Angel Saves Little Sweetie


Miracles happen, even for animals!

Last week, I had scheduled a session for Sweetie at a local groomer.

Since I am I very weak and disabled, I had a friend accompany me to help.

When we arrived, I noticed a man leaving with his pit bull dog.

They passed in front of us and disappeared.

Animals and owners were coming in and out of the building.

My friend then proceeded to get Sweetie out of the back seat with her collar and harness while I struggled to get myself out of the car.

My friend tried to get Sweetie into the building, but Sweetie would not go in without me joining them.

So there was a slight delay.


Suddenly, the pit bull charges at Sweetie and goes right for her neck.

The owner runs over a moment later and tries to pull his dog off, but she is securely attached to Sweetie’s neck.

The dog staff run out trying to intervene, but seem perplexed.

Finally, one lady with a bottle of cold water throws it at the pit bull’s face.

The pit bull then lets go.

Examination afterwards shows no puncture wounds to Sweetie’s neck.

There was no blood or wound on her neck, just some area showing slight abrasion.

Sweetie never cried out.

She was in shock and unsettled, but finally calmed down and had her grooming.


I believe Yahweh God sent an angel to save Sweetie.


The Lord is faithful to protect all His creatures, even a little dog.

4 Responses to “Angel Saves Little Sweetie”

  1. Amen! What a testimony. That lady hit the target! I had pit bulls in my old neighborhood and saw how mean and demonic they can be.

    • michelle

      most pit bulls are mistreated and trained as fighters. gentle treatment would make them different. but since we do not know the dog’s history, we have to be careful around them.

  2. My pet mouse was saved from the claws of an eagle. It flee down and suddenly stopped in mid air. Thanks to your God it was saved

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