Charismatic Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the control of others, imposing one’s will upon them, usually for a negative result. It is bondage to the victim.

Four areas of human resources used to produce a spiritual result:

domination, intimidation, manipulation, and emotional blackmail.

I Domination

Pharisees are an easy example to use, as those who desire to build their little kingdoms, rather than the kingdom of God- and they did indeed use domination of the people in the time of Jesus. The Pharisees do not approach the Lord from a pure, selfish heart. Some people don’t have a concern for what the Lord wants, but are far more interested in what they want. This self-centered attitude has destroyed many churches, and taken down many men of God. People will use charismatic witchcraft to get their way in the local body, many of them are troublemakers who travel from one church to another if they can’t get what they want, and they leave in their wake a large number of innocent victims who are confused and hurting. Most are Jezebel spirits who wish to control and manipulate others. The idea is to destroy the work of God, and establish Satan’s (or man’s ) plan.

examples :

the message that only the pastor, or designated minister, is “anointed.” You are nothing, and need to depend on them to make decisions for you.

people who inappropriately complain, or challenge, the ways of the church and wish others to conform to their ways. critical of others, unless there is agreement with them.

A pastor requires “dancing before the lord” a to be considered spiritual. You are really dancing before the pastor, to please him, and get his approval.

any list of harsh demands by leadership to make people submissive, and dependent

somehow you get the feeling that the church owns you, and you need to sacrifice everything for it, including putting your family second to the needs of the church

II Intimidation

They make people feel small or insignificant, and to cause those onlookers to feel they must join in or else they are ignorant, and somehow siding with the other side.

The Holy Spirit guides people into all truth. The Holy Spirit reveals truth to people, and when we usurp His authority, we step into charismatic witchcraft and will use intimidation. People get into witch hunts in an attempt to intimidate their prey, replacing God with themselves, in the guise of defending the truth through this intimidation.

Intimidation comes from a position of authority, and the usage of that authority to accept what is said or done, or condone what is said or done.

example: The Pharisees try to show up the Lord by using their authority, as if their authority was “better” than the authority that Jesus walked in.

use of guilt, or threat of rejection, to make people submit

exposure to the congregation as hell bound, if you do not pay your tithes.

III Manipulation

Manipulation: the use of a position or a power to dictate how the outcome will end, removing the Holy Spirit from being the convictor and Judge, and manipulating to build one’s own fame or kingdom.

More witch hunts come from someone’s interpretation rather than the whole context of Scripture, and when pride and the human factor is added, there is certainly much manipulation used.    It is done with the smile on one’s face, as they misquote Scripture, and misuse Scripture, to justify their hunt.

They exegete the Scriptures correctly, and then turn around and misapply them, the results are still the same, and the witch hunts continue.


many modern preachers on TV twist scripture to manipulate people out of their money, and promise miracles that never happen.

forced artificial worship- to get approval of pastor or others.

using supposed spiritual gifts to manipulate others.

lying…..:the holy spirit is telling me that you must do this

the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. this was meant to trick them into sin, so they would be punished

appealing to the flesh of the congregation to promote carnal behavior (example: appeal to desire for money, sex, etc)

misuse of scripture to manipulate people into giving more, or behaving a certain way.

IV Emotional Blackmail

A man is asked, “Do you still beat your wife?” Any answer given without a context or a genuine knowledge of the person will APPEAR to be evasive or allow unjust conclusions which all are meant to be based upon an appeal to one’s emotions.

Emotional blackmail always has an appeal to the emotion with the implied intent that the one using the emotion is “right” simply because they make the accusation, after all who could possibly doubt their integrity.

example: “Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?” Judas Iscariot wanted to have some extra money in his pocket, and to be able to justify himself and his desires he appealed to emotions in order to hopefully accomplish his desire. Therefore Judas appeals to emotions with a seemingly idealistic and correct approach to the poor. Judas implies wrong doing for what Mary has done for Jesus in hopes that he may get the money into the treasury bag which he controlled so that he could rob it. Judas is just one example of using the emotion to manipulate and intimidate and dominate to get one’s desire.

Recently people have claimed to be hurt by others and their language is sad and their writing styles evoke much emotion for the reader, the poor unsuspecting reader. The appeals are to the heart to feel sorry for that poor hurt person. Howbeit, those very same people who desire you to feel their pain are also the very same ones who were using charismatic witchcraft to intimidate and to dominate, hurting others.  And they are now using it in the form of emotional blackmail.

These same people claim to be born again some 25-30 years, and in the next breath claim they are “weaker” brothers and sisters in the Lord, and offended at another’s godly actions, and expressions straight from the Scriptures. This is what Judas tried, and what has torn apart many churches.

more examples

witch hunts – the seekers are the witches, the designated witches are the victims

forcing someone to undergo deliverance.

Christian curses put on others in order to “heal” them of something they do not have

using a word of knowledge to falsely identify someone as having demons to embarrass them

anyone who disagrees with church practices has “demons,” and should be shunned as unsaved


Knowledge is power. Be alert to the behavior of others. Just because someone is important does not mean they are honest or someone you should trust. You first submit to God, ask for his guidance, then look around and evaluate who else deserves your allegiance. Do not submit to illegitimate authority. Not every person in authority is a godly person. This includes the church atmosphere. Satan has invaded the church, so beware of false teachers and prophets. Check what everyone tells you with the Bible, and see if they are twisting the scriptures. If they are, reject them.


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    • Hello! This has been a very interesting read and I believe The Lord has led me to your site! I wonder if you can help me. I have been attending a new church over the last couple of months. I am desperately needing some healing and deliverance for myself as I have a number of issues and health problems. However I am becoming very suspicious of some prayer ministers in my church. I can’t really say why exactly but I have the gift of discernment myself and I just feel uneasy about these individuals. Also I have noticed that since I’ve been attending this church My health seems to be declining further. I suffered with migraine headaches from time to time but since attending this church they appear to have worsened and changed. I feel it is witchcraft but I am unsure whether this is coming at me from outside or inside the church. I know I need healing and help but I feel very wary of asking for prayer ministry at this church. Any help would be appreciated.

      • dear jessie

        trust your instincts. just because they are a church, and people call themselves ministers, does not mean all is well there.

        they may be religious spirits who are oppressing you….remember, your first allegiance is to the Lord, not to a group of people.

        I would suggest taking a leave from the church, and focus on healing yourself, with God’s help

        I will share what the lord told me once, when I would spend time going to ministers for healing….

        he said…..

        “come to me, not man”

        I will send you some prayers against witchcraft and some prayers to strengthen you. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      • I was led to this site too months ago after attending a UMC here. It is practiced and has been for years I was told. When I look back, I have attended several churches and other organizations where this is practiced. Come from among them, God told me.

    • Hello, I was VERY moved by your article here and I was wondering if I could share this content in a video I am making to expose one of these false prophets/teachers and witch hunters you speak about. Please let me know. I know this would be very useful to warn the body of Christ about these ‘Ministers’ running rampant on YouTube. Thanks so much. I will understand if you choose not to, but please consider.

  2. Greetings. You have touched on so many important issues here that an adequate and yet short comment is challenging. It is absolutely imperative to discern between authentic and that which is a show. We must be atuned to the Holy Ghost in all things and not just go along with the crowd.

    I’m in a rush at the moment, but would like to link to this post when time permits. On my blog I have a page where I link to notable posts from others. This keeps these links in a place where they can be readily located. We live in an age where discernment often seemss to have fallen by the wayside and this post is important.

    Have a blessed morning in Jesus.


  3. Hi, I enjoy your articles. The one thing I find awkward are the images you post. The one here makes me feel ill if I allow myself to think about what is actually portrayed-like the madness of someone who enjoys torturing women but without the blood shown, of course. I also find the other images a little too sensual to be able to freely forward your articles to others. I especially could not send them to a man. You have a lot of good things to share but the Scriptures say we are to avoid even the appearance of evil and not to put a stumbling block in anyone’s path, so please pray about replacing not just this image but any image you have posted that might be a hinderance to others reading what you have to say. Blessings

  4. Hi Susan,

    I appreciate your sensitivity to the pictures. I was really trying to portray the actual demonic activity going on behind the human experience. In a way, it has a certain shock value. I want people to see beyond the physical to what is going in the spiritual realm. I try to pick images that don’t reveal anything too specific. I did not mean them to portray sensual messages but spiritual ones. If you can suggest images that are better than these, let me know, and I will change them.


  5. Thank you for opening your eyes. A charasmatic did deliverance on me. She laid her hands on my eyes and prayed for healing, there was nothing wrong with my eyes. My eyes sterted scratching terribly and has continued to do so for 3 and a half years. My eyes have even become droopy and sometimes I can’t sleep because of the scratching in my eyes. I have asked forgiveness and prayed every deliverance prayer, but somehow nothing has helped. I believe this woman used charismatic witchcraft.My personality has never been the same after that. I can literally feel demons move around my eyes. How do I get them out?? I was a month old christian when this happened. Does anyone know how to fix my eyes?

    • In a three strand cord we have more strength. Beloved may you call two or three others you trust to come pray with you and to take authority over any witchcraft with the Blood of Jesus giving declaration it has no rights over you as you reject it. The Blood of Jesus is our only strength.

    • Read Don Dickerman’s books!! “When Pigs Move In” and “Keeping the Pigs Out”. They have helped me so very much.I have been doing self deliverance under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Luke 10:19 is my first memorized scripture and learning how to us it! I was under much demonic attack as a new Christian. No one tells you this very well may happen. Many “Christian” churches are not Christian at all. Be very careful. Ask God to bless you with the Gift of Discerning Spirits. I am learning.

  6. HI Louwna,

    Reject the demon in the name of Jesus, continue to do this until it is gone. Get people to agree with you, if possible…

    See also prayers against witchcraft.

    The power to reject this is actually inside of you. Keep fighting it.


  7. Thank you for this enlightening article. While I believe in the power of the Word of God and the revelation or rhema that comes from it, we are all spirit, soul and body. Therefore we that believe, need to be led of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Ergo, my issue is this, when churches tell you to stand on scriptures or get a scripture for every area of your life because God’s Word will not fail— is this a type of charismatic witchcraft . . . mis/using God’s Word for self-gain or gratification? When is it appropriate to use or stand on God’s Word without feeling that you are manipulating The Word or someone or the situation with incantation-like repetitions of the Word of God?

    Help! I believe that there are many others like me that want to know.

  8. Hi Inez,

    Using the word of God properly is ok. Improperly is not OK. It depends on the intent of the heart, and whether the use is consistent with scripture. We can ask God for help with the basic necessities, health, etc. For a mercedes benz, the answer is no.
    For personal glory, no. the scritpures do not support this kind of intent, and actually oppose it. God does not respond to incantations. Something sincere from the heart works better. And most prayer should be private, without the influence of others. Occasionally, a prayer of agreement is ok, with the right intent.

    The bible is the guide for what we should even ask for. Look there before you pray, and make sure you can find multiple scriptures that back up your request, AND your intent.


  9. Blessings! Thank you very much for your study on charismatic witchcraft. We are dealing with a young pastor right now whom we believe is very much into this witchcraft practice. We are having a hard time though because he will not listen to biblical and godly counsel. His words and actions don’t go together. He even seem to have multiple personalities because he is quick to change moods and behavior. Please help us. If you have an intensive study on this subject may I humbly request for a copy. Im from Mindanao Philippines and we have a lot of problems like that in nature here. God bless you more.

  10. Hi Michael,

    I have different topics explained on this site. Give me a problem list, and maybe I can refer you to the right links.

    By the way, I love the Philippines. My parents met there and fell in love, and later married.


  11. is carasmatic witchcraft more powerfull than from a witch or warlock than from a cristian ?

    and do you think that carismatic witchcraft can work in differant levels of strengh eg. when one person prays a directive prayer has less power that when 2 christians praying both aggree on the same directive pray ? i would like to know your thoughts

  12. Hi Emil,

    No power can hurt you if you are covered by the blood of Jesus.

    It does not matter if the charismatic person is called a witch or a christian, they are still a witch.

    The only way a “christian” would have more power would be that people might actually trust him, and so would not be expecting an attack. So their defenses would be down, and would be hurt more easily.

    The level of power is in the eyes of the victim, and is related to their salvation status. If the victim is not a true Christian, then any threat will hurt them. If the victim is a true Christian, then it does not matter what “level” the witch is operating on, because the victim is still protected, and has access to the covering of God. They only need to ask for help. Of course, if they do not ask God for help, then they might feel oppressed.

    For me, it would not matter if the witch was a “low level” or Satan himself. I would just push him away. He would mean nothing to me, because I am covered by the blood of Jesus, and I WILL ask for help.


  13. I think that the idea of “Christian Witchcraft” needs to be explained a little bit more – ie – if a person is praying for something that is outside God’s will, then they are praying for their own will, not God’s will – that is when it becomes witchcraft, & begins to pull on a spirit that is not God’s spirit.

    I actually liked the picture, because it actually portrays what people’s personal will prayers do to the people that they pray for – they pull them in another direction.

    Cindy Jacobs has a whole chapter in one of her books, re: soulish prayers, & she describes a woman, an intercessor, who was praying that a certain man would marry her, while he was already happily married to someone else. THIS is Christian witchcraft.

    Praying that something will happen in your life that is NOT God’s will for your life, praying outside of Biblical allowances, & it then opens a door for the enemy to move.

    I’ve experienced this myself, in being pulled by others’ prayers on my behalf – they were praying “their” will for me, & not God’s will for me, & it began to create confusion in the spirit realm around me – a soulish pulling, this way & that, began to happen –

    i happened to read Cindy Jacobs’ book, can’t recall the title, but i think it’s called “possessing the gates of the enemy”. I then did what she said, i prayed that all emotional, soulish prayers that well-meaning, but wrong, people, had prayed for me be cancelled, in Jesus’ Name. I broke off any emotional soul ties that had been created between me & those people who’d prayed those prayers, forgave them, In Jesus’ Name, & asked the Lord to begin to teach them how to pray HIS will, not their own, for the people that they were praying for. The freedom was immense.

    I do this once in a while, as the Lord reminds me, because it’s amazing how many beginner intercessors pray their own will, not realizing they are borderlining on witchcraft.

    God Help Us ALL to PRAY according to HIS will, not our own, IN JESUS’ NAME.

    • Marianne and Tori – I am so much in agreement. And yes, as expected, Marianne was attacked by those offended because of their own self-worshiping desires and witchcraft church culture.

