Clay Pots



Are clay pots just servants who labor, as others lead?

2Ti 2:20  But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.



1) earthen, clay

       a) with the added suggestion of frailty


Same or equal?

We are taught that all members of the body of Christ have roles, some as the head, some as the hands, some as the feet, etc.

Some have visible ministries and reach millions of people.

Some do not. They just seem to go to work each day and donate to the others.

So, does this mean there is a hierarchy of value in the service of the Lord?

We look around, and some seem successful and achieve much, and others just do not shine well. They have supporting roles, but are not considered leadership material.

We know that all at every level are the creations of God.

Jos 6:19   But all the silver, and gold, and vessels of brass and iron, [are] consecrated unto the LORD: they shall come into the treasury of the LORD.

And we are all formed from the earthen clay.

Job 33:6   Behold, I [am] according to thy wish in God’s stead: I also am formed out of the clay.

So, if we are all the same, with just different roles, why are our lives apparently so different?

And should we see our own value reflected in our assignments on earth?

The passage from Timothy says that some are made to honor, and some to dishonor.

Does this mean that some believers will be exalted and some disgraced, all in the will of God, for some divine reason?

If we remember the parable of the talents, one was given 10 talents, another only 5, and another one 1 talent.

The master expected more out of the one who was given 10 talents.


Differences in fruit

The silver and gold vessels achieve much and succeed, to God’s glory.

The clay pots seem to fail, or people oppose any success they could achieve.

The silver and gold vessels receive respect and recognition for their devotion and labor.

The clay pots seem to have no real respect, and are overlooked when credits are given out. Many can get slandered.

The silver and gold are “in charge,” and lead.

The clay pots do the work.

The silver and gold are greatly blessed, and share their blessings with others.

The clay pots have one problem after another, and many burdens to carry, so there is nothing much to share.

The silver and gold are invited speakers, and many want to hear them.

No one is interested in what clay pots have to say. They stay in the shadows.

The silver and gold are in good health, and this seems to reflect good living choices.

The clay pots may be sick, or disabled, or have physical issues.

The silver and gold are full of hope, faith, and joy.

The clay pots suffer and get discouraged easily.

The silver and gold are admired and accepted for their gifts.

The clay pots are told they are “not anointed,” but are to serve and support those who do have gifts.

So, the silver and gold have honor.

The clay pots have dishonor.


If we are all created the same, or are we?



1. Silver and gold vessels are for a time and a season. So are the clay pots.

2. Even though their assignments are different, they are equal in value before the Lord, even when some experience dishonor.

3. We are all clay from our creation.

4. We are on the potter’s wheel, and God can turn a clay pot into a silver or gold vessel, and a gold or silver vessel into a clay pot.

5. If you have honor and joy early in your life, you may dishonor and sorrow later.

6. If you have pain and suffering and disgrace early in your life, you may have honor and joy later.


For those who are silver or gold vessels now, do not look down on the clay pots, for they may be exalted later, and achieve more than you do now.

And for those who are clay pots now, do not be jealous of, or frustrated by, the silver and gold vessels, for they may suffer more later than you do now.

Circumstances can change quickly for anyone. Life is full of change, and we are all more fragile than we think.


Jesus / Yeshua was a clay pot.

He was born in a manger, and hunted by the king, who wanted to kill him.

He had no public stature and came from a humble family.

He had no degrees, and the leaders were jealous of him, and discredited him.

They finally had him killed.

His friends deserted him when he was in danger, and he was beaten and killed.

No one came to rescue him.

He spoke of things holy and valuable, and many did not believe him.

He worked hard, but never received a salary. Everything he did, he did for free.

He died in disgrace.

But the  life of Jesus had the greatest value, and because of Him, we are saved, and have eternal life.

And now the Father God has exalted him to honor and power.

Let us always give thanks for the clay pots who work for the kingdom.

22 Responses to “Clay Pots”

  1. Thinking…..
    That we are all created equal is in the constitution, not the bible. Yes, equal in many ways, but not in gifts or talents. Also, the verse that came to mind reading this was, those who are first will be last and those who are last will be first. It all evens out in the end I suppose…

  2. I asked God today if he wants me to be a servant for him. He showed me a Father’s wrist wearing a gold watch. I don’t know if that has any relation to today’s post.

