Cayce prophecy about Italy’s volcanoes


3 volcano eruptions in a row: Italy, the Caribbean , and then California.

Edgar Cayce has been called the sleeping prophet.

Some say he was a faithful Christian and Sunday school teacher.

Others say he was a psychic.

This is not a discussion of that.

This is a presentation of what he predicted about the end times.

People can watch and pray and make up their own minds about the truth of his predictions.


Map of Italian volcanoes.

Mt Etna has been erupting. Will Vesuvius be next?

Mount Vesuvius and Mount Pelee volcanos may be erupting soon,

When this happens California has 3 months before the 10.5 earthquake!

Latest for Mt Etna:

Raw Video: Italy’s Mt. Etna erupts

Thu, Jan 5, 2012 – AP 1:07 | 151,039 views

Italy’s Mount Etna volcano is erupting, for the first time of the new year. Etna, on the island of Sicily, is considered Europe’s most active volcano.(Jan. 5)

Mt Etna erupting April 13, 2012

Information from the Edgar Cayce site:


A.R.E. Blog

Predictions from Edgar Cayce: Erupting Volcanoes and Multiple Earthquakes

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Predictions from Edgar Cayce:  Erupting Volcanoes and Multiple Earthquakes

By John Van Auken

We know that Edgar Cayce correctly predicted the stock market crash and Great Depression of 1929, the beginning of World War II, the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles (which scientists confirmed the beginnings of on a 2004 NOVA TV show titled, “Magnetic Storm”), and the coming of El Nino and La Nina, stating that changing temperatures of the deep currents in the Pacific Ocean would affect weather patterns.

Now many people are closely watching the volcanoes Vesuvius and Pelee because of Cayce’s warning about their unseen connection with the fault lines along the southern coast of California.


There is a growing sense that volcanic activity and the quaking shifts of the massive tectonic plates of the Earth are interconnected around the planet.

When an earthquake or eruption occurs in one part of the planet, it is followed by

an eruption or quake in another part, sometimes on the opposite side of the planet.

Cayce’s visions seem to confirm this.

For example, he predicted that when we see noticeable eruptions in the long-quiet volcanoes of Vesuvius or Pelee, then three months later there will major earthquakes along the southern coast of California that will cause an inundation of the land from the Salt Lake in Utah to the southern portions of Nevada.

Mt. Vesuvius is the infamous volcano that destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii in 79 A.D. It is located east of Naples, Italy. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Mt. Pelee is in an island arc of the Caribbean called Martinique, in the Lesser Antilles between Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

In 1902 the explosion of this volcano was one of the worst in recorded history. It is near the city of St. Pierre, which was destroyed in the 1902 eruption, and then rebuilt.

Pelee erupted again from 1929 to 1932. It is among the deadliest volcanoes on the planet.


If either one of these two volcanoes erupts,

Cayce predicts that earthquakes will follow three months later in the southern coast of California, and these quakes will cause a damaging flood from Utah to southern Nevada.

Amazingly, Edgar Cayce tied these prophecies to the prophecy in the Bible made by the archangel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel, stating that “These changes in the Earth will come to pass, for the ‘time and times and half times’ [Gabriel’s timetable] are at an end, and there begin the periods of readjustments.”

Cayce sees these Earth changes are the “birth pains” to a coming new era when the Earth will enter a long period of higher consciousness and soul growth, in which brotherly and sisterly care for all people will prevail.

Following the changes, which he sees as cleansings, he sees a golden age for the inhabitants of our blue and white planet.


Mount Vesuvius has experienced eight major eruptions in the last 17,000 years. The 79 AD eruption is one of the most well known ancient eruptions in the world, and may have killed more than 16,000 people

Starting in 1631, Vesuvius entered a period of steady volcanic activity, including lava flows and eruptions of ash and mud. Violent eruptions in the late 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s created more fissures, lava flows, and ash-and-gas explosions.

