Casting out devils – a personal experience

I was recently asked:

What does a demon “feel like”? Can this be “staged”? Have you ever cast out a demon Marianne?

This is my response:

Yes, I have cast out 8 at one time….but I have only done this once, and I was on the 40th day of a 40 day fast – no food, just water. So, it was a very exceptional time. I prayed for an Asian man who  needed help at a large prayer meeting. He could not speak English, but I understood what he wanted, and I could not speak Chinese. There was a room full of people, but God lead me over to him.

Being on the fast made me very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and I was able to follow instructions, and be amazed at God’s power and deliverance. It was very blessed moment for me. I will always remember what happened. The Chinese man and I seemed to be in our own world, while everyone else was occupied in other prayer activities. It was a private moment for both of us, and we both left the experience awe struck.

A demon is not as powerful as he would have us think. He is actually very weak, and feels like a puff of air, about the size of a cotton ball, soft, not strong. I could feel each of the little puffs come out and hit my hand, which I held over the man’s head and abdomen areas. I know there were 8 because I could count each one as it left. I never touched the man, only held my hand about 6-8 inches over the area.

Demons get their strength by the faith we have in them to do us harm. They have no authority except what we give them, because originally the authority was removed by the blood of Jesus.

The devil tends to imitate what God does, so I would think there are many “staged” performances. People like to be the center of attention, and have people look at what “they” can do. Victimizing a soul further, by shining a TV light and camera on them, is adding to the injury they already have with the demon.

There was nothing staged about my experience. It was quite the opposite. People were ignoring us, and it was done quietly, and in an orderly way. No one knew, except him and me. But it was an experience I am very grateful for, and deeply impressed me.

In difficult times, I remember back to this, as God was gracious enough to allow me to witness true deliverance, his faithfulness, and help build my confidence in His promises. Because of this, I can tell the difference between the real and the fake. I would say that most of what you see is fake, or at best, unsuccessful.

Jesus did promise that true believers would cast out devils. But what has happened, is that people have turned such a precious, private experience into a circus act. Man’s ego is in the way of God, which hinders the work of the Holy Spirit, and produces shallow experiences which do not deliver the person at all.

It is not God’s will to see his people tormented by demonic spirits. It IS his will to cast out the devils and deliver people. It is also his will to have believers help each other. But, sadly, people want to be important and famous. They want people to look at them on a stage, or in front of a room, and give them credit for being special.

Scripture says that God resists the proud. So this also means that proud people do not have the power of God to use, because they just want to commercialize it and abuse it for themselves. This leaves many afflicted people without help, because there are very few trustworthy ministers. Casting out demons requires death to the flesh. The flesh is very much alive in most people, so they are not fit to handle the delicate matter of someone’s soul in their care.

To be of use to someone in need is a very humbling moment, because it is God, not the person, at work.

Final note: I hear much debate about whether someone should fall forward or backwards if the Holy Spirit touches him, in a “slaying of the spirit” experience. Somehow, they should only fall forward, on their face in worship. This is the prevalent opinion.

The man who was delivered did originally fall backwards, and was laying in a comfortable position on his back, when I reached him. His eyes were closed, and he seemed like he was peaceful, and sleeping, but I was aware of what he needed. This actually made it easier for me to pray for him, and experience what I did. It was like he was just laying on, or sleeping in, a hospital bed, waiting for the doctor to come.

It only took a few moments for the spirits to come out, and then I was able to extend a hand to him, and help him get up. On TV, I see long torturous “exorcisms.” This is the flesh in action, not God, and I wonder what shape the person is in afterwards, or if the problems are really gone.

When God delivers a person, it happens right away, if the person is willing. In a true deliverance, the person should feel much better. Whoever God uses to help them should respect their privacy.

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  2. Hi, me again 😀
    You say that both of you “knew”.
    What do you mean?
    I hope you never really know how someone possesed truly feels.
    But how hard is it on him/her?
    How do you know how many there is?
    I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    • I was once possessed and it was horrible.
      I was tricked into ritual blasphemy thinking A) that we should worship Jesus ( we should only worship and pray to the Most High God YHWH), B ) that anything even remotely related to paganism IE CD cover art and such is allowing demons into the house – meaning A) I was impure as I was ritually sinning, and B) I’d given demons permission to assign themselves to objects in my house.

      Now, rather than turn me into a self-harming nut job or depressive freak, they did to me what “legion” or “mob” (depending on your translation) did to Yashua before he cast them out into pigs, you remember how they flung him down into a mockery of praise and worship?
      Well they made me God and Jesus obsessed, constantly making me think others were possessed and that every display of Niger from someone including myself was demon possession, and I would always be saying verbally “Jesus/Yeshua, please save me/him/her/them/us from the demons”. While it made me ironically live like a perfect Christian, I was constantly blaspheming through praying to Jesus and not how Jesus taught us- to God in the name of Yeshua. I was looking like a fruitloop to all my friends and pushing them away, and I didn’t care as I was thinking “Remember that they hated me first” which is a quote from Yeshua, and thought these were sacrifices I had to make, as if God wants us to suffer, yeah right… Only noble suffering through genuine persecution perhaps but not in every day life.
      At the same time I was given a very high level of intelligence and quick wit, much higher than normal, coupled with a desire to preach Jesus at anyone involved in occult activity, I could immediately recognise which of my friends had ever been into the occult in their lives even though they’d never told me. Weird powers I thought had come to me through God.
      Then one night I was attacked by demons, at least one, and I was possessed by either a very powerful one or lucifer/satan himself as I hallucinated the all seeing eye in purple, and I was being physically touched by something unseen, I was so scared and fearful, yet no matter how much I called out to Jesus and Yeshua, nothing happened.
      I thought it must be a test to see if I was worthy of being an Elect (pride) but I knew something was wrong, and it clicked into place that,since “Godhead” is a mistranslation that doesn’t exist in the Greek or Latin manuscripts and Yeshua hated being bowed down to or called Lord, and idolitry can lead to possession, I conceided that I must have been deceived and possessed. I spoke out loud to God, I said “God, I believe that you the Most High God are the one true God and I repent idolitry, I ask your forgiveness, I also accept your son Jesus’s sacrifice as the messiah but I worship only you. Please save me from the demons in the name of your son Jesus”
      In that moment my bed stopped shaking, nothing was touching me, the purple eye disappeared from my vision, I stopped thinking all the items that I hadn’t yet thrown out were possessed, I realised the truth, my intelligence returned to normal levels and psychic phenomena stopped happening to me. I finally felt happy.
      In all honesty the next day or so I fell back a little into sin as I’d been so anti-sin save for blasphemy and teaching false doctrine of worshipping Jesus, but then I got my head back together and I feel I have a good relationship with our true God, the one we believe to be named YHWH though I’m worried that we don’t have his real name because of the corruption of the Torahs and manuscripts by Zionists over time, but I’ve also established this by speaking to God as “The true creator of everything, the one that always was, is and will be” to tell him that when I refer to God, YHWH or The Most High, I’m definitely referring to him, since it appears that his name is lost, although YHWH definitely seems the most likely to be correct, and also established that when I refer to either Jesus or Yeshua I’m referring to his son our messiah, so that if it is indeed the case that these names aren’t correct, it is established that I speak to God and of Jesus and not to/of idols, though it is seen by the very fact that God saved me from the demons in my epiphany that he knows we mean Him in our hearts when we say God, so it is fine anyway, I’m just being extra careful after my horrendous experience. I hope this answers your question 🙂

      • D

        What you are describing is the infestation of religious spirits, which are really nasty, and the same ones that Jesus / Yashua had encountered with the Pharisees. There are a lot of them in the churches and they are there to destroy, not save. I am happy you were able to break free.

        • Oops – iPhone typo- “Niger” was supposed to say “anger”

        • Thanks!

          Any chance you could write up a blog post at some point detailing them and how to recognise them and how to deal with them?

          Also the other kinds that there are?

          So far all I can find is information written by spiritualists/misinformed people that are into the occult, not genuine people working to save people in the name of Yashua via God



          • D



            • Hello my name is Lorna and I am having this problem for the 6 months where a sexual demon enter my body through my head, I was in an abusive situation and God got me in July of this year before I ran I was sleeping the night before I left and I felt something stick me like a needle in my head and I jump up with pain in my head and a burning feeling in the right side of my head from there I ran for my life I stay around spiritual people this thing in my body move to my vagina and rectum it is so scary I repent to God for my sins I did believe this man was from God for me but I was wrong this demon wont leave me alone I am praying and still is praying and trusting God, it wont leave the private parts of my body alone please help me if you can please!!! I am trying to find a church to help but cant find one can fasting help? if yes how many weeks I can do it for God bless you hope to hear from you my e-mail address is please help

              • lorna

                It sounds like he had demons of lust and violence, or a kundalini spirit

                I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and spirits, python , and curses too

                also for protection

                print out and say each day, get others to pray with you if you can

                I will agree with you in prayer

                remember if you have repented of your sins, and accepted jesus as savior, this thing has no legal right to be in you

          • How do I cast demons out of myself?

          • Hello, I have had the same revelation about worshipping Jesus but havnt been able to find a place to belong with others who believe the same. What denomination should I look into so that I can go to a church that sings songs thanking God for Jesus rather than worshipping Jesus. I’m currently in a pentecostal church and like the way it is so holy spirit led. Have u got any further reading for me or others testimonies about waking up to this truth?

            • pddy

              if you are happy in the church you are in, then stay there, at least for now. so I do not understand why you say you need to find another place.

              they do not do deliverance there?

            • Non denominational, go to sound cloud and search New Covenant Church. Evangelist is what you are searching for, listen to Bethel and Hillsong United, Lauren Daigle and pray for strength

        • Could you give me some options for deliverance from possible demons? Places to go for help, etc. I live in the Philadelphia, PA area. Thanks and God bless you.

          • jameel

            I do not specifically know personally any churches where you are, but try ones that are church of god, or assemblies of god. look in directory for deliverance ministries,

            but be careful…..while some churches are faithful to obey and honor god, others may have the demons you are trying to get rid of.

            ask god to help you pick out a place, and then if you are comfortable with it, then stay there….if not, get what you need, and leave.

            I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and the demonic, so print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

            • Please help because no one else and i mean no one gets it …maybe you do Hey im not sure if ive been opressed or demonicly ruled but i feel things on my throat like its flying in there and i also have other effects that im too worried to say outloud ..not sure whos listening or watching …i go church and worship jesus christ i went threw a time where i saw the eye and i would feel demons saw upside down crosses on people and buildings and stuff … and sometimes it would be burning hot and everyone else would be fine but i could feel a presence there next me and the middle of my cgest would burn nonstop ..i would pray and pray and it wouldnt stop ..i need to know if i have the mark of a spirit on my forehead cause when im at work alot of people look at my forehead…i also would like to know how do i know that im following the correct path to everlasting life …the church is corrupt and im begginig to feel alone ….

              • newlife

                I sounds like the demons in your church are after you.

                quit going there!!!!

                your heart is your temple….not a building full of corruption.

                I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and for blessings and strength.

                print them out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

              • Say this prayer. Father God in the name of Jesus i confess my ancestors have sinned against you I forgive them for there sins. Please forgive me for any involvement with the occult and any other sins i have done. i renounce any involvement with the occult. Now say in the name of Jesus i command all demons to leave me right now. You may start coughing if you do its demons leaving.

            • Hi Marianne, would you please send me those deliverance prayers against witchcraft that you recommend should be prayed daily. I really do feel I need them. Thank you.

            • Hello, I am in desperate help..can you send me prayers too!! Demons inside and outside my me please!!!! Restoration7227@gmail. Com Darlene

          • Freedom Encounters. Look at their website. I went through deliverance. We are oppressed, not possessed. Blessings.

          • Hi if you email me on I can give you information. Also if you go on YouTube and search for Derek prince hi will give you great understanding

        • Hi may you email me at please

        • please what are religious spirits?

        • I have a lot of demons inside me I fell into sin after years of celibacy and fornicated twice it was after a period of being sleep deprived by noisy neighbours for months which made me ill. I was a spirit filled Christian now I dont feel God or people at all my heart has been warn away. my email is I think I lost my salvation over this sin but I have had a lot of prophesy to say I am still ok. I dont know which to believe

          • anthony

            you were forgiven 2000 years ago. stop beating yourself up, and accept the love god has for you…you cannot feel god because you have put up a mental barrier out of guilt…..reject the guilt and accept the forgiveness of god…go in peace, and rest in the mercy of god

      • Hi there I’ve got the same problem. The demon called lucifer keeps taking my belongings so i cannot dress where make up or clothes.myhead hurts i havent slept for years it keeps saying it wsnys my eyes my kids its a real serious thing x please help
        me out.

        • selena

          I am sending you some prayers to say out loud, so the demons can hear you, that I want you to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

        • I have many beings within me I was once into black arts when I was younger they took everything from me then I learned to feed em and they would be some what repressed this last month I was baptized and nothing has changed I still feel like someone else lives with in me at times I feel angelic and half demonic but I have power over my grandmother was a white witch and so was her mother. I meet someone who was possessed and I touched her forehead and smelt burning and rotting flesh I didn’t say anything over her but I channeled my inner demon or so I thought it was and instantly she was released from what ever was tormenting her this was all in private mind you,,,my father was a healer and his father was a medicine man of the my dad died in a freak accident I was told but there was never a body he heald and freed many tormented souls in the past all in private but I am all that remains now and I nolonger can keep this family secret…cause I learned that I cant exercise demons ive learned I collect them…I dream other worldly horrific things that can’t even be explained with the human tounge…(recap) when I was a teen ager I was into whichcraft and my parents never told me it was in my blood but I was in the dark arts I use to have chairs slam into the wall doors slam and even pictures on the wall slang into the ceiling in any house or church I was in…at first before my baptism I thought I was a living and breathing demon but I didn’t understand because I love everyone and I care bout everyone I loved that’s when I knew I was unique so I started research and found that my decendents were collectors.. we are half demon half angelic…I would die for all man kind for anyone so if it helps I will take in any demon I can if it means someone else can live a long happy life….demon wills persuade suicide and self destruction before anything,,,,,,i know I was there…my baptism amplified my angelic side …so if anyone near or far away can afford the trip I live in Mississippi my contact is….i have only one GOD nore demon or devil will destroy me…before there were preachers here the natives had collectors we are very rare and I am the last of my blood line for ever we remained in secret because females family relatives practiced white craft but also believed in heavily into christianity ,,,,I do not worship satan I mearly battle his demons and free tormented souls…..

          • jamie

            I am not sure you are completely delivered of this curse….you want to belong to god but seem to be attracting demons anyhow.

            I am sending you some prayers for deliverance against witchcraft to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

            also find a local deliverance ministry and seek their support in prayer.

        • May you sent me some pray request on this email please I need to fighter out fear

      • You are believing the biggest lie I’ve ever heard Satan tell. Jesus is God:He is the second Person of the Trinity and is the Son of God. JESUS IS TO BE WORSHIPPED. I couldn’t believe it when I read your post. You are believing a obvious lie and need to obey the word of God. Jesus is Lord. Read John 1:1″ In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Read Revelation 19: 11-13 verse 13 says “And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His name is called the Word of God” keep reading, further down verse 16 says, “And He has on His vesture and on His thigh a name written, “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS”. Lord Jesus also said in the Gospels “Before Abraham was I AM.” and said soon as He said that the Jew became very angry and tried to kill Jesus, I couldn’t find that scripture in my concordance but if you read enough of the gospels you will come across it. Also Thomas was the disciple that was known as “doubting Thomas”. In fact after the Lord resurrection Thomas didn’t believe they it was really Jesus standing before him ALIVE. So the Lord told Thomas to put his finger into the nailprints on His hands and feet and then to put his hand in Jesus’ side to feel where the centurian pierced the Lord in His side to see if He was dead, and water came out. Thomas did, then he said “My Lord and my God…” So you see beloved Jesus is God and is very worthy of your worship. Please don’t deny Him any longer. The Word is true and you can believe the Holy Bible and not the lies of the enemy of your soul. God bless you Sandy Fisher.

      • i lived your experience and still going through it!

      • Hello, your story sounds similar to mine, I would like to chat with you, are you free from all of this now? How is your christian faith now? Does it get better?

      • I had a similar experience. A demon came to me as a lion calling me a Christian and offering to heal my broken heart and heal my broken lens of the world.. i too had psychic abilities during this. I had multiple visitations from more than one in perhaps their truer forms. Originally I thought that God sent me help but the truth of the nature of these beings began and I started praying to the One true God for deliverance because one kept telling me that I had jesus in my heart and that he was my best friend. During the last visitation this demon claimed that I had the mark of the beast for being deceived and gave me a vision of being devoured in battle as that text in Revelations.. then tried to make me an offer as I was already doomed and wicked. I opened my Bible to Revelations and realized the lies and deceit. I had never worshiped these beings that I thought perhaps were angels sent to help me so it was a lie. I follow the One true Creator of all seen and unseen! The original visitation came with beautiful visions, pink sparkly light, rainbows, hearts, a blooming red rose.. They are extremely deceptive and tricky! Do not let pride get the best of you! We ARE in the dark days of the anti-christ. They tried to take credit for growth but I realize they were also harassing me endlessly while I removed myself from everyone I experienced love with. Much like an abusive lover.. telling me I am beautiful, loved and worth it while endlessly bringing up hurts that I need to heal from. Remember to focus on love to deepen the ability to forgive. Harassment seemed to be relieved a few times when I stopped blaming others and forgave them; in finding forgiveness for others I experience being forgiven. Holding onto that poisoned contempt and feeling bad for being wronged increased their strength. I saw a puff of light smoke a few times floating around. Had weird experiences with people saying exactly what I was thinking. Was told who was going to call me, when someone was at the door.. we live in an extremely spiritual world. I still get harassed. Please pray for me and I pray

        • I just got cut off before I was done. I pray that my testimony will serve to expose the time that we are in so that believers can really their strength! Life here is short and a trial with true evil in existence. Remember that Lucifer was able to deceive one third of the angels that knew God on a personal level. Which also means that two third of the angels have not fallen and they are outnumbered! A beautiful new world awaits in the future and we will no longer have these hard times come to mind! My love goes out to anyone reading this and I hope that one day we can experience a world without pain and suffering and experience deep true loving relationships with each other and the Lord! In Jesus Christ’s name I pray and thank the One true God for planning a way to redeem us with his Son’s blood sacrifice since before the beginning of our time. Amen

          • amber

            god bless you . amen

          • I have been going through some hardships but have experienced miracles.. Of hearing people curse me and tell me how horrible i am and repeating curses and yelling the devil or dragon or changing spots. Seeing people with eyes that are almost all black. Laughing at me. Staring. This was in Australia, i left everything i had except for maybe 5-10% of my things and my job as they seemed to be on it. Like i was an offering of some sort? I got more and more weak and lost so much weight and saw so much darkness and fear. I cried and surrendered to God after not praying and talking to him for more or less a year and for some reason spoke to a homeless man called Luke. The details are very miraculous and did not realise this was holy week this year on a thursday. I was on the plane home april 2nd and it was the longest plane ride of my life. It felt like final destination. I heared kids crying and then laughing at me and giving me looks. People would throw words at me with so much disgust and anger. The whole flight everyone seemed like they knew something was gonna happen. I felt sleepy but fought it and felt like darkness was gonna take me if i did. I kept praying for about 1-3 hours then somewhere in the dark night outside the plane, i saw red flame. Then it got bigger and was pulsating. It was like the divine mercy heart of Jesus. I kept praying for it made me feel that He has heard me and that i will be ok. While this was going on, i could see from the corner of my eye, someone sitting on the next row behind me with really dark eyes sticking his face so close and staring at me and another one on the front row. I was so tired. I got home and feel so blessed and thankful for Him to save me and gave me an understanding family. I lost my job and now still trying to find one although i think i am no longer accepted in this world as I have God in everything i do. Atleast I try to. I never want to go astray. Also, recently 2 of our puppies died and my mother said it could be that the evil spirits were casted to them which i feel so thankful for but at the same time so sad. Since then, i have put on weight and not hear much of the persecutions but sometimes i still do and get stared at but i no longer see the dark eyes.

            • clariz

              I hope this is all behind you now.

              Most believers are not taught spiritual warfare. this is why they get attacked…because they do not know how to fight back.

              you can pray against all these things, and command the demonic spirits to go, in Jesus name.

              I am attaching some prayers that you may want too print out and save. and maybe even say each day, or save for when you need them again.

              they are against witchcraft and other spirits, and against curses….

              I am also attaching a prayer for blessing, since you need a job, and daily strength.

              I support you in prayer. stay strong

              be blessed

              • Hi Marianne,

                Thank you for the prayers. I am in much better place now thank God. I still have struggles and yesterday was one of them, i cried to Him and had so much worries and questions and doubts even of my sanity and somehow he brought me upon the site and i read the article and the comments and he answered me through you and it made me know that i am not alone and i am not the only one. That in times like this, we need to increase our faith and persevere. I am a roman catholic and i do not think it matters for there is no mention of one religion in the scriptures and believe the stone and the church Christ built is in our hearts. In all that accepts him and believes in him for the scripture said that when Peter saw a man driving out demons in the name of Jesus and he told him to stop for he did not belong in their group, Jesus said do not stop him for anyone who is not against us is for us. God is so amazing, so loving so merciful and as much as what i had went through then was the scariest point in my life, it was in those moments i felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and that in itself was and is the most beautiful thing. For our trials and difficult times are blessings in disguise for it gives God the opportunity to make himself known and it makes us have faith and make it grow like a mustard see. To God be the glory. Praise his name and give thanks for giving us his only begotten son to be our Savior. God Bless

      • Gosh I could have written this myself…all the same battles down to the confusion on the name..I’ve struggled for years and I always knew it didn’t seem wasn’t the love i used to has become life was just in darkness…I’m trying to break free now..but I still struggle..I came on this page because I don’t even feel like me anymore..I can’t seem to find God but I am also not fearing all the things I was fearing..I came out of an ungodly relationship we were both Christian but it just felt like darkness..since then I have been finding my way to find a proper relationship with God and not just religious fear..I’m struggling though..thank you for taking the time to write this as it’s given me some hope.. sophie

        • sophie

          I think most true believers have had the same moments that you have had. darkness is really here, and can affect anyone. relationships break up easily, and then there is that void.

          if you are still the same, then you have not grown. you have gone through a trial and come out a different person. that was the reason for the trial… you are not supposed to end up the same.

          most of the time, trials leave us feeling broken, because of the emotional suffering that happens, and we all resist that, because it hurts.

          god is there for you. probably more than ever. he has allowed this to happen in your life so that you will draw close to him, so he can draw close to you.

          seek him daily, read the psalms, and other scripture that comforts, and you will grow in strength….this is what you need to be strong when disasters hit this land and this planet….wars, famine, death…..put on your full armor of god.

          I pray that you feel the love of the Father, and the Son,and the holy spirit….and this builds up your inner self, so you can serve him in these last days.

      • Thank you for sharing your story.this gives me hope, since of faith. Somehow your story answered my question which I was looking for. I’m still a work in progress with heavenly father by my side

      • Beautiful.

      • Hello D!! I am so sorry but i absolutely am going through the same phase and same worries! I am still currently battling with confusion and uncertainty and persecution barely but people giving me looks.

      • D
        You are hitting the real point.
        A lot of people have misconception of true GOD what i meant is people have wrong definition of GOD.
        Simply, GOD is the one who created all humanity from Adam all way until the end of the world, the one who created Adam with no father or mother same one crated eiv from Adam with out mother same one who created Jesus from mother with out mother.
        IS THE TRUE GOD ..
        If we believe that othe things can be deserve to be worshipped liken tree or son/ idols/ a human/ grave/angles it’s all commenting un justice to GOD
        Our God is the same God of Adam,Noa, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed.
        GOD is called Allah in Arabic.

      • How did you know? What are the signs? What if I prayed and prayed but I still feel the way you felt?

      • That’s incredible! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi. I wish i could meet you. Can you help. I have around 7 demons tormenting me at presant they just wont leave. I cannot sleep at night been to many churchs but all have failed to deliver me properly its sad. Every night im tormented same as everyday.can u give advice please. Selena x

      • selena

        I am in the USA so I am not near you. I need more information. Please reply to the email you are getting and give me more information.

        usually they are there because you let the door open with some sort of sin in your life. you need to repent of this, which means turn away and stop doing the sin.

        I am sending you a list of sins. Also some prayers for deliverance from witchcraft, in case someone is casting spells at you. and some prayers for protection. print them out and say them each day, and I will be in agreement with you

        Also, I have to ask. Are you saved? Is jesus christ you savior and messiah? salvation has to occur before deliverance.

        • Hi I really want to learn more about this.I fell like im under some spell. I.have repent and excepted jesus as my savoir and that god is the one and only true god. Can you please help me and send prayers my way

    • I have had the devil on my back for almost 2 yrs now.. I have submitted myself to Jesus and my faith has become a way of life for me, but still the devil continues to harass me day and night….. my husband got involved in the occult in the 90s and I only found out about it last year and made him get rid of all books etc, relating to this but the oppression continues.. can you help me please?

      • sonata

        Is your husband still involved in the occult? or has he repented of it and turned away from it?

        your husband has to submit to jesus as well, is your husband saved?

        I am not sure of the answers to these questions, so I am sending you some prayers against occult, witchcraft and curses, prayers for protection, prayers for strength and prayer for unsaved loved ones.

        print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

    • Do you still help people who is being tormented by demons? If so, please help me.

      • vickie

        yes I do, but usually it is in person.

        others I have to advise from a distance.

        I am sending you an email

        • Marianne can you help me

          • eric

            what is wrong?

            • Possessed, can you please help.
              I’m getting worse, I feel something on my forehead, my back gets really eughh and hot at times like a leather coating, then I feel extreme rage. Today I was screaming hysterically, hitting, kicking & foaming at the mouth like a mad woman. I sometimes feel it enter me & wake me in the night. This behaviour is totally out of character for me.

              • shaz

                I can send you prayers to say, but you need help in person.

                seek a local deliverance ministry, church of god, or assemblies of god.’

                I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and spirits….

                best to print out and say each day, and get others to pray there too

                I will agree with you in prayer

              • There is a church called the uckg help centre there should be oone near you. look it up on the internet and check if there is any where you live. They do intense deliverance prayers on fridays at 7:30 pm. If your demons are causing that much havoc the you need to tell one of the pastors there. They will PRIVATE one with you. I myself a currently being delivered from pornography. Any time I am being delivered I feel like passing out. don’t worry about what happens during deliverance. The devil is purposely putting fear in your heart to make you think God cannot free you. Don’t listen! Use all your HATRED towards the evil spirits and tear them asunder. Ask God to send if angel if neccessary. I remember One of the pastors asked God to send the strongest angel to deliver me. When that happened I felt the demons jump in fear of the lives because the angel must have been there and they left me. My problem was is that I didn’t follow up and they returned. Keep fighting you will defeat those weaklings called devils.

                • Many thanks
                  Will give it a go. Just deteriorating, now feels like there’s something with me almost everyday. I just can’t stop being angry, even when my heart softens and I’m exhausted, I just can’t stop screaming, being nasty and abusive. Last few weeks, new symptom- feels like there’s constantly something (spirit or something) in my mouth, grinding my teeth and controlling my words, making me foam at the mouth. Went to church- during mass, strange things happen within my body- love me something moving inside me. After leaving church, body almost shaking, weird sensations and then flew into a rage, jumped out of the car and wouldn’t listen to reasoning. I am at a loss, feel like they have total control, I’m just a puppet

                  • marianne

                    I am marianne also…. do you have any enemies? anyone cursing or rejecting you? have you ever been abused or mistreated? have any idea where all this comes from? the source of this evil?

                    do not feel at a loss. I was raised catholic too, and they do not teach about spiritual warfare….and you are under attack, from your description.

                    first you have to know that as a believer in Christ, you have the authority to overcome this….you just have to use your faith and authority Jesus gave you..

                    I am sending some prayers against witchcraft and spirits, curses, and f or strength and blessings and protection.

                    print them out and say each day….

                    i will be in agreement with you in prayer.

                    if you can get others to pray with you also, that would be a big help.

                    • Hello. h ave this same demon with man with his mouthfoaming following me like talking like he is gangster rat. have u need in canada or jamaica wi. had contact with persons, ihave u been to negril and not given someone money,, or have information someone can use to get rich… i have this person and company demoic follow me and bring friends. a man i met is one of them who thiks hes god.. and a pimp in negril and someone else.. i have had my life destroy after doctors failed to secure my defenses by treating trauma which allowed this person to get in and my sister might be the oen inviting them or blocking my way in life ortried to .i have a person from school also who was a psychic negative person jelous and dirty, alll of demon are drity players in game and playing with psyhic and want to kill and use jesus for what they can use him for, and the kill him for exposing them..

                  • Hello. h ave this same demon with man with his mouthfoaming following me like talking like he is gangster rat. have u need in canada or jamaica wi. had contact with persons, ihave u been to negril and not given someone money,, or have information someone can use to get rich… i have this person and company demoic follow me and bring friends. a man i met is one of them who thiks hes god.. and a pimp in negril and someone else.. i have had my life destroy after doctors failed to secure my defenses by treating trauma which allowed this person to get in and my sister might be the oen inviting them or blocking my way in life ortried to .i have a person from school also who was a psychic negative person jelous and dirty, alll of demon are drity players in game and playing with psyhic and want to kill and use jesus for what they can use him for, and the kill him for exposing them..

    • Pray for me please i don’t know if it’s my anxiety or demons after me please help anxiety is running me to suicide i think it’s because i don’t know what it’s like to live a normal life again because of my anxiety when i look at pictures of myself when i was younger i just remember back when i used to live a happy life now im living a life of fear and only jesus christ can help me please pray for me guys i don’t know what’s going on i am just to scared to commit suicide please don’t let me suffer pray for me.May God bless You All

      • albert

        perfect love casts out all fear….god can do this because his love for you is perfect.

        why are you afraid? what has gone wrong?

        you have my prayers….against the spirit of fear which has gotten a hold of you, and you need to let go of it.

    • i have had a demon and escaped it. i was just 22 or so and had suffer trauma and i feel the abuse and sitaution by my family was intent to cause trauma to open the door for someone. ir ecall feeling someone over me in dark space trying to nake sure i could not have children, and things also in mife where i then suffered a insane abuse by a sick father , i also lived in suburb but my father and family born in city , and i feel this came from blck persons or something.of curse im not sure. but the preson in art school who jelous me and play with psychic mind might also been the source of a jelous mind and plot to get rid of me,, i began tosuffer after having best time of my life. i quetion also a sister in family of jelousy who was not an artist. my life suffer and i was a witness to god also of suffering and demons. it was not just demon it was persons who felt htey had power to go into others minds and use their psychic power as bullies not as good or defense some of the m not all of them most of them were afro caribbean. but not limited to as thisis from every race and all walks.. as black people are fearful of whtie power and others,, and are also biggest babies at getting their shit hande back to them by god.. i escape my demon that come from brooklyn or somewhere or a family perso n off a situation of child abuse and i ran at 22 into streets with trauma which was not treated as abuse left me to suffer and then after 12 years of beggint drs and family to do right thing, they did not. i knew tha tsomeone or thing followed me to the doctor and told the doctor who i saw cock ear up to wind and eyes , to igonre me. for 12 years or more, and someone who said no oe was going to listen to me. i struggle to traceand get free of this person who had bounded me to them and removed my defenses and who felt they had it going on and it all figure out and that no whtie person or person heard or cared where i was for 12 years adn this person had their way with my lmind in games unti one day before i was broken i put one foor i nfront o other, and began to escape, it lead to 19 years and years in jamaica wil of al places where i began to thrive. in last few years and all through persons who also bragged ad show of as black jamaican persons looking for others minds and souls and powers to go into minds of others or try to get in and flaunt this and lee scratch perry wrote about it in his bio, but this has gone father than just mind reading, its invasion and demonic possessino and obsessessin to kil white people or anyoen and take out a soul even more so if that person is talented or rich or a=other.. and if u become sick or made sick and not treated as i was it send fear and panic and signals tosomeone who feel u are a easy target. i was not that easy and fought. as i had 19 year of free life and experinece, i knew when to ask for help . but no one like me or care for me and left me vulnerabl to attack and a bag of pimps and greed rideen persons began to get to close to me and try to get at me and to take over my life. this sister might also be part of the problem and they like to hjoin forces with persons to do the work. they want to use kidnapping brain washing tactics to make the victim weak and blin and powerless. i felt someoen go into my mind like using hypnosis to disorirent me to who i was and make me feel helpless and unable to fend for my life and also no one cared.. when i told family i was udner attack again , i felt my sister say yep like this was hwere i belonged in he power as she might be evil. now im infested again, with a large m=amoutnt of demons comding from jamiaca. after someone got ito myl ife and began to abuse me and is part of this regiment is pimp from negril i was strong enough to pyuthim down like devil. but when i wasn ot treated for things he did to me. i began to suffer and then a game was played iwht me by them braking me down and putting a man in my ife who was used to take me in and reject me intent to induce some kind of mental break down to make me fall into despair.. and mylife began to fall into ehll and it was like maggots crawl all over you and all weak pesorns who were jelous of you or wanted you to fall was being invited by this pimp a blcak fake rasta and another fake rasta to get into my soul and to ravage it and he feels he won. i can hear him getting off and he has a blind stupid enabler white woman as his wife now, and she is the worst thing to this.. i began to lose my life and became to weak to find a means o shelter or sleep and began to die of this, as like a large amount of this peron bringing more and more persons into game to feed off my soul. the like to instilfear, so the less fear u have and omre stable or rested strong its matter of swatting a rat in kitchen,if ur afraid of rats, they look bigger than they are. if ur afraid, or feel nervous they feed off this and it weakens them. u start talking inside you head to feed devi ur prayers and getting angery which feeds them ur soul… and one f them acts like the side kick to satan and satan who has power they need to feed off of.. and mostly they do not just target white people for this. but mostly white people for money and use it on others.. i had escaped my ordeal and this comes from human persons who feel poweful spirited, and they feed of instil fear in ur and makeu tallk ur self into ur worst night mare.. first time i escape by not geting panicly and not talk into this. and reversed the chains. and got back my life. but when i asked for help and family cosed ear and eyes agin or wanted me to die with them. i was left in a bad place and i began to lose my mind,,

  3. hi Anon,

    When I said I “knew,” it was because God put this information in my spirit, so that I would know the problem, and be able to pray for the man. This man was just oppressed with spirits. This means they were hurting him inside, but they did not take over his body.

    I have known someone who was really possessed – that means the devil really controls the body. It is terrible. The person is a slave to the devil, and makes the person do terrible things. It can make the person physically sick, for example, they can get cancer and other serious diseases, because the devil is destroying the body.

    I knew how many demons were there because I counted them as they came out, one at a time. Because I was on a 40 day fast, I was very sensitive and I could physically feel the demons come out of the man.


    • i need help i have had 3 excorsisms by 7 or more people but i still have spirits i believ this kind can only come out by prayer and fasting because i have even prayed 13 hours one day for deliverance could you pray for me and get the answer from god of what i need to do to be delivered

      • miguel

        I do not know enough about you yet to advise you. Why did you need exorcisms? what were you doing wrong to allow demons into you? It sounds like the demons left temporarily but came back because you did not change your ways, or you still have the door open to them in some way. Are you in sin? do you understand what sin is? Do you have bad friends or enemies that are bringing curses on you? do you have cursed objects in the house? how did all this start?

