Benny Hinn and his Mexican orphanage

There are still uncorrected rumors going around about Dateline’s 2002 misrepresentation of the Benny Hinn ministry’s building of the orphanage in Mexico. Dateline claimed there was no orphanage, but there was. They took a picture of an empty lot, and then made an unfair claim.

So, to be fair, I am posting this photo showing the completed orphanage, with Hinn and the children. I have had this photo since Dateline made the claim, but I thought that issue was over until recently.

The building was done in a timely manner, and the children were cared for in an off-site location, then transferred when the new location was ready.

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  2. Thank you for defending him and providing the photo!

    I attended Benny Hinn’s church for several years when it was in Orlando,Florida.

    I verify that the miracles are real, the Holy Spirit does move in his ministry.

    A roomate of mine who was a member of his church was showing me some martial arts moves. This guy was no joke, undefeated in professional military fighting, all by knockouts. So, one of his “S” kicks got a little too close and hit me in the jaw.

    I was in a lot of pain, but laughing too hard to get mad. I’d bit the inside of my cheek, taking a small chunk out. Sorry, I know that’s unsettling, but you have to know what happened. So for a week I had a small crater inside my cheek. I was at a service, and Benny Hinn said, “You don’t need to come up to the stage for the Holy Spirit to heal you, He’ll heal you where you are.”

    I trusted, prayed, and confessed my faith, and I felt my cheek heal up on the inside. No crater. No pain. At that immediate point in time, I received God’s healing.

    Before I met my wife she had horrible allergies to grass, pollen, etc. Anytime someone would mow near her she’d break out in hives, and all the other unlovely stuff.

    At a Benny Hinn conference she went up for prayer, God gave Benny Hinn a word for her allergies, and she got healed. She didn’t realize how effective that was until her friend’s husband was mowing, and went within 3 feet of her. Later she realized she had no reaction at all, none.

    To this day she’s healed. Occasionally it tries to come back and she immediately rebukes it; the feelings immediately stop and she has yet another victory.

    The difference between Benny Hinn and so many other popular preachers this day is that the Living God actually moves through him. It’s not just wise words or philosophy, but the actual movement of our God, proving that Jesus Christ is Lord and God.

    He’s also one of the most honest preachers I’ve ever listened to. One thing would bug me, and that he’d get different people in the Bible mixed up as to what they did or said. However, the next service he’d apologize and CORRECT his mistake publicly. His strength is hearing the Holy Spirit and responding to Him.

  3. Thank you for your comment.

    I try to just be fair to everyone. There are things God does, things man is doing, and things the devil is doing, and I want to make distinctions between the 3. In this case, Benny was unfairly criticized by Dateline.

    You have nice testimonies. Maybe you should share them with the ministry, so they can have a record of them.

  4. I love to hear of God at work in ways that distinctly authenticate His presence. Check out for a collection of God Spots!

  5. Hey Archie,

    Thank you for the invitation. I will be coming that way. 🙂

    God is good.


  6. As i’m living in New Zealand these days, i couldn’t help to notice the popularity of Benny Hinn’s miracle crusade here in Auckland. What really bothers me is that these mighty men of God are allowed to get prophesies wrong- for just a few of his false prophesies and yet people still come to him. He is making mega millions and the worst of all for me is the newest $1000 sowing which according to him will result in a 1000 fold blessing in 24 hours. He’s done that in several countries.. Now my question is: Why is Benny Hinn so popular? Because he carries the true gospel? Or because he heals? What is physical healing when youre soul will still be lost for eternity..? Why aren’t these guys been tested agains the Word of God YHWH?


    • You got it right with your last remark : TEST AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD. No where does the Bible quote that we need to put down USD to get healed!!

      • Gee guys, I was just talking about an orphanage. I do agree that no one should pay to get healed by God. God does heal, but man cannot, unless he has been to medical school.

        There is no charge to get into these services. Offerings are accepted, but not required. I am not endorsing all Hinns’ practices, I am just trying to clear up a news report.

  7. Hi foundthetruth,

    what we see now in the world is now a complex mix of multiple things at work. So I have to make some distinctions.

    1. the call on someone’s life to serve God can be legitimate. They can be given certain gifts or ministries to serve God

    2. the human can fall into error.

    3. Because God is sovereign, he can chose to terminate the gift or ministry, or he can allow the person to continue for a season, because the gift and ministry may benefit others.

    4. if the gift or ministry continues for a season, the person is in deep trouble, and will be given warnings by God during this time, to repent and get back to the truth.

    5. if the person still does not repent, the gift again may continue, because of some benefit to people he is reaching.
    Or it may terminate. What I am saying is that God always gives everyone time to repent, even the ministers.

    6. the bible does state that there will be many ministers and individuals who will be judged, and rejected by God…..the Lord will say “I never knew you.” It will not matter what great works they have done.

    Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    7. What you are witnessing is the prosperity gospel in full swing. This is a heresy. It is based on Baal worship. Baal was the ancient god of prosperity, multiplication, harvest and fertility. People used to sacrifice their children to Baal. Today, even the politicians in government use this method – promise of prosperity – to draw voters and get elected.

    It is clear in the Word of God that “sowing a seed” to get a harvest has nothing to do with money. The seed is the word of God, and the harvest is made up of precious souls, for the kingdom of God, not money for the minister’s bank account.

    Ministers like this are popular because people are whoring after money, instead of God. So, it is the fault of greedy people who want to get rich quick that support these ministers. If no one believed the ministers, they would not get any money, and they would have to quit. On the other hand, this does not excuse the ministers from preaching this garbage in the first place.

    Benny has been warned multiple times, but he is also surrounded by ministers of Baal that continue to encourage him to do otherwise. The “sow a money seed – and get a big money harvest” heresy works, and so it seems to confirm that it is ok. The ministers think it is ok because they have convinced themselves that the big offerings that come in are a confirmation from God that they are being “blessed.” Stupid, isn’t it?

    I did know him in earlier times, and it was not like this. I really pray that he wakes up before he loses his ministry. Eventually, he will if he does not quit.

    It would be a great loss for the kingdom of God to have such a big public personality shed a dark cloud on Christianity. He may get people saved in foreign crusades, but he is losing ground back home. Daily, I have to contend with unbelievers who mock Jesus because of money preachers.

    It is a heavy burden on my heart that this situation changes. I know these people, and they are actually very sincere, and do love Jesus, and want to serve Him. This is possibly the reason they are still allowed to continue by God. For me, it is like watching a loved family member get hooked on drugs. They seem to be in bondage to this money thing. I really pray that they finally give it up, and trust God for their finances.

    There is nothing wrong with accepting donations to help with expenses, but the foolish promises of big money harvests is totally wrong.

    The best we can do now is pray for the blind eyes to be open…..the blind ministers, and the blind people. Each one is a precious soul that needs to be free of this bondage.

    I wish things like this did not happen, but they do. I pray that ministers and people see and repent, and get back on track.

    We are in the last days, the last few minutes actually, and we want to see all souls that really do love Jesus free to witness the love and salvation of Jesus to others, so that they might be saved also.

    There are still many unbelievers out there, and we need the laborers to go forth and bring them in.


    • please, YHWH, remove benny hinn from his “ministry”. he is a blight and a cancer. he makes converts twice the son of hell he is. stop him from sending more hundreds of thousand to hell believing his “other gospel”. and please show marianne the light. thank you.

      in JESUS’s name, Amen

      • Philip

        You cannot curse people on my site.

        Your opinion is your opinion.

        Hinn has both good and bad points but this page is about his orphanage.

        • if you call prayer to God for the ouster of false prophets a curse, you’re on crack! taking off sandals now and dusting you off. don’t send another reply from your false ministry. the Lord reuke you!

          • marianne,

            i take exception with you after you tracked down my ip to the business phone my dad gave me. you called my parents and left a message threatening to take them to court and get a restraining order(wrong target of your hatred, you FOOL). this belies your evil heart. if you call my parents again with your out-of-control temper tantrums becuz i exposed you as a false teacher along with the devi Hinn, you will be sued. Anathema to you, your false “ministry”, and your false prophet Hinn. THE LORD REBUKE YOU AND BIND YOU UP TIL YOU ARE OF NO EFFECT. you are evil. got that, you witch?

            p.s. THE LORD REBUKE YOU!