These damaged or destroyed many towns around the volcano, and sometimes killed people; the eruption of 1906 had more than 100 casualties. The most recent eruption was in 1944 during World War II.


Mt Pelee location and map:



Path of volcano eruptions according to Cayce.

From Italy to the Caribbean to the West coast of California.

This would cause the large earthquake, and flooding in the southern Utah and Nevada areas.



On April 12, 2012, there was a large 8.5 earthquake in Sumatra.

Then on April 13, 2012, Mt Etna erupts again.

These are opposite each other on the globe of the earth.

People should watch and pray, and anticipate events in their own area, no matter where they live.

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  1. Regardless of the accuracy of some of Cayce’s predictions (and like Nostradamus, he was only correct part of the time), Any inference that one earthquake can trigger another halfway around the world is nonsense.
    It is true that the p-waves rippling thru the earth’s crust can trigger small movements on faults far way, but those are never large and happen right after the first quake, not hours or days later. It would like a person trying to blow out a candle from across a large room. The tectonic plates are so big (thousands of miles across) and the fault movement (usually less than 20 feet) that the overall shifting of the plate is way too tiny to have any effect on the other side, let alone across another intervening plate.
    And vulcanism is not dependent on plate shifts, but on pressure-heated rocks deeps beneath a plate boundary. So other than triggering a landslide that might take pressure off the top of a magma dome (as with Mt. St. Helens) earthquakes do not cause volcanos to erupt, especially from 12,000 miles away.
    You also must remember that these are the most active seismic and volcanic areas on earth, so we would expect activity in these places. I would be more worried about areas like Yellowstone and Long Valley, CA. Where eruptions are half-a-million years apart. Anyone can predict That Mt Etna will erupt again or that there will be a major quake on the San Andreas fault.
    So right now, the scientists are not seeing anything “biblical” about the current rash of events. When they get to the point where they admit that there is no scientific explanation for what is happening, then I would start to look for prophetic fulfillment.
    And why should we look to Edgar Cayce to tell us when Jesus will return? Do we really need him to confirm the bible? Should we even be considering doing it?
    I doubt it.

    • Thank you for explicating this information.
      We (husband and I) were familiar with Cayce. Irv was deeply into study of Cayce when we met, and during our “New Age” period we continued to study him, and even went to the files at Virginia Beach, where is located the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Cayce was a devout Christian, but he warned that his descendants should not continue his work, or try to. But his son, grandson, and their supporters built up a whole institute on his work, and it went pretty deeply into the New Age. I could write tons on this but won’t here.
      I have been aware of the California warning, which people have said was too extreme to be believed, but now, maybe. I mourn for beautiful Encinitas, two very good churches which I attended there (Protestant and Catholic). It is right on the edge of the sea, north of San Diego. I “evacuated’ there last summer during our big wildfire in Los Alamos. One of the most beautiful places on earth. As, I presume, was Pompeii. Pompeii was a resort town on the coast, frequented by the wealthy of Rome. Likewise, Encinitas has been a resort for the wealthy of Los Angeles, a beach town they loved to frequent, although in recent times
      the “stars” have traveled more widely to other more exotic resorts.

      Thanks again for a wonderful article.

    • “Any inference that one earthquake can trigger another halfway around the world is nonsense.”

      Actually, I asked a USGS scientist about this, and he said, “Yes.” There is a connection between volcanos and earthquakes, and vice versa.

      • I agree. I don’t see why a shock on an earthquake zone can’t travel along the zone to another location. it happens in the ring of fire in the pacific all the time

    • I spoke with a Seismologist in New Mexico in1989,who told me when San Francisco,or Anchorage,or Albuquerque have activity…all follow! example…San Francisco had their large one Oct.17,1989…sure enough..Albuquerque..had a 4.8? Approx.shortly after…so this expert ..and what Edgar Cayce said coincide possibly.

