we expect peace when there are over 100 haeful verses in ur qu’ran promoting hatred amongst the people of the book. I am a catholic, and i finished my primary and secondary education in a catholic school. Not once have i encountered a teaching coming from our bible that would promote violence and hatred towards other people of different faiths. Not even once have i encountered a verse or a teaching from jesus’ doctrines that would teach us to kill those who do not follow our beliefs. The truth hurts Musiliu, but it will set you free. Read your book and the ahadiths, for the book itself is self-incriminating… you can’t hide it, you can’t sugarcoat it, for when the sugar is gone, the bitter truth would still prevail. I don’t blame you…i blame the book(qu’ran) and the man(mohammad) who wrote it. And i am talking sincere. Peace be with you.

  48. Hi Marianne,
    Check out this link:


  49. ….and this one…and kindly writea comment abt this when ur true watching.
    My best regards,

    • hi miranda

      That made me cry…that a sweet old man gets arrested for saying murdering a baby is wrong.

      thank you for sharing that. I think this is worthy of a post.

  50. America may be dying, but she is not dead yet.

    A friend of mine was dying of complications of leukemia (and I mean on the very doorstep of Death), just over a week ago, and she is slated to go home soon. Within a few days. Weak, frail, still in danger, but no longer dying.

    We face unpleasantness in the future. But I do not think this is the End. This is an end, perhaps, but not THE End.

  51. Hi Gaige

    I agree. See this post also:

  52. There seems to be a law for one group but withheld by the other.
    I find this video amazing.

    • hi abigail

      SO Islam is the religion of peace?

      It does not look like it.

      • About as peaceful as a volcano at rest.
        They must have needed the publicity.

      • What religion do you believe in Marriane? Is it the sameas people of the Religion that dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945, killing thousands..Oh dear yes it is!!!

        I rest my case.

      • What religion do you believe in Marriane? Is it the same as people of the Religion that dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945, killing thousands..Oh dear yes it is and follow the same religion as me…our Rulers are fanatical killers..a bunch of crooks in the White House fooling the whole world!!! Stand up for your rights, USA is a make up of States and should be a make up of individual Countries with a Prime Minister as head not a puppet governor!

        I rest my case.

  53. islam is true…True Lies !

  54. All church are owned property …

  55. Woman are at greater risk …
    Democracy is history …

  56. I came upon this powerful speech of the Great President.
    I was young when I first heard this …

  57. The speech by JFK above is what is needed now. The obama administration lied to the American citizens by saying he would have the most transparent administration ever. I ask you now, does obama even sound 1/100th like JFK? I think not. Therefore, there must be some reason obama wants and needs his secrecy. God help us all.

  58. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations of the earth:
    There is none to stand in the gap and intercede for the people of the Lord. All seek their own gain. People roam over the mountains like sheep without a Sheppard. But the Lord God of Hosts will not allow the mischief of the evil one.
    The people relied on Corporate America for an unfailing check and have not prepared for these times. Corporate America became greedy, therefore transferring all the work the people had to places where they can profit not a 100% but over a 1000% if possible. They used the people to extract the sketches of what it took to build this great nation. Your children engineered the trains, the factories, the mining machines. Yet all has been taken, and the people are left to be slaves to greed and be consumed.
    The Government needs complimentary support we can provide. Governance is countered by selfish interests, legal manipulation and corruption. Blindly and unwilling they have been used in the exodus of Jobs, manufacturing and wealth to greener pastures.
    Where there is no vision the people perish. The country suffers for lack of knowledge to decipher the times. Where is the Church, the Body of Christ, and the Leadership of the Church?
    Church arise encourage the people. The state does not want to stand with you but you can stand for the People. Provide Manufacturing skills, help reopen factories, restore trade with developing countries. Quit criticizing the Government; use the little support they provide grow the country. “Occupy till I come” said the Lord Jesus Christ, engage for God’s sake.
    Watch what you listen in the News-media; Despite our advanced education, there has never been a people so misinformed as ours. Distortion of facts and control of knowledge as this is worst than Communist propaganda in the Cold War era.
    Help the people with raw material procurement, import and exporting. The world still buys and sells, or else China would not still be in business, we alone willow in politics and speculative financial demagogies. You can still afford homes, if only there were jobs and home values were not manipulated. China prizes our products, Africa, Asia and Mediterranea still need what we make, and Europe wants a competitor.
    Gather your strength, resources and knowledge. For the sake of the body of Christ, the Land and the People we will provide engineers, researchers and developers in any field there is. Engage for sake of the people. Contact us:

    • There is no more Time the door is almost completely closed Amarica has done her part in world affairs our job is to look up cause redemption draws near there is no time to restructure America all over The Time has come Our Great President soon will hand over all to this new world order to Stablish peace and continue policing foreign nations we pay the bills with borrowed money we are now a puppet we soon will own nothing we have been bought blindly for our indulges in this false world we will go from King to slave Give it up we cannot win this war or any war our war is here our country needs us were getting entertainment meanwile our Nation is deteriorating from the Inside open the borders Kill our unborn our nation dies cause our Children Dies We are gonna get what we deserve no use crying. How can we feel compasion for starving children in other countries wile ours never even get a chance to see the light of day. I Love this Nation But I hate what is turning into the morality is twisted. Who is our Voice were is our reason What is going on can someone dirrect me to some possitive truth that were gonna be o.k. the Only way is a World Catastrofy that can break or renew our mind.

  59. Through ultimate fear can the extremist hope to bond us to do the same and pay evil for evil, There will come a time that they will take the easy way out & kill the weak as a scape goat to unite the Nations just as Hitler did in Germany to exterminate the Jews; now It will be against Christians all over first demoralize the nation of any values of faith in God then unite Them as one to remove the Real devoted. Kill all Christians take away the land from the Jews see how Long will the Lord allow you control Tempt God See Salvation Come there is no way out life is to short for this plan to go on there is someone else in control of this world but the christians are not of this world so you do not understand them nor ever will.

    • Hi Lewis

      We agree with you. There is little we can do now, but wait on the Lord. We can also comfort each other in His promises to us.

      Remember also, that the bible says, a thousand can fall to one side of us, and 10 thousand can fall to the other side of us, and we can still be safe.

      Remember too, the 3 Hebrews who were thrown into the fiery furnace, and Jesus came to save them. And also how Daniel was protected in the lion’s den.

      So trust in the Lord for your protection, and pray for those who will experience the wrath of God for their wickedness. Pray that they repent in time to be saved.

  60. Lyndsey;
    I’m sure you have done a lot of reading about autism since one of your son’s has it. What do you think of the above video and this article?

    People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people. The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society. The Amish live in a society that consists of outdated technologies and ideals, by contemporary standards. Their diet consists of eating organic, fresh, locally-grown produce, and of course, they do not follow the established vaccination routines. To the dismay of the mainstream media and the medical establishment, this has resulted in a healthier people, that are void of all of our chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are virtually non-existent in Amish villages. Equally non-existent are modern, chemically-engineered medicines, enhanced (chemically-engineered) foods, G.M.O. foods, and of course, vaccines. How is it that those who are without the “miracles” of modern orthodox medicine are healthier? The truth about health, medicine, and how they both relate to the Amish is becoming an embarrassment to some rather powerful people.

    There have been 3 (yes three) verified cases of autism in the Amish, and at least two of those children were vaccinated. No information is available for the third. The strong correlation between vaccinations and autism is absolutely undeniable, unless you work for the medical establishment, the government, or Big Media. Proponents of the status-quo claim that the Amish obviously have a special super gene that makes them immune to autism. They pathetically try to rationalize that autism is some type of genetic failure (i.e. God’s fault), which attacks a brain based on religious affiliation. We’re tentatively expecting a space alien theory next, in a similar vein to the aliens theory used to attack those who believe in a Creator. This is truly is F.D.A. and A.M.A. science in all its shining glory. Vaccine proponents are willing to espouse any ridiculous explanation, so long as they do not have to accept that their entire industry of vaccinations is causing chronic disease, leaving autism for 1 in every 100 children now.

    • Hey Kitti,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention..I remember my mom asking me to read an article in Time or maybe People magazine regarding the possible link between Autism and the MMR Vaccines prior to my older son William, now age 10, getting the MMR shot. I read it, and thought on it for several weeks before making the most stupid mistake of my sons’ life-I chose to believe the mainstream media and my pediatrician. She was a physician, she knew better-she wouldn’t do ANYTHING that would cause harm to my son. I even showed her the article and she said to me “there is 1 in a million chance that this could happen”. She convinced me that the shots were ok..well, about 2 weeks AFTER William received the MMR shot, he was rushed to the ER with blue lips, shaking, high fever and not breathing…..the Nurse grabbed him from my arms as I brought him in to the ER-I hadn’t noticed that his lips were blue and that he wasn’t breathing-I was in panic mode-they took him from me and began cooling him down from his high fever, I think it was 103 at that point and gave him fluids and a suppository to lower his temp…his breathing returned and after several hours in the ER he was “ok” ( I also have to add that during the entire panic, I started to sing Jesus loves you…this is when his fever dropped and he was “ok”)…..I say “ok” because my son was never the same again after this. A year later, he was diagnosed with Autism.

      While working as a support coordinator for 2 years, I advocated on behalf of many children and adults with various disabilities. Of all the parents whose children had Autism, without even knowing my story, they all told me the same thing, “my child was never the same again after receiving the MMR shot”.

      When my son started developing tics, I asked that same pediatrician who convinced me to give my son the MMR shot, what was going on with my son?…I will never forget the look on her face…she KNEW but didn’t tell me-she referred us to the neurologists who had the pleasure of giving us the news…when I told our pediatrician that my son would not be receiving anymore vaccines she REFUSED to continue treating my son!!!! Our current pediatrician gives William a Medical waiver which states that William is allergic to vaccines therefore my son is now protected from ever having another vaccine. My faith in medicine and doctors ended the afternoon I was told my son had Autism.

      As far as “dumbing down” america? The irony is that these children and adults who have Autism are actually very intelligent, the irony is that they are not able to COMMUNICATE what it is that they know! Instead of dumbing down america, they are actually silencing america! My son was tested at age 3 by a develepmental pediatrician who stated that my son was 2 to 3 years ahead academically. He knew his number, colors, and shapes by age 3! His emotional and language abilities were 2 years behind.

