Antichrist Will Divide the Land for Gain


So, who would benefit from a division of the land of Israel?

That would be a big clue.

Dan 11:39   Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge [and] increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

He is not the king of the north (Syria, Assyria) or south (Egypt), because they oppose him.

Dan 11:40 ¶ And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

He also bows to the new international currency system, based on gold and silver.

Dan 11:38   But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

But back to the division of the land. This is proposed to occur in September, 2011 on the anniversary of 911.


History of the Plan:

On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions, in favour of the Partition Plan, while making some adjustments to the boundaries between the two states proposed by it.

The partition was to take effect on the date of British withdrawal from the Mandate Territory of Palestine.

Passage of the resolution required a two-thirds majority of valid votes (i.e. not counting abstaining and absent members).

Prior to the final vote, when countries indicated their voting intentions, it was evident that the required majority was not available.

The vote would have been: for 30, against 16, abstaining 10 – one short of a two-thirds majority.


Of the permanent members of the Security Council, France, the United States, and the Soviet Union voted for the resolution while the People’s Republic of China and the United Kingdom abstained.

The final vote was as follows:

In favor, (33 countries, 59%):

· 30 countries (54%) initially in favour:

o clip_image006 Australia, clip_image008 Belgium, clip_image010 Bolivia, clip_image012 Brazil, clip_image014 Byelorussian SSR, clip_image016 Canada, clip_image018 Costa Rica, clip_image020 Czechoslovakia, clip_image022 Denmark, clip_image024 Dominican Republic, clip_image026 Ecuador, clip_image028 France, clip_image030 Guatemala, clip_image032 Iceland, clip_image034 Luxembourg, clip_image036 Netherlands, clip_image038 New Zealand, clip_image040 Nicaragua, clip_image042 Norway, clip_image044 Panama, clip_image046 Paraguay, clip_image048 Peru, clip_image050 Poland, clip_image052 Sweden, clip_image054 South Africa, clip_image056 Ukrainian SSR, clip_image058 United States, clip_image060 Soviet Union, clip_image062 Uruguay, clip_image064 Venezuela.

· An additional 3 (5%) switched to in favor:

o clip_image066 Haiti, clip_image068 Liberia, clip_image070 Philippines.

Against, (13 countries, 23%):

· clip_image072 Afghanistan, clip_image074 Cuba, clip_image076 Egypt, clip_image078 Greece, clip_image080 India, clip_image082 Iran, clip_image084 Iraq, clip_image086 Lebanon, clip_image088 Pakistan, clip_image090 Saudi Arabia, clip_image092 Syria, clip_image094 Turkey, clip_image096 Yemen.

Abstentions, (10 countries, 18%):

· clip_image098 Argentina, clip_image100 Chile, clip_image102 People’s Republic of China, clip_image104 Colombia, clip_image106 El Salvador, clip_image108 Ethiopia, clip_image110 Honduras, clip_image112 Mexico, clip_image114 United Kingdom, clip_image116 Yugoslavia.

Absent, (1 country, 0%):

· clip_image118 Thailand

One can see that the United States, France and Soviet Union were the main players with the most status that voted for the plan.


Players in the UN effort for September, 2011

It is now 64 years later.

Some changes and similarities are noted

1. there are more Arab states to vote

2. the 3 previous main players are still there

3. The European Union is now an entity

4. The USA, European Union, Russia, France are the Quartet that proposed the roadmap for peace, an update from the Oslo accords

5. Updates have continued to the “land for peace” arrangements.

6. the actual proposed land divisions may or may not end up being the same as in 1947, as “going back to 1967 borders” is proposed.

7. Mahmoud Abbas is the Palestinian leader with the most to gain, and Benjamin Netanyahu is the Israeli leader with the most to lose.

A main question to ask regarding the Daniel prophecy of the antichrist is this:

Who gains from the division of the land?

The answer is obvious: the Palestinians, but does it end there?

This also rules out Israel, who is the loser.

Does anyone else stand to gain from this division?


Going back to pre 1967 borders will invite the same aggression against Israel that occurred in 1967 with the 6 Day War to begin with.

It will also have no control or access to the Temple mount.

In 1967, when the Jews won back the Temple Mount, it was the first time in 2000 years that they could walk on their temple area.

In the aftermath of the 1967 Six-Day War, after three Arab armies converged on Israel’s nightmarish borders, even the United Nations was forced to recognize that Israel’s pre-1967 Six-Day War borders invited repeated aggression.

This was foretold in Joel:

Joe 3:2   I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and [for] my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Thus, UN Resolution 242 – which formed the conceptual foundation for a peace settlement – declares that all states in the region should be guaranteed “safe and secure borders.”

If this is the next “peace deal,” then it will not be the final one, because for the sacrifices to cease, they first have to begin, and I do not see this as part of the current talks.

There have been many peace agreements, (covenants with many), but will this be the one Daniel predicted?


Antichrist role

I am thinking the Antichrist would be the main influence in this final decision.

He would also gain much from it.

But does he gain because the land becomes his?
If so, then he is a Palestinian.

If he does not gain the land itself, but still has control over it, then he might be an outsider to Israel borders, but closely involved with the Hamas.

Also, since he puts an end to sacrifices, it would imply that this is not part of his belief system.

He may claim a world food shortage, and the animals should be used for food, not sacrifice.

Since the kings of the North and South oppose him, he is not from those areas.

Daniel also says he is somewhere north of Israel, since he moves south to get there.

Dan 11:29 ¶ At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter.

Daniel also indicates he would move south and then east to get to Israel.

Dan 8:9 ¶ And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant [land].

And notice the foreign god that he acknowledges with gold and silver is given rule over “many.”

Dan 11:38   But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

It is not a coincidence that the new world currency being proposed at this time is also based on gold and silver.

He also has some strange ability to “go up to heaven and cast down stars.”

He has some relationship with the “host of heaven.” And the host is not necessarily made of good entities.

With all the growing evidence of aliens in our midst and future, maybe this is the relationship referred to here.

Or maybe they are real stars, and he can influence them to crash to earth?

Dan 8:10   And it waxed great, [even] to the host of heaven; and it cast down [some] of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

Dan 8:11   Yea, he magnified [himself] even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily [sacrifice] was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.

Dan 8:12   And an host was given [him] against the daily [sacrifice] by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced, and prospered.


Marianne’s note:

So somewhere in this world, there is someone ready to make this decision in September, unless it gets delayed.

Hmmm….so who is he?

If this deal in September, 2011 comes with a promise to the Jews that they can re-initiate sacrifices on the temple mount, in exchange for dividing Jerusalem and other areas, then the end has come.

If not, then this is not the right peace deal.

The Palestinians don’t want peace anyhow, evidenced by their current plans for a 3rd intifada. They just want all the Israeli land.

Also, since the USA cannot seem to keep itself from destroying Israel by removing and dividing its land, it may also to back to its original borders as well.

It will not need a world committee, or an antichrist, to accomplish this, because God will do that.

America before 1775:

So this might be what America looks like, divided, after it destroys Israel and Jerusalem. (my opinion only ).


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  1. He will be from Jordan .The king of the East marries the daughter of the west .Because it is a good thing to do .He enters the senate not by any merits but by treachery and falsehood.
    This are the clues in revelation .I e The king of Jordan married an American lady.

  2. I am a bit confused. I have been told by numerous people that the antichrist will not be an individual but anyone who denies Christ or rejects him. So that would mean that there are numerous antichrist’s around us as we speak. I think those people, since there are countless amounts now, will be the ones to help destroy our earth.

    • hi Denise

      True, there is an antichrist spirit that can infect anyone, and this happens.

      But the antichrist is someone who goes past this, and becomes possessed by Satan, and enters into a powerful position in the world.

    • Dear Denise, the Antichrist is one person, but the Spirit of Antichrist is the spirit that operated and rise against every thing that is holy, is the spirit that operated throug Hitler, this spirit is all over the world today…

  3. Antichrist Islam has already stolen more than half the earth and has divided it among themselves..They are right now pursuing the rest of the world..

    Did not satan say to Jesus and to muslims. fall down and worship me as the god of abraham and I will give you the world…

  4. The September 2011 time frame is also just about 3.5 years shy of the total solar and lunar eclipses of Pastor Biltz’s blood moon tetrad, which I see you referenced here: Hm-m.

    • hi Marylou

      If this is real, and we have to wait and see, it would be important to not publicly speak out against it. I had a dream where we were supposed to silence ourselves at that point. we would put ourselves in physical danger at that point. this is prophecy. it is going to happen, and nothing we say will reverse what is happening. So just focus on safety at that point. Even our words online will be monitored.

      • you will need to tell me when to shut up…..LOL

      • Marianne
        Joel 2:30,31 ” and I will show wonders inthe heavens and on earth, BLOOD AND FIRE AND COLUMNS OF SMOKE. 31. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood.”

        I think we might be looking at the wrong thing if we are looking for eclipses. Have you ever seen the sun during a time of wildfires? Or volcanic activity? Or heard the reports of what the sky was like during the Tonguska event? As I mentioned to Lindsey before, solar eclipses only during the new moon, since feast of trumpets occurs on the new moon, having a solar eclipse on that day is not a rare event. Similarly, having a lunar eclipse on the feast of tabernacles is also not rare, because they usually occur during the full moon. The other thing is that the solar eclipse will not be over the Holy land. If the prophecy was for Israel, wouldn’t it be visible over Israel? I Just think that looking for eclipses is not what we should be looking for. I do agree on the relavence of the feasts in the second coming.

        • I would agree. It is not scientifically possible for a solar and lunar eclipse to occur on the same day. They are at least 2 weeks apart. While the moon might be in eclipse, the sun would be darkened due to smoke or something else in the sky.

