Can people “see” you?

We are “in” Jesus if we are true believers. To be “in” Jesus, our flesh has to be totally dead, so that all people see is HIM. However, many or most are a long way from being perfected.

“In” represents a relationship

When Jesus spoke in John 14:20, He said that He was “in” the Father, and “you” (meaning the apostles) were “in” Him. The apostles had been with Jesus, and had advanced to this point, where Jesus could say this. They had operated under the power of God, ministering miracles, through the authority of Jesus, and were ready to lay down their lives for Him.

However, could Jesus say the same thing about us today?

The secret was that they had become “in” Jesus.

Example: toys that are “in” each other

I have a wooden Russian toy that has 6 parts. Each part is a smaller one than the next size up, that it fits inside of. This “fitting inside” continues until all smaller ones are hidden inside of the biggest one. Once assembled, all you can see is the biggest one. The smaller ones are “in” the biggest one, and the tiniest one is the most hidden. They are all hidden, invisible to the eye. They have become “one” toy.

I wonder if this could represent “oneness” that many people debate over, with regard to God. This is just my theory, and something to think about.

What do unbelievers of the world, or other believers, “see” when they look at us?

When others look at us, who should be true believers, all they should see is God. True believers are completely covered by the glory of Jesus, who is completely covered by the glory of the Father God. We should be the center, most hidden piece, like the tiniest piece in the Russian toy. Being under God’s covering does not make us God. It just means we are “in” Him and receive His protection and spirit, and are totally in line with His perfect will.

If all people really “see” is us, then we are drawing attention to ourselves, instead of to God. We are exposed, spiritually naked, without the covering of Jesus, which is required to obtain the covering of the Father God. This also means that it is easier for the devil to attack us, since we are not covered.

We should be the most “hidden” piece. It is like we don’t exist to the world. Our “self” has died, and all that is left is Jesus, who also has died, so that all look like the Father. The plan is to glorify God, not ourselves. This is our greatest freedom, is when we have gotten to this level, even though we have to “die” to get there.

How to die to self? The price is very high.

You will feel much sorrow and abandonment during this process. You will be lonely, despised, disgraced, misunderstood, falsely accused, rejected, and criticized. You will be back stabbed. You will wish at times that you had never been born. You will feel like God abandoned you, as you watch others being blessed.

Your own family may ignore and reject you, and mistreat you. You may not have a friend in the world. The price may be your honor, acceptance, public standing, personal value in the eyes of the world, and possibly the church. You will lose any level of wealth you have, and success in life may never come. All your good works may be called evil.

You will give, and give and give to others, and do many good works. And NO ONE will care about you. You will be constantly overlooked, and more carnal, less qualified, people will be chosen in your place. People will push you aside as if you are nothing, and run to others instead. If you need help, no one will help you, or care if you die.

Why do people ignore you? Because you are fading away, and not demanding attention. They cannot “see” you any more. Many times, you will feel ashamed and a failure. There will be many things you will not be able to have.

Once you are detached from the painful emotions that you will experience, and all you can feel is the love of God for those who hate you, and God’s pain, and not yours, and the constant need to be alone with God, and no one else, you are dead. You no longer care about worldly things. Sometimes, you forget yourself, that you even exist.

Are you ready for this?

Submit to God – totally. What you want is nothing. He will provide if you submit. He already knows what you need. If you are totally submitted, what you need will be provided, even without having to ask, although asking is ok.

Resist the devil and his temptations, especially to pride, worldly things, and carnal things. Yes, this is hard.

Turn you back on your sins, do not keep repeating them.

Do not even desire material things, except for necessities. Be non materialistic in your thinking and behavior. If you want to know what is necessary, just look at what Jesus had, and did not have.

Give to the poor and needy as much as possible.

Put others first. You are not the center of the universe.

Do not demand, or crave, attention or “credit” for what you do for God. The world is His stage, not yours.

Be a hidden vessel. Let your good works be a secret as much as possible. As long as you are “increased” in honor, Jesus is “decreased.” You must allow yourself to decrease so that Jesus is increased. This is what John the Baptist did, and the apostles. We should follow their example.

This may really hurt, but do not protest when others ignore you or slight you. Not just the world, but other believers may do this, if they are in the flesh. This is God working in your life, to humble you.

Read the Word of God every day. You cannot live spiritually without being nourished with the Word. If you avoid this, you will lose your inner peace, and become a “dry bone.”

Spend more and more time with God each day, until you get to the point that it is anguish to be away from Him.

Avoid trouble, if at all possible, but accept persecution for your faith or good works. You are going deeper in God.

Spend time in personal praise and worship.

Evaluate carefully every word preachers say. There are many good ones out there, and then there are some real fakes. Be sure it lines up with the word of God. Do not just accept what they read to you. Read the passage in context, to be sure they are giving you the proper interpretation.