        • I have demons too and I know now its because I sinned hugely. I don’t even know if I have the Lord anymore because I don’t feel him on the inside like I used to. I didn’t even realize how deep in sin I was until I got the demons and people prayed for me 40x, not 3. I got relief three weeks ago and then Monday they came back. I cant sleep now and fear for my soul. I was royally duped and ignorant and prideful. how do you answer this? im still looking for help

          • clarissa

            Having to pray 40 x does not sound right, and it sounds like you wanted relief, but did not repent.

            So they left temporarily….just because of prayer, but they figured they could come back later since you had not changed.

            You did not mention whether or not you repented of your sins, and stop the sins.

            If you have not done this, you need to, and you need to mean it.

            if the door was left open they will return. You need to close the door on them.

            Look over this list of sins, and see if you have missed anything.

            It is amazing to me how many christians are in sin because they do not even know what sin is…


            once you examine your conscience, repent, then go back for prayer again.

          • clarissa torrance,

            With more time to reflect and prepare, please review the following as an outline for the work you need to do. “Work out your salvation [deliverance] with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).

            This will take time and spiritual, mental determination on your part. Your deliverance will be a process.

            With Jesus as your High Priest, you can come before God’s throne where there is grace. There you can receive mercy and kindness to help in this time of need (Hebrews 4).

            Here are the “Seven Steps to Deliverance” by Frank Hammond.

            1) Honesty: be honest with yourself and with God. See Psalm 32:5 and Psalm 139:23-24

            2) Humility: your dependence upon God and His provisions for deliverance. See James 4:6-7 and James 5:16.

            You are made righteous by the Blood of Jesus, not by any works or simply reading the Word – only by His previous Blood; the Lamb of God (Rom. 3:21).

            “You were bought with the precious blood of Christ’s death. He was a pure and perfect sacrificial Lamb. Christ was chosen before the world was made, but he was shown to the world in these last times for you. You believe in God through Christ. God is the one who raised him from death and gave honor to him. So your faith and your hope are in God” (1st Peter 1:19-21, ERV).

            3) Repentance: determined turning away from sin and Satan, hating the evil that manifests in your mind and maybe manifests in your actions.

            “The Lord is not being slow in doing what he promised—the way some people understand slowness. But God is being patient with you. He doesn’t want anyone to be lost. He wants everyone to change their ways and stop sinning” (2 Peter 3:9,ERV).

            “This is the Lord’s message: ‘Now come back to me with all your heart.Cry and mourn, and don’t eat anything! Show that you are sad for doing wrong.Tear your hearts, not your clothes.’ Come back to the Lord your God. He is kind and merciful. He does not become angry quickly. He has great love…”Joel 2:12-14, ERV).

            “God, be merciful to me because of your faithful love. Because of your great compassion, erase all the wrongs I have done [honestly name those thoughts, behaviors and actions that you know you commuted as either in rebellion, simple weakness or neglect]…I remember that sin all the time. I did what You said is wrong. You are the one I have sinned against…What you decided is fair. I was born to do wrong, a sinner before I left my mother’s womb.

            You want me to be completely loyal, so put true wisdom deep inside of me…God, create a pure heart in me, and make my spirit strong again. Don’t push me away or take your Holy Spirit from me” (Psalm 51:1-11).

            3) Reunification: forsake evil, demonstrating your desire to walk in the light. It is breaking from the sins that ties us down, making us salves to sin and becoming a slave to righteousness by your thoughts and actions (Romans 6).

            “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:8-9)

            5) Forgiveness: decision to forgive any wrong directed at you.

            “Yes, if you forgive others for the wrongs they do to you, then your Father in heaven will also forgive your wrongs. But if you don’t forgive others, then your Father in heaven will not forgive the wrongs you do” (Matthew 6:14-15, ERV).

            6) Prayer: seeking God through Jesus our High Priest to deliver and set you free.

            “And everyone who trusts in The Lord will be saved [delivered]” (Joel 2:32).

            “God, save me from all my troubles! The rising water has reached my neck. I have nothing to stand on. I am sinking down, down into the mud. I am in deep water, and the waves are about to cover me. I am getting weak from calling for help. My throat is sore. I have waited and looked for your help until my eyes are hurting.

            God, you know my faults. I cannot hide my sins from you. As for me, Lord, this is my prayer to you: Please accept me!

            God, I want you to answer me with love. I know I can trust you to save me. Pull me from the mud, and don’t let me sink down deeper. Save me from those who hate me [demons]. Save me from this deep water.

            Don’t let the waves drown me. Don’t let the deep sea swallow me or the grave close its mouth on me. Answer me, Lord, from the goodness of your faithful love. Out of your great kindness turn to me and help me…

            The Lord listens to poor, helpless people. He does not turn away from those who are in prison [oppressed by demons]” (Psalm 69, ERV).

            I encourage you to keep reading the Word, rebuking those thoughts and the darkness that is oppressing you in the name of Jesus.

            Read the Armor of God Prayer often and maybe several times a day. Keep the Word on your lips, in your mind and therefore in your heart.


            With confidence in the Lord and His word proclaim the following when you wake up and when you lie down.

            Jesus is my Lord! By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I am seen righteous before Almighty God in heaven now and for eternity (Hebrews 10:10-23). Thank you Lord.

            I declare that I am a child of Father God, blessed by Him who created me (John 1:11-13). Thank you, Father God.

            I declare that He who is in me is greater than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)! Thank you, Lord.

            Then – “prepare your minds for service. With complete self-control put all your hope in the grace that will be yours when Jesus Christ comes. In the past you did not have the understanding you have now, so you did the evil things you wanted to do. But now you are children of God, so you should obey Him and not live the way you did before. Be holy in everything you do, just as God is holy. He is the one who chose you. In the Scriptures God says, “Be holy, because I am holy” (1st Peter 1:13-16).

            Psalm 20

            • thanks dj, and I will read this daily. you were very kind to write me

            • dj, my case is a little different. I believe God’s Spirit left me because of much unrepented sin. I was a wavery Christian and in sin and one night I felt a presence leave me in fear and the next day I was shown the bible where judas betrayed Christ, and since then I have had demons. I have been prayed for 50x, and in the mental ward 6x. if I believed I still had the spirit then all you sent me would help deliver me. all I do is wait for judgment. people done believe me nor understand. I have demonic manifestation dj. not all the time but they do happen. I growl, foam at the mouth, feel like im burning in my legs and hand, and either have an appetite or not. its hard to read the word of God and I used to love to read before this happened. I have had a little relief by a Brazilian pastor that lasted two weeks, then they came back. im trying deliverance one more time then im giving up and knowing God is done with me. im all alone but I met a person on here who is struggling a little like me with the mind torment and the anxiety but she has a chance because she doesn’t feel them inside of her just outside. so I guess im the most messed up person on this site, and im a 50yr old grandmother, that’s even worse. I don’t know what happened to me. I became my own self-destruction. please pray for mercy for my life and soul. and thanks for all the work you did for me.

              • clarissa

                from your last comment, you are possessed, not oppressed.

                you need someone in person who has the power of God.

                But you can overcome this yourself, if you use your free will and really try

                force yourself to say the prayers given you

                • thanks Marianne, I didn’t know you thought I was possessed!!! I heard of people doing this and they were severely oppressed, not possessed. if im tht then the Spirit of God did in fact leave me and I have no hope. that’s why I haven’t been delivered. so how do you explain the 3 weeks I was free and living normal, until one Monday they came back? why would they leave if im so possessed? and why would people still try and help me telling me im not possessed? even you told me I didn’t blaspheme. that’s the only sin where God leaves you I was taught. If im possessed then no where I go I can get help, so why am I mostly normal? I don’t manifest all the time. I go out, shop, eat, drink coffee, go to church etc. but its hard to read the bible w/o condemnation but I can pick it up and read it. I can sing on youtube, and at church. I even spoke about this on youtube etc. and I don’t run around in the streets talking to myself. matter of fact they only speak when im in a deliverance service.

                • and the 3 weeks I was free was by a man with the power of God but he got mad at me because I didn’t believe I had the Spirit anymore so he stopped helping me. he said he cannot make me believe im saved. I begged him not to stop helping me but he is stubborn. I can sit here now nomal and write to you as well, so what are there levels of possession, because I went to church tonight and am going to prayer later today. how do you explain these things I can still go out and do?

                  • your comments contradict themselves at times, so I try to give you the best answers, based on what you say.

                    read the emails I sent you.

                    you did not blaspheme against the holy spirit….you sinned a different way.

                    blasphemy is a specific kind of sin.

                    not every sin is blasphemy.

                    at first you sounded possessed, but now you sound like you are just severely oppressed, where the demons manifest….they have not completely taken over, …..but you are borderline, and need to get “un-stuck” like I said in the email.

                    like I said before, you were cleaned out once, but there was still something wrong, and they came back.

                    for one thing, they always try to do that anyhow.

                    but for some reason, the door was left open , and they re-entered.

                    so now you have to think and figure out WHY they re-entered, and get rid of that cause.

                    • im not sure Marianne! I just asked you the same thing, to help me figure out what exactly I did personally to make God so mad to allow this and not allow me to get free. I know people who sinned way worse than myself and they have no demons. mike smith predicted I would be asking people for help, well he said it in a demon dialogue against me. please quiz me or something. did I tell you that before I became a Christian I heard thousands of demon voices cursing God in my head? and at baptism? so I believe because of my promiscuous lifestyle, they were in me or attached to me at salvation, and never really went anywhere, because I felt enormous tugs to sin, and when I gave in they liftef up, and of course I was taught nothing deep about the spirit world nor demons at all. my bad….

                  • Hello,hope all is well I have been sa born again Christian for years and a few church members and myself went pray for a friend deliverance and when we were praying I started spitting up,was that deliverance for the lady we were praying for are God purging me?

          • Clarissa are you still experiencing problems? Im having a really hard time!

            • pam

              what is going on with you now?

              • Have you ever heard of something that feels attached to you and follows you everywhere? What is this and how can I get released from it?

                • jameel

                  well I have heard different descriptions of demonic oppression, so that is one more method of expression.

                  demons like to bother people. so do not feel alone.

                  first thing to ask is….are you saved by the blood of jesus?

                  if you are, it is easy to ask for help.

                  if you are not, then it is not as easy…

                  this is because it is the relationship with jesus that gives you the authority to declare yourself free.

                  I would like to find out where you are in this relationship? do you have one?

                  I would like to send you some prayers against witchcraft and other spirits to print out and say, and I can agree with you in prayer

                  they will be more effective if you have this relationship established with jesus.

                  please give me some feedback about your current status with the Lord

            • Pam ,Clarissa is not on the internet anymore, I do text her back a forth, talk to her some, I know we are both not doing good, a lot of fear and anxiety, sorry to hear you are going through some simular stuff, its been going on over 3 years for both of us, we have both Prayed and been prayed for , the fear is awful, We are both wondering if it is a retrobate mind we have been turned over, I am having Visions and dreams that are very disturbing, I hope you are finding relief .

              • cathy

                i do not remember your case….is there anything I can do?

                I think you were here once before, but just contacted clarissa.

                I pray over all those who come here every night, and pray against witchcraft and other spirits.

                there has to be something you have not thought of, or someone who is around you that you do not suspect, that is causing you this grief.

                pray before bedtime for God’s presence to rule over you while you sleep.


        • clarissa

          This is not the failure of prayer. there is something wrong with the people involved.

          either you still have unrepentant sin, and you say you don’t , or the people praying for you have no idea what they are doing, or have sin themselves.

          Please try somewhere else to have people agree in prayer with you. Bring the prayers I sent you with you so you can agree as a group.

        • I would like to talk to you Clarissa, I too am going thru the same thing, my email is

      • can I talk to you Miguel. we have a similar issue it seems but mine may be worse

      • want to talk?

  4. I guess there is no way to describe such a knowledge nor feeling.
    How does he know?
    How does he know he isn’t sick mentally or physically?
    Do you see them, or it just a feeling?
    Is there any truth to what wee in movies in regards to exorcism?
    No doubt, there is embellishments and dramatizations.

    BTW, fasting is another similarity between both faiths.
    Though there is a difference in how, and for how long.

  5. Dear Anon,

    Can you feel the wind and know it is there? If yes, then you can feel a spirit moving.

    When someone dies, they weigh about 2 lbs less. This is because the spirit, which weighs this much, has left the body. So, something that has weight and can be measured can also be felt. Demons are just spirits without bodies.

    My feeing was not emotional, or mental. I could physically feel the spirits come out of his body.

    If you take your index finger, and lightly touch the palm of your other hand, that is how weak the spirit felt – physically – when he left the man. Since there were 8 of them, tap your finger 8 times on the palm of your hand. That is what 8 spirits feel like.


  6. Well what you say about the demon being as a puff of wind is inline with Derrick prince’s Book ” Blessings and curses ”

    When you pray to expel the demons from yourself, you yawn, but not a normal yawn a very weird, yawn that stretches your mouth and comes from deep within, almost as from the stomach. When this happens to you, you will know there is a distinct difference between a normal yawn and an expelling yawn, but hard to explain.
    I have experienced this.

    Thank you for sharing


    • according to a pastor i once heard on a radio broadcast, all yawns are a manifestation of the fact that we expel evil spirits from within. also, any kind of coughing, hick-ups, sighing or burping, the pastor was saying, assuring us of his over thirty years of experience.
      just like you, i experience it very often: maybe i have a lot of unclean thoughts going through my mind, or my little jokes that i say sometimes or who knows? i know He does. the disposition of my heart is to follow Him.
      God Bless everyone! peter

      • peter

        the pastor had odd ideas…

        yawning is due to oxygen depletion, and fatigue

        hick ups , burping are due to swallowing air with food

        coughing is due to irritation or a virus

        however, I have seen one deliverance where someone burped as they expelled a demon.

        stay close to God and you won’t have to worry.


  7. Bee,

    That was interesting. I did not know about expelling demons from yourself. Thank you.


  8. There is a lot that I could say here. In what I have found, there are many different types and sizes of demons. Demonology is a very vast subject. When I went through my deliverance…it was just me and the Holy Spirit. Let me also say that the type of deliverance I went through was very good because it was the Holy Spirit who did all of the work and I was alone at home. There is an entire chapter in the book “Pigs in the Parlor” by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond that is dedicated to self-deliverance. It is much better if you allow the Holy Spirit to both initiate and perform deliverance on individuals in my opinion because there is less danger of physical harm (such as the demon making the person convulse or punch you). The part you said about demons being small and weak…actually here is the exact quote:

    “A demon is not as powerful as he would have us think. He is actually very weak, and feels like a puff of air, about the size of a cotton ball, soft, not strong.”

    I would have to disagree with you here. Not to give any glory whatsoever to demons or Satan…but some demons are in fact very strong and if a person is demonized enough they are very capable of doing much harm to you if you are not in the Will of God. Hence the verses here:

    Mark 5
    1They went across the lake to the region of the Gerasenes.[a] 2When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an evil[b] spirit came from the tombs to meet him. 3This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him any more, not even with a chain. 4For he had often been chained hand and foot, but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue him. 5Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.

    Acts 19
    13Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed. They would say, “In the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.” 14Seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. 15(One day) the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?” 16Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding.

    I can also tell you from my own personal deliverance that they are all not the size of a cotton ball…and they are not easy to drive out. They are in fact very rebellious and Stubborn! We are not to fear them whatsoever…so please do not hear that in what I am saying. My only advice is to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit when attempting to enter into deliverance ministry. Some of the worst things I have seen happen came from people casting demons out of people who simply were not ready for deliverance. If people are not willing to leave their sin and you cast the demons out…they come back seven fold. In fact, people involved in the occult and witchcraft will purposefully go to churches and get their demons cast out so that they can go home and get seven times as many. Some people will do this over and over in order to get more power from demons. Lots of witch-doctors and warlocks do this same thing.

    There is a lot to be said on the subject. Jesus Christ reigns over all. If ANYONE is honestly seeking him they will eventually get their deliverance…there is usually a timing to it, and the Holy Spirit is very well and able to set them free on a gradual scale that will keep them sealed to prevent any other demons from being able to enter. The key is to get people filled with the Holy Spirit. After that it is all downhill!

    Thank you for letting me post comments here. I pray that this will somehow be of use to you!

    In Jesus name,


    • Holy , people /purposely/ do the seven-times-more-spirits thing? People /can/ purposely do that? That is DISTURBING! O_O

      • hi violet

        Only disturbed people would want more demons than they already have!

        • Having one (at least I believe it was only one I had^ check my previous reply to someone for my story) was enough!
          Though when I tried to get rid of them on the last night I had them I had a very powerful one or satan himself try to lure me with the light and wisdom of the third eye… Not pleasant. 😦

    • I need help. I sinned unto death or something similiar. I was on my way to grace (I wasn’t sure if I ever had grace/ sometimes I thought so) and I became frustrated and looked back to sin. My heart became to repent. Evil spirits entered. My heart is sooo sooo bitter now and cannot feel joy. I just want to make a change now. I have no more understanding of scripture. I’m a total failure now spiritualy/ academically/emotionally/financially ect. I don’t know if ill ever find God again. I feel more sadness and despair in one day now than you can imagine. It was sexual sin that caused me to be an idiot. I’m heaveliy considering castration. Please respond

      • became too hard to repent*

      • Johnny,

        See if you can identify with the following –

        “I am the man who has experienced suffering under the rod of God’s fury. God has driven me away and made me walk in darkness instead of light.

        He (God) beat me again and again all day long. He has made my flesh and my skin waste away. He has broken my bones. He has attacked me and surrounded me with bitterness and hardship. He has made me live in darkness, like those who died a long time ago. He has blocked me so that I can’t get out.

        He has put heavy chains on me. Even when I cry and call for help, he shuts out my prayer. He has blocked my way with cut stones and made my paths crooked. He is like a bear waiting to ambush me, like a lion in hiding.

        He has forced me off the road I was taking, torn me to pieces, and left me with nothing. He has drawn his bow and made me the target for his arrows. He has shot the arrows from his quiver into my heart. I have become a laughingstock to all my people. All day long they make fun of me with their songs. He has filled me with bitterness.

        He has made me drink wormwood. He has ground my teeth with gravel. He has trampled me into the dust. My soul has been kept from enjoying peace. I have forgotten what happiness is… Remember my suffering and my aimless wandering, the wormwood and poison.

        My soul continues to remember these things and is so discouraged… I said, ‘I’ve lost my strength to live and my hope in the Lord.’ Remember my suffering and my aimless wandering, the wormwood and poison. My soul continues to remember these things and is so discouraged” (Lamentations 3:1-20, God’s Word Translation).

        If these lines ring a bell with you, then reply and I’ll give you some advise from my 12 months (day/night) of feeling so discouraged that I believed God removed His blessed covering over my life.

        I was felt like David when he wrote these lines:

        “Troubles have surrounded me. They are too many to count!My sins have caught me, and I cannot escape them. They are more than the hairs on my head. I have lost my courage. Please, Lord, rescue me! Lord, hurry and help me!” (Psalm 40, ERV).

        “Don’t push me away or take your Holy Spirit from me. Your help made me so happy. Give me that joy again” (Psalm 51, ERV)

        Please consider reading this page – regarding the “Spirit of Bitterness”, which is “Wormwood”.

        Don’t read the above page for the “End Times/Revelation” interpretation/opinion, but read to understand “spiritual warefare” with Jezebel, Leviathan and the “spirit of bitterness” known as “Wormwood”. There is a prayer at the end of that page that may help you do some spiritual inventory.

        Sexual sin? That was David’s big issue too. You are not alone so please don’t cut off anything.

        If you want to connect with me – reply.

        Psalm 103

        • Please say a prayer and if the Holy Spirit leads you , I would like to talk about this very same issue. Thanks so much.

          • Jerome,

            You can write to me at

            I can relate to what you’ve posted on this page.

            I believe that you are going to be fine, growing and maturing in the Lord but your path is a hard one.

            He seems to be teaching you a tough lesson. Seems a lot like Job’s sitting in darkness (Job chapter 3).


            There is for a reason. Thank Him and rely on Him (Psalm 25).


            God does not give us a spirit of fear (demonic), but a spirit of power and of love and of sound mind, yes? (2 Timothy 1:7). Ask Him for a spirit of power, love and sound mind. Rebuke the spirits of fear, confusion and doubt in the name of Jesus.

            So, I have a few suggestions as you are now becoming more aware of the demonic oppression that is at work.

            Please read this page and the replies/comments posted on Heaven Awaits a couple of weeks ago and the prayer within. You need the Armor of Light.


            I think prayers to Almighty God are more effect when we comprehend the spiritual realm and the authority graciously given to Believers by our Savior and Lord.

            Snakes and scorpions are under our feet, yes?

            We wrestle with powers of darkness, yes?

            Those snakes and scorpions (demonic evil) have been about you, oppressing you. You are in a very intense wrestling match with powers of darkness.

            This is critical – once you honestly, rationally with your logical mind believe (faith like Abraham, Moses and Elijah) that what you speak is actually heard, then your prayer words have more spiritual fire power.

            “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21, NKJV).

            “The tongue has power over life and death; those who indulge it must eat its fruit” (Complete Jewish Bible).

            What kind of fruit do you want to eat?

            Life, yes?

            Speak love, peace, joy, kindness, and positive, constructive words as much as you can, training yourself to do so.


            Prayers rise up to heaven like smoke of incense.


            Therefore, I believe it is of critical importance that when speaking a prayer I comprehend (understand and know) that my words are powerful and heard in the spirit realm.

            God and His angels hear my prayer words spoken (tongue), thank you Jesus.

            Satan’s minions also hear my words (spoken) too.

            Be careful what you speak aloud in prayer and in ordinary conversations. Be aware. Over time you’ll tame your tongue (James 3).

            If I pray in my mind – only God, Jesus and Holy Spirit know what I’m expressing without saying a word. Therefore, I speak openly (in my mind) about all my feelings, problems, concerns, doubts, questions, requests to Father God – but only in my mind.

            These kinds of prayers (problems/issues within my mind) are ones the powers of darkness can not hear, coming to understand more about my problems/issues.

            They know to much already about me. They already know my flesh is weak.

            I need speak the Armor of God and Armor of Light, letting the enemy hear those prayers, knowing those prayers are effective against their power of darkness.

            It is a spiritual war (testing). Savvy?

            What is our response?

            Why do you think Paul says to give thanks in all things?

            One reason is the enemy has no idea what’s going on in our heads but will they hears words of praise and thanksgiving.

            Demon says – “I’m making life tough on this guy and this guy is saying, ‘thank you Lord’ ?”

            Please listen to this presentation.

            The enemy get tired of hearing positive, thankfulness and don’t hang around as much. Who wants to be around listening to a joyful person (even when things are not going well) when the demon is all about darkness (fear, lies, anger etc)?

            So, I talk to God and/or my Lord (prayer) almost all the time (in my mind) and nobody or demons are aware.

            I suggest you pray more with your thoughts/mind and less with your lips.

            I suggest you proclaim the Word and praise/thanksgiving more with your lips.

            You can say this quietly, under your breath all day long:

            “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name” (Psalm 103). And, say it aloud when driving.

            You can say this phrase quietly, under your breath all day long:

            “Hosannah in the Highest.” And say this too, “Glory to God in the Highest.”

            Saying these phrases is proclaiming positive thinking, yes? It overcomes darkness, which are evident in negative thinking (oppression) – fear, anger, frustration and more.

            Please read these Psalms aloud as if you wrote the words.

            You may need to read these and other Psalms a couple of times before you speak them aloud, just so you are comfortable with the phrases and what they mean. Then – read them aloud as if these were your prayer from your heart.

            This is a powerful blessing, applying the Word as a prayer.

            The enemy hates these kinds of prayers become they are inspired by the Spirit. Remember, He (Jesus) is the Word made flesh. So, praying the Word is filled with Power. Amen.


            I suggest purchasing these books ASAP (Amazon, used) by Derek Prince:

            Rules of Engagement
            Thou Shall Expel Demons
            Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

            I suggest reading these pages within Heaven Awaits, including the comments/replies:



            “Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:20-21, NKJV).

            Psalm 40

  9. Dear Digital nomad,

    Thank you for your valuable comments. I hope visitors to this post read your comments as well as what I wrote. I think they will, as people are looking for all the information they can find.

    As I said, this was just my experience. These were the demons that I encountered, yet there is a hierarchy of principalities that exist in the spirit world.

    I agree that the holy spirit does the best job. I have been to prayer meetings where they prayed for healing for people, yet any healing I ever received occurred at home, with just God and me around. So it goes with deliverance as well.

    God bless you

    • Marianne,
      If someone is saved and trying to live a holy life, do you think they can be possessed with demons? If the holy ghost is in you, can there also be demons? Do all bad things have evil spirits, like addiction?

      • hi Lorry

        NO….someone who is saved, has the holy ghost dwelling in them, not demons.

        It is still possible to be attacked – from without – by them. This is through

        1. negative people, and the demons influencing them

        2. direct spiritual forces who are opposed to you because, since you are saved, or doing Godly works, you are a threat to them

        It is also possible, however, for someone who has had an addiction, who has gotten saved, to still struggle with the addiction.

        This is because their physiology has changed. It is a biology issue, and they should pray for deliverance and healing.

        • If the person is saved but they sin, let’s say they tell a lie, would this mean that until they repent for forgiveness to God through the connection Yashua gave us, the spirit no longer resides in us, as we aren’t righteous until we are cleansed of the sin? In which case we can become repossessed?
          Or for as long as we believe in God and accept Yeshua’s sacrifice we are automatically cleansed and cannot be possessed?

          • D

            The Holy Spirit would still reside in us, who would work with our own spirit to move us once again to repentance.

            A saved person cannot be possessed. but it is possible for the devil to bother and afflict them. However, in this case we are instructed to first submit unto God, and then resist the devil, and he will flee from us.

  10. great post and divine insight! Thx Marianne!

  11. […] …. 13Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord … To cast out demonsevil spirits eHow.comHow to cast out demonsevil spirits. Warning: Please do […]

  12. This is a subject close to my heart.I have seen tragic situations with many who are demonized. There are so few churches that practice casting out demons. But the worst part to me, is that there is so little taught about demons in churches. Preachers are afraid people will leave the church if they teach that. So many suffer from demonization and have no answers, for their shepherds care more about their own reputations, than about hurting sheep.

    Pastors can tell us we are in a war, then they go about putting the Law on us as the weapon to use against evil spirits in dark places. This, when the Bible tells us flesh will not win a war against evil spirits. The pastors do not learn real spiritual warfare for themselves, and do not have the slightest idea what the devil’s real wiles are. They allow the comical “devil with a fork and horns in a red suit” idea to prevail. Their not learning the real wiles of the devil is actually helping the devil win the war on the saints.

    Yes, I am angry over this. I see in blogs here and there online people crying out for help..but there is no one near them. They only get those phony actors playing exorcist on the TV, who are really after their money, more than the deliverance of the sheep. Where are the preachers who will preach the truth about our enemy?..DavWms

  13. Hi David,

    I think once pastors, or anyone else, has experienced spiritual warfare, and doing it the wrong way, they will end up with enough defeats to go looking for the truth.

    It is the old notion of learning the hard way.


  14. HI Marianne, Do you know where I can get help? I know what this feels like, and I want out. I have gone everywhere for help and agree you that most people dont know what they are doing. My family was into some dark stuff. PLease help.

  15. Hi Tracy,

    It depends on how far you are willing to travel. When you get this email, hit the reply button and write back to me. I will try to give you some options.


    • I would also like to know of places

      • I would love to know if you know anyone in my area Las Vegas to help with discerning spirits.

        • jennifer

          you need someone local? i am not sure who here is from that area. can we help you somehow?

          • I truelly believe that my ex husband is demon possed. He has been abusive physically mentally & very controlling. We have four boys together. I’m very concerned when he has them. When I. Around him I don’t know why but I feel attached to him, like I want to give in. Don’t know if its been from all the abuse. I’ve been saved for 6 years.

            • jennifer

              you need someone there, to asses the situation. this is not a spiritual approach, but contact DSS ( social services) about the abuse. you need protection. tell them he needs mental health help. maybe they can arrange counseling and make it mandatory.

              in the meantime, see if you can contact a church of god, or an assemblies of god near you. tell them the situation and see if you can get the pastor or a prayer team to make a home visit to visit with you and your husband to make a discernment.

              • I have CPS involved. When I went to court I fought for full custody & he made me look like the abuser. My attory is a Christian man & said he saw the prince of the air in his eyes. I don’t try to be around him ever but my boys are with him 3 1/2 days. I pray day & night.

  16. If Tracy hasn’t gotten help yet, and/or anyone else needs to know where they can get help, they can email me privately too.

  17. Hi Amy,

    She and I are talking now on the phone. Thank you for the offer. She is far from you in distance. I will see if she wants another person to communicate with. A lot has to do with support, and talking things through.


  18. Hi amy how do i email youprivately. I spoke to marianne, and have been speaking to several ministers etc. They have told me I dont need deliverance, but someone who deals with sra, the deliverance will come with that.

  19. Tracy,

    It is me. Just hit the reply button. What they said is self contradictory. Deliverance is deliverance. It does not matter what the problem is.


  20. I see leave a reply but no reply button?

  21. [[Victimizing a soul further, by shining a TV light and camera on them, is adding to the injury they already have with the demon.

    It is not God’s will to see his people tormented by demonic spirits. It IS his will to cast out the devils and deliver people. It is also his will to have believers help each other. But, sadly, people want to be important and famous. They want people to look at them on a stage, or in front of a room, and give them credit for being special.

    Whoever God uses to help them should respect their privacy. ]]

    Amen. Very well said. Usually in a public meeting when the demons manifest, all cameras are focussed on them. It is really very sad. We need to help people, set them free and not degrade them.

  22. Hi Golda,

    I agree. We need to put ourselves in the place of the afflicted person, and show sensitivity, mercy and compassion.


  23. Marianne
    I am saved. However, I feel like I need assistance in spiritual oppression?
    In August I fasted 21 days water only to weaken the demonic sensations. Afterwards, I felt better, but they’ve come back.
    I can’t bring myself to another long fast again. Does this mean I
    I’m not serious about being delivered?
    Could we correspond?
    Thank You

    • In reading what you have talked about it sounds like you all what to be more like Jesus, me to? Please look up (“Katie Souza” “Expected Ministry”) she talks about demons. Christian can’t be possessed but we can have demons in our SOULMAN. This is where all our hurts, bitterness, relationships that keep us in some type of bondage. Please listen to how she tells you to get rid of the demonic spirits. I have been set free. The first thing I did was to get rid of my ex-husband that I was somehow attached to him. This is called being SOUL-CONNECTED to a person. She will minister to you by telling you to start praising GOD, then worship GOD and then look into HIS GLORY CLOUD. You have to repent of all sins and some of them you will not know or remember until God tells you what they are. God is looking for a glorious church, without spot, wrinkle and blemish…are you? Really? Check out Katie Souza web site.

    • Read my reply to someone above ow I escaped, luckily I didnt need to fast and hopefully you don’t 🙂

  24. Why do I see my own e-mail on this website? It said the e-mail is private!!!

  25. I’m trying to stop the email address from showing up here.

  26. That worked. Sorry for these last two nonsense replies

  27. Hi BlueWiskers,

    Yes we can correspond. Just hit the reply button, when you get this message. Ability to fast, or the inability to fast, is not reflective of your need for deliverance. It just may not be what is needed in your case. I have fasted a lot in the past, but now, I can only go for a few days at a time. My body is different now, and what it can tolerate is different. God knows that. He just looks at my heart.

    You may also being going through a test or trial, and that is why it seems there is no answer. There are quiet periods, when you feel stranded, and not helped. These times are tests of faith, and you have t endure to the end of these tests, no matter how long it takes – maybe years.

    There is no reason to feel THAT alone. You can always ask for prayer and spiritual support. God is still working for you, either directly, or indirectly, through people He sends your way.


    PS. The email address should only show to you when you fill in the form. As long as you are on the page it remembers you. However, it does not show to the public when you are finished posting.

    • Please help, my sister is being demonised. She has suffered from depression and low self worth for a long time, she has also been very prone to negativity! She said the demons won’t leave her alone! They are telling her to take pills, that she is worthless and that she is going to hell. They said that it is a war between them and God and that she will never defeat them. She has been to a psychologist and has not been diagnosed with any psychosis. She has tried reading passages from the Bible, specific prayers for forgiveness and soul connections, but they are not leaving her alone. She said there are 16 of them!!!
      Please help!

      • dear caitlin

        I am far from you in the USA, so I cannot help directly.

        Try to contact a Church of God in your area, and see if they can pray with her.

        In the meantime, print out this prayer, and say it every day. Pray it together, as a prayer of agreement between the two of you.

        From what you say, she is trying. I can only think that there might be something “keeping the door open” that she does not understand.

        Do you have any cursed objects in the house? things forbidden? statues, books, pictures?

      • Dear Caitlan, I am sorry for the difficulties your sister has been having. Since i have so deeply surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus, He has blessed me a lot in the area of helping many people with deliverance… also physical and inner healing and holy blessings prayer including baptism in the Holy Spirit. My email is, tel in New York is 585-727-6424, is ed.walsh.777 Please feel free to contact me in any of these ways. I do this for free. Blessings to you.

  28. could you please send this phone number to my email. i have cursesupon my life and i need a supernatural deliverence.

  29. Hi Jeanette,

    If you are referring to the phone contact in the conversation with Tracy, they did not help her. When you get this response, just hit the reply button and write back to me. I am so distressed myself, since I am having problems locating legitimate local pastors to help people.


  30. I really enjoy your blogs Marianne. I just got through reading about a debate about people being slain in the Spirit. Some say that this is unscriptural because Jesus nor any of the Apostles laid hands and people fell to the ground. Why is this? I personally believe that God can use people this way; but as you stated earlier, it should not draw any attention to man, but God alone.

  31. Hi Ella,

    I cannot say for sure, but when Jesus was here, there were plenty of miracles, and a lot of faith. People could “see” Jesus and what he was doing. IT was already tangible.

    But now that he is “gone,” people cannot “see” him anymore, and have this strong evidence to boost their faith. Being human, they need reassurance that Jesus is still with them, and the need for tangible experiences is still there. So, it is possible that a tangible “touch” from God has replaced the “sight” of seeing Jesus at work.

    We are the same way with each other. We say we love someone, but they are not convinced unless we give them a hug.


  32. Thankyou, this makes alot of sense. I remember John 20:30-31 stating that many other signs did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, but where not written in this book. John 21:25 He was letting us know that if all the miricles that Jesus did were written, the world could not even contain them. What really got my attention was what John said in the latter part of chap 20; the purpose of what was already written. It made me do alot of thinking here. Sometimes people can get off into other things instead of looking at the true purpose- that we may believe that Jesus is the Christ ( the anointed one), the Son of God and through believing we may have life through his name. Sometimes the Bible do not give every thing in detail as we would like to see, thus some people like to question everything they see such as this topic, casting out demons, and so forth. The reason why I like your blog is because you give clear and honest answers. I encourage you to keep letting the Lord use you. I count it not a mistake to have come across your web-site during my time of fasting and prayer. God is good! Keep up the good work Marianne.
    May God bless you.

  33. Hi Ella

    Thank you for the kind words. To God be all the glory! Each person who comes here is a part of this website. You all contribute and give me ideas. So, thank you, and God bless you.


  34. yo, great name for site)))

  35. I really do enjoy your website. I have quite a bit of experience with demons unfortunately. I ail sometimes at this, because the spirit of fear will try to creep in. This is due to my childhood and the things that God allowed me to see, so I could learn and one day help others. I wrote my experiences in a small book entitled How God Saved Me from Me. I hope people read it and learn something from it. Its free of course. I hope you continue with your website always. My website is free for me, but im limited. I would like to move my website information to a permanent “cheap to keep” website.