          • In a similar vein, I’ve been wondering why people would be looking for rocks to hide under (Rev. 6:16). How come they don’t know a naturally occurring eclipse is about to happen? Don’t they watch the news?

            • hi Marylou

              I think it is because the eclipse is accompanied by the sky turning black from smoke and the global earthquake. Maybe there are explosions everywhere and things flying around, so they go for cover.

  5. well, I guess this is just a “coincidence”….LOL

    • I am remembering that on the night that Jesus was crucified, the moon rose already eclipsed and was red as blood. This was a SIGN to all. The centurion soldier who saw this, said “surely this was the Son of G-d”.

      This blood moon was mentioned again by Peter on the day of pentecost, telling the people to remember the red moon….”spoken of by Joel”.

      So with that, we have the blood moon happening again on FEAST DAYS in 1492, 1949/1950 and 1967/1968 and then AGAIN on 2014/2015….Passover/Tabernacles….2x….2 WITNESSES…..HELLO!

      • Lyndsey

        Understand that blood moons have been happening since the world began. The prophecy is NOT about how many occur in one year, but a blood moon that occurs when the sun turns black AT THE SAME TIME.

        This scientifically never happens. Solar eclipses are at least 2 weeks difference in time from lunar eclipses. They never occur together.

        So something else will happen that makes these two heavenly objects display dark at the same time.

        • Marianne,

          I am not stupid. I know that blood moons and solar eclipses happen all the time. The whole point is that these eclipses and blood moons are happening on very specific dates-FEAST DAYS.

          And no, I don’t think the prophecy is talking about the Solar and lunar eclipse happening AT THE SAME TIME. Where does it say that they will occur at the same time in the scriptures?

          G-d set these signs (sun, moon, stars, planets etc)in the heavens from the very beginning to be signs/signals. He declared the end from the beginning. Just look at the timing of the star of bethlehem…G-d is a G-d of order and tries to speak to us with these signs/signals to those who will listen and not just dismiss them because they happen all the time, for they simply DO NOT “happen all the time” on FEAST DAYS.

          • lyndsey

            I was not saying you are stupid!

            I am just pointing out that, interesting and possibly significant as consecutive blood moons may be, there is no prophecy about that.

            The prophecy is about the sun and moon together, becoming dark.

            Normally we think of eclipses, but there is no way this can occur naturally. So when they turn dark only one is in eclipse.

            • “Understand that blood moons have been happening since the world began”….this came across as if I didn’t know this.

              I am not upset…I am just frustrated with “others” who laugh this off and dismiss what is clearly a phenomenal event.

              And I think we are talking about different prophecies…I am referring to the one in Joel 2:31, Matthew 24 and Rev 6

              The ones about the sun and moon not giving their light together are here:


              Moon turning red/blood is different than “not give its light”…in my opinion.

              …so perhaps these are different events…?

            • Lindsey, Marianne
              I did not mean to get an argument started here. Just to express my point of view. Lindsey, I do not laugh off your opininions in any way, In fact I value and cherish them. All views get filed in the chasms between my ears (as hollow as it might be in there.)
              Joel 2:30 is the verse that I would like to hear you explain, This is the context for verse 31. To me verse 30 leads to 31, or rather is a causal agent in the events in verse 31. That does not mean eclipses are not involved? Verse 30 can equal a global sign in the sky, not just a regional one as is the case with solar eclipses. The events at tonguska were witnessed in North America and England, basically around the globe. As was the eruption of Krakatoa in the 19th century. In fact Krakatoa was “heard” as far away as central China, and resulted in a period of Global cooling from the dust in the atmosphere. These are also natural events, that God uses to show his impending wrath.
              It is not that I dismiss the eclipse stuff, it is that there are other plausible causalities to the events out there which I also cannot dismiss.

              • Thank you Dru….I was talking about James….he scoffs at “my” eclipses LOL

                Joel 2:The Day of the Lord

                28“And afterward,

                I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

                Your sons and daughters will prophesy,

                your old men will dream dreams,

                your young men will see visions.

                29Even on my servants, both men and women,

                I will pour out my Spirit in those days.

                30I will show wonders in the heavens

                and on the earth,

                blood and fire and billows of smoke.

                31The sun will be turned to darkness

                and the moon to blood

                before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

                32And everyone who calls

                on the name of the Lord will be saved;

                for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem

                there will be deliverance,

                as the Lord has said,

                among the survivors

                whom the Lord calls.

                “blood, fire and smoke” = Volcano 😉

                “blood” could be LAVA

  6. Israel Clashes With Protesters on Four Borders
    Published: May 15, 2011

    JERUSALEM — Israel’s borders erupted in deadly clashes on Sunday as thousands of Palestinians — marching from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank — confronted Israeli troops to mark the anniversary of Israel’s creation. More than a dozen people were reported killed and scores injured

  7. Those are some exciting signals the sun and moon are showing for the fall feasts in 2014 and 2015 especially in light of the fact that they last appeared like that in 1948 and 1967 . Personally it makes me want to remain alert , in prayer, and ready for anything !

  8. Great information! I don’t know that much about the sun, moon, stars and things in the sky but I do think it is important.

    What do you all think about May 21st?

    Sister Kim

    • hi sister kim

      I do not believe in May 21 – at least for this year. The man who came up with this date did not have any convincing calculations. Actually they were a bit odd. Maybe I am wrong, but I think we will see May 22.

  9. Marianne,

    Thanks for your reply. I have no idea about May 21st, what will happen or if anything will. There is a website I’m following that is saying the antichrist will use May 21st to usher in the son of peridtion. At this point in time now, nothing would surprise me, we are so close to the end. Come May 21st we shall find out, I’ve been thru many times like this.

    I did have to think about a something. Israel is now 63 years old as a nation. If the 7 year peace treaty is added to 63 it totals 70 years. 70 years is the amount of time Israel was in captivity in Babylon. Could God use 70 years again with Israel and what could that mean if He does???

    You have another woman on here that is claiming to be the woman in Rev. 12, did you know that? I think she’s a fake, quite frankly. Some things she says just don’t add up. Her website is But it isn’t a tale, it’s real. So I find even the name of her website rather odd.

    I’m going to study some scriptures given in this thread about the red moon and darkened sun, I find that fascinating! Even though God has shown me much, I know little about the signs in the heavens. I believe God is teaching precept upon precept about the end times. I call it “building upon knowledge”. And it’s kind like a puzzle because you have to have the precepts from the very start to see the real end. I believe He is teaching one truth and then goes on to the next truth we need to know, then the next. The teaching of the women in Rev. 12 started about 30 years ago. The women in Rev. 12 came out of the Leodecian church many years ago, not just recently. I’ve been out of the false churches for many many years. Not just since 2005 like that other women on here claims. I came out of the false churches in 1982, a long time ago. I’ve been searching for the true church ever since and learning its true doctrines.

    But I am who I am, to me it doesn’t much matter who I am. All that matters to me is that is live holy to God.

    Sister Kim

    • And 70 years could mean a generation as well….hmmm

    • hi Kim

      Yes, the 70 years for Israel could be very significant.

      Some of my thoughts on it:

      I hope that link helps.

      Regarding Rev 12 woman, this is really referring to spiritual and natural Israel.

      It is possible for someone to have a parallel situation to the woman in their own life, but that does not replace the intended meaning of who the woman is.

      • Marianna,

        Everything is Revelation is real, it is also a picture of something, and it is prophetic. Like the 7 churches were all real churches at one time, they are also a picture of the entire church age (they tell what happened to the churches over the last 2,000 years), and they were prophetic events that happened. Everything in Revelation is like this. There will be a real woman and there will be 2 real witnesses just as there were 7 real churches. That’s why peole get mixed up about the antichrist. Some people are saying he’s going to be a real person, others say it is the spirit within the false churches, the answer is that it is both. That’s why some people see one thing and other people see another, they are both right. I believe everything in Revelation is going to be very real.

        The subject of who is Isreal now is a very deep subject that I’m not sure I can even get my arms around. I believe that God took the husbandman totally away from the nation of Israel and gave them over to be like the gentiles. Now they must be saved just exactly like the gentiles. There is no question that the nation of Israel did great things against God and changed many things. I don’t pertend to understand the depth of this, but it’s not hard to see that God will turn to those who love Him. God said the gentiles would do that and that His name would be great among the gentiles, even inspite of the great falling away among the churches over time.

        The Jewish nation and the church basically did the same thing to God, they both failed him tremendously. But there has always been a remnant of true, really true christians. Even though Jesus wondered if real faith would be gone when He returned, the woman of Rev. 12 survivied and learned the truth. She is different, she knows that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.

        Like I said, it’s an extremely deep subject. One that I don’t know how much you understand since I saw you recommend that someone on here go to church. I would never tell anyone to go back into those fallen away demon filled churches EVER. For people to do that shows they don’t understand what is truly going on.

        Sister Kim

    • Hi Kim,

      I have have just briefly checked out the site that you posted, and in my opinion, the author appears to be depending too much upon God’s love as being His paramount characteristic, and eliminating His sense of justice, or any other ensuing consequences.

      For example, I believe her interpretation of Matthew 24:41 to be in error.

      Quote; “Matt 24:41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS:
      The fire is only prepared for the devil and his demons it is not for anyone else.”

      She has emphasized the later part of this statement, and by doing so, has taken its meaning completely out of context.

      This interpretation is tantamount to a Judge sentencing someone after being convicted by saying, “I now hand out a sentence of execution, to take place at the State Penetentary, PREPARED FOR EVIL CRIMINALS.” and expecting to be able to walk out of the court house scott free.