      Jesus is Lord and we can’t go into His kingdom unless we do His will. matt 7:21.

  14. Sorry – need to add a bit more – The idea of soulish, emotional, intellectual or witchcraft prayers was new to me as an intercessor, & i actually had to ask someone what they meant when it came up in a conversation.

    It says in the scripture that rebellion is as witchcraft unto the Lord, & so any prayer that is being prayed in rebellion to the Lord, would thus, be witchcraft.

    It really took me a while to get my head around this fact, because it began to become really important to see & know the truth by the Word of the Lord, & by the Spirit, before praying it in.

    That’s why praying the scriptures is so important.

    However, i also began to find out & understand that there are those believers who pray “imprecatory” prayers, meaning that they actually use the old testament Scriptures to pray curses upon other believers. I couldn’t believe it was true, because it had never entered my mind to pray curses upon people, but some people actually do it – oh, the deceptions we believe. Some people actually think that this is their right – that’s why James talks about curses & blessings coming out of the same mouth.

    Following the example of the Lord’s prayer is always wonderfully safe.

    Also, praying by the Spirit, & then when you see what the Lord is showing you, & if it agrees with Scripture, then you begin to agree with the Lord, & receive & thank Him for what He’s shown you by the Spirit.

    Any prayer that prays a negative out-come for an adversary is NOT CHRISTIAN – we are always to pray in opposite Spirit for our adversaries – if they are cursing us, we are to forgive & bless.

    If they are doing anything against us, our prayers are always to forgive, release from chains & bondages of sin, & bless – remember, the Lord said that whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven, whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven – we are representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven, & as such, are to operate as Jesus did.

    The most powerful prayer HE ever prayed was on the cross – “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” – even though they were crucifying HIM, denying HIS Lordship, yet as HE Hung there, HE FORGAVE THEM – may we be of similar mind.

    There are certain things that are “No-brainers”, that you don’t pray for, such as to get a job that already belongs to someone else – for a person to pray that they will get so & so’s job is pure witchcraft, whether it’s prayed by a Christian or a non-believer.

    Same as praying that you can marry someone else’s husband or wife. Pure & utter witchcraft.

    Or praying that you can have anything that belongs to someone else, such as their land, their home, their car, their kids, their dog, their money, whatever. It goes against the commandments, & is thus praying in rebellion to the Lord, & is thus, witchcraft.

    If a person is praying for a wife, for instance, they should be praying for the wife that God has created for them, because God knows them uniquely & individually, & has a person picked out that will be perfectly suited for them. We need to begin to agree with GOD!

    If we pray for God’s good, perfect & pleasing will to be done in & through our lives, & not our own selfish wills, we will be safe, & will not begin to pray selfishly for something that is not ours to ask for.

    I think that Christian witchcraft prayers are “self-motivated”, whether from the emotions or the intellect, not Spirit-led, & that is why they create such confusion & destruction in the church.

    Beginner intercessors, immature believers, & those who don’t understand Spiritual things, will think they know what their church needs, & begin to pray in their own wills, or make soulish, emotional decisions, even intellectual decisions out of their heads, & not from of the Holy Spirit, for the church, instead of sitting in the Lord’s presence & asking HIM what HIS will is for their particular church body.

    Sometimes God’s will for someone is so totally not intellectually nor emotionally agreeable, that it actually doesn’t compute with our mind or our emotions, but by the Spirit of the living GOD, it may be true & right. We again, need to begin to agree with GOD, not with our own understanding nor our own feelings.

    May God truly teach HIS people how to pray HIS will, so that this so-called Christian witchcraft STOPS. If we would just begin to know HIM & His will for us, His people, then we would stop trying to press OUR will upon others through our prayers.

    GOD, HELP! In Jesus’ Name.

    • In my opinion there is a lot of good Christ centred wisdom here, I feel that many of us, sadly, really need to get our heads, and maybe more importantly, our hearts right around this subject, this is necessary for the Church right now.
      We need to know what love is, and what love isn’t, and practicing witchcraft in the name of Jesus certainly misses the mark. There seems to be a real lack of discernment, and as a result, the acceptance of allot of outright evil in many places. We benefit by knowing, and seeing, that love seeks the good of others, first and foremost, and that love has come to serve, and we worship God best by serving others in this way, not by trying to control them and make them comply with our will.
      I dislike the thought that many of our churches are producing these types of intercessors, unfortunately I’ve met many.

  15. Hi Tori,

    Thank you for all the additional information and recommendations. I hope the readers take a look at your comments.


  16. Hi I must agree with Tori?

    Prayer that lacks Spiritual wisdom and is out side of the guide of Love (1Cor 13,love Never seeks own Way) And is not directed by the Holy Spirit has the potential to Curse,
    But remember the book of James talks about curses being First Soulish then Devilish, God is Graceful and a young Christian may not understand Spiritual Laws, so there is a small amount of time in a directive or Controlling prayer before it goes from Soulish to devilish, before it can curse in which the Holy Spirit will be giving the Inner witness to that person that something is wrong with the prayers that are being put out?

  17. Hi Emil,

    It is true, as you say, that a lack of wisdom in prayer can cause harm, rather than healing. This shows the need for proper guidance and instruction of believers. It also means that even mature believers should think before they speak, and not let their emotions interfere with appropriate prayer.


  18. Marianne thats right
    I my self am the victim of Witchcraft, I had the Pastors daughter who liked me for a long time step over into witchcraft, she began to pray controlling prayers and “called things that be not as thou they are” over my free will, she wanted a Husband and she picked me out ? And it cursed me?

    She was my leader and youth Pastor and I trusted her, and I didn’t even realize what was happening but she was trying to control me, and it brought a curse over my life .
    It started of as a band or tension around the head area , and it began to change me I began to withdraw not understanding what was going on

    Then things got even worse for me, there were other High Ranking Church Leaders that join in on the prayers because they thought it would be a great idea that we got together, the prayer of Agreement was taken out over me, a Photo was used as a point of contact and that’s when the real problems began.

    It’s hard for me to explain, but the curse inflicted real pain, there was heaviness all over my back, sharp piercing pain that would move around my head and back and shoulders and there would be a copper taste in my mouth day and night, I would wake up in pain being tormented day and night

    I would be at work and I would know exactly when they would get together and pray because the demonic power and heaviness and pain, and loss of body strength would increase and I would have to go home from work weight down, and in pain, confused and drained of all forms of life.

    Over a period of 2 years it cost me big time I lost 5 Jobs because I could not perform at work I would eat pain killers all day just to try and make 8 hours at work so I could pay my rent and keep my Job
    God is my Witness, this really happed to me

    I had so many people pray for me but none of them seamed to bring any help, I needed a real power ministry to get free from this strong hold but I could not find any who could help me

    I truly believe that the witchcraft was very strong because it came from people who I trusted and loved, and who had been given authority over me as leaders in the church and I open my spirit in complete trust to them, and the demonic powers had a long time to really dig in

    I had to leave they church, they were Dangerous Christians, but not before I had to confront them, it was tough but I did it, and the most dangerous and unbelievable part was that they didn’t at the time even know what they were doing to me, I could not believe it, these people are high profile Christian leaders, but yet that destroyed my life temperedly,
    And all they tried to do is sweep this under the carpet of the church and pretend it never happened
    It’s a sad situation, but it happened I still don’t understand everything that happened, but I know that it will be a powerfully part of my ministry

    That’s my story in a nut shell,

    Please feel free to ask any Questions

    • I was put in bondage to my house by my ‘christian’ sister who wanted me to stay there and not go to the city because her daughters wanted to physically assault me. (non-christians) My car broke down, my tires mysteriously deflated, my car was impounded because the registration expired while I was stranded on the hwy. I then had the money but before I could register it, someone broke the ignition column trying to steal it. This sister has done this twice in another incident. How do I know? The Holy Spirit told me in prayer and I was so shocked! My sister is a charismatic witch!!! I now dread her and her controlling witchcraft prayers. She preaches to people and if they don’t take her seriously, something bad happens to them and she said it’s God’s doing! But I really think she prays for them to be punished! Her will be done! Not God’s will! I don’t know how exactly to deal with her. I tried talking to her but she is so resistant and stubborn and actually has come to hate me.

      • dear cor

        You need to be saved to do this. So is Jesus your Savior?

        Get some friends to support you. You have to tell her to her face that she is a charismatic witch, and you reverse all curses in Jesus name that she has placed on you. Tell her you are covered by the blood of Jesus, and you rebuke her and her evil wishes. You reject her as an agent of satan, and you bind her power in Jesus name.

        • Yes I am a Christian and thank you for your prayers. The Lord taught me many important truths during my tribulations involving Charismatic witchcraft. They do wield real power but it is not from the Lord. It is a very dangerous thing to pray in a manner that is from a spirit of Jezebel in the Church. My sister has since suffered many things involving her own vehicle – she goes to work but can never keep or have a vehicle!!! her own ‘witchcraft prayers’ over my vehicle (so I wont travel to the city) came back on her! It was along struggle but I endured and the Lord told me recently I would have a new vehicle. So far, I had one but again it broke down (wheel bearing) my registration expired, my license was expired, everything happened once more and once more despite all this I was assured by the Holy Spirit in His Word I would have a new vehicle. The curses placed on my old vehicle (my sister had placed her hands on my car and prayed a curse) are heavy and almost binding but God is Greater! I don’t know how I will get another vehicle and what is going to take place financially to get all legal encumbrances cleared, but by faith I know it will! He told me so! Preaise God for His goodness.

          • Dear cor,

            I just realized who you were by finally noticing you email address. You were using a different name, so at first I did not recognize you.

            You have been on my prayer list for the longest time. You have been through a lot, and you are going to make it the rest of the way. How are your kids doing now?

    • Emil

      but It is not a well known fact that the prayers can be
      miss directed and actually release demonic powers causing

      I know i also have experienced similar symtoms as you
      the neck, head, ear, eye…..once it was a sharp piercing
      pain in hip and knee every 5 to 12 seconds.

      I do know it has to do with several controlling women that when
      they get together they I dont what they do…but is is a curse to me.
      I personally do not return the curse…I bless and forgive those
      who curse me. I also try to stay away from them.

      here is some information from francis frangipane:
      I get words of knowledge in my body for demons manifesting on myself or in others. Jezebel…always comes with attack on the back of the neck and head…Witchcraft, death and destruction…neck pain,( gripping) with pressure on the top of your head which makes it feel like it will explode. Strife…pain in left hip suddenly. Example: Once while attending a conference, I went to a workshop on the cults…Mormonism, Jehovah’s witnesses…etc. As we were standing for prayer…I suddenly FELT pressure on the back of my neck…and as I looked left…saw a woman with black hair looking at me…but weirdly not in my eyes…but as if staring at something over my head…and I heard the Spirit of God say “witch”. I tried to pray in tongues…to no avail…I should have stopped the speaker or other people I knew…but didn’t want to disrupt the talk. Later I had to have chiropractic adjustment to correct my neck bones were actually out of place. And in another session praying for a teen (years later). he saw 3 spirits trying to put ropes around my neck in a vision…but I was and had been in prayer and worship, and he said he saw the ropes melt from the glory on me.

    • Hie Amil

      you posted this in 2009. I would like to know how you are doing now. You can reply through my email

  19. Hi Emil,

    1. THEM – Have they repented of what they did? or are they avoiding it? If they admit this at all, and are willing, they need to break the curse over you that they put. They cannot just ignore you. Also, daily reject the curse, and send it back to them, until this clears up. Do this out loud, so the demons can hear you.

    2. YOU – There are some prayers here on the site you can use as guides. They are not written in stone, so you can modify them to fit your situation. Print them out, and edit them, and use them. I will put you on my prayer list. I can tell you that your problem is the main prayer request I get from people – much more than finances or health. Bring your prayers to others who are willing and ask them to prayer with you in agreement.

    3. OTHER MINISTRIES _ there is only one that I know of that could help. It is coming to Sydney in May. I can contact them and ask one of them to meet you before the meeting, to ask for deliverance, either before or during the meeting.

    Knowing how “fate” would go, the ministry that cursed you might actually be there too, which would make it awkward. But that is a curse on them, to be there, while you suffer. If this would be true, I would not let it stop you. Your deliverance is more important than their hypocrisy.

    This happened to me. A former pastor who cursed me actually ended up on the stage as a guest. It was really strange, but these are the last days, and the wolves will come in as sheep. The ministry is planning to return to my area, and I plan on telling them about him. He needs to be exposed for what he is, and get off God’s stage.

    If you want to go to this meeting, I might be able to alert the traveling ministry as to who cursed you, so they will be more cautious about any local pastors associating with them, and to make it better for you. If you are interested in going to this meeting, when you get the email for this response, give me the name (in private) of the ministry, and I can pass it along to the traveling ministry. It can also help me focus on praying against their curses.


  20. Once a church/christian/pastro begins to lay claim to things or begins to profess to direct angels or the Holy Spirit — they have entered a dangerous realm. They are operating under the delusion that they can manipulate God and angels. This is the essence of witchcraft. I wasted 20 years in a church like this, controlled by fear and conformity, by the need to prove my spirituality. “Lack of faith” and the shame of harboring “unbeleif” become the pharisaical burdens when you can’t “beleive” your way to wealth, health, and prosperity. If charismatic theology were valid, then all of the apostles and even Jesus lacked faith to “overcome.”

    • Hi Tom,

      Churches are full of nonsense. We cannot even give good witness to unbelievers now, because we are contradicted by the publicized errors of the wayward church. Rest in the Lord, He is the only pastor you will ever need.

  21. Hi Marianne,
    Knowledge is power you say and it is true as well that the lack of knowledge is perilous.
    There is a horde of luciferians today who are in prestigious apparel and these are so called leaders.
    Luciferians are proud of who they serve and flashes their alliance publicly everywhere
    and frequently.
    Today even I was watching a video of a minister whom I thought was ok.
    Until The Lord brought my attention to his hands. And I watched in disbelief.
    And I was grieved in my soul as I rewinded the footage only to see it again.
    So here are links to some known luciferians,

    Watch the hands of any people you hold in reverence.

  22. Hi Marianne,
    Here is one example of such in the so called ‘church’

    If you watch till about 7:19 minutes into the video you will it clearly and he holds it till pass 7:26 minutes.

    Prior to this he speaks of ‘God has to use certain strange specific message to get his point across’
    He puts forth the sign of the horned one at the moment he says ‘ church.’

    • Hi abigail

      I think that was coincidental / accidental. He was just expressive with his hands. He may not even knew what he was doing.

