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Last hurricane season, I posted that the bees were disappearing in the Louisiana area 2-3 weeks before hurricane Gustav hit. Well, they are gone again.

Those that were in Louisiana, and the surrounding states, in the late summer of 2008, will remember Gustav was a category 5 hurricane, like Katrina, and it created a disaster area.

This may be more than colony collapse disorder.

The honey bee may God’s littlest messenger.

Is God using the honey bee to warn of impending danger?

For those who trust in man, not God, tiny hints like this go unheeded.

I am not guaranteeing another hurricane disaster with a missing bee report, but I am saying that there is some reason those bees left again.

We need to use our wisdom to discern the signs God gives us, for our own benefit.

See also:

Honey Bee behavior predicts coming natural disaster

There is a map on this other link, showing states where the bees are disappearing.

If nature does not want to live in these areas, then there is something wrong.

I also recall that the animals in the Indonesian tsunami all headed for higher ground right before the storm hit.  So, maybe we should pay attention to these signs of nature.

Go to the other link and look at the orange and white map.

Consider where you live, and be watchful of coming problems.

Eventually, you might have to leave also.

Remember, Jesus said that we can look to the sky and tell if there will be rain, but said we tend not to look to the signs of the times, and see what is to take place.

We must be wise to both. The signs are there for our instruction and protection.

Learn to read the signs around you.

20 Responses to “Bee Careful”

  1. […] in the Louisiana area 2-3 weeks before hurricane Gustav hit.  Well, they are gone again.   Click here for […]

    • Bee concern!
      Bee prepare!

      There is a great storm on the horizon …

      I am not a bee … but my heart is filled with Honey to do The Will of God …

  2. Hi Marianne,

    I know this does not relate to the honey bee directly … but it does relate to nature and its causes and its effect.
    The earthquake on May 12/ 08 in China has had detrimental effects on ocean life.
    For example, 21 Sting Rays died that day in a zoo in America, the other side of the globe.
    I did speak to some of the researchers, who are trying to find out why these aquatic creatures died all at once and at the same time.
    I have told them why, and its relation to the Earthquake that has killed at least
    70,000 people.
    Too much money involved in trying to figure out some other reasons to the strange occurrence.
    I think we are all so intertwined and everything affects a constellation much larger than we dare to admit.

    • Hi Abigail

      I think nature is more delicate than we think.

      The creatures are in tune with the earth and with each other.

      Only man seems to be insensitive.

  3. 2 Bee or not 2 Bee.That is the question!

  4. Hi Marianne,

    Although I had recently reported that my own natural bee-hive in Louisiana has disappeared,…the same evening I talked to my sister who had been working in her garden and she assured me that she observed many honey bees that day. It is a good thing to bee watchful,…I’ll keep you informed.

    Have a Bee-utiful day in the Lord everyone!

  5. Im a bumble bee of wisdom, wandering through the fields of life, frozen by the frosts of time was I. Awoken from my slumber, I dream of awakening lavender fields as far as my eyes can see!!

    Wakie, wakie, its time to see the lapse of time and understand our paths are anointed with rainbows, just waiting to light our way into Gods arms of love : )

  6. I was listening to JR Church on his web cast for April 7th and he was talking about the disappearance of honey bees and their biblical significance. So I decided to go to You Tube to see if there were some video clips. Sure enough there were. This is so cool. You’re so ahead and on top of prophetic events Marianne.


    Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maybe he reads “Heaven Awaits.” 🙂

      CCD is a serious problem. The more people that talk about it, the better. Maybe someone can find the cause, and fix it.

  7. Interesting news this morning… sounds more like a warning sign to White House as thousand bees hovered over…You will find it in Dudge news… here”s the link…

  8. How very interesting and timely. Our pastor bought a 40 acre ranch outside of our town; some of us are moving onto it, to organic farm, to be a source of natural and supernatural health. Also, will start a worship school and retreat center. My husband and I are called to beekeeping; since the day after that ‘call’, we keep hearing and seeing stuff about this bee disappearance, everywhere we turn! Seems it’s an assault on their immune systems – that messes w/ their navigating back to their hives – brought on by genetically modified crops. Absence of bees’ activity reduces crop production by about 30%; some experts are concerned about this causing a famine in N America in a couple of years. ! Beekeepers are trying to prevent this by establishing or increasing their bee businesses; so buy or grow organic as much as possible, and support local farmers at farmers’ markets, as the bees help the crops.

  9. Missing Bees, Cell Phones and Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy


  11. Hi Marianne

  12. frogs predict earthquake

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