      • ann

        the atlantic ridge joins europe and america,,,,,fault lines go east towards Italy and west towards america through the gulf and up into california….

        looking at the map in the post, all fault lines are connected somehow, and one earthquake in the wrong place , if big enough , will spread to other areas.

  2. Once again, Marianne, thank you for bringing in multiple views and information here on your site. Sometimes the bible prophecies are not enough for certain people to pause and consider deeply and seriously their purpose here and where they fit in God’s plan. Sometimes it takes another “view” for some to begin to consider where their priorities are. I “evacuated” southern California a year ago. Now, maybe nothing significant will happen there in my lifetime. What is important is that I have now found myself in a community where service to others is at the forefront of people’s lives; taking responsibility for one’s own, and their neighbor’s welfare; and letting go in knowing God is in charge and we are simply in service of His will. His church has no walls. I also see this planet as a living entity and regardless of “science” (though I believe there is science that shows) this planet is as connected as it is with the rest of this universe. For many years I have noticed how, when there is some significant event on one side of the planet, there is another event on the other. Random coincidence? Maybe. I don’t think so.

  3. Marianne,
    Living in the northern climates, I have spent alot of time on frozen lakes and ponds. The earth is very similar. If the ice is thin, then a crack can start where you are standing, and ripple across the whole pond. If there is a hole in the ice, and you jump near it, water will gush up out of that hole. If you jump on the ice, and there is an area that is not frozen, where there might be a warm spring, you can see the waves reach that area after a certain amount of time. As Magma, the fluid on which the crust of the earth sits is thicker than water, these waves travel slower. Just my thoughts.

  4. Rome will be destroyed in a one hour??? Revelation 18:17 For in ONE HOUR is she made DESOLATE. It is said that this could happen during the coming tribulation or at the time of Yeshua(Jesus’) coming.

    Active Volcano under Rome

    Versuvius & The Monte Somma are located in Naples as well as another volcano near Naples called “Campi Flegrei”. Campi Flegrei del Mar Sicilia is a group of submarine volcanoes SW of Sicily.

    It’s interesting to note that the map of Italy looks exactly like a figure of a woman form head to toe (the whore of Babylon?). Too many volcanoes sizzling under Italy. Plus there are other major volcanoes in the surrounding Mediterranean region like the Santorini and the one in the Canary Islands.

    • hi Jes

      I am not sure if Vesuvious would reach Rome, but that is a good connection, if true.

      • Hi Marianne,
        Yes, I agree with you about Vesuvius but we can never know for sure what’s going on underneath there or any other volcanic regions … but one thing for sure the Bk of Revelation is .. Past History and Future
        Prophecies .. and these are FACTS!! History WILL repeat itself and Bible Prophecies WILL come to pass.

        Thanks for bring out the info in this article. I don’t want to ciriticize Caycee for whatever he was (Christian or not) but heeding to advice such as of any disasters, praying about, taking responsiblity and preparing for the worst, is the wisest thing to do.
        Be Blessed

    • That’s Babylon. Not Rome. Babylon is America.

      • This is a copy and paste. I do not take credit for writing all of this out:

        1. End-times Babylon is a great nation that receives judgment for its many sins.
         “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. (Rev. 18:2) 

        2. This nation is a superpower and has world dominance and importance. It has also spread its corruption to the world.
        “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her.” (Rev. 18:3) 

        3. The merchants of the world are made rich through trading with this nation. This nation consumes huge amounts of goods. 
        “And the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.” (Rev. 18:3) “And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.” (Rev. 18:11–13)  

        4. This nation is proud and arrogant and considers herself to be invincible and the greatest nation on earth. “How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.” (Rev. 18:7) 

        5. This nation is typified by an extravagant lifestyle. ”
        And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!” (Rev. 18:16) 

        6. Other nations are controlled by her and given great riches by her. 
        “And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her.” (Rev. 18:9) 

        7. This nation is a coastal nation, with deep water ports and much international trade. 
        “And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off.” (Rev. 18:17) 