Being “in Christ” before the world

If the world likes you, and does not bother you, you are not dead yet. You are “one” with the world. You are not invisible due to a lack of covering. If you are “in” Jesus, it will be like you do not exist, even to yourself, and all they see is God. Since people of the world “hate” Jesus, and also His Father God, they will persecute what they see, because they hate the Jesus, your covering, that they see.

Since Jesus was “in” the Father, when Jesus was here, in front the disbelieving leadership, all they could see was His Father God, since Jesus was also dead to self. Since they secretly did not know God, or adore Him as they should, all they could see was someone they did not believe in, who was God Himself.

That is why Jesus said, “when you “see” me, you “see” the Father.” He was not saying He was the Father. He was saying His Father covered Him, and he was not the one to be seen. This is also why Jesus said (John 15:23) “He who hates me hates my Father.” All they could see was His Father, when they looked at Him, so they hated Him.

Example using colors:

If we are yellow, Jesus is green, Father is red. If we are genuinely “in” Jesus, then when someone looks at us, all they will see is red. They will not see yellow or green.

All you see is who is on the outside, since the others are “inside.” This is “Oneness.” The Oneness glorifies the Father God, who is the source of all power, authority, love, and glory.

Women and spiritual coverings

It is biblical for godly husbands to be an earthly covering for their wives, as they are “in Christ,” who is their covering. This demonstrates the “oneness” that is in heaven.

I might write more about the oneness concept in a separate post. I do not want this one to get too long.

For single women, their only covering should be Jesus. They do not need to look to any man, or a church, for a covering.

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  2. this is beautiful… amen. all praise to God.

  3. Welcome loose associations.

    Thank you for the encouragement. All glory to the Father God, and his Son, Jesus, and glory as well to the Holy Spirit, that inspired this post.

    marianne (who remains “unseen” as much as possible) 🙂

  4. Good work for JESUS.

    Raise the stone and thou shalt find me; cleave the wood and I am there.

    ‘Raise the stone’ is from the hymn by Henry Van Dyke (1852–1933)

    They who tread the path of labour follow where my feet have trod;
    They who work without complaining do the holy will of God;
    Never more thou needest seek Me;
    I am with thee everywhere;
    Raise the stone and thou shalt find me; cleave the wood and I am there.
    Where the many toil together, there I am among my own;
    Where the tired workman sleepeth, there I am with him alone;
    I, the peace that passeth knowledge,
    Dwell amid the daily strife;
    I, the bread of heaven, am broken in the sacrament of life.
    Every task however simple, sets the soul that does it free;
    Every deed of love and mercy done to man is done to Me.
    Never more thou needest seek Me;
    I am with thee everywhere;
    Raise the stone and thou shalt find me; cleave the wood and I am there.

    The hymn writer is believed to have taken this writing, Raise the stone and thou shalt find me; cleave the wood and I am there, from a ancient Christian fragment manuscript .

    ( I CAME ACROSS this reading in a church window recently,

    Raise the stone and thou shalt find me; cleave the wood and I am there.

    Hope it will bless you

  5. Hi cornish evangelist

    That was a beautiful song. Jesus is with us everywhere. The words alone carry a melody in my head of their own. I would love to hear the actual song, Now you will have me searching for the original melody. 🙂


  6. Glad it blesed you

  7. That was really helpful. I have been going through all of that for a while now. What bothered me most was the being ignored and rejected even by church people. I just got a new job at a daycare center, I float around to different rooms, a lot of times the other teachers act like I’m not there. It used to get me really upset and I would say something to them but It doesn’t bother me now.

  8. Hi Shannon,

    I am glad it helped. I have been through all I describe, so I can sympathize with you. You will be ok. Remember the path to holiness is one of patience through hardship. Also, remember that Jesus, who was perfect, had to endure suffering, rejection, intolerance, and insults in this world.

    We really cannot expect better treatment than he had. It seems sad to go through it, but there is eternal joy at the end, when we go to heaven. So just be encouraged.

    Do not worry about people around you, including inconsiderate Christians. They are not where they should be with God, if they are putting themselves first, and cannot stop and be kind to you. Just know you are precious to God. And the more the Father sees you treated like His Son, Jesus, the more he loves you. Just hang in there.

    blessings and love 🙂

  9. Thanks for all you do Marianne! Since i gave myself to Jesus, i feel so much hatred coming from my neighbors, some have wrongly prosecuted me imagine that!!!!!!!!!!! yes, i do have a few stories, and whattttttttttt did i do wrong, nothing!!!! it feels like Satan is always trying to attack me. In reading this well it affirms to me that my old self is dying! and rightfully so, once again thanks for your encouragement, and may the Lord God keep you for many years to come!

  10. Hi Ani

    I seems like a paradox. The more we belong to Jesus, and share His love, the more we are hated. It is a good thing there is another world to go to after this life.


  11. The True Church

    Persecutions of Christians can come in many forms and in different places. You do not have to be in Africa to suffer persecution, it happens right here on your doorstep.