    God is Great!

    • Hi Terry,

      This is wordpress. It is free here, and not too limited. I have what I need here. I offer a free testimony also.

      Do not be discouraged. All true believers are being oppressed to some extent now. It is our last testing before the rapture, I think.. WE just need to prove ourselves faithful. Do not be afraid. The Lord is with you, and he has promised to never leave or forsake you.

      it is a silent time now, where we pray and nothing happens, no help comes. That is because we are being tested. Do not worry. All this will pass.


  36. Actually, demons are not as “weak as you say, niether are they as “powerful” as people make them. Satan in your room is not like a puff of smoke. They have as much authority as you AND God give them. THat is why they have hierarchies. THe spirit of masturbation had a huge hold over me and my omo had to do a deliverance to get rid of it and all the spirits influencing me that had been allowed in by its power over them.

  37. Hi, I am really interested in your topic about casting out demons because I have a relative who now is in pain of being possessed. could you pls help?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    thanks A million.


  38. Hi my name is james and here’s my story. Back in october I was dabbleing in crack cocaine use dealing with crack whores and drinking. This was a 25 year adiction I wss coming out of in 2009. God had used the fear of death to break the obsessoion, for everytime I used it felt like a manevolent present extreamly violent would appeaar and was waiting for me to ignore what I was experiancing and dare me to enjoy this sin. In my spirit I precived if I did this would be my end. So instead I would humble myself and pray for Gods protection. This pattern eventually broke the crack obsession. one day I was drinking and happen upon some people I thought were getting high and I decided this one time wont hurt. but before I could ask a strange anxiety began to creep up on me and got more and more intense. That night I felt a round entity move from my belly up the left side of my body and sit over my heart. This entity the lord showed my had a head shaped like a football and a extreamly wide smile, from one end to the other and it had tentakles like a octopus. there were four or five other little men like creature blueish black with angry faces about the size of your palm residing in my bowels. They effectively shut down my bowels and I could not move my bowels for about 3 weeks. I had to go to the hospital. after much prayer from family and friend amd myself this was finally cast out. However it dosen’t stop there. I promised the lord to stop using crack after that and I did. but continued to date whores and drink. One day a snake like spirit came on me after I masterbated this day quite by chance. wasn’t planing on it but ran into some erotic material on the internet by accident (although I think demonic force was behind it) and got carreied away with it. This spirt was actually squeezing the breath from my lungs and suqeezing my kneck like a boa constrickter would do. The lord led me to some peolple who gave me some insight to what this was and they said it eas a python snake spirit. Well after about 3 weeks of dealing with this it was cast off, but two days latter while watching a movie called Revelation, (about the last days and the illuminati’s influance in this time) one of the satanic symblos in the movie caught my eye and the strangs anxiety began building in the center of my chest. That night a voice (audible) came up beside my bed and wispered in my ear “I have it” (even now while typing this, pressure is builing in my head giving my what is like sharp pains around my temple areas) since thin I have had this pressure like a balloon blowing up in my head repressing any atempt to effectively speak or exert any energy. ( I believe God called me to preach his word in this time, Street ministry actually) I had a heavy pressure on the left side of my kneck, like pressing down on my viens and arteries. It has lessened since prayer and a three day water fast. Sometimes I feel alright but it semms to come back. my energy levels seem to be being used or drained and my heart is palpating off and on. feels like a weight on my chest at times. Really need help please. James

    • hi James,

      I have put you on my prayer list. I agree with you in Jesus name that this spirits cease to bother you. I plead the blood of Jesus over you, and claim your soul for Jesus. I bind all devils in Jesus name.

      As one who belongs to Jesus, they have no authority over you and have to leave you alone. I will continue to keep you in prayer. Hold fast, and trust God in this.

    • Dear James,
      I read your post and I might have some insight for you. I have been a Christian for 31 years. I had learned some about spiritual warfare and the spiritual battles going on over us all the time. I have had many problems in my family and have been praying for a long time but not really thinking about any possible curses or demonic activity. Well, I have a close friend who was having a lot of problems. I went to her house to see if I could help. As soon as I saw her it scared me. Her eyes were kind of sunk in and she looked terrible. She had been struggling with problems with her brain for a few weeks. As soon as I saw her I knew she needed deliverance. I did not go there with that intention. I have never prayed for anyone for deliverance before but just knew that she needed it in my spirit. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that she had the spirit of murder on her. She told me that she felt like she was dying. I got her laptop and we sat on her bedroom floor and looked for prayers for deliverance. I was shaking but we sat there and prayed together. I rebuked the spirit and cast it away from her. I looked up at her when we were done and she looked great! Her eyes were shining and not sunk in anymore. She said she felt free! We praised God and jumped up and down. She said she felt something transfer from someone in her family a few weeks before and she kept having problems with getting enough oxygen and her brain was trying to shut down. She felt like she was dying before. We were so happy. Since then we have been on a journey together. She is a believing Christian woman as well. Whenever she had any contact with a certain family member even if it was a text on her phone, all the symptoms came back. She was a mess. We would pray and it would go away but kept returning doing much damage to her brain and exhausting her. We have been researching and trying to figure out why. She fasted and felt the Holy Spirit wanted her to do some things. One was to forgive people in her family and not look at them as evil, but know that they are influenced by evil spirits. The Holy Spirit also told her that she had a spell on her from someone who was a warlock. I found this website and the post from Marianne called…..”Prayer Against Witchcraft Control” It is very effective. She prayed that prayer but felt like the Holy Spirit told her that she had to send back the curses and spell back to who sent them. Not in vengeance but it love. Sent back praying that the curse or spell will show them what they have done to others and that they need Jesus to deliver them. Also that their soul would be saved. She said the prayers and sent it back on they person who sent the curses and cast the spell. SHE IS FREE! Now she can have contact with the family member and no symptoms. Through all of this I have had so many people that my friend told ask me to pray with them for deliverance. 12 in the first week! It exhausted me. As we learn I see how our sin is what gives the demons authority and lets the curse stick. If we have sanctified our lives in Christ and truly REPENT which means TURNING AWAY FROM OUR SINS NOT TO REPEAT THEM then we are protected. If we continue to sin they just come back. The whole spell thing was what confused us with the contact from a certain person. It wasn’t even the person that cast the spell! All of this also really showed my how costly our sins really are. What a horrible price Jesus paid for my sins. We make light of it but when you really see how we give satan areas of our life to torment us and to hurt others around us it showed me how detrimental our sin really is. Everyone sins since we are not perfect, but as soon as we sin we need to repent and ask forgiveness and cleansing from the blood of Jesus. If we live our lives with the intention of NOT sinning and let the Holy Spirit guide us we can be free! We can take back the ground we have given satan and all his demons and be protected from them. All of this has brought me so much closer to Jesus. I now know that the only way to live a righteous life is to be serious and intentional about it. Sin just isn’t worth it. Being filled with the Holy Spirit, praying throughout the day and reading God’s word to transform our thinking is the only way to live. I have had many victories and insights with what has been going on in my family and have been doing much spiritual warfare. As we are delivered I see that the demonic influence is gone, but it doesn’t change the bad habits we have. We have to walk our freedom out and change our habits to see the success of our freedom.

      I said all this to encourage you and others in spiritual warfare. It is real. Don’t let it consume you but bring you to a closer walk with JESUS OUR DELIVERER. Say the prayers on this website against witchcraft control and send back any curses or spells to the people in love for their salvation.

      Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!


  39. ive been having dreams of me rebuking spirits. honestly it scares me, but in the dreams i am confident in jesus’ name. do you think that God wants me to rebuke spirits and exorcise ppl?

    • hi stacey

      Most likely you are being lead to rebuke spirits around yourself that are trying to harm you. Doing this with other people is tricky, since you need their permission first. Start with helping yourself, and see how that goes first.

      • thank you for your reply. i have been reading the bible a lot more now, and i am already beginning to feel better. i have also been praying to God for protection and guidance for me and my family. Also, i read your blog!!

  40. I have a 15 year boy is showing signs of demonic possession. He have attempted suicide once and there are periods when he’s happen and then he becomes very depressed and violent. Often speaking of taking his life. He recently had given his life to God and was baptised. He’s from Trinidad and his family practice Hindu, but he has not partaken in their religion. His grand parents have the alter in their home and he’s been feeling a presence around him all the time that make him feel fearful and at times do things in his room. What should I do to help him be deliever and free from these attacks.

    • Dear Brenda

      There are some unanswered questions. Does this boy live with you? Does he live somewhere else? What is your relationship to the boy?

      if he is in immediate danger, then he needs mental health intervention, and the spiritual side will have to wait until he is “safe” physically.

      how much do you know about deliverance?

      first the boy has to WANT deliverance. Is he aware of the problem, and wants it gone?

      Does he have a pastor who is involved with him, and if so, is he aware of all this?


  42. Hi Marianne.
    As I read through the earliest writings here, it strongly reminded me of the teaching CDs by Katie Souza. Your experiences while fasting are very much like the events that God use/used to train her in breaking the curses of demonic influence over people. I got my set of the teaching cds from Sid Roth’s website, after seeing Katie on the show earlier this year. It sounds to me that you are called to minister in this way also. Perhaps her training will assist you. (she’s been doing this for several years I believe). God bless you and guide you as you seek Him and put Him first in your life.

  43. Hi my name is Peggy and i need deliverance from some demons or demon, i have had prayer but i believe there is some thing there that just will not go, can you help me. I believe one is a spirit of fear. Will you pray for me or do you know anyone who can help me.

    • dear Peggy,

      I can put you on my prayer list. Also, if you wish, you can write me and discuss this further. You have to find the root of this, to get some control over this. Something in your past that makes you vulnerable? A current threat from someone? You can hit the reply button to get me when you get this email.

  44. Hello I need prayer I am a believer but my faith is being tested seeing evil faces on the walls of my home I am rebuking them but they keep coming back

    • hi Dentrice

      It sounds like you are under some kind of attack. First, check yourself for any unrepentant sin, maybe unconscious sin, and close the door to that. Then think of any who may want to curse you or wish you harm. if you can, seek other believers who will stand with you to destroy the plans against you. I will be in agreement with you, and put you on m prayer list. But you may need someone to come over to your house, and stand with you against what is happening in your room. Also play praise and worship music in your room, and pray out loud against what is there. Demons hate praise and worship.

  45. I would like to share a story of deliverance that is different from anything I have read… several weeks ago i was feeling particularly down and depressed as though under a dark cloud. Following daily Mass, as I was praying the Rosary in front of my statue of Mary, (on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary), I was brought to an incredibly deep level of sorrow and repentance. I acknowledged her queenship but at the same time cried out “I am so afraid!” My sobs suddenly became more like grunts, my throat tightened and then I involuntarily screamed a long drawn out scream that was like a torrential expulsion of air, (or something.) I fell back, quieted, and settled down, then started laughing uncontrollably. Worried, I made an appointment with a priest. The next day, the same thing happened…I felt sad, prayed a Rosary and before i could finish, started feeling that tightness in the throat again, and as though I needed to regurgitate. So i ran to the toilet and again emitted two screams to where there was so much pressure i thought I would bust blood vessels in my face. Then again I calmed down but this time i was really concerned. Fortunately, the priest could see me, I told my story, he advised me to “lighten up” as in don’t worry so much and gave me a blessing. I felt so much better, and lighter in my mind and mood. The next day i asked Our Lord to help me understand what had happened and in prayer, twice that day, the words “Perfect love casts out all fear” came to me. I do believe I was delivered from the oppression of the spirit of fear. Has anyone heard of anything similar?

    • hi Cecilia

      I have never heard of a deliverance that took place that way, but the fruit bears witness to the event. If you feel better, then I am happy for you. To God, be the glory for this deliverance.

  46. Hi! Marrianne

    I have a friend who has a brother that is possessed. they say that some one who he knows sent a spirit of withchcraft after him. And its a certain time in the day when he begins to attack his family members. Yesterday they found witchcraft instruments in the house after praying for him they tried setting the things on fire but before it burned it was as if they could not catch a fire. The mother said she only use those instruments because she wanted to help her son. Witch doctors told her to use them to fight back those evil spirits. Not knowing it made things worse,and he is calling names of people that worked together to attack him. One of them happened to be his cousin. When praying for him the spirit would activate and say where it came from. It got so bad they had to tie him down from destroying things in the house. he broke up phones, picture frames and what ever he could get his hands on. He was once a christian but backslide. There will be a deliverance service done for him today. When he comes to himself he is saying that he really wants to make it and serve God. Then after that in the morning there it is again. How do you deal with spirits of that level? He doesn’t even look like himself Marrianne. It hearts me so much to see him struggle. We need power. It hurts me to see my friend crying because his only brother is tormented.

    • hi TNoel

      If the deliverance is today, I hope it goes well.

      In a case like this, the demon can only stay if the host lets him. So you have to contact the host spirit, which is the real person, and get him to agree that he wants this gone, in Jesus name.

      you have to take authority in Jesus name and cast the thing out. you also have to get the host person to repent of whatever sin let the demon in. You have to close the door, so it cannot come back. So how did he backslide? explore that….and get the host person to reject the sin, and put it under the blood of jesus.

      When a true believer speaks to the demon, Jesus is inside of him speaking also, and the demon has to obey Jesus and submit to his name and commands. Persistence is necessary because the demon will be stubborn.

      Print out the above prayers, modify them to fit the situation, and use them,

      Let me know how the deliverance service goes.

      • My friend told me that one day he walked in on him watching porn. And from ther he started. he stopped coming to church started smoking, didnt want anyone to tell him anything about the Lord. Whenever we did speak to him he would cut the conversation short. This happened to him before in 2008, and he got delivered but went back. He said he started hearing voices in his head just like before. So so familiar………. then his mother took him to a foreign land and am guessing she took hin to the witch doctor he had lost his job before he went and when he came back he got the job. But recently he lost the job, and everything else. I told him before he must fight for the rest of his deliverance. Its up to him. I pray that all goes well today. I think that there is also a spirit of perversion upon him. Question! when they do the deliverance service would all the spirits leave or just the attack of witchcraft.

        • Hi

          THey should first determine which spirits are in there, and then call them out by name. That way, they get all of them.


          spirits of pornography, lust, rebellion, smoking, unbelief,,,etc

  47. Marrianne

    i just spoke with my friend they tied him down because he was destroying everything in the house the demon said to his mother that they give my friends brother until today to live. he is really in pain because of the cords but they dont want to let him go. he is crying. what should they do? please help me

    • tell the demons to come out in Jesus name. just do it now.

    • call me…phone number is in email

    • I have not heard back from you, so I am leaving for about 2 hours

      If you get this in time…just plead the blood of Jesus over him, and keep telling the demons to leave in jesus name…

      do it 5000 times if you have to . just do not give up

      • Good morning


        The deliverance service went well. It took almost four hours. Some things were revealed. He calmed right down even his contenance changed he looked calm. I know that now he will have to get the rest of his deliverance by living a clean life before God and asking him to baptize him with holy ghost and fire. He is still shaking a bit but I know that the Lord has done it. He didn’t sleep at his house last night because when we went to pick him up you can feel the evil forces in the house i discerned that there were still things of witchcraft in the house and that would not be good for his spirit. We are going to the house and pray and asking God to show us all of the hidden things, that are drawing these spirits. Question! after a spirit has been cast out of a person what is normally there reaction?

        • hi

          Normally, the spirits will try to come back, especially if there is no change of heart or behavior. He HAS to clean up his life, and be sorry, and really mean it before God.

          His mother also needs to be counseled. She brought in witchcraft items thinking she was helping. Remove all forbidden objects from the house.

          The inhabitants of his house need to renounce all sins to close the door. He cannot have any weak influences around him. Also, plead of blood of Jesus over the house structure, and over each person.

          Keep in touch with me.

          • Hi Marianne

            We went to the house on saturday and found a whole lot more witchcraft items. The mother confessed and said that she carried her son to a witch doctor and he recieved a paricular bath. He is still acting up even after the deliverance service. When he was to church on sunday the leaders were casting out the spirit as we began to pray he started spitting and his spit had blood. Then he said send us to hell. And the spirit started ryhming and saying certain chants like “dont send us away like chickens in a pin” and they were asking to go back to the cool waters with cool breeze, and then he said they sold my soul for $1,000,000. And as we were pleading the blood he started clogging his ears. Then he said” now we must leave they wont let us be the people hear mean us no good”. the spirit kept on asking for oil and more money. Then he said we gonna live good with a big house and money. Now he wont eat or drink anything.

            • The mother may mean well but her ignorance is causing trouble. She keeps the door open so that spirits can re-enter.

              Get the pastor to counsel her. She needs to repent of her own witchcraft and get saved herself.

              I said the spirits would try to come back, but it does not mean his family has to help them.

              There has to be a commitment of ALL the family to repent of all witchcraft and turn away from it forever, and serve the Lord.

              If they don’t, they will have the same problems he does.

    • How is he doing now?

  48. I did a spiritual cleansing on a person, and afterwards offered him a cup of water. He drank most of the water, then took the last it of water in his mouth and spit it back into the cup. does anyone know the meaning of this?

  49. Hi Marianne,

    I have never read this page until today, but after reading it, I thought that I would make a comment regarding some of the things that you say above.

    Above in your second paragraph you say, “Being on the fast made me very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and I was able to follow instructions, and be amazed at God’s power and deliverance.”

    I couldn’t agree more with that. I was also amazed at how sensitive you become to the Holy Spirit during my fast.

    In your third paragraph you say, “A demon is not as powerful as he would have us think.” and then in the fourth you follow that up with, “Demons get their strength by the faith we have in them to do us harm. They have no authority except what we give them, because originally the authority was removed by the blood of Jesus.”

    This is also completely true, and would also apply to any sorcery or witchcraft. Though indeed we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, (Ephesians 6:12.), the Victory has already been accomplished by Yeshua our KING, and it grieves my heart that there are so many that pray for deliverance from sorcery and witchcraft on your site.

    Personally, within the first couple of days within my 40 day fast, I became acutely aware that I had been under attack for the last couple of years.
    Initially, this knowledge “freaked me out” to say the least. However, the following dialogue with the Spirit went something like this….

    The Holy Spirit- “Now that you know, looking back over the years, how did it affect you and did it hinder that of our relationship?”
    Me- “It didn’t affect me at all Lord, and I continue to seek you more and more in my heart each day.”
    The Holy Spirit- “Was what is happening able to stop me from providing you with the visions?”
    Me- “No Lord”.
    The Holy Spirit- “Does that not demonstrate then that I AM greater than he who is in the world, and I AM your refuge and your shield?”
    Me- “Yes Lord, You are my everything!”

    From that moment on, I have more or less ignored what was, and is still happening. The whole experience has done nothing but increase that of my Faith, Trust, and Dependence in Almighty God the Father, our Precious and Holy Savior, and the Power of the Holy Spirit, because it certainly has nothing to do in respects to me, it is all Him. (It does explain as to why the previous tenant of my apartment went nuts though.) If he had given this power, (based upon his belief that it had power over him), then it would have.

    And to comment on another thing that you said regarding, “the power of a demon in not being as powerful as it would have us think”, I would also agree, for they have have “NO” power over the Holy Spirit that dwells within us at all period. It is impossible for that which is created, (whether by fallen angels or whatever), to have any power over the Creator! As long as one walks in the Spirit, and does not quench Him, He can over power absolutely everything.

    I have over the years, run into a few that were possessed, (since becoming aware in 1993 that my most prevalent gift from the Holy Spirit is that of discernment). However, I have never personally had the opportunity to actually deliver any of them as you have though. The first time, I was left more or less bewildered after a woman in a Hotel hallway, hissed at me like a cat, spit upon me, then cried out loud, “You are with the Man and His Boy!”, before running down the hallway back to her room, arms flailing, and locking her door behind her. It was only after becoming physically sick after the experience in the parking lot, did I fully understand what had just happened.

    Years later another time was while out for a walk with a friend that I had been witnessing to, that though Jewish, didn’t even believe in God.
    While out walking he was talking, and I felt the presence of evil behind what was a concrete block wall surrounding a street level parking lot of one of the more notorious apartment complexes in my city. I continued walking with him and listening while he spoke, and simply ignored this entity, when all of a sudden, my friend stops dead in his tracks. He then says, “Do you feel that?” And I respond with “What?” (knowing full well what he sensed, and having confidence in my gift from experience). He responds with saying, “Evil. I feel something pure evil.” I said, “Oh that, yep that is evil. It is right behind this brick wall right here. But don’t worry, you are with me, and it is like a cat “puffing itself all up in trying to look bigger and badder” when it is the one that is really scared.”

    So you are right and I agree, that they, knowing that we already have the Authority and Victory over them through Yeshua our Warrior King, they are not what they try to be, unless we believe that they truly have power over us.
    What is sad, that even after that experience my friend simply rationalized the whole event and still didn’t believe in God. I haven’t seen him for years now, and I pray that perhaps it was a seed that was planted for a later date.
    I liked this page that you did though.

    Praise Yeshua our Precious Savior. Our Glorious KING of kings and LORD of lords.

    • thanks, alienated. God is amazing, if we take the time to work in us.

      • Could you explain how to fast in the way God wants us to?

        The only reference I have is how musims do it, but seeing as Allah is satan (he really is – and the mark of the beast means submission to him and I don’t want to follow anything satan taught.

        I’d love to fast in the way God taught Jews and therefore indirectly us Christians to do it,


        • D

          That is a good topic for discussion. fasting…..

          First of all, it is not a ritual, where you have to get legalistic about it. that is where you got trapped in your bad experience.

          When you do something from the heart, then no matter how you mess up, it is still ok.

          God is looking at your heart and efforts, not your success rate.

          With that in mind, fasting can be done different ways.

          There are juice fasts, where that is all you ingest.

          There are Daniel fasts, where you abstain from meats, and just eat vegetables.

          There are partial fasts, where you might just skip a meal, or two, and just eat one meal a day.

          There are total fasts, where you do not eat anything at all, and just drink liquids, but no sugar in them.

          Then there is the Yom Kippur (atonement) fast, where you eat nothing, and drink nothing for at least 24 hours. And all you do is pray and take breaks.

          There are also spirit led fasts, where the holy spirit will come upon a person, and directly lead them to fast according to his will.

          The length of time can vary, from one day to 40 days…..

          It is all how the Lord leads you. If you are not sure what the Lord would want you to do, then pick something simple, and do that first.

          What is important is not the absence of food, but getting close to God during this time, praying, and making yourself quiet before Him, so you can hear or feel His response to you.

          Just be honest and do your best. Ask god to help you in the fast that you choose to do.

        • Allah means God. The Quran starts always with “God the merciful…. I am not a muslim but i have read the Quran my self so people would not dictate me what to think about it. It was a nice experience and i just learned good things from it. Muslims also believe in Christ and respect him.

          We should not attack others. We should love our brothers.

          Im glad i found this site and happy to see the love in helping others.

  50. Hi Marianne,

    I enjoyed reading through your post. I don’t have any vivid encounters with demons like the people in the comments maybe except demon slaying when I was young (I’d chase them out of my dreams with a sword in Jesus’ name and kill them) but I have a question I’d like to ask about the spirit of oppression and other things as well.

    Regarding habits and addictions.. I have chased out the bitter roots and motives behind those actions that were not Christ centered.. However I am having dfficulty getting adjusted to freedom.. if you know what I mean.. I think it could be just a bioogical issue but I think my old wired habits could get the best of me once again..

    I was wondering.. If the spirit controls me now.. Doesn’t that mean I don’t have to live the way I used to? Should i aak for the Spirit to help me at all times to get adjusted.

    The new way of life is great but after living in so many strongholds.. Freedom tastes sweet but it’s overwhelming a bit

    I have other questions but i hope to correspond with you through email if it allows..

    Thank you

    • Please reply to this comment..

      I forgot to check off the boxes..

    • hi M

      You can still practice “demon slaying, ” just do it to help others.

      For yourself, yes…ask the holy spirit to keep you free.

      and find positive activities that counteract the bondage you dealt with before.

      • Could I ask another question?

        Regarding to my childhood, I’ve had a lot of negative experiences as a child and it has affected me in an almost chronic way. My father was a very negative man (and is still is), and it’s hard living under the same roof. I’m now a college student so I sometimes I have to choice of living away from home but there are some times where I have to go back home (because of my siblings or other reasons). But every time I go home, I always fine until one or two days but after that I start to suffer heavily. I hate going home, dread it and make every excuse to avoid going. But interestingly my father is a Christian.

        His excessive negativity and abuse has caused me a lot of pain and as a young child I’d contemplate suicide many times. The thought of killing myself never leaves when I’m at home. I’d rather die than live and even after I leave the house I get terribly sick for days (almost a week; I’d feel emotional pain and mental anguish and I’d have no strength to do anything and all I’d do is want to die). I have no idea what is going on.. and I know Satan has just used my father’s negativity to complete destroy me. Of course, years back I actually got saved and Jesus revealed himself to me, and at the time I was actually going to commit suicide by jumping off a building. But I am very thankful God saved me — otherwise I would have headed straight to Hell.

        To be honest..

        I feel like the odd one out in my family. I have no idea what is right and what is wrong. I feel dysfunctional and barely have any idea what the truth is. Though my father is a Christian.. I am doubting he is really living a Christian life. If I ponder on the subject and ask my mother about it, she gets mad and tells me it’s not for me to judge. She’s always on my father’s side so I have no idea. So I’m confused. I have no idea what to do. I know something isn’t right and somehow I feel it’s all under the ashes. And I’m just in a difficult spiritual position right now. I’ve been trying hard to counteract my former lifestyle (which consisted mostly of depending on addictions to relieve my pain and clinging to really bad habits that did nothing but wreck my life) but I admit.. I have no power to do it on my own.

        Do you think I have any hope? I know it’s an obvious question but I constantly feel like this. Oh, and I have no idea if I want to accept the Spirit sometimes because I’m afraid the Spirit will treat me like how my parents did. I know this is wrong.. could you, if you have the time.. pray for me that I open my heart to the Spirit?

        Thank you so much and thank you for reading this long reply.


        • charl

          satan is not a christian!

          anyone who treats you like that is not a christian, and would be loving you and helping you instead,

          Do these things:

          before anything else, LOVE yourself!

          your value does not depend on what your father thinks of you.

          your value has already been assigned to you by God, and nothing can change that. you are precious in his sight.

          you are His creation, and he loves you more than any human can.

          Only God’s opinion of you counts, if you belong to him

          And yes, his spirit is already with you, and yes, you can have a closer relationship with him, by letting him fill you with his presence.

          once that happens, persecution will not matter, because you are above all evil, and you are one with God.

          as you already are, stay away from your home, unless very necessary

          have your siblings come to see you, if they are positive, so you will not have to come to see them.

          get friends there to talk to, talk over this situation with those who will understand and support you.

          do not depend on this family for support. the devil has a stronghold here.

          do not isolate your self, that just makes you a target for depression.

          try to find a good church with a loving pastor.

          find good church friends,

          find good christian students to fellowship with.

          allow yourself to be strengthened by good people around you.

          you can always come here and make friends on this site with those who make comments and enjoy talking about the bible.

          do not give up

          do not give up

          do not give up

          do not give up

          do not give up

          do not give up

          do not give up

          Jesus loves you and I do also!

  51. I am having some major problems with possible demons around me. Maybe it’s a curse? I do not now but this has been going on since I was in third grade and I am now 31. I have begged father’s to bless my home and I and for some odd reason they never show up. Please. What do I do in this situation? Can you help me????

    • dear Alonda

      Demons are everywhere now. you are not alone.

      First, are you a believer in Jesus?

      If you are, then you have the authority he gave believers to overcome demons, and command them to leave.

      Plead the blood of Jesus over you each day, or as many times a day as you wish.

      Rebuke the acts and presence of the demons in Jesus name, and command them to leave and bind their power.

      Tell them they have no authority over you because you are redeemed.

      Also, say this prayer each day:

      Put on praise and worship music, and praise God.

      Demons hate praise and they will leave. they also are required to leave if you use the authority and the blood of Jesus in your commands.

      Some are stubborn and will resist a little, but they will eventually have to leave, so keep it up until they are gone.

      • Alonda,

        Marianne gives you great council – everything she offers is “on target”.

        Quote the Word out loud also –

        On your own – you take it upon yourself to find verses that claim Victory over the “enemy” and your Joy in the Lord. Both victory and joy. They flee with thanksgiving and praise too, so be joyful in the Lord.

        Hint – Psalms 18 can be read aloud and with confidence, a few verses / sections at a time.

        Joel 2:32 is powerful. Read it and claim it, in the name of Jesus. 

        Isaiah 53:4-4 confirms the Power and Might when you speak it, in the name of Jesus.

        Those demons – hate the name of Jesus. 
        They leave (stubbornly)  when you claim “The Blood of the Lamb covers me and my home!”

        Some people write these out and post verses to be read throughout the day.

        I would suggest looking into Derek Prince ministries – any book he published is worthy of purchase.

        You are able to overcome, by your testimony and the Blood of the Lamb (Rev 12:11), starting now.



  53. Hello Marianne, I am a religious minister and since I did public evangelism in a heavy spiritualistic city, I have been chase by a powerful demon. It comes between 12 AM to 3 AM. I pray and it leaves the place but it comes back an hour later. When it comes, I see it is touching my body. Specially the lower part of my abdomen where the appendix is located. Sometimes I have to pray constantly every night but I am getting tired of waking up in the middle of the night to fight it. Teach me how to do self exorcism or to get rid of it one for all.

    • dear antonio

      You may have to adjust your sleep schedule so you have the strength to fight back.

      Where is your support system? people who can pray with you.

      they need to be up at the same time you are, and be in agreement with you.

      you first need to check yourself, for any open doors you have to let him get close to you…..repent of any sins…

      check your family or those in the house with you….make sure there is no secret sin, letting in this demon.

      see the comment below you…someone else (“blessed”) is being attacked in a similar way…see what I told him… you are most likely being attacked because of your work against the devil…..

      you need to pray before you go to bed……speak divine protection over you and your family. Give God the glory and give him thanks for all he has given you, including power over the devil. …do this out loud, so the demon can hear you.

      also put on praise and worship music an hour before you go to sleep.

      let the devil know you are redeemed, and he cannot have you.

      rebuke him out loud, and tell him he is defeated.

      also, check with a doctor and make sure your abdomen is ok….and there are no potential problems.

    • I’ll copy and paste my experience which is similar to yours because perhaps you are doing good by going by God’s work against he demons, but perhaps you believe in the false trinity doctrine (from Babylonian idolatry in the mystery religion) added in 400 AD by the Catholic Church, fuelled by mistranslations of the greek and later Latin such as Divinitum, Divinitas and Divinitatis which mean Deity, Divinity and Godlike/Godliness rather than “Godhead” or trinity, and the 1 John (I think 5-7?) quote of “and the three are one” which was falsely added even though it doesn’t appear n the original Greek manuscripts? I’ve really done my homework after being possessed…
      Here is the post:

    • Dear Antonio..

      When you are going to bed .. open the bible to psalms 91 . . . Demons hate that . . Me and my father experienced a demon in the shape of a women.. (probably jezebel) .. and she was rubbing my father’s leg and sitting on his leg when he was asleep.. she was touching my arm.. but I asked a rev. about it and He told us to open the bible to Psalm 91.. works every time.

  54. I need your opinion. I been having dreams of me casting out demons. for example last night i had a dream a possessed person was chasing me but i was rebuking it in the name of jesus. this is my third dream like this. then couple months ago i had what people called “sleep paralysis. I had felt a huge pressure on my chest, i felt something holding my body down..when i try to scream “in the name of Jesus”, no words were coming out. But then i kept saying “in the name of Jesus” in my head over and over then couple minutes later i felt a relief..i felt at peace. I dont know whats going on im confused. I used to go to church but i dont anymore. Ive lost the intimate relationship i had with the lord but im trying to get it back. But is this dream bad or good.

    • dear blessed

      the devil does not like you attacking him, so he attacked back.

      expect this if you are a believer.

      we all get attacked.

      just continue to rebuke him in Jesus name….and you will be fine.

      apparently, God has called you to fight the devil, so you must continue to do this.

      if you don’t fight him, you will be defeated….the same is true for all of us.

      God is with you, and you are closer to God than you think. (intimacy)

      You just do not feel like it because you were attacked….but just trust the Lord……his name and authority will protect you through all attacks….remember the devil attacked Jesus also…his victory can be your victory.

      the devil does not attack his friends,,,,,,only his enemies…and apparently, the devil sees you as a threat to him….so you are strong, not weak, in the Lord.

      do not give up….just allow yourself to heal and understand. god may be allowing this so that you can fight the devil and protect others with what you learn.

      you are going to be ok.!!

      • Oh my! I had had about 5 dreams like this. I would like to explain them to you because they leave me with a n uneasy feeling but also happy because i always tell him that im not afraid because im with Jesus and in the name of Jesus I send them back. I havent talk about it and i need advice. How can i send a private message?

    • Talking of dreams – once you are free of evil spirits and protected by the Holy Spirit, can they still attack you in your dreams?

      Now as far as I’m aware, so that he won’t allow us to be confused God won’t ever contact us via dreams o dreams can only either be our own creation or demonic entity influence.

      Now when I was possessed but unaware that I was, I had horrible dreams from them, but since deliverance I still get weird dreams, like in one I met Yeshua and people were telling me to learn Aramaic, the next day the word Aramaic kept popping up in what I was reading, which could be falsely interpreted as a sign from God or Jesus, would this be just random?
      I also last night had dreams of the false raptures before the real one, tricks making it look like Jesus coming down from the sky to deceive us… This could well be the fact that I’m studying the bible and its background so much but could it also potentially be these horrible spirits trying to cause me problems in my sleep? I really hope they are unable to do so, when I was younger they used to give me hell when I didn’t know what was going on, with voices in my ear, dreams/visions, waking up levitating and falling, nightmares involving eyes and alien abduction, lucid dreams, dream paralysis, if I woke up with a numb arm I’d been sleeping on it would be temporarily controlled by another force etc etc… I really could not stand any more attacks in my sleep…

  55. I wait for the demon to come last night and at 1:30 Am it came. It surrounded me and stopped the sound of the fan. I confessed my sins before the Lord, I tell by memory the 10 commandments. Later I read Revelation 20 out loud. It went inside of me and outside. My body temperature went cold. I don’t have any secret sin with the Lord or evil amulets in my house. I guess they chose me because when I did public evangelism I sent my picture with my biography to 10,000 people which half of the population are luciferians. I always fought the devil in a different realm but no physically. I disagree with you when you say they are weak. 10 weeks ago when everything started,it attacked me at 2 Am and drag me out of my room. I was speechless. Although I punch it three times to nothingness it got pissed off besides I got a painful electricity while I did it. and it twisted my arm to the back, It was the most incredible thing I even witness for I also am in weight lifting sport. I thought It was going to kill me. For me that battle was the most unfair battle for we could be harm but they are untouchables. I was in horror, no horror movie could produce the same amount of fear. I never think a fallen angel could touch me, I was wrong. In desperation I took vacations and I fasted during these days pouring out my soul to the Lord. I read your page yesterday and I tried what is is page. A friend told me not to talk to the demon. So that is why I did not approach it directly but leaving it into the hands of the Lord. It seems God was not intervening permanently but aloud it to come back again and again. I got into sleeping pills, and that was the only way I could not sense them during the night. But my body was in pain next day. At the beginning I told to my church members and family but they thought I was in sin. They looked to me suspiciously. I quit telling people but some pastors. It seemed they were afraid of them also, so they tried not to talk about it. And I notice demons get stronger when I spoke about them. Yesterday I had to approach them directly, claiming the kingship and priesthood given to the believer mentioned in the Book of Revelation chapter 1. I use the authority mentioned in your page. I commanded them to leave once for all from my life, and I claimed the blood of Jesus. the thing left at once and it did not come back last night as usual. I notice my body is not in pain as before and I have a sense of happiness. I feel powerful, I am free from them. I also sent them last night to whoever summoned them and command them to hurt them. I don’t know if they did it but I am so release, thank you. God bless your ministry, Marianne.