        8. This nation has defenses in the heavens. ”
        “Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the Lord. (Jer. 51:53)”  

        • And here’s even more references to America being Babylon. Again, I am not the original writer of this:

          Babylon will have nice houses and strongholds.  (Isaiah13:22)
          Babylon proclaims its own greatness.  (Isaiah 47:8)
          Babylon is an aggressive nation, feared the world over. (Isaiah 18:2)
          Babylon is a tall and smooth-skinned people, whose land is divided by many rivers. (Isaiah 18:2)
          Babylon destroys its own land and people. (Isaiah 14:20)
          Babylon has ascended to touch heaven, above the clouds.  (Isaiah 14:13,14)
          Babylon is full of magic and drugs and produces terror.  (Isaiah 47:12)
          Babylon is known as an oppressor and quickly conquers nations.  (Isaiah 14:4,6)
          Babylon’s enemies are on the opposite side of the world, an alliance of great nations.  (Isaiah 13:5, Jer 50:9)
          Babylon will be destroyed by many “arrows” that do not miss their target. (Jer 50:9)
          Babylon pillages and steals Israel’s inheritance.  (Jer 50:11)
          Babylon people are fat.  (Jer 50:11)
          Babylon has great towers and walls.  (Jer 50:15)
          Babylon is filled with people from different lands. (Jer 50:16)
          Babylon is called the “hammer of the whole Earth”  (Jer 50:23)
          Babylon is full of grain and bulls.  (Jer 50:26,27)
          Babylon is called “the arrogant one”  (Jer 50:31,32)
          Babylon is full of false prophets, soldiers, horses and chariots. (Jer 50:36,37)
          Babylon is a land full of idols.  (Jer 50:38)
          Babylon was used by the Lord throughout the nations.  (Jer 51:7)
          Babylon could have been healed by the Lord.  (Jer 51:9)
          Babylon has many waters and rich in treasures. (Jer 51:13)
          Babylon is filled with people from many nations.  (Jer 51:44)
          Babylon has reached the sky and space with its weapons. ( Jer 51:53)
          Babylon is a land of officials, governors and officers.  (Jer 51:57)
          Babylon sends its goods and trades with the whole world.  (Rev 18:11)
          Babylon is full of musicians, tradesmen and farmers.  (Rev 18:22)
          Babylon lives luxuriously.  (Rev 18:7)
          Babylon has a major port city.  (Rev 18:17-19)
          Babylon has the wealthiest and greatest city the world has ever known. (Rev 18:18)
          Babylon is represented by a woman.  (Rev 17:1,18)
          Babylon will have old Babylonian religious idols. (Jer 50:2)
          Babylon’s sins pile up to heaven.  (Rev 18:5)

          It is obvious America is Babylon and will be destroyed. Sucks too because I love here in America.

          • joe

            I love america too, but not as much, now that I see all the evil taking over.

            • Though I do love the church and the people of America, what I meant to say was, “I *LIVE here in America.”

              Meaning, when the time comes, if I do not “come out of her” when God commands us to, I will “partake in her punishment/wrath” as the Bible states. In fact, this is a great example of why a pre-tribulation rapture cannot be true. Why would God call his people to leave Babylon or suffer His wrath if His people were going to be taken away before the tribulation? Jesus comes from the east and His people are “caught up” at the END of the tribulation. How many will fall away from their faith when they are not taken away from the suffering like they believe? Pre-trib rapture is a dangerous false doctrine that has deceived many. I pray for us all (me included) that we can cling to God and that He will have mercy on us during the horrible times to come. God bless everyone on this planet.

              • joe

                I live here too. right now, I am told to “occupy until I come.”

                for for now, I am still here also, unless he updates his instructions.

                • I am in the same boat. I’m waiting for Him and His instructions as well. In the meantime, I try to stay on His path, though I fail daily. I hope He deems me worthy in the end. God bless you.

