Are you a grasshopper?



I can’t!

God is with us.

So who can be against us?

We seal our own doom with the words that come out of our mouths.

We curse ourselves, and neglect to bless instead.

I am writing this the week preceding Tisha B’Av.

It is time to reflect upon our attitudes toward God, others and ourselves.

It is a time to fast and pray, and to cleanse ourselves of wrong thinking.

It is also a time to pray for the people of Israel, and their protection.

As we treat Israel, so God will treat us.

If we don’t learn the lesson of Tisha B’Av, it will happen to us.

27 Responses to “Are you a grasshopper?”

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    • The Lord just spoke this today while in prayer battling deception being played out in my own family. He spoke to me about the children of Israel being called to go in and do battle. Doing battle was an evidence of their faith in God just like Joshua and Caleb who declared “we are well able to go in and take the land”. The Lord really ministered this scripture to my heart and revealed to me that He is calling me and all of us to go in and take the land from the enemy in Yeshua/Jesus Name. Nothing can stand against the Name of Jesus and the blood of the Lamb. He has won the victory forever on the cross and asks us to go in and take back the land from the enemy. Faith is our victory and faith confidently claims and fights for that which is already promised.

  2. So true what was said, we don’t know who we are and therefore we “CANT” where in fact we can, because we are the children of God, He’s Daddy. Jesus reiterated this when he said “go forth and do what I did and GREATER THINGS than what I did, you will do”. Was He lying? You the reader decide that for yourself. Just remember, you where created in Dads image.

  3. War and battle…. peace and tranquility? Sort out you message and your chosen God. Is it “an eye for an eye” or is it “turn the other cheek”??

    • hi steve

      the bible says to live peaceably with all men, as much as it is possible. However, there is a time for war, to protect oneself, and a time for peace.

      We turn the other cheek to fellow brethren in the faith, we do not make ourselves door mats for our enemies.

      As far as an eye for an eye, the bible says that vengeance belongs to the Lord, not us. long as you understand what vengeance is, and how it is different from justice.

      • Hi Marianne

        John 18:10
        Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his right ear. (The servant’s name was Malchus.)
        John 18:11
        Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”

        Tread carefully in these final days. As atruebeliever says Love love love.

        • hi Steve

          I admit I do not have all the answers. I just have to pray and depend on God to lead me. I know nothing compared to Him.

          • Put your sword away!. It will probably hit you on the head anyway.

            • hi steve

              I have no sword, only my computer. 🙂

              The only sword I am supposed to use is the holy spirit.

              I leave warfare up to the military. I would probably hurt my self more than the enemy in a physical battle.

    • Jesus said, Be prepared to trade your coat for a sword. He also said
      A Man that doesn’t work does not deserve to EAT. People take
      Scripture and misquote it. KNOW THIS, there is ONE Bible Prophecy
      left before The Great Tribulation Begins, a Mideast peace Pact set for
      7 years. YOU live in End Times and it moves faster, faster. The Jezebel
      Spirit dominates Washington. Read Jezebel Spirit by John Paul Jackson
      and The Harbingers by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. They are actually
      introducing Haekel’s disproven theory of evolution back into schools.
      Chickasaw OK got caught doing it. It’s bogus. They are doubling down
      on indoctrinating the kids into atheism. GOD BLESS AMERICA. if WE
      DON’T TURN BACK TO GOD, America is gone forever, all we fought
      for, gone!


  5. Marianne let me ask you this:Are you really doing the will of God? If your answer is yes .Then why are you restricting me from your site? again are you doing God’s will?