            • dear Philip

              I do not know anything about a phone call.

              If I reply, I write an email.

              People are allowed to disagree with me on my website. I allow open discussion.

              I do not know your phone number.

              The IP address could only, at best, tell someone what city you live in, but that is about it.

              I have no reason to take you to court or get a restraining order.

              Maybe you need to look closer to home to find your enemy.

              • Philip, the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL JESUS CHRIST Rebukes you for slaming and telling lies of a woman who serves God, i do not agree with Benny Hinn, but i do not agree telling people evil things and fool, read the bible, Jesus says if you call your brother a fool you will be in danger of hellfire… Learn about what Jesus is about, a person told me a great quote a man once said: ”I like Jesus Christ, but i do not like christians.”

                Messages like yours makes me wonder why, quit that wickedness of yours and you will lead more people to Christ Jesus. There is a difference in correcting someone in love and telling them the error theyve done, and calling people evil names and cursing them. like that.

              • Well, I realize this is old hat, though at first when I saw the date of Phillip’s first posts on this page as August 28th, I thought, my this is current, but upon second look I noted it was August 28th 2011. Still this infection of the “Word of Faith” teaching is as relevant as ever in the Body of Christ in America. Much prayer is necessary that the gospel once delivered to the Saints come to light and that error be exposed, because the days are short.

                Marianne, I personally am not a fan of Hinn, but had followed his ministry for many years. In the beginning I believe he was very much on the right track. I believe it was the idol of the love of money that blotted his spiritual vision. Far as his gifting goes, I would still like to see a book of testimonials of medically verified healings by Hinn; let’s see if that is really “the gift” that he possesses that is without repentance.

                Surely, he must have access to many after 40 years of holding healing crusades. He had denounced the Word of Faith teachings far back as 1991, but later reneged on it based on many statements in the late 1990s on the TBN telethons.

                Finally, I want to state how excellent this blog is overall and rich in content. Thank you for your excellence in what you do. I very much respect the fact that you allow content i.e. Phillip’s and others who differ in their opinions. You offer people the freedom to express their views, allowing for heartfelt and vigorous discussions, prayerfully leading to a better understanding and fuller appreciation for The Way, The Truth, & The Life!

                • hi Ian

                  I am the one who posted the picture.

                  back when the orphanage opened, there were about 40 children. since then, they may have added more.

                  I know the man who donated the land, and he was very intent on helping as many children as possible. he also helped design the buildings.

                  there is another orphanage in the Philippines like this one.

                  I agree that Hinn started out fairly well. however I feel also that over time, he caved in to the influences around him. he still does a good job at healing crusades.

                  I have been to many of them, and it would be really hard to get most testimonials and follow ups. they go by what people tell them mostly. they do make some effort to weed out people delusional or faking it. they interview each person that goes up on the stage.

                  I know personally one girl who was in a car accident, hurt her spine and needed surgery. I was with her and her mom when she was brought in on a stretcher….I was also sitting right there when the girl got up excited and ran overjoyed around the room. these were friends of mine. I saw the girl a few months later at another meeting and she was still healed.

                  there were times they had doctors screening people but doctors are busy and not always available.

                  and asking someone to go to the hospital for testing between meetings and come back in a day is an unreasonable request. first, you cannot get an appointment that fast, and then you have to get back in that long line.

                  maybe they should have a crew that takes phone numbers and follows up with people, but that takes more money, because they would have 10s of thousands of people to call.

                  hinn cannot control what people testify to him. and he cannot call them a liar on a public stage. that would appear cruel. so they screen them the best they can, and trust people to tell the truth.

  8. Marianne, thank you for your reply. I totally agree on most you have said. I’ve also started reading your book, and read about the role Pastor Benny played in your life. I’ve walked my own lonely road, but like you has known and loved the Lord since a child. Also got divorced. I’ve made a mess of my life, but my Father has always looked after me, and kept me out of the worst of trouble. Currently i’m out of church, seeking the Lord’s will for my life, so many false and lies and deception out there, also had an experience with my own Pastor, who went repeatedly to TB Joshua in Nigerie, which sent me off on this journey i am currently on. I know the way the truth and the light is Jesus and that he is our only rock. The prosperity gospel, people like Patricia King, Todd Bentley, Kim Clement, and alot more are really making it hard for christians to discern the truth.


  9. HI founthetruth

    I am glad you mentioned that you are reading my book. With all the current controversy over the prosperity gospel, and Benny’s participation in it, please do not let that detract from the message of the book. Sigh. Many times, I feel like I have to apologize for mentioning him, since so much has changed from when I first met him. But, he is part of the story, and there would be gaps in it, if I left him out. Also, it seemed appropriate to give credit to someone, when I was mentioning their bible study material. I got permission from the ministry before I published. In reality, they have no interest in the book.

    I hope you like the story. It is meant to demonstrate God’s love as intimate, and personal. And to show you do not have to be a famous minister to experience miracles in your life.


  10. Hi Marianne,

    Just a question in my mind.. if Benny had a legitimate gift from God for say healing, and he has obviously fallen into the prosperity gospel delusion, like for instance 1000 fold blessing for your creditcard when you sow $1000 and the likes, which involves lies and deception on a huge stage, would he then still be operating under the gift of the Holy Spirit when he do this healings? Also can he verify any healings compared to Todd Bently who claimed 10000’s of healings,but couldn’t verify one for the media? I know you have the testinomy of receiving healing after he prayed for you, but just wondering about current status..

    Shabbat shalom

  11. HI foundthetruth

    The ministry does find it laborious to keep track of healings and documentation. I have mentioned to them that people want this. There are just too many people making claims to keep up with, especially the ones overseas. I volunteered to do this for them, but there was no interest. Maybe someone else may do it in the future, if people keep complaining about proof.

    There was once a book they published where there was some medical documentation provided. But, they normally just take people’s word for it. (It would be rude to call people liars on the stage, or express doubts, and hurt their feelings.)

    10 years ago, things were different, and I understand my own experience. I cannot speak for others who claim a healing. I would think, that in any crowd, you have a mix of the real, and the imagined experience. I would like to see a more organized way of proving things myself.

    Remember, God heals in spite of people most of the time. He does not need us, but it would be nice for man to behave himself and cooperate with God. Most showmen these days don’t cooperate, because they are looking for glory and money. However, God does not care about them. They will get punished later. He cares about the person who is really sick, and wants to get better. He can heal them, in spite of the false preacher on the stage.

    So, do not look at the preacher on the stage. Look at the person and the God who heals. From what I saw in the past, Benny has had real healings in his meetings. The current controversy about the prosperity issue needs to be kept separate from the healings, so that God still gets the glory for what is done, and people’s faith is not destroyed by discouragement.


  12. that u cant see hinn is a fake is proof enuf that u r fakes too.

  13. Benny Hinn = false prophet… you will know a tree by its fruits. We must not compromise and merge with Babylon. It opens doorways. with a little research we can smell the enemy about this guy. Jesus states in the end times these wolves will be almost the real deal and many will be fooled and if Satan can appear as an angel of light, how much more his ministers of righteousness. Jesus Christ is Lord and may his millenial kingdom come soon!

  14. I donot watch TBN, too many FALSE TEACHES on there, You will know them by their Fruits,and when they beg for money and wear the best clothes and live in million dollar homes and have jets, you know their fruits.. WAKE UP AMERICA! READ YOUR BIBLE!!!!

  15. Benny Hinn is a GOOD man! He is NOT a ‘false prophet’ and people should NOT look to man and bind G-d up by his word.
    “We know in PART and PROPHECY in part”
    It is written. Man FAILS.
    As GOOD G-d fearing people we are SUPPOSE to love that brother, period! “False prophets” right now are those that are screaming “peace Peace, and there is NO peace!”

