Baltimore is whose fault?


This perfectly explains it





People need to wake up and smell the BS going on.

And that includes people of every color

As long as violent people blame others for their own criminal behavior, that violent group brings upon themselves just and well deserved criticism from intelligent and decent people.

This is not racism.  This is necessary and objective review and condemnation of negative behavior.


23 Responses to “Baltimore is whose fault?”

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  2. It truly is based deep inside each and every person who rioted, bashed and burned – NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, PERSONALLY, INDIVIDUALLY. Somewhere upwards of 200 businesses were affected by the senseless destruction. It was like one big whining temper tantrum. How’s that working for ya? It’ll take a decade for that area to come back – IF – if the local businesses choose to rebuild.

  3. There is a reason for everthing in life. Grown people should know this. Let’s start at the source of these so called violent neighborhoods. One last note before we move on: Joly West, is extremely well documented from CIA’s own records as having been one of the principal researchers in CIA’s MK-ULTRA program which used drugs and torture to produce mind-control assassins and other useful servants. I recall one telling discussion with NPI’s sympathetic Dr. Sid Cohen who knew of my past struggles against CIA. He told me, “CIA pretty much knows everything we do at NPI. It was set up that way from the start.” Cohen was qualified to speak on this subject. He had been a consultant for the State Department, the U.S. Army and the World Health Organization.

     If that was the case, and if NPI housed some of the world’s foremost experts on crack cocaine, it is impossible not to believe that CIA didnÕt know what UCLA, RAND and the governments of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia knew.

    Until the book Dark Alliance and an absolutely fabulous series of articles appeared in The Orange County Weekly by reporter Nick Schou I had been unconvinced that CIA had directly targeted African-Americans. I believed it in my heart but I had never seen the evidence to prove it. In August 1996, right after the Webb stories appeared, I was a call-in guest on a number of radio talk shows with Gary and I recall stating that I knew nothing about CIA selling crack cocaine on street corners but I knew a great deal about CIA bringing it in on airplanes and boats. It was not until Schou’s series and Webb’s book appeared that I was not only convinced, I was certain that CIA had targeted blacks.

    It is beyond the scope of this article to describe just how well Gary Webb used court records, DEA, Justice Department, CIA and L.A. County Sheriff’s records to establish that the drug dealing operations of Danilo Blandon and Norwin Meneses were sanctioned and protected by both DEA and the CIA. The revelations in both volumes of the CIA’s Inspector General’s reports, as covered in From The Wilderness, corroborate much of Gary’s work.

    In particular, Webb documented how Ricky Ross always seemed to avoid arrest at the peak of his career. Danilo Blandon’s direct connections to CIA assets and agents are now a given. Let’s look at what Ricky Ross had to say about Blandon. “All I knew was like, back in LA he [Blandon] would always tell me when they was going to raid my houses. The police always thought I had somebody working for the police.

    “And he was always giving me tips like, ‘Man don’t go back over to that house no more,’ or ‘Don’t go to this house over here.'” (Webb – p179)

    The police told of serious frustrations at trying to arrest Ross. The most telling event was when a joint task force of Sheriffs, LAPD and other agencies set out to raid fourteen different locations in 1986. All of them had been cleaned out by the time the surprise raids hit. (Webb – p310-321). Only one location, the home of Ronald Lister, turned up anything of value – government documents. Both Webb and Schou tied Lister directly to CIA and Contra support operations and to Scott Weekly, an Annapolis classmate of Oliver North. Subsequent investigations, lasting into 1997, not only showed evidence of Weekly’s links to CIA and DIA, including FBI wiretaps of his phone conversations, but also established links between Weekly, North and the staff of Vice President George Bush (Webb – pp320-323). Sheriff’s deputies and LAPD officers were amazed and knew full well that they were investigating a CIA operation, which was being protected. Hundreds of pages of government documents mysteriously disappeared from Sheriff’s custody and Blandon never got arrested. Neither did Ricky Ross until much later.

    One of the heroes of Dark Alliance, Bell PD detective Jerry Guzetta, summed up all of the police experience in trying to arrest Ricky Ross and Danillo Blandon. “Every policeman who ever got close to Blandon was either told to back off, investigated by their department, forced to retire or indicted,” (Webb – p375).