  23. Hi Marianne,

    I wish it was coincidental. But I have carefully watch him in a assortment of film footage and he uses it when he mentions ‘Pillar Prophets’, which is a term used by freemasons.
    He uses the sign of the horned one when he speaks of 3 religions ( Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) all understand that these are the last coming to the earth.
    He describes the Holocaust as ‘birth pains’. Incredible!
    But alas he is not the one who has sold their soul to Satan and given over their bodies
    to Lucifer.

    But if you do not believe me search it for yourself.
    In the eyes of The Lord Jesus Christ I have done my best to expose the darkness by which we are surrounded with.
    You should try to do the same Marianne, but it may cost you because the system is powerful.
    Nevertheless people must be warned.

    • Hi Abigail

      Well….I guess that is your observation. His teachings, to me, do not seem to reflect this influence…..but everyone has to make up their own mind ….

      I am not affected by the system. I do not belong to it. I have never had an acceptance by the system anyhow….if I had, I would be selling stuff and making money….. 🙂

      I am free in jesus…I just do what he says. 🙂

  24. Hi Marianne,

    When I said the system is powerful I was not referring to the ability of selling and buying…. at least not yet.
    But even there , the mark of the beast will soon be in full force.
    I was referring to the penalty issued to those who pursue to expose the plans of the
    N.W.O. and the such.
    You say you do not belong to the system and I too profess the same. I belong to the Lord body and soul.
    But if you have a drivers license you belong to the system.
    If you have credit you belong to the system.
    If your credentials were issued by the universities you belong to the system.
    And on and on …

    No one can dictate your thoughts nor your beliefs.
    And there again, I must add – not yet.
    There are all manners of brain washing now in place.
    Maybe through signals on T.V. or maybe through signals on the web.
    Who knows any more??
    There seems to be no end to there lust for power!
    But while I am able to I will not cease to warn people against these demons.

  25. That too!

  26. Here is the link where he calls the holocaust birth pains.

    Now he certainly is not the only one who misleads uneducated people.
    Or should I say who leads the sheep to the S……

    N.W.O. is in every area; Politics, Religion, Banks, Education, Health and Sciences etc.
    The system is GLOBAL.

    I know it is hard to understand such a cancer, or such a beast.
    I much preferred my early years, although they were far from being good, but at least they were somewhat protected by childhood innocence.
    What shock it was for me then to realize the corruption of this world.
    Now nothing at all surprises me!
    And people still sleeps as though they will never come a time whereof they will have to give account.
    Like I’ve said earlier the gospels of Christ are not preached!
    Lawlessness abounds. And repentance is not preached.

    • Abigail

      I come from a finance and IT background. While the RFID chip, for instance, is not the entire mark of the beast thing, I can assure anyone that computer systems are the backbone of the 616/666 scenario.

      Here in South Africa, prominent preachers PROMOTE its use, even on two major Christian radio stations. Educate them in love and they respond with acid and bile, if not fire.

      “Come out of her, my people.” That is the Biblical answer.

  27. emil i beleived witchcraft prayer was prayed over my life. i was in a bible school and this woman was jealous of me because i new the word, and to them i seems to do everything right, and then i could not get out of trouble especially when this woman is around. Also the guy her daughter was inlove with liked me. i wondered if they prayed witchcraft prayers on him. I mean he got into a relationship with her and he testified to a girl that he could not get away from her. he was trying to break up with her and she tried to commit suicide by drinking acid and then he proposed to her the same month days and even the night and the morning og the wedding he tried to get out of it saying he dont want to spen the rest of his life with her but she keep coming back and beg and people said that it was too late to get has been 6 months since they are married and they are notdoing to well. i kinda feel sorry for him. H was a real spiritual guy and this taking a toll on him. do any body have answers. What do you think about cindy trim commanding angels?

    • Sarita

      It sounds like you encountered witchcraft in the church.

      As for the person you asked about, anyone who gives themselves fancy titles and positions of authority should be ignored.

      Telling people what to do, and expect, in response to what you do on a stage is called the power of suggestion, not the power of God.

  28. help I AM IN IT!

  29. ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’ includes christian witches and this is very scary especially since my sister has become one. I am afraid for her, but she doesn’t want to listen.

  30. i went to a charismatic church service last night. The service was good, about About 8 people from my church attended and we sat somewhat together. One guy who goes to our church, said he felt the Lord’s presence while talking to me, and asked if I would ray for him. It was the end of the service, and the speaker had already left..and the people were dispursing. I agreed, and as I was praying for him, two women came up to me…the one freaking out that I was praying, and was reprimanding me right and left. You are not suppose to pray for anyone here. The speaker asked that no one pray for anyone, except staff with badges. I’m sorry, I said. I didn;t hear that. He goes to our church, he knows me…I’m not randomly going around laying hands on people praying for them. She was like..I dont care! he was like, I asked her to pray. She was like…I dont care! She looked like she wanted to throw me out! She was like…go out in the parking lot if you want to pray! Then left in a hurry like she was going to get someone else to come and talk to me, and or throw me out! Weird! I felt so harrassed! The other woman sat like two rows away from us, staring off into space, like she would be the ears, the watchdog if we should say anything negative, or possible,
    God forbid..Pray again! I am a spirit filled Christian…and saw her fear was motivating her to attack me…without any motivation of love…just rules…which is religion…doctrines of men. I read your article today..and it helped point out specific attitudes that are trying to infiltrate the church. thank you. i will use it to educate those who will listen, so that they do not become victims of people like these two women! I am reading a book called: Love is letting go of Fear. I love it. It really shows how much we have fear in our life, much more than we realize. it also shows how people impose their fears on others around them. I choose to walk in love, and learn to let go of all fears! God is good!

    • nikki

      You do not need that church. There is too much control there, which is witchcraft. Although there is a scripture saying not to let just anyone touch you in prayer, you and your friend were familiar with each other.

      In this case, THEY were the strange ones to him, not you. They were just strange, period. A badge does not make a person righteous.

      I had a person approved by the pastor pray for me once, and it was horrible. She put a curse on me. I could feel the demon move on me. A pastor’s approval does not mean much, when you are not familiar with the church or the pastor.

  31. i feel very enlightened so far because i have been going through a transformation for quite some time now.i use to live a life of drug use and all the while i knew i had a calling of some kind on my life but really didnt know who or what to do.but when i surrendered my drug use to GOD he heard my cry but didnt move instantly.therefore i was repeating the same things not understandin why GOD would not move quickly.i know that i at the time (although i was confessin that i wanted to be delivered) it had not registared in my heart i kept using crying every time i said i was goona stop the hold got stronger.during these times GOD had me in a season where i was exposed to witchcraft.i found myself in churches that was clearly out of order.things jus was not right and this was a very small building where everybody was very close to each me this was a little too the time i was married to someone who was strugglin with a drug habit as well as myself.but there was a big difference between us because while both of us was going to this church i could senced something strange i couldnt quite put my finger on it.but the holy spirit was not in this buildin.the paster was a woman from new orleans whos husband was behind my husband’s sister who is also a paster whos husband was also behind i know that the man is suppose to be the head of the house hold so this made me even more curious about this church so i went in a effort to learn how these people could be none the wiser to what was really happening.i challenged the “pastor” (who was a woman) on many occasions and this angered her but i was not affraid of her.from that point on i didnt see a human i was face to face with jezebel but at that time i didnt have a full understandin about jus who or what a jezebel was,but the paster knew that she was bein exposed so of course it was time for me to go cuz a series of supernatural things started happenin,my sister in law didnt like me,she was trying her very best to get her brother away from me.she would jus pop up with her husband and a long lost sister in hopes of delivering me of satan.this was actually funny to me.she didnt move me aaattt aaallllll and she knew that this would not be easy cuz i knew what was operatin the whole plan and i did not back down.poor anthony was jus lost.he was more using drugs even worst and they were tryin to convince him that i was the devil and that he should leave.i really didnt care if he stayed or left.i was on my own and i was determined to jus show him that the pastor was using him for his money.he was very vulnerable and he wanted a status as a minister.he did not know what he was doin.the paster actually gave him a collar and jacket that would suggest that he was a minister.he was so caught up in this out of order mess that he thought that i was jealous.i thought to myself that he was such a idiot caught up in the “fame” that he so wanted. by the way two weeks prior he had been smokin crach so i called and confronted the paster sayin how in the world could she allow this cuz it was very much out of can he jump from the crack house and two weeks later he is ready to step in the was ludicrus and she was practly speechless also he wasnt even head of his own home.she knew this this.i didnt step another day in that church.she knew that my spirit would not allow her to deceive me and believe me her spirit was shakened.this was where my journey began in understanding what GOD was showin me. TO ALL WHO KNOW JESUS HE IS AWSOME.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    • Dear surrender,

      You have seen more than many people have. And you are much wiser and stronger for it.

      May God bless you and protect you.

      Maybe he also deliver your entire family from drugs, spiritual blindness, and other spirits.

  32. Wow! This is truly a Blessing because I stumbled upon this searching for something else! I have just left a ministry with that same kind of brhavior! God revealed to me that mt former Pastor was working witchcraft through his prayerd and how he contoled the congregation. I have had many instances whee I had to challenge him in te Word of God, but he would put me on blast from the pulpit indirectly, saying I was judging him. That was far from the truth! Like many of you who have shared your story, I was hurt manipulated and it caused me to miss out onm a lot of what God has for me even now. I am not in a church home right now, and I am still trying to overcome and trust Leadership again. I am to the place where I don’t even want to be in the house of the Lord as much now. I make excuses to stay home. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Lord, and I am not giving up on my Sal;vation or anything, it’s just I amso tired of the foolishness in God’s house! It is time to expose these false Leaders and Prophets so that God’s name can be Glorified in His church once again! Please keep me in prayer as the Lord is Healing me and taking me through my process of restoration and recovery. I ned help in the area of Trusting leaders again. Thank you so much for your love and care for God’s people! Shalom.

  33. Oh yes! I would like to ask if this article can me sent to my email so that I can print and share it with others in the Body of Christ? Thank you so much.

    • hi Cheryl

      You are not obligated to any church like that. Or obligated to go to any church to obey God. We are just to keep the Lords’ Day holy…but that is another topic. So, you are not in disobedience just because you stay home.

      You are going to find that this is a common thing now in churches. You are witnessing the great falling away predicted in the bible. The churches are being corrupted now by spirits. The Word of God is not a priority like it used to be. Other foolishness has replaced it.

      One thing that you need to realize that, if you are being led by the holy spirit, then you do not NEED human leadership to led you. You are a leader, yourself. Too many spirit filled Christians allow themselves to be quenched by leadership that controls everything, and directs all focus, with financial benefits, toward them.

      You do not need a pastor. Jesus is your Shepherd now.

      You do not need a sermon from a man. The Holy Spirit speaks to you.

      Once you are comfortable with that, then all you really need is good fellowship with other Christians. Whether there is a formal church structure to go with it is irrelevant.

      Where the spirit is, there is liberty.

      Enjoy some private time with the Lord.

      Find some local bible study groups, and join in. (but watch also for controlling individuals within a group- you do not want any repeat negative experience.) If you seek, you will find.

  34. Remove this writing from the internet because you are now in danger, having become the false teacher you have warned others about. You do not know who is sending you this warning. It is me, God. Do not disobey Me. Is that clear? Watch that ego, which is your own Satanic false nature, who believes that this is not Me. I do this because you are my child. It is for your own protection. Every time you raise your finger to point out anothers sin, know you have three pointing back at yourself. Signed, Me, God.

  35. Your article confirms what I’ve experienced in the UPC church that I attended for 17 years, witchcraft spirits are real and many pastors and ministers are involved in witchcraft, and manipulating the people of Jesus Christ, you need to prove all things!

  36. Hi,Marianne,i read all letters on here down where you answered the note to hi Tom.I will go back and read all the rest in a while.I’m in a situation now where my only daughter is not talking to me now cause of my sister-in-law’s witch craft i avoide her for 13 yrs.out of respect for my mother at that time,she ask that i be quiet that god would work things out.She’s gone now going on now answer from God things are worse.She has gain control over the other immediate family members against me with lies and her manipulations.The reason Iam coming out with this is to let other people know iit’s not them only that’s experience this by them selve’s.I went to some women’s conference’s before and there were her sister and some of church members with her.I could see the spirit on them what she had done to this other ladie and i knew nothing about this ladie.But the ladie look at me with so much hate.My daughter has told other family members she is afraid of me.That’s a spirit to feel this way.They have worked a spell on her.She let her sister fix her hair that’s a wrong thing to do.Church People do worldly stuff as well.She is in a foreign country now.I told her to go to a priest while she is there.Email me back please.Thanks,GP.

    • Gracie,

      Who is in a foreign country? Your daughter or your sister in law.

      If she is with you, get your daughter away from all the church women. Do not let anyone touch her. That is YOUR daughter, not theirs.

      Pray over your daughter to reverse the curse in Jesus name, and plead the blood of Jesus over her. Bless her openly, and pray that the love of Jesus fill her heart.

      If you have any contact with this witch, tell her you reject all her curses, and you are putting yourself and family under the blood of Jesus.

  37. My daugter works in a foreign country.She is 33 yrs.She join the church real young 9yrs.old.I tried to tell her she is not who she is.Cause she is married to my bro.She feels that it’s ok.Some men can’t see what’s happening.She tells my sister-in-law everything i say.Right now she has a veil over her eyes. Several yrs. back when i and my mom would visit her where ever she live and no there would be no problems.from dec.2009 we communicated on the internet laughing and talking.It’s when she comes here she stays with the other family that’s against me.Mind this now when she did visit my sister-in-law i did’nt know she was home.I go to the movie she’s there.The holy spirit directed me several times like this pointing me in the direction where she is located after she’s here.Back in dec.26,2009 she visit 15 minutes very,very nervous.she said she had to go.I told her to wait a minute i reach to get a tiny Bible to keep with her at all times.When i got close to her she stood back as if i had a gun.She has pick up spirits from me back I will be waiting on line something need to be done.I’m still praying.that she see the light.I told her please talk always remember to talk to mother mary she is her hevenly mother and that she would always be there for her.I ministered to her over the internet from dec.2009 until june 2,2010.when she got here i saw her at a gathering.I left her email on line telling her to email me when she wanted to see me.She did’nt.She had surgery all was there except for me.But she was there i can’t call no names.There’s a controling spirit that she has over her.Email me back.Gp

    • HI Gracie

      Keep telling your daughter that Jesus loves her, and you love her too.

