Black holes from CERN and end times


Man made black holes are generated based on the theory that they would be so small and unstable that they would be harmless. Being unstable, they would disintegrate. But imagine billions of the black holes remaining stable, and then merging. How could this happen?


What is the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)?

****Approaching the speed of light. I seem to remember something about once achieving the speed of light, that time goes backwards. I wonder how this would affect things, if something went wrong.

Some scientists think it is safe (one minute video)

Concerns from Scientists:,2817,2023869,00.asp


CERN’s Web site: “According to some theoretical models, tiny black holes could be produced in collisions at the LHC. They would then very quickly decay into what is known as Hawking radiation (the tinier the black hole, the faster it evaporates) which would be detected by experiments.” The primary concern of Lifeboat is that the black holes may never decay, creating unstable, possibly disastrous physical consequences. Find more, including a 3D tour, at


In a real-life Doomwatch scenario, a German scientist has pleaded with researchers at the Geneva-based European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) not to activate the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Professor Otto Rössler, a biochemist at the University of Tübingen, warned in an open letter written in June that micro black holes generated by the LHC could endanger the planet. CERN plans to activate the LHC on Wednesday September 10, 2008.

Scientists at CERN and elsewhere have dismissed Professor Rössler’s concerns as unfounded, citing wheelchair-bound genius Professor Steven Hawking’s theory that any micro black holes generated will evaporate harmlessly in a process known as Hawking Radiation.

General discussion about what could go wrong:


The only way man made black holes could form is if space were made of more than three dimensions— that is, if there were “hidden” dimensions that went beyond our standard experience of up-down, left-right and front-back . Therefore, if we create black holes, we prove that the universe contains extra dimensions.

Marianne’s comment:

*** I think the above comment may be a clue. Particles will be approaching or reaching the speed of light. Einstein said once if we exceed this speed, that time would go backwards. How would this effect what is happening to the particles?

Many scientists think that we live in a bulk of parallel universes. An analogy would be slices in a loaf of bread. We are in one slice, and different universes are in different slices.

Suppose we were able to step into a different slice, and find ourselves in the future, or past, or completely non-existent? Maybe the rapture is an example of teleportation.

Both Tesla and Einstein had explored the effects of electromagnetic fields and gravity, including experiments which caused objects and people to disappear. What they had done, is discover laws of physics that God already had in place.

Have the CERN scientists take this into consideration? They may open other unanticipated dimensions in space, and create their own rapture experience.

It would be good to hear from physicists on this point.

For more about this, see my other post:

Prophecy, Rapture, and the science of time travel Click here for more

65 Responses to “Black holes from CERN and end times”

  1. […] billions of the black holes remaining stable, and then merging. How could this happen? Click here for […]

  2. Marianne, the “science”, if it can be called that, behind the Hadron collider is staggering. Not the possibilities, not the technology, not even the sci-fi semblance. It’s the confounded malarky these seemingly intelligent men and women actually say with straight faces. One of the goals of the HC is to prove the existence of the postulated Higgs-Boson particle. The fundamental issue with the idea of the Big Bang (besides its laughable blasphemy) is that mass is created out of non matter. Impossible outside of God. So the scientists for whom the particle is named made up the notion of a “GOD PARTICLE”!! that imbues non matter with mass. Had anyone, in any other field pulled a rabbit out a non existing hat, they’d be laughed to scorn. But such is the nature of astrophysics. For me, its just so much easier to believe in God, dont you think? 🙂

    • Eh, old post buy why not, yes I imagine for you it is so much easier to just believe in unicorns and god than understand the science behind theories on the origin of the universe, much like it was easier for the greeks in ancient times to believe Zeus was the cause of lightning and thunder. All those scientists with their degrees, all wasted, but you with your highschool diploma?? maybe?? and your bible, well you got the answers..

      • Kevin, for all your uncertainty about the existence of God you seem inexplicably drawn to this site (that embraces the knowledge that we most certainly have a Creator, the One who is called God. Did you ever ask yourself why you feel compelled to visit here to just dispute its message? Could it be that you really are not sure of your position?

        God is science, my friend. After all he CREATED SCIENCE. Just like he created the process of evolution and ALL other worldly mechanisms, birth / death and everything that happens in between, scientific or otherwise that people, ironically, try to use to dispel His existence.