    • dear antonio

      yes, they can be strong if we are ignorant, and do not know how to make them leave.

      yes, they are weak when we know our own power in Jesus.

      Yes, you can talk to the demon.

      You speak the Word of God to him and the Truth of God.

      he cannot bear to listen to this, so he will leave.

      Not speaking to the demon is bad advice, because by saying nothing, he thinks he has your permission to stay.

      Speaking ABOUT demons may attract them, but speaking TO them to tell them you have the authority and power of Jesus is a good thing.

      So yes, you speak the right things, and they will go away.

      Remember ….Jesus spoke to the demons, and they obeyed.

      Speaking the WORD is your sword against the devil. !!

      Ephesians 6:17
      And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

      Pastors who are afraid of demons are useless…and have no power.

      Remember Jesus DIED to give you POWER.

      Use the power Jesus gave you!

      Tell the demons you have the power and you will use it against them!

      thank you for sharing your testimony.

      contact me as often as you need to.

      • dear Marianne I want delieverance I was a Christian who fell away and I feel like god has left me I hear voices tormentimg me say jesus left i because i sin and fell away I see evil shadows I feel terrible l also hear voices and been in hospital need deliverance please contact me

        • sarah

          repent of your sins.

          ask jesus to come back into your life.

          forgive and love yourself

          rebuke all evil shadows and voices in the name of Jesus.

          and tell them to leave in the name of Jesus.

          I am sending you some prayers for deliverance and strength….

          print them out or download them to your computer.

          say them each day or as much as you need…

          I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  56. Hey don’t tell pastors who are afraid of demons are useless. It is rare to face a demon physically, it does not happen everyday or to everybody. I was afraid of nothing. I came from an atheistic background. Later I believe in God and the devil. but to face something supernatural is quit strange in my life. I have done so much good things and lead people to Christ for years and to say I am useless because I am not a Ghost Buster that is unjust.
    When Demons use to come they are surrounded by fear and that is contagious. I faced Demons before in my life but this one was a higher rank. Whoever summoned it was a person or group who truly knows the science of evil. When I was being attacked I request the protection of the godly angels and they came. The feeling I got when angels came was : goose bumps but a sense of power and security. I feel like a concrete wall. I felt also a powerful wind that empowers my body and that happen with closed windows and the fan off. the same happen with a demon, the same goose bumps, the wind, but they bring me fear, hopelessness and doubt. When I noticed the demon coming to my bed I said, I cannot hit it, harm it or kill it and I heard the fan sounds were stopped by the fallen angel. So sound affects them I thought. There is only one thing that reach them and it is a sound wave. I prepare Bible texts to preach to the demon. I preach to a lot of people, now I have to do it to the demons, that was just ridiculous, but I did it, my first sermon was Matthew 3, Jesus temptation. After that I notice my sermon are getting famous even in another dimension. Now I am gonna prepare myself to help people in these issues. Sometimes fallen angels picked on people who did not call them or don’t something to attract them. I got a question for you. When I was close to someone who was practicing witchcraft or believe in it I felt very weak and drunk during the day light. When they are away the feeling was gone. Where they’ve been use as batteries by the demons? thank you for your time and answers.

    • antonio,

      The Lord is with you, preparing you for the “days” ahead – “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? ” 

      Please read, meditate and praise the Lord for he is truly teaching you – Psalms 27 is for you.

      Thank you Lord – the enemy hates “the Blood of Jesus” as it cleanse believers and presents us righteous before the Father. Proclaim with confident voice “The Blood of Jesus is my breastplate – my righteousness!”

      You are comprehending/understanding the Power of His Blood, graciously shed to defeat the works of the devil ( 1 John 3:8).

      You made an excellent observation – fear surrounds those demons. Yes, it does – read Timothy 1:7 then read 1 John 4:18.

      Quote this verse from Psalms  next time the enemy is in the room – when you proclaim the Word and verses like this – they know you comprehend the Power of the Word of God.

      Psalms  29:10 – “The Lord sat enthroned at the Flood, and the Lord sits as King forever. The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.” 

      Those demons remember the Flood and you quoting this particular verse – they know you know the Truth. 

      So, my brother Antonio,

      “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ…and may the Lord give you understanding in all things” (2 Timothy 2:3,7).

      Blessings to you!

    • antonio

      I was saying what you had already indicated to me.

      You asked for help, and they either would not, or could not help you with the demons.

      They were therefore useless to you in this problem.

      I did not mean that all pastors are useless.

      you misunderstood me.

      let us rejoice that you have now been able to get control over this problem, and you now have an understanding of the supernatural that you did not have before.

      and now, with this new understanding, you can educate others, and help them learn how to take authority over the demons.

      be blessed.

    • Just be careful of thinking that it is your power .. it’s not by your might.. but by the Blood of Jesus .. it’s the grace of God

  57. My apologies Marianne for my words. I am thankful for your ministry, my the Lord bless you. Thanks for your words DJ I will apply them too.

  58. You are so on point. I witnessed three demonic spirits leave my body,crack cocaine, alcohol and the spirit of homosexuality. It was a private moment known only to me as a minister prayed over me they just floated away I saw them.That. was over 10 years ago

  59. I would really like to talk to talk to u more . I’ve been studying Katie Souza`s program . I’ve been learning so much ! I’m wondering if u have seen the Glory Cloud and if so do u have any suggestions on it ? I really believe God wants me in this ministry. I’m having difficulties with some of her teachings as far as me doing them . I would Like to talk more with u if possible. Also having problems fasting I know I’m being attacked big time .

  60. I believe in Katie Souza`s teaching as well but having problems doing some of them . Its on my part not hers . She’s taught me a lot is there anything I’m missing from her message that u can share with me . Having problems fasting I have 2 kids so that’s been a problem . Is there any other programs she has that would help with doing the Healing School and Glory Light teachings . HELP !!!

    • hi thunder

      I am not familiar with katie. I would have to read about her first.

      Fasting is good, but you do not need a healing school to be healed.

      You just need Jesus.

  61. thunder7659,

    Send me an e-mail and I’ll put
    you in contact with a MS Education/ Social Services counselor – who has cast out oppressive evil spirits from two of his adopted children.

    You’ll receive secular and spiritual counseling, from a national speaker, writer and “Man of God”.

    My Heaven Awaits contact address is

    I suggest buy today –  “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” and “Thou Shall Expel Demons”  both by Derek Prince.

    Amazon or Derek Prince Ministries.

    Help is on the way!

    Psalm 37

    • Marianne , can I get your phone to speak with you privately. I need help with deliverance. I am born again but I had serious bitterness and in forgiveness issues. The Holy Spirit spoke with me but I refused to listen. Then he became quiet and for about 10 years I did not feel the presence of God even though I went to church and did all things Christian but no power. Then I realized my sin and repented but I had opened doors to many demons. I have cast a lot out by pleading the blood and casting them out. And they do come out. I yawn and mostly I burped big loud burps and I spit mucous out. That’s how I knew they came out.. I could spit up 10 times in a prayer session but it gradually reduced. But there is a particular issue that I have and I think this demon is resistant. I believe it was the 1st one to come in and I have not been able to get it out. It blasphemes things of God and mocks a lot. When I am praying it tries to reverse every prayer that I speak. For example if I am praying God please bless me, then I hear in my mind God don’t bless me. This is so annoying and makes me feel there is no need to pray anymore. I really need help trying to identify this demon and cast it out. Pls help .
      Omega secrets

      • I will send private email.

      • Im going through something similar. It happens during prayer time, worship and as I rest. I dont feel God presence either. I always say I live by faith not by sight. My prayer book quotes We are not moved by what we see, hear, smell, touch or taste. We are not moved by reason. We are only moved by your spirit and your word and we know your voice, and we hear your voice and we refuse to follow strangers according to John 10:27 . Our seed is mighty upon the earth according to psalms 112:2. Lord Jesus, I ask you to expand my territories; to fill me and increase me in the Holy Spirit and anointing with power. So we must humble ourselves before the lord. My problem im facing is beliving im worthy. But we are worthy. We must forgive ourselves. Pray and repent from your heart. Talk to God. Tell him I know in your word it says you will never leave me; nor forsake me. From my prayer book> I Am in Christ (Affirmations) I am: God`s child for iam born again of incorruptible seed of the word of God. Ephesians 1:7, Hebrews 9:14. I am: The Temple of the holy spirit. 1 corinthians 6:19. I am: Blessed. Deuterontomy 28:2-12, Galations 3:9. I am: The head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Deuteronomy 28:13. Put on the full Armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-20. The enemy wants us to believe we are alone but we are not alone in this battle. We are going to fight the good fight of faith. I love you and God bless you. 🙂

  62. hello marianne
    i am really in trouble.i want yr email.PLEASE HELP ME.

  63. pliz pray for my brother sonlian. . Help me. .

    • elizabeth

      I can put your brother sonlian on my prayer list. I assume it is for deliverance?

      if so, print out this prayer and say on his behalf>

      I will be in agreement with you.

      • Help!!!!

      • It is so frustrating not to have anyone support you or even care about you or your loved ones. I have been going through so many trials. My church I ask for help and they just tell me sweet things and not really help me. ):

        • nicole

          I have been through the same thing with churches. I need help with my family, and the pastor does not want to take the time for a home visit. And this is in a church with a very small membership, meaning he has a lot of free time. God will help you, and put it all in his hands, and rest in his peace.

          • Thank you sister.

          • Im having issues with demonic spirits also and my flesh. I just have to keep walking by faith and fully trust in the lord. Sometimes it is us. We can be the problem from not getting delivered. Im learning the hard way. We can believe and trust in God or lose hope and be slapped around by the enemy. What I did was go to my church because I did not want to do self deliverance. I have never done so and I asked for help. The response I got was you need to walk under the anointing then we can do deliverance. Aint that something? I really donow what im doing. I just recently asked the lord to come back into my life. I have been walking by faith. Im going through many trails. Im not filled with the holy spirit. I can feel the spirits and hear them. Sometimes I can feel nothing at all. No pain, sorrrow and I can only cry when something that gets to me. I know the lord is with me because im able to know what is happing in my body. Everything. I just needed further assistance but I have not found anyone who is sensitive to the Holy spirit and other people as far as listening to them. I just need to know what to do in certain situations. I know enough to get by. I have the NIV bible but I dont know if that is a good bible to read. I just need guidance.

            • dear nicole.

              First you do not need man , and his “anointing” to deliver you. The true anointing is the presence and power of God, not man.

              You need nothing but you and God in your room, with you in humble submission and love for him.

              You do not need to be filled with the holy spirit to HAVE the presence of the holy spirit, which comes to you at salvation.

              Notice that when Jesus healed people, he did not tell them they had to be filled with the holy spirit to get healed. They just had to be in his presence and believe in him.

              Man makes things complicated, so that he becomes the focus of attention instead of God.

              It sounds like you have been given the gift of discernment of spirits, and they are bothering you.

              Understand that all believers get attacked by spirits because we are in a spiritual war. WE just have to fight back with the Word of God, and our faith, and the name and blood of Jesus.

              I am going to give you a prayer to print out and pray each day. I will be in agreement with you.


              • Thank you sister. I did leave my church for awhile because I noticed I was getting bashed by other belivers. One lady told me I was hell bound. The pastor refused to pray with me. But I forgive them. And thank you once more. 🙂

              • can you please pray for me as well and be in agreement while I pray this prayer everyday???? please and thank you

              • I understand Nicole’s predicament very well – when I was under attack by the demons I felt that I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me which I now BELIEVE to be false (I won’t say it WAS false in case it wasn’t) but I was constantly being attacked by them….

                In realising that in praying to Jesus or the “triune God” I realised I wasnt praying to the one true God the father YHWH and idolatry allowed them in.

                In praying to God all demonic activity has ceased but I don’t feel any Holy Spirit presence within me, but that doesn’t mean it/he(?) isn’t within me, just I don’t feel an actual change.

                What I do feel is a freedom from the evil attacks that invaded my mind in the day in controlling how I thought and saw, and estoppel of the night terrors and touching.

                So because of that and not an actual internal feeling of spiritual happiness or influence that I feel that it must be present in my life, is this how it is supposed to be?

                I have also noticed that all that believe in the triune version of God all have the same strange obsession with Jesus rather than a calm relationship with God and they think that the devil is telling me this, they also read me wrong and think I’m denying Yeshua or God, or they quote irrelevant parts of the bible.

                I’ve done extensive research into translating the Latin and Greek bibles after my experience and proven that the trinity is a fallacy yet they tell me not to show them unGodly documents.

                It’s pretty obvious that this kinda f demon is clever and should be taught about, though not praised as clever as it is vile and not glorifyable.

                It’s trick works several fold:

                1. The person will be devout to God and Jesus all their life yet be blaspheming and … I really hope they will still be saved but I think the demons intend them not to be for a great irony
                2. The person will make Christians appear to be “annoying bible bashers” and obsessive freaks that also insult people by telling them they are demon possessed (log eye anyone?)
                3. The person will be teaching false doctrine and therefore dooming people that listen rather than saving.
                4. The person is tricked into allowing more demons into their house by glorifying demons and giving them right over objects through a fear of the objects having demons… A weird bit of logic there
                5. No one would ever suspect this kind of person of being possessed by a demon,as they are so religious … Really messed up.

                Perhaps you could research more into it and do a blog post on it?

                • hi D

                  when you have the holy spirit present with or in you, it may not be a sensational experience. you may just feel relaxed, and at peace.

                  the bible says, where the holy spirit is, there is liberty (freedom). this is what you feel.

                  according to the bible, there is one God, who is the Father in heaven. And there is one Lord and savior, who is Jesus / Yashua, who is the son of God.

                  This does not make 2 or 3 gods. Both jesus and the holy spirit submit to the Father.

                  Jesus himself said that the Father was His God.

            • I feel the exact same way..truly lost

  64. O Mighty and Glorious Yeshua our Holy and Precious Savior, in your Holy Name I offer this prayer and commandment for all that require it.

    “Ani metzavekha be’shem Yeshua Ha’mashi’ach latzeit!”


  65. I’m glad u had a good experience with deliverance. However, there were accounts of the demons treating people violently in the bible when they were cast out.

    • hi martha

      I agree. Casting out devils should not be attempted by just anyone.

      Those in the bible who tried it and failed were not believers, not protected by the holy spirit, and were doing it for the wrong reasons. The thought they would just copy what they saw going on.

      If one has the holy spirit upon them, they cannot be hurt. the devils may put up a fight, because they don’t want to leave, but they will still have to go.

  66. Thank you Marianne! I’m learning a lot from you and from others who posted on your page! I would like to ask you some questions in private, will u send me an email, please? God bless you my dear sister and bless the people who commented here.. 🙂 Best wishes for everyone!

  67. Hi . . I have recently asked Jesus Christ to be my savior but am deeply troubled by my thoughts and sometimes actions. It’s as if I have a split personality. I pray for gideance and feel I am making progress but not fast enough, do you know where I can get help?

    Francois Botes
    083 9547773

    • dear Francois

      This is called dual mindedness, which results from a tug of war between old spirits that used to influence you, and want you to stay in the old ways, and the holy spirit which is calling you to sanctity and a new life.

      I am far from you and do not know anyone where you live.

      However, you do not need man to help you, only God.

      You recognize a problem, and do not want it, so this is the best weapon to have.

      1. plead the blood of Jesus daily over your mind, body and life.

      2. in case there is witchcraft involved against you, print out this prayer and say it OUT LOUD daily, and I will be in agreement with you:

      3. to strengthen your own personal relationship with god, say this daily also

      4. If you can find a local minister to pray with you, that wold be good also.

      5. spend time each day reading the bible. read the new testament first, especially the book of john, then the other books. read the book of psalms, which are prayers for deliverance, commitment, praise to God, etc.

      write back, and keep me informed as to how you are doing. You are blessed to be saved now. I will keep you in my prayers.

  68. Kimberly,

    I have fought the battle – demons, witchcraft and voodoo.

    Marianne’s referenced prayer is effective!

    Also Win Worley booklets available here:

    Also, the book, “Thou Shall Expell Demons” by Derek Prince.

    Here is an excellent audio of Dr. Prince explaining demons and our warfare.

    Psalm 18

    [audio src="" /]

  69. My mom has had a nurviouse breakdown.we are Christian she is oppressed.but I have some gifts of feeling knowing seeing spiritual things she read her Bible and was unclaimed she said it burnt I thought maybe its a cleansing it happened a sec time now she always Burns. Iunder her skin she takes meds nothing helps. She speaks in toungues so not possessed.but at the point we can’t leave her alone unpredictable could hurt herself.please help me tell me how to pray and deliver her.I’m not afraid for me I know no fear. Its emergency.and she has to know what that fire means exactly and why this tournament

    • brandi

      She gets fire when reading her bible, or she gets fire anyhow with no reading of bible?

      What is her level of faith? Please describe her more. How do you know she is christian? What caused the nervous breakdown? Some tongues are demonic, and not the holy spirit. Are you sure she is saved? If she is christian, why is she tending to hurt herself?

      What do the doctors say about what is wrong?

      I have to know more about this situation before I can comment further.

      This may be a medical condition or a demonic attack.

  70. All these comments are very interesting

  71. Iv been having a problem lately about having gay thoughts but i know that im not homosexual i like women ,An people insist that i have OCD but i think it is ah demon inside me to have me think these types of thoughts .Need help!Should i fast an go into prayer ?

    • dickerson

      Your thoughts come from the influences around you. remove yourself from negative influences, and surround yourself with holy and happy influences. read the bible, listen to worship music, find decent friends, watch good movies, including bible movies, pray, fast if you can, attend a good church and listen to inspiring sermons.

      OCD is an affliction. See if you can get some help from a doctor.

      Trust god for deliverance and healing. Do not give up if you do not get a quick answer.

    • Did you have a dream about having sex?

  72. dickersonnijee, rebuke the thoughts and don’t go into the homosexual thing. It is an evil path, very dangerous (from my experience). I have known a lot of men who aren’t really into homosexual thing but gave up to those temptations, ending was bad. Resist it. Pray for it. Ask for the covering of blood of Jesus/Y’shua. And if you like woman, pray for it as well. Trust in God and read the scripture. I found this site helpful, there are prayer links, look for them. Blessings.

  73. The attached video link is excellent teaching on this topic by Derek Prince.

    Included within his lecture is a mass deliverance service, a proven method of deliverance from a variety of dominic oppressions to long to list here. You may follow along, participating with this video message, with faith, personal conviction, and in the name of Jesus (Yeshua), by the Blood of the Lamb, receive deliverance. 

    Psalm 18

  74. please help me…I am afraid that I have many demons. I have been praying but am thinking of fasting. Can you tell me how to fast and pray? I think I have had demons all of my life since birth and I think I have many!

    • romans
      I can help you if you are a Catholic.

    • romans

      Fast and pray as you are able. there is no magic formula. you can just give up one meal a day, 3 meals, or switch to eating vegetables only, or just drink fruit juice. You have to decide what you are able to do, and then just do it.

      print out these prayers , and say each day,

      not everything may apply to you, but say the whole prayer anyhow……

      you may have had curses spoken over you as a child, and you are suffering from them

      pray blessings over yourself each day, and ask God to cancel all curses, in Jesus name. Claim the blood of Jesus over you for protection, and openly reject the devil, and tell him to leave. You have more authority than the devil does.

    • Hi Romans,

      No offence to Adam, but I think that if he actually had an encounter with the demonic, that he would simply need a change of pants.

      So you say that you are having some problems. May I ask you, “Are you “born again”?
      By that I mean have you sincerely accepted Yeshua, (Jesus) as your Savior in your heart, and been baptised in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
      If so, and you have held that belief in your heart since that time, then your fear is without foundation.

      For you are a Child of God the Father and the Holy Spirit of Truth and Promise lives and resides in you, and He is stronger than he that is in the world.
      I would have to say, (from my own personal experience), that Trust in Gods Word, is absolutely essential. Trust and Faith go hand in hand.
      If you have Faith, then you have Trust and you can claim each and every promise that God the Father has made in His Word for you in regards to protection.

      For just a few examples,
      – God is your SHIELD. Genesis 15:1., Deuteronomy 33:29., 2 Samuel 22:3., Psalms 3:3. & 5:12., & 18:35. as well as many more.
      – God is your REFUGE as well in times of trouble, Deuteronomy 33:27., 2 Samuel 22:3., Psalms 9:9., & 46:1.
      – God is your STRENGTH, Exodus 15:2., Psalms 18:1,2. & 19:14., & 21:1.

      The above are just a small portion of hundreds of reasons that you can Trust in the Living God our Father through His Son Yeshua our Savior.
      As a Child redeemed by the blood of Yeshua you are just as precious in the eyes of God as was King David, and David says in Psalm 27:1…
      “The LORD [is] my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD [is] the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

      The Apostle James says in James 4:7.
      “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

      And you can take that to the bank.
      Trust in the Father God and realize that satan has No power over one of God the Fathers children and “fight the good fight” knowing that God has got your back.
      satan is a liar and always has been since the beginning, and don’t let his lies and allow for your fears overtake you. Stand strong and hand it all over to Yeshua since the victory is already His any way’s. He has overcome the world. You just TRUST and have FAITH in that fact.

      Be Blessed in the Lord of our Salvation. Amen.

  75. no I am not a Catholic

  76. Accepted,

    Well said…and it has to be said, because deliverance rituals, incantations, and prescription prayers are not of God, but a double deception from his adversary. God’s mercy and readiness to deliver through the power of His Spirit, in response to earnest supplication, is not to be mocked!..Beware!


    • I do not think there is anything wrong with “prescription prayers,” as long as they are said with sincerity.

      Many people do not know what to say, and this serves as a guide.

      In time, they may find their own words to express themselves.

      The “Our Father” is a “prescription prayer.”

      • “Our Father” is a model prayer, but the words are meaningless without heartfelt supplication. I’m sure it was not Jesus’ intent for this model prayer to be merely repeated in a ritualistic fashion, but thematic, as a guide.

        God knows our needs, and He knows that words are a vehicle of expression, and He knows that expression in words does not come easy to many; and to some cannot be spoken; and to others cannot be read…and He knows that our innermost hunger and yearning for peace and conciliation, cannot be conveyed verbally; but He knows what we are asking, because it is our heart that is speaking, and it is the heart that He sees and hears.

        In those times of darkness and despair, when our minds can barely
        conjure a thought, and words cannot be found, our gracious Father hears every utterance of our hearts, because that is how we truly communicate with Him, ans He with us….Be still and know that He is God.

        But I’m sure He will hear an eloquently spoken script, or a carefully constructed request, where there is heart felt contrition and yearning. If one has not experienced the agony of David, then one has not truly repented. If one can get through the day, and not beg forgiveness, then one does not have Christ within.

        Blessings to all who daily suffer in the refining fire, for the sake of the Lord and his Kingdom, with a joyful and grateful heart!

        • richard

          that was my point. you can have a constructed prayer, but it is the meaning and sincerity that goes into it that counts. the prayer is not to be used as a repetitive ritual

          • Marianne,

            Yes of course, each to their own prescription. I too on occasion use constructed prayers, mainly consisting of sighs and groans in different tones and inflections, so as not to be repetitive. 🙂 ……

            1 Peter 5:7….John 14:13…..Matt. 6:6…..Blessings.

  77. Thanks to all who replied for my situation, and especially to Maryann and Accepted. Yes I have been saved since age 9. I had extreme childhood trauma and pretty much most of my life. The past 7 years I have been in a stable place and have really been on a pilgrimage with the Lord. I do not attend church. I won’t go into it but let’s just say that I haven’t been successful in finding one. I strongly desire fellowship with other believers and now I am thinking that it is something demonic that is blocking me. God is the one who revealed to me that I have many unclean spirits and that I have to pray and fast and use His Holy Word spoken out loud. I have declared war today and I have my weapon His Holy Word the Bible and am ready to fight. I dislike repititious prayers but do agree that sometimes we might need a model and the two that Maryann posted seem to be just what I needed. I always line up everything with the Word. I also know that I have some unforgiveness and rejection strongholds to tear down and I appreciate if anyone who is my brother or sister in Christ will just please say a quick prayer for me.

  78. Romans,

    You’re more than welcome.
    I do not attend church either, never have. But nonetheless I live for the Lord as best as I can to bring Him Honour and Glory.

    Romans, your Salvation is not up to you, nor is your current situation. I suggest that you surrender and allow for Him to complete a good work in you and that you trust in that, for His Grace is far more than just sufficient.

    Faith is Trusting. Trusting is believing.
    Rest in His Grace and be Victorious.
    Be blessed in Yeshua our KING of kings.

  79. Romans
    Fasting wont help. I had a bad spirit in me that didn´t allow me to eat so I lost all the fat on my body and it didn´t leave me until I finished reading the Bible. When I was baptized and had read the whole Bible, then I was protected against evil spirit coming in to me. they attacked me outside my head but couldn´t get into my body. You say you are baptized and if you have read the whole Bible then you are not protected against evil spirits because you are not Baptized in Jesus Church. We Ortodox and Catholic Christians have one more thing to use against evil spirits but this is only for us and you are not part of us.
    One more thing that helped me against evil spirits was to have a metal Cross against my chest. They left me very quickly when I had it against my skin. Wood or plastic Cross doesn´t work.

  80. Ha ha

    I hung out with Satanists for a while when I was younger and dumber than I am now. I did not know that they were Satanists then. They have bombed me with evil spirits and tried to kill me so I have a long experience of evil spirits.

  81. Adam,

    Honestly…. are you actually saying that you were once dumber than you are now? Imagine that?

    Seriously, do you think that any of the Apostles required trinkets such as a Cross, rosary beads, sacraments or what have you to cast out demons?
    Wouldn’t it be far more likely that it was there Faith in Yeshua and the working of the Holy Spirit?

    “And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, by stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus. And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.” Acts 4:29-31.

    Praise be to Yeshua HaMashiach Melech Kavod.

    • do not pick on my buddy adam …. 🙂

      however, I do agree with your scriptural presentation.

      • Yes, yes, okay.
        I just couldn’t help it and had to question what he had said.

        It is just that All the Power and Glory that any of us have comes solely from Yeshua and the Holy Spirit.
        Yeshua plainly says in John 15:5., that without Him we can do nothing.

        Therefore, He is EVERYTHING to those that truly love Him.

        I’ll try to contain myself in the future. (sigh).

        Be Blessed in Yeshua our Most Precious and Holy Everything.
        His Grace encompasses everything and is far more than just merely being sufficient.

  82. not accepted
    now I am only insane in the middle brain. when I was younger My hole brain was insane. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    the apostles didnt have crosses to cast out devils. the early church symbol was 3 fishes. the cross became a symbol for Chiristianity later. the apostles had holy spirit over them so our father could speak through the apostles and the evil spirits are listening to our father. we cant cast out evil spirits just to tell them go away or through fasting. beleive me I am one fem people on earth who has fighted with them. before I was baptized they went into me throug my mouth and when they was in me I felt bad and hot. when I tried to get rid of them with my cross, I had to put the cross against my skin. on the clothes didn’t work. when I had the cross against my skin and opened my mouth, they left me immediatley. Maybe you are pound one and think you know about evil spirits but I have many years experience with them. My mother is a muslim and I am a Christian so the evil spirits hates me.

  83. proud not pound

    • You’ve done well Adam! Keep it going, and regain your middle brain! 🙂

      Be blessed

      • Richard,

        I think that a reasonable analogy that could be utilized for Adams brain could be that of the earth itself.
        It has this thin layer of crust, and all the other substance inside would be considered to be the middle.

        Or perhaps a soufflé or a donut would be better?

        Rats, I did it again didn’t I?
        Sigh, and now I’m hungry.


  84. Praise God almighty all powerful!——— Nothing is impossible with Him—— demons get power by sin the amount or lack in that gives or takes away from their strenght , prayer, fasting, worship, etc. helps big time .

  85. Thanks so much!

    I will take your advice and see how I feel after a short while of fasting and prayer 🙂


  86. I am a kenyan i would like you to help me i think i have a demonic attack that toments me in the night when i sleep help me pliz on what to do

  87. Read my comments throughout this to see how I was saved – this will help you 🙂


  88. pls pray for me , tht i might grow in god

  89. Van,

    This is for you, and anyone seeking more of God. You can say this prayer written by Paul.

    Paul’s prayer in Colossians to Abba Father, as we seek to become a vessel made ready, wanting to be fully prepared to service in the most effective, productive and worthy praise offering for the Kingdom – His will be done.

    “Father God, I come before
    You knowing that my righteousness is but filthy rags and that Jesus presents me before You because of the Blood of the Lamb, which covers me.
    May Van (all who seek you), be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that Van continue  to walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified all Believers to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. 

    Thank you for bring Van across our paths and into our lives through Heaven Awaits.

    In the name of our Savior and Lord, Amen.

  90. I think the story is a little similler to mine. Only that i do understand english and i was prayd for in public not in privacy.

  91. I need to talk privately with you. Mayb thru emails. Can I knw your email adress pls. Am nnenna sylvia from nigeria . Thank you

  92. (this is where i was taken to leave a reply to: “the pastor had odd ideas…

    yawning is due to oxygen depletion, and fatigue

    hick ups , burping are due to swallowing air with food

    coughing is due to irritation or a virus

    however, I have seen one deliverance where someone burped as they expelled a demon.

    stay close to God and you won’t have to worry.”

    how about sneezing? i forgot to mention that one.
    anyway, someone needs to experience the kind of yawning i’m talking about -it lasts a much longer time than usual and you feel like your jaws are going to break- to understand the difference: i only yawn like that when i pray or i have a conversation about the Lord with someone.
    as far as staying close to God, i read my Bible daily, i pray as often as i can – the Lord told me to pray for everything- and the Lord has been so good to me, blessing me with a free house and the gift of tongues and to cast out demons, in Jesus name. i know that He’s not done with me yet but i trust that He will finish what He started.
    blessings! peter

  93. ok. is there anything you don’t know? don’t answer that!

  94. Hi Marianne, I have been reading everything on your website, I really need prayer and to possibly speak with you, I am a born again believer that I believe I saw the Throne of God and that my name was blotted out, I came back talking all kinds of weird stuff thinking it was God speaking to me, I ended up on a mental hospital they put Me on antipsychotics, until recently, I know longer take them, still have demonic voices telling me I am going to hell, anxiety terrible, and a very doomed feeling in my heart , I live in Montana and really need delivetance , do you know of any one, I went to Seattle to see Bob Larson , spent a hour with him, I am still such a mess, and the truth is you can’t medicate a demon, I really need help, please put me on your prayer list…thank you for your ministry

    • Cathy,

      Here is someone in Billings, Montana:

      Pastor John Kyle at The Oasis Church.

      Psalm 36:7-9

      • Thank you, I am going to contact them, thank you and God Bless you, it feels like torture in my mind body and heart, soul, no words can explain

    • Don’t trust in devils, trust in the Lord, read Psalm 91, listen to gospel music.. get it filled in your system.. and I mean with anointed singers, listen to anointed preachers and apostles. Go through demonic detoxification. they can’t stay in if your cup is rimming over. they trying to play with your soul.. but they can’t touch your spirit.. they trying to pull you down until they get your spirit. . but you are saved.. therefore they can’t reach your spirit. . you have to believe you are saved yourself.. not dem lying ole’ critters.. rebuke dem! .. say Jesus in your spirit.. in your mind.. if they even try to stop you.. just say Jesus in your heart .. keep saying it and they ga let loose.

      • I am fasting and praying, I want deliverance so bad, so tired of these voices, this started a little over a year ago, I always listen to sos, I really feel like God is Angry with me, for my past sinful past, all prayers are appreciated. Thank you and God Bless you

        • He forgives you through the blood of Jesus when you repent to Him . . . but you just have to forgive the person who you haven’t forgiven as yet and just have confidence in the blood of Jesus (the person you might have to forgive is yourself) . . you have to receive it after wanting.. just take it with confidence. . he already gave it to you

    • cathy

      the others have given some good advice here.

      Do not go to Bob Larson. He uses methods like psychology, and spirit channeling to get effects. The fact that it takes long periods of time to get a demon out means he is in the flesh when he works. And I have seen him in person. I would not go to him.

      I do not know anyone near you.

      take the reference DJ gave you, and see if that helps.

      remember, the devil can tell you many lies, but you always have the choice to rebuke him and tell him you do not accept what he says.

      I am sending you some prayers to say over yourself. Also use the prayers the others have given you. I wish I was closer, but I am far from you, on the east coast.

      Print out the prayers I send, and say them everyday. I will be in agreement with you. There may be someone around you that has a negative influence, so look around and avoid them, or confront them, and tell them you are breaking off association with them.

      I will also send you an offline note, for privacy.

  95. Thank you so much, I live about 7 or 8 hrs from there, wish I would of known that before I went to see Bob Larson, thank you and God Bless you

  96. Yes, rebuke the negative, hateful, dark voices – In the name of Jesus.


  97. Oh, Father God wants you to come to Him through His Son. Think prodigal son. I’ve been in a similar place (state, situation) as I think you are now.

    As the man said – read those Psalms aloud. Read the Armor of God Prayer aloud and often.

    Seek the Pastor to minister to you.

    Also consider purchasing these 2 books:

    Thou Shall Expell Demons by Derek Prince and Pigs in the Parlor by Hammond.

    Psalm 27

  98. I tried to contact this Church, the phone # has been disconnected, I called directory they said there is no new listings, any other ideas of someone in Montana?

    • Cathy,

      I just wrote Pastor Kyle an e-mail message and trust he will reply soon. When he does I will post a message/reply here again to you.

      Psalm 27

  99. Thank you, I sent a email to, I am praying there church didn’t close down…..thank you and God Bless you

  100. Cathy,

    He recently spoke on a blog radio program, which focuses on deliverance.

    I think it is good teaching and may give you a positive message – God gives grace to the humble. Keep seeking Him through Jesus and He will come to help you.

    Read those Psalms and know that nothing separates you from the love Jesus has for you. I think there is a story being written somewhere about a “prodigal daughter” and He is welcoming you with open arms.

    Psalm 27

  101. DJ , I sure pray so, I can’t hardly take much more of this torture, Demons keep telling me there is no hope that I am going to Hell, all I ever do is pray to Jesus to deliver me, and it seems like he is not listening to me anymore, thank you so much, I am so praying to be a prodical Daughter, that God would forgive me and Jesus would deliver me…..God Bless you, thank you

  102. DJ, Pastor Kyle just emailed me, he asked for my phone # and a good time to call, thank you again and God Bless you

  103. Thank you Marriane, I have been fasting the last few days, not feeling the greatest, seems the voices are getting worse, so tired of this torture, so praying for Deliverance, Thank you and God Bless you. .

  104. Thank you so much J.E , I appreciate your testimony, I will contact him and see if he can help me, it really is torture to live with every day, for over a year now, my prayer is that God will deliver me from this Evil, its like I can feel it in my heart, and they speak thru my vocal cords…..thank you and God Bless you, I am Blessed to hear of your deliverance. Cathy

    • cathy

      that was spam…do not call them.