      The more she accepts this message, the more calm she will be.

      You need to win her trust back first.

      Just focus on love messages to her.

      But for the sister in law, tell her she is a witch, and you bind her in Jesus name.

      • we can really do that? you know who I am talking about…I could actually tell her she is a witch and I bind her in Jesus Name?

        • Yes, you can tell a witch that she is a witch. It is not like she doesn’t already know this.

          yes, bind her in Jesus name, and let her know that you are doing it.

      • Hi Marianne,

        I noticed that Mrs. Gracie told her daughter to acknowledge her “Heavenly Mother, Mary”. Everything that you said is very helpful. I also feel it is important for her to know and understand that Mary has no power, neither on Earth nor in the spiritual realm. Jesus has been given all power in His hands. I feel that it is very important for her to understand that we are to pray to the Father, through the Son, with the help of the Holy Spirit. She may not understand the full power that Jesus has. If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest that you and Mrs. Gracie spend some type of one on one time (online, over the phone, Skype, etc.), so that she can get this understanding.

  38. I did confront her no one was around.I was at her home my bro. was a way.She was like a ant in hot ashes,i didn’t fuss.She has one son.I reminded her that she has a son,she didn’t pay me no attention.Like most people trouble had’nt hit her door.I she convinced my bro.other wise the way he acted when i went back to talk to them both .We don’t talk on the internet any more.I email her no answer.Most people don’t think another person would do things like this.This is why for the ones out there you see your love ones acting strange look out.It’s not always during drugs.

    Marianne,did you get the other message?For others out there when your love ones act strange it’s not always drugs.It’s witch craft people can’t see it.Email me back if you come up with any more hepful hints.Gp

    • Ok.

      Stay strong and focused. Be positive. You will attract your daughter back with love.

      Avoid bad people. Defend yourself with confidence that you are right.

      Be aggressive with witches. They understand “power.”

  39. I will continue to pray.Thanks for everything.GP

  40. Hey Marianne,

    Wondering if this applies here…long story, but I have a “battle” on my hands with an Aunt. I have recently caught her in many lies regarding my father’s will. One thing that I do notice about her that i noticed you mentioned above, is that 1) she is intimidating 2) you either agree with her or you are considered an outsider 3) she rolls her eyes whenever I used to try to tell her of anything new I had learned about the Jesus or the scriptures-she didn’t want to hear it and 4) she has the strange way of ‘being nice and then stab you’ without you having any idea. Does that make sense? For example, she will say something like ” I am so sorry that you have hurt feelings…but you better believe I can play dirty” (she actually did say this…kinda creepy)

    I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, but when I came across the above, it does seem to describe her…now what do I do about it?

    • “domination, intimidation, manipulation, and emotional blackmail.” She does all of these….its almost like you get “sucked” in….

      • And I have now “turned on her” in her eyes….what has happened is that I came to the TRUTH of a situation-was shocked and feeling hurt but I was able to correct it immediately. Now, I am the “outsider”. I thought she was a christian but now I am beginning to wonder…

  41. As far as Christianity and witchcraft goes there is a much deeper issue to look at:

    Stay Blessed

    • Hey warlockasylum,

      I am reading your posted article-may I ask what your username stands for?

    • warlockasylum

      I agree about the existence of the jinn, as you call them. I would call them nephilim. But Jesus was not a product of a union between human and jinn.

      The Israelites were many times influenced by neighboring pagans, but this was not the official pure Hebrew religion. It was a violation of it.

      I also agree that Christianity became paganized, but later on many elements were eliminate in a reformation of teh faith. They worked to return to the original faith taught by Jesus.

      I think any false thinking in Christianity will be purged by God. This was predicted in the bible before it became paganized. The faith you see today, is fairly pure, except for some secular ideas that have come in due to human weakness and error. One example, is the prosperity message, where there is an over -emphasis on money.

      The bible has not changed. God is just waiting for people to read it and obey it.

      I want to add that all religions now have bad aspects to them. Religion is man made. Only the pure faith is based on God, the Messiah and his Word.

      • How do you know that Jesus wasn’t a product of Jinn-human relations. I do not think that Christianity is pure. For example, Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion, how did it get to Europe?

        When you look into the “Historical” roots of this answer, you get a clear picture, as to where Christianity is at with “god?”

        • warlockasylum

          You are introducing a large topic.

          Jesus was the product of virgin birth, confirmed by the testimony of his mother, who should have known.

          Christianity started in Israel, but was spread to Asia minor, Rome, and Greece by Paul. From there, it went into Europe.

          The other apostles went in different directions to spread the gospel.

          Historically, Rome took over the religion about 350 AD, and paganized it to some extent. But there was always a remnant, that kept the original faith alive.

          Hence, all the “throwing to the lions” in Roman coliseums we have heard about. The persecution only made the faith grow, instead of die.

          So there has always been true and a false groups within Christianity – those that followed the teachings of Jesus, and those who thought they were Christians, but were paganized.

        • Because G-D makes it clear within the scriptures that his bloodline was PURE-trace his genealogy!

  42. A lot of people lately has experience witchcraft in different ways.Thanks,Gracie

  43. There are some other things that you need to consider

    Also too Mary’s pregnancy was due to her visit by Gabriel. This is the same thing as the Babylonian Sacred Marriage Rite, which is the origin of the Christian Easter a derivative of the name Ishtar

    • I bind you in Jesus name! and I send you straight to Jesus who will deal with you!

      • Why would you want to bind someone in the name of jesus? Sounds like magic to me…What does that mean? And why would you need to employ Jesus? wouldn’t he do what needs to be done on his own?

    • warlockasylum

      Mary did not mate wtih Gabriel. He was only a messenger from God. The passage clearly states that the Spirit of God came over her, and worked this miracle birth.

      If God can create life out of nothing, he can certainly create a sperm inside a woman, just by speaking a command. All God’s creative acts were done by speaking his Word.

      I think you have some strange ideas. But I can how you might think some of that, since the catholic church paganized much of Christianity. But I am referring to biblical Christianity, not the pagan stuff. I do not support the catholic church and its errors.

      The Father in heaven is God. Jesus is his spirit son, who pre-existed in heaven before incarnating on earth. The Father has given him much authority, but even Jesus said that the Father was His God, and he was submissive to him. Does not sound like a trinity, but a father -son relationship.

      Jesus is definitely not Lucifer/Satan. The bible states that Jesus will return to defeat Satan and his forces at the battle of Armageddon, and during the time of wrath.

      You will see in this life the real and the counterfeit. God is the real thing, and Satan tried to imitate what God has done in a counterfeit way. People who do not understand this will confuse the two, which may look the same, but in truth, are very different.

  44. Lucifer and Satan are two different things. Jesus calls himself Lucifer in Revelation Chapter 22. The term “morning star” is translater from the Greek term for Lucifer.

    Just by the very fact that the Bible mentions Mary as a Virgin is right in line with the Sacred Marriage Rite of Babylon and the idea of a “spirit” overcoming Mary in order to get pregnant is not an action that the creator of the universe would take. Actually, Ishtar was the first crucified deity and remained in the underworld for three days, like Jesus, except the account of Inanna/Ishtar is several thousands of years older that that of jesus.

    It has long been documented that it is only deities of the Dead that need sacrifice, celestial deities did not need such things and rightly so. A god of love wouldn’t need a human sacrifice to forgive people. there are men who walk this earth who have more love and compassion that what that idea implies. and you can claim that what you believe in is not pagans, but even pagan deities do not need human sacrifice to forgive or to be employed tasks by the priest or shaman.

    What does “bidn with Jesus” mean? is that not magic?

    • No it is not magic! That is your crap!
      Matthew 18:18 18“I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

      To bind is to Stop; to forbid; to tie up.

      Marianne, I tell you…”they” are just coming out of the woodwork lately-what is going on? why are there so many witches and anti-christs revealing themselves lately? The VILE things that are coming out of their mouths and onto these pages are nauseating-I have never in my life heard such horrible things spoken of regarding Yeshua! The truth is right there in the scriptures and this idiot-warlockasylum-is pulling all kinds of garbage and twisted ideas out of it….

  45. It is magic and magic is not crap. I gave you the reason for the increase in the occult arts in my “Fall of Christianity article. There is nothing vile about the eay of the wise one, or witchcraft as you would call it. There is only one true religion:

    • “In the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of His cross and BLOOD, we bind the spirits, powers and forces of the earth, the underground, the air, the water, the fire, the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.

      We rebuke any curses, hexes, or spells sent against us and send them directly to Jesus for Him to deal with as He will. Lord, we ask You to bless our enemies by sending Your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance.

      We bind all interplay, interaction and communication of evil spirits. We claim protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over us. Thank you for your protection, Lord. We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. “*

      Christian Healing Ministries

    • Psalm 149:5-9 (New King James Version)

      5 Let the saints be joyful in glory;
      Let them sing aloud on their beds.
      6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
      And a two-edged sword in their hand,
      7 To execute vengeance on the nations,
      And punishments on the peoples;
      8 To bind their kings with chains,
      And their nobles with fetters of iron;
      9 To execute on them the written judgment—
      This honor have all His saints.

      Praise the LORD!

    • Matthew 4:10 (New International Version)

      10Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.'[a]”

  46. go back to hell where you came from in Yeshua’s NAME!

  47. I just asked a few questions and I see that now you are trying to use black magic against me. Read your uninformed definition of witchcraft above and then review the last few comments you posted. You are doing the same things. “Lord, lord, did we not expel demons in your name>”…Get away from me you workers of lawlessness.”

    • Revelations 22:12“Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. 13I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

      14“Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. 15Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

    • YOU have been deceived by the Great Deciever-Lucifer/Satan himself!

      You are doing exactly what Satan did, twist the scriptures.

      Jesus/Yeshua IS the SON of the LIVING G-D and He died on a cross FOR YOU so as to take upon Him our inquities/sin so that in 3 days, He rose from the dead so that even YOU would have the choice of LIFE and NOT DEATH. At this point, due to your alligning yourself with witchcraft…as evident by your username, warlockasylum and thru your own admission of this witchcraft you have chosen death. I ernestly urge you to allow the binding of this demon so as to be set free from IT and choose LIFE through Jesus Christ, confessing with you mouth that He is the SON of GOD and then submerse yourself within the scriptures asking the HOly Spirit to lead you into all TRUTH! In a nutshell, Jesus LOVES YOU and DIED FOR YOU whereas Satan, despises you and wants you to DIE PERIOD!

    • And it is called Authority, NOT domination as you have implied. There is a VAST difference! Jesus gives us, those who are his children, the authority to bind and cast out demons as he also did. There is NO OTHER NAME under heaven by which we can be saved….Acts 4:12Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

  48. I bind Ishtar upon you. that your work of twisitng the Chaldean Tradition may cease.

    • No weapon formed against me shall prosper! In Yeshua’s name…it will be returned back to you…sevenfold!

      Isaiah 54:17no weapon forged against you will prevail,

      and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.

      This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,

      and this is their vindication from me,”

      declares the Lord.

  49. Look at your conduct. You started by using the words “crap” and etc. This is not a kind thing. I will pray on your behalf for your forgiveness

    • Unless you are praying to the G-D of ISRAEL, I do not accept your prayer!

      Again, In a nutshell, Jesus LOVES YOU and DIED FOR YOU whereas Satan, despises you and wants you to DIE PERIOD!

      Witchcraft; idolarty; vampires etc are from Satan and are therefore CRAP-powerless!!!!!

  50. I rebuke you in the name of Ishtar

    • Ishtar,

      Isn’t that the Queen of Heaven? She does not exist. She is just another pagan god that can not hear, or see.

      She is part of the false Trinity Lucifer tries to mislead mankind with.

    • How did you come to worship Lucifer? Will he give you power, or a place to rule in a Kingdom?

      Does Christ’s love for you mean nothing to you?


    why anyone would choose to worship something that is a) NOT REAL-a myth b) stupid c) well, just stupid…

    I am amazed and saddened at how so many people are searching for TRUTH; something to fill that VOID/Emptiness that is inside of them only to end up being deceived into believing such non-sense.

    G-D is more real than they could ever imagine. He sent His son to DIE for us so that we could be with HIM forever-to choose Him we choose life. To choose this non-sense is to choose death and why would anyone honestly do this? It is beyond me…Son of G-d lays down his life and Satan only TAKES life! Ishtar, Isis, hercules, mahmound, etc…be it myths are false prophets NEVER laid down their lives for anyone so why would anyone choose to follow them….we are truly in the last age……..come LORD JESUS!

  52. Few weeks ago my friend was in CA.the ground open up and the vehicle was detroyed,man dead.What I’m saying is everyone need to get together and i mean fast.Every body is in denial about what’s happening before our eyes.It’s going to be just like in Noah’s time.You will wait until the last minute and it will be to late to change your mind to claim Jesus and Mother Mary.All is require is to do right as near as possble.It’s that simple.We as humans have veils over our eyes and don’t realize what’s going on with us.You all remember the part in the Bible where it was stated that Jesus was sorry he made man cause the man is today.Things is so bad here on earth and all we have is Jesus and mother Mary to help us.I will keep my hands in Jesus hand no matter what.My advice to all do the same before it’s to late.

    • Mary is dead, and can not hear your prayers. Good works are a part of faith. You can not get to heaven doing good, only accepting G-d’s love called Christ.

      Do you understand?

    • Gracie,

      Mary cannot save anyone. This is part of the deception-to get people to focus on and worship someone or something other than Jesus Christ the SON OF G-D. Yes, Mary was told by Gabriel that she was blessed among women, BUT NOT FOR WORSHIP. Even the angels are not to be worshiped as they have stated many times to those who have been in their presence. Gracie, Are you aware of the FACT that the Catholic church did away with one of the ten commandments? “They believe that their authority stands above the Word of God and that they can change God’s times and laws and God will prescribe to their changes. You will note that they deleted the second Commandment and changed God’s Sabbath to Sunday and split the tenth Commandment into two to get back to Ten Commandments.”

      Gracie, it is very important to read the scriptures for ourselves in order to find the TRUTH. I used to take the “word” of either a pastor or a bishop and let me tell you, I learned the hard way that these are ONLY MEN and even though they may have good intentions, they are unknowingly causing alot of harm by either a) not revealing all of the scriptures that are in the Bible b) twisting the scriptures so as to meet their agenda, ex: money and/or c) change the scriptures all together-removing commandments stated thereforth by G-D Himself….changing the sabbath day which was set thereforth by G-D Himself… you see the danger in this?