  10. Precious brothers and sisters in Christ, we truly are experiencing unpresendented times….by the purpose and permission of our Father. Before He created all that was created…and set it within the boundary of Beginning and End…He orchestrated a perfect plan. Within that plan was the birth of free will at the Tree of Knowledge when God purposed Adam and Eve to evil after they had learned good with HIm in Eden. Too, within HIs perfect plan, He created a spiritual economy as a perfect mechanism for the operation of man’s free will. Man would be perfectly equipped…knowing both good and evil…and would make a personal choice between two masters…God or Satan. But while man is free to choose whom he will serve…..there remains one God. Satan is forever damned and remains subservient to God as he awaits eternal destruction at the end of the age of Grace…age of man…or Second Coming of Christ to begin eternity. Among the most beautiful of God’s economy of good and evil is His choice of physical and spiritual Israel as his icon for the redeemed. Israel is a perfect reflection of man and his relationship with Creator. She is chosen. She is loved. She is blessed. She is chastised. She is the tool who helped the Father sacrifice the perfect Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world. She is beautiful. She is loved both as a child and as a Bride. She is the Father’s all and all…everything. She is the recipient of all He has to give….His perfect Love. She is God’s family! She never has been…..nor will she ever be…under the control of anyone but the Father. He insured her establishment through as He warned Abraham about the Egyptian king and Abilelech to save both he and Sarai aalive. He placed Joseph in Egypt to protect and save her. He placed Esther as queen to protect and save her. Israel, the Bride of Christ, has never been out of His heart nor out of His reach. She is HIs possession. As things continue to play out….there is nothing to fear. AS the events progress which will bring the close of the age….God alone is at the control panel. Satan was defeated before time. He is nothing and nobody. HE has no authority. Even the mark of the beast is decided by God and is the consequence of choosing evil. (2th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: ) Everything we are seeing in these perilous and beautiful times are merely the next verse of God’s beautiful love song to Israel…and likely the last verse. The escalating warfare and unrest is merely the harmonic intensity of the melody and it is leading us to the beautiful and glorious finish of His song… the return of the Bridegroom for the Bride. There is nothing to fear… figure out…to run from. AS the melody intensifies…the incarnate son of Satan will appear on the music page and do his thing…all according the the author of the song. Antichrist is only one of the final notes. He has no power over the songwriter. He is merely part of what is written. HE has his purpose and position….according to the desire of the songwriter. Please be encouraged. Please trust the Father with His Israel…His child…His bride. He loves her and His promises to her are not broken. She is already the Redeemed. God is perfect. His purpose is perfect. None of it will fail!!

    2th 3:5 And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.

  11. Hi Marianne,
    I’m afraid that once again you have missed already fulfilled prophecy. Daniel 11 actually has nothing to do with the end times, nor the antichrist. Chapters 10 thru 12 are a detailed account of historical events relating to the Persian, Greek and Roman empires.
    What’s happening here is the explanation of the statue of Dan;2. It starts in Dan:7 with the four beasts representing the four successive kingdoms of the statue from the head of gold (Babylon) thru the two legs of iron (the eastern/western Roman empires). From the war between the ram and the goat (Persia and Greece) to the attack of Roman warships from Chittim (king of the north) on Antiochus V (King of the south), the history is there in remarkable detail.
    It does not jump to the end time until chapter 12 which details the description of the rock (Christ) striking the base of the statue at His second coming, destroying all the evil influences of the former kingdoms on His people and church.
    Also, the first coming is prophesied in the 70 weeks prophecy as is the 1260 year reign of the Holy Roman Empire (the ten toes of the statue).
    It seems you have jumped into the middle of Dan:11 and assumed it refers to the end time and like so many do, attempted to tie the verses to current events. But to do so is to ignore recorded history and the glory of God who predicted it in advance.
    As I have been saying for a while now, there is very little in Daniel and Revelation that is left to happen. I’m afraid that with all the crazy theories and waiting for already fulfilled events that many people will be taken by surprise when the end comes. It is a strange dichotomy now happening. Many people think the second coming will be in just a few years (2014-2018) and yet they believe that all sorts of world-changing events like a New World Order, one-world currency/religion, the rise of a new Islamic empire, the rebuilding of Babylon/Jewish temple, the rise of the beasts of Revelation, the woman of rev:12, restoration of animal sacrifices (really?!), and the coming to power of a world-dominating dictator, among dozens of others.
    I don’t know but that just seems like an awful lot of crap to all happen in a short period of time and articles like this one only add to the confusion. I wish that rather than jumping into wild speculation about future events, that more people would study their history books to see if God’s word has already been fulfilled. After all, it IS the end time now, so we should expect that most prophecy would be fulfilled by now, right? Heck, the Jews are still waiting for the messiah!
    Hmmm… Wonder what they think about the book of Daniel?

    • Danial chapter 8 is all about the end times and only the end times.

      The he goat is probably ready to push into the ram just about now, I think. That’s what is happening over in the Middle East right now any day.

      Daniel 8:17 So he came near where I stood; and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face; but he said unto me. Understand, O son of man; for the time of the end shall be the vision.

      The vision it is referring to is in Daniel 8 eariler in the chapter.

      It’s not all past history.

      Sister Kim

    • hi James

      Chapter 11 of Daniel establishes a historical precedent for the antichrist. It is first fulfilled in ancient times and stops with Antiochus. The first abomination occurred in 167 BC and ended at v 31.

      But if you look at v 27 it indicates that the end of this prophecy will be “at the appointed time.”

      Jesus also referred his followers to the “Abomination as foretold by Daniel” as a sign of his coming. By this time the first abomination had already occurred.

      V35 then tell us that v32-45 and all of ch 12 occurs “at the time of the end, because it is still for the appointed time.”

      This is a case of double fulfillment. The ancient history fulfilled part of it up to a certain point. The future fulfillment will repeat much of the past details, then continue on until all details are fulfilled.

    • James
      Who was it in history that had his palatial tents in the heart of Israel, and came to his end there? Daniel 11:45

      I do agree that the 2300 Days in Daniel 8:14 refer to a historical event, as does the ram and the Goat. Though they may have a double fulfillment as Marianne pointed out (Verse 17 “time of the end”)

      Just Out of curiousity, are you a proponent of the seventieth week being completed in 34Ad with the stoning of Stephen, and the Gospel being “shut” to the Jewish people and given to the Gentiles?

  12. Marianne,

    I’m sorry I have to apologize that was someone else’s post that said that about going to the minister, not you, I just realized that it wasn’t you. So sorry, it’s easy to get mixed up on there and forget what you read. I’ll try not do that in the future. I need to correct my errors.

    I don’t think that the nation of Israel we see today is the true spiritual Israel. I think many of the Jewish people will soon be decieved by the antichrist. But there will be a remnant saved in Israel though. It’s an extremely deep subject that I’m trying to understand more about.


  13. Hallo Everyone
    This is fascinating to see and one must really read carefully, please read the book of Daniel with Revelations because here the symbols are revealed. The little horn is Rome and this is not even debatable anymore. Rome as is the Vatican. The Vatican is North West and has to travel south and east to get to Israel. The Pope has already commenced with Global Ecumenism and all Religions on earth has accepted him as the Spiritual leader.Fact. I will tell you where to find that. The UN changed the 10 commandments with human rights manifest and is in the UN HQ in NY. It is even made to look like Moses tablets! The Pope has kissed the Koran and thereby blessed and proved it. Even the Dalai Lama said that the Pope is the leader! One world religion here we come. The UN and the Pope will force Jerusalem to become World property and not Israel or Palestine will be able to lay claim. They will then rebuild the church to be the first church for all!!! In the meantime everything in Daniel is happening. Please note that Revelations is not something in the future we are way past most of the Prophesies.

  14. Hi James
    I believe that is accurate, what is your take on it?

  15. Louis Du Plessis

    I agree that what you wrote is true. I saw the tape where he kissed the book of Koran.

  16. Hi Marianne….I find this all very interesting and have carefully followed the middle east since I was a girl and knew of the ‘end times’ topic.
    What is important in the big picture is to know that the earth will not end, but have a transition from darkness into the time when God will rule over all the earth, not man, and that in this struggle over absolute power, Satan will be put under. Peace will come here, and we can live then in a new age of light and knowledge, peace and in love for each other…no matter what race. It is a day to look forward to and I guess I wish we could concentrate on that to help it come forward sooner rather than later by our own ability to care for others. But, life is a strange and vast learning ground for all of us at the best of times.

    Unfortunately, man has a lot to learn along the way. As the Native people say, when man learns he cannot eat his gold, he will find the way to peace and no one will starve! Good point. “Gold” is the ‘strange God’ of today…and of the past. It is commerce, banks, drug companies etc that run the world, shipping out guns and teaching the illiterate whom to hate and kill next, not the grass root people who only want to eat, live and have their own little place of peace. And that is what will have to change. Satan knows just how to push the buttons of those who are suffering the most, and he uses that power to the max these days….in many ways…or so I feel.

    There are a few things I have thought about in all the writings and talks on the end times scriptures.

    Sun and moon….than you mention here….and stars etc.

    First, our earth is being tilted with each earthquake, (over 20 inches now, which is said to be nothing, but in fact IS something) and the sun is going to intensify in its own power. Science is now also seeing the changes on our earth in warming due to these changes which are also occurring on the sun itself. This is also effecting a very weak magnetic shield due to its own repositioning allowing more radiation to get through from our sun, and the more storms the sun has, the more we are going to be effected in heath, weather, land masses and so on, which happens naturally on our earth every 2500 years or so…as recorded in our magnetic rocks on the planet.

    So, there are many forces at work due to our earths movements. However, our collective negative thoughts and actions here also play a HUGE part in all of the imbalances as well, more than we even are aware of, and if we were, we would be praying a whole lot more than we do!