      I absolutely believe the Amish know what they are doing. Not vaccinating and eating freshly grown foods (assuming without using pesticides) is the right way to go in increasing and protecting ones immune system.

      America is “dying” because its poisoning itself! We are being poisoned by the all the pesticides that are flown over and spilled onto our crops and our water; we are poisoned thru our mercury infested vaccines; And we are poisoned through all the LIES and DECEPTIVE PROPAGANDA spoken over the air waves by our “trusted” journalists!!!!!

      Bottom line: DONT VACCINATE…..DONT LISTEN to the CRAP handed to us from the “NEWS”….and in my opinion, unless your physician is a G-D fearing man or woman-DONT TRUST THEN EITHER!

  61. I just got this in a newsletter today:

    Maybe this is what our country needs to wake us up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been hearing this for over a year now. Will it finally happen?

    Central banks start to abandon the U.S. dollar

    There’s mounting evidence that central bankers have little faith in the greenback these days. Can we blame them?

    by Heidi N. Moore, contributor

    There are those who would argue that the financial crisis was caused by over-enthusiastic worship of the Almighty Dollar. Call it brutal financial karma, but that church is looking pretty empty these days.

    A new report from Morgan Stanley analyst Emma Lawson confirms what many had suspected: the dollar is firmly on its way to losing its status as the reserve currency of the world. We already knew that central banks have preferred gold to dollars, and that they’re even selling their gold for cash; now, according to Lawson’s data, it seems that those central banks prefer almost anything to dollars.

    Lawson found that central banks have dropped their allocation to U.S. dollars by nearly a full percentage point to 57.3% from 58.1%, and calls this “unexpected given the global environment.” She adds, “over time we anticipate that reserve managers may reduce their holdings further.”

    What is surprising is that the managers of those central banks aren’t buying traditional fall-backs like the euro, the British pound or the Japanese yen. Instead, she suggests they’re putting their faith in other dollars – the kind that come from Australia and Canada. The allocation to those currencies, which fall under “other” in the data, rose by a full percentage point to 8.5%, accounting almost exactly for the drop in the U.S. dollar allocation.

    Call it diversification, if you must, but the trendline indicates that central banks are finally putting their money where their anti-dollar mouths are. The dollar has been in free-fall since 2007.

    Last year, both China and Russia have questioned why the dollar should be the world’s reserve currency. (Naturally, they were advocating for the ruble and yuan).

    And just last week, the United Nations released a report concluding that the dollar should no longer be the world’s reserve currency because it is not stable enough. The dollar is down 5% over the past month, and even currency traders don’t see it as a safe haven any more.

    There is certainly an element of economic competitiveness in those statements from foreign bodies and governments, but at the same time, Americans shouldn’t be surprised that, in these touchy times, central banks want more of a measure of security than the dollar can afford right now – particularly when we’re running up an enormous deficit through the costs of stimulus programs and two simultaneous wars.

    Just last week, America’s debt lept $166 billion in a single day. That one-day run-up is greater than the entire U.S. annual deficit in 2007. And Americans, the world’s consumers, continue much of the behavior that helped the U.S savings rate drop so low.

    The other options that reserve managers seem to be taking are also not a surprise. Canada’s rude financial health – and robust banks – were bound to draw more attention. The Australian dollar is near a nine-month high because employment numbers there are strong.

    The steady fall of the U.S. dollar is, while understandable, certainly nothing to be celebrated at home. The U.S. just has to make a stronger case – both to buyers and to its citizens – that it is on the right path.


  63. I love getting Pastor Wilkerson’s Daily Devotion, because he always has a word of comfort during the hard times. If we keep our eyes on the Lord we’ll be all right. When all this stuff goes down, we’ll have a greater testimony, because we were waiting for it. Some people are never going to listen no matter what happens, and others will listen, because they seeing it happen.

    David Wilkerson Today

    THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010


    We see in 1 Samuel 13 that Saul faced a crucial moment that every believer must
    eventually confront. It is a time of crisis when we’re forced to decide whether
    we’ll wait on God by faith, or get impatient and take matters into our own

    Saul’s pivotal moment came when ominous clouds of war were gathering over
    Israel. The Philistines had amassed a huge army of horsemen, iron chariots and
    legions of soldiers brandishing the latest weapons. By contrast, the Israelites
    had only two swords in their entire army—one for Saul and one for his son,
    Jonathan. Everyone else had to use makeshift weapons, such as wooden spears or
    crude farm tools.

    A week earlier Samuel had warned Saul to wait for him at Gilgal before going
    into battle. The prophet had said he would arrive after seven days to make the
    proper sacrifices to the Lord.

    When the seventh day came and Samuel hadn’t arrived, Saul’s soldiers began to
    scatter. Worse, the king didn’t have God’s direction for battle.

    What approach did Saul take? Did he stand firm, declaring, “I don’t care if it
    takes Samuel eight days to arrive, I’m going to stand on God’s Word to me. Live
    or die, I will obey his command”? No—Saul panicked. He allowed himself to be
    overwhelmed by his circumstances. And he ended up manipulating his way around
    God’s Word. He ordered the priest who was present to make the sacrifices
    without Samuel and in so doing committed a grievous sin against the Lord (see 1
    Samuel 13:11–12).

    No—God is never too late. All along, the Lord knew each step Samuel was
    taking toward Gilgal. He had set the prophet on a heavenly navigation system,
    pinpointing his arrival to the very second. Samuel would be there by day seven,
    even if it was one minute before midnight.

    God has not changed throughout the ages. And he is still concerned with whether
    his people obey this command: “Obey the voice of the Lord, and [do not] rebel
    against the commandment of the Lord” (1 Samuel 12:15, paraphrased). It doesn’t
    matter if our lives are spinning out of control—we are to walk in total
    confidence in the Lord. Even if things look hopeless, we are not to act in
    fear. Rather, we are to wait patiently on him to deliver us, as his Word

    The fact is, God stood right beside Saul as the massive Philistine army pressed
    in. He knew the crisis Saul was in and his eye was on every detail.

    Our God sees every detail of your crisis. He sees all the life-problems
    pressing in on you. And he’s fully aware your situation is getting worse daily.
    Those who pray and wait on him with calm faith are never in any real danger.
    Moreover, he knows all your panicky thoughts: “I don’t see how I can ever repay
    this debt…I don’t have any hope for my marriage…I don’t know how I can keep
    my job….” Yet his command to you still holds true: “Don’t panic or get ahead
    of me. You are to do nothing but pray—and rely on me. I honor everyone who
    puts his trust in me.”

    Consider these words God has given to his church: “Without faith it is
    impossible to please him” (Hebrews 11:6). “Trust in him at all times; ye
    people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 62:8).
    “Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord: he is their help and their shield”
    (Psalm 115:11). “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto
    thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct
    thy paths” (Proverbs 3:5–6).

    Unbelief is deadly, its consequences tragic. And we face dire consequences if
    we try to extricate ourselves from our trials instead of trusting God to see us
    through them.

  64. Come on Gals, Marianne, Kitti, Lindsey: You all need to get some life. Go out find a new man for a change and have good sex and get it over with. If that doesnt work then do it with a Pastor but get it over with. It will make you gals feel better and then you will love everybody. Healthy sex leads to healthy mind.


    • The hooves of horses!
      Oh! witching and sweet
      Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet;
      No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird,
      Can stir me as much as hooves of horses
      Have stirred.
      ~Will H. Ogilvie

      • Surely you gist…you may want to read Revelation 9:21…Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their SEXUAL immorality or their thefts. Sounds to me like God is still trying to get folks to repent of their sexual sins…OR ELSE.

    • Suzy

      No one here is going to trade Jesus for some ordinary, dirty man.

      What you are describing is sexual sin, and we are not interested in this.

      It is difficult for naturally minded people to understand a spiritual kingdom.

      The spirit offers much more than the flesh.

      I hope, in time, that the Holy Spirit ministers to you, and you become aware of it.

    • HEALTHY sex is from a Marriage Partner…from a Man who truly LOVES his wife as Christ LOVES the church-his bride-his beloved. Until then, I’ll stick with my horses, my kids and MY G-D! I got enough laundry as it is! HA! LOL

  65. Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,
    Friendship without envy,
    Or beauty without vanity?
    Here, where grace is served with muscle
    And strength by gentleness confined
    He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
    There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.
    There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.
    ~Ronald Duncan, “The Horse,” 1954

    • Lyndsey,

      Animal sex is getting popular and horses are the best animals for this purpose.


      • Suzy,

        First of all I know your name is not “Suzy”….your comment above is EVIL…spoke from an EVIL heart! You have no idea how dangerous a situation you are truly in. We are this close to our Saviour’s return and your writing about unspeakable evil. Your prior quote was “healthy sex leads to a healthy mind”…how is that now? You don’t have a HEALTHY MIND…it is out of the HEART that a one SPEAKS-your comment clearly shows that your heart is depraved!

        G-D is the ONLY ONE who can help you because He has given you over to having a depraved mind….

        God’s Wrath Against Mankind

        18 THE WRATH OF GOD IS BEING REVEALED from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that MEN ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE.

        21For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but THEIR THINKING BECAME FUTILE and THEIR FOOLISH HEARTS WERE DARKENED. 22Although they claimed to be wise, THEY BECAME FOOLS 23and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.

        24 THEREFORE GOD GAVE THEM OVER in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 THEY EXCHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD FOR A LIE, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

        26Because of this, GOD GAVE THEM OVER to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and RECEIVED in themselves THE DUE PENALTY FOR THEIR PERVERSION.

        28Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, HE GAVE THEM OVER TO A DEPRAVED MIND, to do what ought not to be done. 29They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them. Romans 1:28

        “suzy” the above verse was brought to my remembrance from the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me! For Him to do that, tells me that this is what He has to say to YOU! I would take heed and diligently search the G-D of all creation! Since He has turned you over to a depraved mind, it is ONLY through HIM that you will be able to see and think clearly.

