August 2013–Recent Stats


For those who want to know what I do all day.


August 6 2013 stats recent_thumb[2]

For those who want to know what I do all day.

if you click ctrl +, you can enlarge the image.

Writing posts about the Lord, Bible, prophecy, etc.

Up to 5000 people a day can come.

Busiest day was over 13,000 people

over 6.1 million people have come.

Hundreds of online and offline emails.

Requests for prayer and answers to questions.

Counseling goes on around the clock, except when I am sleeping, as there are 24 time zones.

Occasional phone consultations, if the need justifies it.

Almost 60,000 comments – officially….but I just posted comment number 254,884

Moderation of site to be sure people are treated properly, and comments are not offensive.

Interaction with believers, unbelievers, seekers, and scoffers.

Prayer list with over 700 people now.

Helping some connect with others who are local to them, and can help with spiritual and physical crisis.

Teaching, answering questions.

I get paid nothing for doing this.  I do it because I love the Lord and want to honor him with spreading his Word and Truth, and salvation.

I do not accept donations, because I look to  God as my source, not man


thank you for coming.

7 Responses to “August 2013–Recent Stats”

  1. Thanks for all you do, Marianne!

  2. Lord bless you Marianne – That sounds like a load to carry for sure. I do not know how you can even keep up with it.

  3. Well done Marianne.God blessings.Thanks for all your postings and all your works.

  4. Yes, let me also say “thanks a lot Marianne”. The site is a blessing and run in such a great spirit and athmosphere. No badmouthing of other christians etc, something that you so often find on other sites. Keep it up, we really do enjoy the site, and have learned a lot from it.

  5. Hi Marianne,
    Thanks so much for all you do! You are a true blessing to all of us a light in the darkness-God Bless xxx

  6. God bless you Marianne! At least, one of your older posts led me into the Light

  7. Thank you for the sample prayers. I know praying along with them will give positive results…. Please add me to your list. We need more people like you.

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