    In early November 1996, two weeks before I confronted CIA Director John Deutch at Locke High School in Watts, I attended another congressional town hall meeting in Compton hosted by Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald. At that meeting, before I took the microphone to talk about CIA drug dealing, I had an opportunity to talk in private with Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich and the commander of LAPD’s Narcotics Group, Commander (now Deputy Chief) Gregg Berg. I told both men exactly how CIA protected their drug operations.

    At the time all police agencies belonged to an organization known as the Narcotics Intelligence Network (NIN). Any law enforcement agency conducting an investigation of a drug trafficker must first run the suspect’s name through a computer search to find out if anyone else has an ongoing investigation of that suspect. Such an arrangement is necessary to prevent one agency from arresting another agency’s undercover operatives. What the CIA does is to use its contract agents or deep covers within local police departments to constantly monitor NIN, which has to be notified of pending raids. The CIA also uses its deep covers within police departments to monitor investigations and warn CIA assets in time to avoid arrest.

    How did I know this? Ten years before the Ricky Ross raids, in 1976, my CIA agent fiancŽe had told me this was how “her people” protected certain things. The job she was recruiting me for, which I refused to take, was to work myself, with a little help, into a position where I would be the one doing the monitoring – and the warning. She once told me that she had asked “her people” if she could give me information which would lead directly to a Los Angeles arrest of a major dealer. They wouldn’t let her because I had already told her that I would never overlook illegal narcotics. The unspoken message was that if I wouldn’t overlook when asked I couldn’t be given a “freebie”.

    Lister, an ex-policeman who served as a bodyguard/courier for Blandon delivered both drugs and money while enjoying CIA protection. He and Blandon delivered drugs and guns all over South Central. Danillo Blandon even sold guns to Ricky Ross’ immediate entourage. Ollie Newell, Ross’s partner, was able to purchase a .50 caliber machine gun on a tripod (Webb p 188). This is a pure military weapon known as a “Ma Deuce” and something which is not obtainable at your local surplus store.

    Webb and Schou also documented that the police and the FBI knew that Lister and Blandon were delivering not only guns but sophisticated radio equipment (which enabled the monitoring of secure police frequencies) to Ross and the gangs (Webb – pp. 179-193) (Schou). I knew then that the whole operation was protected from start to finish by the Central Intelligence Agency. Why? If you walk into a room filled with policemen and yell “Anybody want to take some drugs off the street?” maybe half the room will stand up. But if you walk into the same room and yell, “Anybody want to take some guns off the street?” you will be crushed in the ensuing stampede. Only the federal government, and especially the CIA, have the horsepower to make cops stay away from arresting those who put guns on the streets.

    Nick Schou demonstrated how Lister, through arms dealer Tim La France and Weekly (who is himself a firearms master), was working on Agency contracts serious enough to secure him end-user certificates from the State Department to export weapons in a matter of days when the process usually requires months. Indirect confirmation of these relationships was established when the FBI denied release of some of Lister’s documents under provisions of the National Security Act (Webb – p 193).

    As documented by phone records and telephone calls placed to the Fluor Corporation in Irvine, California by Lister’s associates, Ron Lister held frequent meetings with a Fluor Vice President named Bill Nelson (Webb – pp191-193) (Schou). Bill Nelson was a retired Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) of the CIA who had personally overseen the destabilization and overthrow of Chile’s Salvador Allende in the 1970s. The DDO is the second most powerful position in the CIA and is directly in charge of all covert operations. The Fluor Corporation, according to confidential sources, was a major multi-national corporation which regularly provided services and cover for the CIA over a period of roughly fifteen years.

    It is inconceivable that a courier and contractor like Lister could have held regular meetings with a retired DDO in Southern California unless he was protected at the highest levels. One good narcotics detective could have tailed Lister to one meeting which would have been enough to totally compromise the Agency – especially if it had occurred just after Lister had transported twenty kilos of cocaine or a trunk load of sub-machine guns. Conversely, it is also inconceivable that a retired DDO would meet with anybody unless he knew everything in the world there was to know about that person beforehand. The Agency just does not work that way.

    A former CIA officer, John Vanderwerker, confirmed to Schou that Nelson and Lister knew each other (Webb – p195).