    There are many precious Christians here in the United Kingdom that have suffered at the hands of their countrymen, and also at their local churches.

    Some have suffered horrific persecutions from these so-called churches, who have mocked, embarrassed and excluded them from their local assembles because of their stand for Biblical truth. Also many of them have been abandoned because they have been too ill to attend church.

    But thank the Lord that not all churches and fellowships are like that. For during my many years of walking with the Lord I have come to know believers who are the very salt of the earth. They radiate

    Christ’s compassion, love and mercy as they truly work the works of Christ on this earth.

    They will stand by you when everyone else has deserted you, they will come to visit you when you are sick and pray for you fervently, that Jesus will strengthen and heal you.

    What a great encouragement some Christians are.
    I am reminded of the words of our great Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

    “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger and ye took me in: naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me”.

    Jesus said, “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Thank God for the true Church. {St Matthew 25 v 35 – 40}

    Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:
    for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. {St Matthew 5 v 10}.

  12. Dear Cornish Evangelist

    Well said. I have seen much of this myself. May spiritual blind eyes be opened as well, as they are missing the love and blessings of being a true believer.


  13. First NOW i understand :
    Mark 8,
    34Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 35For whoever wants to save his life[c] will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

    I really wanna know more about that and your “experiences”, e.g. what did your “old” friends say now?
    Are you able to work “normal”?

  14. Silvanus,

    I do not understand your questions.


  15. Hi Marianne, iam sorry, my english is not so well…
    I thought i have a close friendship to Jesus, but when i read what you were/are going through, i’m not so sure if i live in Jesus, to be saved.
    I simply wanted to know more about your life and your experiences, and what kind of reaction you from your (non-believing) friends got. Did they reject you to? Do your co-workers in your business hate you?

  16. Hi Silvanus,

    Yes, you can be saved but not go through this. THis experience deepens you as any sorrow would deepen you and make you more sensitive to God.

    There is much rejection: family, other people.

    Yes it hurts. It can be quite lonely. Yes some co-workers hated me. Not all of them.

    see here for my testimony:
    click on the pdf file

    this was the early part, when I felt the love and protection of god through suffering. But there is a time after this, when all protection is gone, and God allows us to be tested, alone, with greater persecutions. It feels like god has turned his back. we will get hurt. But it is this test that turns us into gold. our bodies may no longer look good, but god sees a pure spirit- something he can finally use.

    All the writing you see here on this site has come from the 7 painful years that followed the protected years. I had my own period of tribulation, and I passed the test. This is not to my glory, but a testimony of God’s love for me, because he was helping me the entire time. I just could not see this.


  17. Loved this, and all the responses. Ok…so how do you tell the difference between suffering what you describe here, and the effects of a spirit of rejection? I’ve always felt a strange “natural rejection” by others, usually for no apparent reason. John Eldredge’s “Waking The Dead” helped me the most to understand how the enemy assigns a lie to each of us, and then “confirms” it w/ scenario after scenario. (Mine was, “You’re unimportant, so we’ll consider you invisible..”) So could someone w/ a spirit of rejection experience this even more – could they be more vulnerable to also suffering for holiness? My concern w/ seeing this always as being ‘persecuted for holiness’ is that some get prideful over thinking they’re spiritually superior to others. I’ve been “chasing God” for almost 6 yrs now (saved for 38), and seem to see both of these aspects at work in my life – the persecution for holiness and spirit of rejection (the latter, being worse and the most consistent).

  18. Hi Cindy,

    I think i know what you mean. For a long time, the same happened to me too. Demonic spirits are everywhere, even around good people. The spirits that are over and associated with one person can communicate with other spirits associated with people the first person has contact with.

    spirit (person A) spirit (person B)

    The people may not have any clue what is happening….but they can be affected by what is going on. Curses can be transferred like this, and person A can attack or reject person B just because they are under the influence of the spirit. To them, they “just don’t like” the other person, even though there is no reason for it. They think these are their thoughts, but they are actually the thoughts of the spirit transferred into their spirit.

    Also, someone (A) with a demonic spirit can encounter someone with the Holy Spirit (B). Person A will immediately “hate” person B. They will hate them on sight, and react against them.

    This is a little different from someone having a spirit of rejection, more related to having been rejected for a known reason.

    Maybe this is a start in what you were asking about? Let me know.


  19. So I found myself coming to tears while reading this, especially where you talked about what to expect while your flesh is dying. I am dying! I was out in KC IHOP(are you familiar with it?) I was there for 6 months in the intership propgram and since I have been back I feel a great pulling away from some people in the church. They just don’t seem to understand me or care to want to know. I def. feel alone and just want to give out the love of God. I just try to keep pressing on but sometimes it is very difficult. Thanks for your insights at least I know that I in the process of becoming “one” with the Father. I am going to read your testimony, I need encouragement at this point to know I’m not the only one that is going through this. It is fuy though, I do have more joy and peace then I have ever had. AMEN!!!!

