Anti-Inflammatory Foods



Some insights are given on foods we eat, that can either cause pain, or help avoid it.  

Important for those with chronic pain.


There are Anti-inflammatory foods, and foods (Pro- inflammatory) that promote increased pain.

While we consume all sorts of aspirin, ibuprophen, etc for pain, we will cancel our efforts if our diet works against the medicine.

Pain comes from inflammation, infection, or nerve damage.

This only about inflammatory pain.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is defined as a localized reaction of tissue to irritation, injury, or infection.

Symptoms of inflammation include pain, swelling, red coloration to the area, and sometimes loss of movement or function.

We commonly think of inflammation as the painful component of arthritis. Inflammation is also a component of chronic diseases such as heart disease and strokes.

I summarized the helpful foods from the web site below, along with what to avoid.


29 Responses to “Anti-Inflammatory Foods”

  1. Thanks for these information.

  2. Swine is very very unhealthy!
    God had his reasons as he commanded not to eat swine, as all his commandments have his best intentions for us, we should obey our dad, and praise him for his care.
    I quit swine eating and iam feeling much better!

    • me too

      • So we are commanded to NOT eat pig meat? So does this mean I am sinning because I am eating pork chops tonight? I’m just kind of confused. I know that in the old testament some where we weren’t supposed to eat animals with split hooves. That means no cow, no sheep, none of that. We also cannot eat anything that consumes cud, for example beef, since the cow usually has to throw up its food and then eat it again. So that would leave things such as birds, fish and things like horses along with fruits and veggies. And about the pig meat I know that if not cooked properly many people actually harbor things such as tapeworms (many don’t even know) which can make you feel run down.

        • Hi Denise,

          The pig meat seems debatable. It took science and medicine to uncover why God said not to eat pork – parasites. They are also scavengers, and eat anything on the ground, no matter how infested.

          Modern pig farms have pigs eat from troughs, and they do not eat just anything. The food is provided for them. The meat also has to pass inspection.

          The NT says something about all food is for our benefit, if we bless it in thanksgiving.

          Not that we should seek out harmful food, bless it and eat it, but I think this is a choice now. We just have to use wisdom.

          For some people, no matter how good the meat is, pork will still give them problems. It might also be that the dietary rules were for a particular gene pool, that had certain biological weaknesses. So, to avoid certain foods kept them healthy.

          I think, since this is not a moral law, it is a choice now. I cannot tell you for sure. This might be a good question to ask when we get to heaven. I do not think we will be banned from heaven because we ate a pork chop.

        • God commanded the Jews not to eat pork.

  3. I try not to eat any sugar. I use wheat germ, flax seed, multi-grain cereals with soy protein, drink sugar free pomegranate/cranberry juice, orange juice, v-8 for extra veggies, apple juice, I take omega 3 capsules,

  4. We’re feeling better, now that we’re drinking raw cow’s milk! It has all the nutrition NOT boiled or shaken out of it, calcium that’s actually assimilable (whataconcept) and NO bovine growth hormone or anti-biotics. I plan to start making yogurt with it too. Most any food, in its more natural state, is better for us.

  5. please email me a ref 4 the best book which lists all the foods, hebs, etc that help n HEAL

  6. Isa 66:15 For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
    Isa 66:16 For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many.
    Isa 66:17 They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD.

  7. All good advice…eat simple, nutricious food. The Bible brings in our stress and emotions…Better a meal of vegetables in a peaceful house than a banquet in a house of brawlers. When we eat almost any food in a quiet, kindly place our bodies absorb whatever good things are there. The converse is true. 80% of all disease is stress related. We have become human doers instead of human beings! This extends to learning. We learn and grow intellectually the same…in kindly, peaceful atmospheres. This explains why some people eat so-so food but stay healthy and others, anxious about many things including food, feel bad or sicken easily. Innocence and peacefulness are the greatest blessings and the crown of a home, a church, a school…the atmosphere of Heaven.