      • Joe. No. Mystery Babylon is The Christian Vatican “sitting on seven hills ” in Rome, Italy. It’s patterned after the original Babylon the Great. Mystery Babylon is called the “mother” of harlots. These harlots are all daughter Christian churches. There was a book written about this. Very insightful! “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hyslop. The Beast mentioned in Revelation 13:1 has become this Christian Vatican. Besides inventing Christianity (Third Century), it also developed Islam (Sixth Century), and the Nazis (20th Century.) The Nazi’s swastika is a “crooked cross.”
        America has become “The Two Horned Beast” of Revelation 13. It turned its power over to the first beast in Verse 1: The Christian Vatican many years ago. It will be the first government to enforce “The Mark of the Beast”. This IS Christianity. I have explained this many times here and elsewhere.
        The Christian Vatican “has thought to change times and the laws.” The calendar we follow is a papal one filled with pagan Christian holy days. What does Yahshua the Messiah think of Mystery Babylon, Christianity?
        Here are HIS words He calls down from Heaven:
        “Come out of HER My people. . .Or receive the plagues!” Revelation 18:4 and following verses. (My emphasis and paraphrasing.)


        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

  5. stop your speculation .Read what the Master Jesus Christ has been telling us by their end time prophets and stop your worrying .If you follow God’s advice :You have nothing to fear but have a lot to rejoice about .Trust God.He does not lie!

  6. If it was just myself to worry about it would be easy. I trust Yeshua no matter what comes. Its loved ones in California of whom I am not entirely certain of their salvation who I have a buden for. So I appreciate the impetus to step up prayers for them and I will be watching closely and pray for the right words to speak to them.

  7. Hello Marianne,
    Thank you so very much for posting the knowledge and information based on Edgar Cayce prophecies. I have studied cayce and other’s who are in search of the ” TRUTH ” for many years. As we seek The Creator of us all with the upmost humility he sends us the answers we seek in many different ways. Some come in prophecies, some come in books, some come by prayer, some come by visitation, some come in dreams, some come by knowing, some come in meditation, some by a child’s laughter, some in service to others, but the truth does come to those who have ears and eyes to see. The closer you get to the “CREATOR” the more your mind, heart, soul, spirit, becomes one with the source of all “Truth, Light, Love, Peace”. The closer we seek the will of our Creator the closer that will is revealed, we must take the first step without fear, knowing that our hearts will be full of his light. Fear puts the brakes on our spiritual growth, and blocks us from receiving the Creator’s blessings in full. This is just my opinion from what i have experienced in this life. According to Edgar Cayce some prophecies can be changed, diverted, or postponed. All prayers and meditations from all of us on this planet arrives at our Creators feet, and he hears us, all of us. All prayers and meditations send energy, that energy sent to the source of all creation can change matter, which can alter certain events. The Creator gave us his light with-in all of us, we all have it, sadly only a few of us really utilize this light. Prophecies are warnings to us from the past to change the present and the near future, it is up to us because of our free will to do just that! May you all find your truth, your light, your love, and your peace…….Ken.

  8. Posted on behalf of Claude:

    Marianne, I tried t post this response to your “Cayce prophecy about Italy’s volcanoes” on your blog, but the WordPress login has issues with me, or something. Since it is a response that may open your understanding of deceiving spirits, I decided to share it directly with you. Christian churches are infiltrated by Illuminati leaders who followed their core group instructions to invade the Christian denominations and cause major splits with the unprovable, Hebrew Scripture-forbidden utterances. That they succeeded wildly to split Christian denominations is too mild a statement . .

    Here’s my response . . .

    Cayce prophecy about Italy’s volcanoes

    Marianne, it’s enlightening to discover where those who teach spiritual things come from. It’s much easier now for me to understand your proclivity for the unprovable tongue-speak forbidden by Hebrew Scripture, since you herein state that Edgar Cayce was a devout Christian.