  16. Benny Hinn Is a FALSE PROPHET !! Has ALWAYS been a FALSE prophet, as he got his “Annointing” from the WITCH Kathryn Kuhlman. He practises “necromancy” by visiting her grave !!!
    Kathryn Kuhlman’s best friend in Stockholm, Sweden, was known as Scandinavia’s most Powerful WITCH !! I happen to have extensive knowledge about this, as I have been in ministry about 45 years now, and have done much research on this. If you ‘google’ “Frans Anton Messmer”, you will find that he did these same “Benny miracles” back in th late 1800’s, and there are actual early kodak “photographs” of Messmer waving his arm, and multitudes of people “falling over”. The only problem is, that Frans Anton Messmer was a hypnotist, Satanist and Occultist.

    Back in the spring of 2001, I was prayerfully reading my KJV Bible in a passage of 2.Thess.2, (that I have read hundreds of times) and when I got to verse 3, about the man of Sin “being revealed”. Then out of nowhere, the Holy Spirit spoke in my spirit this question, “Who revealed Christ ?”
    And immediaatly I responded, “Lord, John the baptist did !” and just as quick, the Holy Spirit said deep down in the pit of my stomach (that’s where your spirit resides) “Who was John the baptist ?” And suddenly my mind was enlightened and I “understood” the passage I was reading.
    Many Christians speculate on who the antichrist can be, where he comes from, etc. That is not how we should go about finding out about the Antichrist. God tells us right here in his word, how we will learn who the Antichrist is.
    Jesus said about John, that he was the “Greatest” of prophets.
    So what the Holy Spirit revealed to me that morning in a few short seconds was, that just as the greatest of “true” prophets revealed Christ, when he declared “behold there the Lamb of God, That taketh away the Sin of the World”, So likewise, the greatest of “False” prophets, THE false prophet, will “reveal” the Antichrist.
    Now considder this; There are three Major world religions and/or faiths, that all are awaiting the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus Christ.
    Christians are awaiting Jesus’s return.

    The Jew’s are awaiting the ‘Messaiah’, and maybe un-beknowns to many Christians

    The Muslims are awaiting J.of N. (Jesus of Nazareth)

    The purpose of the Antichrist, is to sway these three groups of faith to accept the Antichrist as the Messaiah.

    Therefore, the “revealer” of the antichrist, ( THE false prophet) has to be a man that is “respected” by Cristians as a “Man of God” and most possibly one who is accknowledged as a “Faith healer”.

    Since the Antichrist, is also a “Political Leader” , THE False prophet must be recognized by World Governments before he stands forth as The false prophet, as a man recognized by World Governments as a Man of God.
    The Antichrist must also know Arabic, and Arabic customs, as well as Jewish customs.

    He must also be a man recognized, and respected by Muslims.

    Is there any man in the World today that fits that criteria ???
    The answer is Yes, there is ONE man today, that fits all the above criteria, and that man is Benny Hinn ! ! ! Benny Hinn has said on one of his crusades (Jan 2000/01) that Jesus Christ would soon “appear” on his platform. (Thats not what my Bible says ! )

    So watch that rascal Benny Hinn !!!!!!

    Jesus said; “Be not deceived”

    Morgan Sorensen

  17. I remember Benny Hinn by watching him on television program and I was told by my mother that her ex husband wanted to take me to see that man to heal me to remove my deafness from me… when I was around 16. I told my mother in words I remembered so well.. ” Why shall people try so hard to heal me? It is up to God to let me be deaf or to be healed from it… No one else shall decide on it. I am proud of being deaf and I have accepted that since birth.”
    I also thank God for giving me 3 deaf children to raise which are now well into pre teen stages.
    Secondly, I did tried to go to any chruch from place to place. I always end up seeing angels indoor all around .. wall to wall.. no one noticed them but I did… that got me distracted and so interested in them … wondering why they are there… but I didn’t ask. Then later on, I heard there were some disaster at some chruches and things happen to people.. they seek to place a blame on me thinking I did something to do with it. * sigh *
    Benny Hinn is a good man.. unfortunely, I have seen one thing is increasing greed on money and such… to get more attention and such.. that sadden me as if he is abusing God’s power of gifts. 😡 I have said enough for now.

    • Hi Tamera,

      Every christian has their challenges and tests to go through. You have had deafness. Some people have more materialistic or worldly problems. God looks at the heart, not our success in life. So this should encourage all of us to just keep pressing on, and doing our best, and to pray for others who might be weak in some areas. We will be blessed if we do this. The goal is for everyone to make it ok to heaven.

  18. I agree with you, Marianne.. so much to do to be done…. so little time.

  19. Benny Hinn is a false teacher. His foundation with the word of faith charismatic movement is not a sound biblical basis from which to have a ministry.

    True believers in Christ need to speak out against false teachers and what they are teaching in order to protect the sheep.

    This person should not be endorsed at all by a true believer in Christ.

  20. So, are you saying that it doesn’t matter if he is promoting heretical teachings? I have seen his program in the past on television and it looked like a three ring circus to me. Any true Christian could easily discern that it is a put on just to deceive people and make money.

    There is little to no scripture teaching and worst of all no gospel message. False manifestations of speaking in tongues(cessation of tongues when the canon was complete) and so called healings, falling down, holy laughter and other false signs and wonders.

    I’m sure you already know of his teachings and if you test them against scripture you will find him to be in grievous error.

    I think that you have been influenced too much by this individual to your own detriment and now you are playing hard and loose with the scriptures to support false teachings.

    Maybe you need to consider what you are doing and re-educate yourself and stick to the Bible.

  21. My point is that if you were a true believer in Christ you wouldn’t be supporting a false teacher lies or no lies. That is no excuse.

    • Dear Contender,

      My goal is to defend anyone – even someone who is controversial about his teachings – who is falsely accused.

      If the media wants to attack someone who they feel is suspicious, then they need to stick to the truth.

      • why are you blind to false teaching? you have eyes but can’t see. hard to believe you can’t discern spiritual things. have you read and understood the bible? there is a huge disconnect here. you are lost in space doctrinally if you believe one lying word benny say. you sounded like you were grounded. you are deceived. hinn is a snare, you are the rabbit.

  22. Forgive me for being bold and honest about Benny Hinn. How can he be trusted for slightest if anyone never knew the real nature of his ways? He rebukes and removed deaf people who came to see him with interpreters ?? He had those people removed from his place where ever he was attending… I am sorry for honesty that if any pastors rebukes handicapped people especially deaf people… THEN they are NOT REAL.. God do not rebuke ANYONE… who seeks HIM..
    Benny Hinn seems to be a nice guy in many ways.. but perform miracles is something I WILL NOT believe on this earth because people are being deceived once too many times. I am sorry to say it… He cannot be trusted.. NONE of those pastors. *shrug* He rebuked one of my friends.. and he rebuked my other friend’s friends who went to see him and got themselves removed in order by him… They were seeking for healing.. so they now know Benny Hinn is abousate fake.
    May God have mercy on him.

    • Tamera

      What do you mean he rebuked a deaf person? How did he do that?

      Usually no one gets near the stage unless they report a healing. Were they on stage with him?

      He is not supposed to rebuke people, just the devil.

      Only people who approach the stage who interfere with, and disrupt, the service get pulled away by security, and sent back to their seats. It is a security issue.

      Hinn does not perform miracles. God does that. Hinn is just there to lead the service.

  23. Hi Marianne… sorry that took me a bit to get back to you.. I got lost in which list I posted.
    Those deaf people with interpreter came for healing.. and they only sat near doors out to respect not to distract him… They were there and paid for those seats to watch Benny Hinn.
    Benny Hinn saw them and does not want interpreter nor deaf people there so he ordered the security to toss them all out spite of paid seats and to see him. In a way, I wish I can see Benny Hinn and challenge him to verifty that part. Because I do not accept any pastors to rebuke ANYONE who are in need of help or healing from God.
    But my biggest problem is.. I do not like famous people. I do not like political people either. I do not like government. To me, they are just human being with eh… greedy in mind. Forgive me for being a wee bit too honest.
    I remembered that someone did wanted to take me to see Benny Hinn to heal me.. I told them.. abousately not. I let no one heals me but God or Jesus alone.. Because nowaday, we are pretty much in spiritual war and if I stand with someone pastor that happens to be evil himself to seed by using heal as an excuse.. into me.. Thanks but no thanks. I’ve seen enough to be aware of.
    Benny Hinn seems to be nice guy.. to me.. but somewhere inside him bothers me a great deal.. hard to explain.. just watch him closely.. I do not know what it is.. It is not healing part that bothers me.. but it is HIMSELF that bothers me. I did asked God once for that performance and was told no..
    If you are a friend with Benny Hinn, you might need to ask him.