    Crack cocaine was particularly devastating for African-American communities. This was, I believe, by design. In early 1985 USC Sociologists Klein and Maxson researched the phenomenon of crack use. “One thing they were unable to explain was why crack was found only in L.A.’s black neighborhoods. ‘The drug,” the sociologists wrote, at least currently seems to be ethnically specific. Cocaine is found widely in the Black Community in Los Angeles, but it is almost totally absent from the Hispanic areas,” (Webb – p184).

    And the effects of crack use were, indeed, biblical. In 1985 50% of the emergency room admissions in L.A were due to crack. Full-blown cocaine psychosis was occurring as soon as eight months after first use and crack cocaine hit hardest among those African-Americans who had some college education and held steady jobs (Ruppert1&2).

    I wrote in 1985. “So pervasive is the epidemic that it is threatening the political and social systems that have held black communities together in the face of cuts in social programs and rising unemployment in an already depressed economy,”  (Ruppert 1).
    The Webster Commission, charged with finding the causes of the 1992 LA riot/insurrection found that one of the primary causes was crack cocaine. The LA riots remain, to this day, the largest domestic insurrection since the civil war.

    Sinister, I know. Don’toint fingers until you research the origins of things first. These riots are wrong but these people are like the result of a demonic experiment.

  4. And these blacks argue that “Jesus” is black and that “they, the blacks” are the true Hebrews. What a farce!! Was Yahshua (Jesus) ever violent? Are the Jews a violent people, to kill, steal and destroy? Rather they are the most creative/productive in the world who have contributed tons to the entire world in every aspect. They are there ready to zoom across to help when disaster strikes any nation, the very recent being Nepal and they are still there helping the earthquake victims while most of the times the media never mentions it.

    [ Matthew 12:33-“Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is known by its fruit.] Something to think about.

    I read an amazing ebook a couple of years back written by an American Christian that the blacks are actually the descendants of Canaan who was cursed by Noah .. Interesting, why Canaan, did Canaan do something to his grandfather Noah? .. so it says. Here are some excerpts from an encyclopedia I just read: …..
    ….. [ Genesis 9:24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. 25 And he said, “Cursed be Canaan”; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.
    Ham is not directly cursed for his actions; instead the curse falls upon his youngest son Canaan. The curse seems unusually severe for merely observing Noah unclothed. An explanation sometimes offered notes that the phrase “expose father’s nakedness” is used several times elsewhere in the Pentateuch as a euphemism for having sexual relations with one’s mother, suggesting a different crime as described in the following passages:
    ….. If a man has sexual intercourse with his father’s wife, he has exposed his father’s nakedness (Leviticus 20:11). You must not expose your father’s nakedness by having sexual intercourse with your mother. She is your mother; you must not have intercourse with her. 8 You must not have sexual intercourse with your father’s wife; she is your father’s nakedness (Leviticus 18:7-8).
    ….. The Rabbis taught: Three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished—the dog, the raven, and Ham. The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven “expectorates”, and Ham was smitten in his skin” (Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 108b). The nature of Ham’s “smitten” skin is unexplained, but later commentaries described this as a darkening of skin. A later note to the text states that the “smitten” skin referred to the blackness of descendants, and a later comment by rabbis in the Bereshit Rabbah asserts that Ham himself emerged from the ark black-skinned. The Zohar states that Ham’s son Canaan “darkened the faces of mankind.]

    Lastly, Joshua the son of Nun led a raging battle against the Canaanites and took over their cities. Here’s an interesting link to read about these Canaanites.

    • Your comment is rather disturbing and as a Christian is makes me cringe. To imply that black people behave the way they do because we are descendants of canaan is disgusting. You then compare us to Jews and and refer that they are better despite what they been through. Wow! I’m seriously going to pray for you.

  5. This is the only article I’ve seen on this site that I don’t agree with. Not that I don’t agree that black people have to take responsibility for their actions, but I don’t think that the article should have been reported as it was. I believe that the problem of racism– as it really is, not as black people may report that it is– is a much more important topic than what happened in the Baltimore riots.