      John 3:16….For G-D so loved the world that He GAVE his only son that whosoever should believe in HIm should not perish but have everlasting life (it does NOT say anything about MARY….)

  53. No matter what you say i love you from a spiritual point.You can say all kinds of negative things.I still love you and that’s why he took all the pain here on earth just for you and me.

    • I wrote the true truth, not negative things.

      I’m sorry the truth hurts, but you have the Christ part correct.

  54. I see that a lot talk about what they don’t know. Inanna/Ishtar was said in some of the legendsthat she died for the sins of mankind-dating bak to 4,000 B.C. These mythswere incorporated in the Christian mythos. Everything written about Jesus can be found in older myths concerning other Sun gods thousands of years before Jesus birth. Jesus was teaching the rites of Ishtar secretly but you are not aware of that since you only believe what you read in blind faith without critical thought, and because of such you worship demons posing as the creator. The creator doesn’t need a sacrifice to do anything, but your god does. Instead of attacking first understand what people are trying to say here. You do not have the authority to interfere with any personal relationship that I have…be it with humans or spirits. It’s none of your business! In turn you wind up speaking about what you don’t know. You have become what you are afraid of-a demon.

    • I am not afraid of any demons, for as a daughter of the Most High G-D of Israel I am given all authority over them and to cast them out as needed and when needed in Yeshua’s name! If you, being the host of this demon, have made the choice to keep the demon with you, then this is your choice-this is truly a first for me in that I have never known anyone who would want to keep the demon close at hand-that is strange. All I can say is what I have already said, ” Jesus LOVES YOU and DIED FOR YOU whereas Satan, despises and HATES you and wants you to DIE PERIOD!” Jesus/Yeshua rose from the dead and is alive even today-even “ishtar” or whatever the demons’ name is KNOWS THIS and KNOWS that they have to submit to HIM.

      Leatherneck asked you a question,”How did you come to worship Lucifer? Will he give you power, or a place to rule in a Kingdom?

      Does Christ’s love for you mean nothing to you?”

      And I ask you, are you willing to die-physically and spiritually, for an entity that is evil and not of G-D…for something that clearly will NOT nor ever has died for you?!

      You have been decieved greatly and I ask G-D to please help you to see and hear the TRUTH. Heavenly Father, only you know who warlockasylum truly is and what his situation is…please remove the scales from his heart, his mind and his eyes to help him see and hear and understand the truth given only through your precious Holy Spirit. Please help me understand the evil that is influencing his thoughts and present understanding. You wish that no one perish Father-please help warlockasylum and meet him right where he is in your Son’s name, Jesus/Yeshua, AMEN-so be it!

      • correction: ” Please help him/warlockasylum understand the evil that is influencing his thoughts and present understanding. ”

        And cover me Father in your son’s blood to protect me from any and all evil! thank you Father, in Yeshua’s name, Amen!

    • hi warlockasylum

      I apologize for any “attacks” you may perceive.

      Just like you, people have very intense and fixed feelings about what they believe.

      Everyone wants their beliefs accepted as valid.

      I understand you have reasons for your beliefs.

      I wish for you to know that the promise of the Messiah started in the garden of eden.

      This promise has been propagated into all cultures since man’s time on earth began.

      Each civilization has its own version of the story, but they all share the same similar themes.

      This means the idea of the Messiah has never been lost in any culture.

      The old testament records this promise. There were prophecies as to what the Messiah would be like, and what he would do, and why. Much is in Isaiah, Micah, Daniel, etc.

      Jesus fulfilled these about 80% so far. It is incomplete, because scriptures indicate a second trip for the Messiah. Jesus promised to return, and this is what everyone is excited about now.

      He also predicted what signs to look for, to indicate his return was imminent, and these signs are currently showing up. So this is a confirmation of what he said.

  55. You really don’t get it! The whole idea of a sacrifice as atonement for sins is founded in “paganism.” Maybe you should all checkout this link:

    Be Well

    • hi warlockasylum

      Actually, God thought this up. The first animal sacrifice was in the Garden of Eden. God sacrificed animals to get their skins to cover them, since they were now fallen from grace, and needed atonement.

      Gen 3:21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

      Then the practice of animal sacrifice continued with Abel, their son:

      Gen 4:4 And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

      Cain fell into disfavor when he did not do the same:

      Gen 4:5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

      The idea of atonement through the blood is explained more here:

      When Jesus came, this put an end to the need to sacrifice animals, since they were an imperfect offering for the sins people committed.

  56. I find that you comments did nothing in comparison to the article I posted respectfully. Especially, since the records ofthe people of ancient Mesopotamia are more detailed and several thousands of years older than the Biblical book you profess belief in.

    • warlockasylum

      I still have the link up that you gave. That was my first response.

      People here give me so much information to read, it takes time to get to it all. I have had about 150 emails today.

      I will eventually get to reading it all. I glanced at it so far, and it looks like you are quoting the book of Revelation.

    • warlockasylum

      I still have the link up that you gave. That was my first response.

      People here give me so much information to read, it takes time to get to it all. I have had about 100 emails today.

      I will eventually get to reading it all. I glanced at it so far, and it looks like you are quoting the book of Revelation.

    • warlockasylum

      I read a few pages on your site. Your site appears to reflect ancient knowledge that came down with the fallen angels before man was created.

      Since the fallen ones were originally in heaven, and saw the mysteries of god, they were in obviously in a position to remember them, and transfer this information to man, but with their own interpretation of things.

      There seems to be a mixing of Jesus and Lucifer/Satan. They are separate personalities. Lucifer was rejected from heaven and Jesus remained. They are at odds with each other even now.

      The option is to choose between the darkness and the light.

      Jesus is really the only “Gate” to heaven, or eternal peace. He is not Ishtar.

      I do believe that there are demons that live beneath the earth surface. The Book of Revelation indicates that they will come out at some point and torment mankind. Your pages mention this sort of thing also. Why would anyone want to be a victim of that?

      Also, just because the ancient knowledge was transmitted to Babylon in corrupt form before the Jews had their bible dictated to them by YHVH, does not mean that somehow the Babylon version is “correct” and the original, and the later Jewish/bible version is “incorrect” or copied from the Babylonian.

      THe fallen angels transmitted a corrupt version of God’s mysteries, and YHVH transmitted the true version.

      The “original” version was in heaven, not with Babylon, before the angels rebelled and fell to earth.

  57. Sounds like your preaching Jewish nationalism wherein all the other nations were serving false gods, but jewish people are correct in their service. So this means that everyone in the world, the Africans, Asian, Native Americans, and etc were just in blind ignorance and then 3,500 years later a group of people arose out of the Middle Eaat who had it right. Also what you are suggesting is the educated and the ruling class, since Israel were slaves, were still stupid in that they had no contact with the creator

    • warlockasylum

      If you need more than one god to have your religion, then your gods are false. A true God will not be little, and need a company of little gods to help him.

      Yes, everyone in the world was deceived by the false gods, who were fallen angels, which is why YHVH revealed himself to this one nation, to be a light to the rest of the world.

      Education has nothing to do with revelation from God, or righteousness.

  58. You say that education has nothing to do with revelation, so revelaion are just for the ignorant.? Also too a true god would not need sacrifice, especially a god needing a human sacrifice to forgive the sins of man is not the god of love or the creator.

    The ancients idea of a “god” is has often been misunderstood by many Westerners. A “god” in terms of the necronomicon Tradition, as well as, other pagan traditions were forces that could affect man, and scientifically these forces were measured by realms of influence and were thus given names. They were not worshipped in the sense that westerners think, but entreated so that the energy could be nutured and affect a particular community in a beneficial way. yet they were powerful forces usually ones that animayr in nature.

    Man has the responsibility to care for the earth and so he named forces appropriately so that he could scientifically understand how the earth was being affected. whereas Jewish and Christina nationalism forfeit this responsibility and make themselves the center of creation and due to such believe that the “creator” would actually sacrifice his son to save man-the newest form of creation according to their doctrine. A creature who has no appreciation for the earth, human beinfs with different physical characteristics, and they greatly worship death as a sacrificed human, perfect or not, is needed in oder for a god of love to forgibee man. meanwhile, humans of lest stature freely forgive as long as they are approached in a polite manner…and you never asked yourself these questions?!!!!

    • warlockasylum

      Pagans traditionally, and continually, have performed human sacrifice.

      Sin has a price to be paid. Every crime has its punishment.

      Mankind was to suffer that punishment, because of his sin nature, which included offering human sacrifices, which is murder.

      Mankind was destined to hell, and many were already there.

      Jesus offered his life to pay for our sins.

      The price was high because divine justice required blood for murder, and other serious crimes.

      Jesus paid that price, voluntarily, to assure our salvation from that hell.

      This was an act of love.

      Marduk and all those others, Baal, etc, all wanted human blood just for the blood lust of it.

      Your religion is based on initiation by sex, not holiness.

      That is a degradation of the human spirit, to think one can assure oneself with sex.

      You do not understand holiness. You will have to make an effort to do so, because we are on different wavelengths here.

  59. Who set the standard that human sacrifice, whether by jesus or other, were the terms that needed to be met for the creator to forgive mankind? Certainly not the creator.

    First of all, human sacrifice was not part of any true pagan traditions. maybe the degregated form as their are also degregated forms of Christianity. So i think it best for you first to discover the path of a true Initiate of the Qliphotic Mysteries rather than heap some “”‘<) that you have read on Wikipedia.

    Historically, sacrifice came into practice since when society moved from a matriach one to a patriach society. Whereas the women naturally gave sacrifice once a month in line with the moon cycle, of which the Middle Eastern peoples calendar was based upon, even the Israelites. To justify the transition, early man then made atonements by sacrificing animals and some times people, but that is not the path of which i speak of.

    • God set the standard.

      The Word of God says that the wages of sin is death.

      Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

      All sin is an abomination to God.

      All sin is punishable by death.

      Animal sacrifices only temporarily atone for the one sin committed. Animal sacrifices are inadequate. We sin daily.

      Each person must die for his sins.

      There is no forgiveness / atonement without the blood.

      It is not “human sacrifice” that is the issue.

      It is the capital punishment – death – that each of us must experience because of our sins.

      Jesus took our punishment.

      Unless we accept what he did for us, and are covered under his blood, and forgiven, the same punishment will come to us – in this life or the next.

  60. Sounds like your god is Satan since he needs a human sacrifice to forgive people. That is not a god of love that is Satan posing as an angel of light. And this is why Christianity is doomed to failure

    • That is the ultimate deception: that Satan tries to twist the facts and cause people like you and others to believe this lie.

      John 3:16: For G-D SO LOVED the world that HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON, that whosoever will BELIEVE IN HIM (Jesus-G-D’s son)that they will NEVER PERISH and have EVERLASTING LIFE.

      It is all about LOVE-not the other way around. Satan, is all about HATE, FEAR, LIES.

      Jesus GAVE UP HIS LIFE for US. He could have called ten thousand angels to rescue him-he chose not to because if he had, we would all perish/die/forever be separated from G-D.

      Satan lost! Jesus conquered DEATH by choosing to die and shedding His Blood for all mankind. When Jesus Died, he went to Hell and set all the captives FREE. When he rose again (returning from Hell and brought back to life by the Holy Spirit), as was witnessed by everyone for 40 days AFTER he was buried…he ascended into the clouds going back into heaven and sat at the right hand of G-d-His father. In the same way he left-HE will return.

      Jesus’ death and resurrection is what saves us from ourselves! Jesus’ death and resurrection is what ENDS THE SEPARATION between us and G-D! He who has ears let him hear…

    • No. He is a god of love that provided a way of forgiveness. But if you rebel against it, then you will suffer the consequences, and hang on your own cross eventually.

      Satan enjoys sin, and encourages rebellion against God as “freedom and enlightenment.”

      Sins include worshiping false gods, admiring “energies” with personalities, names and behaviors, and having sex offerings to them.

      Christians may fail Christ, but Christ will not fail them.

  61. so howvwould I get Jesus into my life?

    • You just ask Him, Jesus, to come into your life and into your heart. It is a commitment on your part-you are giving your life over to HIM. After this, just start reading the scriptures-getting to know the Man who was also the Son of G-d that gave HIS life, JUST FOR YOU (if you had been the only person on the earth, He still would have died for YOU).

      I would recommend the following book as well: “the character of a man” by Bruce Machiano

      And expect a battle from Satan-He does not like to lose! But greater is HE that is in you (Jesus) then he (satan) that is in the world!

      Jesus is more powerful than satan-in fact-satan will have lost his power completely once you turn to Jesus!

    • warlockasylum

      Wow, you impress me. I did not expect such a change, because you seemed so devoted to your own thoughts and religious concepts.

      I will be happy to answer your question.

      First of all, you have to understand what is sin, and what is not sin. I find that many people do things, and think they are right to do. To learn what sin is requires an understanding of the bible contents, but that would be a lot for someone new to it.

      So, I would first say, learn the 10 commandments, and try to understand sins associated with each one. For example, the sin of false witness would include cheating someone, not just lying. The sin of murder includes gossip and slander, because one is trying to destroy the other person.

      I think the significant one for you is the sin of worshiping false gods. This was such a prevalent sin that God made it the first one in the list.

      Second, evaluate your life, and see where you went wrong. Sincerely repent of any sins, and make a decision not to do them anymore.

      Third, give your heart to God, and accept the atonement of Jesus for your sins, and God’s mercy. Jesus died for your punishment, so that you could go to heaven. He did this because he loves you, and wants you there with him.

      If you had been the only person in the world, he would have still died in your place, because he knows that you, like me and others, could not have been able to bear the punishment ourselves. You are that important to God, that he wants you there in heaven for eternity with Him.

      Fourth, trust God that you have been forgiven. Ask the Holy Spirit of God to come and live within you, and teach you the truth of all things. Ask God to help you avoid future sin, and feel his love for you.

      Fifth, be happy. You have been born again spiritually. Have peace in your heart. You are now in the Kingdom of God.