  20. Hi Nissi,

    You are not alone. I did not know about KC- IHOP, so I looked it up. If you are becoming somehow disconnected, it might mean that it is time for something else to occur with you. Each person has their own path and assignment. You may have been there for a season, and the rejection you might feel is not indicating that you are somehow deficient. It is one way that we are spiritually cut off from one place, to be planted in another. It may be that there should be more IHOPS around the country, and you are to move on into another geographical region. Is there a church you are affiliated with now? Maybe this is something that you are to help initiate in your current location.

    My personal testimony is here. The story ends about the year 2000. I call this the difficult but honey moon phase now.

    More has happened since then. I call this time now the dead phase, just because so many awful, destructive things have happened. I never knew in the previous time that things could get worse, but they did. We all have to go through this.


  21. Why some spirits can be seen and some are not seen. For example, humans can be seen and ghost cannot be seen.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Humans – We are part spirit, part physical, so we can be seen.

      Spirits like ghosts do not have physical bodies like ours. When they do appear to us, I am not sure how they do that.

  22. Wow, I thought you’ve mastered everything about spiritual problems. I don’t know too. Because actually I’ve heard someone said that when someone have died, their spirits will return back to their own world, however people said that in future, dead people can have their lives again by doing something that we do not know today. In my opinion, what if the person re-birth again in this world into another physical spirit but his previously body came back to life again?

  23. But I think if there is a person who wants to suicide for his own purpose – not murdered. Then he might goes to hell because God gave his life but he had destroyed it himself…That’s why not thinking of any suicidal thoughts would be optimistic somehow. I’ve changed my mind.

    • Hi Jessica

      I think you are asking about reincarnation – the idea that if we die, we can come back in another body. While there are some major religions that believe this, there is no proof in the bible that this is true. We are taught that we are only born one time, and then after that we are judged on our lives, and if we chose good or evil.

      Only God can legally give life, and take it away. When we commit suicide, we are showing that we do not have enough faith in God for Him to help us. Any type of killing is wrong, unless it is in self defense.

      Sometimes life is hard, and we want to escape. But we must remember that God put us here for a special reason, and we need to respect his decision. We are here to show His love to others, and to help them know his love too. That is our purpose. If we kill ourselves, it is like telling people that god does not love us, which is not true.

      So we must trust god in difficult times, and he will make us strong for him.


  24. Never trust anyone. I need to tell you this because it’s very important. Hope you’re not ignoring me because I think you’ve misunderstood something really important.

  25. I don’t know if people can see me, I just feel like I don’t have the experience to be another person. Respecting other spirits are important too, and I’m not sure if other people ever feel the same way that spirit is like…all for one. We’re like a spirit that combines but are separated.

    Sometimes, it’s very hard to figure out how people see me. I hope someone can understand what I’m talking about because I just feel that way most recently. Spirits is what you were born with. It underlies who you are but feel like as a whole.

  26. Perfectionist Gal…. It is true that there are many spirits. Note that this is one of the main thrusts of the Bible. And in the Bible, we are shown to be VERY careful which spirits we consort with. We are shown that evil spirits will do anything to get people to believe them to be led astray. Whereas, the Holy Spirit will show you Jesus, who is master over all spirits. It is He who is true and faithful. Ask Jesus to show you truth. Your eternity depends upon finding truth. Love, DavWms

  27. May I know how to contact you David L.

  28. first wood like to say good moraine, so far everyone’s up had coffee or what ever. I can understand how hard it must be believing in god. in peoples eyes thy don’t see him in there life’s, some times people pray and pray there prayers aren’t answered right away. there isn’t a god, or thy didn’t get the answer thy wanted, or he didn’t save a love one. he didn’t answer my prey ,why not I loved him .it said in the bible what so ever we ask for it shall be given unto us. I lived for years beleaveing that I would receive this now. then I learn’t that things are done on gods times not mine. I am a diabetic my ex told me, one time what happens if you lose a leg, then I said so what it doesn’t make me a lesser person. I am the same in gods eyes, he said he wouldn’t be able to live that way. I said your choose my best friends mother, which I calmed as my own got cancer. she was in the hospital for test, thy found some thing she looked at me and said, its big and ugly. I looked at her and said so your hole, your healed. god doesn’t make junk if your healing doesn’t come now, it will in heaven. we are promised new bodies free of pain and whole. its got to be true god doesn’t lie she died 6 mos latter. I new she was going to a much better place. thats the promises god has giving us a place, were there is no pain, no sickness, through him we are given all this. through faith we have all of this. we can’t see it, fill it, hang it on are wall, but through faith its ares. thanks be to god. we have the world, I know I can’t spell, or use them funnily little things, thats all right. I hang in there, through all the cut downs, nasty words, people can say. its all right, I don’t quite, aren’t we glade we have a father thats not some one that would give up on us. he’s always trying and there for the asking. even a misfit like me he’s there. he’s my strength to keep going were I am not wanted by faith he’s my every thing

  29. Hi Marianne~~ The Holy Spirit drew me here for encouragement this evening…i was just reviewing the article on Birkat Hackamach, and then looked over to the right and selected this article that i am commenting on and wouldn’t you know it i sure feel better~~~i seem to get more invisible as time goes on!!!