        Please read Revelation if you wonder if science and belief in God co-exist. (There are many other examples, this is just one all important one given where we are in today’s World).

        Revelation is describing, (albeit through prophets of ancient times who do not share our same way of expressing ideas, but were nonetheless spot on) the state of our world today and its not too distant future:

        increasing plagues and inexplicable illnesses, escalating cosmological distress (fireballs, meteors, comets, etc. in increasing numbers and frequency), climactic distress: deadly hurricanes, earthquakes (which scientists predict will increase dramatically in the tropical zones next year), adverse affects from global warming, repudiation of moral codes, collapse of mental soundness (increasing number of despair, homelessness and suicides), etc. etc. etc.

        The Bible is God’s Word which tells the story about us and our World – where we’ve been and where we’re going. It is there ‘at the ready’ with what we need to know about our now and our future. It explains how we can seek Him, find Him and connect to Him in a personal way, to guide our way in any and all circumstances.

        I agree with Arnardo’s post, only God can create. Sometimes, He creates out of “something” (using Man to perform the creation) and sometimes, he creates out of “nothing” (where no human hands were involved). Just look around at our natural world – no man created it. It evolved, you say? OK – but who created Evolution? Man certainly didn’t. Who is it really that is believing in unicorns?

  3. Hi Armado

    The basic theory they are trying to prove is a fact, is the Big Bang Theory, which would “disprove” creation, in their minds. So they are trying to prove God does not exist.

    Since the Big Bang is false, then the science is bad, and will produce problems.


  4. Wow, this is very interesting. Thoughts of old Star Trek episodes popped into my mind. It’s amazing how much from old Sci-Fi shows has actually come true. Traveling through time, using black holes, producing black holes for the purpose of time travel. It all sounds very dangerous to me. Fooling with Mother Nature, or more accurately with God’s creation, I’m not sure it’s always a good idea. Just because we CAN doesn’t mean we SHOULD.

    On alternate universes, I hope they are wrong about that. Doesn’t sound Biblical to me. We are created in God’s image, but each of us is unique, or so I believe.

  5. Hi Debbie

    THe alternative universe may be possible…which would explain why the spirit world can move so quickly, but then, there is much we do not know. Space and time are relative.

    What is interesting to me is the possibility of producing a teleportation, or artificial rapture, with a destination that is not pleasant.

    Check the link on this page.


  6. Even if there was a big bang as they suggests then i belief it was part of Gods 7 day plan, remember Gods time is not ours….even so with evolution…..the whole Darvin thing could have happened in one of Gods days….same with dinosaurs….from them to modern animals in one God day.

  7. Hi Marianne,

    Since CERN will be fired up again shortly and since I do not see anything here about
    the statue infront of CERN called ‘The Shiva’s Cosmic Dance ‘, I thought it important to post this info.

    1 – This indian demon is stepping on the body of the GOD of the Jews.
    2 – The Symbol for CERN is 666

    This is all BLASPHEMY!!!

    • Hi Abigail

      I see the LHC, but not the 666. Yes it is science, by some atheists, but it does not scream 666. The statue was given to them by India, but they are Hindus, so the Shiva is understandable. The scientists did not think of this themselves.

      • Incredible!!
        The so called scientists who wish to destroy the solar system which was created by God, did not think of the silly symbolic statue of ‘the hindu
        goddess of destruction’ dancing her cosmic dance upon a stupid mockery depiction of The Great God ‘I am’ ??
        Incredible, that a project of billions of dollars from so many countries with all their geniuses did not think of what this symbol indicates!
        Luciferians stamped and deeply embedded in symbolism did not recognize
        nor thought of this?? Then who did? India ? A participant country?
        There is NO excuse!
        The devil know his time is short! At least he knows where he is going.

  8. Here in the latest Cern News,
    you can clearly see its’ symbol as

  9. By the way Stephen Hawking is a lifetime member of the ‘Pontifical Academy of Science.’

    And here is a link to the history of this vatican association.

    Wonder who else belongs this???

  10. The 666 is the logo.

    • Hi Abigail…..

