Booms Heard in America


Either they are lined up along major interstate highways, or a major fault line.

News Story

It sounds like sonic booms. Shakes peoples homes.

Fault lines


Fault lines


The major fault lines form the Hebrew letter Shin, which represents the name of YHVH God.

The letter Shin outlines Jerusalem:


Is it possible that as God removes his protection from America, that he will remove his Name also?

Just a thought.

If an earthquake occurred along the bottom of the Shin, it would destroy the Name that is inscribed on America.

But this may not be the pattern of the booms.

So wait and see

march 26, 2013

update map of booms – most along east and gulf coast

27 Responses to “Booms Heard in America”

  1. Romans 16:20a The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

    Maybe Satan entered the deep underground military bases and God is crushing him there?

  2. I have not myself heard them but on the news ch 5 in Arizona Friday DEC 7 night news some one taped them on there cell phone thy showed it and we heard them it was wired thy were in the right spot at the right time Ive d lived in Arizona sense 1970 and I never heard anything like that in my life I am sure it means something and I think it maybe gods way of letting people know something is about to happen is my guess

  3. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but they are apparently testing an EMP over Nevada today to the chagrin of both Japan and Iran. Something to think about since they detonated an EMP over Russia last week.
    I would now like to share that I had a vision 10 days ago depicting me standing amongst a group of people in a place that was so brilliantly lit, yet there was no sun. Those standing around with me were of various different ages from young to old and were all wearing white gowns down to their ankles. Then as I looked heavenward I saw this land formation and I said, “Look, the new earth.” Immediately thereafter the vision ended. Upon opening my eyes I said, “Awesome, just awesome, God that was awesome.” And then the tears started to roll and I cried out, “Lord, I’m tired.” Immediately the tears stopped. I didn’t know how to interpret this occurrence, but I believe that we need to keep looking up for our Redeemers coming may be near.

  4. I wanted to also say when Obama was running the first time I felt really strange something wasn’t right about him I sensed it and felt it at the same time I prayed about it over and over but wouldn’t go away then this is going on heard it on t.v then I again am having these fillings cant shake them I just know some thing isn’t right to me its sounds like something is moving under are feet but don’t fill it to me I am taking as a warning every day you here of killings abductions and crime and so on wars and rummer of wars these things must happen but the end isnt yet but when you really fill and here things and it stays with you its like a wake up call like the lord saying ha I am here this is real get right with me before its to late I have to agree look up to heaven are time is short

  5. I can’t quite tell from the map if the western fault line goes up the Rio Grande from Texas. It looks like it does but I’d have to over lay it on another clearer map. There have been 7 quakes in the Trinidad area of southern California over the past year or so. The first ones were 5.8 and the very first one was in the same day or so of the 5.8 in Virginia which alarmed everyone. The last and most recent was not as high as 5.8, can’t remember the number, but it was in the same Trinidad area. I live not too far from this rift, in Northern New Mexico. I had thought I was a ways from any faults here in the southern Rocky Mountains, but maybe not.

    • mariel

      Hope you stay safe.

    • Whoops, I typed California instead of Colorado. Trinidad is in Colorado.
      That is where they have had 7 earthquakes recently, all but on 5.8. It’s not far from Pueblo Colorado. When I see another quake at Trinidad I start counting. Thanks for your good wishes to stay safe, Marianne. I have no idea if we are near a fault.

  6. When Jesus returns…everyone will “know!”

  7. Mystery Booms Heard Across the U.S. Within 24 Hours

  8. Dear – Jack Y Beeksma
    Did you or others on this forum ever read George Washingtons Vision he had at Valley Forge way back in 1700’s. It might be a good time to read it. He seen the wars and the last one was just a great BRIGHT LIGHT over America. His vision was seeing war from then to the GREAT BRIGHT LIGHT.
    The Lord said the End would come with Sudden Destruction. While the world was cryin out Peace, Peace.
    I type it like 911 – but of course alot bigger. America has proved she is in full Apostasy. Just like Israel was when she joined in ONE MIND with Rome. The Beast = Rome – Israel – false prophet – come together in One Mind to destroy Jesus Christ the ONLY Savior of the world.
    Look at the insanity of the world and the nations – While the U.S.A is taking sides with insanity and paganism that want to kill every Christian on the planet. They hate the truths and love darkness. Calling Dark light and Light dark. A complete perverted world of nations.
    Where is the outcry from the 86 per centers that say they are Christians in U.S.A. What is left for America but judgment. Like you dear bro. I have pain in my heart as I have been trying to tell people whats coming. But they to busy serving the “gods of pleasure’s’

    Many Prophets have been sent to America over the last 100 years. There is a article on this forum of Bro. A A Allens vision of America. I believe it is coming to pass as I write this.

    And One of the greatest Prophets since Christs days was Bro. William Branham. Who saw a 7 fold vision in 1933. There is only 1 thing left to fulfill in that whole vision. And that is the destruction of the U.S.A. – Maybe by Atomic bomb or maybe by natural causes . But I know one thing His visions have always came to pass. You can find his teaching and his many visions on the Web. We as believers must ALL realize. After Israel crucified their own Messiah. It was 70 years from His birth to the destruction of Israel and she went into desolation as Jesus said in Matt 23 — in 70 A.D. One of the most terrible wars was that of Israel and Rome. The U.N and all its Nations going to put such pressure on America. She will have to go against Israel as most would like us to do in our present administration. It’s already happening right before our eyes.

    Then in WW 11 — 6 million Jews died in Germany. Before they became a Nation built in One day. Does anybody think about the time frame from when America entered the war Dec. of 1941 to the end of the war in May of 45. It was 3 1/2 years. It would behove us all to quit looking in the future cause it could happen to the world any day now. The signs are everywhere. Let us all cling unto Christ with our whole Hearts today. We are so close I can feel it also Jack. God bless

  9. “YES, Tom!” I have been getting the same response and “posts” from people on several different “sites!”

    “MOST” if not “ALL” Christians have a “feeling” that something is going to happen soon!

    AND, every time I write that…I am reminded of what Jesus said:

    “…the birds in the trees, know when to fly South for the Winter…Why then do you NOT know when it is time for Me to return?” (paraphrased…of course!)

  10. i was in china when obama was elected the first time . i felt very strange also. i contacted my friend in canada and he mentioned it also before i had a chance to tell him. then i see the people all around the world cheering for him, this has never happened with a president before. now after 4 years he has spent more money than all presidents before him. mmmmmm some thing is strange in deed.

  11. contributed by flybird:



  12. thank you for posting this

  13. florida

  14. New Madrid Fault Waking Up, Government Cover Up Exposed (Video)

    summary of states with booms also

  15. zee maps with booms located on areas….

  16. booms are back

  17. Years ago, my former husband and I took a longer inconvenient route heading back to MB from Sault St Marie instead of the route through edge of USA because even looking at the USA map we felt strangely distressed. I prayed for discernment and in a vision saw thousands of rattle snakes coiled to strike sitting atop American soil. I understood it to mean America was under Judgement and the ‘habitation’ of loathesome creatures was begining to transpire.

    • dear sara

      you are completely correct. evil breed evil…america will be judged.

      may god have mercy on the righteous, and bring them closer to him during tribulation. may he forgive and protect.

      by the way, good to hear from you after such a long time. I hope things are better. but if not, keep praying.

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