      • Sorry Suzy

        You cannot come back here and post comments like that.

        You have shown no interest in learning anything about God. You just like to argue, and not listen.

        Your comments are pornographic, obscene, and morally offensive.

        I would suggest finding a website that is more on your level.

  66. Lyndsdy;
    Susy is not interested in serious discussion. She’s trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t giver her the satisfaction.

    • Hey Kitti,

      I am mostly certain that “suzy” is not even a “SHE”….deception and lies…surprise, surprise! 😉

      No rise here…life is too short (for real LOL)

  67. Marianne;

    Oops!!!!!!!!!!! I did it again. I didn’t check out my source. Hal Turner is a White Supremist. This is is the third one, I’ve encountered, infiltrating different groups. I decided to look him up. I should of done it before I posted his video. It’s a learning leason for everyone.

  68. What about Paul McGuire. He’s a former New Ager, Born again Christian. I’ll let him tell you about himself:

    I was demonstrating with radical activist Abbie Hoffman when I was fifteen years old. Shortly before Abbie Hoffman died, he openly admitted that he was a Communist. In High School, a friend whose father was a doctor, gave me some of the psychedelic drug mescaline. I had read a book called Heaven & Hell: The Doors of Perception, by Aldous Huxley who said mescaline could enable a person to travel through the “doors of perception.” Huxley also wrote, Brave New World and the rock group The Doors named their group after Huxley’s “doors of perception.”

    I was raised in a secular humanistic home in New York City, where my mother was a card carrying member of the ACLU and a socialist. I began to take psychedelic drugs and participate in occult and New Age Movement activities along with anti-war demonstrations.
    At that time in my life, I hated America and I was for the New World Order, revolution, one world government, drugs and Socialism. I did not take psychedelic drugs to get high, but to alter my consciousness. In fact, I was involved in meditation, astral projection, yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism and many other eastern Mystical. Religions. I read the teachings and ideas of Baba Ram Dass, Stephen, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, Dr. John C. Lilly, Edgar Cayce and others. I saw the great white light, experienced communication with spirit guides and had all kinds of occult powers.

    I hated Christianity and Christians. When I walked by a church on Sunday morning I would spit on the ground to show my disgust for the Christian religion. I hung out with LSD guru Timothy Leary on St. Marx Place and Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in Central Park and engaged in a telepathic conversation with Stephen Gaskin as he left San Francisco, where he taught his Monday Night Class, in a hippie exodus of buses painted with psychedelic colors.
    My dual major at the University of Missouri, was filmmaking and “Altered States of Consciousness,” which was a brand new accredited field in the psychology department. My professor was high up in the New Age Movement and he invited me to go deeper into the movement. I remember sitting in one of his lecture classes and hearing a voice that said, “Surrender to the dark forces within!”

    As a radical I considered joining the SDS and the Weather Underground, but I found all the rhetoric about violence in conflict with my beliefs in non-violence, peace and love. I attempted to enroll in the Black Panther Party but I was not allowed to because I was white. This was my first experience in racial persecution. However, because of my passion, they did allow me to become an honorary member of the Black Panther Party. I was dedicated to peaceful revolution and legally overthrow the U.S. government and bring in a one world government. Also, I hated Capitalism and believed in wealth redistribution and environmentalism.
    Because I lived in Manhattan and moved in certain circles, I ended up rubbing shoulders with the leaders of the counter culture. In short, I believed in many of the things that President Obama, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn believed in. Yet, even at this time I believed in freedom! Freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the rest of our Constitutional rights.

    I arrived at the University of Missouri, where the counter culture was exploding. One particular professor who was high up in the New Age Movement was teaching us to use higher consciousness to bring in the New Age. At that time, I was participating in experiments outlined by Dr. John C. Lilly, the medical doctor who taught us that dolphins were intelligent, which was made into a movie entitled The Day of the Dolphin starring George C. Scott. These experiments involved taking powerful psychedelic drugs while soaking in a sensory deprivation chamber and leaving my body.

    However, while still at the University of Missouri by politics and spiritual beliefs slowly began to change. First, I noticed that there was no real love, peace and community in the counterculture. They were as bad or worse than the people involved in the New Age religions and capitalism. This came to a head when I began to see acts of violence among the so-called hippies and revolutionaries. I started to notice hard core Communist propaganda appearing at counter culture gatherings. Posters with a revolutionary fist up raised holding up an AK 47 assault rifle with the slogan “Armed Love.” Hippies were now carrying copies of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.

    There were a lot of papers and speeches being made attempting to transition the counter culture and hippies into the Communist Movement. The literature promoted ideas like, “if you really love people and want to bring peace and love into the world, than you must be prepared to take up guns and bombs and kill people through violent revolution.

    The alarm bells in my mind starting to go off. I could sense that the counter culture was being manipulated by powerful outside sources. At that time, I didn’t realize to what extent, we were being indoctrinated, manipulated and brainwashed. Then people began wear T-shirts with the pictures of Che, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Stalin and other Communists. I knew that these people were killing hundreds of millions of people and I could not go along with it, no matter what the justification. The Hippie Movement which began as a movement of peace, love and sex was morphing into a violent Communist Movement with the goal of violent revolution.

    Woodstock was replaced by the infamous alleged Hell’s Angel’s murder, filmed live at Altamonte Speedway. Violence, guns, hard narcotic drugs .like heroin and cocaine began to replace the more peaceful psychedelic drugs. Flower power was replaced with Chairman Mao’s, “political power proceeds from the barrel of a gun.”

    Even though I considered myself a revolutionary and had long hair down to my belt, I was not interested in becoming a Communist and violent revolutionary, where the ends justify the means. Although, the vast majority of my professors were liberal, one professor assigned us to read a book entitled None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen.It was the only book on history that I ever had read that made any sense. It was like somebody turned the lights on in my mind and I could see for the first time. Allen essentially said that both the Communists and Nazi’s were financed by the same international cabal of bankers whose goal was to employ the Hegelian Dialectic of Antithesis or Communism vs. Nazism which was National Socialism, Thesis. In order to create a synthesis, which would be New World Order totalitarianism.

    In addition, Allen explained how Rockefeller, Kissinger, the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations (which claims to be simply a think tank) were controlling the media and the highest levels of government in order to move us to a one world Communist government.
    For the first time in my life I actually picked up the both the Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible and began reading it. I discovered that the Bible not only talked about God’s dealings with Jewish people and His free offer of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.
    But I also discovered that the Bible communicates a Biblical world view about all matters of reality such as science, music, economics, business, morality, sexuality, government, religion, art, creativity, productivity, government, law and politics.

    I was shocked to discover that the Bible was not the silly little cartoon-like book, that I had been taught that is was. I realized that the Bible spoke about such things as human sexuality, culture, economics, military preparedness, immigration, science, cloning, life after death, evolution, art, music and the role of government and limitations of government.

    The stunning tour de force of intellectual, practical and spiritual dynamism that is presented in the Holy Scriptures is so overwhelming to normal consciousness that to people who will read it without bias, will soon discover that they have been brought by the Holy Spirit to a higher level of consciousness that enables men and women in government, the military, medicine, science, psychology, psychiatry, the courts, energy, business, economic theory, arts, music, and creativity can take a quantum leap into the future and access answers and solutions that are not available to men and women who are cut off from this resource.

    For example, America’s success and productivity is not simply due to its natural resources or hard work. There are many nations which have an abundance of natural resources and populations which are willing to become educated and work had. America became great because of the blessing of God and that our government and our citizen’s were willing to seek God and His Word and apply it to every area of life. This is why America is great.
    In contrast, without exception in history, every single government which has rejected the Biblical God and the principles in His Word, has self-destructed economically and socially. In addition, the citizen’s of the humanistic and socialist revolutions have seen continual poverty, loss of jobs, and a lower standard of living and live under an oppressive tyranny of fear under a brutal dictatorship where people disappear into the night. This would include Nazi, Germany which is just another flavor of Marxism called “National Socialism.” The dangerous trends which are now erupting all around us, here in America.

    I was invited to a Christian religious retreat sponsored by a Christian denomination, in the cornfields of Missouri, which looked like the Kevin Costner movie “Fields of Dreams.”. When I go there I was on a serious quest for God. But, all I saw was a bunch of Christian “frat” and sorority girls who basically wanted to party. It confirmed my worst suspicions about the religion of Christianity. I hitchhiked back to the University of Missouri the next morning. When I stuck out my thumb next to the road in the cornfields, a Pentecostal preacher and his wife picked me up and preached to me about Jesus for about an hour.

    I figured it was a just coincidence. So I stuck out my thumb again and this time it was a Bible salesman, wearing a dark three piece suit, driving a station wagon packed with Bibles. He was not trying to be politically correct. He let go of his steering wheel and held up a giant black leather King James Bible and began telling me I was a “sinner” and that I was going to hell if I did not invite Christ into my life and except His free gift of salvation and to become born-again.

    Now, I was from New York City and did not even believe in the word sin. To me sin was an archaic concept. However, for some strange reason, we pulled off the side of the road and I prayed the “sinners prayer” with Him. At that moment, for the first time in my life I knew that Christ has come into my life and made be born again. This was different than all the New Age and drug induced experiences I had been through. They all seemed like illusions and counterfeits in contrast with the reality of Jesus Christ living in my life. Now with the Holy Spirit in me, I began to study and re-think my positions on every major issue. After years of study and comparing my beliefs with a Judeo Christian world view, I have changed my political, scientific and social conclusions
    By God’s grace my entire testimony has been heard by over 35 million people around the world through Christian television networks, international magazines and newspapers, literature and books that we have sent to prisons and overseas, syndicated radio shows like Art Bell, films, conferences and books. Although it is hard to get an accurate count of the number of people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior or who have returned to the Lord, after hearing me share my testimony. A conservative figure would be that over 236,000 people have come to Christ.

  69. Is Obama just a bit too obvious to be the AC or is it just me? I can’t help but think that he is too obvious-too transparent. I keep thinking that the AC will be under our noses the whole time and that Obama was a “distraction”….

    • Lyndsey

      There are a lot of antichrist personalities now. Most world leaders are this way, to pave the way for the main one. Obama is just one of them.