  62. Warlockasylum,

    Here is a video with the actor, Bruce Machiano…just click on ‘watch now” under windows media or realplayer…the book you can find on Amazon for under $5.00…used or in good condition


  64. […] the first dialogue that we have had .MariAnne was responsible for posting the erroneous article Charismatic Witchcraft where she begins the article by giving an incorrect definition of the term […]

  65. Oh my Goodness! Thank you so much. I am doing a teaching on Exposing the Spirit of Witchcraft. I will be teaching on Charismatic Witchcraft and the Lord lead me to this page. I even saw myself in some areas and the spirit of the Lord set me free through this article. May the Lord continue to give you His revelation always. Dr. Angela Stanley-Perry

  66. How do you know if you are the victim of charimatic witchcraft? Could jealousy be a motivating factor? I was friends with a woman in my church a few years ago. I leaned on her pretty heavily since I was a new in my faith at the time. I was excited about a blessing I had received from God at the time and I shared it with her one day–all innocent on my part. It somehow seemed to unleash some kind of fury in her. I came to learn later on that what I had mentioned was something she had wanted in her own life but didn’t/couldn’t have. I got the cold shoulder from her afterwards. I felt God telling me to dissacociate myself from her for reasons I couldn’t fully comprehend. For some irrational reason, even though I haven’t seen her in years, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’m ashamed to say this but I feel some ungodly hatred towards her I can’t explain. Am I picking up what she may be feeling towards me? She has always had a tendency to pray witchcraft-type prayers. Why am I the one feeling this hatred? This is to the point it is affecting my health in the present. Maybe you can give me some insight.

    • HI Stacey

      I understand what you mean. She projected her hatred onto you, in a “transfer of spirits.” It is based on the idea that misery loves company.

      It is sticking with you because you have been injured, and this wound won’t heal.

      She had a spirit of hatred and jealousy, and did not you happy. So by transferring her spirit to you, she probably feels better, and you feel terrible.

      I also had someone do this to me, and I had to repent, and tell God,

      “I hate her, and I am not sorry, but I am so sorry that I am not sorry, because I know this hurts you. I just can’t get free it it.”

      At that moment, I felt a release. God wanted me to be humbled by my own weakness toward the same sin.

      When I repented further, he helped me. While, to this day, I do not like that woman, because she put curses on me, I can move on. And I totally avoid anywhere she is. I can think of another woman that did this to me in 1982, and I still don’t like her either, but I have moved on from her also. Those feelings took 2 decades to get over.

      Just be honest and humble before God. Tell him you are struggling with this….ask him for help…..and you will find yourself feeling better….it may be a quick release, or a slow one. But you will be going in the right direction.

      Also, when you pray, rebuke the spirit in Jesus name, bind it and cast it out, and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

  67. That makes so much sense. I’m glad to know(though not glad you had to experience it) that I am not alone in having this experience. what was so weird, was that I did not have any major confrontation with her–she just made a few offhand remarks to me. You would think that I would have just blown it off after all these years–that’s why I had the confusion over why she has kept coming into my mind over and over since, especially when I am alone. Somehow I knew this was all occurring in the spirit realm. Also, and I know this sounds weird, she had a failed marriage a few yrs ago(I didn’t even know her then) but she has for some reason transferred some of that rage towards me because I reminded her of the person her ex was involved with and/or left her for. She made a very strong comment to me that alluded towards that. She was married for almost 40 yrs and according to her was faithful, did all the right things, and tried to be a good wife. She bought into the Leave-it-to-Beaver myth that if she did all these things she would be rewarded with the perfect life and a perfect marriage. Unfortunately, the script she had written in her mind did not pan out in real life and I feel sorry for that but I think she has developed a real hatred towards any woman who reminds her of the woman her ex left her for and later married. She said I reminded her of that type of woman although I definitely am not that kind. It makes sense that during our friendship, although she was acting nice towards me, I would sometimes out-of-the-blue get these weird looks of hatred from her for no reason. I am going to go to God about it like you suggested. I have been so embarrassed to feel this way and felt my anger made me unspiritual. I know without a shadow of doubt this is the root of the severe allergies I have developed over the past 6 months. Weird but true.

  68. We were in a Mega- charismatic church in Pretoria.We were covered by the corruption,fraud and treachery of this pastor.He removed our family falsely,attributing a reason of something of the past of which we knew we were forgiven.When we seeked God ,God revealed his reason.The pastor was threatened , insecure, jealous and could not take competition and had a need to get rid of it,after he had mutalated , damaged, brutalised and tortured me as his victim.Christ also revealed in the vindication and the avenging on my life rested a promise of Greatness. Christ revealed that I would become the greatest spiritual leader that the world would ever have had.The messenger that carried this message (Myles Munroe ) was figuratively shot and his message concealed from the eyes and the ears of the world.From our place of captivity, we become diabolically extorted using a evil master manipulation plan.The treasure, the worth extorted for the blood related relative. Spiritual predators and vultures seek the crown, the shoes, the seat, the blood diamond in the name of nepotism.Innocent sheep (saints )scattered, trampled, damaged and extorted.To be seen as a unsung hero when I had been commended by Christ before witnesses through-out the world and rewared for my effort of kingdom building done secretly without the attention of men.This church was tampering, fiddling,interfering with the true God given destinies of people of promise carring Gods predestined sovereign purposes for this generation.A church masquerading as representing Christ but acting within witchcraft,occult,sattanism and sorcery scrupples.I am busy publishing my autobiography in London. Any comment or enquiries Felicity, email

    • Hi Felicity

      I can understand the witchcraft in the modern church. It does a lot of damage. I am glad people are waking up to it.

      I am wondering about one statement you made:

      Christ revealed that I would become the greatest spiritual leader that the world would ever have had.The messenger that carried this message (Myles Munroe ) was figuratively shot and his message concealed from the eyes and the ears of the world.

      To me, Christ himself is the greatest spiritual leader that the world would ever have had.

      And Myles Monroe said that? He is nice, but not right about everything. That is really a bizarre thing for any Christian to say.

      I would have to agree that his word was not true. Since that would exalt you above Christ. That was a real appeal to your ego.

      Wherever you are now, I would just continue to love God, and honor him with your life and work.

  69. Dear Marianne,
    I will throw a bit more light onto the matter.My ego is not the contention.I believe that Jesus is the Son of the most high God.

    A specific prayer was prayed and a specific answer was given by an anointed word from God.My character was being assasinated and God was using me mightily when the pastor violently violated our family.

    The prayer was ,God show us what are the intentions of the pastor heart and was there a ministry for Felicity?The answer came in a declaration of a promise which was You are threatened,insecure,jealous and cannot take competition and you have a need to get rid of it.Moses my servant was a murderer but she will become the greatest leader that the world would ever have had.
    The spirit of revelation continually showed it as the truth.

    I am not God or Jesus, so my understanding is that amoungst men other than God Himself,I was reakoned with this greatness.

    Moses was known to be of the most humble of all men,so if God equated my ministry to that of in the power and might of him,then there must have been a considerable level of humility within my character.

    My book is of historical significance to my decendants and to open the eyes and the ears of the world to human violation within the church using authority to abuse innocent people.

    Our prayers , our pleas . our cries to be delivered from an evil influence has resulted in many righteous punishments across the world.

    It is my righteous desire to ressurect the identity which has been stolen,crucified with corruption for the purposes of diabolical extortion and to make known that a liscence exists in a church to detroy innocent people to extort the treasure for the blood related relative.(satan, witchcraft) Felicity

    • Felicity…..I am sorry but I sense there is something not
      right about this whole issue concerning this word
      you received through M. Munroe. I am writing this over 5 yrs
      after you posted this particular comment. Since then
      Myles Munroe has died. (He died in 2014). I believe that any
      true word of God will not exalt a person, but will always
      exalt the Lord. God may speak that you would do great things
      but it will all point to Him and not you. Saying something like
      you will be the greatest leader the world has ever known does
      not sound right. First of all, Jesus was the greatest leader the
      world has ever known. That does not mean that He won’t
      use you in great ways. Your pastor may be insecure and jealous.
      But that does not mean that particular word from Mr Munroe
      was from the Lord. Be careful that you don’t receive any
      word that caters to the flesh. God would not do anything that
      would lift us up in pride…..He would however send words
      of encouragement, exhortation and words
      that bring hope to the heart. I pray that this particular
      ordeal with the pastor has been resolved and that you have
      been able to move on.

  70. Can someone help me? I have a stubborn, angry spirit over me. It is the spirit of my deceased father. Even though we went to church, he was a Freemason. He is trying to get me to do what he wants to do. He was negative and controlling and earthbound in life and he is the same way in death. I renewed my baptismal vows two years ago, thiking that would help and began singing in the church choir. Now, I can’t sing. It chokes me. My father had negative thoughts about women. He resented his children. I feel as if Lucifer-who Freemasons worship–is all over me,just full of anger and hatred. I have gone for deliverance sessions and read the prayers for deliverance for children whose parents and ancestors were Frreemasons, and it hasn’t helped. I do not want to spend eternity with this angry old demanding, negative cuss. Please advise.

    • hi Kathleen

      What you have is not your father bothering you. You have familiar spirit impersonating your father. If your father is dead, he is either in heaven or hell by now.

      You need to – daily – rebuke (out loud)this familiar spirit of anger -in Jesus name. Say out loud so the demon can hear you : that you Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Demons cannot stand that. If you keep this up, the demon will go away. Then sing praises to God to annoy the demon…they really hate praise…..Declare your authority over the demon, because you are washed in the blood of the lamb, and the demon has to obey you.

      I will agree with you in prayer for this annoying demon to leave. He is just testing you…..if you let him stay, he will. He is just a sticky stubborn demon.

      • Marianne
        Just a question for you: You said “demons cannot stand that…” and “they really hate praise” Is this from experience or biblical? I know the Bible talks of rebuking, But the others I have never seen biblically.
        Just curious?

        • hi dru

          personal experience……..

        • Well Dru ,GOD inhabits the praises of his people so when Jesus (who is God in the flesh )showed up the demoniac said what have you to do with us? have you come to torment us before the time?

  71. Please will you do a search under charasmatic witchcraft Ed Roebert splits from the baptist church.I gave you some insight into our families testimony and you expressed sceptiscism. Others are expressing the same concern.If it is nothing it would blow over if there is something to be concerning to warn the public it will not blow over until it is taken to heart

  72. Hello
    Thank you for your message
    Can you please shed light on ‘rejecting’ these people who are obviously used by witchcraft? For instance if this is your mother-in-law who is a pastor?
    Thank you

    • Jezebels reject to make you want their acceptance, and to make you compromise yourself in order to get their love. You have to decide that you do not need their approval, and live without them.

  73. I gotta say I never thought that anyone else was going through this but myself. I received Jesus as my savior when I was 8 years old. And it seems that from that point on it has been a battle for my life ever since. Back in 1972 we lived next door to a family that owned an occult store, that was bad enough. But what we found out a short time later was that the husband and wife were also witches. One day while out in front of my house I was talking to their eldest son Adam, I was telling him that as a christian I don’t believe that what they do as witches was right. I explained that God was not in favor of witchcraft-he told me to go to hell. I said right back to him, that’s the one place I was never going to go, but him and his family were going to end up there if they didn’t stop with the witchcraft stuff. He went home and I never really spoke with him again. Within a week I was witness to the stuff you see in movies-but some things I also saw I never seen in movies. During that same week I witnessed a satanic black mass in their backyard. It was around 10-11 at night. I will say that about a dozen people in black robes with candles stood around a campfire walking around saying things i couldn’t really understand-some language i had never heard before. I lasted about 15 mins. and when they were done they went back into the house into the upstairs living room. They all started to run around inside , one of them started to go up and down a ladder that was suspended from the ceiling-I was laughing because it was funny-that’s all this person did ,climb up and down , I watched until I was bored with it and went to bed. But from that moment on things were never the same for me again. The things that started to happen to my family were horrible. The doorbell would ring and no one was there, it got so bad that my father unhooked it right at the wall,but it still rang. He finally took the thing off the wall. But then the bad things really started. Violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse toward one of my family members by my father. Adultery by my father with my Aunt. I was always in trouble-always sent to my room,where all kinds of things happened. I would see people hanging in shadows on my wall, my bypass closet doors moved on their own, and I was always sick. I had Pneumonia 4 times in 2 years, and was out of school a lot. The worst was when I woke up with my stuffed bear tied to me,and all I can recall was my father standing in the doorway not saying a word. My parents got divorced and we moved away from there. My life has been nothing but up and down for 40 years. I have tried to stand strong in my faith, but it’s been such a hard life that I have been basically just existing for most of it. As a teen I got involved in a seance once that proved to be disastrous- played with a Ouija-board a few times-again horrible results, and ended up becoming an alcoholic/ drug addict. Long story short. sorry if this is to long, My life has been plagued with all this for decades. I have plead the blood of Jesus over my life more times than I could count. I’m not really sure what I’m asking for , maybe just prayer from good christian people. I’m writing a book about how witchcraft can get into anyones life,and maybe by the time i am done things will change-I’m hopeful, but after 40 years of the same thing, I just don’t know. Thank you for listening- In Christ, Stephen

    • dear Stephen

      I am putting you on my prayer list for deliverance and strength and blessings.

      You have had a horrible past, which is the bad news, but the good news is that it does not have to continue this way.

      Your parents were powerless as believers, not knowing their authority in Jesus, which did not help either.

      You are starting off in the right way.

      Print this prayer out and say it each day, and I will be in agreement with you.

      If you have anyone to support you and pray with you where you are at, that would help too.

      get into reading the bible each day, listen to praise and worship songs to uplift you, say the prayer, and make sure you ask God each day to bless you, and to cancel the curses with the blessings.