  8. Fluoride is a Deadly Killer

  9. Hello! Marianne,

    I’m a health freak and always interested in the natural. Loved the info on Black Strap Molasses, I use it in my dessert and it turns out just super but never thought it is that good for pain etc. if taken like a medicine dose on a regular basis .. super! I’m gonna try it right from tonight. I thank all the folks who sent their testimonies.

    Now about Canola oil, I was surprised to see Canola Oil in the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOOD CHART ABOVE. I had always wondered what is “CANOLA” never heard of such a flower or plant before, but my curiosity led me to research. Well, almost 5 years ago I found the shocking truth about “Canola oil”. It is basically “Canadian Oil” extracted from “rapeseed” that is not at all fit for human consumption. I now call it “Killer Canola” – And, let me say this first, if you need glue, don’t buy it make it at home, darn easy. when I saw the videos, I turned cold. Everyone watch these videos

    Now read this info:
    Now that you know what is Canola oil please STOP killing your bodies.

    • hi LoneEagle

      thanks for the info on the canola oil….I actually use olive oil myself.

      you temporarily got stuck in spam..that happens when the text is long or there are links in the comment……FYI

  10. Eggs, Milk and red meat aren’t all that bad when eaten just as long as it isnt in large quantities everyday… most soy milk is processed and I don’t think that should be recommended and Im sure the bible says we cant eat seafood.

  11. thank you very much i’m taking to much medication and want to know what to eat and i need to feel better than i do after i eat thanks again

  12. i want though and read what everyone said and i too take a lot of meds and in a lot of pain I have copd,heart failure ,diabetic,stage 2 kidney failure and something wrong with my colon still looking for the problem was not aware of the types of food that can help out with the pain

  13. This is a good list. I suffer with migraines and depression. I hope it will be helpful.

  14. Sugar is the worst!

  15. what is up you say don’t use conola oil on onepage then on the other you say its ok to use it is it ok or not

  16. whats good for you today wont be tomorrow it is what it is i have copd afib high blood pressure and diabetic what is good for one isn’t for the other

  17. Marianne – I just happened to revisit this post as I am looking at cleaning up my diet (again) and am very interested in lowering the inflammation in my body. What I noticed here is that what you have presented in a very simple easy way to understand is what is being touted today as the “Daniel Plan”. The Daniel Plan (or Daniel Diet, different from Daniel Fast) has been all over the news these last few weeks as an eating plan promoted by Pastor Rick from his Southern California congregation, along with Dr. Hyman and a few other “experts”. (Dr. Oz was part of it in the beginning.)

    The Daniel Plan is loosely based on passages from the Book of Daniel when Daniel refused to eat the king’s rich food and instead opted to eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables and pure water. The only difference between what you have presented here and what is in the Daniel Plan is they recommend NOT to have fruit juices as it puts a concentrated “sugar” dump into your system. Also, many advise if you are going to drink the juice, eat the fruit instead to get the fiber.

    It is hard to eat a good diet today in America with all the fast foods coming at you, and the corn syrup that is in 80 percent of the foods in our markets today along with other sugars, salts, and unnecessary starches.

    Basically I am going to try to stick with an eating plan that – if God didn’t make it, I won’t eat it. I am now shopping at an organic market in my town, going to the weekly farmers market, and checking food labels to keep out of my body as many preservatives and other additives I can never pronounce.

    I am making the transition now, letting my family know, and making it my new years resolution. I am almost 60, maybe I have 30 years ahead of me (depending on what God has planned and what his schedule is) but perhaps it can do some good that I may better serve him.

    God bless.

  18. Hi,
    You should NEVER eat soy products, they are very dangerous, particularly when you are over 40 yrs old. They can produce terrible hemorragia in healthy women and you won’t even know soy was the cause. If you experience menopause symptoms you should try pueraria mirifica at low dose.

  19. This is very good

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