    Another thought about stars cast down….which could also be a meteor shower and an impact from one big one…but even a small one can create damage to the extreme! Apoptosis makes its first close encounter with our earth in December of 2012…information which seems to get lost along the way in all the other hype out there. But in reality, this rock has been noted since 2002, and is in orbit between us and Venus. Our first close brush with it as it comes much closer in its shifting orbit, could also create other problems we may not fully comprehend at this time, but if it got close enough, more earth movements could also be effected. This is not impossible. NASA has said that there are no real worries until 2025 or 2035 when an impact is more than likely at that time..but have no real idea yet on how close its orbit could effect the earth…it could also pull in others with it…depending upon its passing angle etc. A lot of unknowns out there…or willing to say.

    Other ‘rocks’ out there are also ones to be aware of, (one just went by us that was seen only AFTER it passed just a short time ago!!) and if just one small one hits, or does what it did in Russia, near a city, well, imagine what would happen to the sky, not to mention how we see the sun (or not) and the color of the moon through the debris.
    In 1560 a volcano blew up and made a winter on earth for two whole years, recorded in both China and Rome, and may starved to death during that time, more than those that died during the black death in the middle ages. In 1898 in the pacific another blew its entire top…the sky was a strange red color for many years afterward, so much so, famous painters of the day captured it on canvases. So will it happen again…of course, it is a mortal earth after all.

    In short, God will show us many signs in the heavens to the coming times ahead of us all, and has already been happening for years now with comets we did not know we would see, one with two tails even, not to mention all the other unusual events that astronomers are scratching their heads over. I have seen things in my life time that was not even heard of to see in my mothers generation!! Like a hundred fold more and then some!

    We are in a time, when time itself is folding over itself and doubling up, and events are overlapping so much, there are no longer the regular boundaries to clearly see, what is when, and when what will be…which is as God said…NO ONE WILL KNOW THE TIME BUT HIM….even though we may try and ‘guess at it’. I am not sure that is the right road to take in it all to try and guess, as then we can play into the advisory’s hands just as he likes us to be, playing in his back yard….so to speak. God said to leave things with Him, as he would take care of His own, and to have faith in his plan. A good start is to believe in that. I need to hold onto that for sure. No one wants to be in pain, suffering, bullied or beat up in life by some cruel enemy. War is not a game, it is terror at its worst.

    With Israel, it is not the time. Why do I say that?… does have to do with the actual building of a temple ON THE TEMPLE Mound…or so I feel. This is also in the end times scripture…sorry I don’t have the references, but it is there. And that is what will enrage the Muslim population to begin the final war to kill every Jew, and I might add Christian on sight. But he will fail!
    Also, there will be those who will speak out against those who would place their ‘strange God’ in such a way as to destroy the birth place of Jesus Christ. The enemy of Christ will try to kill them all off as well, but again, will fail, but not without great sacrifices from many lands…it will be a terrible time…sigh..

    I had a waking vision one day many years ago, and so far, along with my dream of the Tsunami (that happened with the middle east and Japan) I saw what and where it would begin and in what land.

    I saw a huge black cobra (which later I found out is the symbol of pure evil in a certain country, but did not know that at time time of the ‘vision’) coiled over the earth, with its hood full open and mouth with fangs ready to strike. I saw the earth cracked and opened to is very core…and lava red underneath the snake…like it was over a pit of hell…. on both sides of the earths split, were two main groups at war, and they no longer even had guns, but were hand to hand combat to the last man standing. You were either on one side or the other..and if you made no choice…you had chosen!

    I knew we were very close to this time and place of being. I may not see it, but the next generation will.
    OH and the country of the black cobra? Pakistan….so, I feel it all begins there in reality–right where no one is really looking or would look…go figure….it already has….as it supports all the Arab nations and their Hamas. I did not know any of the politics when I saw this over 15 years ago.

    It is also interesting to note, that God says the time of the antichrist will be VERY SHORT…thank goodness for that one!! guess that also tells us who will win the day, right? Time to just breathe then…and be what God would have us be each day….:))

    Anyway, I have other comments but don’t want to boar anyone to death either.

    I guess my main point in it all is this: who do you follow, what do you really believe and who are you willing to die for? If you have all the answers to this, then what is there to fear…it is Satan’s tool to create fear in our hearts, not Gods, so, we need to keep our focus upon doing right, doing our best and helping each other get through these days, one step at a time. Just as we do for each other in floods, fires and tornadoes. WE are learning the lessons to bond with each other through hardship…preparing us for a greater trial…bet no on thought of that one, eh? There is a purpose, even in the eye of the storm. Remember, God also created a rainbow that comes AFTER them too…sooo….there is promise when we know where we are standing…and why.

    Preparedness is our greatest tool in these times. But being pre prayed may be also our greatest gift too!
    Oh and prayer DOES matter…God can help if we ask him too! BUT WE HAVE TO ASK him for our strength and help in our lives.

    OK, I will shut the heck up nowLOL

    Blessings to you all out there….I so enjoy your site Mariann..thank you for having me too!!

    Vicki Kathleen/Tangski.

    • vicki
      well said, especially the last paragraph. God disciplines those whom he loves. This is what God is doing in my life: the pain of the hardship is exceeded by the peace of knowing that God is preparing us for the trials to come. Those three questions at the start of that paragraph are the most important ones to be asking ourselves. When we can answer them is when we find the joy, peace and strength to endure.
      God bless,
      P.S. I think you are the first person to bring up Apothis (or however you spell it) on this site. Seems like everyone is on the Nibiru or elenin bandwagon here.

      • That was Apophis, 2029, and 2036, has a 1 in 37 chance of hitting the earth in 2036 or something like that.

    • Hi Vicki

      You make some very good points. I could never understand, myself, why gold was a money standard. You cannot eat it. Just make jewelry.

      It is hard to keep up with all these names of asteroids…elenin…planet x, nibiru, wormwood, apophysis…..and figure out if they are different or the same……the bible speaks of wormwood, and I just hope I am not here when it comes.

      It will be interesting to see how Pakistan plays a role in the future, after hearing your vision.

      I agree that we should all be prepared, and pray for loved ones who are not saved yet. Helping others come to know Jesus is the best preparation there is.

    • AMEN to Vicki Kathleen

      quote “I guess my main point in it all is this: who do you follow, what do you really believe and who are you willing to die for? If you have all the answers to this, then what is there to fear…it is Satan’s tool to create fear in our hearts, not Gods, so, we need to keep our focus upon doing right, doing our best and helping each other get through these days, one step at a time. Just as we do for each other in floods, fires and tornadoes. WE are learning the lessons to bond with each other through hardship…preparing us for a greater trial…bet no on thought of that one, eh? There is a purpose, even in the eye of the storm. Remember, God also created a rainbow that comes AFTER them too…sooo….there is promise when we know where we are standing…and why.

      Preparedness is our greatest tool in these times. But being pre prayed may be also our greatest gift too!
      Oh and prayer DOES matter…God can help if we ask him too! BUT WE HAVE TO ASK him for our strength and help in our lives. quote

  17. Aww, thanks! Yes I agree…God prepares those who will be prepared…and willing to work on their own homework, which is not easy here..but, that is also the plan if we desire to grow…sigh.

    Apophis…god of destruction in Egyptian Gods. They have changed the dates many times now..but I also find it very interesting that over 4 movies and docs also contain the same name for this rock! Coincidence? I wonder. Having also looked at the orbit, I do not believe they are telling us the full truth on this…as they did at first….so…any close encounter with an asteroid is dangerous, and they really have NO idea at this time what it is really composed of, which can then be very dangerous as it gets closer to our earth, not to mention even our moon!

    Anyway, I find the date of its first close encounter to e interesting as it is in Dec of 2012…which whey have decided not to emphasis, yet if you get a good look at the orbit they show on NASA it is very very clear just HOW close it will come to us! In space terms …too close! But, hey, God is in control, and nothing impossible to him…all things can be changed if he wills it and WE PRAY about such things…I mean…he is there to talk to and ask, yes?

    Native people do believe and elders also speak of a planet that is or was a part of the earth…and why we are on a tilt and it was take off…they point to the north star location…and say that the 10 lost tribes are there–and that this planet will come and rejoin the earth again with those who were taken away…now, that is very interesting if you also take it another way…the ‘ten’ really are OUT there and will come to aid us in the last days! The GOOD UFO’s…whoa…puts a whole new light on it, eh??? They say they were taken away because they were far more advanced than we are…in love and knowledge of God. They also point to the North..where there is a huge ‘hole’ of land mass which if you join the continents together…seems to be missing…take a look at the map…and you will see something with new insight…it is also said in scripture, the peacemakers WILL COME FROM THE NORTH…how north more can you get…and, from the NORTH part of the sky as well!! Again, Native people have a wisdom we have forgotten in things..even in translation of the bible…:)) God did not teach just one group of people on earth….there were many years when he was ‘absent’ from us knowing where he went, or who he spoke with…and there is no place he could not visit, unlike the rest of man. We tend to forget that fact. LOL
    ….I learned of this as a child. Wow…interesting if nothing else…

    Well, thank you for letting me share…and I am a work in progress like all here and everywhere…

  18. I am part Native in heritage–Chippewa/Cree,…and learned many concepts from the native elders. Some LDS have learned it from us, but not all. Many simply do not understand many things of Native beliefs or even ways. Just FYI.:)


    With President Obama’s speech (5/23/11) endorsing the Palestinians’ demand for their own state based on borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, this has now happened. )

  20. Have you ever pondered about that Turkey (Ishmael) would invade IL ???
    The “flesh” does allways strike against the choden ONE !!!

    “Ishmael” will sacrifice IL for showing to its muslim brothers that he is a true follower of the prophet mohamed.

    But GOD Almithty is on gueard and has prepared the “chariots of fires” for this last battle to show HIS Glory and to show HIS faithfullness to HIS covenant.


  21. What will happen if Israel gives Golan heights to Syria. They are already trying to come across to cause trouble in Israel.

