Artificial rain, or the real thing?

Water and rain represent life of the Holy Spirit. Revival is sometimes referred to as the latter rain experience. Compare how artificial rain is made to your revival experience, and see if you got real rain or artificial rain.

How artificial rain is made


Three stages:

The first stage is agitation. That is using chemicals to stimulate the air mass upwind of the target area to rise and form rain clouds. The chemicals used during this stage are calcium chloride calcium carbide, calcium oxide, a compound of salt and urea, or a compound of urea and ammonium nitrate. These compounds are capable of absorbing water vapor from the air mass, thus stimulating the condensation process.

The second stage is called building-up stage. Here the cloud mass is built up using chemicals such as kitchen salt, the T.1 formula, urea, ammonium nitrate, dry ice, and occasionally also calcium chloride to increase nuclei which also increase the density of the clouds.

In the third stage of bombardment chemicals such as super-cool agents: silver iodide and dry ice are used to reach the most unbalanced status which builds up large beads of water (Nuclei) and makes them fall down as raindrops. The process is called seeding.

In planning, every stage a high degree of expertise and experience is required, in selecting the types and amounts of chemicals to be used, while taking into consideration weather conditions, topographical conditions, wind direction and velocity as well as the location or delimitation of the area for chemical seeding. Several other ideas are also involved in rain making. Rockets containing rain-making chemicals can be fired into the clouds either from the ground or from aircraft.

A jet of rain-making chemicals is shot from a highly pressurized canister directly into the cloud base, so as to coerce clouds which normally hang above mountain tops to cluster up and rain on the mountain or their slopes.

Rain-making chemicals are added to super-cooled clouds, i.e., those at altitudes above 18,000 meters, to stimulate the formation of ice crystals in the cloud or cloud cluster.

Why this method can be dangerous

’The chemicals used in the production of artificial rain could affect climatic patterns, ecosystem, water sources and the soil,’ said Dr Victoria Ngomuo, Community Water and Demographer at the Water Resources Institute (WRI) in Dar es Salaam.

Excessive use of the chemicals, Dr Ngomuo warned, would affect biodiversity and make the soil unproductive, besides being a water pollutant.

The chemicals are most likely to affect the natural hydrological circle in the atmosphere,’ noted the expert.

Summary of artificial rain, stages:

Planning – selecting the right things to use

1. agitation

2. building up

3. bombardment (seeding) – pressurized delivery to force clouds to respond

Result – real rain, but water is contaminated

Artificial revival

3 stages:

Planning – selecting the right messages and behaviors to create the needed response (dependency on minister, motivation to give money, prideful displays of individual “anointing” from people, belief in whatever is promised as will come true). False prophecy is very useful in convincing people to believe that God is in it.(God is telling me this, God is telling me that……)

1. Agitation – stirring up the people with false claims, exaggerated promises of prosperity, healing, etc, or threatening messages to stimulate and control excitement in the people

2. building up stage– this increased expectation, and is done with music, empty promises, and false prophecy to satisfy the needs, or lusts, of the people – healing, finances, predictions about future.

3. Bombardment (seeding) – Repetitive messages about the same topic until people are brainwashed that minister is almost God, and everything he says is true. As he has been “sowing into their lives,” it is now time to “sow a seed” back, to honor the man of God. The only man of God is obviously on stage, and no one else is. The poor give out of their need to him, although scripture says he is supposed to give to them instead. People feel under pressure to “obey God (ie. minister)” and “sow a seed” to get a blessing. If they do not obey, they will be cursed by God.

Result – initially, people can be genuinely touched, and helped, since God is rewarding their faith in Him. People can feel inspired by the false prophecies, since they believe in them. Their faith may be increased in God, but some things they are believing for will not happen, because their faith in God is contaminated with the faith in the false minister. Since the rain is contaminated with falseness, things will eventually go wrong, promises will be broken, or imagined blessings do not turn out to be what they thought.

Real Rain

Plan to read God’s Word , learn it and obey it. Jesus is your high priest now. You do not need to go through a man to get to God anymore.