  3. Thanks. I was recently backslidden, so stopped receiving revelations. That has been changing recently after i made the effort to repent. I didn’t feel bold enough to have the attitude of a servant.

  4. What came to my mind is the early church of Acts-we are supposed to help others in our midst when we are the Silver and Gold-so that when we become the Clay Pot, the previous Clay Pot who is now Silver and Gold can help us-this should be in all things-At the moment the Silver and Golds are lifted and respected because of their money which only benefits the overheads of these mega churches and not their brethren-How we fall so easily into Satan’s trap -instead of spreading the word and money amongst the brethren directly-it now goes to maintaining the church and its overheads!!!

  5. Melanie – that is so true – Mega church’s have done what the world has done. Taken out the little church to build them a mega system of men over men.
    I can remember the days when little church’s were everywhere. And they had a soverign church. But just like now our towns are becoming ghost towns because of Mega stores. Putting the little man out of business.

    Its a business today. Having a Mega church. And Ichabod is written all over it. Church’s own oil wells, own stocks, got to have professional people to take care of their money for them. How can you have a fellowship with a Pastor that has millions in his church. Give me a little church any day.

    The Last I heard 70% of all Preacher’s graduating from their Colleges, Do not even believe in the Virgin birth. Its a career now. They cannot preach truth or they would loose their pensions and retirement. That is not the way God founded the church. Its a Worldly system of men over men. Just like any other government.
    Our early church Fathers gathered together in tombs in hiding. But they had the power. Not just a confession.

    Bro. Ty

  6. It is such a shame, Tom-satan is so devious that he has even stolen this from the Lord and blinded the pastors-it is even in small churches.We have just left our small church because what was preached wasn’t practised and my husband and myself found ourselves questioning this hippocritical behaviour instead of praising the Lord-we actually needed to leave the church in order to form a more intimate relationship with Jesus our Saviour and since we have done this our spiritiual lives have catapulted-we are with no other church but practice communion with our children on a Friday night and dedicate this evening to our Lord and then let ourselves be guided by the holy spirit…I think this is the best for now as church doesn’t seem to be as fulfilling anymore….

  7. You can be a “bum” and be a king in His kingdom, you can be rich and be the lowest of saints-OR you can be rich and be greatly honored as a king because you simply obeyed and took the blows. Obedience is greater than sacrifice, G-d looks only at the heart, so that mercedes means nothing, that older beat up toyota that gets good gas mileage that means nothing too, the angels that are around you see what you’ve done, they know your heart, don’t think you are not without great reward because it’s there for those that are obedient to Him. You sacrifice, many have been brought low, but we are only the sum of what survives the fire in the end. 🙂 blessings.

    • clay does well in the fire….

      silver and gold melt…..

      • Last night I happened on the Jeremiah verse “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand” … In the car this morning I was asking “why, why and how long will this powerless, fragile and inability to ‘do’ go on for?”…. By ‘do’ I mean, I want to help others but can’t yet I see others who can but don’t. I thought “well why don’t you just crush me more and sweep me out – because actually, I don’t know why I’m alive anymore”…. I’m wafting in a useless space, unable to help anyone around me – much less myself. It’s very trying.

        This is a really special message and I’m thankful you highlighted “Clay does well in the fire”. Where I live, we are in the fire NOW, the heat is being turned up daily. The rich and powerful who haven’t left, are looking to leave. There is crime and corruption all around and rumblings of an imminent civil war. I have been fighting fear and think it is no coincidence that I return home to open up this article! Wow 🙂

        It is confirmed too – that we are not the potters – the Lord is – and he will work with us in HIS time!

        • Be encouraged for your brothers and sisters in Christ endure the same sufferings…

          You are a wonderful person, we are in a season where we just have to be more patient as the L-rd moves the players around. Keep your love and hope and encourage others. i just found a friend that has had a major accident 4 years ago and is going in for back surgery, he just found out he is type 2 diabetic as well. He says he is agnostic. I’ve been able to tell him about the L-rd when he needs this the most now.