  22. I am just pondering the fact that we cannot stop or change the path that Daniel and Revelation marked. We must pray that as many people see the truth and give their hearts to JESUS. And after that let them finish the game so that JESUS can come and save us. We are heading for global ecumenism fast and that will entail the dividing of Israel, it is mearly a marker in time to keep watch over. Do not fear for JESUS is with us always. Jerusalem will become a world religious capital that will belong to all. This is Sun worship/satanism at its worst. Keep your eyes on JESUS and do not walk after the beast!! People wake up this is the end we should rejoice! If you hear of a sunday law from the USA know that we are near the end, that is the sign that Revelation speaks of. It is forced sunday worship like in Daniel. The forehead refers to thoughts and the hand refers to actions. The war at the end of the day is against us true Christians or Protestants if you like.

  23. Well, just another through here…yes, hands are actions…and head our negative thoughts, however, with the micro chip…it is also being implanted into those two areas of the body! Easy scan etc…as far as from space!

    God told us all, to live IN the world NOT OF IT…so that means, we can live on the earth through ALL times, and FEAR NOT…as all things in life is according to his plan, even this kind of latter day testing…which is all it is…another kind of test for man to walk through…every age has had so many varied kinds of tests, and our times are no different…we just happen to also be the spirits who wanted to come and be tested in these times with these particular challenges. All things change, and so will we…nothing here is forever, as it was not meant to be that way, and God has the final word in all things as nothing goes by him with out his knowing…what he will allow or not allow, means he has the final word in all things, so why worry about what we agreed to live through in the first place? All we can to then is our best. If we feel we also know the truth of things, then all we have to do is LIVE those truths…and have nothing to worry about. All another can do, is take our mortal life, but, we do not have to give over anything else…as that belongs to our personal choices and where we really want to be and live, both here and beyond this life.

    Those who came before us, were also for their times, just as we are for our times. Nothing has really changed in that one either follows the darkness…or the light…and that really is the end comment of all history on earth, great or small, whole or divided…the simple truth is that is why we are here in the first place…to test ourselves in who and what we will become, if given our own means to choose…with out interference…

    I really pray to be strong in life and keep doing what is needed of me each day…if I can do that, then there is nothing to really worry about as life keeps going, in the face of all things…we can live life in fear and fall to the illness and hurt that brings, or live in hope and love for ourselves, God and fellowman, and place our trust that we can rebuild or make the changes we need to make to help make this world a better place to live in…where ever we happen to live.

    The ‘world’ will end, but not in the way many outline, as they are not looking ahead to those years of peace and light when God comes to be here with humanity…I think that is a perfect place to focus upon…a humanity with God on earth…like wow,…! Have faith that there are many others like us who really want peace, harmony and family values….there are more than we may be giving credit for, especially in the places where all the wars keep happening in…I bet many there are sick to death of war, period! I know I would be!

    Anyway, just a few thoughts…
    Blessings to all,
    Vicki K.

  24. Hi Vicki, Thanks for that. I do differ from you in some ways. I do not believe GOD reigns the earth outright at the moment. We gave our power to satan and you individually choose to turn from this to GOD and serve GOD. That is the plan of salvation and why JESUS came. But JESUS asked us to hold fast to our faith and HE will then look after us. But we are in this world and satan just wants to kill you and deceive you as a Christian even more. That is why he warned us that we will suffer and be persecuted. But we will inherit the Earth. Living in South Africa in fear each day and things are getting out of hand and my people are suffering greatly
    one has to place all your trust in GOD and JESUS. GOD does have a time table and he gave it to us in detail, I believe he will not tarry a moment longer but HE will stick to the time table so that we who can read what is going on and can see the signs of the times will be able to hold on. satan is busy with an all out war against True Christians. And the new world order and the new Babylon is the prise for him. The book of Daniel clearly highlights the Antichrist and his game plan. There is no dought that the end is in sight.

    Lots of Love

  25. HI Marianne! I saw your video “BO vs the people of Israel”.
    I don´t know what you wanna say with this video but i do know that Barack is not the Antichrist. The Antichrist shall deny the Father and the Son.
    Barack Obama is an Catholic. An Catholic never denies the Father and the Son. Antichrist is probably an muslim and I think it is Muhammed.

    // The Prophet

    • hi IBM

      I do not think obama is the AC either, but he is trying hard. Barack is not a Catholic. He is a secular muslim…..I have already heard him deny Jesus and mock the bible. this is why he is anti-israel and supports the muslim brotherhood in the middle east.

      the AC will be possessed by satan…and I think it will be a muslim also…..not to offend any nice muslims…..but it looks that way to me.

      Muslims have their own idea who the AC is…..and to them , it is NOT a muslim….

  26. Hi there, I would watch the current Pope very closely, why is he carrying a bent cross and the emancipated Christ on it if we all know that Jesus lives? Why did the last few Popes push for Global Ecumenism, Why is he Kissing the Koran. He has also denied Our Father by saying that God must obey the Popes decries. Go and study Catholic writings and why did They change the Times. The Bible clearly said that the Antichrist will do that. Watch closely what is coming to America in the near future. Barack is busy wrecking your economy and is is for a reason. The muslim brotherhood is already murdering 1000’s of Christians in the countries they have recently taken over. The CNN and BBC does not show that.
    The tribulation has started!

  27. My country has already been given to communists and we are being persecuted! there is a war here in SA already.

  28. To Marianne!
    Barack is a Catholic. I´m an Ortodox Christian and we know little more than other Christians. We are the true church. We don´t need to have access to secret documents to find out who he is. Barack doesn´t want to reveal his religious background to unite the country because USA is an multi cultural country. He will reveal this within 2 years.

    • IBM

      I do not know why you say Barack is a Catholic. He has never been one. He was raised a Muslim, and all his early school documents say this, even if he did go to a Catholic school. His mother was an atheist and his fathers were Muslims. Converting to Catholicism as a child would have never happened. He was a non-practicing Muslim until he joined up with Pastor Wright in Chicago, Illinois. Pastor Wright has a background in Islam, and preaches Liberation Theology, which is a Muslim doctrine. He associates with the Black Muslims in America, and only has a superficial Christian profile.

      • Actually, liberation theology has its roots in the catholic church in south america, and is also backed by communist factions there. Like Islam, it combines Gov’t and religion. Like most communist ideologies, it was founded on good intentions of helping the poor, but got corrupted by the those who saw it as a means to sieze control.

  29. To Louis Du ….!
    You say Catolics changed times. When Martin Luther started his church.
    He changed a lots of times.
    He changed Christmas from 25 dec to 24 dec
    He changed Passover to celebrate it on Saturday (When Jesus was in the grave) instead of celebrate it on Sundays like Cathlics do.
    He changed fasting from When. and fri. to Mon. and thurs.

    It´s you protestants, baptist and anglikans who follows a faith with changed times and laws.

  30. Its not about who to point the finger at, its about who will be deceived by the false prophet and Antichrist. Grow and mature in your faith, and you will not be deceived. He could be the pope, He could be a protestent, or he could be syrian orthodox. Work out your faith with fear and trembling and walk with God do not follow man. For the Ac will be a human possesed by Satan, Like Judas iscariot.

  31. Marianne
    If you go by what the muslim prophecies say, Their Christ figure who will fight along side the Mahdi does not “have” to be a muslim. He will “declare” himself to be God, later on when he commits the A of D. The Pope and Other False religious leaders will “stand with him” thereby deceiving millions. Signs and wonders will be everywhere to prove his authority, such as the Dragon giving him his authority. The dragon = Satan, who appears as God, Kind of like a mock version of “this is my son in whom I am well pleased”. If people do not know how Christ is supposed to appear at his second coming, then they will likely be deceived. Do you believe the “voice coming from what appears as heaven”, and the signs and wonders, Or do you believe the Word of God. Only mature faith will not be swayed by the signs and wonders.

  32. To Dru2!
    The second coming is not Rev 14:1 and Zach 14:3, this is the third coming. This is when Jesus comes back to Gog and Magog war in Hes 38 & 39.
    If Jesus would return from heaven to Jersusalem in Jesus second coming with the Cross hanging around his neck no one will receive him. People in Jerusalem are Jews and Muslims.
    Jesus has promised to come back in end times (23 dec 2012) and fire up his enemies before the Gog and Magog war (Matt 13:36-42).
    Jesus told Jesus disciple Simon that from now on i will call you Kefas translated to Petrus which means the rock. Jesus also said that on this rock (Kefas/Petrus) i will build my new union. The Vatican state is build on a rock and it´s the new union.
    If the Pope in about 1,5 year from now will tell that Jesus is in the Vaticans and he will perform Gods doom and if he will reveal secrets that they have a Holy Ghost that tells them that this man is Jesus and the same man says he is Jesus. Will you beleive him?
    In Matt 12:32 (but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come)
    If you say that this man isn´t Jesus you will talk against the holy ghost. You will not be forgiven neither in this life or the life after.