    • are you ok now because im not and y mind is being tortured also. some people are speaking life over me and one person Is speaking death over me if I keep saying I blasphemed. I need help and someone like me to talk to. is anyone there who has this experience and can talk to me. its been a year for me too

  105. Thank you Lewis for your testimony, confirmation, so blessed to hear you to have been set free, God Bless you Cathy

  106. Thank you Mariane for calling me, I really appreciate it a lot, thank you for warning me about the spam….God Bless you

  107. I can attest to the veracity everything you say in this post, with just a couple of comments. First, believers in Yeshua with the Spirit of God indwelling in them are able at any time, fasting or not, to bind and cast out demons. I do it on a daily basis, and so do others. I would agree that, not in a fasting mode, I am not sensitive enough to feel or sense them leave, but the people I pray for surely can and do! Once, I prayed for a woman with a 30+ year old knee injury resulting in chronic pain. When I commanded the (spirit of) pain to go, it did, but not before she jumped and told me it BIT her on the knee. Not too happy about losing its 30 year lease, I’d say…. Second, yes, I believe too that the man lying on his back was in position for deliverance, and not at that time prostrate in worship. I pray that you build on this experience and do His kingdom work, healings and deliverances, on an daily basis. God’s blessings upon you and thank you for posting.

    • chris

      true, fasting is not required most of the time. I just happened to be on a fast when the situation came up.

    • Can you pray for me? I’m being oppressed by something attached to me and have pains and jumping muscles and something blowing hot air on me and touching me at times. I need deliverance.

  108. What do I do? 30 years of demonic oppression since I was 13 till 42. And still going.its not as bad as some things ive read on the internet but I get little peace and going to church and prayer helps my mind but things get out of control and I dont think I moved quickly enough when I realised it was truly happening as for years I was told I was just mentally an intelligent person but I make poor descisions now as im very traunatised and have little hope in stops me from getting anywhere spiritually or in my life. Its like im frozen in time and space and cant move forward.could you tell me anything I can do to improve my situation.i dont want to become a lost soul.i have gone from being very spiritual to hardly praying at all.its like im out of energy and the demons basically live in my house with me watching my every thought and everymove. Im not terrified anymore I dont feel much at all. Yours faithfully Ari Walmsley. Australia.

    • dear Ari

      are you saved by the blood of jesus? I have to ask that first. there are many in “church” but have never been saved. they may have been told they were, fooled into joining the church, but have never had any real understanding of salvation.

      I am going to send you some documents. Look them over. there will be a list of sins, since we need to know what to repent of before we are saved. some people repent, and have no idea what sin is, so I have to explain that first.

      the reason I bring sin up is because sin opens the door to demonic oppression or possession ( which is worse). If you are really saved, you can be oppressed, but not possessed.

      by reviewing the list of sins, you can see if there has been an open door that let in the demons.

      if you see a sin you are guilty of, then you must repent, stop, that sin, in order for any deliverance to take place.

      you must be sincere…..

      then there will be some documents to print out and say each day. these are prayers against witchcraft, evil spirits, etc that oppress you.

      say them and I will be in agreement with you. if there are others close to you who can pray with you, then have them help you also.

    • Good Day Ari,

      I have some suggestions based on my experiences, along with others holding a combined 100+ years of experiences (Win Worley, Derek Prince & Frank Hammond) and what The Lord has led me to comprehend.

      You need to do the basics of warfare – plant His flag and protect the Kingdom’s turf because you have dominion over snakes and scorpions.

      God told Cane about overcoming but Cane did not apply that Word of Knowledge (Genesis 4:4-8).

      You will apply the Words of Knowledge and be successful ~ victory is yours in the name of our Lord. Amen.

      1st, apply the Armor of God Pray – daily. Daily.

      Read it over a few times to understand the concept. Then, read it aloud with authority like you comprehend every phrase (see link).

      Demons know when you comprehend what you say, by speaking the words. You could say, faith without words (works) is dead.

      Demons really recognize those who speak with the authority graciously given to them my Jesus of Nazareth.

      2nd, apply a prayer over your dwelling place (house, apartment, whatever).

      You should read those replies that follow the prayer because there are suggestions given that apply to your situation.

      Next, always keep this verse in your head and say a phrase like the following whenever any negative, powerless, dark or fearful feeling comes to your mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

      You proclaim this verse as a statement of faith – you mean what it says. It is a sword. Savvy?

      “My Father in Heaven does not give me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke that negative thought and reject the lie. I wear the spiritual helmet of salvation, covering me like the previous blood of the Lamb. I am not appointed to wrath – you are demons. I rebuke you in the name of my Lord.”

      Demons are stubborn but will flee, hating to be told the Word and about His blood, coving His chosen ones in righteousness.

      But, you must speak it, quietly is just as effective as loud, with authority. They know when you are serious. Capish?

      Please read Psalm 1 through 100 – all of them. Read them aloud, reading it to “yourself” a few each day.

      Play “Christian” music softly in the background – if possible. They hate a good hymn or Newsboys (down under band).

      I just ordered several booklets written by Winn Worley. There are many to choose from ( I order and give them away. They are not expensive – easy to read and to the point.

      Derek Prince has a great book, “Rules Engagement: Preparing for your Role in Spiritual Battle.”

      I thnk these demons know there time is short – they are amping up because their party is about over and eternal fire awaits them (1st John 3:8). BUT, that fire is for them and not for those saved by grace, under the Blood of the Lamb. (1st John 1:1-9).

      Thank you Lord.

      Revelation 12:11

    • Ari,

      Newsboys signing a demon busting song, which may also give you some confidence. This is like a spiritual warrior fight song that is on my play list.

      Funny, I don’t hear an Australian accent? 😉

      Rev. 12:11

    • Blessings to you Ari. You mention being traumatized. More often than not, trauma is inflicted upon us in early childhood. Trauma is an unclean spirit that opens many people up to an influx of other entities, and one of the many manifestations is mental illness. It is really quite simple to cast out the demons. The key is to keep them from coming back. That is accomplished in the name of Jesus, by His atoning blood. If you would like, I can pray for you one on one, either by email or phone.

  109. thank you DJ and Chris for offering to help Ari. I sent him some prayers and instructions also

  110. How do I email you privately

  111. My name is Marlina I need a lot of help plz I tryed my best for devils to stay away from me my mind is gone I feel like I’m not here all the time I belong to Jesus help

    • dear Marlina

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance. Print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you. Fill in the blanks with your name.

  112. clarissa torrance,

    I’ve experienced similar demonic oppression and witnessed what you are sharing in a teenager.

    My suggestion includes:

    See “Armor of God Prayer” within Heaven Awaits. Read it carefully, taking in every word, then read it out loud. Make this your prayer – speaking the statements. Proclaim those statement throughout the day/night.

    Read Psalms 18 and 34 out loud often. Then read other Psalms, including 40.

    Re-connect with those how prayed over you. There prayers are effective.

    Start the above ASAP.

    Marieanne will give you wise council and I’ll follow up when I get off work, later.


    • thank you so much, I will read the prayers, I feel so all alone like there is no help and no one like me. I have been prayed for so much with little relief. a Brazilian man prayed for me for a little over two weeks and he cast a lot out. I had hope and was feeling really good and even looking better. then one day before we had prayer my tongue started to move funny, and when we met for prayer the demons were back in full force hurting me in my neck and a heaviness and burning sensation in my legs. I cried. I don’t know if God loves me, well I think He does, but I sinned so much this is my punishment. I need to talk to people who are like me or close to it for support. please write again soon

  113. I’m at work now, but will reply with more resources in about 8 hours.

    If you can afford the booklets by Win and the book by Derek Prince – buy them as soon as possible. You will need them in the days/months ahead.

    There is also a blog radio program to listen every night 8pm Eastern Standard (US). Very helpful too.

    Find Derek Prince on YouTube and start watching, learning.

    Psalm 20

  114. Hi , my name is Lisa . I was baptized 3 yrs ago and ever since I was baptized I started having dreams of casting out demons . The first couple would leave me feel weak after I woke from them . But in all the dreams I’m not able to cast the demon out. I go to them with great power and reassurance but when I see the demon starting to come out I get sacred or I don’t have enough faith and they don’t come out and they just laught at me . And I’m left embarrassed of myself thinking that I don’t have authority or what did I do wrong . Why don’t I have enough faith , I thought I’ve always walked in faith . These dreams really bother me bc evil won and I was scared . I asked my pastor and he said its bc I don’t pray much , but I feel like I need to be able to cast them out and it bothers me how in my dreams I can’t . I think Jesus wants me to follow up on these dreams and get help or answers bc it’s bothering today a lot . I just woke up from one and actually we were at church and many people tried to expel it and they couldn’t and neither could I and then the pastor showed up and we was able to deliver and the young man testified afterwards .

    • hi Lisa

      I think your dreams reflect your indoctrination in the church.

      first you believe that you should be able to cast out devils without any preparation. this is the church’s fault for letting you face evil unprepared.

      second, it is a church mindset that really only the pastor is anointed enough to do anything, and the powerless members are just there to support him. that is definitely wrong.

      your pastor did not give you a good answer. he should be teaching you how to prepare for spiritual warfare, that you are anointed as much as he is, and he should be training you how to cast out devils.

      it sounds like he does not want to be bothered…and i bet in a dire situation, he could not cast our devils either.

      this may not be the ideal church for you…..look around and see if there is a less egocentric pastor who is willing to see you grow and mature as a believer.

      if you cannot find anyone, then learn to do spiritual warfare by doing reading online..or buy books…..get derek prince teachings…..I have pages on spiritual warfare and other such topics….join groups and ask questions….learn and grow in your faith…

      you can do this….you just need to equip yourself a little more…..

    • Dear Lisa, Everything Sister Marianne is telling you is spot on. I went through this myself with the current church system and I agree with her your first priority is to get to a church that is sound in doctrine. When I read your dream and the most recent one where you said that you or others couldn’t cast the demon out but then your pastor came up and did. Before reading Sister Marianne’s answer it jumped out at me that was it you have faith placed in your pastor but not yourself. God puts His power in all of us and equips each of us to do His work. I think that in addition to what Marianne directs you should also check out this link I am praying for you and for our loving Father to lead you and guide you like never before and that He pour out His Spirit on you and strengthen and encourage you to follow His leading. I love you as Christ loves, Ana

  115. Well said!

  116. I just want to know what this mean I have had two dreams with the devil but he don’t show him self he is a dark figure ok in my dream and he is hiding my boots and I can’t find them and I needed them to go feed the animals and they boots were in two different places one was in the mud room in the other in my closet and then on Saturday I could not find my boot at all and I put them in my room so I was looking and looking And it was like I was not allowed to see them so I left my room three times and the. I found them by my door then the next dream was everyone I love my sister my mom and dad were dying then I woke up close to 600am in both drams I’m just trying to figure out what it means plz email me plz

    • nicole

      I think your dreams represent your worries. Pray before you go to bed and ask God to bless and protect you from any evil. Also to protect your family, and keep them well.

  117. Nicole,

    Your boots represent “shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the Gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:15).

    You are to share the Gospel and Satan does not want you (or any Believer) to tell family, friends or anyone the Good News.

    Don’t worry, the time is coming when you will be able to share what you need to share and they will listen. Just start praying for The Lord to lead you, making your path straight, getting you ready (boots on).

    You seem anxious, which is understandable with such a dream concerning your family. Regarding anxious apply this verse:

    “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7, NIV).

    So you pray in Jesus name your request in these matters and He will give you peace.

    Here is Ephesians chapter 6.

    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

    Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance…”

    I wrote a prayer about this “Armor of God” and I ask that you read it over and apply it daily for a while.

    At the same time, remember Philippians 4:6-7.

    Psalm 23 and 103

  118. Hi there, my name is William and I’m a young man of 19 years old, soon 20.
    I know here is the dark night of the souls… and I feel like I have been defeated, like my demons took away my life force and I can’t feel anything anymore, nore connect to people or have real authentic will to do something ! I feel empty…
    I’ve always had a hard time to discipline myself and I think that may have led me to accepting demons into me… and I fought, God I fought them but I am under the impression I lost againts them.
    I once could dream, now I only seem to make every bad decision possible when I try.
    I have faith, I once was overwhelmed by joy and now it’s simply gone.

    I want to love, I dont want to be a materialistic being who lives for money, that’s not me ! I NEED to love, people, everyone… And something, or some things, are preventing me to.

    Have they taken my heart until I die, or can I still repent and be myself again ?

    Fasting seems like a good idea… I am willing to fight, even if it brings me to my own death, but I need to be shown, or guided to how I can fight.

    Do you think there’s hope for me ?


    • dear Willo

      As long as you are still breathing and can call upon the name of Jesus, there is hope.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance from spirits, and some prayers to build you up.

      I will also send you a list of sins, to help you examine your conscience.

      Print them out and say each day, and I will be in agreement with you.

      Do not give up. say the prayers. you will be ok. I pray the love you are looking for comes soon.

      repentance is important….denounce and reject any sins or mistakes you have made, and be determined to ask the Lord to help you overcome them.

  119. I was praying for girl that had almost 1200 demons on Her with my Pastor, since then I started to get sick and coughing everyday. My question is why I keep on coughing?

    • dear fallson

      some devils may have attached to you as they were cast out. they always look for a new host, or try to get back in the old hose. join with your pastor in prayer to remove this demonic attachment to you, so you can be free of bondage.

      I am attaching a prayer of deliverance that might help. print it out and say it each day untill you get relief.

  120. Hello Marianne, After a year and 1 month I have been delivered by higher rank demons. Finally I can sleep and experience the peace of the Lord during the nights. For 8 months I used the word of God at them but then I could not stand them anymore, so a group of minister prayed for me for my deliverance and the lord listened. From now on I would be careful in my prayer for the Lord might answer it. Some time ago I asked God to give the experience to deal with demons and He did. During the time of the deliverance I remember I got a dream. 4 young people were sitting in a table smiling and chatting. I was among them. In my dreams I knew they were angels. They seemed so young like in their teens. I asked them seriously, why did the Lord aloud me to pass through such experience. They smile to me and said, The Lord God was testing you. I woke up and remember that vivid dream. After all, it was a test, I don’t know if I fulfill God’s demands, the only thing I know is that the Lord is my fortress and my shield, no weapon, angel, and demon can defeat Him.

  121. I think I might need a hand 😦
    Im new in my walk and feel like im always in fear, clouded, confused, not feeling close to God enough, im trying to change my ways on things, that I think is hindering my walk, like throwing out worldly stuff, making sure I check my sins etc…but still feeling some what distant.
    I live with unsaved family whom are also dysfunctional so there is always strife here and im always provoked, I don’t know if living in this house is what is causing me so much pain? as I don’t feel like im growing, but I always feel like I need to defend myself and of cause arguments keep going. My brother who also lives in the house has played with occult practices, and Satanism in the house as well, so Im wondering if this too is also an attack from the enemy? I always feel tormented, like Im blaspheming the godhead, and then go round and round in circles of am I saved? its tormenting, im miserrable and I feel like im isolated in the wilderness as well, no one to talk too, no one that gets it.

    My computer always crashes and anything electrical, my phones, then I buy new ones, I know its demonic its only me in the family that has problems, its usually so I don’t seek help or listen to sermons or seek online fellowship with likeminded people.

    I get light headed, sometimes if I think Ive blasphemed and think ive done the unforgivable, it feels like either something is leaving me, like the HS or its a demon attack that is washing over me, my head. I don’t know, do you have any insight with this? sorry I have so many questions, I just don’t know anyone true enough in the walk that can give me straight answers, ppl don’t take the walk seriously.

    I know I have generasional curses, and other curses, like abortion etc, I really do not know what else ive done in the past that needs to be broken.

    hope you can help, thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it.

    God bless.

    • dear anonyn

      What is your age? what is your position in this family?

      you cannot live there. you would have to leave and live elsewhere.

      staying there is keeping you cursed / afflicted.

      in the meantime, I am sending you some prayers to protect you against witchcraft……print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      • Thanks so muchhhhh!!
        Im only the daughter in the family, im the 3rd eldest, but in my late 30’s, I don’t have any postion here, I only have control over my room, but its so limited as I don’t like to sit in there all day.
        I also wanted to ask, do I need to do generational curses? do I need deliverance? one last Qs, I found a few times when I yawn, its not normal, during prayer time, its like a deep sucking of air, is this a bad sign? I don’t know if its healing or something coming into me?
        pls do send me some info, I have no place to go and stay actually so I don’t know what I can do, no one accepts my walk in Christ im totally isolated :/

        • Ps I forgot to add additional info from the reply I just sent above. I have tried moving back out and for some reason something doesn’t work out and end up back home, such as computer crashes at where I was share renting or sharing in another home where the land lord is going into our rooms whilst we are out of the house. So its like something keeps dragging me back home, again, all these ppl I have house shared are not in Christ or if they are they are lukewarm or worldly, so im not sure if that is the cause of my experiences or if in fact I need deliverance. Just needed to give further explanation to my questions above, thank you again, I really appreciate your help, may God bless you.

        • sorry anonyn

          You cannot have it both ways. You cannot stay in a demonic environment and not be affected by it. even a very strong christian would wear out after awhile.

          You will have to look for somewhere to stay. You are old enough to be on your own.

          Either do that, or stay and suffer.

          I sent the prayers in the last email.

          Yawning is normal, especially if praying out loud.

          • I recieved the email, thank u greatly, I agree I’m old enough, just jobless and savings is rapidly disappearing which is very hard. I replied to your email, but for now I’m practising those prayers, I really do thank you! Much blessings to u 🙂

  122. Hello my name is Erik I have entities domonic forces attacking me I can feel them what do I do I need help

    • Erik

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft. print them out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you….also I don’t know if you are saved or not, so I am sending you the 10 commandments and a list of sins……if you repent of your sins, and trust Jesus for the salvation of your soul, the demons cannot hurt you.

  123. Hi Marianne,
    Would God visit you in your dreams? I fell asleep last night saying the lords prayer. I had a very intense dream where a cord that was tying me to someone else was rebuked. This was done by a very loving preacher who felt angry in the dream because of what was happening. He put a scroll in a basket in my lap, it said Isaiah 5:1-5. In the end of the dream he told me I had a pure heart. I read the verses this morning and it was about the vineyard, I had never read this story that I can remember. Today I feel very pale and weak. This has happened before but been a quite a long time, but the use of scripture has never occurred. I’ve been praying to Jesus today but still feel severely fatigued. I am a follower of Christ. Any help would be appreciated.
    There is a lot more to this story if you need to know more details, I’d be happy to share.

    • dear margaret

      yes, God can visit in dreams, and such as recorded in the bible as well.

      I am hoping that the preacher, as you say he is loving, is doing good for you.

      christians can be bound in different ways, due to dangers in life, and someone praying for you is a good thing.

      I do not understand why you feel weaker, instead of stronger. it might be that what bound you also took some of your strength as it left.

      see if you feel stronger in a day or two.

      if you know this preacher in person, ask him what he is doing.

      if you don’t then just ask god to heal you and make you stronger again, and heal any injury that was inflicted on you as the bondage was broken.

  124. I am a beliver in other side but more to good side but lately have been really angry an when I get Luke this I scream out and voice sounds nasty and male I try to control it but can’t at the time I am worried as I dnt preach the devils side what does this voice mean to me am I possesed with out knowing full anger builds up plz help

    • tanya

      You seem to have many frustrations so you want to scream. and yes, devils can take advantage of that and work to control you.

      believing in the other side is not enough, and it won’t protect you from possession….

      you need to put your faith in jesus …repent of any sins…and ask him to save you and come and stay in your lfie…..once you belong to him, you have protection….

      devils will still try to bother you, because they are just there and will annoy everyone until jesus returns, but they will not be able to possess or hurt you.

      do you want to belong to jesus? if so, let me know.

  125. wonderful

  126. Amen!

    My friend and I (along with the Lord and a band of angels) ministered deliverance last Saturday evening. A wonderful experience, binding and casting out many demons in His name.

    Psalm 34

  127. Marianne,

    This was extremely interesting and I thank you for the words of wisdom.

    Please pray for my fiancé. I have been praying for his deliverance, freedom, shield of protection, and a miracle in our life. I feel that he and I are under attack by the enemy. I have did everything in my power to defeat the attack from fasting for 46 days, etc. I just want our life restored.

    Thank you again.

    • ashley

      you are very motivated to fast 46 days. I have only gone as far as 40….and that was at least 10 years ago.

      I can send you some prayers as a guide to your prayer life.

      you can print them out , modify them for your situation, and say them daily.

      I will be in agreement with you.

  128. Thank you Marianne. I really appreciate it! God bless you!

  129. Could you please send me some prayers that are for protection against black magic. I live an upright life. I used to date a girl (never kissed or slept with), that became obsessively jealous when I married someone else- she was in love with me but in a bad way. Her friend, is a bad witch, specifically sending powerful entities to me with the intent to break into the aura & with the intent to make the target person “go crazy”; been going on for years. I may try that 40 day fast, like you, in order to stop giving the bad entities any authority…

    Thank you

    • bob

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and some others for strength. print them out and say each day. get your wife to pray with you. I will also be in agreement with you.

  130. Help me pliz from this big Devil. I made commitment with devil that time but I didn’t knw evrything but now I can see that something is hapenng to my soul and I hate it because I don’t want to be that Hell side,I want Jesus bt my heat saY no,I don’t know what to do

    • dear davis

      I am sending you the sinner’s prayer. pray it and mean it.

      I am also sending you some prayers for deliverance from the demonic. print them all out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      once you are covered by the blood of jesus, you have more power than the devil does.

      you have the authority to tell him to get lost and stay away.

      he has to obey any command that is done in the name of Jesus.

  131. The testimony on the 40day fast and how God used a willing vessel. THAt really help me knowing that deliverance is being free from flesh reaim and over shadow by the way we are sensitive to his spirit,obedient,and strong in faith.pls pray for me beloved of God.That all the purposes in my for God will be fulfilled. Thanks your friend in christ Tyrone.

  132. My wife (Agartha) has been getting some demonic attacks. Of late.I found out that she possessed with demon. The demon torments her and she often hears voices that influence her to react in strange ways. This has given us troubles and sleepless nights. We need your prayer deliverance support seriously. I believe with God all things are possible
    I count on you so much and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • dear James

      are you and your wife saved, by the blood of Jesus, and is he your personal savior?

      if you are not saved, then demons have a right to attack you.

      if you are saved, I am wondering why you are being attacked, since sin lets demons in, and this means there is something wrong, and she has to repent of her sins first.

      I am sending some prayers for deliverance and salvation and strength. print these out and say these each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      If you are not saved, the prayers will not likely work, so you have to establish that first.

      or if there is sin in her life, she will have to repent before the prayers will work.

  133. It makes me so sad to see some of the comments here and the pain the enemy causes. One thing that I would like to make clear; God is not mad at you!!! You are not oppressed or possessed because God is mad about your sin. He loves you and He sent His son to die for you on the cross. He paid the entire price! He will never, ever give up on you-no matter what you have done, are doing, or will do. This is because, whatever it was, is, or will be, He paid for it, and it is finished. Satan is a big liar, and he came to lie, steal and ultimately destroy.
    God is not hung up on our sin…He knew we would sin..that is why Jesus had to die for us.
    One of the biggest lies that he wants us to believe is that somehow we can be good enough, or do enough good things to deserve God’s love or to please him…NOOOO! Believing that lie will keep us in bondage and hopelessness for the rest or our days!!
    The fact that you are on this site, looking for answers, wanting help, means that God is still drawing you to himself. Keep asking him, keep searching. Just like the Holy Spirit led Marianne to the Chinese man and gave her the “knowing” of what to do, so will He do that for you. He will lead you to people that can help you. Keep declaring God’s truth over yourself. He loves you more than you could ever imagine. Nothing can separate you from His love!

  134. How long do you fast to get the demon out? Is there a length of time? How is this done? Thank you.

    • helena

      fasting is how the Lord leads you….just pray about it…and then fast as you are able.

      usually, the longer the fast the better….

  135. I completely agree well said! Deliverance should be private and confidential. It is so disheartening that some so- called deliverance ministers like the.centre of attraction. Jesus would never have gone about with cameras, ipads and mobile phones to record a deliverance session,if such technologies existed in His time.
    A pastor was unhappy because. I told him I wouldn’t want recorded during deliverance. He discontinued, but I couldn’t be.bothered, because. God is able!!!

  136. Help me am troubled

  137. Could you please send me the list of demons and prayers agianst witchcraft or spells ! My family has dabbled in the occult I am saved washed in the blood of Jesus! But I have trouble getting pastors to pray for me with this demonic oppression!!! Please thank you

  138. I suggest purchasing (Amazon) these books ASAP:

    Pigs in the Parlor by Hammond
    Thou Shall Expel Demons by Prince

    Also – watch videos on YouTube by Derek Prince.

    Rev. 12:11

  139. Please reply i need help I am lost i am devorced not by choice but by the Devils work he lives in my ex wife michelle i still love her we have 4 kids that live with me every word and every action she does is for herself never for family or others she sets you up to pull you down its very sad and disheartening i want to love her and save her but the devil owns her soul she lives to satisfy her own needs she will say for the kids but really it’s all just distractions to start a fight or tease then when she knows she has gotten to you you can see they joy in her eyes of jubilation. I need this devil out of her she is 42 now dating a 28 year old jumaican guy he is trying daliberatly to make Her pregnant and move in with her she just had a miss carage they have been together for just a month but never use protection i fear for her being used by him he has gotten her into smoking weed I’m so lost she Needs the devil armored from her soul before she takes my children with her they are all angry moody because of her example me as well what can we do please help

  140. It is good .but my quEstion is how I can cast out devil

    • alemu

      is it for someone else or yourself?

      Is Jesus your personal savior, are you saved from hell by the blood of Jesus?

      have you repented of all your sins?

      I need to know this first.

  141. alemu,

    Please watch this video message.

    Then, listen to this message:

    Psalm 18

  142. My son is pshychosis and his delusional and I always pray for him but he still the same don’t know what else to do

    • Oneida

      are you saved by the blood of jesus?

      If so, I can send you some prayers to pray over your son.

      if you are not saved, then that needs to happen first, or the prayers will not work.

      let me know answers to question.

      thank you.

  143. My son is suffering and the doctors say it depression im a believer of jesus give me some advice

    • charles

      I am not sure if the depression is spiritual or not, but we cannot assume it is biological either.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from witchcraft, oppression, curses, etc, and prayers for blessing and strength….

      print them out and say them each day, I will be in agreement with you.

    • Charles,

      To gain some understanding behind the prayers – please watch these presentations by Derek Prince. Your prayers are more effective when you understand the “darkness” that can oppress the mind and soul.

      I have personal experience with diagnosed depression and prescribed medications. My issues were “overcome” in March, 2011 – Thank you Lord. No more meds (250 mg a day of one and 50mg of another), thank you Lord.

      These two videos may be helpful in understanding the spiritual (powers of darkness) and deliverance approach, addressing depression and other issues.

      The medication I took did not prevent me from seeking or working through deliverance.

      I do not recommend not taking prescribed medications – but at the same time you need to understand the spiritual aspects of oppressions on the mind, body and soul.

      You should also consider purchasing books on the subject by Derek Prince: Secrets of a Prayer Warrior and Thou Shall Expel Demons.

      God bless you and your family.
      Psalm 40

  144. My partner is very involved with a ministry that “casts out demons”. Something is very wrong but I don’t know enough about it to recognize exactly what the problem is. I dont know if the ministry is evil or not. Over night he has turned on me treating me like I’m a witch and saying things that suggest he thinks I am. He has gone to the extent of telling me he will contact the police if i contact him. Its like I’m dealing with a completely different person to the person I know so well. I was brought up in a conservative Christian home and I know very well that I am not a witch and that something has possessed him or someone has tricked his mind into crazy thinking about me. He won’t talk to me. He won’t see me. I desperately need help with prayers to pray to try and break it from a distance. I’m not experienced in this stuff but I found this website and felt there was a lot of helpful things in your comments. Please help and please lift us up in prayer. I am so desperate to see this thing leave him and for him to contact me. I’m so worried about him and constantly feel like I’m going to vomit. I know that God is greater but heck it’s hard.

    • margie

      this happens a lot.

      many deliverance ministries see a demon around every corner and in every person.

      it gives them a sense of “power” to cast out these demons.

      this is wrong motivation…one should never do this to feel powerful, but out of love for the victim.

      this is their “power” not the power of God, which would humble a person.

      your (ex) partner is now a part of this.

      this is actually witchcraft…to control others with accusations of them being demon possessed, in order to show their “power”.

      these are religious spirits and witches.

      it kind of twists your mind a little.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance against witchcraft and some prayers for strength.

      print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      • Dear Marianne

        THANKYOU so much for your reply. I have tears welling up as I read it. It breaks my heart so much to think that the man I love so much ( whom i’ve been with for 1 & a half years) is operating in witchcraft. I will fast and pray these prayers and pray that God will help me to trust him that he has a bigger plan here. It was just so unbelievable how one day he was so lovely to me and then the next so cruel with no reason. It hurts just so badly. Thank you for your website and thank you for replying so quickly. Thank you for caring. May God Bless you so much. Margie

        Sent from my iPhone

  145. God delivered me from the evil that was inside of me torturing me with emotional sickness that turned physical. Since then I felt the heaviness lift. I feel lite! And like me again. The happy me. Except very sick to my stomach. Can anyone tell me why I would feel so sick to my stomach after being redeemed.

  146. God delivered me from the evil that was inside of me torturing me with emotional sickness that turned physical. Since then I felt the heaviness lift. I feel lite! And like me again. The happy me. Except very sick to my stomach. Can anyone tell me why I would feel so sick to my stomach after being redeemed. Sick and very shaky! Please? ?

    • jessica

      First feel good that you felt the heaviness leave…

      You still have some residual problems.

      maybe a spirit that was “left over” when others left….

      many times spirits have to be named and commanded to leave…it is like unless you name them they will not leave….just a generic “all purpose” deliverance may not work…

      demons have a tendency to hide and pretend they are not there anymore, when they are still really there…..then once you quit deliverance, they figure they are off the hook, and can go back to bothering you.

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance and for strength….print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      Consider yourself on the right track to getting better….if you got rid of some of the spirits, you can get rid of the rest of them.

  147. Thank you for sharing this valuable information, because I have been reading and researching on everything I read, because of what I’m dealing with in my own home. I true believe that we been dealing with demon, demonic spirits for many years in our marriage and with our children now. I have said this too my husband on more then 10 different occasions. But it seems as tho he try to put everything on me, even tho a long time ago he stated that he felt a demon come by him and the after we argue. I am a firm believer that demons and are real. I have felt some real ungly vibes in my spirit and in my home. I ask God to help me to pray them out of our home, off our marriage, kids as just as with one another. So thank you for sharing and pray for me.

    • Aarona

      God bless you in your spiritual fight, and may he keep you victorious.
      I agree with you in prayer for protection of your home and family.

  148. Thank you for listen to my concerns and thank you for your prayers. May God continue to keep you and your family cover I’m the mighty name of Jesus!

  149. I Firmley agree with what you have said my son was oppressed by demons he would not come out the house when I go in his room I could feel the heaviness because I just accepted by christ and I did not realy understand what was going on Istill continued to pray I had no one to help me only Jesus sometimes the demons would manifest but I realise at one stage because I did not understand I was a bit I would not say scared because god never give me the power of fear he gave me the power to trample on scorpio and he said nothing shall harm me to cut long stofy short I realise after a while that God wanted to use me many times the holy spirit take over I my house and just vo half way up the stairs and turn make whdr all I had to do is have faith but he as come out of the depression but I am still fasting and praying for complete deliverance he as been to so many churches including an it seem like they are scared may god onginue to use you my sons name is glendon please pray with me for complete deliverance gox bless.

    • audrey

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft and one for strength and blessing..print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  150. Hi Marianne, I was wondering if you could ask the holy spirit if I am possessed by a demon?

  151. And hi Marianne I was wondering if you can ask the holy spirit if demons can read the person’s mind that they’re possessing?

    • Anonymous

      You do not sound possessed….you do sound afraid and concerned, as if something is bothering you.

      if a demon is really inside of you, he can control your mind and a lot of what you think is HIM, not you.

      you can also have a demon afflicting you, from the outside of you, that can speak thoughts to you. he would not know what YOU think unless you opened your mouth and said what you thought.

      you sound like you are having problems with demons attacking you….I am sending you some prayers for deliverance……print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  152. Thank-you! May god bless you!

  153. Hi need a high priest that works against black magic . the steal spirits . there is no condemnation the lord but Australian police hire witch Doctor s for police that do traditional punishment and make people play dead tell everyone your condem in public and shame you out ect . need to prayer on me cast out wictcraft spells so that the lord can restore me mind body and soul and protect me .that’s why traditional punishment is banned in nt . the try make man fertile to create abomination an say people are restored . please I need high priest to put these things.

  154. Would you contact me at my email?

  155. Hi I know I am attacked by demons. I am having mental and emotional attacks. Especially fear. I was saved in 1991 but got angry at God and said words like I hate you, I don’t want you and I am through but I did not know what I was saying for real. I also developed a lot of hate and bitterness. I stopped serving God and started doing things on my own. I played church but did go to several of them I was chasing after my flesh and thngs of this world. I did not take my salvation seriously. I was so young and not rooted. Now I did get a lot of material things, car, house, job , finances. I was always fussing and complaining about what I did not have. A husband and family. I was legalistic and did not know this. I have not felt the spirit of God in years. I know I need God for my own soul and life. I feel enslaved and became self inflicting hurt and harbouring things inside. Vengeful. I did not want this and did not know about demons. I want to be free. I have caused so much problems with family and I know God is not pleased. I pray and acid reflux act up horrible. I want to fast but wonder if God would help and if I need to receive His spirit again. It makes me wonder if I was truly saved. I want to be clean and stand on my own but be in the body.

  156. hi could you please help if you can im tormented by demons

  157. In response to perry

    Perry , it sounds to me like God has already started delivering you . Every time that I praise or pray to God in a deep level . I always end up gagging and spitting. I believe it’s God setting me free from those spirits . Keep on praising God and praying . In prayer renounce to every spirit that you feel is attacking you . I know God is listening !

  158. I have demons who never leave me. They were sexual with me when i was stuck in my addiction. One for sure believes that I belong to it.

    I used to have nightmares that are more vivid than reality itself. Its hellish terror and sometimes i feel the evil and i have had extreme pain in my dream as well.

    Lately i sometimes slip up and my mind gets twisted and i try to tell God i love him over and over. But then i accidentally ask God to take me to hell. I am very terrified of my inner myself and need help very badly.

    I am not strong in my faith but God has helped my quit my addiction though now i deal with this mental problem.

    I begin to worry that God will throw me in hell for not being able to control what goes on in my head.

    I need help but couselors tell me to visit the ER and i have been through that before and i get even more hopeless because it is Spiritual issue.