    That he was anything but a devout Believer in and On Y’shua is the reality of who he was, as defined by Hebrew Scripture, instead of relying on “christian” religious leaders, whose own obedience of Hebrew Scripture is not apparent. The most accurate English translation of Matthew 5:17 is Y’suah instructing His audience that He came to exemplify how He meant for His Hebrew Scripture to be obeyed, and that instead of loosening even the smallest part of it, He came to add yet more to it, which He did.

    The pagan “christian” church tried to eliminate Hebrew Scripture law, obeying it meant that it could not incorporate any pagan idolatries, holidays, and practices to its supposed worship of Y’shua, except, it also used a pagan name for idolatry worshiping priests, christos, in place of Y’suah’s announced, and only title. So, rather than admit it was a pagan infiltration of Y’suah’s body, just as Apostle Paul and Peter, and Y’suah, Himself foretold, the pagan “christian” leaders used many lies to cover up their deception.

    Edgar Cayce is a prime example of this pagan coverup. The pagan deities he worshiped were those that imparted supernatural knowledge to him, for the same purpose as that these messengers of Deception used pagan leaders to develop the “christian” church – the infiltration and leading away into heresy all the Believers who were asleep, or untrained.

    These deceiving demons do a great job! One of their prime areas of success is the forbidden, supernatural gibberish-speak tongue, which actually is praise for Lucifer. My neighbor was deceived by this horrific demonic ‘miracle” some two years ago, and just recently the Lord opened his eyes to the awful praise for Satan the demons who controlled his mouth when he spoke the utterance used him to do. When he was deliveredfrom it, it was all I could do, calling on Y’suah to contain these demons, as Y’suah had to literally tear them from his body.

    He does not remember a thing about that awful struggle his possessing demons caused him, but, now he is released from the heavy spiritual load they placed him under, and he simply and quietly reads and now clearly understands Y’suah’s Hebrew Scripture, obeying all its law in his new-found walk with Y’suah. Other apartment neighbors cannot believe it’s the same man, he is so wholly different, and content, and clear-headed.

    So, if Edgar Cayce had had Hebrew Scripture as his sole guide, and Y’suah as his sole Lord, the demon-inspired writtings of future events would have never been his interest. Here’s a small insight as to why he was a pagan stoolie . . .

    Edgar Cayce: Prophet of Deception

    Read it with an open original Hebrew Scripture index to original etymology of Hebrew Scripture thought symbols, aka, words and letters. No English translation Bible has these properly translated, especially the most critical ones that the pagan “christian” church is condemned by, if it allows them to be properly translated.

    Truth sets deceived souls free, not religious hype meant to increase a religious group’s membership with people who think the instructions by the religious group are from Y’suah, but, are actually from deceiving demons, as Y’suah plainly stated would be the case in these End Days.

    Hope this opens eyes, and makes readers pay attention to Master’s Hebrew Scriptures, which is the only thing He taught from, as He walked with His Mankind upon His Earth, and still teaches His true Believers from, today. as witnessed to by His Disciples’ testimonies, in their records, in the Brit Chadasha.(New Testament, NOT, new covenant).

  9. Great work! This is the type of info that should be shared across the internet. Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this submit higher! Come on over and discuss with my website . Thank you =)

  10. Hmmm…??? According to, Nassim Harramein, “thee” modern-day physicist & Theoretician, “volcanoes” are the “entry/exit-points” for “craft” to pass through the center of the Earth in order to be transported “instantaneously” to other parts of the Galaxy by way of “singularities” which exist at the center of every Celestial body in space!

    Since these craft are on a different “plane” of existence, they have no trouble passing through the Earth! I view this as a “means” to speed the craft up to speeds in excess of the “speed of light!”

    “IF” his Theories are correct…it would account for “why” we are unable to communicate and interact with these so-called…”UFO’s!”

  11. There’s a book so special, never changed a word. It speaks of the past, present and future, so true its words if you take your time to understand. Times have changed from the past it presented new till it came to the final revelation there will b no more but the truth shall be known.