  70. Lyndsey;

    You and Marianne always have a good response. I don’t worry about finding out who the anit-christ is because I’m a Pre-trib Christian. I do want to study it more. Will he be Islamic or from the Revived Roman Empire? I thought the false Prophet would be from Rome and now I believe the anti-christ will be from the middle east. I’m going to a conference today and then Harvest Tonight, Saturday and Sunday to be a usher.

    Click to access 2010-USA-Prophecy-Conference.pdf

    We’re blessed in S.C.
    Have a great weekend.

  71. What are your view about Annunakis???


    • The bible teaches that there is a hierarchy of dark beings.

      originally all beings were created by God, but some turned evil:

      Col 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

      Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

      The Annunaki is part of the spiritual wickedness in high places.

      Originally, there were fallen angels of different ranks.

      1. one set mated with human women

      2. another sets may not have.

      3. this mating set produced nephilim which were hybrids of humans and fallen angels

      4. once mankind was destroyed by Noah’s flood, this released the spirits of the dead hybrids (nephilim), and these demons seek to inhabit more humans.

      5. It is reported that there are more nephilim as a result of mating with kidnapped humans, or from genetic engineering.

      The Annunaki is one of these sets of fallen angels. Each set has a different description, based on its original rank.

      One set is described as reptilian. Satan was called the snake and the serpent in the bible. This is a physical form he can assume when he manifests.

      If you are protected by the blood and name of Jesus, none of this can hurt you.

      But you have to give up your sins first and repent.

  72. Another good response Marianne and Lyndsey. Of course I met Southern California. Cute video. Some of us are sooooooooooooooo naive.

    I was looking up:
    Zecharia Sitchin

    Zecharia Sitchin (born July 11, 1920) is an author of books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he claims to be a race of extra-terrestrials from a hypothetical planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru, which he believes to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth’s own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this view.
    Regardless of the fact that Sitchin’s speculations have been ridiculed by professional scientists, historians, and archaeologists, who note many problems with his translations of ancient texts[1] and categorize his work as pseudoscience, throughout the years his theories have contributed to many cultural ideas and movies.

    According to Sitchin’s interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbology, outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune which follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (although Jupiter was the planet associated with the god Marduk in Babylonian cosmology).[3] According to Sitchin, Nibiru, (whose name was replaced with MARDUK in original legends by the Babylonian ruler of the same name in an attempt to co-opt the creation for himself, leading to some confusion among readers) collided catastrophically with Tiamat (a goddess in the Babylonian creation myth the Enûma Eliš), who he considers to be another planet located between Mars and Jupiter. This collision supposedly formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the comets. Sitchin claims that when struck by one of planet Nibiru’s moons, Tiamat split in two, and then on a second pass Nibiru itself struck the broken fragments and one half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, struck again by one of Nibiru’s moons, was pushed into a new orbit and became today’s planet Earth.
    According to Sitchin, Nibiru (called “the twelfth planet” because, Sitchin claimed, the Sumerians’ gods-given conception of the Solar System counted all eight planets, plus Pluto, the Sun and the Moon) was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth, who Sitchin states are called the Nephilim in Genesis. He claims they evolved after Nibiru entered the solar system and first arrived on Earth probably 450,000 years ago, looking for minerals, especially gold, which they found and mined in Africa. Sitchin states that these “gods” were the rank and file workers of the colonial expedition to Earth from planet Nibiru.
    Sitchin believes the Anunnaki genetically engineered Homo sapiens as slave creatures to work their gold mines by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of Homo erectus. Sitchin claims ancient inscriptions report that human civilization in Sumer of Mesopotamia was set up under the guidance of these “gods”, and human kingship was inaugurated to provide intermediaries between mankind and the Anunnaki (creating the Divine right of kings doctrine). Sitchin believes that fallout from nuclear weapons, used during a war between factions of the extraterrestrials, is the “evil wind” described in the Lament for Ur that destroyed Ur around 2000 BC. Sitchin claims the exact year is 2024 BC.[4] Sitchin claims that his research coincides with many biblical texts, and that biblical texts come originally from Sumerian writings.

    • If earth was formed by a planetary impact which caused another body to split, I would expect earth to have many deep jagged edges, but it doesn’t. It also would not be round like it is, it would be like a baseball cut in half.

  73. America was never meant to last!!!! And there was nothing anyone could do to change that. It is not a matter of becoming more spiritual or changing the way we live, or having a good Christian government, etc.. The only way we can come up with YHWH making America his chosen nation, is through replacement theology. Our God made His choice of a dwelling place for His people. From Genisis through Revelations it has always been Israel. The church believes that Israel is for “those people over there”. The Jews. But America is a christian nation, established by God, which is a true statement. The question that no one asks, is why was the United States of America established by God? To prepare the most powerful and dominant nation in the world to be a safe haven for the remnant of Israel to live in safety and peace. The remnant being the Jews and the true gentile believers. The world at large is anti-semitic and a dangerous place to be a Jew. No other place on earth has Israel prospered and grown in relative peace and safety. As I said before, when I say Israel, it includes Jews and gentile believers. I know how that bothers christians to hear that. I have endured the wrath of that. I am a gentile believer. It was given to the gentile believers to spread the Goodnews of personal redemption folloiwng Yashua’s death and ascension, fulfilling the Spring Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost. While personal salvation is basic and needed by every person who ever hopes to be accepted by The Father, we are deep in the season of the Fall Feast now. The Fall Feasts speaks of the judgement of the nations, but more importantly the restoratation of the land of Isreal with and including the restoration of the people of Israel. We are basically in a seasonthat the church by in large has no concept of. Even Islam knows that the Jews and the gentile believers are brothers. It shows in how they describe us, The big satan and the little satan. To them we are one in the same, just one being more powerful in this world than the other. The one word the church ascribes to the sesaon we are in now is RAPTURE! Don’t count on it until the end. What will be a destroying fire for the nations, will be a refining fire for His people. The Scriptures are one from beginning to end and in perfect harmony and continuity. There are not two books for two different peoples. There is only one book for one group of people, His chosen people, Israel!

    • hi Al,

      I agree with you , I think.

      If you support Israel, the nation, then why do you believe in replacement theology, which rejects natural Israel, and considers only the church Israel now?

  74. I keep bringing this up and you keep ignoring it.

    That’s not replacement theology. It sounds like he believes in:

    By Robert L. Dean, Jr., Th.M., Ph.D candidate
    Senior Pastor, Preston City Bible Church, Connecticut

    Dispensationalism is the interpretive key that unlocks the pages of Scripture, opens the door for our understanding of prophecy, and orients our thinking about God’s blueprint for human history.

    Three complementary principles form the foundation of Dispensational theology. The first principle states the Bible must be consistently understood in terms of the plain, literal meaning of words, including the use of figures of speech where the context indicates. A second principle lies in the premise God has a plan for ethnic and national Israel distinct from His plan for the New Testament Church. The third principle of Dispensationalism is human history is the outworking of an eternal plan of God culminates in bringing maximum glory to Himself.

    The Greek word for dispensation, oikonómos, means administration, stewardship. A dispensation therefore is a distinct and identifiable administration in the development of God’s design for human history; see Ephesians 3.2 and Colossians 1.25-26. God manages the entirety of human history as a household, moving humanity through sequential stages of His administration. Each stage, or dispensation, is determined by the level of revelation the Lord has provided up to that time in history. That revelation specifies man’s responsibilities, tests regarding those responsibilities and God’s gracious provision of a solution when failure occurs.

    Though each dispensation has distinct and identifiable characteristics, the truths and principles of God’s revelation and plan for redemption are constant. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone. Prior to the cross, faith anticipated fulfillment of the divine promise of salvation through the work of the Messiah. Since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, faith looks back to His finished, substitutionary atonement on the cross. Other characteristics are modified as God’s revelation progresses, such as the practice of animal sacrifice.

    Dispensationalists sometimes differ as to the exact number of dispensations revealed in Scripture, but they usually list these seven:


    Adam to the Fall


    Fall to Flood

    Human Government

    Flood to Abraham


    Abraham to Moses

    Mosaic Law

    Moses to the Cross

    Church Age

    The Day of Pentecost to the Rapture

    Millennial Kingdom

    The literal 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ following His Second Advent

    Dispensational theology enables us to correctly understand God’s prophetic timetable for humanity. The current era focuses on the church as the people of God, not on Israel. Yet for Daniel’s prophecy in 9.27 to be literally fulfilled in the same way the initial sixty-nine weeks were fulfilled (9.25-26), the church must be removed from the earth. Only then will God begin to fulfill all He promised to Israel in the Old Testament. The removal of the Church is called the rapture of the church (1 Thessalonians 4.16-17) and many Dispensationalists believe the Rapture precedes the last seven years of God’s decree for Israel, known as the Tribulation. These seven years, which are technically a completion of the age of the Mosaic Law, begin after the rapture of the Church and end with the Second Advent. Thus, the doctrine of the pretribulational rapture of the Church is closely identified with Dispensational theology.

    • Kitti,

      he CALLED it replacement theology………re-read his note…..he is talking about the relationship between modern Jews (Israel) and the church. What dispensation we are in is another issue.

  75. I don’t think he meant for us to read it that way. I make that mistake when I write all the time. That’s why I use someone else’s writing, because he then states at the bottom:

    “The Fall Feasts speaks of the judgement of the nations, but more importantly the restoratation of the land of Isreal with and including the restoration of the people of Israel”.

    “What will be a destroying fire for the nations, will be a refining fire for His people”

    Maybe he will come back and read what he wrote and what you and I wrote and clarify it, because I didn’t read it that way.

    Maybe you are correct and then there will be more discussion on it.

    How you view the millennium makes a difference on your eschatology and where Israel figures into all of this.

    The Main Schools of Eschatology Are:

    Futurist/Premillennialists .



    • Kitti

      He also said before that.

      The only way we can come up with YHWH making America his chosen nation, is through replacement theology.

      A person who believes in replacement theology does not care about natural Israel.

      I really do not want to make this a discussion of dispensations right now.

      that is too complicated for a comment.

