Avoid Magicians


Ripping bodies apart, and then he walks away.

This is demonic, and people should not submit to this.

The boy and girl had their lower bodies switched, and they cried out to have themselves fixed.

Devils walk among us.

Do not support or entertain them.

Whether this is an illusion or real, it is demonic, and should be avoided.

It creates fear, and confusion, and maybe something worse.

We are to submit to God, and resist the devil…..NOT to submit to the devil, and forget God exists.

here is the video:



44 Responses to “Avoid Magicians”

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  2. I’ve seen this Criss ‘Fallen’ Angel on TV, he’s definitely under the power of S…., to deceive the ‘entertainment addicted’ west. There are actually many more like him that have suddenly appeared in the last 6 months or so, that I have noticed. Sadly, what will be happening to deceive the religious Jews in the east that is equally unbelievable – particularly in Israel in the next 3 – 4 years, is the appearance of the (false) prophet Elijah and messiah whom the Orthodox Jews are waiting for, and they will in fact have allegiance to Is… and are none other than ‘the false prophet and beast’ of Rev 19. The messiah will die somehow around a particular Passover, and the false prophet will resurrected him under the power of S…., he will then stand up in the holy place which is a replay of 1 Kings 17:89,17- 24 – hence the false messiah IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION – it is NOT a statue that speaks or comes to life.
    Even S…. has the power to resurrect the dead – he is more powerful than we think and knows the Scriptures better than anyone, which we have been kept in the dark about, as well as our pitiful understanding of Is…..

    So be diligent and study yourself approved. http://www.deborahjeanstearn.com, “Sealed Till the Time of the End” series, Part 1 – Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Days, Chapter 10. 50% of the profits from the sale of my series goes directly to support the wonderful work of Rescue Christians, a ministry of Walid Shoebat, that physically saves the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters in the ME., and who personally helped me improve the writing of Part 1. http://www.rescuechristians.org

  3. “Magicians” (and these are not of the occult kind) just show how limited our perception of reality through our senses can be…why demonizing?

  4. The Savior did warn us. My attitude is to ask him to come now. And stop such things. He has the power. I ask Him to come. Must it be that only those who are sober, mourning watchmen must ask? When will the happier successful people wake up and ask Him to return? Why does He not wake them up? Our efforts to wake them up, when they exist, have only small successes. Stewart Best (on his blog) mourned that after all the years of being a watchmen, no one now wants his material, his books sit on the shelves, can’t give them away. I told him he woke up a few, and that may be all God asked of him. But it feels empty to keep reaching out and the Savior has not come to save people from people like the Magician.
    Obviously we humans didn’t save people from the Magician. It’s time Jesus did so. Please come, Jesus.

  5. The film looks like the trick Satan used to create homosexuals…Satan does this same thing psychologically….
    Genesis 1-27..So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. …Satan counterfeits every action of God…His creation of man is
    That each person is both male and female. (male and female created he them)…Likewise God since mankind is created in the image of God…
    Words are powerful weapons when twisted by satan..The real truth is Satan mades man in his own image…Satan must be a homosexual or hermaphrodite..

  6. Debra. have you ever considered that the jews will accept mohammed as the prophet tlike Moses …He professed to be that prophet of Deut 18-18 and Islam teaches old covenant and the prophets, laws and ordiances, etc.. as do the jews…..Mohammed was a counterfeit of the real messiah Jesus…

    • Yes that is a possibility, since the Muslims are waiting for their messiah/
      Mahdi, the 12th imam with the spirit of Mohammed. However, the Jews are waiting for their messiah also, but first the false prophet Elijah must come as the OJ are taught, not realizing that he already came in the person of John the Baptist. Hence these will trick the Jews into believing that they are from Adoni as they will perform miracles as incredible as Criss ‘False’ Angel – even raising the dead copying the miracle of Elijah in 1 Kings 17- and Yes S…. can do that! These are none other than the beast and false prophet of Rev 19. I did a study on this in Part 1 – Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Days, I came to the conclusion that S…. is using both false religions to bring his 5-step plan to pass to fulfill Isaiah 14:14, which he does. So there could in fact be 3 players – the Mahdi, the false messiah and the false prophet Elijah – who have allegiance only to Is…, S…. sitting in the Temple will be All…. masquerading as the Shechinah Glory and it will happen on a particular Yom Kippur that just so happens to coincide with the Is…. Feast of Sacrifice for the 2 years 2014/2015 and on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2016!