    • Hi Ani,

      Well, you are already invisible to me. I can’t see you at all from here. 🙂 But maybe this is one reason websites like this can do well also…..because the visual image of the writer is not that evident, and people can just focus on God’s content. Praise God for making us all “nothing” to the world, but everything to Him.!!

  30. Dear Marianne,

    ” submit to GOD totally ” – sounds Islam to me, for Islam is submission to GOD either. So why do we criticize Muslims and tagged them as slaves as a result of their “submission to their allah?”


    • hi Miranda

      It is not submission that is the issue. It is what people are submitting to, and who they are submitting to.

      YHVH and Allah are not the same person, even though muslims might believe this.

      If you read the writings of each, you will see dramatic differences in the personality and teachings of each god.

      God does not contradict himself, so either YHVH is true, or allah is true. You cannot obey them both.

  31. Once a person is saved, can their salavation be lost?

    • sweetp

      yes, if they go back into a life of sin, and they do not repent. The bible says it would have been better if they had never known salvation….because NOW they know what and WHO they are rejecting.

  32. Marianne,this is very true your response to Cindy.Thanks,GP

  33. I will go to your site about the dreams and visions.GP

  34. Christianity is a materialistic religion…God so loved the WORLD…beware of spirituality. God put the veil for a reason. Reincarnation is a denial of the body’s uniqueness as God’s temple. Many Christians bereft of spirituality, dreams, emotions are chosen souls…finding the Father’s love in animals, nature, the singing of birds. Grace always builds on nature. Mystical experiences are exceptional and when from God, are medicines to correct people led astray and hurting. Be grateful for them. But if you don’t experience God in the morning chorus of his birds or the physical universe…if you don’t see your mother’s love as sacrament…you won’t see God even in Heaven.That is what the beautiful verse in Thessalonians means…that the just will live by faith. God sends us message after message, sacrament after sacrament…yet we hanker after signs and wonders. “Consider the lilies…”

  35. Thanks…no one should feel inferior for not having “spiritual” experiences of an extraordinary sort, or feel superior for having them. The verse, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” means, I believe, that God hides in plain sight but is only recognized by those whose hearts, that is, desires, are purely benevolent and one with God’s desires. People with near death experiences say often that Heaven has colors not found on earth. But I wonder if those colors aren’t here, only our eyes are limited…just as dogs can hear sounds way beyond what our ears hear! Anyway, I have a dislike for too much spirituality…my Church is plagued with secrets like Fatima and obsessions with riddles…years wasted in human lives writing and worrying about it all. That just can’t be of God. If one has a dream where grandmother comes and gives good advice, steering in the right direction…that’s clear and a real help. But obsessing and going round the bend? No…better to live outside yourself and take an interest in the adventure of everyday life, holding God’s hand like a child.

  36. As you give me the permission to share this I am re-blogging it in my own site. Please do not hesitate to send me a letter if you find any objection in my re-planting of your blessed blog.

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  38. No b/c the prince of demons is projecting another image of me. He and his internet minions or witches have bound up Tampa for the Republican Convention & he’s trying to blame it all on a teen who isn’t even old enough to vote-that person is my daughter Rhianna.
    Can’t you guys unbind this area. Witches attack children and those spiritually immature, unarmed, & helpless.

  39. Satan says i have to be white or have that ancestry in order to to receive visions or the holy spirit. I’m african am/native am.

  40. Tell everyone i want to be freed from this body of death only when i see the divine Jesus face to face. My image/photo of me as an african american woman from San Antonio TX has been removed b/c satan wants to use it to fool the world to say i’m the beast but newsflash-Angels were the eyewitness that i gave the old sinful man & everything it represents over to Christ-they even prophesied his Ruach breath & my human spirit Would return. Satan is still attached to our bloodline even though we have renounced his whole kingdom.

    • dear Tracy

      First, the holy spirit comes to anyone who asks. Why do you believe Satan, instead of God? It has nothing to do with race, being black or white does not matter. God made all of us.

      People will see the person you are. Satan cannot put a mask on you and make you look like something else.

      As long as you believe the garbage satan has told you, you will be bound by his lies.

      Ignore him.

      rebuke him in Jesus name and cover yourself and your family in Jesus blood. tell satan to get out of your house. You belong to God, not him.

      He only has authority if you give it away to him.

      if you gave it to him, take it back.

      then ask the holy spirit to fill you with himself.

      then let him do the work you ask for.

      • In my physical form, the saints at Shoresh David in Tampa released me and my family over to Yeshua for forgiveness of sins

      • You are right i take back my female godly beautiful fearfully & wonderful being that G-d created.