  76. You may not want to discuss it now, but a person’s eschatology and millennium view does effect how a person see Natural Israel. Just because I hold to certain eschatology doesn’t mean that I excuse Israel when they do something wrong politically and when they are making deals.

    It doesn’t seem too complicated a subject to me. Why not? There are post on this blog that have over 300 responses. Why not on this topic? I think the subject of the “Jews” and “Israel” is a big deal. Because of people’s religious beliefs during WWII is what caused the Holocaust and allowed people to turn a blind eye and I believe it’s going to happen again.

    • Kitti

      Please get the point here. This is the comment section. I am not going to write an entire post and put it in the comments.

      Hardly any one – maybe no one – reads excessively long comments..

  77. Hi Marianne,
    I don’t believe in replacement theology. I neglected to finish my thought completely. My point was, the only way I could see someone coming up with America being God’s chosen land, is through a belief based on replacement theology, which I strongly oppose. Sorry for the confusion.

  78. I made a lot of comments above that sound like nothing more than just an opinion. I am going to expand on all of this somewhat to give some reasoning to what I wrote. Books could be written on this subject, but there is no space or time for that. I will hit the major points to try and stir some interest in those who are restless and know that there is more than the traditions that have been handed down through the church over the past 2000 years. The story of Ruth and Naomi is such a clear picture of who we, the gentile believers, are in relationship to Israel and the people of Israel. Notice how Naomi and her husband had left Israel due to trouble and hardship and assimilated into a gentile nation, their sons actually marrying out of their hebrew bloodline. When all of the men in the family died Naomi decided to return to Israel. Orpah and Ruth wanted to go with her, but Naomi tried to discourage them and told them to return to their own people and Gods. Orpah reluctantly went back while Ruth refused. Ruth’s repsonse pretty much says what a gentile believer’s response was meant to be; “Do not urge me to leave you, or to return from following after you: for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God. Where you die, will I die, and there will I be buried:YHWY do so to me, and more also, if anything but death separates you and me. Naomi was a jew and returned to Bethlehem with Ruth. Ruth lived as the homeborn of Israel and gleaned and gathered in the fields according to the insrutctions set forth by Moses. She was gathering in the field of Boaz who was a kinsman redeemer (reference of the Messiah) of Naomi’s husband, who Ruth became betrothed to (a picture of our betrothal to the Messiah). You have to understand one thing, she didn’t apply for citizenship in Israel. She didn’t have to get permission from the elders. Her declaration and acceptance of the people and the God of Israel, and the insturctions as set forth by Moses was all that was neccessary.

    Exodus 12:48-49 (King James Version)

    48And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the LORD, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof.

    49One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

    One thing that even christian leaders and pastors don’t understand, is the fact that the Jews who accepted the Messiah did not beocme christians. They were jews who received their jewish messiah. Later when God opened savlation to the gentiles, what did they become? The term chritian hadn’t even been made up at this point. They became a part of Israel by accepting the Jewish Messiah. If this is not true, then why in the third century AD did the emperor Constantine demand that the gentile believers stop keeping the Jewish customs, including the Sabbath and the Feasts? They made a deal with the devil and the false traditions we have today were forced on the church in exchange for an ending of persecution from Rome. It is all a matter of history. Saying this does not mean that God cast off the gentile believer’s for giving in to Rome. But neither did God cast off the jews for learning to hate the name of Jesus, because of the intense persectution they experienced from the hands of the church. There are two good books on this. Our Hands Are Stained With Blood by Michael Brown and Your People Shall Be My People by Don Finto. There have been two groups of people who have learned to accept each other on a certain level. None of this has taken God by surprise. It was all part of His plan. The final curtain is about to open when the true believers, jew and gentile, will look upon each other and realize who we really are. Reference back to Joseph in Egypt, for all practical purposes an Egyptian in looks and his outward office in life. Picuture his brothers standing before him as he was revealed to them as their brother!!!!!!

  79. Al;
    You expressed my sentiments exactly. Someone else who does that when I read his writing is “Don” too.

    Here’s a couple web sites about Ruth and Naomi. I think it’s appropriate for the season we are in: “Bethelhem”


    So Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife; and he went in to her. And the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son. (Ruth 4:13).

    Note that the child born is regarded as God’s gift. This has a direct impact upon how we are to view such issues as abortion.

    The Lord “enabled her to conceive.” Though she had previously been married, that marriage had not been blessed with children. Ruth had hitherto been barren.

    Then the women said to Naomi, “Blessed is the Lord who has not left you without a redeemer today, and may his name become famous in Israel.

    “May he also be to you a restorer of life and a sustainer of your old age; for your daughter-in-law, who loves you and is better to you than seven sons, has given birth to him.”

    Then Naomi took the child and laid him in her lap, and because his nurse.

    And the neighbor women gave him a name, saying “A son has been born to Naomi.” So they named him Obed. He is the father of Jesse, the father of David. (Ruth 4:14-17).

    While the book of Ruth opens with Naomi’s bitterness, it now closes with Naomi’s blessedness. She was blessed because she finally had a grandchild. This child would be reckoned as Mahlon’s.

    It is because of this that Naomi is said to have a Redeemer. Note that the redeemer is not Boaz. The redeemer is the child which had been born. It is the birth of this child that would take away Naomi’s reproach of childlessness. It is this child who would take care of her in her old age. And it is this child of whom it is said, “May his name become famous (literally – “be called”) in Israel.”

    Do you see the point? It is through the birth of a baby born in Bethlehem that Naomi is going to find her redemption. This baby has a name which shall be proclaimed both in Israel and throughout the world. For whoever calls upon this name shall be saved.

    A genealogy is, to say the least of it, a curious way to end a book. The author does not tell us why he has done this, and we are left to guess.

    Now these are the generations of Perez: to Perez was born Hezron, 19 and to Hezron was born Ram, and to Ram, Amminadab, 20 and to Amminadab was born Nahshon, and to Nahshon, Salmon, 21 and to Salmon was born Boaz, and to Boaz, Obed, 22 and to Obed was born Jesse, and to Jesse, David. (Ruth 4:18-22).

    Note the way the genealogy begins. “Now these are the generations of Perez.” It is the same formula which is found throughout Genesis. There are ten names mentioned. The unimportant names are left off to preserve this number.

    Through the book in all its artless simplicity there runs the note that God is supreme. He watches over people like Naomi and Ruth and Boaz and directs their paths. He never forgets His saving purposes. The child of the marriage of Boaz and Ruth was to lead in due course to the great King David, the man after God’s own heart, the man in whom God’s purpose was worked out.

    These events in Moab and Bethlehem played their part in leading up to the birth of David. But that is not all. David is not an end unto himself. He is merely the forerunner of the Messiah.

    Here is the point. God’s hand is over all history. God works out His purpose, generation after generation. Limited as we are to one lifetime, each of us sees so little of what happens. But we need to realize that God is working out salvation – even among little people like Ruth and Boaz and such a little out-of-the-way place as Bethlehem. Bethlehem was a nowhere place. These were unknown people. But they gave rise to a king. God shines His spotlight of history in some very strange places. He will do that for you. It was a backward country town that saw some people who were faithful in the midst of hard times. And as a result, they saw a baby in a manger and angels and awe-struck shepherds.

    “The Romance of Redemption”

    A Story of Bethlehem:

    The Kinsman-Redeemer

    by Chuck Missler

    And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. – Luke 2:8

    The book of Ruth, a traditional reading at harvest time during the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), is a book of only four brief chapters that is both a classic love story and also an essential book of prophecy. One cannot understand Revelation Chapter 5 without it. It even has implications for our Christmas season, which is one of the reasons for providing a précis in this issue.


    The family of Elimelech, due to a local famine, leaves its home in Bethlehem and immigrates to Moab. The two sons marry local girls, but the father and the two sons subsequently pass away, leaving his wife, Naomi, and her two daughters-in-laws destitute. Hearing that things are now better back home, Naomi decides to return to her native Bethlehem. She urges the two young girls to remain in their homeland and begin new lives, but Ruth refuses and insists on accompanying Naomi.

    The Law of Gleaning

    One of the values of this book is to highlight the operation of the laws of ancient Israel. As a landowner, you were permitted to reap on one pass only: what was missed, or left behind, was available to be “gleaned” by the widows or the destitute.2

    Naomi and Ruth are, of course, in that situation, and Ruth, in her support of the household, goes out to glean after the reapers and “happens”3 onto the field of Boaz, one of the wealthy landowners and the hero of our story. Boaz arranges for his reapers to drop “handfuls on purpose” to assure Ruth an abundant gathering. When Noami learns of Ruth’s good fortune, she is especially delighted since it turns out that Boaz is a kinsman of the family, and that leads to the opportunity that is the crux of the tale.

    To properly understand what follows, it is necessary to be familiar with several other laws operative from the Torah.

    The Law of Redemption

    When property is sold in our culture, title is usually passed “in fee simple,” in perpetuity to the buyer. However, Israel’s land was granted, in the days of Joshua, to the tribes to be retained within the family. (That’s one of the reasons genealogies were so important.)

    When someone “sold” a property—to pay debts, or whatever—the transaction was what we would view as a lease: there were provisions for the land to eventually return to the family. A “title deed” included the terms that a kinsman of the family could perform to “redeem” the property to the family.5

    The Law of Levirate Marriage

    There was also an unusual procedure to assure the continuation of a family in the event of the death of a husband without issue. If a widow had no son, she could request the next of kin to take her and raise children to continue the family bloodline.

    It is from this background that we understand Naomi’s opportunity in Ruth Chapter 3. She realizes that Boaz is a kinsman; therefore, there was an opportunity to regain the family properties lost by her deceased husband 10 years earlier and also a chance for Ruth to have a new life. Naomi instructs Ruth on how to proceed.

    The Threshing Floor

    The harvest included winnowing the wheat at a “threshing floor,” a parcel of ground where there was a prevailing wind. The grain was tossed into the air and the grain would fall downwind a small distance; the chaff, being lighter, would be carried further downwind. When done properly, two piles would result: the furthest would be burned as trash; the closer one would be bagged for the marketplace.