    • Hi Tamera,

      The person who told you that story lied to you.

      No one pays for seats at a Benny Hinn meeting, not even the rich people who can afford it.

      Benny cannot see anyone from the stage. The room is dark and very large, enough for 20,000 people.

      He is near sighted also, and does not wear his eye glasses on stage. The only people he might be able to see are the people in the front row.

      No one sits near the doors. It is a security issue, and a fire hazard.

  24. Interesting… I just do not go about with kind of people.. No, more likely.. the person who told me that story was lied by her friends which it is more in quote ” lying to all ” .. 🙂 No worries…
    Anyone can be very interesting to learn and to watch.. but I am not the type who seeks anyone for any reasons. Just observing is best way I can do nowadays. Hope you have a great week 🙂

  25. Here is what rational people say about this guy …

  26. Also if you search you tube you will be maybe surprised to find how this
    charlatan is actually viewed …
    Why would any intelligent person fall for his deception??
    I pity any one who does not yet know the difference between righteous and
    unrighteous. Sad.

    • Abigail

      Benny Hinn does not heal people. God does. Hinn just tries to lift people’s faith. There are no guarantees of healing for these crusades.

      Only a certain number report a healing each time. Only God knows why the others are not healed at a particular service.

      We should not look past those who have had a healing, and focus on those who did not get one, because the healing has nothing to do with Hinn, but God’s timing and sovereign purpose.

  27. Hypnosis! People barking like dogs …people hissing like vipers,
    physical jerking … uncontrollable laughter … spontaneous movements …
    this is all demonic worship!
    And so is tongues!
    Languages was given to spread the gospels … at no cost!
    Chanting to reach an alpha state … swaying …hand movements …TERRIBLE.
    This is all satanic to say the least.
    Here view the real Hinn and any other of these false teachers!!

    • Abigail

      This man is intentionally misrepresenting Hinn. Mrs Hinn is a different issue, which is why she does not usually participate in services.

      Hinn never said “praise Satan”… I listened to it…it if intentionally muffled so you cannot hear the last 2-3 words… People with hand gestures as they talk do not represent satan. Many people talk with their hands….especially Italians and Spanish and French,….

      that party was not in Hinn’s house. It was in an arabs’ house, and they were given a hookah. It is used for smoking herbal fruits and tobacco. They were not using illegal drugs that anyone can prove (heroin). there is no sound to the video, so you cannot hear the conversation. It is an act of hospitality in arab homes to offer this to guests, and to refuse is offensive to the host.

      The commentator is intentionally misrepresenting the smoking as heroin. they linked the video to a separate incident.

      raised from dead….he did not directly see it….they placed someone on the platform behind his back…..then the man started moving while Hinn’s back was turned… he technically did not see the whole situation.

      Hinn is right. this video is distorted.. people tell him they are healed…..he just repeats what they say….this commentator is a liar and a deceiver.

      Hinn’s wife is a strange woman. she is not allowed to minister now because of what she said.

      there is no hypnosis.

      He should not put TB Joshua in the same video as Hinn

      The commentator in this video has a real unbelief problem. He is not fair. He cheats on the facts to mislead people. He has probably never experienced a miracle in his life and he is jealous, and want to tear others down. People who spend their ministry tearing down others are nasty people, and lack the fruit of charity (love).

      • Marianne … marianne …
        Here is another commentator …

          • abigail

            This man means well. I know of him.

            Hinn said that the one who goes against the anointing (the holy spirit) is cursed. That is actually biblically correct. Jesus said those that blaspheme him, or the Father, could be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes the holy spirit cannot be forgiven.

            I really HOPE Jesus is in ALL his meetings, whether he can be seen or not.

            You have to hear these speeches in context.

            • The Lord never cursed!!
              Hinn did!
              Instead the Lord said:’Bless them that curse you.’
              God is the Judge.
              Whatever ‘spirit’ Hinn is talking about is
              certainly NOT The HOLY HOLY HOLY
              Spirit of God Almighty!!
              Yeshua is not in this charlatans’ meeting!
              Neither is The Holy Spirit.
              Neither is The Lord God creator of Heaven and Earth.

              The only ‘spirit’ there is demonic.
              And so hinn is a false witness of God.
              And I tell you now that The Lord God will
              avenge such blasphemy!!

            • And as far as hearing this abomination from his fanged mouth I have heard enough!
              He can spit his poison on himself.

  28. Eh… Frankly, this TB Joshua… I look at him and my inner does not knowledged him as he said who he is. And heard a strong voice said ” no “…
    Sorry, none of people can convice me easily.. I only listen to my instincts and heart and especially living soul that belongs to God. Talks or their words can never really get through me as well as God can. I guess people can call me ” Ice person ” but I am more a person who is always stick out for truth than lies.. sees the unseen.. feels what cannot be felt.
    I can only pray for everyone.. regardlessly because they simply don’t know what they are doing.. that’s why prayer for them is much needed. 🙂

    Bless you all.

  29. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here [is] Christ, or there; believe [it] not.
    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
    Behold, I have told you before.
    Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, [he is] in the secret chambers; believe [it] not.

    And marianne …
    that most certainly include Hinn’s platform and stage.
    Benny Hinn is A DECEIVER and A LIAR like his father the devil.
    He sold his soul for filthy lucre!!!

  30. And… Jesus Christ is actually coming from the clouds ( sky/space ) as anyone can picture. Not from earth.. whoever from the earth dares to say they are Christ… their prices will be terrible pay by seven times worse. 🙂 I might have my limits on explaination.. but I do know what you mean, Abigail. Amen .

    Benny Hinn is not what he says he is either.. but you know I cannot try change anyone’s minds unless they are willing to see the unseen and the truth. So, we just pray for them all.

    • Tamara,
      You explain yourself very well!
      You know… Jesus asked Peter three times : ‘Do you love me?’
      As the years go by true love NEVER dies!
      The Lord answered Peter … ‘If … you love me feed my sheep.’
      And finally The Lord said ‘Feed my lambs.’
      You are a little gentle lamb of God Tamara and so
      I do love the Lord … because I exposed this charlatan.
      Hinn is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing
      and devours widows houses and takes advantage of the poor in Spirit,
      and steals from them who truly seeks healing.
      He makes 200 million dollars a year… from the blood of lambs.
      It is too bad who in hell disagrees with me ….
      I will Love My God and His flock.
      And you little lamb Tamara fear not for the Kingdom of God
      belongs to such as you!
      It is The Fathers’ Good Pleasure.

  31. Aw, thank you, Abigail for such kind words. Sorry that took me a bit to get back to you.. I am totally lost in all lists to read.. Maybe I should catch up by then when I learn the way around. Marianne sure does make many interesting and different places for me to read and look at.. that is what got me so lost lol… 🙂

    For some reason, your words give me something to say back to you… you shall consider this the same for yourself no matter how little you think of yourself.. ( Shh, I do think little of myself from time to time when feeling down naturally .. lol ) Big hug to you… Thank you once again.

    Many blessings.

  32. Tamera,
    It is the “thinking little” of ourselves which
    keeps us pure in heart. Do not mistake this for
    feelings of inferiority or inadequacy !
    Jesus, who was mentally and emotionally perfect,
    is our finest example of lowliness of mind and
    humility…qualities which many of us, including
    myself, find elusive, perhaps too often.
    Thank you for your fine example !
    “Happy are the PURE IN HEART , since they will
    SEE GOD” Matt 5:8

  33. I firmly believe Pastor Benny Hinn is a true servant of God and I have been a covenant partner to his ministry for many years. He operates under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and always gives Jesus Christ the glory, all the glory. May God bless him and his family for the wonderful work he is doing in advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ… Amen

    • Joy,
      In the book of Acts the girl possesed of a spirit of divination was acknowledging and speaking words of truth, that Paul and his companions were men of the most high God and showed the way to salvation.
      YET Paul rebuked the spirit and commanded it to come out of her in Jesus name. YET she spoke only words of truth. So WHY was Paul grieved in his Spirit by what she was saying?
      It is wise to discern and test all things against the Word of God for Satan himself will come as an angel of light to deceive even the elect if that were possible.
      Study the Word of God and find one instance where anyone was ‘slain in the spirit’ falling over backward when the Lord touched them or appeared to them.
      In ALL instances like with Daniel for example he fell flat on his face in the presence of the Angel. The only time anyone fell over backwards were the UNBELIEVING SOLDIERS who came to arrest Jesus the night he was betrayed.
      I mention this because the greatest drawcard at Benny Hinns shows are how everyone falls over like a pack of cards.
      Be a Berean Christian and go study the word and show yourself approved unto God rightly dividing the word of truth and seeing whether these things are so or not.
      May you come to the fullness of the knowledge of Christ and the work of His Holy Spirit which is to TEACH, COMFORT, CONVICT of SIN and unrighteousness, and point us to our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Spirit of Truth bring you into all Truth.