  41. please advise me about my spiritual covering. My husband who goes to church and recently been water baptised has had long history of anger and becomes verbally abusive using foul language and demeaning words when he is angry with me. If he gets mad, then he shouts, becomes very critical, fault finding, and controlling and manipulative. He had affairs twice, the last one (which I am not sure is over though he says it is, as these two weeks after some problems is often on his hp sending SMS.). he tells me he is fine with his God and I had better get myself right with God. He keeps bank accounts overseas and I have no info on a lot of his funds etc.

    Am I spiritually covered by Christ with a spouse in this state?

    • dear sad

      It does not sound like you are covered. If you have to ask if you are, then you aren’t, because a covered woman would feel secure, and you do not.

      The question is, do you want to stay in this relationship or get out of it?

      You are only being hurt, there is no help from him.

  42. You need to see a true pastor. If you’re telling the truth, you’re married to a psychopath who will only get worse if you remain passive. I’m so sorry.

    I’m 65 and have personally known friends with relationships like that…passivity and cowering only provoke them. Emotional and verbal abuse, violence…these are demons.

    All the rules and commandments in scripture are for ONE purpose, and only one purpose: to advance in the spirit with God, to grow with God. Remember to pray for this dangerous man if you decide to separate. He needs help from without…you can’t make him love you or change by yourself.

    If he’s also charming and popular, you have a classic abuse situation. God wants to help you, but you need people who aren’t fooled by charm.

    • Thanks but my husband left the Lord for more than 10 years and only decided to come back last August when I made up my mind to file for divorce after I had proof from his own mouth that he had been having an affair in Sout America for 6 years, despite continual denials whenever I confronted him. This was his second affair. He came back also because his daughter hit me violently twice and moved in with a married man. He came to my church which was very different from a traditional church we first went to. He came to the Lord after I told him that besides the affairs I was leaving him because I could not take the continual abuse and each time after he leaves to work in that country, I had to spend so much time seeking healing from the Lord. He said he wanted healing too and after going to a healing ministry, he seemed touched and began attending my church. Then he took up 12 weeks membership preparation and everyone he trained under said how sincere and on fire for the Lord he is.

      I see his struggle over anger and his speech, but on several occasions when unpleasant things happen at home, he would be so angry and had at times loudly shout accusative remarks at the Lord that He had promised him blessings. Recently due to my own failure and foolishness cause I had hoped for so long for him to return to God, and when things did nit happen as expected, i said some foolish and hurting remarks. After that I apologised and he said he forgives. But he was still manifesting his controlling ways. I misplaced our keys to the bank and already felt terrible and in trying to be helpful he kept questioning me until I felt so incompetent and a failure which he had often made me feel. So thinking he is now with the Lord I told him that. Later the person who ministered healing to me visited my home and I shared my struggle with her. She told me there is a strong root of control and referred me to a chapter of a book. I showed it to him and he casually flipped the pages, said that he had dealt with it. But the next weeks he continually picked on me, abuse me verbally and find fault at every little thing.

      Today I happen to read several articles on this site on Jezebel and realise these years he had been manifesting many of the behaviours. But in our culture many Christians have little notion on this. I am not sure now how to deal with this. But will certainly take precaution. I now know why he often uses whatever I say to him. He even now – as he did long ago when we were in the old church – to deride and accuse me and keeps telling me it’s no use going to church if I do not change. I know I need to truly examine my walk and my heart with God. But I feel lots of pressure because when he is home I feel I am always being scrutinised and cannot even make myself understood.

      Leaving is not so simple as I stopped working to look after the home and kids while he kept seeking expatriate life with its perks, coming home every quarterly for brief periods. I do not have much money and cannot afford to rent. Also if he suspects I tell anyone he will be so mad and can become more fault finding, seeking to criticise shout and mock.

      Sad hurting woman.

      • dear sad

        If he has the male jezebel, then he is dangerous. Since you have determined that you cannot leave at this time, which I still think is possible…(there are sanctuaries for battered and abused women)., I suggest you get a group of STRONG male authority figures to gather, face him directly, and confront him, supporting you.

        He needs to be told what he is, what spirit he has, and that he has not repented or changed his life,he is not born again, no matter how “on fire” he is at church. He is not on fire at home for God, so he is a hypocrite.

        Having strong support systems to help you break him down is critical for you to survive with him.

        Also gather female friends.

        Show him you have support.

        Also, contact social services and see what programs they have available for women in abusive relationships. There are homes to go to.

  43. Totally agree with Marianne.

    Only help from without …Heaven and earth…can improve this.
    It is very hard to leave a man who makes good money…I’ve seen women return because they can’t stand the lower standard of living. But you must somehow get up the guts. Think what his example is doing to your kids.

    I admire your courage reaching out to us here…it can’t have been easy.