    The harvest was, of course, also a time for celebration, and the evenings were accompanied by festivities for having made payroll another season, etc. After the celebration, the owners typically would sleep near the grain to preclude theft. Ruth is instructed by Naomi to approach Boaz privately at the threshing floor. What follows is widely misunderstood by the uninitiated reader.

    The Request

    Ruth approaches Boaz while he is sleeping and requests him to “spread his skirt over her as he is a near kinsman.” This is not the kind of proposition many people assume it to be.

    The shul (“skirt”), or hem, was the emblem of rank or authority in Israel, much like the stripes on the sleeve of a naval officer or airline pilot in our culture. (This insight is essential to really understand David’s cutting Saul’s hem,7 or why the woman with the issue of blood touched Christ’s hem etc.)

    Ruth was asking Boaz to put the authority of his house over her. She is invoking her right under the laws of Israel for him to take her to wife. Boaz was delighted to accommodate her, but there remained an obstacle to be overcome.

    A Nearer Kinsman?

    It seems that there is a nearer kinsman who would have to first step aside for Boaz to assume his role. This is a cloud over the otherwise joyous proceedings. Boaz takes on the task of confronting this nearer kinsman, in front of the city council, to force the issue.

    When a widow requested the next of kin to perform the role of the goel, or kinsman-redeemer, he wasn’t forced to. In fact, there were three conditions to be met:

    He had to be qualified as a kinsman;
    He had to be able to perform;
    He had to be willing.
    There were two issues at stake: the redeeming of the land for Naomi and the taking of Ruth to wife. As far as the land is concerned, the man appears to be willing. But for some undisclosed reason, he is unable to perform where Ruth is concerned. That clears the way for our hero, Boaz, to fulfill his role as the goel.

    The giving of the shoe needs an explanation. If the nearer kinsman declined the responsibility, he would have to yield one of his shoes and could also suffer the indignity of being spit upon. When he declined, he performed the traditional gesture by yielding his shoe to Boaz. The shoe was intended to be a symbol of disgrace, but to Boaz it was a marriage license!

    (It may seem remarkable that Boaz, a wealthy Jew, would take a Gentile to wife. Remember who his mother was: Rahab, the harlot of Jericho Both Rahab and Ruth are in Christ’s genealogy.)

    A Closer Look

    This elegant love story is a classic in literature, and it also gives us some interesting insights into the life of ancient Israel.

    But if we look more closely, we will discover that it is much more than that. The plan of God appears to be hidden among its colorful symbols and roles. The Bible frequently deals in symbols, models, or “types.” As we examine the role of Boaz as the goel, or kinsman-redeemer, we can easily see how he, in some ways, pre-figures our own kinsman-redeemer, Jesus Christ. Through his act of redemption, Boaz returns Naomi (Israel) to her land, and also takes Ruth (a Gentile) as his bride. This suggests a parallel with the Church as the Gentile bride of Christ.

    The parallels between Boaz, Naomi, and Ruth with Christ, Israel, and the Church have been widely recognized, and it is remarkable to notice how many additional details of the story are consistent with this viewpoint.

    The Unnamed Servant

    Who first introduces Boaz to Ruth? An unnamed servant. This is suggestive of the role of the Holy Spirit, and it is interesting that in every example that the Holy Spirit is viewed in such a role, He is always the “unnamed servant.” In Genesis 24, Abraham, as the Father, sent his “eldest servant” to gather a bride for his son Isaac. This unnamed servant seems to be mentioned elsewhere as Eliezer, which means “Comforter.” Why does the Holy Spirit always appear as the unnamed servant? Because Jesus said “He would never testify of Himself.”14

    It is interesting that, no matter how much Boaz wanted Ruth, as a gentleman there was nothing he could do until she declared herself. It was her move. No matter how much Jesus loves us, He awaits our response. How about you? Have you asked your Goel to do His “kinsman-redeemer” part for you?

    The Nearer Kinsman

    What does the “nearer kinsman” symbolize? Most scholars view him as the Law. What the Law could not do, Jesus has already done for us. It is also significant that at the confrontation with the “nearer kinsman,” it was Ruth’s position to confront the nearer kinsman; however, Boaz stood in Ruth’s place and took the entire burden upon himself.

    This Christmas season we will, of course, think of those shepherds who were visited by the angels announcing the birth of the Son of David in Bethlehem. It is interesting to reflect on the possibility that these shepherds were tending their flocks in the very fields that had belonged to Boaz and Ruth so long before.

    We note that this love story climaxes with Boaz “purchasing” his (Gentile) bride.15 Jesus also has purchased us: it was with His blood on a wooden cross two thousand years ago. May His richest blessings attend you and yours during this special holiday season!

    Appendix: The Strange Toast

    As they celebrated the wedding of Ruth and Boaz at the end of Ruth Chapter 4, we encounter a rather strange remark in verse 12: “May your house be like Perez…” If you understand the sordid tale of Judah and Tamar, which leads to the illegitimate birth of Perez, you might be inclined to think, “Same to you, fella!” What kind of a “toast” or blessing is that?

    To understand what lies behind this unusual prophecy, we need to remember that in the case of an illegitimate son, there could be no inheritance for ten generations. Appended to the Book of Ruth is the genealogy from Perez, and ten generations leads us to David, anointed King over Israel!

    When Israel clamored for a king and Samuel anointed Saul, we often get the impression that David was an “afterthought” when Saul didn’t work out. Not so. Here, as early as the time of the Judges, is a prophecy that David was God’s destined choice for King. Perhaps that is why Samuel had to go to the tribe of Benjamin, rather than the royal tribe of Judah

    for his selection: the curse on Perez’s line hadn’t run out yet.

    • Kitti,
      Thanks for the informaiton. Chuck Missler has some very interesting information on his website, It is under the link 66/40. The discussions I liked the best were under the heading of Technical. It is basically explaining in scientific terms the hard to understand things the Bible says. For example, how creation happened in 6 days. There does seem to be a scientific answer.

    • “Naomi instructs Ruth on how to proceed.”

      We could say “Israel instructs the gentiles on how to proceed” 🙂

      The “church” could learn from Israel on how to proceed…..:)

  80. A lot of Christian want us to return to the Days of the 1950’s. They don’t want to hear about evil things and would rather close their eyes and shut their ears.

    I like Rascal Flatts and this song epitomizes this philosphy of the 1950’s attitude.

    Sorry, we ain’t going backwards. It ain’t going to happen.

    Jesus is coming.

    Did you know they are Christians?

    It’s too long to post the whole thing and I’m told people don’t read long posts anyway. So to get you curious to read it:

    Rascal Flatts:
    Taking kids to the country

    By Walt Mueller

    If you grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, exposure to country music was usually by accident. At least that’s the way it was for me back in the ’60s and ’70s. My peers and I knew Country & Western as a musical genre of another place and culture. Our channel surfing and curiosity took us there briefly through “Hee Haw” and “The Glen Campbell Show.” As a 16-year-old, when I took a job in a small engine repair shop at a local farm market, I had no choice but to spend my workday listening to my boss’ favorite AM radio station, which just happened to be the only country music station in Philadelphia. While I never turned the dial to his station after punching out on the time clock, some of those catchy country tunes and the stories they told stayed spinning in my head. One consequence of that summer job is that to this day, my mental jukebox sometimes defaults to Tammy Wynette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” or Charlie Rich’s “Behind Closed Doors” and “Most Beautiful Girl.” But for the most part, kids listening to country in our part of the world was about as common as seeing someone from Kentucky reading Yankee magazine.

    • I love that song 🙂 thanks Kitti

      My sister lives in “a mayberry” town in Missouri. The last time I was there I got stuck behind an Amish family in their horse and buggy!! Drove me NUTS….I’m all for country but geez, I know those horses can go faster than that! LOL

  81. Do Europeans and people in the middle east watch re-runs of “The Andy Griffth Show”? Would they even understand the lyrics of Rascal Flatts song?

    I was just wondering. Maybe they won’t understand what I was talking about. Those are the TV days of innocence. There was such a thing. No violence, no sex, no drugs Some people want to recapture those days. I don’t think we will ever go back to that time. I never heard the lyrics to the musical Theme of the movie before. Has anyone else? I ran across it.

    • 🙂 I have never heard this….I was raised on the Andy Griffith show too 😉

      I think I am going to cancel cable and buy the andy griffith series for my son to watch….

  82. I love you Lyndsey. I wish you had your blog still. How do you get those Happy Faces everyone posts?! You know so many things. I wish all these annoymous people would come out of hiding and put a face to their Gravatar. I notice you like to change yours all the time. I know something you don’t. You will have to wait for me to show you. You can use it on the Gravatar or facebook.

    When I was a kid (10 years old) and Batman first came out at the end it would say;
    “Tune in tomorrow, same bat channel, same bat station, same bat time.

    Laila Tov (Good night!)