    • I firmly believe the So-called Pastor Benny Hinn is a true servant of the devil and he is a witch.

      Let it be known that they that practice this diabolical art, so-called white and black magic will be judged on earth and in heaven, there is no escape for them .
      The sons and daughters of the Most High God and His Christ, and the Host of angels above and below stand against them, and God will destroy you, GOD HATES WITCHCRAFT.

    • Joy, advancing what gospel?

  34. PLEASE LOOK IN THE MIRROR AT OUR OWN SINS WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO FOCUS ON OTHER PEOPLES SINS AT THIS POINT.we need to focus on praying for unsaved souls to go to christ before this next earthquake occur.

    • HI Gracie

      I agree. People should be looking within at themselves, and not looking around for others to judge. God is smart. He can handle any situation that might be wrong, and knows how to judge correctly and fairly.


  36. I have no doubt that Benny Henn is part of the church of Laodicia as is many Faith teachers on TBN. I am in South Africa and I see that the body of Christ in America is corrupt and loved by the World. As it is here where I live. Sadly your country did not stand up against your Muslim President and very few Christians could be counted. Many were deceived and still are with his “YES WE CAN”. Now I think he should say “NO WE CANNOT”. Benny was quoted as saying Barak Hussein Obama is a true Christian. Yeah do Christian approve of gay marriages and Abosrtions. Shame on you AMERICA. South Africa is run by Pagans and we had no choice in the matter as America placed sanctions on us for years forcing our hand. I have hope and joy in Christ Jesus and so long for his return………soon.

    • Louise

      I did not know Benny Hinn had ever said that. TO me, it was obvious that Obama was not a Christian. This reminds me of the passage where it says that event the very elect would be deceived.

      I did not vote for Obama. I recognized what he was.

      It is a pity and shame when those that God called turned their backs on him, and promote wicked people.

      We are all paying for this now in America. I expect it will get worse.

  37. Thank-you, Marianne, for posting the image of Benny Hinn and the orphanage. It’s amazing how people who claim to be Christian accuse others who come to a person’s defense. When the King of
    (an Arab nation, forget which one, will look it up later) was asked by his leaders if he wanted to go destroy the Israelites because they did not obey his commands, he replied, :No – then who would pray for me?” Most of the bible was written for the Israelites and to warn them about the coming of ‘the end’ of the Old Covenant and the arrival of the New. The end came many times in scripture and always brought destruction and ruin to the Israelites. In 70 AD they experienced ‘the end’ of their way of life and worship. Didn’t 1Peter 1:7 say “The end of all things is near.” Many times the scriptures prove that ‘when the power of the Holy people (Israelites) is ruined, then shall the end come.” The END of the temple and Jerusalem and the Old Covenant. Jesus, the rock that struck the feet of the image of the kingdoms in the book of Daniel said that there would never be another kingdom but God’s here on the earth. It is growing daily and we should be adding to it while we remain. When there are many nations devoted to Christ, peace shall come to man and they shall turn their weapons into plowshares. Peace out!

  38. this was a very interesting read. I watched Benny Hinn faithfully for a couple of years. He appears sincere (I think) but one must remember Marianne’s reason for posting this was to correct a lie. We should all keep in mind that Jesus probably wouldn’t engage in speaking badly about anyone. God Bless.

  39. Marianne-just a quick note to let you know how much I love your website! Thank you!

  40. How tragic that all over the internet are sites dedicated to slandering men women and ministries, as if God had a part in this evil.
    Thanks for not being one of them.
    Thanks for defending this great man of God.
    I believe nothing I hear especially if it is from a secular God hating source.
    I attended one of his services in San Jose, California one night and it was wonderful the power of God was so great there.
    There are children of the devil who have nothing else to do except slander and accuse and gossip and backbite…all the things Satan does so do his kids.

    • hi Barbara

      Thanks for your comment. I agree about saying negative things about ministries. It is almost a disease. I try to focus on what the Word of God says, and people can discern errors ministers make in light of the Word. God is the judge here. The idea is to avoid and correct errors, not kill the ministers with slander.

    • My Beloved Sister in Christ,
      Greetings to you in most highly exalted name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

      How are you Sister?

      Pray for us.

      We shall remember you in our regular prayers.
      In His Service
      Your Brother
      John Augusteen

  41. I don’t see the point in slandering ministers. I wonder in David’s day if they slandered him about Bathsheba and that he had Uriah killed? What of Samson and his involvement with Delilah? I wonder if they slandered Paul calling him a murderer. I’m sure Joseph did not lie if he was asked why did not Jesus look like him. Slandering is the devil’s work not God’s.
    What says the scripture? That we are to do good to all men ESPECIALLY to them who are of the household;d of faith.
    I myself am trying to keep my mouth shut and only say nice things.
    As far as the homosexual community is concerned they are already destroyed, if one is not in the kingdom of God they are damned.

  42. 20 Orphins for 19 staff + Benny
    Sounds like a great orphanage!

    • They are not all orphanage staff.

      There are some from the Dallas and California offices there with him.

      People who donated land and money for the orphanage are also present.

      This was a group shot for the opening of the orphanage.

  43. I think I realise my problem I should offer people a double blessing if you support my ministry by making a $1000 pledge. I will promise to not buy myself a private jet no matter how successful my ministry may become, so that I will offer complete transparency!


  44. I found the discussion of people reading through all the above responses quite humerous. Either people are for Benny or against the guy by the looks of it, and there is a lot of hearsay!!

    I would make one point however, I have seen a lot of people walk away angry with God that they thought it their right to be healed or whatever, I also have a family friend who walked away without crutches, but later died from pushing weights.
    I believe that God can heal, but even when Jesus went to the pool of Siloam he healed just the one man, presumably there were many more but he was never able to get down to the water first when the angel stirred the water. Presumably at other times there were many more around that could have done with healing but Jesus was specific, and those are recorded.

    Of course we can balance to say was it with Peter that “everyone was healed that day,” but even this assumes that other times this perhaps wasn’t the case. But even Paul left Trophimus in Miletus Sick. The whole idea that perhaps it is not the will of God to always be healed seems to be skipped altogether, so that it is simply our right, and when we dont’ receive it many seem to be bitter at God. This would seem to be a serious consequence of the faith healer ministries. Someone like Gothard, by comparison, would say that we need to thank God for our ……….. as Paul did, when he acknowledged God about the weakness God had given him, and if it is God’s will to take it away when we ask.

    There is also a danger to presume everything that someone says is correct just because they work “a miracle”, I say this because they don’t seem to teach anything about the second part of the above that I have just written. So there teaching is one sided, and because it is there are many who have been turned away from God,or treated God simply as a magician.

    Years ago my biblical studies lecturer said when I questioned him about a particular “movement” his thoughts, his reply 90% man 10% God.

    Our life here on earth is like that dim mirror, everything we hear or see we should test by Scripture, and be careful, particularly when we see mans position lifted, either around a single person or a particular teching.

    I really don’t know much about Benny Hinn, I came here to learn more.
    I am told that Benny always gives the Glory to God, and says it is nothing to do with him but all about God. That sounds like a good thing, but then I have been led to believe some of his teaching has been completely off, but then again he isn’t a theologen and he says that himself, some have gifts of healing others of teaching! I am concerned that all the picture is not being told to people. I am concerned about the individual who is bitter because they aren’t healed, and what is told to them, or the person who takes only a pschological sugar pill of faith and walks away feeling great but later to die or worse off from not being healed.