      More fascinating details, including the Mark, the name of the beast, the year 6000 on our calendar, intricate details of 666, the beginning and end of the Great Trib and Yeshu’a return are found in my explosive research – http://www.deborahjeanstearn.com – so explosive that the publisher was forced to shut its doors 2 months after Part 2 was released. The series is in the process of being republished and released around March 15, just 1 month before the first blood red moon due on Passover which marks the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week. The ebook versions are available directly from me for $15 each.

  7. OK. I’ll bite. I need to ask the obvious here. I personally did not replay the video you posted here, Marianne. I don’t care to, not interested. My question is why would you post it here, for people to replay and watch, if it is what is to be avoided? Is it to simply give an example of what not to pay attention to?

    • denise

      you guessed it right.

      I wanted to show what happens when people submit to witchcraft / occult magic

      most people are too trusting and think nothing bad will happen to them because it is “just a trick”

      • Thank you for bringing this to attention. I think people must avoid any kinds of magic and magician. I am so terrified after watching this, and I did not finish watching it….

  8. It’s creepy.

  9. Interesting. I was thinking actual magicians, and I have never really understood how criss angel does his thing.

    Like you all I used to think criss must have some sort of occultic powers.

    Youtube! wow. people get to scrutinize the video hard.

    People are smart, really. Take 5 mins to read the comments; it says
    1) Notice the shadows. This scene took place over a few hours
    2) Notice at 2:24, the girl has the bands on her left hand, as chris picks her up, the bands magically appear on the right hand.

    Conclusion: the whole thing is FAKE. Illusion. Paid actors, paid setup, everything. This probably applies for ALL of criss angel’s tricks, and the many other new ones recently. So no real voodoo magic trick here, no magicians selling their soul to the devil.

    That said, avoid the real ones. Check out Darren Wilson’s 3 part documentary on the miraculous. One of them describes a voodoo village shaman who had the power to curse christian pastors and they die. This person had a miraculous encounter with the Lord himself and was actually changed. Powerful series. So yeah, I do believe in the darker powers, it’s just ignored due to Christians’ ignorance in the civilized world at large. (Hosea 4:6)

    • doesn’t explain half a body crawling across the grass

      • if a loophole has revealed that the video is fake, then yes it does explain half a body crawling across the grass. we don’t need to know “how”, we just need to know “what”.

        what: heavy computer graphics and video editing
        how: don’t need to know, just know they did. it could be green screen, it could be video masking. Doesn’t matter, just need to know they did software editing. Technology these days are powerful.

        however I believe such programs are not all good as it downplays and desensitizes people to the truth – that real dark magic exists. Can you imagine explain to kids/gullible adults why NOT to play the ouija board and they just laugh it off? They probably think harry potter is cool and so is “magic”. That’s what these programmes and Hollywood does.

        • we don’t know for sure there was a loophole….from some stray comment.

          this video glorifies evil.and the power of magik…and that is enough….for me

  10. If you noticed the title on the television show, the name is spelled BeLIEve with LIE in caps because it is in fact a lie.

  11. Amen Jonathan,

    As you wrote –

    “I do believe in the darker powers, it’s just ignored due to Christians’ ignorance in the civilized world at large. (Hosea 4:6)

    angel of Thyatira,

    Yes, the program is a LIE, deception and a distraction from the Truth. It is right before our eyes, within the title. What a joke.

    When the Anti-Christ is revealed, we will see seriously real “magic” with the power of darkness vivid in many forms and manifestations.

    Lord help the new born believers and those teaching and living on a milk diet (Matthew 24:19).

    Psalm 27

  12. The subjective nature of all forbidden activities. There are no powers outside of God. No known or unknown has any power unless you give it to them whether real or imagined. When you give the known or unknown power then you subject yourself to the illusion. Ask King Saul.

  13. JAY,

    “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

    All the deliverance and expelling demons by Jesus and the 72 disciples was what? Deprogramming?

    • DJ,

      Utilizing contextual elimination ( i.e. portions of verse 4.6 of Hosea ) in general in misleading. Be that as it may, there is no foundational proof or basis for possession from a particular entity. You may argue it is in the NT, but that is not all inclusive and debatable. Can angels and demons effect a person? The answer is yes, only to what was is permitted. Possession is not one of the permitted actions. One must ask themselves; Was an inferior spirit created in man? The answer is no, the allowance of the evil inclination to dominate the person makes it appear as a possession by some entity. As you know man was given “free will” and to deem otherwise denies the concept of “free will.”

