Are you In, Permeated and One with God?

The concept of the “Trinity,” and Oneness of God, has had people in debate for about 100 years, I think. Differing interpretations just produce unnecessary conflict, since one only has to repent, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. What is more important is that most Christians do not strive to understand their God, Yahweh, and His Word. This means they can be poor witnesses to both Muslims and Jews, who want clear answers about doctrines.

The Great Commission is worth the cost, and the study

One does not have to become a theologian to be saved. However, one should, at least, dig deep into the Word of God, and learn enough to defend their faith. Both Muslims and Jews are sometimes given  foolish comparisons, or examples, as Christians demonstrate they do not know what they are talking about.  It looks like they are making up strange examples like God is like a glass of water, that freezes, goes up in steam, or becomes liquid, etc. Our failures can lead to serious consequences for the unsaved, and God will hold us accountable.

Good theology does not get us saved, but it does help us witness God’s truth to the world.

The Word of God should be read with an open mind, and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. We should not be reading it with a “dry bones” mentality.

The Great Commission is our primary command, but we fail at it a lot when dealing with other religions. Many just excuse the lack of acceptance of Christianity due to “people living in darkness.”

Maybe Christians should spend more time examining what comes out of their mouths, and the impression it gives. Maybe they should look at their own “darkness.” If Christians appear confused, and cannot give strong and believable answers to defend their faith, then why should anyone believe them?

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. – Deut. 6:4

This is an extension of the post Can people “see” you? Click here for more

I am presenting “food for thought’ here. One does not have to agree with me. But it is good to reflect on every possibility that can help us understand God, who has gone through great effort to make Himself known to us, through His Word, His laws, and by sending Jesus Himself, so that He is NOT a mystery. I am not here to change anyone’s views. I am here to share a perspective that can be considered by both sides of the Oneness debate.

How 3 terms are used in this perspective.

“In-ness” the covering of one over another, so that the covering gives the strongest impression, and is what people “see.”  One is inside the other.

Note: Apostle Thomas said to Jesus after the resurrection, “my Lord and my God,” because when he looked at Jesus, in his glorified state, all he could see was the Father, who “covered” Jesus with His own glory.   Jesus was “in” his Father who covered Him.

Permeation – all the pores of a person or object are filled with, and bonded to, a substance other than itself.

Example 1… Imagine a white sponge in a pan of red dye. The dye gets soaked up, and becomes part of the sponge. If one squeezes out the sponge, the sponge may still be red. This is because the large pores empty out the liquid, but the tinier pores retain the liquid. Now a white sponge has become red, even when most of the liquid is gone.

Example 2… A red liquid spills on a white carpet. The liquid contains a dye. The color has bonded to the carpet, and the stain cannot be moved.

Example 3… One dyes their hair a different color. This would be a permanent bonding, if one did not wash the hair afterwards. The hair is permeated with, and bonded to the dye.

In each example, the object and the liquid are different, but they are bonded together. The object is permeated with the bonding dye. In the temporal realm, this bond may or may not last forever.

But in the divine realm, the bond is forever. In the Satanic realm, the bond can be forever, unless the power of God breaks the bond. In the case of the Satanic realm, the bond becomes bondage. In the case of the divine realm, the bond becomes freedom, and a covering.

“Oneness” – if people are covered by God (“in” God), and permeated with either Jesus, the Holy Spirit or both, then they are all “one” with God. Jesus took this a step further, and instructed us to be “one” with each other.

Example in human terms- a mother provides a covering when she carries her baby. The baby is “in” her. The baby blood is “covered” by her blood. He is permeated with oxygen, and other nutrients from the mother, which he needs to live. Because the baby is hidden in her, all people can see is the mother. Until he is ready to be born, he is “one” with his mother.

A diagrammatic representation of the “In-ness,” Permeation, and “Oneness of God,” and the Salvation offered to everyone

****Notice that both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are in each other and in the Father. Notice the white area in figure 1, and see how the white area is filled in by Figure 7.

Notice that either Jesus or the Holy Spirit or both are present at all times in the Father. Notice that Jesus and the Holy spirit are somewhat “in” each other.

Notice what covering believers have or do not have, and how they are not complete until Figure 7.

Just as Father God does not seem “complete” unless He has both Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, so the same is true for us. The Father has reserved this space for us, since before we were created!!

So, how can you become “one” with your heavenly Father? There is someone named Jesus (Yeshua) who can help you. He is already “one” with Him.

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  2. That makes me wonder…Do you have any kind of posting up here about the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Thanks Marianne!

  3. Hi Catrina,

    Here is one post I have. Also, look at the side menu for more. Let me know if this helps.


  4. Awesome information you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Recommended Book for those seeking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”, Author: Smith Wigglesworth…(here is the website)

  6. Deep great widsom

  7. Beautifully wrote! I will have to study this as well as most of your site. I’ve lacked the ability and confidence to witness to people about our awesome and mighty God 🙂 I’m so thankful He loves and protects my family and I. There’s so much we take for granted, the least we can do is show our devotion through witnessing His love for us.

  8. How do you believe this differs from the spirit of Jezebel?

  9. This is a good article.

    Yes, you need to “become one” with Jesus and the Father by having Jesus and the Father (because THEY are “one”) live INside of you…..your being.

    This happens BY the Holy Spirit. You ASK Jesus to come live inside of you.Because He is ALL truth. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

    He is the ONLY way.