  6. Very touching post, Marianne. And I can’t help but think how I would have responded had I been there with the two spies….had I seen the giants and obstacles.. Yes, they remembered the Red Sea. Yes, they remembered forty years of manna. Yes. they remembered the clothes did not become old in the wilderness. Yes, they remembered deliverance from the fiery serpents. Yes, they knew full well of God’s manifold mercies to Israel. So why now are they forgetting that the battle is the Lord’s? They didn’t forget. They chose not to believe God. Like they I have the record of the endless mercies, blessings, and deliverances God shows His people. Like they…I am without excuse. Like they…I have been guilty of the same unbelief and …like they…there are consequences. I have repented and am trusting ….trusting….trusting God with those consequences. And I have learned that Faith is simple. Faith is simple ‘belief’ that God is all He claims to be. And in that ‘faith’ one can say simply…in any situation..’thy will be done.’ What greater pray can be prayed other than just saying, ‘God, you know all things…every heart…every thought…every motive. You alone can see the thing for what it is. You alone knows what is needed. Thus, thy will be done. I trust you.’

    We are staring the giants in the face right now by way of world conflict as we near the end of the age. We’d better lace up our bootstraps and get our ‘trusting’ gear on.

    Again, good post, Marianne.

  7. i have learned we have to love our enemies, thru Christ’s strength and not our own. Bless our enemies and it defeats their evil ways, pouring hot coals over their head. Love the person but not the evil spirits that are controlling them. I now greet jezebel with a smile and a sincere “good morning”. She no longer disturbs me. She is hurting worse than me or else she wouldnt be seeking to steal my joy and peace. Also, I’ve learned that God uses my enemies and the antichrist people as a tool to cause me to remove sin in my own life. To have an effective shield of faith, we have to have a clear conscience…and then we can carry our shield of faith boldy in the spirit. So, thank God for enemies. The bible says we know the Lord is pleased with us when our enemies do not triumph over us.

  8. Very good words, Shelby.

  9. Wonderfully written, the truth.

  10. Hi marianne. I didn’t know you were a christian. Well I am too. I was blessed with extra perception sensory percepciom EXP. Now I am 61 years. But I realized of this when I had this blessing when I was 17. For years I had had tried to find out the meaning and origen of God. God had revealed me all the secrets and wonders of him. In other words; the first thing I wanted to know was if there was a God. The unswer is YESSSSSS. There is a God who love us and undestand our weekness that he give us the chance to repent and be forgiven every single day of our lives. Because we need to be clean out by God spirit every day. Every other hour and or every hour. Because its very hard to keep ourselves clean while we are living in a world of sin and corruption. We must put some kind of efford in our part. We must find whatever it works in us. Of course, that is individual. For some time I was very comfused, thinking my EXP was not of God. Untill god used me in many way in my very mature years. God had a plan. He chose me and all became clear to me. I am just a servant of God i don’t question anything because he is allmighty. The more I know the more humble i become. God Bless You.

  11. Marianne

    From my firey trial I have learned to understand the words. The Lord told us we war not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places. You of course know this and you are far all that my internet eyes can see a true Christian.

    The enemy has a sword as we do, but he uses flesh and blood where we allow him. Either as Christians reacting to the wicked thoughts he puts in our ears, hoping they will route and take root in our heart. Because we know Gods children are like him, they love everyone. The Jewish man who was raped at age 5 with a little girl in Russia after the Halocast was told by the Lord when he visited him that he had to forgive them their sins in order to enter into Heaven. He suffered a terrible crime, the impulse of the flesh to do evil does not come from man but from the wicked one. You and I both agree on this.

    God in the Old Testament was a man of war it would seem. But he was angered when people killed and thought not, life is where the soul resides. If it is cut off with out making peace, it shall never see Heaven. His desire is that we all shall be with him.

    The thing I am learning is that the two edged sword, (his word) drinks blood, cut bone and marrow. When you speak the word, it drinks up the evil and wicked blood and it cuts up what ever it was that the enemy prepared in your face. The serpents can’t harm you nor can the stinging scorpions but if we step into their ring and fight the fight our self we are where we were told not to go.

    Fighting the good fight is to remember that God has all control and to he who loves the Lord all works to the good. God sees our pain and some times we suffer waiting on him to make a decision. Haste makes waste and in 48 hours we have a new mind given by the Lord.

