Atheist Russian tries to be a prophet




A Russian “political prophet” predicts the demise of America, with unlikely groups all having a share of the property.

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According to Igor Panarin, President Barack Obama will order martial law this year (2009), the U.S. will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order.

Panarin is a former spokesman for Russia’s Federal Space Agency and reportedly an ex-KGB analyst, and he meshes with the negative view of Vladimir Putin.

But he said the recent economic turmoil in the U.S. and other “social and cultural phenomena” led him to nail down a specific timeframe for “The End”—when the United States will break up into six autonomous regions and Alaska will revert to Russian control.

** Notice that Russia gets to benefit from this “prediction”

Panarin argued that Americans are in moral decline, saying their great psychological stress is evident from school shootings, the size of the prison population and the number of gay men.

*** So, Russia has no social or moral problems?

Turning to economic woes, he cited the slide in major stock indexes, the decline in U.S. gross domestic product and Washington’s bailout of banking giant Citigroup as evidence that American dominance of global markets has collapsed.

*** So, Russia has no economic problems?

Panarin dismissed that idea: “The collapse of Russia will not occur.”

** says who?   It will be wiped out in the Gog/Magog war, when it tries to help Iran invade Israel for its booty.

But Alexei Malashenko, a scholar-in-residence at the Carnegie Moscow Center who did not attend the lecture, sided with the skeptical instructor, saying Russia is the country that is on the verge of disintegration.

*** this sounds more realistic

My thoughts

– The vodka in Russia is not enough to make Russians happy any more.

– For one thing, all these countries, except for maybe China, are in worse economic shape than the USA.

– Mexico is so poor, it sends its citizens to America for free help.

– The economic situation is a global one, and all countries are under stress, not just the USA

– personally, I have always thought that bartering was a more solid way to trade than currency. Currency is just paper.

– Russian atheists make lousy prophets…..they need to read the Bible, and learn something.  You cannot prophesy without the presence of the Holy Spirit.

These are the international exchange rates for currency:

Comparisons of US Dollar and other countries:

Canada dollar


Russian ruple



Mexican peso

Some things that Russians need to know about Americans

Do not try to take their money

Do not try to take their homes

Do not try to take their cars

Do not try to take their freedom

Americans shoot trespassers.

If America falls, then other nations will too.

And when this all happens, GOD will get the property, not other countries.   He is going to establish His own kingdom on earth.

Russia needs to know who God is, and repent, like the rest of us.

I will pray for Russia, that its eyes will be open to the reality of God, and to His plan to redeem mankind from his own self-destruction.

42 Responses to “Atheist Russian tries to be a prophet”

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  2. Marianne,

    God prepares Russians for Gog and Magog, He will put arrogance and pride in their hearts in order to humiliate it to the bitter end when it comes against Israel, as Rabbi Eliyahu (Vilna Gaon) said of 18th century: when Russian ships pass through Bosphorus on their way to Israel, put on your Sabbath clothes, because this is a sign of coming of Mashiach.

    God is already angry at Russians because of Russian rape of Georgia (true Christian nation and people of God)…Russians want to annex Georgia in order to have access to Black Sea and Caucasus…Islamic terrorism against Russians in Caucasus will increase because of God’s jealousy, check out the news how it increased for the past month.

  3. Hi Marianne, Bring on the Gog-Magog! Wish you could forward your post to all the Russians mentioned, maybe they would “get it”. We know God does! Satan is in his own end times, right on track. Hallelujah! Peace & Joy to all…

    • What makes you think that ‘gog and magog’ is russia??
      I think it represents the ‘skull and bones’ society.
      What do you of that?

    • Even though I do not like Russia’s way of life I have to tell you that Russia will be the leader of the world as far as religion goes and it is still the wipe which God will use to punish the rest of the world.

      • Regarding Russia – God has a history (in the Bible) of sending in our enemies when we turn our back on God.

        So, I would not be surprised if we are not at war with Russia soon.

        If Russia becomes a world power again, it will be short lived, so it can punish us.

        Then, however, it will be its turn to be punished as well.

  4. What dangers we face!
    Yes, the darkness plans to extinguish the light!
    We certainly live in the most prophesied times -the end times.
    Actually the very few last days of the end – times.
    6,000 years coming soon to a close.
    And then ‘the Seventh day’ … The day of rest!
    But for now this is what I think …

    • He is right on, except he is caught by Theosophy/New-Age, “absolute consciousness”, “infinite power of the universe”, “Praise hunmanity”.. he also could an agent, used by the luciferians or his own demon, if he has one. Please dont forget this when watching, brethren. Praise the Lord!

