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Charley is blessed of God with a talent for art and airbrushing (mostly motorcycles and cars) but he does occasionally find time for doing some Christian artwork.

After hurricane Katrina hit, he had to resort to working as a part time carpenter just to stay alive. He is a diabetic and having a tough time right now.  But he does know that heaven awaits!

Because of his courage and determination to continue on after a disaster, when many gave up and left, plus his faith in God during a terrible trial, I want to share his artwork with others, as an inspiration. He is a good brother in the Lord.

If anyone wishes to know more about his art, or wants to contact him, see the information below. Also, please occasionally visit this page for updates, for more art that glorifies his Maker.


Charles Joseph Toups

3027 Hwy 308

Raceland, LA 70394


His artwork is below:


9 Responses to “Charley’s Art”

  1. […] here for […]

  2. Wow, he really is talented !!

  3. He truly has a gift from God. I will pray for his diabetes. I have liver disease. I was told by a good friend that God may not heal me of it, but that I would live with it. That’s a good thing, living. My oldest brother lives in Natchez,MS. I will tell him of this artist. He knows many people in La. and Ms.

    In Christ,
    Thomas Brown

  4. Dear Thomas,

    I agree with you. He has such talent that I am thinking of a painting he might do for me. It would be like a picture of a very compassionate, beautiful, resurrected Jesus, standing with my children. It is sort of a prayer for blessings and protection portrayed in a picture.

    It is great that you can possibly indirectly refer people to him. I hope it works. Thank you for you kind thoughts.


  5. wow awesome art

  6. he looks like the person that can do my room for my future new house. i am going to have a room called the “Throne Room” which will have a painting on the wall of 100’s of ressurected saints, thrones, angels, and of course the One who sits on the throne. i cant wait to give this guy a call–i just hope he travels. beautiful work.

    • hi jd

      I am sure CJ (Charley) would appreciate your call. Let me know if you have any trouble reaching him. I have other art of his- some in my home. It is a blessing to have it.

  7. nice art, i was just wondering why the other link you have to an art site.. ‘awaken visions’ promote new age teachings? or perhaps you were unaware of that? God Bless

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