      • Marianne, Thank you for the prayer and for standing in agreement with me . I can tell you that I have always felt that my life had a curse on it .What I wrote to you was just the very tip of the iceberg. All of the things that have happened over the course of my lifetime have had me in a constant state of confusion. I’ve had two failed marriages, the second one to a woman who is actually a Wicca-but she did not become one until right before she took the kids and moved out. I haven’t seen or heard from them for almost 7 years. I recently found them. I have been trying to end things legally but always fall short on money-so I will eventually finish this when things do get better in the financial picture. She is a full blown wiccan with a tattoo on her back of a triple Luna with a pentagram in the middle moon. Thing is my ex-to be never really went in that direction until she met a woman that I was doing some work for. My ex stopped by to bring me lunch and started talking with her ,and found out that this woman kept her horses in the same stable where my youngest daughter took riding lessons-from that moment on,things went down hill so fast that even I still can’t believe it. Within two months she took the kids and left-and that was one of the last time I saw them. I spoke with my former pastor and some of the deacons about this and they said that I was basically “set up”, from the very beginning. I’m still not sure what that means? As they explained, Satan is trying very hard to destroy me, and he sent people my way to do so. They said that They have never met anyone like me and see that in me is a Great man of God who will bring people out of the dark places- ( Isaiah 41 I believe The pastor quoted. He called me on the phone and said-” Steve this verse is for you, this is what I believe God has in mind for you-this is how God will use you”. He said to me that he knows that I will be instrumental in bringing people out of witchcraft. From then on, through discernment from God, I can ALWAYS pick a witch or a Satanist out of a crowd. It is very very unnerving. I have done so on many occasions- and the witches know it, I have had much backlash from them and people associated with them. I have since let that church-I had many doctrinal differences that made me question what they believed. The pastor sent one of his henchman to ask me to leave the church. I did and it’s been quite hard for me to find anyone or church to trust. I didn’t ask for this “assignment” , but I’m willing to go the distance if that’s what God wants. Sorry for being so long winded on this. This goes even deeper than this short amount-but it’s all the same kind of things. The only people that know and are willing to listen to me and understand are former witches and satanists-and a few Christian friends. Would you know of a group that helps in support of people like me? Someone willing to help me in all of this? Any information would be helpful, I would like to go forward with my life and get the balance that I have been looking for- Thank you again, IN CHRIST JESUS….Steve

        • hi stephen

          I am not aware of an organization for former witches. I see individual stories if i google the topic. those who were heavily into the satanic usually keep a low profile, as they are targets for revenge. And it depends on how much prayer and prayer support they have for self defense.

          We fight against spirits in high places. I have been attacked a lot, so I can relate to the stories of others. It really is a spiritual battle, and we need the Lord on our side. I had many defeats early on, because I was ignorant of spiritual warfare. But with experience, I had more victories. Praise God for that.

          I am not surprised at your church story. I have met many witches in churches, with the current apostacy, they are almost everywhere in churches now. try to find a small, humble church with an older pastor.

          WE need to arm ourselves with the Truth of God, the Word, holiness, salvation and peace. then we call upon the name of the Lord for victory.

          As far as finding others like yourself, do not give up. You find us her and there on the internet. Hopefully, you will eventually identify someone near you and you can meet up with them.

  74. hey. thanks alot iv learnt alot from this…kindly help me..there some prophets who prophesy or apostles and calls your name and know the names of ur relatives without them being there….is this genuine really or witchcraft…….

    • sexiechu

      yes, the demons that guide them speak to the demons that surround you and get information , and then they tell the witch.

      you need to pray that god protects you from demons and he blesses you, to cancel any curses.

      I am sending you prayers to print out and say each day to protect you.

  75. When I was fourteen I had a youth counselor at a church put a curse on me, and he said I was one of God’s hated ones as if I were loved I wouldn’t have suffered sexual abuse when I was younger ( because he said all of God’s loved children are portected from the bad things in life). Ever since then my life has been full of bad luck, and at the age of 36 I’m still struggling in life. No matter what I do I can’t get out of poverty ( I have two college degrees and an IQ of 140). This man told me if I even step foot in any church, God and Jesus will curse me worse, so I have infrequently went to church since then. And it seems like every time I do set foot in church bad things do happen to me, so I feel like God does truely hate me at times.

    • dear Amber

      That youth counselor guy who told you that should be slapped, whipped, and charged with abuse himself.

      God blessed you with a wonderful mind, and education, and this idiot’s curse has ruined your life so far.

      reject him…and everything he said…..he is a little demon who just had to come along and try to stop what God has blessed you with….

      God would never curse anyone for going to church…only satan would do this.

      for now, spend time getting the know the God who loves you and blessed you with gifts he wants you to use.

      What degrees do you hold?

      this is a brain dead low IQ society and so it will seem like you do not fit in….that is because you are more gifted than most, and the stupid people do not appreciate someone they do not understand.

      I am sending you some prayers, for deliverance from curses, and some prayers to bless yourself. Print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

    • Amber (her comment dated Dec 3, 2013)…
      Those word curses sent against you
      were NOT from God. If anything, the pastor probably
      saw something in you and felt threatened and insecure.
      Those words he spoke did not mean a thing. You can
      curse those words and command them to fall to the
      ground without any negative effect against you. You are
      a child of God. I’ve had similar things happen to me.
      Now that I’m older in the Lord I see they mean nothing.
      I pray you no longer believe those words.
      Can you imagine God blaming a victim of abuse instead
      of the one that caused the abuse? No way!! I think of
      someone like Joyce Meyer that was horribly abused by
      her own father. Yet God used that to help set others
      free. I wonder, is that youth pastor still there today?
      If he is, I pray he’s learned some things along the way.
      Otherwise, he will corrupt others with his unscriptural
      advice. Forgive him. Pray for him. But don’t believe
      everything you hear, no matter who is speaking.
      If it does not line up with the word of God, then throw
      it out!! God does not curse His children. Another
      word of caution….do not EVER share a confidence
      with anyone unless God has assured you that person
      is safe. Another thing many (not all) ministers and leaders
      cannot do is keep a confidence. Either they end up
      sharing it with someone else who has no business
      knowing, or it becomes fodder for the next sermon.
      It’s usually better to share only with the Lord until
      you are sure by the spirit of God that a person is safe.

  76. As a christian i do believe in witchcraft. i believe that god endows some of his servants with the ability to see the supernatural and witness the hidden witchcraft that takes place. i know that im annointed to attack witchcraft and confront hidden demonic forces. for example when i think washington dc, the lord shows me large powerful cats that are circulating our capital. i also see the influence of the free masons and large scorpions. Call me for more info 3235722279

  77. Jessie,

    If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck – it is a duck.

    Trust your insight and discernment, including your headaches.

    I have found far to many “unclean hands” in churches and far to many wolves in sheep’s clothing too.

    I suggest that you listen to the teaching of Derek Prince. Also, go to Jesus directly, yourself. Jesus will minister to you – if you seek Him. Remember, the Word of God is power to those who believe. The blood of the Lamb is power too.

    Explore all of Derek Prince video presentations and seek the Lord.

    Psalm 27

  78. come on people i know charismatics can get strange lets not point finger at just one organization religion withcraft is in all religions like baptist especially southern baptist since most of them are free masons methodist churches guilty as well catholicism lets research history on them lets not point out one denomination i like to look at both sides of the fence and this website believe in aliens really WOW

    • dear both sides

      i agree with you….there are problems everywhere. some are more visible than others, and the quiet ones could be worse.

  79. hi , i believe my brother is under the influence of witchcraft. he has left his family, his attiude has changed tremendously and he is now pursuing a woman he had liked since years ago. this woman’s relationship ended in a bitter divorce with her husband. my brother is now giving her everything he has, he acts as though he will die without her. his job is also being affected, and he is angry with anyone who tries to tell him other wise. my sister and i have both gotten dreams showing in situations where witchcraft is being done. in one dream i saw my dad dragging a black goat to an altar to sacrifice it and suddenly the goat changed into my brother. i don’t know what to do…to everyone else he is just being foolish…but i am scared that he ‘ll destroy his life and not know it. please help me…i don’t know what to do.

    • meade

      your brother has a passive, or ahab, spirit. he is attracted to aggressive women, whose aggression compensates for the aggression he lacks as a man.

      this most likely is spiritual for him, he has been around an aggressive woman or a passive male figure, and this is an influence on him. I am guessing your father is passive, quiet, not aggressive either.

      you and others who care about him need to talk to him, if you can. he needs to understand that his attraction to the aggressive woman is based on a weakness he has, and not because she is a good person to be around. You may need a group approach.

      this will embarrass him, so you need to be careful with your approach… are basically telling him he does not have his share of male hormones, and is a puppet for a mean woman. you need to encourage him to look at his past, and see why he is this way… shame in this…we all have weaknesses…..but his passivity will hurt him and those around him….

      he needs to stand up to her, get rid of her, and find a decent woman to be with.

      right now he is her slave…..what is so masculine about that? NOTHING!!

      he should also try testosterone supplements, but only those recommended by a doctor….he should have his hormones tested….there is a medical study that shows men who are around jezebel women have lower testosterone levels… a jezebel woman can actually make a man sick and abnormal physically.

      you must also confront the jezebel, and tell her to get lost….that she is destroying the family with her aggression, and you will not tolerate her nastiness.

      until your brother is able to stand up to her SOMEONE ELSE has to do it….like i said the group approach is safest. get some friends together….give some brotherly advice, and get aggressive with the aggressive woman… will see her back down, especially if a group of people do it.

      in the meantime, action and prayer go together….

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and for strength also.

      Print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you. if possible, have others pray with you. if not possible, pray alone and stick with it until you see a change.

  80. Hello, I am writing because I am afraid of my pastor ( Apostle). I don’t know what kind of hold that she has on me but she is always talking down to me and is always mean and negative. Even with all of that I am afraid that something bad may happen to me if I leave he church. She has said that when people have left the church, they have died. we have to give her a certain amount of money for her anniversary each year and an even larger amount of money for the church anniversary each year. We do not have a choice. Someone even sold their car so that they could pay the money. I just wanna get away. We are also forced to attend every service (sunday school, bible stuy, prayer, afternoon services and atc. People are not free to talk to each other and we are not allowed to talk to those who have left. People are like zombies in that church. I’ve been praying for strength and courage. What is your thought on this.

    • dear Joszette

      Get out of that church right away. your “pastor” is neither a pastor, nor an apostle.

      a pastor loves and cares for its sheep and takes care of them and feeds them. this woman is sucking the life of of her congregation. there is no love here.

      there were only 12 apostles, and she is not one of them. so that is a lie.

      this woman is a jezebel witch. she is a thief. and she threatens people into staying which is demonic. jezebels are also prophets of Baal (god of the harvest or god of prosperity, who is satan).

      to say that people die when they leave the church is a lie and or a curse…..does that sound like God to you??

      God loves the lost, he does not kill them.

      this is all witchcraft even if there is some good going on, to make things look good.

      Bless yourself and get out of there…….do not go Sunday to church….stay home and be with the Lord…..

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and prayers for strength, print them out and say them each day……I will be in agreement with you.

      • @Marianne- you said, “there were only 12 apostles, and she is not one of them. so that is a lie.”

        I really love that! I need to remember that because I would like to repeat it somewhere on my website. Such a good reply.

        Made think about how so many people today are calling themselves “APOSTLES.” Some are connected with the looney Elijah list false prophet gurus.

        It just amazes me how most people never question anything. They just keep following the crowds. Regardless WHO is standing on a platform people believe whatever they say. Just because someone is standing on a platform OR on television they think the person has arrived to somewhere and they are some real important person, sometimes more important than the Lord Himself.

        We all need to be examining ourselves constantly that we are making the Lord our focus and not some man who thinks he is important and wants people to idolize him.

  81. Put on the armor of God and leave them behind.

    Psalm 27 applies.

  82. Thank you very much. I will read the scriptures and will pray.

  83. Good!

    That church is a mess and what they have can travel like firry arrows.

    She should also read Psalm 37 aloud at home and often.

    I’ve recently learned from a friend, confirming a previous account, that reading Psalm 37 in response to “church leadership issues” is effective.

    “…Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

    Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm.

    For evildoers shall be cut off; But those who wait on the Lord, they shall inherit the earth.

    For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; Indeed, you will look carefully for his place, but it shall be no more.

    But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace…”

    Psalm 37

  84. Amazing article. Wow! Jesus showed me this also. I have very good discernment and it’s very scary how many churches the spirits are affecting. I’ve even recently begun to be brave enough to talk to other people about this that I notice controlling spirits and the church from members, leaders, etc all leading each other to hell because of it. Just wanted to say it’s really nice to know there’s somebody else out there that’s receiving the same revelation. It’s been tough for me cuz i’m being called all sorts of things.

    • stephanie

      It is good to hear you are awake to this….remember you do not need to stay anywhere like that….god will meet you where you are.

    • My discernment could be better. If it were better then I could have avoided much horror a few years ago. It was my mother who had better spiritual discernment. I did not want to believe her!

      I find it refreshing when someone says that they can see controlling spirits in the church leading people to hell. I see this too!

      If these church people were genuine Christians just imagine the power that the family of God would have right now in these end times? There would probably be a revival and thousands of people getting saved. But I do not see how any of this can happen as long as Satan is controlling the churches and creating divisions and chaos.

  85. Hello,
    Amazing Article. I have a question?

    Around 12 years back I have been one of the staff of the church (of which I still continue to be a member and now serve as a Sunday School Teacher, while my husband and daughter sings in the choir). Though its been 12 years that I’ve left the job as a staff (due to some financial misunderstanding. The founder Pastor and his wife themselves told that they have forgiven and forgotten all that has past. They also told me not to leave the church or the Lord and to continue working for the Lord.) but off late I came to know that there have been certain leaders and even some current leaders who are constantly being pressurized by higher authorities to put us down, to which they leaders have not given in as they feel its unfair and irrelevant. In the process they end up putting these leaders down. We are always targeted saying that we form groups and move around in the church, while in my mind we have fellowship with a few of the church people specially the youth and kids and the once who work with these people. We did always sense the pressure and being targeted. But since it has come out in the open, I am a bit confused as to :

    1) What is our mistake?
    2) Am I being a stumbling block to others, because they are being trouble for supporting / backing us?
    3) What should I do now? Even as I my daughter has grown up to 17 yrs now so she also has questions? so how do we handle this?

    Would appreciate if you could please pray and answer me

    Thank you

    • dear sunami

      I am not sure, since there are a lot of details not given, and so I do not exactly what is going on.

      but if the pastor wants to forget the issue, then the others should also.

      if they are trying to keep an issue alive, and have you removed, then there is no forgiveness on their part, and they are wrong.

      you have a right to fellowship with other believers in a church, without the permission of others.

      what you have are people with a territorial spirit that somehow see you as a threat and want you gone.

      discuss this with the pastor….

      you can also confront the “leaders” and ask them what their problem is…they do not own this church..

      the church belongs to Jesus, not them!

      if they insist on persisting with negative behavior, then tell THEM to leave if they don’t like it….but discuss this with pastor first….so he knows your position….

      no one should have to run you out of a church…

      if the pastor is going along with them, then leave, he has been compromised, but keep your friendships….

      you need a healthy environment, not a sick one

  86. I love this article. Thank you so very much!

  87. wow wish i would have seen this years ago seems i got jaked the last 3 years and have held back kept from my deliverance from a so called end time church cult its very sad the seemingly pastor prophet cares nothing for others not even her own family she is made the church all about herself and if you cant sit still or give direct eye contact or keep quiet you are abused when you confront her etc etc she says way are you hurting me when all you are doing is telling her the truth she attacks people the scriptures do warn about this i got deceived again i have serious health issues and have no support system when the church should be praying or helping they only help those they can abuse and use and take advantage of to keep them in their sect. its sad how people can be so blind to false love.