      • This man is obviously afraid … maybe under the influence of some mind control drug …
        He refers to ‘metamorphosis of the gods’ …
        Perhaps he is also a comedian under the influence ??

    • “6,000 years coming soon to a close.
      And then ‘the Seventh day’ … The day of rest!”
      Thats what i have also been thinking often ^^

      • Sylvanus,
        We need to perceive … that those of unbelief will not enter His rest and The Lord knows the difference between heathens and believers. As is written …
        Hbr 4:11

        Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.
        Hbr 4:12
        For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
        Hbr 4:13
        Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things [are] naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.

        Thank you Sylvanus for remembering His rest.

  5. It has begun in Australia.

  6. Well Marianne, they will be voting on the ‘United States of Europe’, here shortly …
    On the 2nd of October 2009, the people of Ireland once again hold the future of 500 million Europeans in their hands. In addition to the concerns of the Irish people regarding taxation, abortion and militarization, the responsibility of all 27 states sovereignty should also be considered with equal importance. If Ireland is the gateway of Europe, then the Irish people are the gatekeepers of Europes future; never again will the voice of the Irish people be heard so loud, if this treaty is ratified in its present form. We are almost at the point of no return and no amount of regret or lack of comprehension of the EUs true intentions will bring us back to this point again, unless the treaty is rejected once more.
    I think many will be classified as ‘insane.’
    What do you think?

  7. Hi Abigail, What’s begun in Australia?

  8. Gerald Celente, renowend Trend Researcher, says basically the same like Panarin. And he was everytime (about 40 times), but one, correct in the last 30 years with his forecasts.

    I believe the 10 horns in Rev. represent 10 superstates for world government, thats at least the plan of the “enlightened” Elite.
    The EU, and NAFTA/NAU would be two of them. Recently ASEAN treaties were made.

    • hi Silvanus

      I agree that America will eventually fall, because of sin, but so will everyone else. My issue is that the Russians are not going to get the property. It belongs to God and his kingdom. 🙂

  9. I think red matches white … or at least some think so …
    Here is a story that explains.

    • Dreams do come true you know.

      • The borrower is the slave of the lender…(Proverbs)

        Obaahh-ma has celebrated the Ramadan at the White house..

        • I think the white house resembles the columns of Rome …
          Just a thought …
          I love proverbs …
          Pro 15:16
          Better [is] little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith.

  10. The map you have presented marianne was imagined by Wall Street …
    Just so you know …

  11. Marianne,

    I cannot get a full vidio reposrt on your web site. Can you help?

    • JRA

      You cannot post a video, view a video, ? I have one lady who cannot post a comment or reply. Exactly what is the video issue, so I can tell technical support?

  12. Russia predicted its own fall accurately.
    Any one knowing a bit about the financial (pre-arranged) formulation of the market can
    make predictions accurately.
    It is all in the plans so to introduce N.W.O. and N.W.E.
    Besides whatever happened to the ‘Russian orthodox Church’?
    It is still in existence and closely tied to the Vatican and to N.Y.
    One question for you …
    No actually 2 …
    1. What ‘Empire’ does ‘the Empire State building represent?’
    2. Why do you say in your post ‘their money, their homes, their cars, their freedom?’
    Who is their? Shouldn’t it be ‘our’.
    As for me … I have no treasure here on earth …
    ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’
    My treasure is in the heart of God.

    • hi abigail

      “Their” in the post refers to the Americans themselves….it was a reminder that there are real people who live here, who have worked for what they have. The governments in each country act like everything belongs to them, and can freely give away money and land for political purposes. But Americans will fight to keep their homes, and other things they have worked for.

      • I think ‘their’ is properly used in the post but everything material seems to belong to the banks. Why would any one fight for the banks??
        The meetings of G20 at this time is all about the critical stage of complacency.
        Were they all sleeping in the bubble when the economy was good??
        Yes true…. governments do go to wars for their banks …
        But now the banks are international. hmmmmm
        So what to do when you owe??
        The Scriptures speaks on that issue …
        Mat 18:25
        But forasmuch as he had not to pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife, and children, and all that he had, and payment to be made.
        Here is an excerpt in the news ….
        International complacency risks plunging the world into a double-dip recession, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, warned yesterday–darling-warns-g20-against-complacency-1780887.htm

        So what are the everyday people to do?
        Accept the situation of their government?
        And that IF*** all of this is true.
        Lying and stealing are usually closely related.