    I once watched Benny Hinn a number of years ago and watched a woman came on the stage that had followed his ministry she said for over ten years, and she had almost become poor as a result not affording all of the overseas trips he went to etc missing out only a few of his events. But this was her moment after several hundred meetings she was now on stage, whether she pushed her way there or what I am not sure, but this was her moment with Benny Hinn and was speaking directly to him and being prayed for.
    I really wonder what God would have been thinking at that moment!!
    It only reminds me how the woman who spent all the money on the doctors, but all she needed to do was turn to Jesus.
    Irrespective of whatever, it appears that people look to him and not directly to Jesus for healing, and this woman who followed Benny for so long really illustrated that for me.

    In the Catholic church one must go through a Priest, or Mary or a Saint to go to God. When we elevate a mans name on earth it has a tendency to do this, whether it is a ministry name, church or individual. So we no longer look to Jesus alone for what we need, but other source which takes us away from Christ alone. Another thing the Catholic church did is sell indulgences for it’s own benefit. Browny points from above for a cash gift donation, it is lucrative and of course it works! However when someone offers a double blessing from God if you give a certain amount, then warning bells should ring.

    I would love to do this for what I do, but I also see this is wrong, not only deceitful, but also taking advantage of people.

    However if you donate, I will ask God to give you a double blessing, how about that!


    20 Staff – I realised this at the time that they probably weren’t all actual staff, and the children only initial no’s, I just thought it funny that nobody pointed it out.

    Honestly the pictures of the builldings make it look like a first world center, I would be curious as to how that applies in third world country where living standards are so low, particularly if orphans are to go back in to Society or to families outside.

    • hi MickMack

      Good points you make about the church’s behavior.

      In his crusades, it is God that heals, not him. People do become infatuated with him, as something special.

      But each person is responsible for his own behavior and attitudes. No one can appeal to a desire to idol worship, or greed, unless that trait is already present in the one listening.

      Also, they have staff off stage that try to screen people before they get on stage, but that is not flawless. Unhealed people slip by. No one is a doctor, so they have to rely on peoples testimony, and they hope the person is not delusional ( part of the screening).

      Benny, like everyone else, has had to learn, and grow from mistakes, as he went along his own faith walk. He has said things at times that he regretted later. So do we.!

      He tends to be influenced by others in the “ministry.”

      When financial pressures mount, people look for ways of relief. I do not agree with the prosperity gospel, and it will come back to haunt those who preach it.

      I find the best way to solve financial woes is to avoid them to begin with – with less foolish decisions.

      We all have to stay within a budget. But many, both in the church and the government, think they can spend money they don’t have, and then turn around, and get others to compensate for this.

      The bible warns against this kind of thinking.

      Staff issue:

      The short man in the middle of the back row with the blonde wife, in front of the girls with pink is the primary donor for the orphanage. He was influential in the design of the buildings and what activities would be provided for the children. He is Mexican, and so is interested in what happens to these Mexican children. They are given an education, and skills training before they leave, so they can earn a living.

      I never thought about explaining who everyone was in the picture. I only know about half the adults.

      I posted this mainly to be fair to Benny Hinn regarding the orphanage. It is not a commentary on every aspect of his ministry. He had been accused of collecting money for orphans, and then not providing an orphanage for them. So this was just meant to be pictorial proof that the buildings do exist that that the children are getting the care promised to them.

  45. Hey thanks for the reply.
    Hearsay is what you have a good job of correcting, well done.
    People to often write something, or put something in a documentary, and nobody ever knows the correction.
    There is a hearsay I heard from a chinese wisper third hand that, “a lady here wrote to the ministry, and they asked for funds (the amount was equivalent to two weeks wages, in the country that I am in) to cover the overhead that is required to heed her request, so they could pray for what she had asked” I had repeated this story without questioning the hearsay of it (guilty!) to someone that knows Benny Hinn personally and his response was that Hinn and his ministry would never charge for prayer, or do this. I actually came here to find whether there was any truth in this or not, as the mother who first told this story to her daughter who told to my wife is now dead, so I have no other way to verify.
    I would be interested to know whether this is true.

    Re: Orphanage – The most important thing in applying first world to third, is having local input and it is great that the main funding individual is a Mexican, and is/was involved in this as this is crucial. Too often first world rules or the way we are used to doing things in our first world are applied to the third world and culturally this really doesn’t work.

    For example having a palace of a studio on a Christian TV with hollywood style expenses, how does that apply in a third world when someone watches in a bush hut or live in a tin shed, where they might live on $2 a day and their only exposure to Christianity is this presentation!!!!???
    Unfortunately this is the reality.

    While you mention personal accountability for how individuals are responsible to God for whether they elevate a person or look to an individual. People more so in other countries may look to individual leaders to follow for self identity, as is consistent of the culture. I say that for a culture that revovles around chiefs for example in the past, American and first world culture typically revolves around different principles of self identity and democracy where people question leaders. As people where I am for example will elevate and follow an individual, and while that may not be the motivation of the individual who has a ministry named after themselves, in the end when applying what might sound more innocent in US where people are more likely to understand that it is just a ministry and not about the individual, they don’t think how it applies elsewhere in the world. Elsewhere other people follow the individual because they don’t have the scriptural understanding to start with and/or the they follow their cultural norms where they look to a physical individual for direction/leadership, etc. I like your argument, but it assumes that people understand your argument to start with, and where I am people don’t understand this to start with, which is the problem (I might add I don’t think the woman who followed Benny over ten years understood either)!!!! This is exacerbated again where this is applied where black magic is a normal part of the culture, and a miracle magician working miracles from God is added to the mix. I am not trying to say this critically of Benny in this respect, I am merely trying to address the question of the reality of how this issue is applied when televised into countries where these issues are present. Black magic is not a common part of North American culture but it is here, and there is a gap of applied teaching where I am because of this.


  46. i have checked out benny hinn’s ministry for the last few years. i have heard from his lips false teachings and false prophecy (the “lord” told his wife and he was more than happy to tell it to millions of people that Jesus would appear on his stage in africa or some place.) he said he would be bringing back video. he needs to be given a bible. Jesus is coming once more and that doesn’t mean he will do it after visiting earth just for the word of faith crew. i won’t give any more examples, a false prophet/teacher is what it is. faith is not a force. words are not the containers of this force. you can’t command a soveriegn Lord to do anything. He alone is God. the faith that you have was given by God. it allows you to believe in Him, not to command unclean spirits(fire they say, fire is in hell) to enter people to bark, shake, uncontrollable satanic laughter, glossolalia, and other crap. if fire is what he preaches, fire is what he’ll get. not a whole lot of discerning Christians on here. the shriners do all their good works and serve satan, too (like hinn). that good works part , for some reason, blinds so many that have no root in sound doctrine. many will go to hell following this man. keyword in end times: DECEPTION. that’s benny’s game. btw, what in the world is that curled up sleeping on his head? is that a skunk?

    • Phillip, if you can read this and it’s not meant to offend… Bob Jones was widely respected as well as Rick Joyner and i’ve seen all sorts o f garble from both lately, but know that they have heard from Him in the past. While this is a mystery, the fact is that G-d states where He uses the “foolish things of this world to confound the wise”. I would say that we are in His “live” bootcamp, and that He purposely scrambles things from time-to-time to stop action from taking place before it should. If you have gone through the Word you realize that life itsn’t the fluffy world that the shephards have made it out to be. G-d may be “love” but He also torched Sodom to the ground-and everyone that was in it. So, the same one that walked on the water also died on the cross-a dichotomy, with such power why did this take place? But, for the lives of many to be saved, He had power and He was killed, then resurrected after 3 days in His body, glorified to sit beside the Father as G-d. If you get past Sunday School you will see so much more than fairy tales-like watching G-d in action as He really is.


      I like to think of it this way now…

      We aren’t little children anymore, listening to fairy tales in Sunday School class. The prophets of old could see G-d’s armies, could rain fire down on His enemies with a statement and were sent as messengers were they were terribly mistreated by those they spoke against.