  12. There’s no men on earth today, for God made men to be fearless and strong yet there’s none to see no close no far. God made women so soft so full of love and yet there’s none to see no close no far.

  13. I read this Edgar Casey stuff back in the 50’s and 60’s. My conclusion is that his ‘contacts’ were either ‘made up’ or fallen angels.
    As for his reliance on the Bible – – he obviously never read the parts that warned against looking into the future.

    I believe terrible things are coming. Jesus stated that quite clearly in Matthew. These things that are coming are the ‘birth pains’. Jesus is coming soon!

    • amen to that.

      come, Lord Jesus (Yahshua) , come!

    • If looking into the future is wrong. Why then has the bible references to it. After all. The Bible was published and conceived by the church of jesus christ. I cannot see why people cannot just love in the ability to be as jesus tried to explain. Basically be as me. That was his message. Far too many people since then have tried to get them to join their gang / religion. Have faith that Edgar Casey was a good man and did good work for the sick and needy for most of his adult life. Why could he not just be a messenger trying to get people to think for themselves and ask god to give them resolution in their lives.

  14. God said in the future ages there would come prophets who no one would listen to, perhaps case like others was a prophet that evil didn’t want people to pay attention to.

    Nostradamus gave his quartrain for the last Pope, Francis, and said Italy would be destroyed, another prophesied that another volcano would take out the Americas and part of Europe, perhaps it’s time to take a valuation of one’s beliefs and start sifting the grain from the chaff and to take note of what has been prophesied and what is actually occuring in this day and age.

    Also in the Quartrain Nostradamus said Pope Francis would be the catalyst for world war and they that warred against God’s people would be like wild dogs. Go back to your bible and Abraham and read, when his first son was thrust out into the desert with the servant maid an angel told her, her son would be the leader of the Muslim World a world of war makers and trouble makers and they would be like wild dogs in the desert.

  15. Hi All,

    Even i came across Edgar Cayce’s predictions when they started happening – Egypt, Libya, Syria, earthquakes and volcanoes etc. Edgar Cayce has predicted a global war soon after the great earthquake which will last around one year but it will be so catastrophic that it will depopulate Earth. He said soon after the war Salvation age starts when people will again be able to achieve Salvation.

    The last line of Salvation age is also a prediction from Buddha before his death. You can check about Buddha’s prediction of next salvation 2500 years after his death in Vipassana meditation where its head guru – Goenka talks about it in his sermons.


  16. I watch this very closely myself.

  17. Vesuvius is spewing gas and there are harmonic tremors in the area.

  18. mt etna

  19. 6-7 quake near Martinique! We will watch to see if Pelee goes off

  20. I am wory about italy, one old prophecy from one teacher 1700 1800 aproximated year in one strange event of travel time to 3000 aproximated year… Quest him from where come… Italy… Italy no more exist from sec 21 or 22 aproximation. / and someone dream one bad hapen whit italy: go deep in water, ocean. How to inform people from italy ?

    • daniel

      I do not understand your english well. I do not understand what you mean by sec 21 rr 22. I do not know this prophecy. Can you explain more?

      also, you can use this site to translate into english:


      Nu înțeleg bine ta engleză. Nu înțeleg ce vrei să spui sec 21 rr 22. Nu cunosc această profeție. Puteți explica mai mult?

      De asemenea, puteți utiliza acest site pentru a traduce în limba engleză:


  22. mt vesuvius coming to life

  23. 2017

    some activity today as well

    mt edna

  24. Hi Marianne. The movie “2012” pictured seismic activity in Yellowstone triggering earthquakes in Southern CA. Then there is a rumored huge volcano off The Left Coast being kept secret by NASA. Sometimes I feel like we are the current folks of Pompeii. I do believe that 79 A.D.volcano was a judgement against that wealthy resort town. For what? Romans got wealthy off the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The Colosseum in Rome was built from the proceeds of that. I cringe every time I see it on TV.


  25. Mount etna erupts 4 the 50th time

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