      If you look at the logo…there are actually 5 stems coming off 2 circles. this would represent the spin and the shape of the LHC.

      if you took this literally, the number of the logo, when teased apart, is 66666

  11. Hi Marianne,

    Thanks for your response. And it is true what you say about the logo of CERN.

    The Centre Point of the Large Hadron Collider is at exactly 6.06660º East

    What message is CERN sending with their corporate logo?
    A popular theme at CERN appears to be an obsession with making fun of superstition. That is understandable, but is that the focus of the CERN corporate logo? What is CERN trying to communicate by apparently including exactly three sixes in its corporate logo, and why do CERN supporters seem obsessed with 666 and the anti-Christ?

    Here is a copy and paste discussion.

    “But perhaps creation of a black hole is a holographic parallel to the world reaching 6.66 billion population in 2008, and the rise to power of the Antichrist in Russia. If a black hole is created by LHC, then initially it might not be noticed, but it could gravitate to the center of earth and start swallowing the earth’s core, perhaps over years. Perhaps such an event could be the cause of the Mayan calendar prophesy of the December 2012 destruction of earth. Lets hope for the best in this situation. If that should happen then nothing could be done about it. I think it is an interesting coincidence that CERN is turned on as the world population reaches 6.66 billion (in April 2008), 666 being the number of the Antichrist…”
    Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder writes:
    And what am I doing while the end of the world is coming close and the antichrist is apparently on his way? (Or is it ‘her way’? Does the antichrist have a penis? Anybody knows?) Well, what I was doing today, besides wondering whether the antichrist has a penis, is preparing a colloq I’m supposed to give next week [Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Ontario, Observables of Quantum Gravity at the LHC] about, guess what, black holes at the LHC. (Look at this, they’ve even put together a poster, isn’t that nice?) Too bad I can’t download the above video, I’d have loved to embed it, it is just hilarious.

    And here is a link to another video part # 1

    • Hi Abigail

      We really will not know if this presents any problems until they turn it on full time. It would be interesting if we could find a hint of this in the end time prophesies.

      • Marianne,

        Find a hint of what in scriptural prophesy??
        I do not understand what you are saying.

        CERN and its’ so called ‘scientists’ are an abomination to The Lord.
        Who do they think they are to look for the ‘god particle’?
        They are ‘Luciferians’ that is who they are!
        Freemasons diabolic children of their father the devil.
        Liars and wolves and tares.

        They have all gone mad!!
        These are not the children of God nor the friends of Christ.
        And since they have such an honest quality,
        What makes you think that this monster is not turned on.???

        As for Scriptures why not :
        “Shall the one who contends with the Almighty correct Him??
        He who rebukes God, let him answer.”

        Starting from this verse:
        “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth??
        Tell me if you have understanding.”

        Job 38: 4 and so forth, to the end of the book.

      • How about the wheels in Ezekial.

  12. Marianne, I happened across your site by chance (googled “fig tree”) and can only say that the thought of your respondents whose comments are shown here being at large in the community is terrifying. “Luciferians”? Big bang is blasphemy? These people belong in a secure ward.

    • Hi Brack

      Well, everyone has an opinion. There really is a group called Luciferans. You can look them up. They worship Lucifer (Satan) as god, and think the god of the bible is evil.

      I have to remain objective on the Big Bang. I was not there. 🙂
      I believe in Creation, but the bible does not give details as to how God created the universe before he made man.

  13. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  14. I think any apparent relation between the CERN logo and the number 666 is more coincidental than intentional. The bible says that the number 666 is the number of a man, and I don’t see CERN being the number of a man, so let’s not get sidetracked unnecessarily. Revelation 13:18: “Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

    That’s all the bible says about that number, so we have to be careful about speculating and assuming.

    • Hi Jim,

      I agree with the 666 part. To me, the figure 6, the way it is used, looks like a line intersecting a circle at a tangent, which represents centrifugal force. That is an aspect of the LHC.