    Now read Marianne’s advice and reach out to people nearby.
    But if a preacher or anybody else is “snowed” by your husbands he-man salesmanship, find a better church. The pastor who helped me best of all once was an Episcopalian priest. (I’m Catholic). He was an all-outer Christian and also a dignified, well educated pastor. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  44. Can people sin in heaven? If not, does that mean they have no free will? Wouldn’t that be frustrating not to have freedom? In heaven, we have perfect bodies, but does it look alike to our earthly ones? Would it be the same? Can we touch our skin and feel it or would it be like air? Can we breathe and see without physical properties? Will I be able to recognize known persons from earth? Will there be conversations that could be heard or given?

    Also, I heard some thing that I can’t comprehend. Well, our skins are made up of flesh and bones, those cells within contains the smallest molecules called the “atoms”, therefore as we are made up of that, objects and planets, universe and all stuff are made out of atoms, so God as someone may say is made out of atoms, so everything is made out of atoms, and so as our souls…atoms automatically gather up into proper things that made out of our earth today…etc. I don’t believe these concepts yet as heard from someone, but well, If god created atoms, but he is also made out of atoms…confused…

    One more thing, if god hates sin and sinners, then why he created imperfect people like Adam and eve at the first place? And why would there be fallen angels from heaven as they sin, but at this point of time, there’s a different story, as people can’t sin in heaven as they are glorified.

    • Can someone answer this for me? Thanks!

    • People do not sin in in heaven..they are there because they love and obey the Lord. that IS freedom. No one WANTs to sin.

      I have never had a glorified body, so I do not know what it feels like physically. You would have to ask someone who died, went to heaven, and for some reason, was sent back to earthly life.

      god created everything the way he wanted it, and yes, he is very organized. What he is made of , only he knows.

      people are perfect when god creates them. they use their free will to choose sin instead of obedience to god. freedom is the freedom to make that choice. Fallen angels chose to sin , so they are gone from heaven

  45. This world is like a hologram whose reality is in God…that is why when matter disappears into black holes its “reality” remains on the edge and can resurrect…Cool, huh?
    Sin is a confused word…I see it as the misuse of God’s gifts. Like the prodigal son, we are trusted with so much and waste it. In Heaven nobody does that. Heaven is about the charm of beautiful desires for other people.

  46. Your site is such a comfort Marianne !
    This is happening to me . I had a terrible year. Betrayed, let down even lied about, after only helping people !!And i was crushed. Nearly everyone I trusted abandoned me.Even though I am also sick and keep trying to stand strong as i can.
    Apart from a lovely older Christian lady, who is always praying for me bless her !!
    I kept thinking I was bad, kept and keep repenting, but failed the test again ! I eventually got angry at everyone and everything !!
    The tests get harder all the time and I felt so miserable i fail.
    I know Jesus is with me and i just want to react as He wants me too !

    • SMK

      rejection and betrayal is a lonely path, but it is usually due to the negative behavior of others, not the rejected person. I wish I could say the evil in this world could go away easily, but I can’t. it is a real battle.

      We must do the best we can, and then trust god to provide for us. Jesus said if the world hated him, it would hate us. so if one is greatly accepted in the world, it means that person fits into the world system, and does not belong to God as he thinks.

      on the flip side, we can be blessed also. so we should pray that god not only protects us, but that he blesses us, since this earthly life requires us to survive until it is over.

      remember to bless yourself each day and ask god to bless you also, and to reverse any curse thrown at you.

      peace be with you. and may God bless you greatly and ease your pain.

      • Again thank you Marianne, very appreciated. My dad taught me to always “search your heart to find what you have done as well” Whilst sound advice i think i took this to extremes ! I always know when i have done wrong though, it will not leave me until i apologise, the still small voice, but I have my faults and weaknesses , but the extent of nastiness i have experienced floored me and i have been in many hard places.
        But you are right, we cannot get rid of evil and it does seem to be manifesting more and more the last years, incredibly so.
        Good advice to bless myself as well as asking God to bless me.
        Blessing also to you !

    • A Turkish chap with a public persona said last week that Christianity was no longer a religion but a culture. Also that religion was a way of life.
      Now remember Turkey was very Christian indeed once and many Muslims there are very tied to Christianity at heart…they pray in churches, they have Christian ancestors.
      Naturally this seemed offensive at first, but the more I prayed about it the more I realized this was not some crank talking, but a sincere man trying to make sense of humanity.
      I do have a point:
      Many Christians behave badly, even cruelly, in part because they have been badly led. The leaders in churches have preached salvation by theology and verbalisms rather than a way of life with Jesus.
      Next door to us is a house bought during the boom by a pillar of a huge Baptist church. He bought several to rent out. He let them fall into disrepair, mold, and dilapidation. It’s just short of the yellow ribbon…yet he and another family doing the same thing, are endlessly preaching what good Christians they are. They take cruises and redecorate their own homes rather than keep up their property.
      The preacher at their church is a truly ferocious Scotsman with a total certainty and a lot of money.