    Then when you ask with a humble heart, the good Father, our Creator, “sends” the Holy Spirit to live inside of you forever. That is how Jesus, by His Spirit, then lives inside of you…as you said Marianne, He “permeates” every part of your being.

    This is what it truely means to be “born from above”

    There are a lot of professing “christians” or Christ followers, who know a lot of scriptures and who have a lot of head knowledge about the bible, even going so far as to get multiple advanced degrees in theology and other studies-and they think with this knowledge they have, that “think” they know what having a relationship with Father God is all about.

    They even believe that Jesus did die on the cross. That He did the right thing.

    BUT, unless you have Jesus really living “inside” of you, you will NEVER fully understand or KNOW Him. You will only have an “at arm’s length” relationship with Him, never really knowing His heart.

    And you can ONLY come to Jesus, thru believing what He did on the cross, (that wooden stake He was nailed to) by dieing for us for OUR sins. He was that sin “offering” to the Holy Father on our behalf. His shedding of His own blood was our forgiveness for our sins and all the sin of the world.

    But you must come thru Him,as He is the true gate, the door that we walk thru and enter into to “recieve” our forgiveness and salvation….and have a genuine “relationship” with Him, just like Adam had who walked with God in the cool of the day.

    ANY other way to Father God, our Creator, is a “false’ way. Only thru Jesus as the gate, shall you be completely forgiven of your sins, and then the Holy Spirit of God Himself can come and take up residence INSIDE of you and THEN you will be ONE with Him. This is what TRUE ONENESS is all about. That is what it means to be “born again” from above.

  10. Its simple, He fills you and you stay in His word and your thoughts reflect His word.

  11. “and by sending Jesus Himself, so that He is NOT a mystery.”

    This is interesting (I am not kidding),

    Was this mystery hidden in the old testament? If yes, why did you arrive to the conclusion that it was truth. If I refuse to worship Jesus, then I am doing because in my understanding, he cannot be G-d or part of G-d. In a sense “Good theology does get us saved”. I stubbornly refuse to bow to Jesus because I believe that it would be idolatry to do so. Now I came to that conclusion by my understanding of the Bible. If I would arrive at an other conclusion and believe that it is acceptable to worship Jesus, than I would be saved, as per what the New testament say. Thus, my theological understanding makes all the difference if I accept the new testament or no. As you agree that YHVH is G-d, my worship and belief in G-d is not enough. My trust in G-d as my Rock, my light, my salvation is not enough. I need to come to the conclusion the Jesus is the messiah to be able to be saved. I thought G-d’s arm is not too short.

    • remi

      i have studied and wondered for 40 years about this…. it is something i still ponder, which is why I have more than one post on it….after all this time, some things become intuitive, but truth comes in pieces for most of us

      jesus spoke of a pearl of great price…..truth is to be highly valued and searched for

      he said ask and you will receive, seek, and you will find..knock and it will be opened to you… intensely we go after the truth of god will determine our results….people who sit in church getting spoon fed the devar never find anything…they just accept what someone else says …

      it was the intent of jesus while he was here to honor the FAther, not himself.

      people wanted to make him king, and he turned them down.

      he was to give up his life, to pay for our sins……he did this voluntarily and the father agreed to it…..

      because of this act of love, the father allows us to bow to jesus, as jesus has been exalted in heaven..and also because when we bow to jesus, we are bowing to jesus as the image of the Father…..we are not to bow to him as a replacement for the Father, but because he is our ambassador in heaven, who the father has honored, and wants us to honor him also. the bowing is a recognition of his service to us and to the father god

      • You remember, G-d will not share His Glory, He alone is worthy to be praised. G-d does not need anybody to be put in His face. This goes against the first commandment. You should not put any elohim in the face of me. That’s the actual translation of the verese. There is simply no please in the Tanakh saying that G-d will send another god to save Israel. You may that G-d sent Judges, Moses, the prophets, other nations, but they all have one thing in common, they are instrument for G-d. Nobody ever worshipped Moses, or created things. That’s the difference.

        Jesus, as per the New testament did miracles and many other things to authenticate his ministry, but what does the Tanakh say:

        If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or wonder that he tells you comes to pass, and if he says, ‘Let us go after other gods,’ which you have not known, ‘and let us serve them,’ you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams.

        Why does people worship Jesus? He is another god and Israel did not know Him in 30 BCE. Thus, I should not listen to him…. I should not listen to the new testament, because it say “that every knees will bow to Jesus”, not to YHVH.

        And again, if the prophecies don’t point to Jesus, then you are worshipping (out of ignorance and deceit of the NT writers) a foreign god.

        • remi

          jesus said that the father was god,

          and he was the son

          since he is the image of the invisible god, he naturally radiates the father’s glory, not his own

          it is like the moonlight…it radiates the light of the sun

          again, i am going by what the bible says, not what mainstream christians do

          • If I would tell you that I am the image of G-d, would you believe me? Hopefully no. Anybody can say that they are anointed by G-d, but that does not make it true. Jesus and his follower could say that Jesus was the image of the invisible G-d, but if it is not in the Tanakh and if it contradict the Law of Moses, then we should not listen… Worshipping a man is plain idolatry, if Jesus did not fulfil any clear prophecy and any unbiased person would agree, then you are committing the sin of idolatry as per the Bible (old testament only). Why don’t you believe in the book of mormons? Because it contradict the new testament, why don’t Jew believe in the NT, because it contradict the Tanakh…

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