  15. Well … there might be stale bread in the church … but this bird knew exactly where to pick up the crumb which would AGAIN stop the L.H.C.
    And I saw him early in the morning when this blue jay proudly picked up the crumb from my neighbors’ table and flew away. The Lord is GOOOOd!!!
    Here is the story of where this crumb was dropped. 🙂,2933,572567,00.html?test=latestnews

  16. Hi Marianne,

    Very intersting information regarding CERN and the LHC. While reading your blog it made me remember one of the documents in the Bertha Dudde revelations which I include below. Several documents in these revelations clearly mention that the end of this age will come as result of human actions. The LHC experiments could very well be those mentioned in doucments #8304, 8624 and others. These documents can be found at this site

    Best Regards,

    B.D. 6081

    Success at the end of an earth-period…. Scientists….

    The end of a developmental period will always have come when people have left the divine order, in as much as they feel themselves entitled to intervene in God’s plan of Creation because they don’t believe in God as a creative power and deem themselves capable of controlling everything in existence themselves…. people certainly received the creative spirit as a birthright from God and can considerably increase this inheritance, with divine assistance they can also achieve the seemingly impossible and still remain within the divine order…. as long as they receive the strength for their creativity from God…. But they will instantly step out of this order if all their plans are purely worldly orientated….if they set themselves apart from God as the creative power and thus conduct their experiments purely rationally…. if they use the divine creation itself as test objects and thereby turn themselves into henchmen of God’s adversary whose objective it is to destroy divine creations. At the end of an earth period the world is always full of earthly wisdom…. Science believes to have found the key to all fields and the spiritual path will only rarely have been taken, which God has indicated in order to attain the right knowledge…. Without Him, however, all paths are dangerous, without Him the results are doubtful and people more or less enter danger zones, because they are guided by the one who does not want progress but destruction…. who lets people believe that they are constructively active while they are digging their own graves…. and contribute towards the ruin of the old earth. For the apparently scientific progress is his work, the work of God’s adversary, he impels people into extreme intellectual activity without divine support. They will harness natural forces yet in a different way than is intended by God’s will…. They will leave the divine order and the consequences of this will reveal themselves…. God, however, has foreseen humanity’s will and activity since the beginning and therefore keeps referring to what will come to pass time and again, for He knows when and where the consequences of human thought and activity will express themselves…. He informs people about their wrong thinking and wants to persuade them to entrust themselves to that power which stands above everything…. He wants to warn them of His adversary’s influence…. He wants to advise them to remain within the divine order…. He considers those who acknowledge Him as God and Creator of eternity and enlightens them about Himself and His opposing power…. Amen

    • hi James,

      Thank you for sharing that. I did not know about her before.

      The concept of prophecy, and prediction, is interesting.

      Sometimes prophecy is not necessarily foreseeing something not thought of, since God’s instructions, warnings, and the end times are predicted in the bible.

      Many time prophecy is just paying attention to what God has already said.

      • Hi Marianne,

        Yes, many of the documents in the Bertha Dudde revelations repeat things that GOD has already said in the Bible, however the amazing thing is in all the new details that GOD reveals now in light of the time in which we live in. They bring out new light into GOD’s plan for our salvation fom beginning to end and provide answers to many of the hard questions that some people raise after reading the Bible.
        I run into the Bertha Dudde documents under very peculiar circumstances and they have truly been a GOD blessing for me. I hope you take the opportunity to read and discern them for they may be of help to you and many of your readers in the time to come.

        Best Regards,

  17. Something to watch …. hope you like this.

  18. I just want to set you straight about the time versus the speed of light thingy.
    First of all, Einstein said that we could never reach the speed of light and certainly never exceed it. You are right that as you go faster, time slows down. In his Special Theory of relativity he explains how two twins would age differently if one of them took off and travelled near the speed of light for say 50 years. When he returned he was only a few days older but his brother on earth had aged 50 years. This has actually been proven using atomic clocks on spacecraft.
    But if we actually reached the speed of light, our spacecraft would become infinitely heavy thus crushing the people inside, and time would simply stop, electrons would stop and the fabric of matter would fall apart. Going faster isn’t possible and time can never go backwards.
    Also, light is both a particle and a wave, so right now our bodies are being bombarded by matter traveling at the speed of light. Does it hurt you? I feel fine. So don’t worry if we end up doing it with something other than light. Oh it might sting a little but it won’t swallow up the planet. Except maybe in my next screenplay. Hmmm. Thanks for the idea.