    I believe there are more things at work than black people being 100% at fault in the Baltimore scenario. There also have been other recent crimes against black people by police that this site did not report. Growing up secluded and ‘safe’, as many other white people, I didn’t really notice the effects of racism on black people until 2003 when I began working among the homeless (homeless shelters are usually populated more by blacks than whites). In that environment, I began to notice the stark differences between the way black and white people were treated. Moreover, when I lived in Nashville, the Lord began to teach me about Racism (the spirit and mindset of racism) and Religion (the religious spirit and mindset). Religion and Racism, in some circles, travel well together. As we know, our ancestors from England brought both Racism and Religion to the Americas and, using both of them like a two-edged sword, proceeded to forcefully exert rule over non-whites and establish social norms in favor of white people. This happened first to the Native Americans (over 300 treaties that were signed with the Natives (i.e. all treaties signed with them) were broken) and then with the Africans.

    Growing up, my parents sometimes argued about black people and racism. My mom argued that black people have no obstacles (i.e. racism) in their way and can do whatever they put their minds to; my dad argued that black people have lots of obstacles in their way and cannot do much of anything because of it. I stood in the middle: I believed (and now I’ve actually been given a lesson on it) that black people do have many obstacles in their way but that, with the right tools, are able to get over those obstacles. I especially was convinced of this when I learned that ‘racism’ has little to do with hatred and injustice towards other races but is the belief that one’s race is superior to another race and should therefore have right to rule over those races (by any means necessary).

    The dictionary’s primary definition of racism: “A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”

    People often have a hard time if they feel rejected on the basis of some physical or social shortcoming; it deals blows to their self-esteem. Imagine how a group of people would feel if they were discarded or judged as ‘less than’ simply because of the color of their skin– something that one cannot change. Marianne, I think that you should write an article on the spirit/mindset of racism in America to start. I believe that the fact that so many white people shy away from the topic of racism is proof that it is still alive inside many of us. In my opinion, after being awakened to the issue of racism, I believe that the issue is much greater than black people who use ‘racism’ as an excuse to go looting and shooting and killing people.

    • I think you have valid points, but also consider this.

      the current white generation is the same one that fought for civil rights….yes there was past slavery and abuse in the last century, but the current generation worked to stop that

      it was the republicans, (not the democrats that enslaved blacks, passed jim crow laws, hung blacks, and burned crosses, and now claims to be for civil rights), that helped open opportunities for black advancement, education, jobs, affirmative action, etc.

      yet it is that group that gets blamed for the “racism”, not the ones who opposed civil rights….the democrats voted against the civil rights act…it took the republicans to get it passed.

      what we see now is an agenda to keep slavery issues alive, and civil rights issues alive as if there has been no improvement in the last 50 years….

      they want to convince blacks that white republicans hate them, when white republicans have never hated blacks…

      we need to stop living in the past and clinging to victim hood to manipulate people into hurting themselves.

      I also saw differences between how blacks and whites were treated, but i also saw the improvements and efforts to make things right.

      my grade school was all white, but by high school my class was mixed, and by college, I had black professors.

      but race baiters want blacks to think nothing good has happened in the last 50 years….and they want blacks to feel that ALL whites hate them, which is not true.

      now, the behavior of blacks, under the delusion of being hated, are now creating situations where people really hate them, not for being black, but for their criminal behavior.

      blacks are killing themselves….they need to wake up and realize that they are being manipulated into this mess, and they need to stop being so ignorant as to believe every lie that comes along

      it comes down to god too.

      they either believe the truth in the world around them, or they believe the lie.

      only with the help of the holy spirit can one distinguish between lies and truth.

      I hope the blacks allow themselves to be ministered to by the holy spirit.

    • God bless your open eyes.

  6. JFK, RFK, and MLK were murdered for a reason. It’s been 50 years now and look at where we are at.

    The Bible reads there will be upheaval of nations. We are just the last nation state to go. Old Knob loves his work.

  7. Actually..I’m Black and proud to be..but I have to say…I agree with your point. I have Racism from any and all standpoints as well as ignorance toward fair justice…The enemy has blinded people with distractions of Racism, Religion, Greed, Social Status/Celebrity figures..and etc…anything that is a form of hate and Idolatry…The biggest War is Between Good and Evil…thats it!!!!

    • Typo..HATE..,ot have

    • dear khan

      I am glad a black person commented. I wanted to show blacks and whites that racism is a political tool to control blacks into rioting.

      and to get whites to hate blacks.

      and what is the result? they go to jail or get killed, so that politicians can rant on about their agendas…..

      blacks need to get free of this manipulation…and be really free

      and so do whites….