    //The Ortodox Christian = The true church

  33. IBM
    First of all, the rock Jesus was referring to with regard to peter was his confession that Jesus is the Lord. The name Peter translated to “little pebble”, and not rock. It was, if you will, a pun on the part of Jesus, but the subject of the rock is His confession. Read the scripture itself and you will see this.
    The woman who rides the beast in revalation 17 is the vatican. verse 4…”the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet (the colors of the cardinals) with Gold and Jewels and pearls (it is the richest church in the world) A golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality(Think of the child sex scandals, homosexuality of priests, orphanages to house children fathered by priests, etc.) Drunk with the blood of saints (think of the inquisition, and persecutions of anabaptists among others) 15. The waters are peoples and multitudes and nations and languages…(catholicism is the one religion that can claim this) 18. she is a city (vatican) that has dominion over the kings of the earth.(again catholocism is the only religion that is both a city, and has dominion over the kings of the earth.) She is a city built on seven hills. only rome and Istanbul can claim this.
    Rev.18:4 “Come out of her my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues.”
    As for what you say regarding the Man being claimed as Jesus, Jesus is no mere man, and the Holy ghost you are referring to will be a demon, and not the Holy ghost. The holy Ghost is alive and in us all who believe that Jesus is Lord. Over the years, I have learned to rely on his Judgements and not my own. As he has revealed to me the fact that what all this 2012 talk is all about is a grand deception of the very deceiver himself. This Jesus you speak of is the Antichrist. Yes he will come to fire up his enemies, radicalized muslims, and they will attack Israel, but it will not be the Gog and magog war, but the psalm 83 war. And they will be defeated by God from afar. This will enable the False Christ you are speaking of to make a covenent with Israel, spoken of by Daniel, and begin the actual tribulation as foretold in prophecy. True believers, the ones who deny that this Christ figure is the real Messiah, will then be persecuted for their beliefs, and the people doing the persecution will think that they are serving God as they behead them.
    When he commits the abomination of desolation, however, he will be revealed fro who he is. at that time he will have amassed all the power of the worlds governments, and will instate the mark of the beast.

    Ask yourself this question: why is it that your religion left out Revalation from its bible, and why catholics are not encouraged to study these events, but told to follow their popes instruction? Perhaps so that they can be led astray as Jesus warned us to avoid in Matthew 24:4-5. The fact that you believe in three comings of Christ, shows you are already headed for this deception should be a warning to you. He is coming only once more to stand on the earth, and he will stand on the mount of olives.

    Is what i believe backed by scripture? not really, but it was revealed to me by the HS, and I must believe in it and warn those who are succeptible to this deception. There will be many signs and wonders to back the antichrist, and only the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to back those of us who are Christians, and await his second and final coming.

    Do not take thes words lightly, as the implications are great if we are fooled by them. I am certain they will be quoting Matt. 12:32 to sway people, and it will work on many who are not prepared. As for me, I am taking my stand with the Holy Spirit in me, I pray that if you have the Spirit in you, the Truth will be revealed to you as well. God bless.


    Read this and I Pray that you will look at it with an open and honest Heart.

    The Truth will set you free!

  35. Louis
    Another good critique of the catholic church by the SDA, though I have my own issues with the SDA. Are you involved with them?

  36. No But its not the first that In heard of this and there is the facts from the Catholic church. I do not think you gave yourself time to read it?
    I does make you think.

  37. Insidently my Grand Parents, warned me about the roman danger, that was 30 years ago. I am not knocking you please just see the truth.
    Why is the pope wearing the ephod? and why is he carrying an emancipated Christ on a bent cross? and the upside down cross?
    Does make you think does it not

    • As I mentioned to Ibm, I do not see the catholics church as the true church. I did read the whole thing and found it very enlightening. My parents warned me as well. They lived through ww2, and the depression, and were witnesses to the atrocities people do to each other, and the propaganda that was pushed to deceive people. My parents were living in Finland at the time, they lived through the winter war with russia, and then fought alongside Germany as they shared a common enemy. Finland refused to send any of the Jewish Minority that lived there to their deaths in Germany, despite all that propaganda.
      I see the truth that the catholic church is involved with the AC, and will perform signs and wonders to lend credence to him. I have not made up my mind as to whether the Ac is the Pope? Though that sight seems to say with certainty it will be. It is something that we will learn shortly….

  38. Hi Dru
    Thanks for the reply. Your parents must have had a ruff time in that winter. i read up a lot and my grandparents was in Al Alamain in North Africa. I am still stunned by what people can do to each other.

    Best regards and be safe

  39. To Dru!
    Simon didn´t get the name Peter. Jesus gave Simon the name Kefas translated to Greec it´s Petrus. Kefas in Arameic is the Rock.

    You are talking about homosexuality. The only Church in the world that marries homosexuals in the church is the Swedish Church which is an protestant Church. Most of Americans are protestants or Baptist which is part of the prot. Church.
    Swedish church is breaking the law in the Church. There is a law in the Bible which is against homosexuality and even the new Testament tells us that it´s wrong.

    The big city Bombay is also built on seven hills. And some of the Apostles where there and spread Christianity and were killed.

    Leo X told Martin Luther that you will not take part of the holy Ghost if you open your Church.
    You don´t know what this is because you haven´t had access to this but we who belong to God (Ortodox and Catholics) knows what this is.
    Thats why you don´t know what i´m talking about beacuse you are probably protestant/Baptist member.

    If this Guy who claims him self as Jesus and the Pope says he is Jesus.
    If this Guy has a lot of witnesses who will tell that he had spoken about the future and it becames just as he said.
    Both the OT and NT says if someone says he is from God. Test him. If he says something about the future and it happens then you know he is from God. What will you say then?

    This Jesus is not he AC. The AC will deny the Father and Son. This Jesus is a Christian and a Christian never denys the Father and the Son.
    This Jesus will not make a covenent with Israel. If he doesn´t like i tell you that he will not. What will you say than?

    This Jesus will perform Gods doom not implement the mark of the beast.
    No Christian will tell people to accept a mark on their hand or forehand.
    A person who takes place in the Vaticans will not do things like that because every person from the Vaticans has read the Bible.

    Regarding why the Arameic/Syrians don´t have the book of Rev. in thier Bible is because they have been told not to implement this in thier Bible.
    And the main reason for this is because their wil come people who will cut
    the neck of the Christians who accepts the mark of the beast. This is for people for who has the book of Rev in their Bible. This means all the Christians in the world without the Arameic/Syrians. The A/S is Jesus special people. His own people.

    I can´t find anywhere in the Bibel that Jesus will stand on the Mount of the Olives next time he will come back only that Jesus will do this in future this could be the third or even forth time but we know that this the third time.
    As i said Jesus promised us to come back and fire up his enemies.
    Jesus can not do this from Jerusalem. There is only a few people who are Christians their. When Jesus stands on the mount of the Olives he will help the Israel people but that is a war. Before the war Jesus will try to fire up his enemies.

    I haven´t said that the Catholic church is the true Churh i said the Ortodox church is the true church but I think that the Catholic Church belongs to God but not the protestant/Baptist/Anglicans. We have freedom of speech.

    The person who tries to make “peace” in Jerusalem is Silvio Berlusconi. He can be emporor Nero. Nero in old Arameic is 666 and unfortunately the Vaticans is behind this agreement. This person that you call the Antichrist is not the AC. SB is a Christian.
    But Jesus has already stopped this because he loves the Vaticans and he doesn´t want them to fullfill this agreement. So if you are wating for someone who will establish peece in Jersualem you will whait a long time because no one will do this.

    // The Orthodox Christian

    • IBM
      Did you look at the sight Louis left on here? Please do.

    • The catholic church has had a problem for a long time with homosexuals in the priesthood, and encouraging homosexual behavior as “normal.”

      Protestants know who the Holy Ghost is.

    • Ibm
      Its funny how all the churches that are trying to unite with the catholic church are the ones that are falling victim to this toleration of sin. The Lutheran Church in Sweden and Finland are moving toward reuniting with the catholic church! Yet you use them as examples of what is wrong with Protestentism. HMMM!

  40. DRU!

    Facts are facts. If a homo couple wants to have a marrige in the Church they can not do this in a Ortodox or Catholic Church but they can do it in
    the Swedish Church which an protestant Church. You are blaming problems with homos in the Vaticans. Their is problem everywere but we are following the Bible and that is not to marry homos in the Church.
    Their was an Angel whos spoke to a Romanian man called Mr. Duduman.
    He said their is a lots of problem in the Church in USA. One thing that was mentioned was homos. And you are blaming the Vaticans for this. I thought San Fransisco is a homo city! In my faith this is the new Sodom not the Vaticans.

    You say you are from Finland. And that Finland didn´t send Jews to Germany during the second world war. If you don´t know this after second world war. They putted Nazist people in trials in Nurnberg in Germany.
    All of them defended their actions by qouting Martin Luther. They said acording to him we shall persue the Jews. And Finland is protestant Church
    as you mentioned.

    After the last years war in Irak beacuse of USA:s bad International policy. Many Christians in Irak are persued by the muslims in the Country. They want to emmigrate to “Christian nations” But Finland haven´t received them. The most of the foriegners in Finland are muslims, from somalia etc not the persued Christians from the middle east.

    Please don´t try to lift Finland to something nice.


    You say protestants knows what the holy ghost is.

    The Ghost in my tells me a lot of things about the future. Let´s try my Ghost and yours. I want you to reveal something from the future that is not from the Bible. If we say that something will happen in the future and it happens then we know that this Ghost is from God.

    My Ghost tells me a lot of things and i will tell you what it tells me about USA. In near future (i´m not allowed to give times because only God knows exact times according to the Bible) Jesus will start his mission from the Vaticans and I can give you his surname and that is ISRAEL. And your grounder of your church persued the Jews. This sounds bad in my ears. When he starts his mission mr Barack Obama will reveal that he
    is a Catholic Christian. He will give documents to the news so everyone will see that his not a Muslim. He will tell that he has followed what people writes about him in USA and that people calls him the muslim or the Antichrist. He will tell us that if Jesus sends plagues over USA he will not send troops to try kill Jesus. He will say i´m not the new Pontus Pilatus.
    Jesus and his people will reveal that the earth is Gods kingdom and that Ortodox and Catholics will stand in a que when they die to be reborn on earth again. Barack will say when i die i will stand in a que to be reborn on Earth again but you people who writes shit about me will not be in a que according to Jesus.

    Barack Obama is the only president from USA during my life time who doesn´t go out in war in Gods name. One of Gods ten ground laws tells us “Thou shalt not kill” and one another tells us “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” All the other president from USA has abused Gods name when the went out in war.

    Barack Obama is the only president from USA with something in his head. All i see here and another places is a lot of shit talk about him.