      Our world is changing rapidly, it’s only a matter of time before they break into the DNA and start making major changes to both humans and animals, they know they shouldn’t but that won’t stop them. Ever notice how we always seem to screw things up when we intend to modify them, like our corn and wheat? Things are locked up on purpose.

      This power is nothing compared to what G-d can do, they just know how to mess things up, He created order and perfection/beauty. He could make us all into geese in an instant if He was so inclined.

      Heaven is G-d’s throne, and if the Earth is the footstool, well, then just imagine how incredible that place is, the seat of all government-remember that the half has not been told-that may be a euphamism for you haven’t heard anything yet.

      We always seem to glance over this scripture but it is very “telling” for those that have ears to hear.

      John 17:5
      “And now, Father, glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed.”

    • AND of course I want to state I appreciate your fairness of Mr Hinn’s case by posting the picture of his orphanage in Mexico. The “objective” secular media can’t always be relied on for 100% accuracy either. I had many times wondered about Hinn’s missionary outreach. Does anyone out there have an accurate ballpark figure of how many kids Benny Hinn Ministries takes care of in orphanages across the world?

    • Phillip, you are absolutely right. And here it is 2015 on the verge of Alul 29 and the last blood moon, and deception in the church in America continues. Contributions to WOF ministries are as big as ever, ranging in the area of 100 million for Copeland and Hinn respectively. Phillip, you would be a great one to set down with and chat with. I admire and respect your passion and zeal for the true Bride of Christ, that she be without spot or blemish.

  47. sorry i found this sight. i won’t be back. God is not at work here. if you read the Bible, you should get an inkling of it. you haven’t. i know who set this site up. the one who benny serves.

    • philip

      I answered you above in one of your 4 comments here. Everyone has good and bad points.

      My goal here was to correct a rumor about his orphanage, not invite character attacks.

      your opinion is your opinion, so I will leave it here.

    • Marianne, I find absolutely nothing wrong with your site-so glad you are open to the L-rd and not fooled by the paid shephards, that’s called discernment. This site is refreshing and those doing this good work will be rewarded some day for their diligence and hard effort.


  48. Hi Everyone,

    I’m just going to throw this out there…most churches shy away from healing. If they stepped up to the plate, people who are in need of healing wouldn’t be so desperate.
    I had surgery more than a year ago and was not healing. It interfered with everyday life. I couldn’t play many things with my son, and the cleanliness of my house was less than I enjoy. I prayed often for healing and truly expected God to heal me. I requested prayer for healing from my church. They put me on a list.
    We recently changed churches and on the 5th Sunday of a month, they have a service of extended worship and prayer. They asked for anyone who needs healing to come forward. One of the Elders talked with me, I was annoited with oil, and he prayed that God would heal me as I sleep. That He would knit together the pieces.
    I can report that over the next week, every morning when I woke up, I noticed a measurable difference in the area of the surgery. My daily life is now normal. I hand scrubbed my floors! and can play ball with my boy!!!! Praise and Glory to God!
    This needs to be practiced more in the church where there is relationship and accountability and people can be encouraged by seeing people they know being healed. I can’t wait to go to the next 5th Sunday to report the miracle!

    Oh also of note…I expected it to be immediate but it was a process of about 2 weeks…I don’t know why but that is how God chose to do it this time.


  50. Dear Beloved Brother and Sister in Christ,

    Greetings to you in most highly exalted name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  51. benny hinn was just in bkk where several 1000!attended and scores recieved jesus as savior, to God be the glory.

  52. Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
    Mark 13:6 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
    Luke 21:8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

    Notice that they come saying that Christ is indeed Christ. So they ppear to be of God, but they do deceive and lead many into hell through their false teaching.

  53. there are 22 adults in the photo of the orphanage and 16 children. why is this?

  54. Long way to the bottom of this post… I did security when Benny Hinn came to our large church, i was in the back behind the stage-you know, where it’s more like a mess. Benny came in and when he did i could feel for the first time in my life, what was like a door opening into space, and what looked like an army spiritually coming in, or a processesion of great beings. I know, he is-eccentric and has his problems, but who doesn’t? Who could hold that torch and live? few could. that much power corrupts even the best of us. it’s hard to see things happen that come from the hand of G-d through a man and then the man is not perfect, but G-d didn’t call the perfect did He? 🙂

    • hi troy

      I have been around him too close up. I have seen the presence of God around him, as well as his personal flaws. I agree with you.

  55. How do you seperate that? (not trying to put you on the spot here either) You also see where the L-rd (and not just any man, but G-d supreme, a concept few seem to grasp right now) asks a question in His court:

    1 Kings 22:20-30 20 The Lord said, ‘Who will trick Ahab into attacking Ramoth in Gilead where he will be killed?’ “Some said one thing; some said another. 21 Then one spirit came and stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will trick him.’ 22 “The Lord asked, ‘How will you do it?’ “The spirit answered, ‘I will go to Ahab’s prophets and make them tell lies.’ “So the Lord said, ‘You will succeed in tricking him. Go and do it.'” 23 Micaiah said, “Ahab, the Lord has made your prophets lie to you, and the Lord has decided that disaster should come to you.”

    People shy away from this, but He hasn’t driven the adversary out of Heaven yet, and that’s apparent. My question is, we know to follow Jesus/Y’shua as closely as possible, but we fail Him, we sin and no one here can claim perfection. The higher the calling the greater it seems the temptations in all areas of life, greed perhaps being the easiest to justify-you simply accept the money or gift(s).

    Our present church seems stuck between the 10 virgins, where 5 have oil and 5 do not. The 5 with have paid dearly for this oil, those without feel relieved that they have somehow side-stepped the current recession and are almost impervious to troubles. It looks from all appearances that many in the church almost flourish, or hold on to their homes and possessions, jobs, etc. while many do not. The church isn’t even close to what it was when I was a teen, I know the difference there and have visited several large assemblies in my city.

    There seems to be a time-line but I know of no-one that has an answer from the L-rd about this, where those who are praying for spiritual permissions to succeed in life can actually find success, where going out for 100 bushels you get 100 bushels instead of 10. This isn’t due to sin, although some may suffer this… I’ve seen the wicked flourish and the righteous suffer tremendously now, it’s obvious there is a general spiritual blockage, keeping the 5 virgins with oil down and allowing the others to play. This is something different than i’ve ever ran into because those that I know to be true to Him and “called” have been down for over 7 years now, some have died; some surrounded by death, afflicted in health and finances but still not destroyed.

    Many are called, few are chosen; once chosen and allowed to move forward it appears that there is no going back, only crashing down and like David, beloved of the L-rd, to pick up the pieces and keep going.

    Would anyone have any Word of knowledge or wisdom of the current state of affairs, both of those whose hearts are true, but are afflicted constantly, and of those that say “christian” but whose hearts are far from Him.

    G-d bless.

    • troy

      the “oil” is not success in this life….it is the presence of the holy spirit.

      if people would pray for that, then they will receive the presence.

      too many people focus on praying for prosperity, then neglect what is really important.

      so it sounds like people are praying for the wrong thing.

      worldly success comes with diligence, talent, grabbing opportunities,, brains, knowing the right people etc. this can be done in an honest or dishonest manner, but either way , one can succeed and have things in this world.

      the word says if the world is in us, then the Father cannot be in us.

      this is a choice.

      I do not pray for prosperity. I just obey God. I do want he wants. I got laid off in 2006 and have not worked in the world since.

      but God provided for me….he did not want me to work in the secular world…he wanted me to stay home with him….so I did….

      and somehow, month after month, year after year, I see his provision for me. a tiny bit of unemployment, reduction in bills, a lttle free stuff here and there……and now I get early retirement….which is a very tiny check…..some people’s light bill is that much….but I still make it.

      God knew long ago that I would lose my job, and he had things waiting for me. My house is paid for….my bills seem to get paid.

      and all I had to do was give up money……..imagine that……I initially wanted to get another job, but god had other ideas.

      so here I am……

      if you first seek the kingdom of god and his righteousness, submit to god, and stop praying for worldly things, looking for only the presence of god in your life, then all these other things will be added unto you.

      so the oil is not having success, it is the presence of God in one’s life

      if your church preaches all that prosperity stuff, it has your focus on the wrong things

      the lilies of the field and the birds of the air are provided for, so do what they do, which is just glorify God.

      god did not want me to work….he wanted me here on this site to help people…..I never accept donations, because I do not depend on man…..only God.

      see if any of what I said helps…..