    Please help,

  159. I just went through 8 months of total torment. I lost all my ability to feel positive emotions. The only emotions I felt was total fear, guilt, and etc. In my mind I could hear the accusations that I had sinned too much and was bound for Hell. I have been a believer all my life but have struggled with various sexual sins. I would engage in the sinful activities then repent over and over. Finally, I made up my mind to get married and turn completely from this sin. I joined a church and thought I had my life going in the right direction. Then out of no where I had horrendous panic attacks that lasted 24/7. This progressed till I started getting major mental confusion where everything felt fake. Through all this I continued praying and trying to fight off any demonic forces in the name of Jesus. I locked myself in my bedroom for 8 months and pulled away from life completely. I was tormented 24/7. All I could do was pray help, help, help. I felt as if God had left me and gave up on me. I couldn’t even talk or even look at my own family. The Bible just condemned me further every time I tried to read. Not being able to feel any love or have any initiative to even shower, eat, change clothes or anything. It felt as if I went from normal to schizophrenic in a few days. I was constantly being told in my mind I had blasphemed and was doomed. I dreamed of evil spirits that attacked my sexually in perverse ways. I asked who the ring leader was and he stated that he was the death angel. I never stopped praying regardless of how I felt. All I had to go on was the scriptures I had learned. I kept repeating John 3:16 over and over. It is very tough to put this into words. I was seriously mentally impaired and had never had any history of mental illness. I hated anything that reminded me of how I was before this. If you have ever almost drowned imagine that feeling 24/7 and you can come close to what I experienced. I believe God NEVER left me nor forsook me through all this. Praise God! Praise GOD ! At 3:16 on my son’s birthday my mental status improved to the point where I could come out of my bedroom and begin reading the Bible again. I can now talk with my family. Praise God. I still can not feel my positive emotions like love. This is a horrific existence but I hold to my faith that God has not left me and that I will regain my feelings soon. I have been brought out of the darker place but still need more. I am not sure if I suffered a stroke or have some physical affliction due to me defiling my body over and over in the past. I have never did drugs, smoked, and I do not drink but my doctor thinks I had OD’d on meth or cocaine. I did however defile myself with sexual sins. ALL of which I have spent 8 months going over each and every sin I could remember and repent to each one. Would you please spend some time in prayer in my behalf and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, respond to my post. Thank you so much and may God continue to use and bless you in your ministry.

    • jerome

      Only god knows why you have experienced all that you have….your family and friends should stand with you in prayer.

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and curses, and prayers for healing and deliverance….print them out and say them each day…

      if you can, get your family to join you….I will also be in agreement with you in prayer that you overcome all this oppression that you have been in.

      • Thank you so much. I have been blessed finding your blog. I had an mri of the brain done last week and awaiting the results. I pray that no damage has been done. I do not feel that all mental illness is due to demonic influence. I am not sure if I have physical damage or demonic oppression or both. I have for sure changed my views on mental illness and I pray that God will use this experience for his honor and glory. I am trying to accept my condition and keeping faith that God will restore my emotions. Perhaps I was letting my emotions lead me instead of faith before all this. I was forced to rely on faith alone to survive this ordeal.

  160. Ok so I have wierd dreams that come true and premonitions they started consuming my sleep pattern so I wouldn’t sleep as much I started drinking a lot but throughout time I started going to church and I got saved! But before that I went to see man that said to cast out demons well he sat down and was like irritated at me and said that if I wanted him to pray over me that I should’ve mentioned it earlier not at night! I didn’t know that made a difference but anyway we go on when he begins to pray and he spoke tongues I think- then he began to say that I had in the evil spirit it was so horrible but he said that he couldn’t explain to me very much because he needed more time to pray but he started yelling and offending ! he was telling me that my spiritual side was like I didn’t have one and that he couldn’t help me because he didn’t know where I stood spiritually but now I’m like in a standstill because now I don’t know if I really have demons close to me but when he prayed over me even though he was mean I felt something like energy trying to pull out of me! I have cast them out by rebuking them but I still have dreams so my question is how do I know if my spirits are bad and how do I get rid of them

  161. How do you know when your child is being tormented by demon’s.

    • Lori,

      Demonic oppression manifest in behaviors; rebellion, anger, and moody depression for examples.

      Here are resources that may be helpful.

      “Manual on Children’s Deliverance” by Frank and Ida Hammond is a valuable tool. Learn the basics of how to effectively minister deliverance to children. Learn also how to help your child grow in spirit and in health. You can order a used book on amazon. A summary of one section of the book is within the link below.

      Click to access Child%27s%20Deliverance.pdf

      You can also pray over your child and watch their reaction.

      As the parental authority – the farther is the priest over the house. If you are single – you can.

      If both parents are willing – both pray over (literally over) the child.

      Praying while they sleep is effective too.

      Simply read some Scripture aloud (no need to scream or yell, just read it aloud), and pray over your child.

      You could simply read Numbers 6:23-26.

      “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace” (ESV).

      Almighty God told Moses when the priests say this prayer – “So shall they put My name upon the people of Israel, and I will bless them.”

      Pray the blood of Jesus over him/her. (Sounds strange but there is supernatural power when you believe and apply His previous blood “over” yourselves and children.)

      When you pray over a child – do not stop should he/she be upset.

      You are not dealing with him/her but what is oppressing them.

      When they sleep – you can tell that demonic oppression you have authority as their parent and Jesus gives you authority over them.

      Then, firmly and quietly as they sleep – rebuke the spirit (name the bad behavior: anger or rebellion or sadness etc), telling that spirit to depart. This may take several nights – so watch for positive changes in behavior during the day.

      During the day – Pray with thanksgiving, reading these Psalms 92, 93, 95, and 100. Simply read the Scriptures aloud as a prayer in the child’s room.

      I suggest that you also begin to pray this prayer (Colossians 1:9-14) as your own.

      “Father God,

      I pray that I may be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, to walk worthily of the Lord, pleasing, bearing fruit in every good work.

      I pray that I increase in the knowledge of You; strengthened with all power, according to the might of the glory of my Lord, so that I will be patient and not give up when troubles come but always giving thanks unto You – Father God (1 Thess. 5:18 and Psalms 34:1).

      You desire for me to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light, delivering me out of the power of darkness. You transformed me into the kingdom of the Son; in whom I have our redemption, the forgiveness of my sins. Thank you for Your loving-kindness and the precious gift of Your mercy and grace.

      Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer, seeking to be filled fully with the Spirit of Truth (Isaiah 11:2), so that my light shines brightly and provide loving care for my children. In Jesus name, Amen.”

      Psalm 25

    • lori

      there is a reason you ask this. How does your child behave?

  162. Hello there, I read a guys comment saying his attacks stopped because he proclaimed he would only praise God meaning the Father, he repents of idolitry for praising Jesus the Word of God made Flesh, I pray within the Trinity, i share in the Cross, i would like you to inform him there are only two ways these attacks will stop, 1. The enemy seeing these attacks are only bringing him closer to Christ will back off eventually or 2. The enemy seeing he has turned his back on Christ will back off imediatly, If he was looking for a quick fix he got one, If he is looking for eternity turn back to Jesus,

  163. Need father in law is possessed with something….its not very obvious at most of the time. It will be outrages when he faces any monks, priests or rituals done face to face. Its then where he will start being wild and scary. Most of the people we checked with tried and said there is no way to cure him anymore since the evil is already became one in him and are inseperable. Is it so?can devil be that strong that no any divine power can cast it away…this devil will act teribly when facing monks and will start gestures like calling them for a fight and showing them that it has a strength to fight these people away. And it never spoke anything before to anyone….so we couldnt actually communicate to find out anything from it. Only gestures and wild acts.
    And by the way..we are Hindus.
    We have tried in many places from our temples, churches and also mosques. Nothing worked and most of them are actually got scared to the peak and refuse to follow up this case. Hope you can give me some advice on this please. Tq. Im sure i cant expect much…but at least few ways or activities that might help to ease anything here will be a very grateful help. Thanks alot.

    • selva

      you do have a serious problem, and your own religion will not help you. neither will islam.

      there are SOME christian churches that can help but they have to be holy spirit filled churches, not traditional churches who deny the power of God.

      your religion has many gods. you do not understand this but they are false gods, demons, and one or more is inside your father.

      the only thing to save him is pleading the blood and name of jesus over him. he also has to reject the gods ( demons) he is associated with, if he can….and accept Jesus as savior.

      deliverance has to be done by a spirit filled minister.

      I am going to send you a list of a few churches that might help you, or be able to refer you to the right church.

      see the list.

  164. Would like some biblical advise, on how to be certain that when we may have had unkind words with some people, but are not able to talk with them, or that they avoid us.

    And how can i get my wife to be interested in the bedroom, which is for intimacy in a marriage, even if they have had a hysterectomy .

    And what spirit would cause sinus or ear type congestion.

    Thank you

    • dear ken

      I do not understand your first question. can you re – word it?

      if your approach to your wife is only sex, then she will not be interested.

      you have to be very loving and affectionate, tell her you love her and want to be close to her….the words “I love you” should be repeated about 100 times a day to her….that is what women really want.

      sinus and ear problems are usually viral or bacterial, not spiritual. have a doctor check you. you may try sudafed for congestion of sinus and ear.

  165. Hi, this is my first time here but I figured I would try and seek some help. I am 28 year old male and I would like to think that I’m no different than most. My life has been becoming significantly better over the last few years and I only have Jesus to thank for that; however, I have been carrying something with me I cannot explain. I know that it’s a negative spirit and it has been there as long as I can remember. The older I get the more concerned I become. I feel like this negativity is draining my happiness and at some points of my days I can actually FEEL this clawing at my insides, reminding me that it’s there. I don’t have a dark past and have not done anything drastic that I regret more so than any other person my age. As I said before my life is quite nice but I just can’t seem to enjoy it with this unexplainable darkness inside of me. I promise you I’m not crazy and this is the first time I am saying anything to anyone. I go to church and I try to truly love The Lord and love Jesus, but that clawing is always there no matter what. I guess I’m just seeking help or some guidance as to what I could do if anything, thank you for your time, Alex

    • alex

      since you are a believer, I would say you are being oppressed by something….

      we are around negative influences all the time, that are working against us…the worse ones are curses done in secret so we cannot fight back, knowing who our enemy is for sure.

      sometimes this curse is from long ago, or it could be something currently going on…..

      this would be someone acting against you …jealousy? etc? just for hatred sake?

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and for strength….print them out and say them each day….I will be in agreement with you.

    • Alex,

      Just finished reading the remainder of the attached pdf, finding more application to your need/request. Wow.

      Click to access Spiritual_Warfare.pdf

      Besides focusing on Chapter 11 (pages 71 until the end of the chapter), I see helpful teaching within the remaining chapters. Chapters 16 and 18 are filled with great insights.

      The more you comprehend the power of the Word that you proclaim – your faith deepens and the enemy flees. The enemy can’t handle the Truth, spoken with authority graciously given you.

      “Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 14:20-21, NKJV).

      Psalm 20

  166. Alex,

    Wow, don’t believe this is an accident or coincidental.

    I found an applicable book in pdf yesterday, sharing Chapter 11, pages 69-76 with a dear friend. The topic on his heart for the coming year is Hope. These pages apply to his study.

    Well, I recalled pages 71-74 when reading your reply/comment.

    Click to access Spiritual_Warfare.pdf

    You are not alone with what the Spirit has reveled to you.

    God bless you with the spiritual battle, knowing that in the name of Jesus – you will have the victory.

    I suggest you proclaim your position in Christ, reading aloud passages within Romans and certain Psalms. When you proclaim the Word – like a sword, believing that there is Power – you receive the blessing. Read passages like reading pages from a book – not as powerful. Savvy? You’ve got a Sword in your hand so apply what He has given to you.

    Psalm 27, 145 and others you can find when you dig deep. The passages should jump off the page, giving you personal strength.

    This page provides a practical application.

    Psalm 25

  167. I had a pastor pray over me and was shocked when as he was praying I opened my mouth and something possessed me an spoke out of me an said she belongs to us we are not leaving. The pastor prayed for I don’t recall how long.Finanally I remember pulling things off my body from head to toe saying OK OK we leaving.After the pastor asked for a cup of water and splashed my face.I was being attacked by household enemies who tried to kill me.very close relatives one being my own mother the enemy was using.A friend of mine at the time who is Haitian told her mom about things I was experienceing an her mom told us it was all signs of witchcraft.This took place before I got saved.her mom showed me a place I can go and get deliverance it was not of God.They charged me $500 and I only had peace for 1 week.After that everything the spirits were doing came back.I was sharing the same bedroom with the 2 people who were spiritually trying to end my life.My mother,sister an other family members are high occultic.I get very bitter because I can’t understand why God put in in this family.The messed up my only son.A pastor who never saw me before professied about my mother that she is a high occult witch an the devil is using her to destroy me an the family.she is against my life and know my son have a bright future that is why she messed him up.she is against my happiness.This is a women who gave birth to me an did not even raise me.I have suffered a lot.The pastor even said she is not working alone.All I have to say is life is not created equal.some have it so easy an some so ruff.

  168. Thank you so much for such pure information. God Bless You in Jesus Namesake.

  169. Rev ;Regina hi. i want u to know anyone who in the church working with proud,is because their go out look for demon power to put in the church ,after their put it under the pulpit this demon spirit has to operate in them also. because every church who don’t have the spirit of God is controlling by demon spirit , the pastor going after money. I also have a question to ask you ,do u believe there is so many character in a demon ,{a}some can stay calm {b} some want to fight with you,{c} some want to curse you .there is a level of prayer for each demon i know the blood of Jesus is powerful to cast bad spirit out true we also need some scripture and some assistance ,please i am waiting for your answer thk u .shalom.

    • dear rev regina

      demons can manifest with different personalities, and act different ways.

      one prayer and one blood of jesus, and one name of jesus takes care of all of them.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft, spirits,etc and for strength.

      print them out and say each day.

      I will be in agreement with you.

  170. How would one cast out a jezebel spirit?

    • kmcmariah

      is the host victim willing to have a devil removed from them?

      • I seriously doubt it. I think my aunt has had the jezebel spirit for about 20 years and my uncle is like clay in her hands. My grandma and I have been reading up on it and everything fits. We just don’t know what to do. We both live kinda far from them so I don’t think we could cast it out

        • unless they are willing to be delivered and want this, it will not happen.

          you cannot go against their free will.

          but you can avoid them and tell them why.

          just stand up to them and get rid of them.

  171. Hi there.

    I’m being tortured by demons every night and don’t know how to rid them. They stab me constantly (spiritually) and prevent me from being one with god.

    If I praise the “devil” it stops but in my heart I can’t do this because I love Jesus to much.

    I pray every night and cry to god for help but they only seem to get more powerful.

    I’ve thought of suicide many times but haven’t been able to go through with it.

    If you could help me by giving me information by emailing me at

    I was thinking of trying to fast for as long as you did but I couldn’t go without food like you did.. I didn’t think it was even possible to go without food for 40 days? Can you do this with bread and water?

    Thank you.

    • chris

      If you are saved, born again by the blood of jesus, then you do have the authority to overcome this.

      your biggest problem is that you do not know you have this authority and you are not using it.

      what you are experiencing is a lie…the devil has you convinced that you are not one with god….that is just his opinion, and he passes it onto you

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance, and strength….print them out and say them out loud each day…I will be in agreement with you.

      keep me informed as you how you are doing.

      also, if you have anyone to pray with you where you are, that would help a lot also.

  172. Hello I’m Monica ,I was giving praise to Jesus earlier today and started to repeat it over again and over again reading it then I began to feel something a spirit came over me. I started to shake uncontrollably and qlench then fail forward.Afterward I didn’t know if it was the holy spirit for sure.Or a unclean spirit in me that wanted to stop me from meditating?? It was kinda weird.Can you help with an answer??

    • monica

      I would expect that the Lord would reward you for your praise efforts, and not let the enemy take over.

      If you felt inspired to praise god, and you still do, then it is the holy spirit

    • Monica,

      I think and believed what you are experiencing is called sanctification, which is a process of cleaning your temple – by accepting Jesus as your Messiah, you are now a temple of the Holy Spirit.

      I had a few unclean spirits hanging on me for years. Here is what I leaned –

      Once you acknowledge Jesus as your Lord, your Deliverer and Good Shepherd – expect unclean and other oppressive spirits to leave. Most young adults to older adults have oppressions – unless they have taken care of their spiritual temple over time.

      The common oppressions are: fear, rejection, pride, envy, bitterness/un-forgiveness and unclean spirits.

      Ephesians 4:26 says, “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger…”

      Guess why we don’t want to hold anger to long?

      The “sin” of anger gives an opening to demonic oppression. Best to seek forgiveness and peace, rejecting anger. You can substitute any “sin” for “anger” and it applies.

      So – over time (days/months) you should begin to recognize oppressions that are hanging on you – because they are evident in negative behaviors and a negative mindset.

      Then, take your personal awareness to the Lord. Tell Him what’s on your heart/mind asking for forgiveness and give it (“sin” like “anger”) to Him, asking Him to take it (demonic oppression) away. Then wait…believing that He will.

      He will take care of you (Psalm 23:1-3 and Psalm 25) and they will leave.

      Over time the demonic oppressions are cleaned out.

      Sometimes they leave abruptly – could be in a sneeze or a cough. Yes, that easy.

      You may not realize when they go except when your attitude or behaviors have a positive change that you and others recognize.

      Keep praising and giving thanks to the Lord. This will build you up (spiritually) and the enemy (demonic oppressions) hates it. They end up leaving over time. But some are more stubborn.

      Suggestion – buy this book.

      “Thou Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince

      Then, within this blog page under comments/replies – I’ve posted many video messages that can be helpful to you.

      Overall – the best most positive and easiest on going activity for you to do is give God and Lord praise throughout the day.

      You can quietly say this in a whisper – “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me – bless His holy name” (Psalm 103:1).

      Find other short phrases (Psalm 23:1-3 and others) and say them.

      Psalm 33

  173. This is Monica again i want to thank you for the encouragement.I have been asking Jesus for healing.I don’t know what is wrong with my body and I’ve been postponing my doctors appointments out of fear a lil.I have been trying to keep my faith strong but l’ve been still scared somewhat my symptoms have improved since i have been born again in prayer.Only minor aches here and there i thank God but I don’t know if im fully healed.This incident has brought me back to the Lord and i feel bad about it taking something bad to maybe happened to open my eyes to Jesus.I’ve been mentally a mess and its hard because I’m a 32yr old single mother of six children so i can’t fall apart even if I wanted to.I need to be confident in my faith and get a check up so i can stop worrying and move on in life.What do you suggest??

  174. I have been experiencing strange activity in our home. I was up very late one evening with insomnia and our dog began to growl while she looked up at a blank space on the wall. The dog has also done the same thing when my daughter slept on the sofa. I hadnt told her what had happened to me so i was a little freaked out when she told me that it was the same exact spot and also the same time in the morning, just after 3am. Recently, when i walk into our bedroom i feel as if something has just walked passed me as i feel a rush of air. Its happened a few times now. Whats happening?

    • Julie,

      Please read this page linked below and into the comments for some additional information. I think you have a spirit attached to that room/wall for some reason.

      The prayer is a way forward and the comments may give you information based on experiences.

      Let me know if you have any questions – maybe I can help.

      Psalm 25

    • julie

      are you saved?

      if you have spirits in the house you need to pray against them to make them leave.

      Prayers work better if you are saved by the blood of jesus, so let me know…if you aren’t, then it is time to give your heart to jesus .

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance and also for strength. print them out and say them out loud each day.

      i will be in agreement with you in prayer

  175. I’m looking for help, my life is falling apart right now, my relationship is breaking and my kids have been taken in to care. I’m always having paranoid thoughts and feelings of suicide, I’ve been harming myself. I think I’m bipolar but I can’t help but feel inside somewhere that it’s demons doing this to me and my life. I was brought up in care but stayed with Christian carers most of my childhood so I always had faith in god but recently I’mlosing grip of everything and have even questioned gods existance. I need help to free myself from all this. Can anyone help me?

    • jade

      you have a lot going on….

      i can give you some advice as to how to start

      1. begin to learn to pray

      2. read the bible,especially the news testament and psalms…you will find they have prayers about different situations…. and they will help you think

      3. find some good christians you feel you can trust, and make friends with them…let them help you and encourage you.

      I am sending you some prayers….for different things…..print them out and say them each day…also read the psalms out loud…..when you read them.

      4. understand that god knows what you are going through, and does not want you to commit suicide….find a pastor you can trust and talk this over with him…..god does not you to hurt yourself because you are already hurt, and this will not solve any problems….

      committing suicide is forever… will get you into hell, when it is hell you are trying to get out of.. because murdering yourself is a sin.

      5. work with social service agency and see about seeing your children…..or get reports on them to let you know how they are doing.

      6. if this gets worse, see a doctor and get some medicine, to help calm yourself so you can focus on your relationship with god.

      • Do yous know any one that helps against witchcraft.

        • terry

          Jesus helps…..

          are you saved?

          it is best if you are…so please let me know….

          what is going on in your situation?

          I can send you some prayers against witchcraft. print them out and say each day….get friends or family or church to pray with you, if possible.

          I will be in agreement with you

  176. hi, i am so nervous talking about this, idk how to make any sense of anything, i can’t tell where i am in the world. hopefully i will not offend anyone, i feel as though i am the devil himself, or that he is living through me. ugh. if i may, my story starts out living a life of never knowing who i really am, or what to make of the world. i would go to church sometimes, and get caught in the good feeling sometimes, went through so many ups and downs. always be a compasionate soul, been homeless, had homes, lost them, always kind to everyone, but always felt confused how the world was so evil at times, confused by the different views of people, always saw both sides to the coin but couldnt find the middle. something missing. about a year ago i found my soulmate, one day out of nowhere she left, i lost my house and job, and my mind, it was the last straw after living such a rough life trying to be a good person, part of me wanted to lash out, but the other caring part knew this was wrong. i was fighting off so may demons inside of myself, and didnt know what to do. half wanted to kill myself, half knew suicide was selfish. at this point, i knew no one could talk me through any problem, i didnt know who to trust, i was mental. i searched online for answers to mental disorders, i found one on cogative therapy. this lead me to mindfulness, buddhism. my mind quickly took to the teachings, and i learned to understand all religions, the world. i mean, i knew we were all the same, i mean, we all go through similar hurts no mater what walk of life. anyways, everything starteded to make sense of the world, and all my mind’s demons started to disperse, my soul was being purged very rapidly, and eventually nothing but calmness everywhere i turned. i saw no more evil in the world, and had nothing to worry about, i was fully embrassed in god, in the all of the universe. my previous life, and view of the world was gone, i was a new being. i was reborn, everything was full of life, and my mind’s eye could not see evil anywhere, everyone and everything, every event, and every word was god. time stopped, but still life happened all around. everything had a glow to it, and the phisical body no longer existed. it was there, but it was not part of the being. everything was love, i no longer worried about anything that had to be done. god took care of it all. the I died in those days, there was no longer an i anywhere, only life, only god. i cry right now thinking about that event, and how beautiful it was. it was magic. i felt at one with everything. i knew finally what it meat to die and be reborn, and what heaven actually looked like, and armagedon, and rapture meant, its not an external battle of the world, its a battle that happens inside yourself. this experience i believe may have lasted a month, but not sure because time didnt really exist, it was everlasting. one day i had just been sitting , and all of a sudden this sharp surge of energy struck my body, and my body started to get up and act on its own, i was still in the body, but not part of it, i heard my voice speak out, but could not make sense of where it was coming from because my mind did not will for either of these to be going on. i freaked out, and had been cast out of the perfect union with god. i cried for many nights, and have suffered many migrains, and dreams of hell beasts hanging me from by back flesh with hooks, and sticking my side. i woke up with a hot sensation on my flesh where i had been stuck, i had bowel problems. this lasted a few days. i am in constant pain now, and feel guilty all the time in anything i do, or are involved in. the air, taste, everything. the mind has become distorted, there is fear constantly. it feels selfish to try to get back with god, but at the same time it feels wrong not to. it would be a bigger sin to kill myself in flesh, and will only bring me back to hell, further. its like an ever looping hell. it is an ever looping hell. all i want is to do the work of god, god is so wonderful beyond words. gods work is so amazing, how much i cry in awe and love for god just talking about how amazing god is. idk if i am worthy, or how to get back on the path of salvation, this experience has only been going on for a few months, but it seems like an even harder struggle than the previous. i feel as though more harm has been going on than before, because i know now what god is, and all attempts feel as though they are evil attempts. i am hoping, praying there might be an angel out there willing enough to help guide me out of this hell, and redirect my mind to god. i am on my knees in mercy of gods love. there is nothing physical in this world that can quench the thirst of the spirit. please may there be some guidance out there to help fix my mind. it feels difficult looking to the outside for help, to fix what can only be found within, i had been given all the tools, i have seen a reality of the infinat, but now i dont know how to fight out these new demons. hopefully there is an angel of god out there willing to work with me through god. may all beings be blessed in god’s light

    • chris

      I do not think the devil is in you.

      But you are distressed by many bad things that have happened, and you do not understand what was going one.

      I wish I were closer to you, because you need someone to sit down with you and explain the spirit side of life better to you, so that you can have some victory over life events.

      you need to take a deep breath and calm down….that way you can start thinking rationally, instead of using your emotions to understand everything.

      please know that bad things happen to all of us, so you are not going crazy.

      you just need some support and help when problems come, and it sounds like you are alone trying to do too much.

      god knows what you are going through…..and it sounds like you experienced his presence at least once.

      this is a good thing…you just need to re-connect with the Lord…..

      I suggest you learn to pray, and you can start by reading the psalms….they are prayers for all sorts of situations.

      find christian friends…find a church with nice people….

      you still have a whole life ahead of you… do not look back on past…it is gone

      go to a christian bookstore and find some peaceful beautiful music to listen to.

      Jesus died for you, so you ARE worthy, if you accept his forgiveness.

      all the guidance you need is in the bible…let the holy spirit guide you as you read.

      take care,,

      I am sending you some prayers for strength, so you can know who you are in Jesus.

  177. thank you for the advice, love and support. it is truly helpful. to be honest, thoughts start to arise of past experiences of what i feel now, and its growing something inside where there had been a dry socket in the soul. there is more feeling of a burning glow in my gut at this moment.

    • chris

      you are not alone. there are many underground christians in this nation and in this world that still love jesus and do good, and not evil.

      because there are so many threats, we are hard to find.

      but you are welcome here to come, read, chat and grow in the Lord.

      you are going to be ok 🙂

  178. thank you. idk if it sounds messed up to say, but my concerns are not for the world perse. they are of the spirit, and every moment is filled with that spirit, my concerns are deffinetly of the spirit, and not getting involved with worldly affairs. the only world that exists at least from what i have seen is the one that involves the moment. perseption to only look at the good of the moment, a mind clear and fully present in the moment is amazing to be in. its just hard to be guilty of cravings, attachments at times, they are small, but i feel like a fraud because i know there is a different world in this one that i have been living in, the true world that has no judgement of what others are thinking i can never know how others feel, nor is it my place to think i do. its a hard pill to swallow that i have lost site of it. in that world i dont see anyone in pain, selfish, or anything bad. and any problem is never a problem, there is always a positive outlook. my current mind keeps looking to past and future, and even in the present, but not in full awareness. its hard to have to rely outside of the lord. the whole point is the lord provides always. i suppose the positive way to look at this out come is that i have been given another day, another moment to start over in this life, in this moment i am blessed to have access to this computer to be able to experience this moment. connect with other spirits if only in this moment, this moment is the only moment that exists with god. so enjoy this moment, be filled with joy of this moment connecting, and move on. although in this moment i feel pain, god is still present, there is still love in this moment. in the next moment i am a different being, ever changing thoughts. remember to let go of thoughts, watch them pass and fade away. clear the mind. that actually helps create a positive out of a negative. if you can not change the negative, create the positive of the negative. accept and move on. life is not worth the worry, and there is nothing to be able to do but move on. staying stuck in thinking gets us no closer to god. give it up to god. may all beings be blessed

    • chris

      we all struggle with the limitations of having a physical body…it pulls us into the world, and away from god…and keeps our attention in getting our needs met, we have to go to work and think about that so we can have a place to live, and something to eat.

      someday, when we are with the lord, we won’t have to worry about this anymore.

  179. Hi Marianne, could you email me when you get a chance.

  180. Good morning, Im just curious I’m part of a deliverance prayer ministry and I saw something I’ve never seen. While praying for a lady her hands turned black before my eyes, then turned normal again. What Spirit is that?

  181. I don’t know if you could help, but I feel as though I am demonically possessed. I started having hallucinations a while ago, ended up in the hospital for 4 1/2 months and treatment for 8 more months. I have the some of the same problems you describe, feeling “overly religious”, thinking people are led by demons, to do things that pop in my head are demonic even though they are truly benign things. Whenever I pray to YHWH or as the name I use “Yahweh” something answers but I’m almost certain it’s not “YHWH”. I have tried praying, and I mean, I have somewhat abandoned on my knees hands folded because Jesus condemns relying on certain body movements, probably for their idolatrous nature, but praying, speaking, thinking, non-the-less for truth, a removal of these spirits, and for guidance and although I think my prayers are heard, they seem to be answered by demons.

    I should also add that I maintain, not atheism, but healthy skepticism, and cautiousness, of trying not to be worshiping anything less than the True God, and usually include in my prayers “If you are the True God” because although assuming that stories of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, are true, their God is great, the stories do not leave me truly knowing that Israel’s God is the actual Creator (and I can’t completely shake the feeling that whatever led the expedition in Exodus might be something other than the God described in at least early Genesis, which is the impression, for better or worse, I get from reading it). I also hesitate to take people’s word for it or the words of a book. I’m not sure if any God experienced by man to date is the “True Creator”.

    That being said though, I do pray to the God I sometimes call “Yahweh” for freedom from these spirits, and to lead me to Him (if he’s the true creator), but seem to only be answered by these spirits.

    These spirits have been confirmed by a pagan friend, who brought them up and described what they did, without me mentioning, or even being sure, they were present. She wants to do a ritual “blessing” (I have no better word to call it) to remove them, and I don’t know if that’s God’s way of answering my prayers to have them removed, so I’m ok with trying it.

    Going back to being hospitalized, it throws question on whether or not it’s spirits, or natural mental illness, but seeing the similarities between what you have gone through and what I have gone through, I am inclined to believe they are spirits.

    The pagan says they are angry, and want me dead, her boyfriend put a symbol to my heart for he and she feared that if they got to my heart, I might die. I do trust knowledgable pagans for knowing what a spirit is, and what they can do for part of their beliefs have been dealing with spirits for centuries, to me making them the experts in strictly man to spirit interactions that don’t involve active man to God interactions.

    I was wondering if you could perhaps help as someone who a) is sure of your God b) accessed his power c) has probably had communion with God, and d) is helping others:

    If you see this

    • Oh, one more thing, the hyper religious thing, I don’t know if that’s God’s way pushing me to learn more about Him as I go, as a saw a quote supposedly from the bible where God tells his daughter to ready herself, for a demon will add the final touch to my plan for you, and I don’t know if that’s what he’s doing to me, but since this began, I rarely eat or even allow parts of dead unclean animals in my home, I get pains when I don’t practice the (saturday) sabbath, and my main hold up with not being fully devoted to all those laws is my nagging desire to be fully convinced “YHWH” is truly “The One True God”, so it seems to be making me conform to His laws to a certain degree, which is what I once prayed for “remove my free will for I may stumble, make me follow in your ways for I fear being free, I would not”

      • dear its not…

        You are confused. Let me give you some reassurance first.

        There is no where in scripture where God tells his daughter to ready herself, for a demon to be added to his plan for her.

        do not consult with pagans, and have nothing to do with their rituals, unless you want even MORE demons to afflict you.

        God is not going to give you pains if you do not practice the saturday sabbath….he will not force you to obey him by hurting you.

        Jesus also never mentioned forbidden body movements.

        Yes YHVH hears your prayers, and so do the demons, who are trying to interfere with your prayers. This happens all the time with people. You just need to know how to get rid of them. Then once you do, you will be able to pray better without being disturbed.

        Only the name of Jesus will get rid of the demons. Jesus is the son of the Creator God, YHVH, and YHVH has given him all power in heaven and earth to defeat Satan and his minions.

        Many people have experienced the True Creator, it is just that it has not happened to you yet. The Israelites in the Old testament an even today, experience Him. I have experienced him, and it is possible for this to be true for you also. YHVH, or Yahweh, or Yahovah (pronunciation is up for grabs since the original one is no longer pronounced by Jews out of respect and awe) is the true Creator.

        Mental health people are useless. They are unbelievers in any god, and just take your insurance money.

        I am going to send you some prayers for deliverance and strength. also for salvation, as accepting jesus as savior is the path to eternal salvation, forgiveness of sins, and he is the way to the Father god YHVH in heaven.

        print out these prayers or download them to your computer and say them each day. you can say them once or 100 times. it is up to you.

        I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

        Search also for a church of god pastor, or assemblies of god pastor near you. You need someone to pray with you as well, and for emotional support.

        I found one listed, and I will send it to you offline.

  182. I fell away from god due to sining now I feel god left me I hear voices been in hospital need deliverance please contact me

    • Hey Sarah, how are you now??
      Can you please elaborate what kind of sins you’ve been regularly committing? Deliverance will only come when sinning is done away with and prayers and worshiping, reading the scripture aloud will cast out the demons.. I think you need someone to help you out in this process and some others who are also demon-possessed to encourage another to triumph over this.

      • it was adultery i believe god can forgive one any sin i just god possesed right after sinning it a door i open up to the enemy they dignosed me with sczophrenia i just looking for deliverance it been 10 months now

  183. Hello. I hope u can forgive me about whT I wrote to you about my children. I was hearing voices and I still do. I’m recovering from a break down I need help I am so sorry I didn’t mean to take it out on my kids. Nor you

  184. Hi Marianne.I wanted to ask you what meant by my symptoms could be a God experience

  185. Also sometimes when I pray there’s a twich like shakeness in my left arm and hand then my breathing changes I wonder what that could be.

  186. My name is Diana I’ve had an experience like this myself, but someone didn’t cast out the demons,I did it myself. I am schizophrenic and I believe there’s was demons stuck to my brain structure and making me here negative voices and feel negative energy. The demon would talk, and I just started going to church everyday and pray everywhere I went, and listened to Christian music. I commanded the demons and devil to leave my mind and body in jesus name, and not too long after it happend. A few minutes later I felt something leave my body. This happend three times, once on my bed, second outside, third in the living room with the Windows open. I’ve Ben taking my medication and I’ve Ben feeling so much better, but I know those demons left and I still will always cast them out even if I have to do it forever. I will not stop praying.

    • hi diana

      you keep doing that….pray….the enemy likes to come back and attack, thinking you will give up

      so do not give up

      eventually they will get the hint and stop bothering you.

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft and other spirits…

      print it out or download to computer and say every day.

      I will be in agreement with you.

      and keep praising god with good music

  187. Diana,


    There is more you can do too. Say this verse throughout the day – Psalm 103:1.

    Find other verses you can easily remember and say them – Verses that praise Him.

    Read the Psalms aloud. Read them often.

    You will gain strength in the Lord by reading. You’ll be “eating the Bread of life” and the demons hate it.

    Psalm 27

  188. I’m in dire need of help, I feel wronged for what prayer I asked for in my past and for the search of love towards a woman I once knew. I feel her speak from my mouth and hear thoughts that aren’t my own. I ask Our Lord Jesus Christ for peace (not just for me but for my family and friends and for the world) and ask of GOD to defend me and my possible sin I’ve committed. (I had prayed to GOD EVERYDAY since my problem occured and im still plagued with dealing with voices coming out my mouth!?) Now, when I think of her unconsciously and consciously, and notice some coincidences I’ve noticed on her FB page I seen things that should have been saved for me. I wish I can talk to someone here at home but nobody believes I have a problem and they dismiss my situation so I Pray to GOD EVERYDAY and nothing subsided. Please, can you help me or recommend something or someone I can talk to about this?