          I struggle financially, watching as others are prospered and keep their businesses, do their vacations, and even watch as they steal money from others and seem to get away with it. We know their end, and our end and we need to make it through the kiln to the end. Thank you for prayers and I pray the L-rd help you and send help to you greatly.

  8. great article! I (another clay pot..) was asking these questions whilst driving in the car today – am really encouraged – thank you!

  9. it should be mentioned that “gold” is out there. But, Jesus said to count the costs, and I believe it pertains directly to this. In order to be His servant you have to have a servants heart, pray for patience and keep it up, go through long-suffering, and have a heart of love (you don’t pick the wings off of flies). That would mean being able to handle authority that destroyed the adversary (lucifer) and a third of the angels of Heaven. It is not easy and the gold vessel will share in the shame of the cross-and that was a very humiliating and agonizing way to pass on. Watch what you pray for, you don’t want to buy land and start to build a house while only finding out that you cannot finish it-won’t people laugh when they see it?

    For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, Luke 14: 28-29

    Scripture is starting to come to life in stronger ways now…

  10. Marianne this about clay pots made my day! I have heard some sermons in the past about “earthen vessels”& how that eternal life is put in these earthen vessels when we become born again&we are fearfully&wondrously made, however these bodies are “vile”as well! The treasure of eternal life will be put in those “golden vessels” of the resurrection,which are those “new bodies”that we earnestly groan to be clothed with! Praise the Lord everything is “golden” in the resurrection of immortality!!!!

  11. i believe in God no matter what i know God do his things in his way

  12. I came across your teaching today and was so blessed ! Several years ago The Lord gave me a dream I was walking on a sidewalk I looked across the street and saw a shack like structure on the sidewalk it was falling apart some of the siding was broken off, windows filthy dirty and broken ..I looked through a broken window and I saw clay pots stacked on the floor maybe two three feet high and a few shelves with more clay pots on the shelves many had dirt in them and they all were dusty..there was an opening towards the bottom of the shack I tried desperately to reach some but try as I did I could not and there were also a few blue and white floral pots mixed in..the dream stayed with me for days I inquired of The Lord for interpertation and this is what I got.. these were vessels that He had created but because they did not appear to be as beautiful as other vessels in the eyes of man they have been pushed aside and stacked as to speak where no one could see them.. in the eyes of man hidden worthless in an old dilapidated building..the worst part of the dream was this..they were in sight of all who were on the highway as they were passing by everyday and ignored by “the church ” and were completely disregarded by those who
    felt they were more spiritual..I grieved over this and the injustices that are done to so many believers but God saw them as precious and special ..these clay pots are not forgotten ..maybe by man but never by God !

  13. Jesus Christ was God… he came to save you and I. Cause we were unworthy to enter into heaven. Heavenly father searched all over, there was nobody too stand up for man. Too be the sacrifice too go his bond too save us from our sin’s. Even the 24 elders in heaven wouldn’t do it, they told God not too make man. Cause they knew man was going too sin. But the son Jehovah stood up for us. The word… he said he would, and Mary was the only woman. Who was upright before God too carry this vessel. Joseph was picked cause he was too wed Mary, and the Angel of the Lord talked too him. He told them too call him Jesus. Now that’s how I recall it correctly, how the bible has this told. Jesus didn’t die disgracefully on the cross for you and I. If he did, you and I wouldn’t be able too enter into heaven. So get it right! Any man tells this and any story in the bible wrong. Add damnation too his soul. Jesus was not just any man, if you can’t understand that. Don’t tell it. Jesus is God… he die for your sin’s. Except that! When you see the Father, you see the Son. When you see the Son, you see the Father. And when the Holy Ghost speak, they are on one accord. If you don’t understand or believe. Get down on your knees and fast! Pray for understanding from the Lord our God. Your salvation the king. Recognize him, cause you can’t go too the Father but by him. He does intercession for us too the Father. The Father only know you only through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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