      • These are all good things, and I can’t argue with any of them (especially since I’ve endured my own private hell on Earth for many years, after being prospered a short time). I have to wonder though, because He told me some specifics about my life and what He wants for me to do and that I still have yet to do them, if that outcome has a timeline and when that will be fulfilled? It wasn’t for Heaven, that’s different, this is here.

        The talent is there, but I see direct opposition. Because we are in this current phase many believe that only poverty will rule out in our lives, but that’s only because of the way it seems at the moment. Also, If this was only me then I would wonder, but considering our examples-Job, Joseph, David, Daniel and what they had to endure before their prosperity and fulfillment of promises of G-d took place, then I look forward to what He told me. These aren’t the only men (or women) that G-d will or has prospered.

        Ask and ye shall recieve, ok, but also 1 John 5:14 “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:” If He wills it, it will happen and that is not constrained to human desire or logic but to His will.

        If there is a prosperity doctrine, which I am not referring to in my posts here concerning myself, is there also a “poverty” doctrine?

        I often wonder why people think that G-d cannot prosper one of His sons/daughters? – after all there are believers out there that are and have been prospered in the past. Again, I don’t want to seem derogatory, but I do feel that He will raise whom He will, as scripture says:

        1 Samuel 2:8
        “He raises up the poor from the dust; he lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with princes and inherit a seat of honor. For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’s, and on them he has set the world.”

        1 Samuel 2:7:
        “The LORD sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts.”

        Has He not stated this? Is there anything that He cannot do? It seems like you may be thinking in only one direction, like DC current, while G-d is thinking around us in AC-He can do either.

      • This is neither because of sin, nor is it because I ask for wealth. I have asked many times for a servants heart, and for patience, both come at a great price, but these things aren’t just to have and not use on this earth in what is currently going on. Some of us have a ways to go, and we have duties to perform. I have also seen that many are down right now, ourselves included (humbly) and we are obviously on a time-line. Job argued his point with his friends, who consistantly blamed his charactor for his troubles, when all the while it was a “bet” (if you will) that G-d had with the enemy all along. Job was also pulled back up again, albiet after he forgave his friends for their words which were incorrect.

        • direct opposition in the face of real talent indicate jealousy of who you are…..then it is an attack by the enemy, and not God holding you back….

          this is to increase your spiritual warfare skills…..

          some of us are silver vessels….and some are clay pots…..

          but we are all on the potter’s wheel, and our fortunes could change at any moment…..

          those of clay will turn to silver, and the silver ones will become clay

          each will experience favor, and each will experience hardship…..and the longer a silver vessel goes without hardship, the more severe the hardhship will be.

          and the longer the clay pot suffers, the more reward it will receive when it is time.

  56. Marianne, you are such a wonderful person. I appreciate you being so frank with me. i can tell the difference when a word of knowledge comes through and this is greatfully accepted. You know, I want you to understand that I’m sincere in saying that you have no idea how many peoples lives you have affected in a positive way for His kingdom with this site, I feel it from here. You are loved, the cloud sees you, He sees you, and it doesn’t matter how low we feel we are, YOU are and have been effective. Even the small things can matter, where we don’t think that “small” word of encouragment meant anything, but it turns out to be life-changing or life-saving. blessings on you wonderful woman and your family.

  57. Oh, my son took over my profile, so it doesn’t reflect me. 🙂

  58. Where is his orphanage at? It would great for people to send donations and help out with it.

  59. Greetings to you today in the Name that is above all names The Lord Jesus Christ. (Philippians 2:9 “Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name”) May Great and peaceful Grace Reign supreme in your life today and may all your loved ones be blessed with that unspeakable joy that is full of Glory.( 1st Peter 1:8 “Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory i am a Kenyan i request you to for my orphans in the church and i am ready to join you in the ministry and i believe every thing is possible to God continue praying to me in Jesus name Amen. Yours in Christ Pastor Evans Mark 16:15-18.

    Code 40204-box 3 Ogembo Kenya

  60. hola soy brian anselmo maldonado sagaon antes estaba en la casa hogar ya pasaron 11 años y todavia me acuerdo de ustedes y por la foto donde salgo y con mis hermanos les mando muchos saludos y tambien a efrain y eva

    • translation

      hi I’m brian maldonado anselmo Sagaón before the house was home and he spent 11 years, and yet I remember you and the photo where I go with my brothers and I send many greetings and also to Ringmaster and eva

  61. I Love and respect Benny Hinn.
    I was diagnosed with Lupus at one time. I use to get stabbing pains in my chest. One day I was watching Benny Hinn. He mentioned me by name and what was wrong with me
    The pains in the chest. I knew it was me when he said God was healing me. God did heal me that very moment.. That was many years ago I’m still healed.

    was healing me. God did heal me and that was 990s

    • hi susana

      thank you for your testimony. I also was healed at a meeting.

      • Marianne, what were you healed of?

        • Ian

          one time, it was my feet.

          another time, embarrassing to say, I was overweight, and the Lord took off 40 pounds within 40 days. I could feel the holy spirit on me. he took away my appetite and so I lost weight. I could not done this on my own.

          • While I respect your healing, the improvement of your weight came about as the result of you taking the natural means to better your health. All healing comes from God, so that I would still give Him all the glory for it. Sometimes God does heal via the natural route, as He gives wisdom. Glory to God!

            • Losing 40 pounds in 40 days by fasting is remarkable.  That is NOT a natural route!  I’ve never heard of anyone losing that much weight in forty days by any means. Marianne… Be blessed!!Shalom,Daniel

    • Susanna, I hope to God you called or sent Hinn a letter of testimony. I am still waiting for a nice thick book of testimonials from Benny Hinn to be published.

  62. Benny Hinn is a fraud and if you choose to defend that man, without reading about his sordid past, then you have raised a man higher than both the truth and the Lord Himself.

  63. It used to really bother me, in the past, when I saw what some would call “great men of God” who had powerful ministries, fall and turn to following and preaching damnable doctrines and heresies. It bothered me to the point that once, when praying, I told Yah that “if getting close to You leads to falling away…I don’t want to get close to you!” He knew my heart and my lack of knowledge concerning the ego/self and its dangers if left unchecked (not crucified). Now I know , and seek to get closer and closer to Him each and every day! I believe that at one time these ministers (both men and women) might have sought the anointing of the “Set-apart Spirit” for their ministries only to fail, ultimately, to crucify self/ego. The result is the destruction of their ministry. Self/ego will destroy even the most earnest Yah-fearing man or woman if not crucified! Paul learned this. If you read his writings you will recognize the teaching of “self denial”… “I die daily”, etc. He learned to keep “ego” in check (dead on the cross). Even Yahshua taught us to “…take up the cross and follow me”. [Mark 8:34; 10:21] Ego: Satan’s “evil twin”!

  64. Marianne, do you know if Benny Hinn ever apologized or repented for any of his false prophecies, i.e. that all the gays would be destroyed by fire either in 1994 or 1995, that Fidel Castro would be assassinated in the 1990s, or that Jesus would appear in physical form at one of His crusades?

    • Ian

      I have not followed him close enough to know about any regrets he had about past prophecies.

      he gets overexcited and says things sometimes, but I leave the consequences of any mistakes he made up to god.

      best way is to look at what he says now, and does now.

      and I know benny hinn did not heal me……god did, and I am grateful for what god did for me. god just chose to heal me at one of the meetings.

  65. I saw Benny Hinn at a church service in Cape Town. I felt very uncomfortable when he said that the Holy Spirit had told him that someone would sow a seed of R10000. Since that day I have my doubts about him.

    • Anja

      this post is about clarifying whether or not he had an orphanage in mexico. he does have a charitable side.

      I agree that he has changed. I knew him long ago before he went off the path, and he was good then.

      he has been listening to the wrong voices for a long time and that has spoiled him. I know who has influenced him, and they will bear as much responsibility as he will for this prosperity teaching.

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