Awaken – a poetic prayer


Poem by Erin Yarborough

Come out of your slumber

Why do you still sleep?

Awaken your heart, Awaken your being

See the light of His face shining upon your heart

Do not hide from the light, let His light in

When the light comes, the darkness has to go

And would we not want for His light to expose

Anything that hinders love

Anything that hides from the truth?

Awaken Your people Oh God

Shake all that can be shaken

Until what can’t be shaken

is all that remains

God shake this nation

Out of her slumber

and out of complacency

May she finally know and see

That to watch and to pray is her responsibility

Awake, awake Oh sleeper

Arise from the dead

Rise up from your ashes

He has a crown for your head

The crown of loving kindness

He is the light that breaks through darkness

Let Him shine upon you

Let His glory rest upon you

Shake off the dust that weighs you down

Pour out your heart before Him

In Him let your life be found

Pour yourself out

and even the darkness shall be as light

Let Him fill you afresh

You will shine bright

Dry bones come to life

Come together as one

Hands, feet, legs, arms

His eyes to see

His ears to hear

His mouth to speak

The body must be one

With Him as the head

His righteousness shall shine like the sun

Work together,

and you shall grow

Grow up into Him

leaving childish things below

No more believing the lies

No longer tossed to and fro


This is His bride

He is longing for her

She must be complete, mature

Lacking nothing in unity

And in the bond of peace

If she refuses to awaken herself from her sleep

see her need, mourn and weep

He will come like a thief

She will be in the dark until the sight

Of his very face is upon her,

And brings great fright

His judgments are faithful, His judgments are right

Justice and truth will be as the light

He will send judgment as He did for the Israelites

He will cause the Church to awaken

No matter the cost

For whom the Father loves

He also chastens

For these are His sons

Whatever His will is then let it be done

The Spirit and the Bride say come


©   Copyright Erin Yarborough


6 Responses to “Awaken – a poetic prayer”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Very nice…things to be reminded of…thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  3. Yes the cost of awakening is high, even now. People throughout the world are struggling to awaken. And so the whole atmosphere is full of tension as this struggle emerges.

  4. This prayer is really beautiful as its a gospel.

    Marianne thanks

  5. Thank you so much, Erin. A beautiful Word of God poem… and the timing is perfect. Yes, may God’s Spirit awaken and bring to life and into one, those dry bones.

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