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  84. i want to go home! “For Melanie, may this family Bible be as a map for a sacred journey-passed on from spiritual pilgrims in her past-entrusted to her as guide and keepsake for pilgrims in her future. May it always represent to her the love and nurturing faith of her family-who anticipated her birth with much excitement and joy. For Melanie’s family, may her coming be as a window to the divine. May her innocence and helplessness, and playful spark ever awaken in them a sense of the sacred dance out of which each of us comes, and to which each of us one day returns.“ May 8th, 1983 by Rev. Roger E. Spence
    We want to talk about how the book helps in so many ways, that to not have something to read would be like to say that there’s not an invention for civilization to call it that name. So let’s begin down my journey on helping to solve the many last finishing touches to how this book may help guide you through your journey and the many places you’ll see and love to all eternity because of the gift that you read. To watch through my works in life and see all the missing gaps on the matching and creativity of what we choose to put into it. The thoughts then become about how so many people and so many different races, different colonies and a mass amount of different books on different land masses. Shouldn’t we be striving to put some of the knowledge into the mapping sequence of how you can see and perceive the history of how civilization had the struggle to learn the fundamentals of what the earth wants to make it a survivable place in order for us to have that better place of living and that not necessary have all the materials things that you needed were as much as you thought. To be like the movie Ants, where everyone works as a team and then harvests and sits through winter to hibernate from getting winter plagues that travel and sit in happiness like kings with our families reading and learning amounst one another about your choice of life. Have the food storage for that hibernation. If we work together we all live in abundance. Dedicated to all those that have inspired life the way it is and how we live among it with the most light that it gives us. To understand what the being of us actually is and if we don’t look to our spirits of ancestors, then how can we see the chapter that we are supposed to write continue the next generation. If we didn’t have a voice, we would read with our bodies and emotions and if we had a voice we can get the few essentials into the senses which are the elements of the earth.
    As we know, as we grow up, we have a fundamental working educational system to teach you the voice, body language, and writing skills you need to mix with the addition of equations and then add the rules in how this all is going to work for your basis of educational needs. We do this to help see the mistakes that we need to fix, or the changes that we may need to look at and work with to establish what guides us in the most forward path as we journey down the road called Life. We are brought up on the skills passed on from our ancestors to help guide us where they left off to help establish better life and well-being for all so that we can all enjoy life to its fullest. Yes, sometimes thing may be hard to understand as you’re guided through the system and equations of life. If it wasn’t for the teamwork that we build with one another to get to the top together in the equality that will benefit us all into the future of what we can be. Like Einstein say “There’s a Beginning to every End, and an End to every Beginning.” If we get rid of the essentials and the fundamentals that brought us here, then what are we supposed to learn? We then would have to re-start until the basic learning of body language that could bring that back which looking over the amount of time that we have been moving forward rather than backwards. Money is power, but money is greed as well. How did we become so spoiled over the years? We have had many people over the years try to understand, that it’s not the American People that they blame but maybe the way the government was misunderstanding each other. The answer is communication skills would have been more essential to build that map together. Which are from the seeds we plant into the ground of the foundation of life and liberty and justice for all.

    Over the years, we have seen some struggles and things that shouldn’t have happened. It was called the lost communication that makes it essential for the global safety of the creatures we live around. If we continue to get rid of some of the things that help with the ground deposit essentials needed in the chemical mix of how the forests and communities around can work though what we have already started. We need to however, remember that for forgiveness if you are truly and sincerely honest with whatever may have occurred in the past. We never are supposed to give up hope and the money and income TAX I think help the confusion all the more. If you put you tithing back into the EARTH that has you here with the essential foundation of the map you have established, then WE can make this place last a lot longer than pushing the system faster just to dominate what never belong to any of us current living generation but our ancestors that left this creation of work they put together. When you read something, do you want it to have a mean, mono-toned voice that makes fear out of greed, or a melachonly charmed vision of being able to show a happiness you left for all your fellow listeners that learn growing up that it was a wonderful foundation of youth and then are the simple reason as to why we are here.
    Among things of learning, I would like to add into this beginning of the book coming from a Bishop named Kenneth W. Hicks, Arkansas Area on Heroes and Witnesses. It is appropriate to have models who inspire us and move us toward right behavior. There is a difference, however, between heroes who are celebrities to be admired and heroes whose witness reveals a deep current of faith whose source is God. Paul and Barnabas were instrumental in the healing of a crippled man in Lystra. The crowds watching were so awed by the spectacular aspect of the act that the deeper, more sacred dimensions of the event escaped them. They tried to make celebrities of Paul and Barnabas. Indeed, They are heroes of the Christian faith who proclaimed a deeper reality of the healing even. They reminded the crowd that they were human, that their humanity was related to god “who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them.” They allowed their humanness to be used by god, dispelling the idea proposed by their admirers that the beginning and end of their powers wer in themselves. They saw their actions as witnesses to God who, to them, was no magician. God Is God. As God and divine law move the currents and tides of the sea in keeping with intention of creation, there is a sense in which that same creative law provides the currents on which the actions of faithfulness flow in and out of the sea of human experience. Our lives can bear witness to that flow. They felt the pull of God. The crowd felt the pull of sensationalism. The best heroes are the heroes of God who know their humanness, and thank God for it, and allow its blessing to make use of what they are and what they can do for others. Their lives move in rhythm to the deeper movement of God’s intentions.
    So now we come to the social problems that have been invented over the years that have caused so much disapproval to mother Earth and how we can impact the destruction of what has occurred in the past and how moving forward away from the destruction can help us make a better world and place for all those generations to come. There is an example starting with when the ships were racing across seas to discover the new land that was amist them. In games, our parents teach us that it’s for fun and there’s no judging in the game itself. Just over time, you obtain goals and structure that will help us along the way. In latter-years of our life, we learn that’s it’s about compition to see who is better. I still would honest like to believe it’s just a game and having fun is more important than anything else in the world. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, not to be verbally battered during the game. It made me not want to play but with those that wanted to play fair and leave the harsh words behind us. So here is the conclusion that I have come across looking in to the Social Problems: A Down to Earth Approach, which follows below:
    “The white people never cared for land or deer or bear. When we Indians kill meat, we eat it all up. When we dig roots, we make little holes….We shake down acorns and pine nuts. We don’t chop down trees. We only use dead wood. But the White people plow up the ground, pull up the trees, kill everything….How can the spirit of earth like the White man? Everywhere the White man has touched it, it is sore.” (pg. 462 Social Problems)

    To Find a Social Problem and to try to Analyze it using different perspectives described within the course is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. Not to say that it’s not possible for someone or a group within the society or Cong regression in which they were raised upon, but the systems themselves make it hard to justify whether a perspective(s) would be acceptable to use in such a highly changing world and the courses of action that are presented to us. What could or may be said today will be the complete opposite or just another throw out and replaced with something from a higher perspective(s). Almost like popularity contest depending on the degree that you hold would then justify the perspective that you would use. So for the simple fact that there’s so many different perspectives on the traditional way that we are raised to believe, this will be a new perspective per say to add into the chapter of history of finally trying to stop the amount of perspective’s that we are raised to believe. There’s so much beyond the original Preamble-states we are created equal but to have the perspectives adding into the equation take out that equalizes and turn it into a perspective for the gratification for someone somewhere that’s almost used like blackmail to the society and us sheep that follow. A lot of different views from our Social Problems will be included into this new perspective to show that somewhere the equation of perspectives is an empty hole with something missing in that recipe. Finally the social problem would be the Functional Theory and the Artificial Era of symbolic and conflict theories in all that perspective.
    The 1st topic in the social problem world is the social problems related to sexual behavior. This has become quite a social problem under the last century alone. There are so many different perspectives coming off this subject alone. Wondering whether or not this could raise our violence crime rate in the rape and the sex appeal world that we live in. You also have to wonder what corporations views are when different articles of clothing are made, or some new movie is displayed with sex appeal or the sexual contrast in behavior that they show alone on their own. To see once the whole entire Playboy years started is how the actual age of the sexual orientation on a movie public view started. Over the year’s different corporations at the government, state, and local municipal levels run into different perspectives in how they handle the sexual behavior issue. Then on top of that gratification for all that choose into that social area have to deal with assumption that something is truly wrong with their system. Also, the list of sexual predators, rapists, and other charged crimes that are formed always seem to show some sort of detailed past history of a sexual disease or habit that influenced the orientation of how the sexual behavior derived. So I would like to add the Rape and Violence to this category as well, because the rape and violence seems to grab the media and news lines more whether we see it on the street or on television. The vision of Television, Video Games, and Hard Lyrical Music over the years in amount of explicit amounts of sex and violence almost puts a small advertising ad to the different life styles that are possible. In order to make a show or movie whether fictional or non-fictional can help create the character of someone that could show the behaviors into the rape/violence habits like most say that parents can create and cause the personality that their children will display in their adult lance life. However, the powerful display of our power intellect to make weapons and then the lack of physical inhibition then produces terrible violence. Which is where the book comes in called the frustration-aggression theory of violence. An explanation of this theory shows that it’s when someone wants something that they want really bad, but can’t have it. Due to this it causes it blocks our goals and shows that people then strike out in the Conflict and Symbolic Interactions they then learn to associate with making it not Functional at all if it’s reported bad and deemed from the societies view as the most violent, negative environment and a safety hazard from those around them. The different symbolic views and examples would be that of violent explicit gory movies, the breakout of war, and the money deficit issue of the poverty levels in that category. Another placement of that would be that symbolically to then endorse labeling of the social classes we belong and how each one has different representation of the behavior and life style that we attribute too.

    The 2nd Topic is the social problem of drugs and alcohol and later how this molds into the increase of enhanced violence to cause some of the social problems that we have. This is undergoing so many different rules regulations, bans and reopening of bans that depending on the problems that they may cause or problems they help heal or alleviate those problems at hand also sends the mixed messages over time that responds and delivers through resources of government, media, and law enforcement themselves. Again any subject on the drugs and alcohol issue have many perspectives and even over a certain time frame could cause governments to subside the issue and people within that community of involved drugs to started riots and try to back up the simple results that the government started back during Whig party days, with the start of booze and the liquor department, then at one point deemed and banned alcohol due to its contents and power, then governments bought back a strict rule leveled law guideline in which to follow but over the years keeps changing. Therefore, due to no constant stay in place law set for the standards of using or disapproving the drugs and alcohol issue, so it remains open into the street world of getting easily access. Along with all these points said so far you have the conflict and symbolic interactions with the Crime that occurs and the Criminal Justice that has to take place. If what in the Preamble states that we are all created equal, those higher in these rates of negative acts are due to having that frustration of not being able to have that everyone else has, so then also turns to the impact of what the need for drugs due to the emotional issues that people can derive from that experience. Or that of allowing negative Medias to feed and advertise the social network that’s occurring due to that equal equation being taken off balance by changes in the system that starts the conflict in the first place. Also noticing that the United States has the highest crime rate, the question still lives if we are at fault for the deriving natures of the violence by the rules of saying we are created equal yet since 1776, we still have not seen that. When the main policy that makes us American’s and when it’s going to be placed? 234 years approximately that the equation started faulting over time. In those places are the Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interaction that never agrees with the functionalism that we want for everyone. With that said, then the conflict and Symbolic theories wouldn’t derive making them the 2 perspectives that have no end to the amount of statistics that we would have in this study.

