Boosting Testosterone


I have been watching TV ads about lawsuits over testosterone supplements.

Apparently, they can cause heart and blood problems. The same is true for female hormone supplements

We need to understand that gender hormones are supposed to decrease with age.

This is the way God designed us.

Reproduction, in general, leads to child bearing, and older people do not have the stamina for raising children that younger people do.

We need to age gracefully.

We cannot always be 15 years old.

We can still have interest in the physical side of life, but we should be balancing the physical with the spiritual more and more, the older we get.

Diet Alternatives to drugs:

There is a natural way to boost testosterone without harming oneself.


Changing your diet

Have the following foods on your shopping list the next time you go to the supermarket. It is advisable to buy all or as many of the items as possible. Some foods will work better for some people so buying them all and experimenting is the best way.

Avocados contain libido-boosting B vitamins, E vitamin and fatty acids. Avocado is a “powerful” sexual energy booster.

High in amino acids and zinc. Figs are fantastic natural libido boosters. Even if they are not in season or in your country, you can get dried figs pretty much from any supermarket or health food store.

Onions and garlic
You need to eat these as raw as possible! Onions and garlic increase blood flow to all organs including the penis and vagina. You can swallow small garlic cloves and add onions to salads. If you have to fry them, then so be it but make sure you get some onions and garlic into your diet. Oh and stock up on mints and chewing gums as you may end up not having a partner to unleash your new sexual powers on!!!

Olive oil
Contains vitamin E and essential for a healthy sex life. Ever wonder why the Italians are such great lovers (allegedly!)?

OK, the Chinese are not renowned for being great lovers but they sure know their herbs! Though Ginseng is not a “food” as such, it is an “essential” addition to your arsenal for a healthy sexual appetite. Pop 1-2 high quality Ginseng tablets a day and see the difference.

Pumpkin Seeds
Full of essential oils, zinc and great for hormone production. Also good for the prostate.

Eggs are extremely beneficial to having a great sex life. They are full of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Full of bromelain, B vitamins and potassium. Bananas also increase overall energy.

Celery can increase testosterone levels.

Contains vitamin E, probably the most important sex vitamin.

A seriously strong herb for boosting testosterone levels, so critical to increased sexual desire.

Increases circulation all over the body.

Good for increased sexual desire. Increases blood flow and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

They heat up your body. Get ready for some “hot” sex! Just have the fire extinguisher nearby!!!

This is one of the most powerful sexual stimulants. It is not at the top of the list because it is not really your “every day” food. If you can get hold of it, even as a supplement, go for it.

Great for blood flow and overall circulation.

If you can get hold of this too, you are on your way to a great sex life. It is great for overall sex hormone production.

Full of essential fatty acids and great for hormone production.

The best-known aphrodisiac.

Most fish have essential fatty acids, great for increased sexual energy.

NOT the sugary type. This needs to be at least 70%+ cocoa. Then you will see benefits in mood and sexual appetite. Don’t overdo it as you don’t want to get fat in the process of becoming a sex god/godess.

How to combine and see results

Like most lists you probably go over it, memorize some of it and put it into action…maybe…if you remember.

STOP. Don’t treat this like any other list. Print it out and take it with you to your local supermarket.

Once you have bought the foods, start incorporating them in your diet.


Eat some bananas and a handful of pumpkin seeds and almonds mid morning.

Salad: Make a salad and add avocado, dried figs, celery, boiled eggs and onions to it. Add lots of olive oil.

Grill some asparagus with your lunch and dinner. Try and have fish rather than chicken or turkey.

Add ginger, chilies and basil to sauces.


Adding a few of the foods listed below can boost your testosterone especially when combined with regular weight training.

1.Red Meat

-Red meat has high levels of zinc so it is very good part of a testosterone diet.Red meat sources include steaks,pork chops,ribs etc…

2.Nuts and Seeds

-Nuts in general are great source of essential fatty acids.Essential fatty acids provide raw material for healthy production of hormones in both men and women.


-Also a great source of protein, eggs are a source of vitamin B5 and B6 known to help in balancing hormone levels and lower stress levels.The cholesterol in egg yolks can also increase testosterone.


-Figs are high in amino acids, which researchers believe can increase testosterone. It is also believed  that figs can increase your sexual stamina.


-Asparagus is a spring vegetable rich in vitamin E, which is considered to stimulate the production of the male sex hormone.


-Oysters have a high Zinc content and testosterone production is dependent on zinc.Zinc will also help you relax and  sleep.


-Avocado contains vitamin B6, which is helpful in increasing male hormone production.It also contains high levels of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins.

Men can be happy as they age, and stay in balance between the physical and spiritual sides of their life.

The more natural an approach is, the better.

17 Responses to “Boosting Testosterone”

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  2. i find it rather interesting on the commercials that state ; if you have taken any of these drugs and suffered =; heart atack, stroke, or death, please call the following number, et. hum? just how do you call the number if your dead?

  3. This is one post of whose origin and inspiration I’m left to wonder. Is that you Marianne, or does someone else sneak their unbalanced and secular inspirations on the site.

    Cos just the other day there was an excellent post on how much even the clean food sources have become defiled, and now here it’s advocated to have oysters, that are certainly not of the clean foods, and to what gain if ones lower passions are enabled?

    Is it a time as this we have to occupy our minds on a topic as useless as concerns more of overfed horses rather than our reason to be alive at this moment, which is to honour God with all our might?