      I’m involved and know the facts…
      This situation is universal…..Jesus has also been betrayed.
      What a dreadful temptaion to put before a flock…a blank check to live an anti-social irresponsible life. This is just like the Pharisees and their Corban law, which Jesus hated…actually hated.

      Imagine being praised openly for being a good Christian and harming so many with dereliction of your responsibility to others…your true duty. This is why Gandhi and so many others found Jesus so lovable and Christian culture impossible to reconcile with Christ.

      • Donna, Gandhi was no saint himself for sure. Much is only now being revealed about him we never knew before. Saw a docu a year ago, really shocking. Indians themselves are his largest critics.
        If gandhi found Jesus really so loveable he would have converted to Him , not based any conclusions of some of his followers today. And for every wrong Christian there are many more ones ( bearing ” fruit” criteria of recognition by Jesus himself) who would give the coats off their backs to help.
        Jesus is loveable , forgiving and merciful yes , but He was also an authority figure, not some hippy do-gooder wandering Israel as the disinformation we have been fed would have it, tolerating everything ! He comes again as a righteous judge remember .
        Jesus can never be blamed for certain Christian behaviour.

        Not everything is at it seems. We have been indoctrinated for decades into believing lies. But once awakened we cannot go back to sleep .

  47. Thanks for the good reply. What I love about Gandhi was not his virtues or lack but his mischievous sense of humor and lack of self-reverence… that way so different from most idealistic super heroes we are ordered to revere.
    This is a time of disclosure and also noticing things that were there all along but ignored….like the obelisk of Emperor Caligula left standing in front of St. Peter’s 1800 years now…what the heck? And who actually funded Methodism from the beginning??

    The status quo is shaking everywhere and it has to be personal with Jesus as it always really was…..I’m Catholic, by the way and have no vested interest in bashing churches.
    Happy New Year in Our Lord….

  48. This a beautifully written article. Everything you said is so true, about dying to ourselves to live inside Jesus, becoming hidden, humbled servants.

    Jesus began calling me (in a series of undeniable coincidences) nearly 10 years ago at the tender age of 19, when I lacked any faith and was full of self-interest, lust, worries, and anger. I went on a long spiritual journey after that. Learning everything I could about various spiritual teachings and even developing psychic abilities. The problem was, I didn’t find peace. The wisdom I had gained was deeply lacking and skewed before I came full circle back to Jesus and submitted myself fully and completely to him. Through amazing dreams, coincidences, but most importantly, the unmistakable, perfect love of the Presence of the Holy Spirit, I couldn’t run away any more…

    I lost almost everything during that time, my job, my car, my social life (my friends were hedonists for the most part). Everything I had worked for. Everything I once desired. People thought I was losing my mind. They had no idea that God was disciplining me. When I tried to explain it, I was scoffed at and told I had a mental illness. The man I loved made fun of me and left me, even though I told him that I would always love him.

    Now, I am completely gone. I am completely at peace. I love people deeper than I ever thought possible, wanting only to give them the same love and forgiveness that Jesus gave to me, which saved my life. I speak about Jesus’ love to whoever wants to listen. I think about God all day long. My sexual lusts are gone. My desire for drugs and alcohol are gone. I lost 30 pounds and my physical appearance radiates, many people have told me this. God even gifted me with a job as a writer an editor that I wanted since childhood! The people who thought that I was going into a downward spiral during God’s disciplining don’t know what to make of the positive changes in me, sans the few who are faithful who know that it is actually Jesus they are seeing, not me!! I still get rejected frequently because I don’t adhere to the ways of this world, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I know something much greater than any attention that people could give to me.

    My Kingdom had to crumble to be rebuilt on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. A foundation that is not based on self-interest, which leads always to death and destruction, but based completely on reckless love for our fellow men. Reckless love for Jesus Christ and the Father.

    The Holy Father has forgiven and justified me in his infinite mercy through the blood and spirit of Jesus Christ. I will never, ever doubt again. Doubt is absolutely impossible because I am a new person, dead in the flesh and alive in the spirit!

    His is the most beautiful and perfect love. Just to feel this love, often brings me to tears. There is no Earthly love that can compare. I am only in my 20’s and many of my friends are already getting divorced and/or jumping from one person or desire of the flesh to the next, ready to lie or commit adultery if they can get away with it. They don’t know Jesus, nor do they want to.

    I weep for Jesus’ pain over the blindness of the world, his lost servants. There is still time for them, but I weep to know the day when many will knock on his door, begging, and he will say, “I do not know you.” Please pray for this largely faithless and lost generation. He comes soon.

    With Love,

  49. Kingdom of Heaven is already Here ! Angels taking care of Creators children ! Glorify Heavenly fathers children ! Seeing blessings immediately ! Kingdom of heaven is in the lords prayer ! They kingdom come they will be done on earth as it is in heaven ! Same

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