  19. I simply cannot believe you people are serious – is this a joke?
    you are a symptom of what is wrong with modern civilisation, all of you causing so much death over the centuries, it’s about time that ‘religion’ was outlawed

    • Don’t worry it is in the plan.
      ‘Orthodox’ religion will according to these be outlawed. Replaced with a one world religion under ‘Maitreya’.
      We now have the ‘green police’…
      I wonder what they will call the police who will uphold the law against the ‘outlawed’ religionists? 🙂
      Well … a license for fishing, a license for hunting, a license for driving, a license for commerce, a license for building, a license for demolition, a license for internet, a license for preaching, a license for marriage, a license to marry, a license to have children? a license to speak? a license to travel? a license to research? a license to study? a license to protest, a license to worship?
      a license for breathing, a license for farting … yes I most certainly see all religions being ‘outlawed’.
      And ….

  20. For fun …

  21. we will never progress as a species whilst people like you have any influence in the world. your sick and bigoted views are a poison to the human race

    • Progress as a species?
      What is preventing you of such a progress?
      Someone else’s views?
      How can someone’s views hinder your progress?
      Where is this progress supposed to lead you?

  22. actually, your thinking is probably a result of a mental illness – which would normally provoke only pity. It is your capacity do or provoke harm that is so very worrying and sad

    • I see you had no answers for Abigail…thanks for that. By your lack of interaction in an intelligent debate, you have clearly stated that you actually have no real, opposing truths or evidences to support a single one of your “shot from the hip” accusations.

  23. so if going at the speed of light we go back in time…at what speed does one reach in order to go forward in time?

    I have read the philadelphia experiment and the montauk projects…..pretty incredible stuff

  24. Look for it in the scriptures really well dudes here it is. And I sore a star fall from the heavens lucifa and man kind was given the key (LHC) to the bottemless pit (BLACK HOLE) and the earth was scorched and destroyed and man kind was judged.

  25. All the CERN researches indicates that we are going back in time to what is similar to the days of Noah. there will be outstanding discoveries….just like miracles ,…men will be able alter a lot of natural things and will put them to use. civilization will be on overdrive, people will see wonders from research, and they will proclaim themselves gods. Then, the end will come!

  26. […] probably best saved for another post). Many Christians fear the worst when it comes to science, and CERN ranks high among signs that the anti-Christ is coming (for the brave and the bold, check out the comments in the above […]

  27. […] Man made black holes are generated based on the theory that they would be so small and unstable that they would be harmless. Being unstable, they would disintegrate. But imagine billions of the black holes remaining stable, and then merging. How could this happen?… 8 controllers and 1 CERN… […]

  28. CERN mega-magnet “short circuits”

  29. […] Black holes from Cern […]

  30. […] Black holes from Cern […]

  31. My thoughts exactly…CERN is the modern Tower of Babel. Man is playing God. History repeating itself.

  32. It is really really stupid for people who ,based on the traditions of men,endorsements of Institutions regard themselves as intelligent,everybody “knows” what is to be done to have a better life here on earth but man must fiddle and meddle in things that are beyond his authority to do! We are stewards of Earth and not meddlers of the unknown,why should you and i,our loved ones pay the price due to some inquisitve fiddler?? GOD is not a respector of the proud especialy ignorant people.I know,to live is Cgrist and to die is gain so come what may,i am in Christ,are you???

    • dear way

      I worked with the intelligentsia for 40 years. they would do all in the interest of science, and consider any objections to have no rational basis.

  33. Seriously? This is stupid, THEY DONT KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN heck they could litetally open a portal to hell… This could also easily end the world, so please, please dont do it.

  34. There is a God, but God is NOT an external object which creates and interacts with the outside world directly. God is internal only, in humans only, using us as hosts in order to interact with the outside world. All Holy Books are false documents, and there are NO Supernatural Gods anywhere. Most of you people are just Crazy, and wouldn’t know what a metaphorical assumption was if it slapped you in the face 20 times fast.

    • Of course there is a God, but he is far from internal. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Also 1 Corinthians 2:9,10….But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.,

      -no one can enter that dimension without God opening opening its gate.

      Genesis 3:24. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  35. Experiment – Activating Forces .! it made me remember one of the documents in the Bertha Dudde revelations which I include below. Several documents in these revelations clearly mention that the end of this age will come as result of human actions. The LHC experiments

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