    • Alex,

      What you discribe sounds like a soul tie. The following links are ones I recommend from experience.

      I suggest reading each link to gain understanding. Then, write out your own personal prayer – applying some of the examples given in each website.

      Please – take your time. Don’t rush. Ask the Lord to lead you through this process. You want to write out the words that make sense or are meaningful to you Then, once you have your prayer written out – speak it.

      The following is from another website:

      “Soul ties with world – Joshua 23:13 ‘Know with certainty that the Lord your God will not continue to drive these nations from before you; but they shall be a snare and trap to you, and a scourge in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good land which the Lord your God has given you.’

      We can form ungodly soul ties with anyone or thing. These are the soul ties that need to be broken in Jesus’ Name. If a friend or person controls you then there is an ungodly soul tie – mothers with daughters, fathers with sons, pastors with congregation, bosses and employees with each other, just to name a few. Control is one of the key evidences that an ungodly soul tie has been formed.

      Sometimes you may not be able to see the control of the ungodly soul tie yourself. That is why we break ungodly soul ties with everyone and anyone and everything. We would rather be “safe” than “sorry.” If there is not an ungodly soul tie there you have not wasted anything but a little breath. However, if there is one and you don’t break it – that tie could destroy you…

      We must break ungodly soul ties in Jesus’ name. It is very simple and easy to break these ungodly soul ties.

      Sample prayer of Deliverance from ungodly soul ties:

      Father, in Jesus’ Name forgive me for allowing ungodly soul ties to be formed in my life. In Jesus’ Name I break all ungodly soul ties I have with (fill in the blank – name the person, people, places and things such as my grandparents, mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, pastors, other Christians, churches, movie stars, singers, evangelists, my boss, co-worker, pet, etc).

      The list can go on and on as the Lord gives you discernment, break each ungodly soul tie in Jesus’ Name. After breaking the ungodly soul tie you will need to cast the demons out.

      Example: ‘In Jesus’ Name I command all demons of ungodly soul ties to leave me now. I command the spirit of (name the person, place or thing) to come out of me now. Thank you Jesus.’

      Keep going until you believe all demons have gone. You may have to deal with some of this everyday until you believe that you have gotten rid of all of the demons and broken all ungodly soul ties. You also, need to get rid of the articles such as pictures and artifacts, etc” (Demon Busters).

      “Ungodly soul ties link people who are linked to other people who are in turn linked to other people. These soul tie linkages may be thought of as railroad tracks being laid down, which allow the networking of demons to pass from one person to another. The train cars may be feelings, emotions, thoughts, compulsions, inclinations, demons, messages, etc.

      When a soul tie is established, parts of the humanity of two people can be attached to each other. That is, part of one person becomes part of the other person and vice versa.

      In DID/SRA the “intruder” parts may be indiscernible, form a part of the presenter system, or hold a powerful position in the internal system. Remember that this is what the client (you) is led to believe and until Jesus can speak truth into the situation, it is important that this demonic construct be dismantled by the power of Jesus’ shed blood…

      When the client (you) recognizes that a relationship has power over her/him – then it is important to pray and break the connections. These soul ties can be broken and access stopped by following several simple steps…”

      I suggest, beginning today – focus on Jesus as your personal Good Shepherd) and God as your Heavenly Father – less on any one person.

      Psalm 88 – 89 (Read these two Psalms)

      • thank you DJ for that….I was trying to figure out what his situation was, so I could recommend the right prayer.

        the one on soul ties seems to fit.

  189. dear alex

    It sounds like you are so consumed with love for this woman, that (from your memory or impressions of her) speak out what she would say at times.

    can you make contact with her now? if you can, then do not be bold, but explore any possible positive relationship that could be there.

    if you cannot, then it is “over” and you need to deal with it.

    is this woman someone who loved you and broke up with you, or was she bewitching you?

    you need to move on and start looking for someone who will love you back.

    let me know, so we can discuss this further.

  190. that’s amazing that you guys had personal experiences with these types of plagues of some spiritualistic issues, Thank You for helping me and knowing what I’m going through. I also wanted to add that this woman did hurt me verbally at one instance and emotionally the times of when I thought we were friends, it’s funny and scary sometimes to see the light and darkness that resides in us all. I prayed and prayed for sustenance for her and the situations I was having at the time till now also asking Our Lord Jesus to forgive her for her wrongs against me because care but am seriously pass this and can move on properly and be very thankful for individuals like yall who hear my suffering. God Blass and Thank You all so much!

    • alex

      sometimes we more we invest in someone trying to help them or like them, the deeper the sting when they reject us

      you tried your best…..put her in God’s hands now, and let him deal with her.

      you will eventually heal, once you do this…

      you are going to be ok.

      • I know that much and Thank You, I just don’t want to be bothered too much due to it messing with my concentration at work and at home. I am all passed it. God Bless.

        • alex

          I am sending you the armor of god prayer for strength…I hope it uplifts you.

          print it out and say each day.

          never give up 🙂

  191. it comes and goes and I can still feel like something wants to move my tongue and speak out from me. I have been reading out loud to myself the Armor of God Prayer and it helps, but I can sense negativity and we’ll shrug it off cause I know my faith in the Lord won’t stop helping me. I’m not Christian, I’m Catholic but I do praise, pray, meditate, think in sound and mind and love with all my heart in my faith to the Lord and Heavenly Father. I just didn’t like feeling targeted and worthless and I had to reach out to somebody who understands what I’m going through. sometimes I still cry, and feel down because of how this came to be (because of a girl I once liked). we’re still friends on Facebook and when I see her pictures on her page she seems happy, and I’m happy for her. all in all, I know wasn’t suppose to be like this because I know how I was before all this so called possession of deviant spirits start playing tricks on me, I was happy and cheerful and I owe the way my style of who I am to my mom, slick, smart and practically un-phasable. why it chose to mess with me, idk, but I still need help and still want to defeat what moves my mouth without my permission. such a weird feeling.

    • alex

      you may have a spirit of grief and loss bothering you.

      ask god to heal your hear over this girl, and send you someone that would be a perfect match for you.

      ask jesus to be close to you and send the holy spirit to help you in your daily thoughts and actions

      and at the same time, rebuke ( reject out loud) any negative spirit bothering you in jesus name, and cover yourself in the blood of jesus every day.

      I will send you a prayer for deliverance against spirits.print it out and say it each day I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  192. I adopted a 10 year old boy 2 years ago. He has had a rough childhood filled with porn, sexual molestation, a drug,alcohol & sex addicted father and a mother that left him at 9 months old. I was laying my hand on his forehead when he started snarling, drooling, snoring up bowed back with curled fingers. I did my best to call this thing out of him. There was more than one.
    He said after a 20 minute of casting then blessing, he was totally fatigue but felt relived. He said the demon was choking and slugging him in the stomach and covering his mouth when I asked him to say its name. He said the main demons name was called lived…actually livid bit he insisted it was spelled lived which is devil spelled backwards.
    I am under the persuasion that there are more.
    I would appreciate your input. Thank you

    • debbi

      You are very much to be commended taking on an abused child and giving him a new home.

      You did the right thing, and it sounds like you still have more work to do with him. deliverance sometimes is a step wise process, as you go from one level to another.

      so as DJ says below, demons do come in groups.

      just continue to pray for him as you have

      I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft and other spirits that you can use as a tool to pray.

      print it out and say out loud over the child each day. if you have any prayer support from friends, family, etc use that support. agreeing in prayer over the child adds to the power of the prayer.

      I will also agree with you in prayer. I pray against witchcraft every day.

      I am also sending a prayer for your own protection as you battle his demons for him

    • Debbi,

      I want to share information on a common demonic spirit. This one would gravitate to a an adopted child – “spirit of rejection.”

      “The primary results of rejection are the inability to receive love from others and the inability to communicate love to them. That is why rejection is one of the greatest hindrances to divine love. God works in our lives to bring us to the knowledge of divine love” (Derek Prince).

      I suggest reading this book by Derek Prince, “God’s Remedy for Rejection.”

      You should find a few pearls of wisdom within to help you and your son.

      Click to access gods-remedy-for-rejection-derek-prince.pdf

      Look for a reply from a friend of mine – he is a foster/adoptive parent counselor and therapist who has ministered deliverance.

      One more suggestion – please read this link and the comments/replies to learn more about protecting you home.

      God bless you.
      Hebrews 13:20-21

  193. Debbi,

    Purchase the book “Thou Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince on Amazon as soon as possible. This book should answer most of your questions.

    YouTube has many messages by Derek Prince – I may have linked those above. Please watch them.

    Demons operate in gangs with a strong man (leader) in charge.

    You can expect to deal with a spirit of rejection and a list of others in that gang.

    Fell free to email me at

    I have more to share and will reply with more later today.

    I suggest you praise and proclaim by reading Scriptures in your home. Not loud or yelling but read them aloud like you wrote them – the enemy hates this and Father God blesses those who do. Pslam 103, 37, and 91. Look for other passage that you like and read them often. Pray over your son Hebrews 13 has a blessings near the end of the chapter. Numbers chapter 6 has a blessing that you can speak over him too.

    Psalm 25

  194. I have 3 to 4 spirits that i need to cast out

    • john

      you have several choices

      pray against this yourself…with prayer support

      have others pray for you and with you

      do both….

      I am sending you a prayer for deliverance against spirits , and some prayers for strength.

      print them out and say them out loud each day, so the spirits can hear you

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  195. You need to cast them out in the name of Jesus

  196. As an individual who’s going through casting-the-demons process,
    I was very much encouraged by seeing this post and I would like to encourage everyone else who’s going through the same process as mine.

    I would like to commend the demon-possessed individuals who are going through the same process and I would like to advise the following as a person who doesn’t know much but like to share with you all as this might help..

    1. Repentance. No Sin allowed.
    I’ve sinned a lot, like really lot as the demons have planting evil thoughts (blasphemy, obscenity, all sorts of sin-prone thoughts). I absolutely recommend to repel against those thoughts by praying and worshiping.
    Don’t given into those bad thoughts.

    2. Fasting really helps cast out the demons.
    Fast at least 1 meal a day and I really advise all the people to worship like a lot, (I mean, like 8-12 hours per day, just focus on casting those demons out)

    3. Protecting your Heart..
    This process is a long and burdensome process, which entails a lot of patience and energy. Nonetheless, you are not the only one who’s going through this and I advise the demon-possessed people to team up with the other brothers or sisters to regularly worship G-D as much as possible, so that they would encourage one another as a body of Christ.

    4. Watching out for words.
    As sin-prone thoughts are incessantly being planted by the demons, you might be prone to do as those thoughts. However, don’t say it. Like lying, or blasphemous thoughts, and judging fellow brothers and all sorts may devastate your being a lot more.

    5. Be patient.
    This totally will wear many believers out and patience is prerequisite for winning the war. I know… I know.. It’s hard, but, don’t you think it would be more than worthwhile to have your life back in the end?

    Pray and worship really a lot.. (I was near to cast out the demons out, but by committing stupid mistakes, I am still in the process) However, I want my life back and I want my life to be fully committed to Him only. So, keep on praying and oh yeah, I totally recommend to be fully committed just for this as this will surely save your time. I myself am an witness of how weary this process is and believe me, I know how hard this may be. However, we will triumph in the end. Never let your hope go out and always be alert for sins. May G-D bless you all!

  197. Chul,

    Thank you for your comment/reply. Amen. It is helpful to me, reading someone else who is going through the same process.

    I’m learning that an attitude of continuous prayer and worship is very beneficial.

    Philippians 4:4-9

  198. Help please, I don’t know who else to contact. People don’t want to hear what’s happening.

  199. Thank you for responding, is there anyone I can get physical help. I will pay.

    • marty

      answer questions so I know how to help you.

      how can I help you?
      are you saved by the blood of Jesus?
      can you leave where you are?

  200. Thank you DJ and marianne for replying me back.
    I think our ordeals and trials and errors will definitely help the next generation who might go through the same process as ours.

    As for Marty, how are you brother? Can you please elaborate on what your status might be? Are you hearing things? I think Marianne might be the one to help you or any local church people can help you out if you are willing to reach out.. Be courageous, Marty.. I know you can do it. In God, there is nothing impossible…

    I don’t know how you became demon-possessed, however, as for my case, I think masturbation and angering towards G-D were the main factors. I absolutely recommend the people to flee from obscenity and try to find another way to relieve the stress out. Like exercising, or anything modest enough will do.

    Stay away from obscenity, other addictions that might severely cripple you spiritually.

    Casting out the demons doesn’t happen instantly, it is not just a click, click process.

  201. Anyways, I pray all the demon-possessed people will be set free.. May G-D bless you all!!

  202. This is how I got here through google

    I dreamed saw holes filled with red, when I sucked on one my mouth filled with blood, I then spit the blood out

    Ive seen all of this. But Imagine there are warriors who go around an reduce that energy those who vamp the faith away from God, through music and harmonics. I ended up here because I was having dreams of drinking blood, but once it was in my mouth I spit it out. I drank it from what looks like wounds on the floor, but there were 2 wounds and They could very well been the wounds of Jesus I was seeing. I was dessed in white and the floor had a very thin white carpet “probally linen”, witch I could interpritate it as the body of Christ being revealed. But I had that bright red blood in my mouth then spat it out feeling shame and horror that I had blood in my mouth. When I took a drink I thought I was getting strawberry jelly. Imagine my surprise when it tasted like blood.

    I was about to clean out my mouth of the rest when I woke up with the need tor search this.

    • rockwell

      drinking blood is a pagan practice, and I do not see anything that indicates Jesus in your dream…. the white may be just there because it shows up the blood really well

      consider your ways….if you are doing anything that God would consider wrong… it may seem innocent to you, and you are unaware

      what kind of things are you into?

  203. Hi

  204. @ DJ, how many demons are there in you? What are your ways of casting the demons out? May I ask how long have you been possessed? I just want to relate to someone and I wish we can encourage one another by having a certain deadline or date to have them all cast out.

    • sagacio23

      if someone was possessed, they would be incapable of casting out demons in other people. they are too tied up themselves.

    • sagacio23,

      How many? They operate in gangs – groups. So I don’t know how many in each group. I had a few gangs.

      How long?

      Well, I’m over 50. In my 20s, I slept with more women than most, drank to much, my language/vocabulary was not good. I could tell you more.

      It was after 35+ years of an American upper middle class “waking a wide path” lifestyle bringing a great deal of demonic oppression before I found deliverance. Thank you Lord.

      In 2010-11, I prayed deliverance myself on more than 4 occasions. Every occasions brought results, thank you Lord. No Pastor helped me.

      How could I experience deliverance myself with no one praying for me?

      1) I asked Jesus to help me.
      2) I spoke deliverance in His name.
      3) I expected results, thank you Lord.

      Faith without works (doing) is worthless.

      Also – two different men prayed over me on 3 different occasions (2011). Neither one is a “Pastor.” Demonic oppressions were expelled on these occasions too. Thank you Lord.

      I suggest buying 2 books as soon as possible. Buy used in good condition from Amazon. Do this ASAP. Demonic oppression is increasing rapidly.

      “Thou Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince. There are simple steps are written out. But reading and comprehending what I was doing was very, very important to me. This was my workbook. Thank you Lord.

      The other book is “Pigs in the Parlor.” Very basic with many bits of good information. Frank Hammond explains and lists the gangs or groupings of demonic oppressions.

      So after reading “Thou Shall Expel Demons” —- I laid in bed and read step 1. Thought about step 1 and then said what I needed to say.

      Then move to step 2 – slowly did the same for each step.

      When I was finished with the steps I laid very still and paid attention to my body. I expected results – manifestation of demonic oppression in my flesh.

      Did my leg or arm or chest mussels twitch or move?
      Did my heart and/or chest feel different?
      Pressure in my ears or neck?
      Pressure behind my eyes?

      Just waited…….than bang!

      When anything moved or felt strange I began to speak aloud rebuking the demonic oppression. The manifesting demonic oppression would move. I would keep rebuking and casting it out. I could feel it leave.

      On one occasion I could feel every taste bud on my tongue!

      Oh? There must be a problem with my tongue? (Yes)

      On another occasion – mussels along my spine locked up. Serious pain/uncomfortable for about 5 minutes.

      Oh? I must have a problem with pride. (Yes)

      After a few of these personal sessions – I realized that there maybe demons still oppressing me. (Yes)

      So I said the Lord, “You are my Good Shepard and Deliverer. I trust You to continue the work You began. I could probably do this every night. But, I give this to You now. You know best – when they should go and how many go at a time. Thank you.

      Over the following weeks and months (still happens) there are nights that I feel what seems like 40 volts go out my right big toe.


      Sometimes it is more like zaaAAP!

      I’m not moving at all when this takes place. That feeling would last 3, 5 or more seconds and hurt!! I said, “thank you Lord.”

      Then – I wanted to know what’s going on? Why is this “Zap” only out my right big toe?!

      Look in Exodus and Leviticus about the right big toe.

      Fact: My righteousness is filthy rages. Therefore – I have ministered deliverance to myself and others even when my flesh is not “pure.”

      Once I ministered to a friend over a cell phone.

      Anyone who tells you that you can’t minister deliverance unless you are “demonic oppression free” doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      Let me know if you have any questions – here is an email address if you prefer:

      Psalm 18

    • sagacio23,


      Here is a short and to the point answer to your question. The answer to your question maybe helpful to other folks reading this thread. 🙂

      God bless you 23!

      “Seven Main Requirements For Keeping Deliverance”

      1. Yield to the Lordship of Jesus in every area.
      2. Be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit (see Eph. 5:18).
      3. Live by the Word of God (see Luke 11:13; Acts 2:4; Matt. 4:4, 7, 11).
      4. Put on the whole armor of God (see Eph. 6:10–18).
      a. Especially the “helmet of hope” (see 1 Thess. 5:8; 1 Cor. 13:13; Rom. 8:28; Heb. 6:18–20).
      b. Also the “garment of praise” (see Is. 61:3; 60:18; Luke 4:18; Heb 13:5).
      5. Cultivate right relationships.
      6. Cultivate right fellowship. Both faith and unbelief come through what we hear (see
      Rom. 10:17; Mark 4:24; Luke 8:18; Prov. 19:27).
      7. Make Jesus central (see John 12:31–32).

      By Derek Prince.

      Psalm 27

  205. Please pray that I may conquer my flesh. I struggle with the desire for food. Thank you. Enjoyed your article!

  206. I NEVER think perverted or sexual thoughts accept when I am praying. Needless to say I don’t want to pray anymore.

    • andria

      I can understand food problems…we all need to eat to live….I pray you get some control over this.

      the devil is introducing bad thoughts while you pray to make you stop.

      you must immediately say:

      “I rebuke you satan and I bind you, and command that you leave in the name of Jesus! I am covering my self with the blood of jesus against which you have no defense.”

      keep saying that until the attack stops.

      I am sending you several prayers that address some of your issues…one lets you fill in the blank with the problem….one is salvation prayer in case you are not saved…only jesus can deliver you

      print them out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  207. To all those that are having a hard time with demons (forces of darkness spirits) first and last is ONLY by the work of Jesus Christ and through HIS blood can you be delivered. Remember fasting and prayer are good but this becomes YOUR work and that is worthless.

    Remember Jesus Christ is the way, the light, the door and HE paid for your curses on the cross and for your sins. It is ONLY through HIM that you are made righteous and therefore the demons have NO right to you.

    Accept Jesus as your only savior and quit trying to deliver yourself. It will never work. My suggestion is first forgive ALL that have wronged you and then plead the blood of Jesus. Remember through HIM you are righteous in YHVH eyes and you are HIS then the demons have no right to oppress you.

    Speak these words to them and tell them to leave in the Name of Jesus. His name carries the authority and the might. Believe in that name for it is the Word of God and it is His will for you to be delivered.

    Bless you in the name of our LORD Jesus.

  208. Andria,

    Buy the book “Thou Shall Expel Demons” – the author, Derek Prince, explains. I applied his steps many times with positive physical and spiritual results. Buy a used book on Amazon – no need to spend to much money.

    You can also watch his videos on Youtube and listen to audio files.

    Psalm 18

  209. I need deliverance,can you help me on long island ny…or i could travel to you..i am out of work right now and need your help..ty

  210. I appreciate your honesty. I too am frustrated with sensationalism. I’d like to ask a question though. If demons have taken over the mind of a Christian, can we pray from a distance (miles) to have them delivered? The decisions a family member are making have severed our relationship, and it is clear this person is under satan’s enfluence.

    • kathy

      yes. he can be delivered, but it is best when he knows there is a problem and wants deliverance…..if they deny the problem, it makes it harder…

      try to confront them…diplomatically….and let them know you are praying for them

      I am sending you some prayers for deliverance…it includes all sorts of spirits, etc…..modify it to fit your situation…and say it each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      • Thank you for being in agreement with me. I am truly struggling with this. But, the person I mentioned does not even BELIEVE demons work to attack us like this. He definitely would not talk about it with me and would think I am crazy. He grew up in a very straight and legalistic church.

        Thank you for your prayers and help. God bless.

        Kathy Richardson

  211. When I was a kid about 7 years old I always seen sprits and everybody thought I was crazy I even had more then one trys to attack me hold me down so I could get up took the breath out of me ! Then some how it went away I beleave that god in heaven the lord and my brother Jesus Christ stopped the sprit because he loves me and u .but anyways I was in school misbehaving acting out I believe I had a demon on me making me be a bad kid though I ng chairs at the teacher but what I’m trying to get at the schools told my mom if she didn’t take me to see a counsel she would of got locked up when she took me the docters putting me on medications and I really didn’t need them looking back I really needed god s love if only they would of just told me and prayed for me I would of been find well I’m 27 and I’m still going though the real truth about be told the truth about gods love . seeing everyone suffer by these demons and being haunted and only thing the government are state do is feed my brothers and sisters medications side effects after side effects this is wrong I do know god works though us and he loves us very much 2 months ago I had a demon on me and I was going to the mountains with my sister /cuzin and she took me to the house of god /church of god and when I went in I couldn’t breath then my brother who god was with him strong and powerful told this demon to get out of this young man demand me and I felt like the demon choken me real talk I could breath so my brother said get out in the name of Jesus and I believed and then I was real relaxed peaceful so I do beleave in god plus I know we all should work together and help one another and love one another without love gods love nothings going to work out so please help onenanother when you see something wrong bring that brother r sister up tell them god loves your more really what ever comes to your mind only if its the right word to say we can do it to gather

    • christopher

      stay strong in your quest.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from various negative things.

      print it out or download, and say every day, and you can modify it to fit your situation.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      god bless you for your courage

      • Marianne,

        Can you please send me these prayers as well?? I am under serious demonic attack from a sin that I committed. Thank you so much!!

        • pam

          I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits.

          also prayers for spiritual healing, which is specific to certain sins, but I do not know which one yours was…so use it if you need it.

          also prayers for strength,,,

          print out and say OUT LOUD each day, so the demons can hear you

          always remember to plead the blood of jesus over you and ask all things in the name of jesus…..

          if you are not saved, I need to know, since it helps a lot to be saved and use these prayers, and they are less effective if you are not saved. I will send the salvation prayer, in case you need it.

          I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

    • I sent you an email, but it bounced back undelivered.

  212. What an amazing genuine one experience. May the peace of God be with you my brother.

  213. The lord saved me in 2008 and shortly after that I began to physically sense evil spirits manifesting in people and places. I too have cast out demons from people and it was like you said. I don’t understand why I sense evil spirits every single day but it is not pleasant at all.I asked God to take this away from me and he won’t. I thought I was under attack myself because of sin in my life but I found out that these were coming from other people as these spirits rise up and then hide in people.Then one day I remembered scripture about Satan will not divide his own kingdom.So why would Satan let me know if someone has a devil or if he was working on me because then he would be exposed.I don’t like this and I don’t want it.If I could have more clear understanding it would not be so bad except for the discomfort that it brings.

    • Hi Kevin, I can sense evil spirits in places and people as well. Can you elaborate on what you feel? I’m under attack myself because of a sin that I committed and I have a following demon that is with me 24hours a day. It’s a coldness over my body and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I went to an antique shop a few weeks ago and nearly fainted from weakness!

  214. I need help I been feeling burning in my body I never felt before. And I have been having satanic assault.

  215. I’m feel like I’m on fire inside where ever I go.

  216. Marianne, how can you free yourself from health demons? My health has gotten worse but somehow I cannot be listened to at the doctors, hospital or anywhere I go. Somehow there is always strange blockages. Five months I have endured the continuing pain.
    I’m tormented day and night with pain and attacks. All I do is pray and have tried to cast out demons myself. It has not worked. My mother prays and others have too. What is blocking me from getting better? I accepted Jesus as year ago.

    • princess

      first, do you have a physical diagnosis? are you on any pain meds now?
      if yes, what meds are they?
      I am trying to figure out if your pain is physical or spiritual, or a little of both.

      have any tests been done on you? if yes, what were the results?

      • No, no diagnosis. I take diclofenac, Glytrin spray and paracetamol and ibuprofen. Not all at once. I don’t take it too often.
        They did a chest X-ray twice. March and May. In May chest ct. Also had abdominal ultrasound. They can’t find anything.
        They have done a few blood tests but not sure what all of it was. Know my iron was low so I am on supplements for that. Thyroid was clear. That’s all I know,
        I don’t know what to do. I have tried fighting the pain myself, mental blocking, depression medication, anxiety medication.

        • princess

          so they are treating for the pain without knowing the cause

          so the areas are chest and abdomen?

          you need an MRI of soft tissue. CT is for hard objects like bone.

          what are your symptoms besides pain? exactly where does it hurt?

          have you had any vaccinations lately?

          • Yes chest and abdomen. I’ve been vomiting as well along with headaches and twitches over my legs. Trouble sleeping and dizziness as well along with rapidly changing heart beat and pounding all day.
            I can’t get anything from the doctor. They just say it’s anxiety.
            No vaccinations.

            • princess

              I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other curses, and prayers for healing and strength. share these with your mother and those who pray with her and you.

              I will agree with you in prayer for this deliverance and healing.

              this is to cover any possible spiritual attack

              physical side:

              a general practitioner cannot help you

              check with a heart doctor, neurologist, endocrinologist, and a gastrointestinal doctor, if you have not already. you may have a severe case of GERD and ulcers, and the vomiting may have caused a loss of electrolytes, which could affect your heart.

              it sounds most like an adrenal problem. see below

              read this – the question and the answers, especially from “squedes”:


              check yourself for Pheochromocytoma



              get a specialist…..

              get tested for
              24-hr urine test for cathecholamines and VMA’s.
              your adrenal gland can cause havoc with your blood pressure, and mimic signs of depression, and give every symptom you have

              • Hello Marianne. I went to emergency in a state. I was in severe pain I could not tolerate anymore. They checked my heart rate in the ambulance and it was pretty high. At hospital I had a 12 lead ecg which was ok. They did a chest X-ray which was ok and a blood test for “serious things”. They did a urine test too but not sure what for.
                I asked for my adrenal function to be checked and Pheochromocytoma and they said they can’t there. However they said the test tests for potassium and it would be “whack” if adrenal function was bad. That was clear which they tested for and electrolytes and kidney function.
                I was in a severe drowsy state in pain. They gave me paracetamol and put me on a water drip which they said helps a high heart rate,
                I’m fulled with stomach noises, a lot of gas and sounds now which I think was the drip.
                I am still in pain, and keep having tightening of my chest every few seconds, but can tolerate this pain if it stays like this. Still feel dizzy.
                In hospital I was bright red and every month I made sent me into vertigo/dizziness.
                They said to ask my doctor for other pain killers and other tests. I said how my doctor doesn’t do that and he “doesn’t have the rights”. They said he does. Which doesnt make sense because ive asked for a ct from him and he said “I can only order brain ct’s” I don’t know what to do from here. I praise God I feel better than I did, I have my pain and im alive. I just hate having no daignosis. I can’t see any specialists because they cost hundreds.

                • princess

                  do not worry about the brain….

                  potassium will NOT diagnose the adrenal

                  routine urine test will not show anything

                  this is not your kidney, it is your adrenal

                  ask for the 2 tests , on a 24 hour urine:

                  catecholamines and VMA

                  if they can’t do the test there, have them send off the sample to a larger testing lab.

                  you have to insist.

                  or go to a local medical school

                  the blockage in the adrenals is causing the blood pressure to go up and the pain. this is my opinion. I am a medical scientist, not an endocrinologist.

                  • I tried. I asked three times and pushed my hardest. He says I’m just having panic disorder and “if I do this you will look for the next thing to be tested for”. I pushed for pain killers and got paracetamol with codeine mixed in and some sort of panic attack pill. He says he won’t do anything becsuse it ” isn’t sensible.”. I went out today and didn’t feel too bad, but my heart still aches and I keep having weird flipping sensations in my chest. In the supermarket and in a store my head was aching, nearly passed out. Nothing I can do

  217. Hi Princess, I had those same symptoms for two years! I had a urine and hair analysis done and was diagnosed with lead, mercury and aluminum poisoning. This was mainly from my amalgam fillings that I had to get all of them removed along with a few root canals that were bad. Also, you may be getting attacked because you’re trying to live right. Make sure to repent of ALL sins, get baptized and do not sin again. The Church of Christ still baptize you and they teach sound doctrine! But whatever you do please make sure you walk the straight and narrow, repent and forgive all that may have hurt you!

  218. I’m reciting the prayers Marianne but I’m still under attack. This thing follows me 24/7 I really messed up by sinning. Just keep me in your prayers please, I hope no one else goes through what I’m going through!

    • pam

      I cannot tell you what is wrong, if prayers do not seem to get a response.

      I assume you are saved now.

      this may be an issue of not knowing your authority in jesus, so the demons take advantage of your ignorance.

      it could also be that you are too tired to assert yourself against the attacks, and need others to agree with you.

      do you need a phone call?

  219. Thank you Marianne, I am truly needing understanding and Gods Mercy and Guidance, I am not understanding what is being shown to me , what I need to do, Please Pray and ask For Mercy Guidance and understanding, that I will know what it is God would have me do, for me and those I Love, that God would allow me time and understanding to do whatever would be his will, and the Best for me and my family, Thank you for all you do.

  220. Hey, I am trying to break all ties from evil in my life. I am an extremely gifted soul, though through some of my own actually I had unconsciously allowed much influence of the enemy. I am looking to fast, for as long as possible safely. I feel God would want me to go as long as I can last, though my faith says I can certainly go 40 days living on his breath I have fear that I may be unable based on the way my faith waivers due to my current condition. If my faith waivers deep in a fast could that cause harm? My plans are to spend the time walking, relaxing and as much as I can motivate myself doing the will of God. Reading the bible, praying, and perhaps witnessing to people and praying for then/ their healing.

    I have done fasts before 3 days without food or water, and a 21 day living off of teas and lemon juice maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

    I am going to break these influences with Christ as my power and driving force, and God as my guidance through Christ.

    What would your suggestion be as far as what I can do. I understand praying, though if there are any prayers you would recommend I would love to hear them. Breaking ties, repenting, denouncing and renouncing as well as rebuking and praying for support are all things I have done and been doing. I have made huge progress , but I will be completely free from this and I will walk in God’s path for me completely.

    Your prayers are appreciated and I would love some guidance.

    • andrew

      I cannot tell you how long to fast. that is up to you and God.

      pray about it and try different times, and see how it is for you

      • Hi Marianne,
        it’s about 7 years that I feel worry and scared full of fears all the time, it feels like fears have possessed me , is it demon?
        I feel most of my energy wasting for nothing but worrying, specially worrying about my loved ones and worrying about future.but it’s too much now that I recently thought to really do something about it.i can’t live like this.
        Please advise me.

        • parvin

          I can only tell you what you know already…that you should not feel like this

          God is good, and there is no reason to fear.

          worry will not help you or your loved ones…..or future

          put your loved ones in the hands of god and let him do his work….he will do the work when it is the right time.

          you may want help now, but god will wait until he he ready….

          he knows what he is doing.

          the futures is not that good for anyone…world has many problems and much evil.

          we all do the best we can, and wait for jesus to come…

          you need positive thoughts…

          I will send a prayer for blessing and family to you.

          print out and say each day, so good things will come, and you will feel better.

          I will pray that God helps you

  221. Dear sir,
    I am also facing the same problem since many year can you clear it with the prayer so that I will come to the faith of Jesus for ever.

    • L.Ram diwakar reddy

      I will send you prayers against witchcraft….print out prayers and say every day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  222. I really found this interesting, I need help. In trusting. God all the way. I’m trusting. I need some help. In patients and studi,g my word. I do believe. Really I do. I have the Holy spirit. I was a back slider. I was a person homosexuality life style over 2 months ago. I battle in my mind. It gets better. Just need a fresh anointing. True deliverance.

  223. I am an unbeliever. Could I see this happen?

    • dear anon

      not sure what you mean….but….

      yes, you could experience demonic attack….even believers can experience this..if they are not careful or well informed

      getting devils cast out would be less likely, if you are an unbeliever, unless you are willing to change, and give your heart to god, and trust him for deliverance.

      if you decide to ask for deliverance, but still want to remain an unbeliever, then it will not work….as the unbelief leaves the door open to the devils that would be there. they have no reason to “leave.”

      I hope I answered the question for you.

  224. john terry is my mentor but now maybe he can be my dad. I fill I’m him in many ways. he said when he leaves NM SPRING 0f 16 to sac, CALI. he will cast out any demons. if he cannot. please any one can help more soon the better. contacts or referrals.. please pray.. would help me.
    is what searching for my earthly father is not easy thy shall love thy father my faith is in my heavenly father now I can say I’m 27 years old. I’m becoming more close with the Lords way. something alwAys stops me from giving my all, which I really want. forever. I’m not going to give reasons why I seem to fall into sin constantly. I could have a good day or a good week than the sin that’s prayed to stop or if leasing the sin works I pray…,,,but comes back at me… now I figure that demons have been tormenting me.past n nw presant. they just wont leave. I believe 2 or more of them going back to 11 years old. I did not try to many churchs all has not failed this has to be it I want less sinful days… Every year since I was a lil boy grew up in care my whole life familyless almost but perfect for demons… to be tormented… same as when I was young, worst… especially doing works of the Lord they block out my prayers but I fight them off the man upstairs knows I need help .
    past and presant they just wont leave. I cannot be me. I want to be a dad I would like this fog to leave… the church is next… but all have failed to deliver me properly its sad to know. May anyone give me advice please. Tyree Williams x

  225. god bless you I believe that there is conincidence that.l I’m here I hope God favors you.

  226. Thanks for that info but I am asking if you could help me with a demon that I have please

    • manuel

      you need to do the following:

      if you are not saved by the blood of jesus, then confess your sins, be sorry, and stop doing them, accept jesus as savior, and ask god to forgive you and let you belong to Him.

      get local help, someone to pray for you

      I am sending prayers for deliverance from witchcraft, curses, demons

      also prayer of salvation

      print out and say each day….if you can, get someone to pray with you

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  227. Hi I was wondering if you could help me to be delivered I really need help I been going though a spiritual problem for 15 years cause of an evil spirit inside of me please let me know if u can help be delivered. Like the Story of that man I wanna be free as well

  228. Hi I need deliverance and help. I am so depressed and still struggle with sin. Every church I go to they tell me to read bible verses but it is so hard to do. I am trying to find another church because my old church was a Word of Faith one. My pastor is Steve Kinsey he come on TBN sometimes. I don’t know what to do anymore I want to be healed. I cannot go outside the house, indecisive badly, tired all the time just feel like I am getting worse. I don’t trust people always negative. Please Help. I don’t want to go to hell.