    My Ghost also tells me about Jesus marriage which will be held soon.
    His Guests is the Arameic/Syrians. They will fly UFO to Rom which is the new Jerusalem and participate in his marriage. My Ghost tells me a lots of things about the marriage but i will not reveal this because Jesus marriage will be sent in TV all over the world.

    This was little from my Ortodox gost inside me. Now I wanna know something from yours. My faith tells me protestants don´t have a Ghost in their. To have a Ghost inside you you have to beleive in Jesus faith which is the faith that Jesus disciples created not from a anti-Semite german.

    Please give me something so i can change my mind because if you do this discussion will lead me to larger understanding.

    //The Ortodox Christian

  41. Ibm
    Did Jesus Really use words like you used? What people from your part of the world do not understand is that the United states has a separation of Church and state. When people in San Fransisco are marrying Homosexual couples, it is done by the edict of the government not the church. A majority of people in this country are opposed to Marriage for homosexuals. Sweden and finland are a different story. There you have a state backed church. If the church does not follow the edicts of the Gov’t, It lose its funding.
    Though the catholic church bans homosexuality and child molestation outwardly, It tolerates and conceals it inwardly. When a priest is “caught” in a scandal, they just move him to a different city and diosece, and pay off the victims. This has happenned time and time again, to the point that the church was on the verge of bancruptcy. This is the behaviour that members of the catholic church are “paying for” and it is akin to the Phariseeism of Jesus day, if not worse. And you still hold loyalties to this church.
    I am not a member of the Lutheran church, But a Christian who bows only to God the Father, and Jesus. There is no authority of man that I follow and worship. I am not saying that the protestent churches don;t have there share of problems, and What happened with Hitler is a bad blemish on their record. Sin is Sin, no matter who commits it. It is one thing to sin and repent, another to sin and conceal the sin, as if it never happened. This has been going on for millenia in the catholic church. If you read that post above, you should understand. Who is it that the catholic church has murdered throughout the centuries? Those who would not submit to its authority. At one time this was the people that believed in baptism by immersion after salvation, at other times it was protestants via the inquisition. The whole time They were murdering people thinking they were doing the Lord’s work. When was the last time you have heard of Lutherans or baptists murdering people that refused to be members of its church? Yes they were used as a justification by Nazi’s, But It was the catholic church that helped to smuggle many of the war criminals out of Germany after the war, not the Lutherans.
    Some people Just choose to remain blind to the atrocities of the Catholic church, for they fear losing their place in the Kingdom of God, But the Catholic church and its leaders are “far” from being the road to heaven, as Jesus is the ONLY way! Catholocism is the broad road that leads to destruction. That is my prophecy for you. I hope you do not find this out the “hard” way.
    May God lead you away from the Harlot.
    Before you say i am attacking you, or catholics, Look up the facts which I stated. If you can still believe that the Catholic church is the True church, You are not only ignorant, but condoning of their actions, A partner in crime if you will!!

    • Hi IBM
      Have you seen what is going on in Sweden, in connection with the Muslim immigrants. The Muslims go there and just cause trouble. They always move to Christian nation and cause a mess.
      May our King come asap!!

  42. Dru!

    I know that the Catholic party gave Nazist party power in Germany but most of the people in Germany were protestants. Specially Nazist. I live in Europe today. The last years political partys who almost hate muslims has grown big in countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany this countries are protestants. Thier Church grounder is the same grounder as your Church. As a Chiristian we shall love our enemy.
    It´s Jesus duty to kill them, the Christians shall love them. 2 days ago a protestant person who calls him self Christian killed 100 people in Norway.
    It comes out so much shit from protestant countries now a days.

    Yes Jesus is the only way. Jesus choosed the disciples. The Disciples created the Ortodox church and the Catholic Church are from the same faith. It was only divided in an western and Eastern part.

    Our faith that the Disciples created is Jesus way:

    We kneel in the church. Protestants don´t.
    We pray to St. Mary (the disciples faith). Protestants don´t
    We fast. Protestants don´t
    We don´t kill (abortion), Protestants allows abortion.
    Once again we don´t marry homos in the church. Protestants do.

    I can continue but this is enough for us.

    I´m a beliver of the Angel who spoke to mr Duduman. Maybe your not.
    The Angel told him that there is to much trouble in the Church in USA, the Angel didn´t sent him to the Vaticans. He was sended to you guys in USA.

    Like I already told you before. Soon the Pope will teach the world what the Holy Ghost is all about and protestants/baptist/anglicans will found out that you have missed the hart of Christianity. Then you will understand that the Vaticans are close to God and your not.

    You remind me of the Apostle Paulus who persued the Christians until
    Jesus told him he was wrong. The King will soon start his next mission from the Vaticans and you will understand that thoose you talk shit about is close friends to him.

    John the Baptist, Jesus, the disciples, Apostles, Ortodox Church and the Catholic Church is one family. You are not part of the family.

    To Louis Du Plessis!

    This countries has open the doors for Muslims and then they hate them.
    Today muslims and protestants makes war against each other. This is exactly what Satan wants.This is not what Gods wants. We shall love our enemy.

    • IBM

      Praying to Mary is idolatry.
      Protestants fast and oppose abortion.
      But both Catholics and Protestants have abortions, when they fall away from God.
      Both Catholics and Protestants are slowly allowing homos in the church, which makes them bad churches.
      The bible predicted this falling away from the faith.

      It is right to protect oneself from Muslim attacks. Self defense is allowed in the bible. We can love them, but it is wrong to allow them to force their religion and culture on us.

      I agree that Duduman was sincere in his message to the USA, and had valuable information. But the message was more about America, and not the church. Many people in America do not go to church, and do not follow the laws of God.

    • I am a co heir to the Kingdom of GOD and happy to not be a part of any church that goes against the BIBLE.
      I love JESUS HIS FATHER and THE HOLY SPIRIT and that is all that counts. I would love to convince all of mankind to not walk after the beast but I cannot all I can do is proclaim the truth. Each person has his and her own free will, GOD made us so so that he does not have robots praising HIM. I praise my GOD out of my own free will and I know that for that satan will make war against me and others like me and that I will be hated and I accept it gladly because JESUS and I are the majority and the victors in any circumstance.

    • Ibm
      Just because a church shares roots with the apostles, does not mean they are the True Church. All churches have their roots in the apostolic church in one way or another, as that is where and when the faith began and spread. That does not mean that these churches are immune to corruption and heresy. You Criticise the Protestent churches, But what is it that Luther was “protesting” against? The protestent movement and all the division of the Body of Christ is a “fruit” of the Catholic church, From the Great Schism onward.

      If You Look in revalation at the letters written to the Churches You will see a mention of the “Nicolaitans” (Rev 2:6, 2:15). This is a heresy started by Nicolas, who was a deacon in the church led the people of the church astray. He was a “wolf in sheeps clothing”, as Christ said of the non-believers mixed in with the church. The name “nicolaitans” means “one who conquers the people or Laity”. Along with the Moral bancruptcy of the churches “led” by Nicolas, is the heresy of the leader of the church being placed in a position above the “laity”, so that they can be “led” astray. In Peter’s first epistle he gives instruction contrary to this. “Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, excercising OVERSIGHT, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; NOT FOR SHAMEFUL GAIN, but eagerly;3. NOT DOMINEERING over those in your charge, BUT BEING EXAMPLES TO THE FLOCK.”(5:2-3) If you are honest, and you look at the history of the Popes, it is a history of shameful gain and domineering. I can say the same thing of the protestent churches especially in this century. The Epidemic of apostacy is the direct result of leaders of the church exalting their seat above the people of the church, instead of leading by “example”.

      2 Timothy 4:2 instructs leaders to “preach the Word”. Show me one example in the Bible where the apostles “prayed to Mary”? This alone should be evidence to the fact that the Catholic church has Led the sheep astray. The fact is, however, that eventually, even the sheep realize that they are being led to their destruction by a pack of wolves. Hence you have the protestent movement, and the 95 theses. So the question you need to ask yourself is: Are the ones who “left” the leaders of the church, the sheep, or the goats? And were those leaders shepherding the flock, or leading them to destruction? It is you that must “figure” this out. I have already decided.

      Now I am not trying to convert you into some protestent church, so that you can fall back into the trap of being led astray again. For the protestent churches have fallen victim to these same nicolaitan deceptions. But I would rather implore you to read “the Word”, and pray for guidance from Jesus, who is our only intercessor to the Heavenly Father, that he will lead you to the “true” Gospel. If you feel you need to be part of a church (group), look for one that “preaches the Word” not one that preaches the leader’s words.

      BELONG to GOD, and NOT to MAN!!

      • Well, my words are not even cold look what happened over the weekend in Norway. I mentioned Sweden but the problem is in both Scandinavian countries. There are some clips on U-tube on the muslim immigrants. I am by no means condoning the act, that boy was just mislead and confused but it does point to a serious problem if someone of his education level feels he needs to react

        • Education, does not make one immune to doing violence. Violence is a result of ill placed affection for the things of this world.

  43. True

  44. To Marianne!

    Jesus choosed the disciples. Jesus gave them Holy Ghost over them. They created the church and one thing they descided was to see Virgin Mary as a saint. Your Church has changed this. Martin L was not allowed to change this. Only peopel from Gods kingdom are allowed to change this.

    The Catholic churches decisions comes from the Vaticans and they don´t allow abortion or Homo marriage in the Church. If you know a case where a Catholic church allows homo marriage then they don´t follow order from Vaticans in other words they are not Catholics.

    The big hate against the muslims today are beacuse of what happened from 9/11. And I have the Holy Ghost in me and I know that it´s not muslims behind this, It is your own goverment.

    TO Dru!