    The word of god is both offensive and defensive, if we speak life and choose it over death we shall have it. If we lay down the hurtful words and pickup the book we find our selves in tears crying for those who hate us and would like us cut up and thrown to the dogs? So what is that which is dwelling in the body, the spirit of evil. If you pray for it you can turn it. Bless those who curse you. King David when he believed he was cursed and discussed it with God, what did he say? Well if I am cursed , but you will “bless me”.

    A kind word turn away wrath. Hope in the Hope of Jesus Christ who paid it all and use the sword of the spirit, speaking life. I remember also what God said during the time of Joshua, ” you want the ones who are willing to lap water like a dog”.

    We are undeserving because all have fallen short of the glory of God but that Jesus Christ paid our price.

    How about the prophet who wanted to put spells on Israel he couldn’t words are like snares or they are things of elevation or love that heals all aspects of ones life.

    We must always remember God is good all the time. he does not wish that any should perish.

    We are not weak because when we are weak and hurt we are at his strength, if we separate ourselves not there he is in the midst.

    I see continually your love for the Lord and at times knowing we are loved one would like to rear up, but that is the enemy not Christ within you. He paid it all for us and we are buried with him, we are to be like him.

    We can not war against witches and witchcraft, we are told if it is flesh and blood it is Gods. Bless those who spitefully use you, when they send you curses send back blessing and cast the curses to the pits of hell where we do war. Stand on the promises of God, we don’t need might our strength is in him, he who is our strong tower.

    Words are used by the enemy as weapons, he stand around the thrown room of God speaking evil all day long about the Fathers children. Who is the greatest word smith for twisting us in knots and dragging us to a battle or putting us in a war by speaking to our minds. Turn him off and the battle is over. My Daddy use to say to us don’t start any trouble and their won’t be any.

    I love you Marianne and these words are directed at you but shared from what I learned with all who read. I have never found a kinder person with words and faith and belief. Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ always holding on to his hand.

  12. Hi marianne, I really like your comments. Filled with energy and a very rich english. Of course we put those words and words in practice and live it everyday. We find out that that our strengh is in our weakness. I live in this world though I am not of this world. I’ve been rejected and discriminated even by my fellow loving christian brothers and sisters. I’ve been falsely accused, trown in jail and even abussed physically and psychological. The Devil oh the devil had me inprissoned also on my low passion for the flesh for sometime, using my normal hormones the devil found an easy pray, giving me a taste of every fruit in this world. But my Lord never forsaked me. I claimed to him out of my misery and He saw me and heard me. He raised my chin as I was crying loud. I said WHY DID YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME. The Lord said something I was not suppose to remenber untill the day I return where I came from. The Lord is my path and his teachings are every step I make. He has saved from my enemies and he has made me shine and shine. Still while I am in this world I have to do my part all the time and never put down my arms and never loose a bit my faith. I don’t know what it is that leads me to him. Amen

  13. Marianne

    I did not mean to say these words are directed. I met to say these words are not directed at you. Forgive me, I just read this. I wanted to be sure to correct it.

  14. Praise the Lord, Marianne. I just said about your message what the Lord directed me to say. At the time,I wanted to say my testimony I haven’t oppened up to anybody. It’s definetely I’ve been an instrument of the Lord and it hasn’t been an easy one for me because the devil works overtime trying destroy what the Lord has placed on me.Thanks for sending me a picture of your family. Very lovely. I am going to church right now. Thanks for everything. God Bless you. Jose Luis Morales “Lucho”

  15. Wow! Just wow! That was so true! Love Love Love! We will be celebrating this holiday next year if God allows us to. I’m going to get my kids thinking about it now! I’m excited, the Lord led me to see this tonight, and I’m so glad he did! The Lord works awesome miracles through you Marianne! Praise the Lord for such a faithful and ardent teacher of His word.

  16. After reading your message, I received the word “judgement”. I need to pray more about this.

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