    • depression is one of those symptoms manifested by the people whom are under demonic influence. I myself was and I am still fighting to free myself from demonic influence. However, I would like to tell you that there is hope for you as depression is pretty much at the initial stage in terms of demonization. i am not saying this to frighten you or anything but to encourage you that you can and will triumph this spiritual battle. I would like to prescribe the biblical based advice for you as I myself saw a great progress in this matter.

      1. sin is the costliest act that you can commit and if you do sin, it will take you much time and effort to push demonic influence in your life. To be more specific, addiction to pornography, grumbling to G-D, hating G-D, lying, judging other people, slander, and so many other sins must be put aside.

      2. pray and worship and reading the bible will lighten your soul and the power of darkness will be gone. i am not saying this prayer will push demons out instantly. This will take a lot of time. i mean, a lot. it might take months to remove the demonic influence. it depends on the symptoms of the individual. however, darkness can not and will never win over light.

      3. depression will likely incline the individual to eat sugary stuffs or anything that will make you feel better. However, this will worsen your health significantly. If you become sober, you will really become a lot more healthier. Though this line goes like a cliche, however, I assure you will become much healthier.

      last but not least, ashley, I do not know what kind of ordeals or persecution you might have faced and there are probably no words to describe what you’ve gone through or the process you are going through. However, as a person who has also went it and still struggle to be absolutely free, I assure you God is good all the time and we sometimes feel the test towards us is too harsh to bear. nevertheless, He is not sadistic father who wants you in agony, but He wants to test us sometimes with no apparent reason. As Job himself was tested for no apparent reason, we also are no exception. if we react to that test well, He will reward us handsomely for He pays off all of our dues. So, Ashley, I know you love to be in heaven and you are a lover of God as you’ve indicated enough in your writing about guilty feelings towards God. I think you will be doing well. may Hashem bless you, sis.

  229. Munsey* is his last name.

    • ashley

      munsey will not help you. he is not in line with the will of god now. too much about money

      most tv personalities are like that now.

      being depressed is not a sin.

      everyone struggles with sin, since ,,,,even if our souls are saved, our flesh is not.

      why do you think you are this way? indecisive, tired, not trustful, negative?

      you need to get to the root cause.

      what do you think it is?

      bad experiences? someone hurt you?

      made a mistake and you do not feel forgiven?

      • Probably sin. I have a hard time concentrate, remembering things and comprehending too. I don’t know how to get this off of me. I have heard stories of people healed from depression. Mostly I heard it has to do with negative thoughts the devil puts in their mind. Some were prayed over and healed. I don’t want to deal with this anymore. Got so bad I had to drop out of college. I think the only person where I live is John Eckhart. Most churches don’t speak about deliverance from demons. My sister suffers from depression too we both don’t want to be defeated by this.

  230. Hi,

    Based on my personal
    deliverance experiences – order these two books ASAP, “Thou Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince and “Pigs in the Parlor” by Hammond.

    This is a resource you can access this today and when the program is live. Deliverance is offered during the program.

    The more you comprehend and then apply the better.

    Please proclaim Psalm 103:1, 89 and find others to read aloud. There is protection when reading such passages aloud. Read them like you wrote them.

    Hebrews 13:20-21.

  231. Dear Madam, my mother passed away sometime ago and u went back to Africa to bury her and since I come back, I have not been myself and sometimes feel as if something is moving inside me. I know this is the hand of demonic and witchcraft in my family. I want to be free whatever this thing is and would come to you no matter where you are on this earth.

    Let know the best way to deal with this demonic energy.

    Thank you very much.

    • gracetina

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft. and some for strength

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  232. I had strange things happen in my home so I picked up a Bible and started reading your typical verses to cast away demons from your home but as I was doing it I got real sick to my stomach and my throat got real tight almost as someone was choking me and I was having trouble breathing. Is that normal when you try to get them out or am I possessed or something?

  233. You won’t believe the things I went through at my grandmother’s house I used to have this little white shiny star floating on the right side of my shoulder I actually physically had a spirit touch me it look like a bunch of waves that were very clear and it was like floating water because you can see through it but you know it’s there. When it touched me all the rocks that were in my kidneys I peed them out. (Kidney Stones) what me and my friends were talking about my grandmother who passed away, my friend text me on my shoulder and he says what are you cooking it smells good what he didn’t know if I’d ever used the stove ever since my grandmother died and it smells like Italian sausage your macaroni one of my favorites. Was my grandmother cooking that I don’t know. Who was the Spirit to touch me I don’t know. I could tell you exactly how I felt it feels really hot my arms felt really hot and something told me in my mind to look in my arms because I told the Spirit to touch me one time and when I looked in my arms I saw red markings like heat of two hands grabbing my arms. When the house was going to be sold two people that were interested in the house said we’re going to buy this house and all the lights in the house turned off. When the woman said I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to be rude the lights came back on. If this anything else you’d like to know I have plenty of stories that happen there at my grandmother’s house I Drive by it everyday even though someone else owns it. And just wish I can have my house back. Any questions please feel free to ask me thank you

    • ray

      I am not sure what kind of spirit you had. it sounds positive, since you were healed of kidney stones.

      Pray to God to allow the holy spirit to be in your life. he is both holy and powerful.

      since someone else has the house now, pray, and I will agree with you in prayer, that go help you find another nice place to stay, where you will be happy.

      you do not sound saved. which means belonging to jesus and god, so that all your sins are forgiven and you are protected by god

      I am sending you a prayer for salvation. please consider saying it and inviting jesus into your life.

  234. ..

  235. Marianne, have you ever cast out demons from somebody in a dream?

  236. Dear Sir/Madame,

    I need your help with a fact that has supernatural tones…My wife prays out loud every morning. I am a light sleeper and rarely would you find me in bed when she arises.

    There is something happening in my bedroom, and only there, where dark spirits float through the air and sometimes appear to have the power to infiltrate the mind through dreams.

    I thought, maybe it’s me. Two years ago, my son, who visited me from out of town, he laid down in my bedroom for a quick nap. Then, after his visit, he went away for a year and returned this year. I told him he could take a nap on my bed, for convenience, he said, ‘I would but mom’s got some bad spirits in there floating around and trying to mess with me.’ -he didn’t say the room specifically, he said, ‘mom’. She has been praying aloud for years -he knows this to be a fact since childhood.

    Another fact is, you are only the second to know what my son and I have experienced. I have not spoken with my pastor or anyone else on the subject.

    Three days ago, my wife mentioned a connection between me missing church Sunday and demonic spirits in the bedroom at night. We are selling my home in another state and live in an apartment for convenience…This is the first time she has ever mentioned ‘demonic spirits’ to me.

    Tonight, I prayed over the bed and demanded that the evil spirits remove themselves from my home, in the name o f Jesus. I laid down to take a nap. I had a day-mare and woke up. There were no demonic spirits, just a dream about a dead family member.

    The bad dreams and floating spirits exist only in the bedroom where she prays aloud… confirmed by my own son without asking.

    Can you shed some light here?

    • Roman

      you are the man, and head of the house.

      why do you allow your wife to practice witchcraft in your home?

      this is your fault

      take charge.

      lay down the law to your wife…stop or get out.

      tell her she is a witch and will burn in hell for this, and you will not allow this evil to continue.

      you are supporting her by doing NOTHING

      stop keeping this a secret.

      tell the pastor because he will want to know why you are putting your foot down, and pastor needs to know so he can assist you, if needed.

      be man.

      be holy.

      your wife needs to repent and STOP, and it is up to you to protect your family from her.

      I am also sending you a prayer for deliverance from witchcraft

      print it out and say it each day.

      ask pastor to agree with you in prayer

      I will also agree with you in prayer
      so she is out the door unless she changes.

  237. I believe you. Demons definitely have ZERO authority over Christians.

  238. It was an easy experience for you because, as you said, you were on the 40th day of a 40-day fast. Like Jesus. That gives amazing power over the enemy. Most christians have not undertaken such a fast. I have fasted many times, but never 40 days. Tortuous deliverances may have more to do with less available power and faith perhaps than a desire to be showy. In my experience, the more I fast (3 days is all I can handle now), the more they respond. I quote Pastor Blumhardt’s experience with deliverance before and after fasting. From this website:

    Pastor Blumhardt, of Germany, was a minister who gave himself to the healing of the sick. Speaking of him, Andrew Murray records this piece of information regarding his discovery of fasting: “At the time when Blumhardt was passing through his terrible conflict with the evil spirits in those who were possessed of them, and seeking to cast them out by prayer, he often wondered what it was that hindered the answer.

    “One day a friend with whom he had spoken of his trouble, directed his attention to our Lord’s words about fasting (Matt. 9:14-15; Mark 9:14-29). Blumhardt resolved to give himself to fasting, sometimes for more than thirty hours. From reflection and experience, he gained the conviction that it is of more importance than is generally thought.

    “He says, ‘Inasmuch as the fasting is, before God, a practical proof that the thing we ask for is to us a matter of true and pressing interest, and inasmuch as, in a high degree, it strengthens the intensity and power of the prayer, and becomes the unceasing practical expression of a prayer without words, I could believe that it would not be without efficacy, especially as the Master’s words had reference to a case like the present.

    “‘I tried it, without telling anyone, and in truth the later conflict was extraordinarily lightened by it. I could speak to the devil-possessed with much greater restfulness and decision. I did not require to be so long present with the afflicted one; and I felt that I could influence without being present.’”

    • jeff

      I have to agree with you that 40 day fasts are not common.

      it was something that the Lord led me to do,

      it was not my idea or strength that got me through it.

      most fasts are shorter.

      looking back, i can see how the Lord wanted me to do this, and how it helped me grow in Him, and strengthened me

      the fasting time was very inspiring, and almost other worldly…

      I was in a state I had never been before, and some of my most challenging attacks from the enemy came either during or right after the fast.

      so I could see why god wanted this protection over me.

      and why, to this day, I help people who are also under attack.

      I do not fast like that now, but the memories of what I learned will never leave me.

  239. Enjoyed the true ghosip

  240. Me and my mother have been attack by devils, physically. They are harrassing us and seem to follow us wherever we go and we don’t want to appear mentally ill around folks when they see us swapping our face because they’re attacking us. And it’s difficult because other people don’t feel and see them so we don’t want others to think we are imagining things.

    Its been 3 weeks now and we still haven’t gotten a relief. They appear as a swarm of flies surrounding us, following us, and filling up our whole house, literally, and now they are swarming around outside our house and I can feel them moving inside areas of my body, especially in my throat and head. They’re attacking us as flies everywhere we go, in public and in the car and they are trying to inflict pain on us.

    We have lost plenty of sleep, we hardly sleep! They’re crawling on us and thats just the half of what’s going on. We feel so digusted. We are desperate for help and it seem like we can’t get the attention we need from others because no one understand what we are going through.

    We pray and quote our father’s word and cast them out in His name and it seems to get worse, they refuse to obey. We don’t know what we are doing wrong or what we are not doing to help oursleves.

    This has never happened to us but I’m guessing since we been focusing on the Father, they came to attack us, weary us, frustrate us and hinder our walk with the father.

    This is torment and we are trying so hard to still focus and remain faithful in spending time with our Elohim in the midst of this torture and swarm of demonic flies.

    We are in desperate need of prayer and advice.

    Please, someone help!

    • N

      I found this and thought it might help

      do you have any sins in your life that you have not repented of?

      you can pray, but first you have to examine your conscience and make sure there is no sin you have not removed.

      I assume you are christians?

      anytime you fight back, you will get resistance

      to be successful, you have to be

      free from sin

      understand your authority in christ

      plead the blood of jesus over you

      use the name of jesus when you rebuke the demons

      I am sending you prayers of deliverance against spirits, prayers for strength,

      also a prayer of praise. demons hate praise.

      print out and say each day

      when not in prayer, speak commands in the name of jesus to leave and not come back

      and plead the blood of jesus over you

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      also, if you can , get others to pray with you

      • Thanks Ms.Marianne for your support.

        I’ve been searching this attack out and I came across Doug Addison website yesterday as well and I read the causes of how they may attract, such as unrepentant sin as you stated.

        And Yes Ma’am, me and my mom are Christains and we constantly examine ourself even before this happened. I don’t take sin lightly, we’re are not practicing sin, we make it our mission to remain pure each day, however, we try to be mindful of sinful thoughts and cast them down and be cautious of our attitude towatd each other and keep love in the home. We are constantly examining ourselves throughout the day, and searching for unrepentant sin even before this happened and also during this process and asking for forgiveness and asking the father to show us any unrepentant sin that we are not aware of ourselves.

        I try to walk in humilty before Yeshua and others because he is far off from the proud. Never do I want to think I am right in my own eyes. When I have a negative thought I am quick to confess it or if it seemed as though I didn’t respond to my mom in an honourable way I go to her immediately to apologize and before the father. I strive to be honest with him and others and confess my sins knowingly and unknowingly to him and focus on keeping his commands. And most importantly I have repented of past sin and moved forward.

        All we want to do is follow the father and do what pleases Him. I gave up all distractions to focus on completely on Him. Prior to this attack, we were up studying together day and night and praying without cesing because we are eagered to learn the truth of his word and continue to walk in it. I delight in his ways and it hurts me if we are displeasing Him and not aware of it. We don’t want to hurt Him.

        I noticed the demons began to come at night while we were up still studying the word. And they began to harass us sexually. Creeping under the covers and following us.

        Since our focus has been completely on the father, not even on ourselves or others, we have been trying to figure out in what way we have invited these demons in to get it right with the father. I am striving to live an unselfish amd obedient life before Him.

        We hardly have anyone to help us that are spritual, and we have been trying to find a church home. We try to be very careful who to call on because most people we know walk in the flesh, we need someone who is walking upright to sincerely intercede for us because this is serious warefare.

        Its to the point that the demonic flies are coming full force. We trust the Father and we are crying out to him and refuse to turn our backs on Him.

        • glorytoalmighty

          ok just checking….

          then you are just under attack

          so continue in prayer, and assert your authority

          command them to leave in jesus name

          get “rough” with them

          they hang around because maybe you are being too gentle with them

          • glorytoalmighty,
            I noticed you use the name Yeshua. Have you used the name of “Jesus Christ” and His authority to command them to leave? Perhaps this will make a difference?

  241. Hi my name is Lucia I’ve been struggling with demons , I believe in JESUS and I’m trying my hardest to be a true Christian, but I’ve prayed for deliverance, and so all those voices leave me in the name of Jesus … but they still torment me, sometimes I can’t concentrate on the word or pastor preaching cus of all that in my mind I truly believe JESUS died for my sins, I know he’s with me so why do I still have this …can you please tell me if I’m supposed to do something else…sometimes droughts run my mind but then GOD reminds me JESUS already paid the price, so what do I do…1

    • lucia

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from witchcraft, demons etc

      there is a space where you can add special problems, like demons that interfere with your thoughts

      also a prayer for strength

      print out and say every day

      make a copy for your pastor and ask him to pray with you

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  242. Hello Marianne. Came across your site and I need your help. Have been in the faith for a long time. My husband and kids and I were baptized two years ago and I said I would read the bible to truly understand how Christ dying on the cross saves us. At that time I’m not sure if I was saved. Since then I had sinned heavily and thought that God would punish me severely and I began to punish myself and started contemplating ending it all then also the lives of my kids. I came to my senses even though I knew I didn’t really want to do that at all. But since then I have been tormented and feeling things on the inside of me moving and odd things happening around the house from missing to duplicate items knocking sounds dead or wounded animals in my yard unexplained technical problems smell of sulphur etc. I personally have a difficult time getting anything done from cooking to cleaning to self care. Everyday is an ordeal and I cannot sleep properly and wake up moaning with thoughts of hell etc.i sometimes throw things and break items. I try to pray and watch sermons to give hope. It is very difficult for me to go to church or bible study. I pray with a Christian counselor but no relief. I have been to deliverance twice but it doesn’t really help although my husband said he saw a glow on those days. I have a greater understanding of gods love for us now and I know he desires that none should perish. Before this I enjoyed great blessings but now I am living in filth and turmoil. My throat chokes and I have heavy feeling in chest and cannot do the right things. I have confessed my sins and spoken to God and Jesus but when I pray I get scared because I feel like I’m condemned. I feel like I am possessed but husband won’t believe me. Please help me. I believe it hides when I have worked with ministers before and when I talk to my pastor counselor. Please help me.

    • Ps. I also have a constant feeling in my back that moves. I also feel bites on my body and my son has acted strangely and said things that are completely demonic in nature.

    • stacy

      you are under attack.

      this could be for several reasons

      1. the demons that oppressed you before salvation were never cast out, and now they are fighting to keep you oppressed, and have you deny the salvation

      2. you did not get saved properly, I do not know how the minister prayed or counseled you, to figure out why

      3. your own unbelief at the salvation commitment blocked a true conversion. this is reflected in some of the remarks you made.

      4. before this perfect or imperfect salvation, your life was ok, which meant the devil was happy with the way you were, and did not bother you. now that you have tried to change for the better, he is “punishing” you for trying to leave him.

      5. you mentioned sinning heavily. this is called backsliding, which means you canceled whatever good you were trying to do to get close to god.

      6. you are saved, but have the spirit of doubt, which torpedoes your faith, and gives the devil access to you

      7. your pastor and counselor do not know what they are doing, and you are as lost as they are.

      8. whatever church you are in may be good, but does not understand spiritual warfare.

      if you were so far gone that you were possessed, you would not ask for help.

      your inner spirit is fighting with something that does not belong there.

      were you involved in the occult before salvation?

      I can help with the proper prayers, but it would help to know more.

      also, how old are your children?

      I am attaching some prayers for deliverance from witchcraft, and for strength

      print them out and say each day, or as often as you need to

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer, but you need to discuss this further to get at the root of the problem.

  243. Pps – one more thing. I can’t tell from things I’ve read whether this is possession or extreme oppression. At the beginning of all of this I went to church to pray and the visiting pastor laid her hands on my head because I told her I was afraid. She pushed me backwards but I wouldn’t go back. When I went back to my seat one of the deaconesses I was talking to started coughing. After then is when things got weird. Can I be helped? Please. I’ve been praying as est I could for God to help me. Is this hopeless?

    • stacy

      no this is not hopeless.

      you are in the wrong church.

      no one should try to “push” you backwards

      you might be catching some spirit that is in this church.

      they are infected and they have infected you.

      leave there

  244. no Involvement with the occult. In fact I used to avoid anything with hexagrams etc. my son who acted strangely was 7 when this started. My other two were 14 and 16. This was two years running. He doesn’t seem to be acting strange anymore.

    • stacy

      if you have not done it, subscribe to comments, right now I am emailing you my self

      it sounds like the kids are picking it up from you, and you got it at church

      many “deliverance” ministries need deliverance themselves.

      it sounds like all the ministers are women, which is suspicious to me

      stop going there, and see if the symptoms decrease

    • I have been trying to answer you for 30 mins and have been throat choked with a tight band around my head and my tablet stopped working. Actually she was a visiting pastor from a sensational church. That was her first time there and I don’t think she’s been back. But we have never done those sort of things before. Any other info I can provide to help you help me?

      • Have you broken any generational curses. try this prayer. Father God in Jesus name i confess my ancestors have sinned against you i forgive them for there sins and ask that any curses i may have from them be broken right now In Jesus name. And in Jesus name any demons that gained access through my ancestors iniquity Leave me right now.

  245. Can u please email me so I can email you some deliverance questions. Than you.

  246. I experienced something today. I want your opinion. I was driving and listening to Christian music. I used to be a strong Christian but I got into a relationship, got into drugs and stopped being a Christian altogether. For the last 10 years I have been an addict and have done horrible things, without regard for self. How I am not locked up is beyond me. I just now went back to church but only here and there hit and miss, while still doing drugs in the mix. I have been praying to stop all addiction to open, drugs and liquor. While I was driving, something came over me and I felt emotional .I started praying and felt something wanting to come out. I opened my mouth so wide that my jaws were making noise and I felt pressure of air fill my mouth and I couldn’t close my mouth. Then I felt something release and I could close it. Then it happened again in the exact same way. Everything was over in minutes.

    • anton

      Going by what you said, it sounds like, because of your inner desire, that the “something” that came out of you could be the spirit of addiction.

      do you feel a release from the drugs etc?

      Please check back in a few days, and let me know how you are doing.

      Know that Jesus loves you, and wants you to be with him.

  247. I had a dream back a month or so before February. I was laying on my bed with my cat asleep. I “awoke” to a skin crawling pressance of hatred and evil my cat turned its head and spoke in a deep rumbling voice that sent terrified me. I do not remember what she said but I knew it was not her, I felt the devil. Some how I think the knew it too, I do remember it saying to me to deny god. It lunged for my face and I grabbed it my the neck while praying and telling the devil to leave to get out that I won’t let him win he almost brung me to cuss I knew he felt I was about to and I could feel him grinning and urging me to and I refused and prayed to got to get him out of my cat I sung songs I knew about God and jeasus and I could feel him leave as my cat begin to die. Like. a breath. He exited my cat but I felt him in my house. He went to my moms bedroom door wanting in I prayed and cried for I could feel him wanting her I told him jeasus won’t like it and I prayed and sung and yelled and hollard and he left her door but I could feel him move to my grandma’s bed room door like a dog scratching get her soul I fought him hard and long and he left leaving the house. I told them about it and my mom was terrified my grandma was proud. Then on February 17 my grandma passed away. I think I saved her from the devil. But…this morning….I felt him in my house again. My cat is alive and well I never really killed her only dream but when I did wake from it I had my hand on her neck. I want to know…what on earth did I do? Did I run the devil out?

    • carie

      many of the saints are being attacked right now because the time of satan is short. he is running out of time to steal souls.

      I was attacked 3 x in one night….then on the 4th time, I saw myself in a dream giving birth to twins….

      so the devil was trying to stop the birth..

      but they got born anyhow.

      who the twins are does not matter….but they represented family members who were not saved yet

      so I claimed their souls for jesus, just like you fought for your family

      you are on the right path…stay vigilant, pray, and you will have victory over this

      I am sending you prayers against all kinds of spirits, to fight them who are attacking you and family

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • How can I be saved by the Blood of Jesus? To be born again? Can you add me to your prayer list? I need prayers for deliverance from something that is attached to me and follows me and breathes on me at night mainly and causes me pain at times. Thanks so much, please leave your site too and it would be great to talk to you. God bless!

        • jameel

          I read this comment after the first one, so you already have one email.

          I want you to know that your request is the most beautiful one in the whole world to me.

          I work day and night teaching about jesus, the Lord, and the dangers of not having his protection in our lives

          so your comment is a complete blessing to me, I would be happy to help you.

          first we must understand that sin is in the world today, and satan and his demons are everywhere to cause people harm.

          god established his rules thousands of years ago, not to put us in bondage, but to teach us his wisdom, and protect us from the consequences of certain actions…god does not want anyone to perish but to have eternal life with him

          god is much bigger than satan, he can crush satan with just his thought or his little finger.

          so giving yourself to god, and accepting jesus as savior puts you under the protection of god, and the power to defeat any demon

          to be born again, saved by the blood of jesus, who died to take away the punishment for our sins, we must first repent of the sins themselves.

          there are the 10 commandments, to disobey them is sin, and other sins that are like subcategories of those commandments.

          for example, murder is more than taking someone’s life…it can also include slander, gossip, wrath and anger.

          I am going to send you a list to review….if there is anything you have done wrong, be sorry in your heart, and decide to avoid such a sin in the future….this does not make you perfect, because you will make mistakes again…but when you do, just repent, be sorry, and try to be better next time.

          once you have repented of your sins, understand that jesus died for YOUR sins, he took your punishment, and saved you from going to hell…he did this because he loved you… if you were the only person in the entire world, he would have still given his life for you….so I hope gratitude fills your heart over this.

          with gratitude for the love of jesus, and for the removal of the punishment for your sins, give your heart to jesus.

          ask him to be your savior and Lord.

          that is all there is to actually getting saved.

          next, begin to read the bible, new testament first, pray the psalms or make up your own prayers…the our father is a good start also.


          I am sending you the prayers against witchcraft and demons

          print out and say each day AFTER you have been saved.

          I will be in agreement with you in prayer

          god bless you, and may you feel his presence and power daily in your life.

          • Thanks so much. Really touched me in a special way. I will utilize these things you have shared with me and go to work on it immediately. God bless you and I will continue to talk with you. Have a blessed day!

  248. how can I get the anointing to fast 40 days or just 10 days right now I can’t hardly fast a day

    • leslie

      I was able to do it only because the holy spirit initiated it, not me

      pray to see if it is god’s will that you fast this long…

      .and then, if the answer is yes, ask the holy spirit to enable you

  249. I need help with my son

  250. Hello Marianne,
    My name is Ashley and I am 23 years old..I hope this post doesnt get too long. I hope you see this. My new mother had a dream about me last night.. That I was filled with demons and they were coming out of my eyes. She said it was because I have been talking to a friend that was involved in witchcraft and possibly occultist activities. He was a love interest but God gave me a dream that he was leading me into a broad of vampires house years ago because I thought he was a christian at the time. It was symbolism of a cult or demons. It is odd because he isnt involved now. But, i think he is thinking of joining the masons. I guess I should cut off the friendship completely. I was just not knowing if that was biblical. I
    ALso, I have been questioning my salvation lately. But perhaps the dream meant that my eye was also not single. I keep attracting men that have demonic problems. THey both have similarities that were uncanny. As if the enemy has a list of qualities in men to snare me. The only two men that I have dated (who I thought were christians) were self harming at times, anarchists, alcoholics, drug addictions, manipulative, loners etc.. I was wondering if you had insight to that? I attract wack jobs.
    Also, I really really have a strong desire to cast demons out of people and become a strong warrior for Christ in that way. TO deliver people. BUt, I have always thought that it was bad because I have a fascination with demons in the past. I dont know why. I dont know if God has people in those specific ministries or why I have these desires and if they are because of demonic influence? They seem to want to ensnare me by attracting me.
    I also have a slight fascination with death at times where I look up autopsy reports and photos of dead people.. I dont understand why I do those things at times. Is this demonic?
    I just have a jumble of different questions and things i do not yet understand about myself. I just need any insight that you may have. Sorry for all the messy non compact writing.

    • Its Ashley again.. I also am feeling a compulsion to avoid devotional time I drown myself out with music, get busy almost intentionally.. We (my mom and I) just have been having demonic problems at home. Someone knocked on my door in august, it was loud but it was not a human. But it was while I was talking with the friend on the phone. I have had these kinds of things happen in the past. REcently, last month I awoke to a womans voice talking even though I could not make out what she said. I know there was something in the room because I only wake out of a dead sleep when someone enters the room, someone is awake or there is a spirit with me. I instantly wake up. But it wasnt a person because no one was home but me. I hope I am saved. My mom also had doors slam when I wasnt home but that could have been my dad letting something in because he is not saved and i think was at a bar that night. I am just trying to give you information to help you. As much as may be relevant to these things.

      • I also always tend to think about if someone is demonically influenced or not. I have strange violent images flash into my mind at times. Strange impulses. etc. BUt I am not sure if these things will simply go away if I just stop talking to this friend. It is obvious that I should

    • ashley

      if you play with snakes they will bite you.

      stay away from occult friends, they have opened doors for the demonic

      it could be opposites attract…you are good, and they are evil, and want you to be like them, it would be a victory for satan……so cut off all ties.

      repent ( be sorry and STOP) for associating with demonic people

      affirm, re reaffirm jesus as you savior……plead the blood of jesus over you out loud each day

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits, and prayers for strength and salvation

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  251. I need help, im 99% positive that im under some evil attack from the spiritual side.. That i cant see. However over twenty people who dont even know one another and most dont know me …we were just in passing….have seen me and been very frightened. They’ve suggested i was on drugs even. My dog was the first to alert to the whatever it is, then husband, lastly complete stangers….whom dont even have a spiritual belief. I need help figuring this all out and regaining my mind , body, and soul.

    • nora

      it is possible that there is a spirit over you that makes you appear different to people than you really are.

      I have talked to one other person like this, and it was identified as an “alter” spirit.

      I am sending you prayer against witchcraft and other spirits..and one for strength

      print out , modify it to fit your situation, and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      get your husband to pray with you

    • Nora,

      You asked for help to figure this out. This is the best lecture/teaching on the subject from a subject expert.

  252. Need help there is this vibration power i receive in my palm hand it flows in center palm and fingers toes whenever i go into prayer or when worshiping stronge power some time its like am burning what does it indicate thanks

    • khissa,

      I’ve had my right hand palm heat up. You’d need to read my testimony to understand what I believe it means. I’ve not healed anyone – only bound and cast out demonic spirits and other spiritual warfare experiences.

      So – I suggest keep worshiping. Worship even while you walk and go about your day. Proclaiming Scripture is worship. Speak these and other passages you find as you walk:

      “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…” (Psalm 107).

      “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!” (Psalm 103).

      This is what is coming – soon.

      “The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad;
      the desert shall rejoice and blossom like the crocus;
      it shall blossom abundantly
      and rejoice with joy and singing.
      The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it,
      the majesty of Carmel and Sharon.
      They shall see the glory of the Lord,
      the majesty of our God.

      Strengthen the weak hands,
      and make firm the feeble knees.
      Say to those who have an anxious heart,
      ‘Be strong; fear not!

      Behold, your God
      will come with vengeance,
      with the recompense of God.
      He will come and save you.’

      Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
      and the ears of the deaf unstopped;
      then shall the lame man leap like a deer,
      and the tongue of the mute sing for joy.

      For waters break forth in the wilderness,
      and streams in the desert;
      the burning sand shall become a pool,
      and the thirsty ground springs of water;
      in the haunt of jackals, where they lie down,
      the grass shall become reeds and rushes.

      And a highway shall be there,
      and it shall be called the Way of Holiness;
      the unclean shall not pass over it.
      It shall belong to those who walk on the way;
      even if they are fools, they shall not go astray.

      No lion shall be there,
      nor shall any ravenous beast come up on it;
      they shall not be found there,
      but the redeemed shall walk there.

      And the ransomed of the Lord shall return
      and come to Zion with singing;
      everlasting joy shall be upon their heads;
      they shall obtain gladness and joy,
      and sorrow and sighing shall flee away” (Isaiah 35).

      Suggest you pray this from Colossians and He will lead you.

      “Father God, in the name of Jesus, fill me with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

      I ask that I walk worthy of our Lord and Savior, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge You, Father God.

      Father, strengthened me with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy.

      I give thanks to You, Father God, because You qualified Believers to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the Light.

      Jesus, you have delivered me from the power of darkness and given unto me the kingdom of Your love. In You Jesus, I have redemption through Your blood, the forgiveness of all my sins.

      Father God, thank you for hearing and answering this prayer that comes from Your Word as written by Paul.

      In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      (Colossians 1:9-14, NKJV).

      Blessings to you!
      Psalm 20

  253. Hello im coming here for help. I am seeking a prayer to cast out my homosexuality demon. Today i broke down crying finding myself feeling very hopeless with my life wanting to change. I found this website and I have a feeling God has sent me to you for help.

    • Jeraldy

      I am so glad you came here.

      you have a hard battle. it is hard enough to abstain from worldly things like money, success, material objects, drugs, alcohol, but it is even harder to get away from your own body.

      I am going to send you a prayer against spirits, and witchcraft. witchcraft is any spirit that controls you or wants to control others

      ….. list includes lust, there is a whole list there….I want you to print it out , modify it to fit yourself, and say it each day.

      I am also sending a prayer for healing…which includes spiritual as well as physical problems.

      if you have anyone there to support you in prayer, have them pray with you.

      if you are in a bad area where there is a strong influence for this, consider moving if you can

      this is the beginning of a journey….do not give up

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      stay in touch

  254. I need the kind of ministry that you spoke about in dealing with the demons in this man.Where can one go who needs help? Went to a place where they scream at the demons and nothing happens but put fear in the individual.

    • steve

      no one needs to scream at a demon. Jesus did not have to scream, and neither did I.

      the loudness tries to make up for a lack of holy power.

      there are a few factors in a successful deliverance….

      the subject must be willing and repentant…and be in total active (not passive) agreement with the minister…

      the actual person doing the deliverance is the subject, not the minister, who is just in active agreement with the subject for teh deliverance.

      I know one person who was possessed and delivered himself without a minister…because he was motivated.

      if the subject just stands there and expects someone else to do all the work, then it won’t happen.

      or if their faith is not in it, it will not work either.

      what is the mental attitude of the man you are talking about?

      if you are willing to help him, the two of you could agree, and get him delivered without a minister.

  255. I need help also. I am angry all the time. I never get to see my children or grandchildren bc my husband tricked me in bringing me to mexico and I cant go back. Plus I have to live with his parents and his mom acts like he’s 2 yrs old and acts like I don’t know how to do anything for him. Please help get these demons out of me. Im to the point I want to die that I sliced my wrist open. Never in my life have I ever done things like this.

    • teresa

      why can’t you go back to america? if you are an american citizen, the door is open.

      you do not have demons. they do. you just need to make a decision to leave, then leave.

      do not be a victim. if you are not happy there, then do not stay there.

      once you leave, you will not be angry any more.

      tell your children you want to come home, and ask them to help you

  256. Hello, my name is vickie. I am have a problem with demons tormenting me. Please help me. Call me if u can 240-743-0367

  257. Will fasting loose me from demonic oppression? I can sense something between me and God blocking fellowship. I know it’s a spirit and I can’t break through. God gave me a night vision of a large frog jumping on my back and the sword I was holding lowered. I have never recovered from this and I am desperate to get free. The frog is an unclean spirit and has to do with sexual addiction because I got involved in porn and committed adultery on my wife. I have since repented to God and my wife and all is well but I can’t break through this wicked spirit that torments me. I want to be free because I am truly miserable and feel like God removed His Spirit from me and is upset with me. I had such a wonderful relationship with Him and I want it back. I will fast and do whatever it takes to be free. I love Him and want Him back but I’m not sure He left or a spirit is beating me up. Thanks for any info you may have.

    • jon

      yes fasting can help. also a prayer of agreement with your wife, because the power of two is greater

      try a 21 day fast with liquids only. coffee, juices, protein shakes, etc

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits. there is a place where you can add anything that is listed.

      print out and say each day

      I will also be in agreement you in prayer

    • Jon,

      Buy the book by Derek Prince, “Thou Shall Expel Demons.”

      Click to access they-shall-expel-demons-derek-prince.pdf

      I applied his step by step process and it was effective.

      Fasting in advance of applying delievence is very helpful.

      You will feel them manifest in your flesh (stomach, mussels in your neck, back, legs, ear pressure changes).

      They manifest and when they do – you keep telling them to go in the name of Jesus until you feel that sensation leave.

      Read his book. Watch his video messages.

      Psalm 18

  258. Thanks brother I will check it out.

  259. I was very conflicted when reading this because I know the lord delivered me. I humbled myself and asked the lord for help then the lord woke me at 12:00 AM the holy spirit helped my mom and casted a demon out. I remember everything but I had no control of my body until the holy spirit set me free. I was still in bondage but I went to church last night again I had no control over my body tongue anything I was yelling I was aware but I couldn’t do anything until the end where in my head I told Jesus to fight for me the lord did he saved. Never had I ever experienced this. The lord delivered me from everything I am free. Don’t down play anything because unless it happened to you, you can’t say anything is fake. I had no control but I know in my heart the lord completed his word and Jesus Christ fought for my soul.

    • ezzy

      you are right. there is a serious problem with demonic spirits right now and it should be taken seriously.

      it is a source of suffering for many people.

      god bless you and may he continue to keep you free.