    For even David the king did not at his death bed know the Shunamite woman, for though sexual stamina and such matters are a human concern, in the end I would concur with Paul that they are only vanity.

    All the same, advise on foods for general health ought to suffice without tying up with issues of that which is of the world and mixing up on unclean foods.

    Yet as much as I disagree with the main flow of the post, I appreciate the value of the nutrients of the particular foods mentioned, especially the figs. That they are rich in Amino acids, that are the basic building blocks of the cells would indicate and relate the vanities of the fig trees as the species of the tree of life, or a relative of the same. It is said that that tree was split up to make multiple species, whence that which once was one is now in diverse sub species.

    Let’s be ar masterly over our bodies, hormones and passions, and not the other way round. Besides I believe the greatest enhancement to libido or otherwise is based on obese state of mind. But why am I yet talking on the issue that is an aberration of these wonderful pages?

    • this is just a response to the TV ads, since they do not recommend nutrition as a replacement for drugs.

      The list was compiled before we had all these contaminated foods, so one has to pick and choose wisely.

      the food lists were from the references given

      god bless you

  4. the pollen from catkins, male pine cones, are suppose to be an excellent source of testosterone. You can look up ways to harvest.

  5. Might it not be better if people (men and women) had less sex drive? Doesn’t sex get us into trouble (usually)?

    Some eastern sage shook his head over drugs like Cialis. He said, can’t people even be free of the sex urge in old age? Is there no rest for mankind?
    I am interested in those items that help circulation, however, so that I can possibly get more of that in my toes. My feet are numb from a couple of conditions which produce numb feet, and it’s strange to not be able to tell if I have shoes on unless I look, or to think I have sox on when I don’t, or (worst case) to fall down my nephew’s stairs in Seattle, as I did three years ago, and fracture my patella. I am doing much better with the pain involved in this, and am grateful for that–the improvement is largely due to some insidious Western medicine interventions like phlebotomy, although I am a supporter of better, cleaner food such as organic food which I buy at my co-op.

    I drink ginger tea every day and I advise it for everyone, but remember that it does thin blood, as does green tea, so if you take aspirin for thinning of blood, as many Westerners do, don’t over due the ginger.

    I agree that oysters should be off limits for everyone. I feel all seafood is now polluted, but oysters, especially, are the scavengers of the sea and God was right to make them non-kosher.

  6. it would be nice to feel like i did when i was 18, not much physical pain back then. getting old is not fun. and living in n.e. ohio does not help; its cold and damp 8 monts out of the year.

  7. I’ve seen those ads too. My first response is, some one once again is wanting to make money off of the pain of others. (And it seems to usually be the same law agency. Call 1-800-BAD DRUG is it not?)

    My second response is – it is always best to have your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. There is a time and place for prescription medicine. However, the less we find ourselves needing to rely on made up nutrients, and rely on what is God given, the healthier we will be.

    Lastly, about these posts that Marianne seems to write about . . . it has been my experience that sometimes you have to reach people where they are. If Marianne just wrote about the things that most of us here deem important, well, then, she might just as well be “singing to the choir”, as some say.

    In my humble opinion, the more one can show that God is indeed in everything and everywhere, the more people you are bound to reach and touch, and have people respond to.

    • Though I personally have no interest of this particular post; good point Denise, Marianne is attempting to meet people where they are at with diverse subjects, God is in everything…

  8. movie_4_subtitles_-_YouTube.mp4.htm

    Martin Luther (2003) movie

    this german monk went through many trials and tests, Thank God
    he stood on the truth of God, there are persecutions coming to the church in the end time, can we stand firm in our Faith. ( such as gay-marriage, human trafficking, abortion …… more than that the mark of beast…. )

  9. I do not agree in taking testosterone supplements or any steroids. Today a young man in Australia only 20 years of age died from 4 years of taking steroids. He had a passion about body building. Taking testosterone supplements or any steroids is against nature. Obesity is on the rise and so is taking all kinds of drugs, alcohol, tattooing and body piercing. If people only realise that they are damaging their bodies by doing these things especially when they are young. I am 62 years of age and I have seen a lot of people have health problems as they got older or died by not looking after their bodies and not ageing gracefully. Some people look 20 years older than they should be. My grandfather use to say “you make your bed when you are young and you got to lie on it when you get older” and that is so true. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you should look after it with special care – like a car – if you neglect it or abuse it – it will break down .

    Eat the right foods and keep away from sugary/alcoholic drinks and have plenty of exercise when you are young and also when you get older and avoid damaging your body with the above things that I have mentioned and I can say that you will look years younger than your age as you age.

  10. Natural herbal treatments are always better than medicates, the pills are short time effective and have lots of negative unwanted side effects, Always try natural herbal products to control over the sexual dysfunction problems and boost the sexual confidence to stay last longer in bedroom.

  11. My daughter had pollysistic (don’t know how to spell the word) ovaries and I did some research and found out how to curer this problem. I found that using red clover premenstrual tablets (for women going through change of life) and took her off cows milk and used lactose free milk instead as well as no sugary foods helped her overcome pollysistic ovaries. It took about 6 months to overcome this problem and now she is a healthy girl with no pollysistic ovaries. The Doctor was amazed that I did this.

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  13. absolutely written subject material i read your blogs daily thanks for share i have some ideas from this thanks

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