  14. Jonathan,

    Excellent rely/comment.

    It is also like accepting “white” witchcraft or “white” magic as good when these are the work of darkness masked as “white”.

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Amen!

    Now read Isaiah 11:2-3, then Proverbs chapters 2 through 4. Next, Paul’s prayer in the first chapter of Colossians.

    Psalm 3

    • “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

  15. http://andrewcomiskey.com/obama-snare/

  16. I have always had an aversion to magic, even as a child before I was born again. This stuff is weird, creepy and just plain evil “entertainment”. I believe there has been a plan for decades to desensitize people to the weird and unnatural, and/or to wow and impress. Either way, weird at best and demonic at worst…

  17. Yes, desensitizing the western nations to get them used to the ‘miraculous; without ascribing it to demonic manifestations. The same thing is happening with the fantasy and super hero-type movies from Hollywood.

    What most people don’t know, even Christians, is that S…. is hypnotizing the West so their eyes and hearts’ focus are not where they should be – on Israel and the Middle-East where prophecy is being fulfilled, and the last-days beast empire of 666 is rising and spreading, killing as many of our brothers and sisters as possible. The religious Jews of Israel will be tricked into believing Adoni / HaShem has returned to them in the form of the Shechinah glory, when it actually will be Al…. who is the Angel of Light. Their coming (false) messiah and false Elijah will have allegiance to Is…., and because of their demonic miracles – just like that of Criss False Angel – such as the death of the messiah and his subsequent resurrection by the false Elijah (replaying 1 Kings 17), the OJ will think they are from Adoni.

    For more fascination details 666 and the plot and timing for the events of Rev 13 read the ‘Sealed Till the Time of the End’ Series, soon to be released by Deep River Books. The ebook versions can be purchased directly from me for $15 each at http://www.deborahjeanstearn.com. 50% of the profits go directly to Rescue Christians who are the only ministry that physically saves the lives of believers in the ME.

  18. Hello,

    Your addressing someone who has experienced deliverance and minised deliverance. Demons do not possess but oppress and influence behavior/actions. God allows them to be turned over to the oppressor if they continue in “sin” or walk in darkness.
    This blog response is to limited for a complete and comprehensive reply.
    Time is very short – could be weeks/months and the lack of knowledge will be evident to everyone.
    Psalm 27

  19. Amen. But some folks don’t know what darkness is and how it operates upon humanity.

    Psalm 25

  20. Men are praised , payed , put on tv for what women were burnt at the stake for.

  21. Learn how people do magic tricks. Before you assume that satan behind it. You guys are really that stupid.

  22. Matter of fact that not magic. Real magic is when people get help Satan not doing creating an illusion or something.

  23. I do not know from what should I start… but from damned Criss Angel has started my journey with occultism.
    With the help family of spellcasters (8 members and spirit of Shandor, also later came another one spellcaster) I have casted change gender spell (change from man to woman) and by that one I have horror life – everyday they are blinding my contact with God, they are breaking my faith and they are giving to me hate, that is against to God (Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit).
    I do not know how to release myself (and my family) in 100% from that one. Every night spirit of Lucille is trying to possess me and bring this spell into life – by that I can not sleep from 10 P.M to 3 A.M, worst is between 12 P.M and 3 A.M. (and by this I’m sleeping during day).
    I beg for any help, for any prayers. My own prayers, reading Bible, going to Church is not enought. I have asked for help priests, but no one wanna help me.
    Please about as many as possible prayers for me.
    I beg anyone, help me until is not too late.

    • luke

      are you saved by the blood of jesus?

      It seems you have repented of this mistake, the next step would be to completely give yourself to jesus. it sounds like you have done this….but if not, do this now.

      I am far from you so I will do my best.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses…also prayer for strength

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      you also need local support.

      find a pentecostal church of god, assemblies of god, (not catholic) near you and to to them and ask them to pray with you…explain what happened.

      it may also take fasting to break this….so consult with a local pastor about this as well.

      • Thank you Marianne for your response and for your e-mail with prayers.