Once you learn to go straight to Him, and not man first, you will have a relationship established.

Once this relationship is established, you can have a revival in your living room or bed room, and never leave the house to go anywhere.

Your miracles can happen at home, with no one around to “lay hands on you” first to stimulate God. God is already stimulated, and so are you.

The Holy Spirit will build you up from the inside.  Just submit to Him.

You do not have to give God money to get Him to help you. What God wants is for you to help others who are really in need. The only seed is your faith, obedience and love.

There is no pressure needed. God leads man gently. He does not push. He does not curse those who love Him. Blessings are already there. Just receive them.

22 Responses to “Artificial rain, or the real thing?”

  1. […] rain is made to your revival experience, and see if you got real rain or artificial rain. Click here for […]

  2. Hello. This is a great analogy of true revival versus the hyped up stuff that passes for revival these days. I’m going to link to this if that’s ok because this is an age where the lines between authentic and artificial are becoming increasingly obscured.

    have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  3. hi timbob,

    thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    extra thought…notice how silver iodide is used for the clouds. The silver is the false prosperity message, and iodine is used for healing of wounds. strange coincidence?


  4. EXCELENT. 2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

  5. Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the very appropriate scripture. I did not use scriptures this time, because I was not sure which one to use. Maybe next time, I should consult you if I need scripture help. 🙂


  6. Actually, will our Jesus cry sometimes because of the world of humans are changing and becoming really bad? And is rain is caused by God and will that mean he’s crying to us?? I’m worried Jesus will cry.

  7. You must be retarded?
    Its a scientific fact that rainwater has nothing to do with gods body, rainwater is a miracle from god, and it is formed by avaporation of seawater, etc..
    Just like a baby is born, it is a miracle of god

    • Hi Asfar,

      For Christians, water is symbolic of the Holy Spirit of God. Here I just compare it to natural rain. It is just a comparison. Yes, it is a wonderful, and life-saving miracle of God.

  8. What type of rain is this?

    • abigail

      Unless it was analyzed, I would not know.

      When I am in my office, I can look around and see nothing. But when the sun shines through the window, I can see all the dust.

      in the video, small air currents are dispersing the dust.

      General dust can look like that. Air can contain a lot of dust. Dust is made of many different things.

    • The dust like particles in this video look just like the ones I saw not long ago atop a public building. They resembled snow fluries. A little boy saw me looking at them and upon seeing them he declared them to be fairies.
      Whatever is being plummeted down our skies this past year both my fig trees did not produce, my peach one died and my blueberry bushes barely produced. Oh and I also grew some weird looking double headed tomatos.

      I live in an area with a lot of man made clouds that often criss cross each other. These clouds can be seen forming for miles from the plumes of airplanes. They grow wider sometimes forming a lace- like edge as they do so. The quemicals and metals weaken trees and plants which in turn are susceptible to disease.
      Sometimes this ‘rain’ burns the skin… Just like the spiritual flood that is being fed to the world…

  9. What do you think of this type of rain?

  10. bore

  11. good information for science project

  12. Thank-you for the information,is really what the world need.

  13. This article really blessed me. it is true that there is only one mediator between God and man-Jesus. We don’t need the approval of religious leaders to be close to God and live joyful life in His presence. The Verse of the day yesterday was Psa_16:11  “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Jesus is at the right hand of the Father and in Him there are pleasures of love greater than what religion and world try to sell us. Thank you for this article!

  14. Very good! Yes, just as they bombard us with all kinds of junk in the man made rain (and fires lately) lies have been carefully laid out to pull people away from Yahveh’s truth. One must study His word for oneself and ask Yah to guide us rather than believe what others claim, no matter how fantastic or knowledgeable they may sound.

    • We are no longer in the apostolic age where the church is being founded so why do we listen to just one person when we can learn from each other in communion?? People should be freely able to share their ideas and insights from the Bible without fear that they will be criticized by a leader or groups of leaders. This is true communion.

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