    First of all. The first Christians are the Arameic/Syrians. A/S has not added St Mary as a saint. This came from the Apostles and Disciples. We which means the Ortodox/Catholics pray at least 3 times a day to ST Mary and in a couple of days St Marys Fast starts. We are not allowed to eat and drink before 12 a clock. We are not allowed to eat meet during this period. We are not allowed to arange partys during this period. This was was given to us from the Disciples/Apostles faith. You can do watever you wanna do during this period in the summer and you say our Church is the braod gate.
    Try to understand the Ortodox Church is the smal gate. We fast every wen and fri exaclty as Jesus said. Read Didace chap 8. It´s word from Jesus which were not part of the Bible. It´s Martin L who deleted ST Mary as a saint from the faith. Even if he´s right. He´s not allowed to change in the faith that was given to the people.

    You will be punished for changing the faith. Thats why USA will burn.

    • hi IBM

      Ok. that is your faith.

      We have to respect what you believe, even if we believe differently from you.

      The important thing is to love and believe in Jesus.

      God bless you.

  45. IBM
    Didache chapter 8 says nothing about praying to Mary, only to pray the Lord’s prayer 3 times a day? It also says that Baptism should be done in “running water” such as a river.

  46. Do Dru!

    Didace chap 8 says we shall fast on wen. and fri. Praying to Mary is from the faith the disciples gave us. Tommorow the Virgin Mary fasting begins so´I´m not allowed to have fun during this time so i can´t discuss with you during this period. Bye for a time.

    I Just love to be childish!

    • Revering Mary as a saint, I have no problem with, praying to her I do. The apostles prayed in “Jesus Name” not Mary’s. I asked you to show me from the Bible one example of the Apostles praying to Mary.

    Children, be unafraid. These words WILL save you IF they are spread all over the world before the internet is destroyed by the Gog.
    I am Enoch, the Watcher that stands before the gates of Jerusalem. Where I stand the earth shivers and it has not rained for weeks. The sign of the Scientist has been given to you in my constellation on August 24th. I am the Bear that God guides, the hidden power behind the throne of the True Messiah, Jesus Christ, Lord of Souls and God of Love. Now I reveal to you my true colors as I have been commanded by God.
    I am the promise that God gave you. I am the rainbow He made to save you. I am Ki the pole dragon remade to burn with all the colors and phases of the rainbow. I am the sword named “breath” (Abel) the comes from the mouth of the Lord Jesus to slay the wicked on the day of Judgement. I am the he/she who slew Tiamat, the shadow of Azazel and Bitch Queen of Hell who the Jews knew as the Leviathon . I am the sword that guarded Eden, the pillar of flame that led the Jews from Egypt, the snake that slew the demons being commanded by the fallen Watchers who called themselves wizards, just as I was the flaming snake that slaughtered the demons among Moses’s people that had perpetrated the Great Lie and turned God‘s victory into a defeat. Most call me simply, the Angel of Death and I am not fond of that. I prefer Ki or Chet if you are a friend. The Gog and all my enemies SHALL call me Chester, for I am the fortress that guards this world.
    I have been by my Lord‘s Jesus’s side in all of his lives. I was Joab, Simon (Peter) and the Voice of God that guided Mohammed as well as the hidden power that ensured his victories.
    My Lord Jesus commanded me to guard his flock. The Gog must slay me before I shall let them touch his children.
    Come at me you demons! You know exactly where I stand.
    The Gog antichrist Geschwind (Zim aka Hitler) will be baptized at 7:00 AM by the lead Gog false prophet J. Baptist (Hosebend aka Himmler). At 7:37 AM, a UFO will descend to pick up the antichrist and take him away to be “divinely” enlightened. The whole spiel is described in the Torah of Immanuel, a semi-truthful doctrine of hate written by the Gog in 1963.
    The Gog are body-snatchers and soul-slayers. It was for this abomination, that Babylon was destroyed by God while saving only Noah and his family. Now the Gog have raised it’s wicked walls again. We have a vast Gog cancer growing on this world.
    The Gog have been here since 1936. After Hitler rose to power, he was “snatched” by Zim. The policies of genocide that were adopted were Zim’s, not Hitler’s. The Germans built secret bases for the Gog where they went to work building a fleet of time ships. Other facilities were built to breed the man-gog (Magog) hybrids they made. These telepaths look human, but are clones (only 20 or so faces among tens of thousands of them). They will claim to be the gods that made you, but this is a lie. The Magog have a spirit technology which gives them a perfect memory, but with an IQ of ~80 they will have little understanding of the words they parrot. They’re smart enough to be janitors but certainly not bio and temporal engineers.
    The new Babylon has risen among us. It‘s citizens are all Gog and there could be millions of them. All this world’s leaders should be considered Gog, all it’s judges, all it’s rich, all it’s elite, all it’s generals, and many of it’s religious leaders and celebrities are Gog as well.
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    Strike down these laws the Gog have passed to SLAY humanity in secret.
    Pull your judges and politicians down and make them take an MRI. They all are electronically “lobotomized”. The “snatched” person is in a coma, with his/her body being run like a puppet that shares it’s memories with the parasite inside it. Of course, lobotomized politicians do explain a lot of our economic and political policies, but what is our excuse for letting incarnate evil run this far with the ball?
    The Gog have been abducting people for decades to “tag” them with devices that will react to their spiral-form detectors to create a counterclockwise “evil” design that will mark you as a “demon” so your soul can be slain on television in front of cheering Gog Babylon “citizens” as another Gog in a time suit puts on a light show to make the event seem more “magical”.
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    The Gog have an internet virus that they plan to release (probably from Gog operatives in the CIA) that they will blame on the U. S. as an excuse to attack us. Of course, first they will expose the Gog Obama to be the antichrist (he’ll confess of course – as well to many crimes that the U.S.A. is involved in). The Gog may even expose others, like all the Bush family, in an effort to gain humanity’s trust.
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    This is justice Zim. You cannot win on this world, I have beaten you. Now choose: pursuing your lost ambitions on Earth, or the existence of the entirety of your civilization.
    If you weren’t insane Zim, I would know what your choice must be. But you have walked the path too many times, my enemy, and are now quite insane.
    Make the right decision, Zim, humanity will find you anyway. The correct path is sometimes very difficult to walk. If this will help with that decision, my replacement is here along with fourteen others. There are now 30 archangels on Earth and two polar dragons that got nothing better to do than kill you if you make a move.
    Choose wisely Zim, I will give you time to think and talk to your people.
    P.S.: It would not be wise to show up on Death’s doorstep uninvited. I am tired, broken and blind and I do not expect friendly guests anytime soon.
    abelarchangel said this on January 7, 2012 at 11:53 am | Reply
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  48. EU to PA Arabs: We’ll Help You ‘Grab Land’ from Israel

  49. god will divide USA when it betrays ISrael

  50. It is my belief that the Antichrist will arise out of Turkey. Is Erdagon to be the long prophesied Antichrist? The Holy scriptures refer to the Antichrist more than a few times as “The Syrian”. I believe what we are seeing unfold today before our very eyes is the resurgence of a new Islamic Caliphate. To me this is the miraculous healing of the fatal head wound as referred to in the book of Revelation. There is a bit of history to wade through in order to weave Daniel’s prophecy into the fabric of history, but this is where I come from. I am also of the belief that there is no Pre-Tribulation Rapture, but a pre-wrath gathering on “The Day of The L-rd”. The controversy of Zion has just begun.

    • terry

      that is very possible.

      I have one post that supports that view.

      Click to access 4th-beast-web-4-mt.pdf

    • From jer25:26 we know that there is a near north(turkey) of ISRAEL not Syria, because of the current war going on, making them unable to attack Israel during this endtime, and a far North(Russia) of ISRAEL ,using Israel as a reference point/center of the map.

      The Assyrian who can cast down the host of heaven and stars is obviously not an ordinary human being.
      He is the Antichrist possessed by the devil,after fallen from heaven as Lucifer in Is14:12, then appearing as a “man” in Is 14:16, we know that this is a supernatural man.
      I know Jesus would return to fight against the supernatural Alien Antichrist Assyrian and his running on walls(Joel2:9) and east wind supping faces (hab1:9) SUPERNATURAL ARMY and not ORDINARY humans with AK47 or armored tanks that are useless before Christ’s ARMY!!!!!!,!

  51. After Herod’s death Caesar divided the territory he ruled, which included almost all of Palestine, among his three sons Archelaus, Philip, and Antipas.

  52. Revelation : Year 2036, Top “TRIBULATION” with the “World LAW”. Greetings Brothers.
    Peace Ha Mashiach YahShua this with you.
    I also had a revelation about the Apocalypse, and in it, God gave me the start date.
    Perfectly understand and is written in Mark 13-32: “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father.”. And I also understand that this verse refers to the 2nd Coming of Our Lord and Savior, YahShua Ha Mashiach, and my testimony does not, on that day, the second coming of our King, but a year of beginning of the Great Tribulation
    , and it is totally different than before referral;
    and therefore, it is a space of time, which the Eternal God, made known to his people now, as one more example of his great love and his immense mercy to his.
    My Revelation is as follows: Year 2036, possible start of the Reign of Antichrist, with the “World Law”.
    They when I was in my room, I came by come.And images before my eyes, I saw many people around the world running and being chased by a kind of World Police and those officers whose dress was a Bluish color.
    I worried to much suffering, worldwide, asked her what was going on in the world, and a voice told me that it had been decreed “World Law” mandatory.
    And then I realized that the millions of people persecuted by everyone, for some reason, did not want to comply with and obey the law obligatory World .And I was curious to know about the date of the event and atribulante asked and when will be the fulfillment of
    all this ???
    And a voice said to me, “This will happen in 2036” . Greetings

  53. No one said that the dividing of land was in ISRAEL.

    If it was done by the antichrist, who is currently suspected to be Donald Trump, HE made his money by dividing the land in America.

    He made his money from it. It’s called property development!

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