        Now I’m saved, but well … I don’t know how long it will take and how long I will be able resist these fallen angels and this spell (as a result in July 24 will be centrally 12 months, when a spell has have been casted at me – and as a result I have survived a lot of time already, but I’m weak more and more by this spell). Spell weren’t bring to my life yet, cause I’m trying to fight with them everyday (especially in the night in the full moon, cause when is full moon then this spell is most powerfull). Anyway sometimes I’m lack of the strength that I just wanna let them come into my life and let them do whatever they want to do with me… and by that one sometimes I panic like lately recently.

        About local support rather I will not use, cause I will be rejected like so many times already… and they will rather mock me and laught at me that I believe in something like magick and so on… like priests (and other people, to whom I went already) did it.

        Now is little better after a few my prayers, but still it’s fatiguing and hard to fight with them sometimes. Sometimes visit me 2 fallen angels (I mean Lucille and other, which I don’t know name yet) and sometimes is their 3 and more what is more drastically frightening. When is small amount of them then is much easier to defence before them… but sometimes it’s so hard, and that’s why I panic from time to time. And worst it’s that their temptations are so strong and not only one I feel this spell strong on my shoulders, that I have problem with spiritual fight. Additionally the situation worsens my dad, who is practicing magick and have “cult of pyramyds” (or something like that, I don’t know how to call it).

        Anyway I hope that I will survive that… or I will be damned if I fail it. As a result sometimes I prefer suicide than let this spell come into my life, but anyway it can more complicate my case.. and here im in the corner by that one.

        • luke

          you are so far from me. I want to help but I am in america…

          if you go to churches I recommend, they should be more familiar with this

          your dad is making this worse..avoid him…..

          • I don’t know, I have doubt about this church. This church is in the centre of my city, so maybe I will visit it next week. I don’t know, I’m worrying about it that I can be rejected again.

            Avoiding my dad unfortunately isn’t always to the end possible, but thanks God he is most time of the week outside of house… but anyway at house are occult things like strange amulets (for physical strength, for protection before illness, for protection before evil spirits and so on – most of these amulets he wear at himself, so usually isn’t many amulets left in the house), strange circles of protection on the pieces of papers and so on… after many my prayers to God, and later my intervention and quarrel he has took from house these pyramids – but anyway in the house are still some things which shouldn’t be.

            And worst is this that by their temptations I desire 2 things – let this spell come to my life and be as close as possible to God (and worst is this that one cannot be accepted by second – and vice versa).

            A few times I was thinking about ask spellcaster to cast for me a reverse spell to break this spell, which is over me… but I can’t decide to this (cause if I will write then I will break first divine commandment again). I don’t know… how do you think, should I risk and ask them about cast a reverse spell or not?

            • luke

              there are different names for different types of occult magic…..it is ALL witchcraft…..

              you cannot use satan to remove satan….so avoid spell casters…they are witches. they will make things worse for you.

              do you live with your father? I do not know how old you are, but if you live with him, and you are old enough, you should move.

              staying around him will keep you bound and oppressed.

              try to find a “church of god” or an “assemblies of god” or a church that has the name “deliverance” in it….

              traditional churches will not be able to help.

              • You are right, I shouldn’t touch witchcraft again… and thanks God I didn’t when I wanted do that. As a result I know that I should avoid spellcasters, but from other side I wanna be close them and try to show them true, which has been destroyed by lucifer… I don’t know, just I worry about their salvation before hell.

                Yesterday I was talking with one satanist about Satanic Dedication and worst is this thay they are so blinded by satan and they are trying everything to show that they are right and that God is tyran and is evil… it’s terrible that people are believing in the lies of lucifer. Also, I don’t know why I feel sorry for some demons (fallen angels) – they are suffering so much, cause they believed in the lies of lucifer (satan) and they followed him. It’s terrible, that they left God (because now they can not return). And most terrible is this that they wanna take every person from the earth to hell… and they are doing everything to cause people to sin.

                Yes, I live with my father. But I think that nothing worse not threaten me at this moment. Beloved God answered for my prayers. Also now I’m 21 years old.

                Btw I would like to thank you so much for your help, your prayers and for your support! God have answered for my prayers, so now I think that I don’t need go to anyone.

                Be blessed by Most High God!

                • luke

                  pray every day for your father’s salvation,,,that he will be free from the occult

                  avoid satanists…do not even talk to them….light has no fellowship with darkness.

                  I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, curses, and for strength and blessing…also for unsaved loved ones….

                  best to print out and say each day

                  I will agree with you in prayer

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