  8. Interesting points Marianne…but from a Christian standpoint I don’t think Out Father sees “the whites” of “the blacks” or “Asians or whatever”…but He sees His children… our minds those who’s are in bondage by color and race haven’t been Freed yet from that form of slavery and…because all I see is a Brother or Sister in Christ…

  9. Yes..thats true…ole stinking flesh!!! ^_^…That’s why we are War first within ourselves…Our Spirit is always at War with our Flesh…and the Battlefield of the Mind…which the Enemy wants Control of…

    • I wish I could edit my remarks…I can’t type without a typo/grammatical error..:))

      • we are ONE race….human race

        but the enemy wants us divided…

        and foolish people in the flesh fall for lies,

        and they are deceived.

        they will be destroyed twice.

        first by man

        then by god

  10. I agree Sister…Have a Blessed Night…I enjoy reading your post always..:)) God Bless

  11. Judging people by the colour of their skin rather than true merit/demerits is racist.

    If black policemen under a black supervisor killed a black person, the the blacks rioted and destroyed fellow blacks’ businesses and the president is black, and the attorney is female black, just where is the bs connection? An innocent black has been murdered by the police! Black or white, the system should address the needless loss of life of the innocent.

    Black people are amongst the most peaceful people on earth. They have remained so for a long time in their history. When the world waged relentless and endless wars, East versus West, the Greeks versus Persians, Romans against Europe, the Chinese wars, India etc, Africans remained salient and pacified in their great continent.

    As such, what’s presently happening in the world is not caused by the blackness of the black race. Its rather caused by evil that’s finding niche now almost everywhere in the world.

    The black people in their history have not sought towage war nor invade any other people if the races of the world. They did wage tribal invasions and wars nonetheless, but not in the scale witnessed by other races.

    Its improper to generally label blacks as a violent race.

    • john

      the point is, the blacks blame the whites for crimes they commit. the blacks are the racists ones here, not the whites/

      the whites have helped the blacks, but this is denied, and whites are killed.

      in america, they are not that peaceful

      and in south africa, there is a holocaust going on, killing whites with the same hatred and racism.

      so this is about black racism, not white racism

    • my hope is that black people stop being deceived in this country.

      they are kept uneducated and filled with propaganda..

      this is unfair to them and to the whites as well.

      the hope is that they FEEL equal and cared about so they will not RIOT because they think whites hate them

  12. I am unsure how I have missed seeing your blog, but better late than never.
    SO, let’s begin: The only racism lives in a man named Al Sharpton and men like him. He, and others have stood in a pulpit and openly lied. There is no racially derogatory term in the Bible. The Country is still named the same, Niger, and it is not, nor ever been pronounced nigger.
    Oprah Winfrey showed what fame and fortune can do to people when they could have done more to help Our Children, than the damage done by 1,000 athletes who dropped the ball, when so many Children that looked up to them as role models.
    Oprah Winfrey took away from GOD’S WORD in her bestowing Sainthood on her own self, with her “Oprah Winfrey’s Feel Good Religion”.
    But Oprah and Al conspired with others when they promoted racial unrest time and time again, and finally openly incited this riot.
    The race card was used in the 1960’s to cover what was already set in motion. A man named Timothy Leary came close to blowing the lid off the illusion that had Our Parents and GrandParents blinded.
    The race card didn’t completely work, so they conspired against all that is good, and came up with the ultimate illusion, get foolish young people to burn their draftcards…. and then Our Flag.
    Say what you will, but what I saw is still part of the life I lived; and there is the fact that a certain group of workers have the ability to vote themselves a raise, no matter if WE THE PEOPLE disprove.
    GOD was taken out of the schools, even though the only history of the earth’s people can be proven through DNA testing. Yet they teach Our Children an open lie.
    It takes ACTION to change what is wrong. It takes watchdog groups only minutes a day to record the votes of Our elected Law Makers. Then it takes maybe 1 hour at voting time to replace corrupt Officials There isn’t a quick fix, but we can at least START.
    First, we stop educators from teaching that males are not males, and females are not females.
    We labor and work, for the night is coming….
    I have to say that my interest is peaked as I write this, and at the same time look at the titles of your posts.
    I will say, as with life, I’m not betting the farm that our beliefs are shared equally; but I don’t mind saying that I could care less at this point, I have to know why you of all people know what few people have ever cared to know.

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