      • marianne you forgot to answer my # 1 question. 🙂

  13. And besides Russia is only taking back Alaska which …
    In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the United States for $7,200,000 or about 2 cents an acre. The U.S. purchase was accomplished solely through the determined efforts of Secretary of State William H. Seward, and for many years afterward the land was derisively called Seward’s Folly or Seward’s Icebox because of its supposed uselessness. Since Alaska appeared to offer no immediate financial return, it was neglected.
    The U.S. bought a section of land the size of Texas for a bottle
    ‘A BOTTLE OF VODKA’ more or less.
    Now with the Arctic in the ‘package’ who knows its worth.
    Yes The Earth is The Lords … too bad some have thought it VALUELESS.

  14. People I urge you to educate yourselves … and understand the political theatre.
    At one time if you owed the bank $5,000 you were owned by the bank.
    Now it is true that if you owe the bank lets say 100 million dollars you OWN the bank.
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this video but here is a good place to start.

  15. Hello!!!!!ms…..marianne……….. You believe in bible(Gospel of Porn) which SUCKS.It is a corrupted book and the virus that corrupted it is the “JEWS……SUCKER!!!!!!!!!”……
    Moses tried many times to console but he couldnt because they were the embodient of Satan…………….
    A example of corruption is Bible(unholy)………
    The Bible in Leviticus 20:21
    allows for parents to marry their
    Again……. Song of Songs 8:1-3 “If only you were to me like a
    brother, who was nursed at my mother’s breasts!
    Then, if I found you outside, I would kiss you, and no
    one would despise me. I would lead you and bring you
    to my mother’s house — she who has taught me. I
    would give you spiced wine to drink [i.e., her
    vagina’s semen!] , the nectar of my pomegranates. His
    left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces

  16. Marianne-

    There are atheists all over the world. I should know, I used to be one of them. Nearly 14 years ago I was saved and covered in the blood of Jesus.

    That said, some of your assumptions in this article are a little bit frustrating. My wife is Russian, and by Russian I don’t mean her parents or grandparents were Russian. I mean, born in Russia, still has a cute Russian accent, and lived in Russia her entire life up until 6 years ago when she came here and married me after a 3 year courtship.

    First, you write, “If Russia becomes a world power again, it will be short lived, so it can punish us.” I don’t know how in the world you can say “IF” they become a world power. They ARE a world power, and a VERY prominent one at that. One of the top 5 in the world, without doubt. So, (and I apologize for saying this, but) I’m not really sure you know what you are talking about here, and seem to be guessing or acting on false assumptions.

    You see, Russia IS A CHRISTIAN NATION. They are MORE of a Christian nation than the US, with roughly 80% of Russians identifying as Christian. Granted, it is Russian Orthodox Christianity for the most part, and granted further, some if not much of their leadership can be seen as evil, controlling, and etc. Yes, they have their vices, their spiritual demons that are more prevalent in that country than here, such as vodka, spirit of incest, and etc. Every country or people have their specific set of sins or vices. Look at America and our treatment of blacks and our indulgence in slavery. There are demonic ties here in the US associated with that, even to this day.

    But most Russians are “average” people like you and I, they go to church, believe that Jesus has saved them and died for their sins and etc, even if the charismatic or pentecostal or non-denominational Christian churches are not that prevalent, and only more recently creeping into their nation’s pores.

    So, it just bothered me a little that you seem to insinuate that this idiotic false prophet Russian atheist is indicative of a majority of Russians. Every Russian I have literally ever met, both here in the US as well as my extensive # of in-laws are ALL Christian.

    Just wanted to share, and hope you do a little more research on Russia before spreading this type of conjecture. I do enjoy your stories and writing, but felt compelled to respond to this one thing. God bless! 🙂


    • dear Samuel

      I apologize if I came across the wrong way. The russian atheists , like all atheists, present themselves as the predominant opinion, so therefore correct. But many groups do that.

      I love Russian people, I have worked with them, found them robust, and sincere. I worked in the university system for 30 years, and had many faculty, staff and student Russian contacts. they are sill friends. One of my best friends is a Russian Jew.

      My reference to how long Russia would last is in light of current conditions, in light of bible prophecy. Russian is still a bit behind the USA in technology, etc, but is also a power like you say. But this is not about
      Russia’s current power or potential to rule long after a USA collapse.

      To me, if USA falls, as we are in the end times, it would trigger the collapse of many nations thereafter, so any rise to power over the USA would be short lived. the bible predicts that mystery babylon will fall, and the merchants of the earth would mourn, as they profited by her.

      If USA is babylon, and many think she is, then world trade will suffer, and Russia and all other nations will financially suffer as well. Thus, the global collapse will occur soon after the USA collapse.

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