  88. Hi I need help saving my marriage my wife hate me cause I acuse her but was right on target after founding msg on ger phone of her and this African he wnt to meet her he was her instruckter and I was told he did witchcraft agains my marriage

    • Ebrahim

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, and for your marriage and family. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you

      also, find this man and tell him to leave your wife alone or you will beat him up. and tell hiim you are praying against him also

  89. I’m bless with your writeup,
    I thank God for bringing me accros your blog,
    all that i read and study here, is nothing but the truth,
    thanks for the input.

  90. This witchcraft is prevalent in many churches. But the tell tale sign you are dealing with a warlock instead of a true pastor curses instead of blesses, dishonest, manipulation many of them have gifts bit their clearly is that of Satan. Satans end time agenda is to put as many of these false prophets in the pulpit. Innocent people end up submitting under a witchcraft spirit instead of Jehovah God. Discernment needed desperately in these end times. Gifts are not a sign of the spirit of God within a person Love is. Remember The anti Christ in the bible will come with lying signs and wonders.

  91. There are many charismatic warlocks in the pulpit dressed up like real disciples of Christ. The only thing that distinguishes the false prophet from the real are fruits. Manipulative, curses instead of blesses for Jesus told his apostle he came to give life not to destroy. Another tell tale sign is there very dishonest and insincere. Never watch gifts for Satan will be behind the anti Christ yet he will have signs and wonders. Proof that a person is gods property is good fruit, bad fruit reflects who they truly serve. Signs and wonders is not proof that God is within a preacher. Love is proof stop allowing prophecy and gifts to convince you of Godliness.

  92. gosisgreatest1,

    Yes indeed.

    Manipulation, seduction and control are their daily way of living.

    They seduce with love – puppy love.

    Satan can also make himself into an angel of light.

    “But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.

    And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works” (2 Corinthians 11:12-15, NJKV).

    In December, I came across a well repeated, admired Senior Minister. He leads a successful, large congregation of Lutherans. Full of loving tones and soft messages but mis-represents Scriptures, twisting them to make his point. Sad.

    Met another associate minister about 3 years ago in rather large Pentecostal fellowship. I caught his lovely wife casting spells during the service!

    Nasty witch.

    But, the senior Pastor of this Pentecostal church is oblivious to the works of darkness under his own leadership (Ezekiel 38).

    The Lord is about to take care of all of this very soon (Psalm 37).

    Psalm 34

  93. wow, shortly i thank God for u n iv learned a lot now. I beleive the Lord has led me to ur site..

  94. well timely as many of us are intimidated by our called Pastor

  95. Is it only charismatics i mean come on let be real about all of the christian churches there’s witchcraft in all churches in every denominations i will give you a million dollars if you can show me a perfect church any where is there witchcraft in charismatic churches yes there is what about baptist catholics pentecostals, ame, church of God and the list goes on and on so the question is there witchcraft in Christian churches yes thete is including yours no church is exempt from satans works but as Christians will oneness pentecostals & southern Baptist & all of christianity will just join hands and have a prayer each month for our country children peace etc nope cause there to busy fighting each other on doctrine if they can put differences a side just for one month and fast i believe we can put the devil under our feet

  96. This was truly a eye opener

  97. Contact me may I have a phone so we can talk and pray Minister Lewis

  98. I have read several posts and I am glad I’m not the only one. I have also experienced these things at a small church. I have several times deleted what I just wrote. I have had several incidents but there are about less than 1/2 there whom seem nice except they are the ones who are not in power. I have felt very uncomfortable there and only want to stay because
    of a few people and a few family members go there. Some of the people there who are the “mean” ones, seem to want to dominate too much and are also proud that they are better than someone else in the church at something, like the women in cooking, acting like they are better than others. 2 times I had someone there tailgate me with their brights on, and that just makes me go slower.

  99. hello heavens await can you help me about this group of witch craft getting mi confuse .on my head can you help me . .something bother in me about this demons . .when thinking about my life in pursuit a thing or get something . .i fill embarrassment or down . .something that this demons of witchcraft getting me down . .

    • I feel the same as that. I have a highly abusive ex boyfriend that I never should have had. it was out of Gods will. he was a HORRIBLE person who is sociopathic and hates repentance. he said I wouldn’t even believe in God just to worry about HIM. he uses my emotions to make HIMSELF more important yet I abusive at the same time! everytime I try to do anything.. with a job or even to clean my apartment..!! I get STOPPED. it is real! someone even told me “you will find out why you don’t clean your apartment its a demon” please how do I get this to leave me alone when I have already repented? I want to live a normal life and I am always so good to people! showing respect kindness and helping people. so why do I have to deal with this? I never talk to him, not in years! ..but.. something always stops me.. “the reproach for your name fell on us, shame covered our faces” we are TAKING it says what belongs to someone else! this is ridiculous!!!! I am so bothered I feel like going to some demon casting out session or something. I just hate REMEMBERING what people have done and still do to me (daily now) which is INTENDED to antagonize and hurt me deeply!!! (quit work due to sexual harassment) it says “harden not your heart in the deliberate attempt to provoke” but I CANT Not be hardened. its evil.thats MK ULTRA STYLE!!!! to do this to us. I am ANGRY that I have no fence or boundary..but it does say “writhe in AGONY daughter zion for you will be cast out in an open field and they all will gather around you and pitch their tents and feed off of you” it tells her to writhe in agony… its SICK

      • susan

        You are afflicted with demons of some sort, possibly sent by your ex.

        if you are a victim of MK Ultra, that makes it worse.

        actually if you could find a local church to give you support, that would be a great help. I suggest you google search and find a place that would make you comfortable, and the people would be willing to pray for you. you may have to visit several churches to find what you need.

        be sure this is a genuine ministry

        check for churches of god or assemblies of god.

        also, you need to be saved by the blood of jesus for prayers to work.

        this requires repenting of all your sins, and obeying god in all things, and asking jesus forgiveness, and giving him your heart

        this is a choice. do you want to do this?

        I have prayers of deliverance I can send you, which you can pray by yourself, and with the help of others.

        • thank you!!! so much for understanding that mental thoughts/manipulations that once were somehow involved with our HEARTS (purity innocence happiness) were the IN… for these beings which is why its so insidious! that needs to be validated:) thank you again

      • Susan, It could be you are too focused on
        the devil and what he is doing than on God
        and what He can do to help you. The devil
        likes all attention focused on him. Start
        speaking scripture that is encouraging,
        uplifting and looks to a bright future. Yes,
        we should be aware of the enemies
        schemes, but he is already under our feet
        (if you are a true born-again Christian…
        ask Jesus to be your Lord & Savior,
        and keep your eyes on Him)
        Ask God to show you promises in His
        word and focus your attention on that instead.
        Also stay away from this ex-boyfriend but
        forgive him and don’t let him control your
        life in any way. He is controlling it now even
        though you’ve not seen him in a while.
        Don’t let him do that by giving too much
        thought to him.

        • thank you very much you are right… I was once free from my ex and I only knew Christ in full joy in holyspirit and met my ex AFTER after family abuse ..after becoming Christian!! it was like being homeless in exile.. due to loving Christ and believing.. people then hated me (my own family) and I got scared…. and felt worthless of your own family doesn’t love you.. and fell into wrong hands… I am trying always.. and will not deny goodness or truth… no matter what happens to me.. which is why I get attacked too… wish I had boundaries
          writhe in agony daughter zion they will throw you out in an “open field” (no boundaries) and they will all attack you..
          He knows
          but its on the inside we pass that experience it says
          “it will seem as though I am attacking you as a cruel enemy you will understand later” lamentations 2-3
          its like a replay and time gap.. as it says… but…. I don’t want any Christian to be dragged through past… manipulations…
          thank you again

  100. Amen! I certainly agree! This really enlightened me

  101. seems like a parasite having control of human minds/flesh bodies..using as avatars but worthless mindsets… fear not when they kill body and can do nothing else… well.. its wrong also to destroy our lower animal body which feels pain and distress emotion… wrong to use us as avatars… its an invasion. and does not belong in our bodies at all. (mind) even holy people get raped.. ..this is abomination. and a game to those demons. I HATE that all this can happen and then later they get punished. its not worth it. the ends do not justify the means..only to lowlifes they do. to true people who love people NO. revenge must be FINAL..not “emotional” and prideful but a cutting out at the ROOT this element or entity forever.forever healed of his rule.

  102. You’re stupid..educate yourself. Think about this…what does one even need a bible for, when you can just talk to God personally instead? Kinda like reading a letter when your loved one is sitting next to you-wierd AND rude.

  103. Thanks for clarifying things..sometimes i say “i put in chains the spirit of the witch in the Lords name and i feel it question is…does the person know they
    are operating in witchcraft

  104. true.African is the worst place of called prophet has inved African with the lord told

  105. I too believe there is a lot of charismatic witchcraft going
    on in churches. I’ve seen it with my own eyes many
    times. However, I don’t believe it’s in “every church” as
    some have mentioned. That’s like saying “every doctor
    is a quack” or “every lawyer is dishonest”. There are many
    good and honest doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc….
    We only hear about the bad ones. We don’t hear about the
    good and loyal pastors. When you turn on the news you
    don’t hear much about the good things happening in the
    world. If you think your pastor is not doing right, then
    pray for him. If he repents, you’ll know. If he does not, then
    he’s being resistant to the Holy Spirit. At that point, know
    that it might be time to leave. But don’t assume each and
    every pastor or leader is bad. And don’t leave too soon,
    unless you feel he is preaching error. We must be careful
    what we hear and as the word says “guard our hearts”.

  106. Please pray for my deliverance from powers of witchcraft and generational curses and stand with me in prayer as i petition the heavenly Father to
    fulfill His promise to me 12 years ago.

    Yours in Christ,

    Nicholas Ng’ang’a
    GlobalNet Prayer International
    P.O Box 3305
    Phone: 0770148751

    • nicholas

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, curses, and generational curses.

      also some positive prayers

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  107. I need a night of destroying a jezabel voodoo human of mind control and demands of soul binding curses and spells of breaking all ties of demands that make people think that the person telling them lies about me is to be destroyed do to one trying to imposturate my life wen there not me of understanding that the person they receive information from someone who doesn’t know me in any way that needs to be demanded of punishment the people need to know of my well being of truth lays in the heart of my soul to never lie to anyone or hurt to have a love of a true love of one man to be in my life forever that no one can take away from me

    • christine

      I am sending you prayers against jezebels and other witchcraft, and against curses

      print out and say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

  108. Thank you for this awesome teaching. It is empowering and forces one to take inventory of themselves.

  109. […] Charismatic Witchcraft […]

  110. How true, i have seen that in many churches. There are churches were by people are not allowed to pray, but to give the prayer request to the pastor or prophet. Some insist on hearing your problems and the they start asking about the ten commandments which is followed by tithes. Some get irritated if you keep mentioning Jesus Christ, they want to take that power from you.

  111. I don’t know what to make of my family dysfunction.
    For years I’ve felt sinister oppression with some being the covert narcissist and others their flying monkeys.
    All suggest they are Christian but I do not see or feel the presence of God when I’m around them.
    I’ve been the target and outcasted and abused emotionally.
    I’ve tried to seek freedom from all this but am torn but also manipulated. Torn in the decision to leave or stay and manipulated by those who seek to emotionally blackmail me.
    Much more is at play here but my primary point is this:
    I have a twin who claims Christ but practices many points you made in this article. She alienates, estranges others, divides and causes isolation in my life by recruiting others to her side of this isle of charges against me.
    I am also battling serious illness which she seems to enjoy inflicting, hence the isolation.
    My question is this, am I imagining things or is this bad vibe and sinister spirit I feel while I’m in her home true or just my imagination?
    I don’t feel anyone in this family are truly Christian even when there is gift giving and blessing.
    There’s always a price to pay in accepting any help or gifts. Always a condition or attachment of some sort.
    Lately here, I feel God leading me out this tribe but I’m not sure how to impact them in a manner that will call out their misgivings and more importantly, glorify God.
    Please help me to analyze this difficulty if you can Marriane.

    • Magdeline

      you are not obligated to submit to abuse just because they are family.

      there are 7 billion people in the world to pick from, for real relationships, support, love, and fellowship.

      seek out true believers in your local area. do some research and find them.

      that is what the body of christ is for…to be your real family, a spiritual family, which is what you need.

      keep a distance from the toxic natural family, but still pray for their salvation. they will most likely need a disaster of some sort to wake them up, which God is always happy to provide, if it gets them saved. he can always rescue them later, after they humble themselves and call upon him for help. so let God deal with them.

      pick out a nice (look til you find one) humble church who is willing to pray for your healing, to help you get back on your feet again. and pray also for yourself. ask God to heal you, in Jesus name. keep praying until you feel better. simple prayers are best.

  112. I don’t believe this is true cause their are also Bible verse that speaks of I can speak in tongues of Angel’s but if I have not love I have nothing.. as a Christian we know that this has many spiritual meaning.. when we read the bible we must understand it by the divine cause it was written and inspired by God.. and only the holy can understand holy things.. yes there are false people out there who does these things and there is some who are not.. I use to think like you once for the longest time of my life.m I rejected the idea of anything like this coming towards me.. I was born a christian and raise with strong christian’s traits.. I went to bible study and more.. but never I felt like something was missing in my life.. also, my father was not a christian.. he was a buddist.. nothing could convince him to become a christian because he saw the lives of christian were false.. and he also saw things that I could not see pride and so.. he saw the heart of man and finally going to the route of what he and I believe. He says.. all he see is light… it is a confusing route… -but reflecting biblicall and asking God.. he is such a supernatural God.. a amazing God.. He is the same God yesterday and today.. his works still in wonders and many mystery.. believe or not, but that is up to you… but I can vouch peacefully if I die I know that I will be in peace.. my God had never shamed me.. he has not been angered with me unless in disobeience.. he has heard my cries and my struggles.. and through this all I would not like to be like the disciples.. in unbelievers of little faith even after seeing all the miracles and being in his precense.. that is why it’s called faith… cause faith believes in the living God.. his mircles.. and move in action and obience..

  113. We are looking for a Resource Mobilization Expert for our christian orphans school project,Camp David Green Academy in Kenya.
    God bless you!
    WhatsApp: + 254 770306446

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