    Now leading to the main point of wealth and poverty level and how it’s the conflict of how it instigates the Symbolic Interaction to where it’s become a lie to some in the social problems on the Functional Theory only being when we are created equal therefore not having poverty or wealth but an equableness of being stated equal under the Declaration that is before us. To understand where the poverty and Wealth into the equation shows where the two scales then start to separate into the symbolic groups and conflict of poverty, but yet functional for the wealth. To understand that this concept is hard to understand without using all three in the system. Wealth and poverty is what starts the unbalance for society as a whole. Therefore, in Reference of Book being Weapons, which here are a few quotes:

    -Books can’t not be killed by fire, people die but books don’t die. Man and force can take
    Away the books that enforce the body of thee man and against the eternity fight in herniate
    . In this war we know, books are weapons as we know by President Roosevelt in a

    -Books do not have their impact on the mass mind. But upon those who would mold the mass
    Mind upon liters of thought and formulators of public opinion. The impact of the book
    Might last 6 months to several decades. Books are the most enduring propaganda of all.
    –written by an official in war information which was the government’s Chief Propaganda
    Agency during the war-

    So in all the references of perspectives that you can pull together for all these into one system and how it does run and how it’s supposed to run, then if their so busy in their world and this city for example makes and distributes its own money. If the world is so busy enjoying their own symbolic interactions, then everything can run at a local level that produces all the necessities and everyone would be caught up in their own personal section to let others who don’t want to listen to the Preamble do their own symbolic reasoning. Now like the Preamble, I feel that because we are equal, we may be a university and continue to use the fundamentals that help us have education like this that opens the opportunity to make things better.

    Ending would be the artificial world of creative intelligence such as a class like this that expands not only the knowledge in this world, but how everything actually impacted the Truth of what Equal Means. Equal is evenly proportioned or balanced, tranquil and undisturbed. With the system of being able to pick a perspective or an issue without analyzing the whole equation into this is completely horrible. We based our life’s out of getting this education to be out there with the rest of the world, but to forget the true traditional values of the balances in order to obtain those and the only way to do that is to bring the preamble to actual Global of the Community to help and justify the fairness and equality that every person deserves living. To write and research all equableness is actually what’s going in with my degree, so this class has help me get the rest of the perspective needed while choosing that career for we the people. A Pay It Forward Type of Community is the Truth.
    Consider Scenario:
    Over period of years, agents of a nation whose leader despises the U.S. quietly infiltrate the U.S.
    Ancient proverb May you live in exciting times, we live in exciting times. Let’s hope that thee curse with which we live- weapons of mass destruction, hatreds engendered by foreign domination, and retaliatory action by terrorists- does not result in our destruction. Which does explain an example of the preamble globally already.
    We already got the resources we needed to show the nuclear reaction to help and guide us with what and how we actually supposed to use it and fighting is no one on that list of being equal. To believe that’s America’s Best Kept Secret. i just want a place of land to call home and ill tend to my own keep, dont need followers if they chose not too, just peace and love.

    • Hi Melanie,

      You have a great philosophical mind and you really do care about
      our planet, just as your forefathers did; and you share the best
      of company here, because our Heavenly father God, who made this
      beautiful earth, is to soon restore it to it’s perfect state under
      the rulership of Jesus; where we will all have our own “little
      Garden of Eden” to cultivate to our hearts content.
      Please take this great burden off your shoulders and allow God to show you through the simplicity of His Word, why the world is the way it is today, and why it is necessary for Him to soon rid the
      earth of all who do not want to know him or His son Jesus.
      There are no human solutions to the problems we face in the world now,simply because there are so few who want to do things God’s way;
      which is the only way stability in nature and human relations can be
      maintained and sustained.
      So we who believe in Jesus, no longer look to men for solutions,
      because we know that God’s plan is to rid the world of all evil
      and injustice by establishing His new Kingdom on this earth,whose
      subjects will be those who have accepted His son Jesus through whom
      all have the opportunity of salvation, if so desired.

      God bless you.

    • Hi Melanie

      I need some clarification of your points. So I can understand your general meaning.

      The USA and other large countries have more crime because there are more people.

      But if you look per capita, the USA does not have the highest crime rate.

      Also, there are countries that do not advertise their crime, so there is no data on them.

      America started out with all men being equal. The idea was to have equal opportunity to achieve.

      There was an imbalance only with the civil rights issue, but it has been resolved since the 1964 civil rights act.

      Again, today, every citizen in America has equal opportunity to accomplish their goals.

      Some will be successful, and some will not. Some will have more talent than others.

      WE have poverty today because of main reasons:
      1. they do not take the opportunities that are there to become educated and qualified for good jobs. and
      2. they do not have the same talent as others, which is a basic issue of ability, not opportunity.

      So I do not believe in spreading the wealth by robbing those who have talent and work hard and giving it to those who refuse to take opportunities to improve themselves.

      I do support helping those who do not have the talent, but try hard, and do the best they can.

      Regarding foreign domination, the USA has sacrificed and invested billions in foreign aid and the precious lives of many US soldiers to protect the freedoms and economies of other nations.

      Some day we will not be able to afford to do this, and these countries will suffer from our absence. We are not there to dominate, but to help.

      We are the main giver of charitable aid in the world, and do not ask for anything back.

      The thankless attitude of many is enough to make us pull out and let them suffer, handling their own business in a failed way, like they did before.

      Terrorists do not retaliate. They attack, and WE retaliate.

  85. Fundamentalist like yourselves are some of the most hateful and hypocritical people that exist. If there is a real threat to Christianity and its values, take a look in the mirror.

    Hamas and yourselves have much in common.

    • hi Ed

      There is a difference between fundamental evil, and fundamental goodness.

      Christianity is not based on hate, but love.

      Hamas is based on hate.

    • Right ED, us Christians are sending rockets on to the Mormons, and Amish, because they do not worship like we do. Plus, we like to cut off heads, and shoot folks in the street that oppose us.

      Just like Hamas the moon god worshipers.

  86. just belive in self belive in person who were there for u when u had a head full of fear n she still n always will love u no matter what help me to help myself

  87. Marianne,
    This is my op ed for the day, on why America is dying, dying from within.

    I am in the construction industry. Traditionally this sector has been one of the largest employers in the country, and holds the most uneducated work force, being largely manual labor. When I started my business, In my State, to be a builder of homes, the largest purchase most people make in their lives, required a state license, and your reputation, which were reasonable regulations. The Industry also policed itself, via the HBA (home builders association), to whom most reputable builders belonged. Along with insurance, these costs were minimal to a startup company such as mine was.

    Taking on employees, was another big step, opening the door to the federal government to tell me what to do, and taking another chunk of my money and time to manage the paperwork burdens thereof.

    Once Obama came into office, Lead certification became another license, and the classes associated with them, that builders were forced to comply with. Not to mention the paperwork associated with them, and the subjective nature of this legislation. These classes, and tests amount to thousands of dollars.

    The Healthcare laws will soon start to take effect as well, with its burden of paperwork, providing healthcare, or paying fines. And opening another avenue for the federal government to tell us how to run a business.

    As the government of our state came into financial hardship due to the recession, they began to raise the cost on licensing fees. Local governments began requiring permits, for repair jobs that never required them to begin with, also to raise capital. (Roofing and siding inspections etc.) I am sure the federal government will begin raising its fees and regulations as well, in no time at all.

    All of this has occured in the time of a housing market crash, which has put most of the smaller business people out of business, myself included. Other builders are not hiring employees, only subcontractors, and them for short snippets of time, as they are trying to avoid the same costs that I described above. This opens the door to the federal government to enforce sub-contractor vs. employee regulations, as there is a fine line between the two, which results in court cases, and more paper work, fees, etc. ad infinitum.

    This is what is happening to the builders who are trying to operate legally.

    On the other side of this, are the builders who are trying to dodge these regulations, and burdens. Hiring illegal aliens, keeping all the work off the books, working without permits, removing the lead from sites before the government regulators have time to catch them, etc. Not to mention payoffs to building officials, and the general corruption associated with them. Now you have the basis of an underground economy, for which the government will come back with even more regulation and control, which will only hurt the person trying to operate legitamately. In a sense the government is rewarding bad behaviour, and penalizing good behaviour.

    This is Happening in all sectors of business, from doctors to farmers. We all regret the longgone family doctors housecall, And family farms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Even the Amish are complaining that government regulation is interfering with their ability to survive as farmers.

    Then along comes the government to save us from ourselves! They wonder why america is dying? It is because they can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar, and let the free market be free. Customers are painted as worthless idiots unable discern quality service and product. Business owners are painted as monsters trying to swindle and deceive the customers, all the while, It is their regulation that has destroyed the customer provider relationship, by putting itself in the middle of that relationship. Soon you will not be able to buy or sell without the government knowing about it. Sound familiar?

    This is what agenda 21 of the UN entails. To those who read my gripes, I thank you, to those who think I am ridiculous, wait till they start telling you how to raise your kids, oh wait, they are already doing this too. Not to mention what the churches should and should not preach so as not to offend, (Hate crime legislation). Wake up America!!

    Pass the word to those who do not see this, God bless.

    • hi dru

      I understand. My son has his own construction business as well.

      • I did not even touch on half of it, throw in unions, OSHA regs, DNR permits fees….. you get the picture. It is all over the place, from schools to churches to hospitals to factories. The Heavy hand of Government as they say is only getting heavier, and only the crooks and the connected survive. Oh and do not get me started on the healthcare mandates and them telling us how to feed our children, etc.

  88. gender cide

  89. For those who are having financial difficulties, This article is well worth reading, if for no other reason, than to understand why.

  90. Jeremius Chapter 23; verse 25 on MLK……..” I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy LIES in my name, and say; I HAVE DREAMED, I HAVE DREAMED.”

  91. […] […]

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  93. Marianne,

    I saw the following article this morning. America is no longer dying……IT is already dead!!!! Isn’t it crazy how America used to be called the LIGHT of the world and Africa was called the DARK continent? Read the following article to see who has become the LIGHT to the world and who has become the DARK continent!


  94. Yes I would say America is dying. We are in the ICU now and I think code is being trumpeted.

    Repent Folks! You don’t want to miss the last bus out of here. Jesus is driving the bus.

    Peace and Hold Faith in YHVH.

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  96. after site author ask you all to pray.

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